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May 31, 2012

May 31 2012: John Edwards found Not Guilty

May 31, 2012: John Edwards has been found not guilty on one charge, with the judge declaring a mistrial on the other 5 counts, says NPR.

No, Mr. Edwards' behavior wasn't exemplary in the least but I'm glad he was found not guilty and hope the US Justice Department finds miscreants who are more worthy of prosecution to spend our tax dollars on. (Hint: the titans on Wall Street might be a fertile place to look.)

If you're curious, here's some astrologizing I did previously concerning John Edwards, a mercurial fellow, on one of my many blogs, Jude's Threshold, where the Pages list in the sidebar just might contain (if memory serves) a Wedding Day Astrology report on John and Elizabeth Edwards as well.

Jun 3, 2011

John Edwards indicted under rays of Gemini Solar Eclipse 6.3.11

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Indicted On Charges Related To Money Given To Mistress

The Democratic politician's lawyers contend the payments were gifts from friends. Prosecutors allege they were political donations that should have been reported.

More at NPR.


Often a Solar Eclipse can bring things to light which were hidden especially if it connects with a person's particular natal and progressed horoscopes. With this Wednesday's June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 11Gem02, Mr. Edwards (born with an Airy Sun Gem-Moon Gem personality blend!) has had his private business put out for all to review, critique, and bring charges.

And since Solar Eclipses are freshly seeded New Moons, the legal case against the former Democratic presidential candidate is at its beginning.

Here's a SO'W post from late 2007 concerning my surmises about the 2008 campaign and the out-of-bounds Mercury of John Edwards with his natal horoscope shown. (The post is not updated or edited and hindsight is 20/20. We know who won the presidency and who now acts as VP. Of course I did not know then.)

Considering today's announcement of the Edwards indictment for misuse of campaign funds, perhaps I should have written on his crisis-ridden YOD ('Finger of God') and a difficult Fist of God pattern which you may view by clicking to enlarge his natal chart.

Sep 5, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain: left behind

Last night's acceptance speech by John McCain touted Republican respect for family values yet McCain never mentioned the wife he callously left behind, Carol Shepp McCain.

How could he? It would mar the RNC's morality narrative.

Here's my astro-analysis on the Shepp-McCain's Wedding Day Astrology of 1965.

You'll also discover articles on the weddings/marriages of John and CINDY McCain, Barack and Michelle Obama, George and Laura Bush, Jenna and Henry Hagger, and John and Elizabeth Edwards.

Guess the Palins will be next! And can the Bidens be far behind?

Feb 23, 2008

Clinton borrows from John Edwards

So I'm guessing she had Edwards' permission to use his line about what this campaign is about:

Jan 26, 2008

Dems' Stars over South Carolina 1.26.08

UPDATE 1.28.98: Hmmm...well, Hillary was egg-faced and po'd as predicted (not in those exact words, but with a smidge of scrolling you can read the original post to see what I mean) and John Edwards won the majority of the 'white vote' as I heard.

Barack Obama's mixed portents as noted below in this post may have been at least partially due to having no exact birth time for him. Wish he'd let his birth data be known--or at least hire an astrologer if he's going to talk about Reagan who knew that more danger than usual was afoot the day he (barely) escaped the assassin's bullets.

But I know there is one possible afternoon time for Obama's birth floating around online, although I used sunrise, aka as a Solar chart--good for ego-related issues and being US prez is certainly that. Still his uplifting speeches have been telling the tale, haven't they? And conjuring the spirit of JFK's inspirational ability as noticed by daughter Caroline, too!

Original post begins here:

Having spent all today studying various charts such as the natal charts of the Dem juggernaut--Edwards, Obama, Clinton--and the sunrise and 8:00 pm charts for Columbia, SC, I decided to use a shorthand method to taste the flavor of each candidate's chances of success.

(And I would have had this posted two or three hours ago but for pesky tech crashes--please pardon typos for I'm in a hurry to publish if Blogger will cooperate.)

