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Aug 23, 2020

RNC 2020 Speaker Line-Up: Quirky or Nice?

Sunday August 23, 2020: This is the fairest way I could think of to title this post and describe the upcoming week's line-up of speakers at the RNC 2020: quirky or nice? Naturally the answer depends on which side of the political spectrum you crouch upon and how strong your interest in what Don Jr, Melania, both Pences (adding their two cents' worth?), Ivanka, and Donald Donald Donald have to say. For even more quirkiness and perhaps a chuckle or a yawn, there may be some odd ducks quacking by such as Kid Rock, the My Pillow Guy, oddball Ted Nugent, plus the 'demon sperm doctor' lady personage. Actually, major popcorn popping may be the activity of the week.

Then on Thursday August 27th, Trump plans to accept his party's nomination, politically a foregone conclusion if there ever was a foregone conclusion especially for those who've heard of what is said to be his nibs' fervent longing for a 'coronation' in January. Expansive, big-headed Jupiterian Trump's royal Regulus rising (with sun god Apollo no less!) tends to give him monarchical ideas for himself but with the caution of Regulus still haunting his vengeful, grudge-holding, petty life, he may not receive the crown he covets with all that revenge and retaliation in his cold heart. Crazy isn't it? To have steaming hot Mars rising in fiery, royal Leo along with royal Regulus conjunct Ascendant and yet your Leonine heart is as cold as ice.

So with the 2020 Presidential Election approaching, let's consider the fact that how successfully a person holds and handles a position of authority has much to do with the condition of her or his natal Saturn. And for additional information on such matters we often turn to Saturn Return horoscopes which are sometimes 'three-fers' due to Saturn's retrograde periods when the cosmic lesson bringer may hit natal degree three times. Here's Trump's current Saturn Return #3 of 3 in case you haven't viewed the chart and the crisis pattern therein with apex Pluto @23Sagittarius, the position of the Total December 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse in the difficult 4 South Saros Series. And with both Saturn and Pluto as planets of karma the 4 South eclipse could be a 'wild card' signal from the Universe that for Donald Trump, his comrades, and yes, for America, it's finally time for Fate to Step In.


Above image: a NASA portrait of Jupiter; I figured you'd rather see the Jolly One than yet another photo of a scowling Trump. Did I guess correctly?

Aug 15, 2020

A Revised Look at RNC 2020 and the Moon

Virtual Political Conventions 2020! Trump Accepts the Nomination

by Jude Cowell

A while back (pre-Covid-19) I posted two horoscopes showing the first days that DNC 2020 and RNC 2020 opened their conventions in Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC respectively. Obviously the July DNC chart is now moot since their 2020 convention opens Monday August 17 and runs until Thursday August 20th with a New Moon @26Leo35 on Tuesday (10:42 pm edt) conjunct Trump's natal Mars (rising). Should we expect that Trump's actions (Mars) and tendencies toward retaliation and aggression (his Mars rising opposite US natal Moon, We the People) will be mentioned? Yes, I think so.

Now perhaps the RNC chart I posted for August 24, 2020 is moot as well, however, RNC 2020 is scheduled to open on that date with Trump accepting his party's nomination (if nothing changes) on Thursday August 27, 2020. Note that both conventions occur under the auspices of the Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse themes of restraint, restrictions, separation (virtual! social distancing! logistics!), and illusions (politics!). See Road Closures and Security Blocks around Charlotte! And Politico reports on Trump's potential choices of venues around DC from which to hold parties and balls and deliver his acceptance speech - such as the White House, an unethical idea to say the least.

