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Mar 20, 2015

A few thoughts on our modern Tower of Babel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Google Art Project - edited

Lower left, in the white robe is Nimrod, the king who reputedly ordered the construction of the Tower of Babel and whose wife/consort Semiramis is the feminine archetype--the Whore of Babylon--an ancient and modern symbol now modeled via such 'goddesses' as Venus, Inanna, Ceres, Diana, Vesta, Lady Liberty (holding the Illuminati torch in NY Harbor, sent from French Freemasons to American Freemasons), Mary (according to the graven-image-worshiping Vatican), Lilith, and more.

Then there are the corporate-owned pop stars and actresses who constantly bring the Semiramis archetype into modern awareness...or, perhaps I should say, unawareness, since few seem to care about the underlying symbol they're actually paying homage to as long as there are concert tickets and new tunes to purchase.

Now for several decades and especially since 2010, we have been induced to believe that "corporations are people" and yet most people see this falsehood as the monstrous lie it is. This blogger prefers to see corporations as a continuance of the corporate Tower of Babel project for Nimrod and the rest of the over-reaching people of his day thought they could 'reach heaven' and take God's place and usurp His authority by way of building a tower up to the sky.

And of course, the Twin Towers were sabotaged on September 11, 2001 by those who disagree with America's leadership as the 'New World Order' agenda is set more fully in place. Corporations, especially banking institutions, in their skyscrapers are now said to be 'too big to fail' and I suspect Nimrod and his stonemasons felt the same way about their Tower of Babel, that prototype of corporate structure ever since. And it seems that aid for, planning of, and/or collusion with the 9/11 attackers came from within the US (though this post is not about that 'official story'.)

Now you may disagree with my conclusions as much as you like, but I'm typing them anyway. Calling a chicken a duck doesn't make it quack. Calling corporations "people" is an exercise in and excuse for fraud, larceny, and corruption. The power elite fool no one but continue pretending that they do as they seek to take over control of the world.

It's tragic actually, their Nimrodian delusion fueled by irrational and stubborn will. Delusional because they only have this world in which to set up an earthly 'kingdom' and in their brashness they will never Be like the Most High--no matter how high the fabled corporate ladder or tower extends.


Note: This topic was inspired by the calendar: April 5, 2015 is Easter Sunday and yours truly will be celebrating because He Is Risen!

Nov 3, 2007

Nov 15: Mars Rx on US/Bush natal Suns

The Nov 15 chart for Mars' first moment of retrogradation (3:24:28 am est when set for Capitol Hill) has Mars 12Can27 at MC 12Can06 and chart-ruler Venus 7Lib01 just risen (ASC 10Lib37) squaring Mars Rx, both planets angular.

Venus rules 8th house of shared resources, insurance, debt, credit, transformation, the occult, with 7Tau44 on 8th cusp. This places Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter/Saturn conj on the 8th cusp. The Venus/Mars square is waxing (5A26) with Venus in 12th house yet ruler of the 1st.

Mars' other applying aspect is a trine to Uranus, planet of technology, progress, and revolution (2A22.)

Moon (fluctuations; changes; publicity; the public) rules 10th house of Career and Public Status, but is posited in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Endings. A Capricorn Moon (22Cap09) is very ambitious and business-oriented and the flavor of the chart for Washington seem to be financial and security-minded.

Wounded Healer Chiron (10AQ51) continues his visit with Cheney's n Sun (vitality; true purpose) as mentioned previously.

Plus, the chart's strongest energy is Cancerian, a sign intimately connected to the US natal chart, so things are happening here.

An angular Mars gives the testy, impetuous fellow an outlet for his warring and quarreling energies--not an easy picture for the US or for George Bush.

Mars rules the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, and there are indications of separations, especially those due to disagreements and discord.

Is a separation from Cheney in the offing? Kucinich is attempting to impeach Cheney in the next few days, they, the Sun rules the heart.

Nebulous and obfuscating Neptune, North Node (associations; encounters) conj Fixed Star, Fomalhaut (one of the Royal Stars of Persia), and rebellious Uranus are in 5th house of Speculations and Risk-taking. Where the outer planets appear, things may occur which are out of anyone's control.

Tech-minded Uranus may relate to the web (Net Neutrality again an issue) and/or to the NYSE and other market systems and programs as well; while Neptune refers to hidden shenanigans and fraud. Their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 remind me of super-software Promis which can track and manipulate financial accounts and markets worldwide (among other Orwellian things.)

For info on Fomalhaut including Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of "4Pis" (Nov 15's Nodal degree) see previous post, Sunrise in Baghdad Feb 22, 2006.