To do this, I've averaged together each candidate's natal chart (using sunrise for Obama's uncertain birth hour which is okay by me since I'm blending it with sunrise in Columbia and comparing/contrasting the resulting composite charts with an 8 pm composite/natal--C/N--as well to see if any midpoints are added) and it looks best for John Edwards, very good for Barack Obama, and not so good for Hillary Clinton.

Will this sassy shorthanded method hold out against reality? Will the NAACP monitors make a difference with balloting honesty? Will Hillary explode out of frustration?

For brevity I'll be using only Noel Tyl's midpoint directory.

These midpoint pics are the major ones for each candidate: first Hillary, then Barack, then's sunrise in Columbia, SC (7:28:39 am EST) blended with Hillary Clinton's natal chart = C/N midpoints...

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; tremendous awareness of potential for loss; fear; strong depression (this one applies at sunrise and 8 pm and has been in effect while tr Saturn is in the 5-9 Virgo range of the zodiac--and will be later after Saturn goes Direct);

8 pm + Hillary: Grand Trine between Moon, Saturn, and Uranus...

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: exploding out of frustration;

Moon/Uranus = Saturn: striving for independence in order to solve things; traditional vs avant-garde; changes in emotional expression (didn't she try that already?);

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: changes for freedom; emotional courage emerges under duress.

The positive pics seem to involve her husband...

Moon/Venus = Sun: love in a marriage; Jupiter: feeling loved; good feelings; good luck.

With Uranus (technology/computers; disruptions; upsets; rebellion) unaspected in today's transit chart (acting alone) and mid-Pisces (Neptune = 'net') it may have to be tech shenanigans to finagle Hillary into first--or even second--place in S.C. You may disagree, but that's my take on it. And the interference could be coming from Cheney's office--or from abroad, such as those who prefer the US to keep fighting. (Perhaps I should ask McCain about that.)

Okay now for Barack Obama's C/N midpoints which have some mixture of positive and negative, mostly positive though...sunrise first...

Mars/MC = Mercury: acting with vigor according to plan; important news or strategically helpful information;

Mercury/Pluto = Mars: quick grasp of a situation's meaning right or wrong and taking confident action; attacking an issue without reservation;

Venus/Neptune = MC: creativity; losing oneself in illusion;

Venus/Mars = Uranus: passion; dangerous liasons;

Venus/ASC = Jupiter: enthusiam galore;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success and happiness;

and the clunker...

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; sadness.

Combining Obama's sunrise chart with 8:00 pm gives two additioanl midpoint pics...

Sun/Uranus = ASC: appearing at one's best; sudden events'; high excitability.

Uranus/MC = NN: climbing over others to fulfil one's need for ego recognition. (Actually it's called, politics. )

Now for John Edwards who has quite a plethora of them starting with a strong T-square involving Mercury/Pluto, the persuasive speech duo...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: emotional communication power;

Moon/MC = Pluto: rejuvenation; tremendous thrust forward; the biggest picture;

Pluto/ASC = MC: power and authority; success; ego ascendancy;

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: ambition emerges out of discontent; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line;

Mars/Neptune = Jupiter: enjoying the cloud's silver lining; a break in the nick of time.

And at 8:00 pm EST...add:

Mercury/Jupiter = Sun: auccess with the intellect; solutions are illuminated;

Sun/Uranus = Mercury: quick minded; seeing things too analytically for comfort; the spark of understanding;

Moon/Uranus = Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control;

Mercury/NN = Jupiter: communications; teaching; philosophizing; partnerships;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success; happiness;

and last but not least...

Pluto/NN = Neptune: win at any cost; deception as a tool; power of the half-truth.

That last picture shows up in other politician's charts these days as well and is, after all, a good description of the mindset of most any politician you'd care to name--or vote for--and one has it natally. But I'll leave that for another day.

Jan 14, 2008

a subtle message sent to John Edwards?