Beaming In to RNC 2020: So if we look at Thursday August 27, 2020, we find no lunations perfecting as during the DNC but we do find a few interesting aspects made by the fluctuating Moon which represents the public, the public mood, and publicity in mundane charts. As for the convention's beginning (which shows how it will end!) let's add that RNC 2020 begins August 24th with an excitement-craving Moon-Uranus opposition at 12:00 am edt suggesting potentials for strong anti-social feelings (and not just because of Covid-19 social distancing!), unusual or difficult people turning up, hidden or even occult interests, and/or a tendency to misjudge other people and their relationships. Note that times are Eastern:

Path of the Moon August 27th: RNC 2020

8:00 am edt: Moon in Sag trines Mars in Aries (an echo of Trump's natal Moon-Mars trine) denoting self-confidence, courage, and a talent for easily recognizing and grasping opportunities--traits he's used in the past (SN). Karmically speaking, both Moon and Mars are in Nodal Degree (26). Yet Luna's conjunction with her own transiting South Node indicates such things as bad timing and/or lack of popularity especially among women for it contains a depressive, oppressive Moon-Saturn tinge which, on the positive side, may also denote ambition and strategy. Opposing Moon-SN in Trump's natal chart, of course, is his Sun-North-Node conjunction along with his radical Uranus (his chaotic guiding planet) so that his natal Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius personality blend is spotlighted--that of "The Pied Piper" (the Harveys's "Image for Integration"). And that he certainly is. For some percentage of Americans, at least. Such folk may wish to consider how that ancient tale ended because parents lost their children, thanks to the Pied Piper.

Meanwhile, after her trine with Mars, Luna goes Void Of Course (so that nothing can interfere with the proceedings - or, there could be unexpected outcomes) making no more aspects from Sagittarius until she enters Capricorn at 1:37 pm, from whence she will proceed to engage. Mood-wise, a Sag Moon suggests a Jupiterian flavor to RNC 2020, even happiness, while a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon, not so much. More like Luna takes on a down-to-business tone as RNC 2020 closes and Trump accepts the nomination which is most likely shown by the fact that at 11:09 pm edt, Moon (the public) and Sun (the leader) form a trine (120 degr) signifying a harmonious blending of energies via mutual purpose - to continue implementing Trump's dystopian "American Carnage" vision of an authoritarian nation. Trump and his wealthy backers demand a shift of government and power which will (I predict) not turn out to be the smooth lifestyles and grand improvements his easily-led supporters have been promised by what amounts to a demagoguing snake oil salesman luring America to her collapse.

Please Note: due to the confusion surrounding RNC dates and locations this year there is at least one source giving the RNC opening date as August 21st. Whether a Friday would be the choice of the Republican Party or of Trump, then running through the weekend, I know not but for now I shall leave this post intact, as is. For if the dates herein turn out to be wrong, I don't wanna be right. jc

Above image: the Orphic Egg

Apr 11, 2020

August 17, 2020 DNC with Syzygy Moon in Aquarius

DNC 2020 Changes Its Cosmic Tune

by Jude Cowell

As you know, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) has been postponed until August 17, 2020, still to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last I heard. Obviously, the change makes my previous post Moon-Tracking DNC 2020 and RNC 2020 obsolete on the Democratic side. However, the RNC (August 24) horoscope and astro-notes hold true unless Republicans change their convention schedule, too.

As it stands for now: RNC August 24, 2020: Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio; Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio contains vibes of fanaticism, a fighting spirit, and a need to always 'get it right'.

The rescheduling of DNC 2020 to August 17 gives the Democratic Party a Leo Sun and Moon (once Luna leaves 29Cancer59 at 12:39 am CDT--and as you know, '30Cancer' is the "A Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.) Voting/nominating planet Mercury is also in shiny Leo and is no longer Stationing Direct as it was on July 13th, the original date for DNC 2020.

Now the last lunation prior to the opening of DNC 2020 on August 17th (aka, the convention's Syzygy Moon) is the Full Moon of August 3, 2020 @11AQ46. This Moon adds humanitarian vibes to the DNC 2020 picture and if the American people don't need more of that quality then I don't know what we need! Besides, Aquarius is our US natal Moon sign of We The People.

And yes, our Trump nightmare will linger long after he's gone (like a very very bad hangover) so I'm going to go ahead and type it: on November 3, 2020 - if we have an election at all - #VoteBlue no matter how you do!