Sun 22Sco35 is in 2nd house, another of the Money/Values houses (opposite 8th house.) Asteroids Lilith and Vesta are conj IC, so these ladies may have some say in matters for the next few months as Mars Rxs (moves seemingly backwards) through degrees he has already traversed...the Mars Rx Sun is shining on Earning Ability of the 2nd house.

And where is moneybags, R-Party-ruling Jupiter? At 22Sag33 in 3rd house and nearing his Great Conjunction with Pluto on Dec 11. This pairing could be riches-and-treasure-related--and hopefully is not nuclear-related. Their hook-up describes and times a power-behind-the-throne (Pluto) meeting (conj) with Jupiterian figures (gurus, professors, rich men, Rs, priests, preachers, monarchs, etc.)

But More on Mars Rx:

Then there are our recent fires, chem plant explosions, and other mayhems which will continue to be in the news unfortunately as Cancer (the Home) is host to quite a few instigators of the Martian variety.

Considering Mars' connection to infections, is the worldwide honey bee 'colony collapse disorder' being worsened by this transit? Are mites, chems, viruses (Australian or otherwise), or cell phone interference part of the picture?

The magnitude of this loss has not been seen before and our food sources are under threat (Mars.) 3/4 of all plants need pollination--they can't reproduce on their own. This crisis is bigger and perhaps more immediate than global warming, m'peops.

My own thoughts on the mystery of the lost bees is that there is a combination of several elements with chem exposure (esp pesticides) a definite factor weakening their resistance to infections. The bees have been examined and seen to have scar tissue and 'white packets' in their digestive systems. Fungi found are similar to those in human beings with weakened immune systems.

No matter the causes, our environment has made the honey bees ill, and we'll be missing 1/3 of our food without them.

Transit Mars will be moseying back into Gemini again, of course, sign of Communications, Messages, The Twins...and sign of The Two Towers.

Issues pop up concerning 9/11 and certain persons' past actions (Mars)--I'm thinking mainly of Geminian Rudy Guiliani and of Bush's radically reforming natal Uranus/NN in Gemini, although candidate John Edwards and the UK's Tony Blair have healthy doses of natal Gemini as well. And last I heard, the faulty communications systems on 9/11 are not what they should be as yet--scandalously so.

And tr Mars has already affected three of Bush's natal midpoints and will do so again, giving a time period of are the pictures:

Uranus/ASC = Mars: a vigorous or active intervention in one's environment; becoming physically violent; pratical tech cooperation; suffering threats, injuries, or wounds;

NN/ASC = Mars: desire for joint achievements; a working association of people for the pursuit of the same objectives;

At 14Can+: Mercury/Uranus = Mars: determination; courage; summing things up and acting accordingly; a sudden realization of ideas; assaults; nervousness;

Uranus/Pluto = Mars: a mania of destruction; fanaticism; an act of violence; the 'bending or breaking' stage; accident.

Mercury in Scorpio (5:16) is in 1st house so will be the first planet to rise in the Mars Rx chart--deep-thinking, investigative Mercury in Scorpio loves the propaganda and the spying. Mercury sextiles Saturn 7Vir30, in 11th house of Groups and Associations, is semi-square Jupiter 22Sag33 in 3rd house of Communications. Jupiter is closing in on his Dec 11 Great Conjunction with Pluto 27Sag29.

Yet prior to that, the tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint will rise. As you know, the cruelty and war of the Saturn/Pluto opposition was very much in effect on 9/11/01, so I tend to keep a squinty eye on the tr midpoint of these heavy-weights.

Recently their midpoint conj'd Bush's natal IC, and thus was opposite his n MC (Aspirations; the Goal; Career; Public Status) so he expressed:

Sat/Pluto = MC: tenacity and endurance overcomes difficult circumstances; severity; one-sidedness; separation (flight); an ascetic, magician, or an adept. (The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin)

Often linked to America, asteroid, Atlantis (sense of doom; abuse of power) is worrisomely rising (9Lib43) and is conj Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix...keywords: loss of partner. This asteroid is obviously connected to NASA's space program...whatever that's really for (?)

The Mars Rx chart's Sun Sco/Moon Cap blend has two Images for Integration:

A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Testy Mars is bringing the US more testing times and I hope we may all stand strong--together. This backbiting prez campaign is not doing The People an iota of good and serves to divert attention from the real issues--and touts our pretend two-party system--an illusion if there ever was one.

As I moseyed round the 'net this morning I happily found an article on November planets which you may want to read including info on Mars Rx by Astrology Chick so check out her post at your leisure with its November influences for all twelve signs. Good job!