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government Jan 14, 2008

Breaking News:

John Edwards' daughter hit by alleged drunk driver Jan 14,2008 (NC):

A alleged drunk driver crashed into a car driven by Cate Edwards in Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon. Cate Edwards is the older daughter of presidential candidate John Edwards (D). According to Chapel Hill Police investigators, Edwards was driving a 2007 Ford Sedan when she slowed down at a red light and was rear-ended by a woman driving a 1989 Toyota. Officials with the Edwards Campaign say Cate was not injured in the crash and calls the accident "minor".#

Glad Cate is okay. But what are the odds?

Is her Dad getting too close to the beast? Perhaps we should consult plain-spoken Ross Perot whose daughter was put in jeopardy some years ago during another prez campaign.

Dec 21, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: John Edwards

John Edwards (June 10, 1953; 7:02 am est; Seneca, SC; rated A: astrodatabank) is proud possessor of an out-of-bounds Mercury in his natal chart.

Out-of-bounds (oobs) planets accept no limits and may indicate boundless success and creativity--in the case of John Edwards, Mercury's territories of communications, oration, intellectual pursuits, and commerce seem to have benefited him greatly when he was trying medical malpractice suits and making millions.

You see in his natal chart that Mercury had just risen as he was being born, yet the Moon is chart-ruler (ASC 12Can01--conjunct US n Sun = the leader in a national chart. He has already expressed this connection, of course, in the Senate and in running for president 2004.)

Moon is in Gemini near Jupiter and all in all there are many factors showing money-making ability, and links to medical issues (including wounded Chiron in 7th house of marriage partner and legal affairs (lawsuits.) And Edwards isn't the only Washington politician with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction...expansive emotional desires used in public relations...Dubya is one such...the glass is supposedly always half-full.)

Tonight I'm looking at Edwards' Mercury in Cancer, 12th house, yet perhaps should mention that also in 12th house are Sun (politician; unconscious arrogance); and Mars 27Gem33..."28Gem" = "A man declared bankrupt"--DELIVERANCE...

pos: an effective and overall effectiveness even in the worst of situations;

neg/shadow side: a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self. (This "Bankruptcy" degree refers to court cases and to "enter(ing) new paths of opportunity) (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Mercury in 12th house is very creative--as is the sign of Cancer, which is also connected to business and commerce) yet a 12th house Mercury, says Tracy Marks in her marvelous book, Your Secret Self, gives a constantly active mind, always seeking to organize vast amounts of stimulation and information; plus, a tendency toward nervousness.

Frequently there are negative messages from childhood which must be overcome--"don't be stupid" or "be quiet", etc. Then much can be achieved. 12th house Mercuries study many in-depth subjects behind the scenes--more than anyone knows.

In Washington, Sen Edwards was known to be a fast-talker, fast-walker, with little regard for protocol--Mercury in 12th house seldom develops an ability for small talk and makes compulsive lists of details for organizing and planning life.

An undervalued or overvalued intellect may result from having a 12th house Mercury and refuge may be sought in their intellectual capacities. Yet the Scarecrow's "If only I had a brain" mantra may sometimes prevail, esp during school days.

As you know, Edwards was first in his family to attend and graduate from college--AQ on 9th cusp of higher learning would've wanted that bwo Saturn's influence in 9th house. And Uranus' higher vibrations (AQ) would have wanted progress bwo higher education.

Basically this is a non-verbal thinker who perceives the world in terms of images, feelings, and sensations. His active Moon in combination with Mercury supports this, for Moon-Mercury is intuitive and thinks with the feelings (Tyl.) Moon is oobs, along with Mars and Mercury--and Edwards was born during a Moon hour--good for public dealings and publicity--an extraordinary amount of it thanks in part to an oobs Moon.

Although Gemini is the sign of a social butterfly, Moon-Mercury folks are usually very involved with their families. In fact, Edwards' Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception with one another, describing his family's strong support of his ideas and plans.