Feb 28, 2020

Moon-Tracking DNC 2020 and RNC 2020

February 28, 2020: Solar and Lunar Considerations for DNC and RNC 2020

by Jude Cowell

Dual Images: DNC opens July 13, 2020 Milwaukee, WI "12:00 am" CDT (upper right); RNC opens August 24, 2020 Charlotte, NC "12:00 am" EDT (lower left). Charts are set for 12:00 am in order to 'snag' the earliest positions of both Sun (leadership) and Moon (We the People; the public mood). The DNC lasts until the evening of July 16th while the RNC winds up during the evening of August 27th. Ranges of motion of Sun and Moon over those dates are listed, below.

Both conventions fall under the disruptive influences of the 4 North Solar Eclipse which perfects at Summer Solstice June 21, 2020 @00Can21, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation, fame, recognition, and global events. Eclipse themes include potentials for: 'restraint, restriction, separation, inhibition, and illusion along with events that block progress and a tendency toward misjudging strength or the situation' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). One wonders if the corona virus contagion is included within these themes since by Summer public gatherings may be limited in scope, barely attended, or cancelled. Be that as it may or may not be--

DNC and RNC 2020: Tracking the Sun and Moon

Tracking both Sun (leadership) and Moon (the public mood, plus, you and me) through both charts/conventions over the length of each party's dates of activity (from 12 am to 11:59 pm each day) can be revealing. First comes the Democratic National Convention from July 13 to July 16, then the Republicans take center stage from August 24 to August 27. Note that during RNC 2020, Donald Trump enjoys a Lunar Return (to 21Sag12 conjunct his natal South Node) on Wednesday August 26th at 9:53:26 pm edt with Mars trine Moon (things hum along, males cooperate) and Neptune continues its off-and-on square to natal Moon (shifting alliances, undermining obstacles, confusion, lethargy, and/or deception). A lunar return at this particular time may be an indicator of people returning to Trump as their candidate or nominee based on emotional considerations and/or unconscious motivations. Also, on August 19th perfects RNC 2020's Syzygy Moon, a New Moon @26Leo35--conjunct Trump's natal Mars which denotes a new cycle of activity for him, plus, a seeding of new plans with his typical Martian qualities of aggression and brashness.

There are three Sun-Moon blends during each political party's convention thanks to Luna changing signs; the following notes are primarily from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, and one of their "Images for Integration" is included to describe each combination of energies:

With the convention's Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) actually the Lunar Eclipse of July 5th (@13Cap37), DNC 2020 opens July 13th with Sun Cancer-Moon Aries, a steamy, perhaps scalding or sterilizing Water-Fire blend with a Moon-Mars influence that comes out fighting, is passionate about individual rights, combines tenderness with bravado, and has a patriotic heart committed to personal values. Yet a sharp tongue may be evident along with a brisk, authoritative manner hiding that sensitive lunar-ruled Sun sign. Image for Integration: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." Note that Luna enters Taurus on July 13 at 12:33:49 pm CDT giving a second blend to consider, plus, the Moon conjoins Uranus @10Tau16:33 on July 14 at 9:13:56 am CDT denoting potentials for emotional excitement, restlessness, a sudden change of circumstances, an unusual woman, a humanitarian doctrine expressed via rapport with all nationalities, and/or feelings of anxiety.

And so July 14th's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus is a practical Water-Earth blend with Moon-Venus vibes that suggests the intuition, responsibility, and tenaciousness of a practical idealist and the talent of a natural psychologist. However this blend can become stubborn, fussy, and autocratic at times while exhibiting old fashioned values, shrewdness, and an ability to listen to the needs of others, but with a tendency toward subjective prejudices. Image for Integration: "A flourishing family business."

Then on July 16th at 12:19 am CDT, Luna enters Mercury-ruled Gemini and an ethereal Sun Cancer-Moon Gemini Water-Air blend begins to flavor DNC proceedings. This chatty combination suggests potentials for self-deprecating humor, wittiness, sensitivity to others, and popularity but can tend toward indecisiveness or vacillation. Shrewd yet warm-hearted, this perceptive blend is that of a natural teacher. Image for Integration: "A family plays a game of charades." (This word picture makes me wonder if the outcome of the DNC's political performances is predetermined and meant only as entertainment for the masses! But that's my cynical nature typing after almost 15 years of peering at DC Politics through the revealing lens of Astrology. You, dear reader, certainly don't have to agree!)