Mercury's only aspect is 'minor'...a semi-square with powerful Pluto. Semi-squares are in the octile family (8) and are weak but difficult; a separating semi-square = the release of self through creative interchange (The Astrology of Relationship, Michael R. Myer.) They show a tendency toward dynamic connections with others which manifest in either an exciting and constructive way or in a conflicting and difficult way.

And the combo of Mercury-Pluto = communicating or demanding new perspectives; persuasion ability (which attorneys need for success), and propaganda promotion--admittedly helpful in the political realm.

It may as well be for we sure are stuck with a gracious helping of it from every direction.

Mercury rules natal 4th (Virgo) and 12th (Gemini); Saturn is square Uranus--the two old vs new , tradition vs progress planets will be in opposition for the 2008 election and for Inauguration 2009. This re-contact may support his win along with this:

John Edwards--as you can see for yourself--has North Node (NN = connections with the public) conj his 8th cusp 3AQ13...and this is where tr Jupiter (3AQ32) will be at Inauguration Jan 20, 2009; noon; DC.

And while this one factor may not be enough to propel Edwards into the Oval Office, I've not found any other candidate with such an exact, or perhaps I should say, obvious--connection with Jupiter 2009, in 10th house of the Inauguration chart. Perhaps I will but haven't *as of yet.

*UPDATE 12.22: Barack Obama's natal Saturn 25Cap22 Rx and Jupiter 00AQ56 Rx are tucked next to the Inaugural 2009's MC (noon 26Cap11, conj US n Pluto) and Mercury 00AQ41Rx, and Sun 00AQ47. Obama-Edwards ticket?)

Yet Jupiter = Republican...though jolly Jupe is also the rich man (Edwards or Romney or---Bloomberg!), judge, preacher (Huckabee? don't even joke--more Bushesque Armageddon there; besides, church + state is unconstitutional), professor, guru...and attorney--which again could be...John Edwards and his out-of-bounds Mercury as prez or VP!

general notes on Mercury and the natal Mercury of Barack Obama here.

Dec 18, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama

Speedy Mercury, whose orbit lies inside that of Earth in relation to our Sun, is not much larger than Earth's Moon, yet astrologically describes the focusing lens through which one's creative powers are directed. The characteristics of the sign of Mercury indicate influences in thinking, ability to communicate, and what occupies the mind.

What one notices and considers important is also shown by this important chart factor; plus, neutral Mercury (as the Eternal Youth, Mercury can be male or female) may be thought of as tofu--taking on the flavors of any planets which are linked with it.

The god Mercury has quite a varied career and many talents including communication ability and style, speaking, writing, and commerce.

As the god of wisdom, Mercury is associated with the Buddha (divine wisdom = buddhi), and was known as Thoth in Egypt; aka Odin (or Woden) in Norse mythology, making Wednesday Mercury's day.

In Homer's Odyssey we meet him as Hermes, the Greek god of the 'persuasive tongue' and as the messenger of Zeus...aka The Divine Herald with wings on heels and helmet. And though this function of divinity is not prevalent in Washington, I think that a consideration of various candidates and their natal Mercuries may be somewhat informative as we listen ad infinitum to Mercurial speeches, expressed plans and ideas, and promises promises--all brought to us by Mercury as Orator, spinmeister, and Messenger.

Some comments will be included on aspects of their natal Mercuries by sign, and by other distinguishing factors which quicksilver Mercury may wish to mention. Only some of the R and D candidates have a known birth times so I'll leave out questionable factors which a vague hour of birth would render off-the-mark, particularly the house (department of life) of natal Mercury.

The charts for which I use sunrise, are also checked for the noon hour to see if anything interesting turns up.

Let's begin with Barack Obama whose natal Mercury is posited at 1Leo14--very creative Leonine thinking and communicating here in the purest expression of Leo--the first decan (first 10 degrees.)

(If Mercury in Leo sounds familiar, it's because it's the sign of George Bush's natal Mercury--plus, it's Gonzo's, and the R Party's as well...9-10 Leo, Jupiter's decan.)