Now for the three Sun-Moon blends of RNC 2020. And stay tuned for the most significant midpoint pictures in force during the whole of both conventions for they'll be added to the end of this post.

RNC 2020 opens on August 24th with Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio, a practical Earth-Water blend influenced by intense Mercury-Mars-Pluto vibes. This blend suggests dedication, resourcefulness, loyalty, subjectivism, opinionation, and piousness; it prefers to get on with a useful, dutiful, well-defined job. Analytical, rational, and critical, folks influenced by the vibes of Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio are far more emotionally motivated than they believe themselves to be, tend to exhibit a fighting spirit, and can be fanatical about "getting it right." Note that anti-abortion laws may be part of this picture and its Image for Integration is: "A zealous insect-lover stands quietly in the bushes observing the mating habits of the praying mantis." (Nosy much?) And actually at its opening the Scorpio Moon precisely opposes radical Uranus in Taurus with potentials for erratic or nontraditional behavior, anti-social conduct, and a tendency to misjudge other people.

(So both DNC and RNC contain strong Moon-Uranus influences which may be exciting but hint at sudden reforms, emotionally immature people, and/or leaders who rule by whim. That's on both sides.)

Then on Tuesday August 25th at 8:48:54 am EDT, Luna enters Sagittarius creating a Mercury-Jupiter flavored Sun Virgo-Moon Sag combo of Earth and Fire, the scorched-earth blend of a bull dozer. Under these influences the convention's atmosphere turns rather restless yet remains under a measure of control--plus, criticism takes on a more moralistic tone. Offended beliefs and high standards for others lead to emotional distance and aloofness yet rules and traditions can be tossed away or ignored when it's personally convenient for rule-makers. In part, 'prim and proper eccentrics' may be who is described here.

Finally, RNC 2020 closes the evening of August 27th with a Sun Virgo-Moon Capricorn combination of energies, a double-Earth blend, its deepest fear that of losing control. Luna enters ambitious, austere, authoritarian Capricorn in the early afternoon at 1:36:39 pm EDT after floating out-of-bounds of the earthly plane since 8:30 am EDT, a detached and/or alienated condition for the public's Moon. This may suggest some loss of audience or public favor especially since the Moon simultaneously conjoins its own transiting South Node which may suggest a loss of popularity and/or bad timing. Meanwhile, ambition, skepticism, workaholism, and polished professionalism are exhibited onstage along with a basic expectation to 'get back what's been given' (or, a tit for tat attitude? too much austerity?). Long-held convictions are a driving force while rational justifications for every action and goal are well-rehearsed and ready for presentation. For this blend let's add two Images for Integration: "A headline: Small town boy makes good...Fine bone china," perhaps with an emphasis on China.

Now to close, let's consider the two significant midpoint pictures which remain in effect during each convention:

For the Democrats the ongoing influence is Neptune-North Node = Uranus creating potentials for 'self-willed motives that upset group expectations; becoming upset over the anti-social conduct of others; a sudden displacement from associations; and/or the undermining of relationships'. I suspect this may refer to the DNC taking away the people's choice of Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee but of course this situation may morph into different circumstances by July. However, the Neptune-NN pairing does suggest anti-social conduct and a lack of community spirit from any angle--and Michael Munkasey in Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets reveals it as "a leadership which is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people." Add the Moon to the midpoint picture (when Luna meets Uranus @10Taurus!) and we have 'someone feeling ostracized' (Tyl). Is that We The People whose preference is being ignored by the DNC, Bernie being cheated, or both?

As for the Republicans, the ongoing midpoint picture through the entire shebang is Jupiter-Saturn = Pluto with potentials for: 'immense effort, violent changes, separation, restriction (resonates with 4 North eclipse themes listed, above); intense business activity, a total reversal of plans; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation; fearlessness; and/or major change of situation'.

Note: All midpoint pictures in this post are a combination of Tyl, Munkasey, and Ebertin with a little bit of yours truly tossed in.

Well, there's my limited assessment of DNC 2020 and RNC 2020 through a Solar-Lunar lens. As always your on-topic comments are welcome and all gracious Shares are much appreciated! jc