Sen. Obama has an out-of-sign conjunction of Jupiter (00Aq56 Rx) and Saturn (25Cap22 R) opposite Mercury, so we may wish to consider their midpoint picture--and as usual, the picture may indicate all, none, or any combination of expressions esp when triggered by transits, progressions, and such...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mercury: desire to make changes; studying one's life philosophy; studying hard and asking the right questions; speaking with great maturity; travel; the search for variety; inconstancy of mind or philosophy; a fortunate separation (all mdpts: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Another midpoint pic with which Obama's Mercury is entwined is...

Mercury/Mars = NN (the public): realization of thoughts in association with others; quarrels within a community; determined expression of one's views in public.
(I added that last one.)

Planetary Aspects of Mercury:

Mercury opposite Jupiter: tendency to promise more than can be delivered (uh oh); follow-up actions may be insufficient; attention to detail may be lacking--thoroughness is needed and must come from other factors; may be literary, scholarly, or pursue esoteric studies; may be not good at keeping secrets (uh-oh squared); intellectual conceit may be present.

Perhaps we should count Saturn as being in opposition since old Cronos may provide a steadying effect to the above woolly difficulties...

Mercury opposite Saturn: somewhat self-defensive; may be critical with few friends; ambitious for intellectual recognition but may encounter obstacles to its achievement; may arouse jealousy in colleagues; attacks on reputation occur; challenged to listen well to what others say; "the world is against me" attitude; may be rigidly opinionated; subject to depression, nervousness or respiratory disorders.

Well, ooo. Doesn't sound so helpful but our charts are what we make of them, si?

And Alan Oken says that Saturn opposing Mercury can teach mental discipline, responsibility, and the necessity for precision (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.) Seems it must have done for Barack Obama esp since Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn.

Rx Saturn must develop his own inner authority for the father may have been absent in some way or was somehow insuffient in his authority role...the weak when he should have been strong, domineering when he should have been gentle model which many people must work through during their adult lives (from Erin Sullivan's info to me.)

Mercury in Leo: strong willed, fixed purpose; capable of focused concentration with the Sun dispositing Mercury; dramatic and forceful manner of speech; likes to be considered an authority; mental self-confidence gives positivity in thinking which aids in problem-solving; may deal with the broader view at the expense of important details.

Because Leo is a Fixed sign, opinions form slowly and change with much reluctance (or never, as with the current White House denizen.) Continuity of purpose bestows executive ability, and a love of travel for business or pleasure may be enjoyed.

Obama has been criticized as being short on details--now I see how that may be a permanent facet of his style of thinking, and not just a campaign ploy or a sign of lack of preparation. Details may be someone else's province were he to become president or vp.

The unveiled hook-up of Obama with former Clinton adminstration advisers may be their way of greasing wheels for a Hillary-Barack regime (I say regime because not much will be changing for America--sadly.

And John Edwards' out-of-bounds Mercury seems not to wish to cooperate as closely with the corporate gamesters and robber barons--Edwards is playing Robin Hood's part but I'm not convinced it means any real improvement for the common good. Wish it could, but if it did, who'd cooperate with him?)

~(Update 2008: Edwards dropped out of the race but is said to be consulted often by Clinton and Obama--an Atty Gen post for Edwards would be okay be me--or vp.)~

Well, that's my Capricorn Mercury attempting to communicate some info about the shiny, proud Leonine Mercury of roaring Barack Obama. Guess I'll continue next time with other Dem candidates, then it'll be on to the Republicans. Or perhaps I'll alternate R and D in no particular order.

To be continued...

May 6, 2007

A Look at Poverty in America 2007

Wonder if presidential candidate John Edwards would be proud of the excellent article written by my Gather friend, Genine Hopkins?

A Look at Poverty: From the Inside makes excellent points about the experience of being on the ladder's lower rungs in America.

You don't have to join Gather dot com to read articles or view images....only to comment.

Hope to see you there!