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Sep 4, 2019

The Death Eclipse of Robert Maxwell (1923--1991)

A brief bio of wheeler-dealer media magnate and Mossad superspy (and MI-6 agent or asset and ??) Robert Maxwell (nee Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch; June 10, 1923 Prag, Czech Republic MET 'noon') notes his enigmatic death by drowning off the Canary Islands, Spain, on November 5, 1991--somehow 'falling off' his yacht, suiciding himself, or being pushed. Conflicting autopsies indicated possible heart attack--he had both heart and lung conditions and had not been feeling well--or drowning possibly after slipping and falling due to a sudden heart attack or other event.

Reportedly there were no signs of assault on his body yet heart attacks can be helped along by nefarious stow-aways so we see the enigmatic quality of the fatal event. However, a second autopsy revealed "froth' in his lungs consistent with drowning--and it seems that he was about to face massive, reputation-shattering bankruptcy, a very good reason to commit suicide, get yourself murdered by disgruntled associates, or to elaborately fake your own death. Yes, the word inconclusive comes to mind which is one reason Maxwell's cause of death continues to seem suspicious.

Note that Robert Maxwell's natal horoscope is available set for noon (RR: X = date w/out time) if you're curious about his Gemini Sun and Moon in either Aries or Taurus. Of interest is the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for his natal Jupiter Rx @10Sco07 (11 Scorpio): "A Drowning Man Rescued." Then was his death a ruse? Jupiter is only one factor, yet there are ways, such as his wife and elder son identifying a look-alike as husband and father but that's quite unlikely, plus, he may already have been 'rescued' once too often during his life. Yes, astrological Jupiter is protective but is often active and near a chart Angle during times of death, whether fair or foul.

What we do know is that his body was located "at the end of the day" (November 5, 1991) so we have that to set a horoscope by if we wish (sunset at 6:11:16 pm UT Canary Islands provides a definite time to work from if you wish to have a look). Also his gone-overboard event from whatever cause seems to have occurred between approximately 4:30 am and 6:30 am UT according to testimonies by the yacht's crew members interviewed in the 53-minute video Robert Maxwell - The Downfall (in English with Dutch subtitles). Now at least one researcher has mentioned Maxwell as the Mossad agent who stole Promis software for Israel, then a 'trap door' was installed for spying purposes and sold to multiple governments around the globe--and to Osama bin Laden, but without personal knowledge I prefer to file that under So They Say. This post is only for entertainment purposes, after all.

July 11, 1991: a 'Wild Card' Suddenly Appears

And so amidst all the dates and hours known and unknown concerning the life and death of Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, there's one cosmic factor (As Above, So Below!) that we have a definite moment for: the 11 South Saros Series eclipse that is Bob Maxwell's death Solar Eclipse which occurred on July 11, 1991 @18Can58. The themes of 11 South are quite descriptive of multiple events which occurred in 1991 including the mysterious death of journalist-writer Danny Casolaro whose research notes for the book he was writing on what he called The Octopus disappeared from his hotel room prior to the discovery of his body. Part of his investigation was the theft of Promis software and for more info, here's a What Really Happened? video originally posted here in 2016 concerning Danny Casolaro and The Octopus, aka, the global crime syndicate.

Above is the 11 South Solar Eclipse Horoscope of 1991 and its themes which to me describe the deaths of both Casolaro and Maxwell with Maxwell's natal planetary links penned in green around the outside for the sake of comparison. As you see, Maxwell's natal Jupiter Rx @11Scorpio rises (11Sco = "A Drowning Man Rescued', as noted). This chart is set for Washington DC although a New York chart works, too, and shows almost the same cusps. Setting the chart for Jerusalem (where he's buried on the Mount of Olives) or Maxwell's place of birth is possible but don't show as many Angular planets. Yet charts must be set for some location or another, and of course with an eclipse, the exact hour of perfection is chosen by the Great Cosmic Clock of which Planet Earth is a part.

11 South Themes: the need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required in order to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed. (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Other potentials for violence, murder, bodily harm, and intervention of a higher power are in the horoscope and include: the eclipse rises with Pollux (danger of disgrace, murder, rape cruelty--A. Louis) and leads a Locomotive shape of planets denoting the ruthless, high-powered executive determined on success (Maxwell or...?); planet Pluto of the Underworld, aka, 'the assassin' rises in intense Scorpio (the sign associated with death) with Pluto apex in a midpoint picture with Mars-Saturn (the 'death axis'--Ebertin) so we have potentials for rage and fury of destruction, bodily harm, death, and murder. Also rising is Venus-Saturn = Pluto: retaliation, separation, and/or passing states of chaos (Ebertin).

Additionally, there's Maxwell's natal Neptune (ruler of the oceanic realms) @15Leo54 conjunct the Midheaven of this chart which suggests loss, death by drowning (or by heart attack: Leo), dissolution, identity change, subterfuge, and/or deception as possible goals (MC). Then with his Jupiter conjunct ASC and Neptune at MC, the speculative, bubbly, wastrel pair of Jupiter-Neptune are prominent for him at that particular period in relation to the eclipse suggesting potentials for misjudgment, fraud, deception, and living in a dream world that results in a rude awakening. Could Pluto in Scorpio provide such a rude awakening? That would be my suspicion, in an assassin role or not.

And note that marked on the chart, lower right, is the current position of transit Neptune @17Pis27 closely conjunct the natal Uranus (17:29) of Robert Maxwell which suggests generational conflicts that bring significant changes to how things are done. This reminds me, if not you, of the 11 South eclipse themes and the fact that a poorly performing Bob Maxwell was on the verge of facing bankruptcy, disgrace, loss, and possible prison not to mention how his fate would affect his offspring, wife, his investors and associates (underworld and otherwise). He'd mismanaged finances for a while imho, plus, years of over-indulgence had taken a toll on his health as well so whether or not he 'fell' or whether steps were taken against him before he could 'name names' remains a mystery--including in the spy world. Yet this is a typical mystery since death from one cause or another can be an outcome for people who 'know too much' and this could be the case according to the messages lurking within the 11 South eclipse horoscope. Unless you have other ideas?

Jun 7, 2013

Surveillance America: our national Mercury-Pluto in the news

We Forfeit Our Privacy for Alleged "Security"

by Jude Cowell

Okay, I suppose it seemed to some readers that I protested too much during my 8 years of writing this blog concerning America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition denoted in part by the Eye in the Pyramid's floating Capstone symbolizing the US government's overreaching spying tendencies which were allegedly justified by the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.

With massive surveillance of US citizens codified by George Bush's signing of the USA Patriot Act on October 26, 2001 (video below, though Clinton and others had managed to erode the Constitution and Bill of Rights prior to 2001), the NSA and other spying agencies have had their naughtiness leaked to the press this week as you certainly cannot have missed.

As Rachel Maddow pointed out on on her broadcast last evening, let's not forget that John Poindexter was appointed by Dubya to head the TIA--Total Information Awareness unit of Homeland Security--Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame and prison sentence. Review its Big Brother logo if you wish and marvel at neocon audacity--the Eye of Surveillance casting its snooping rays upon a globe with the motto "Knowledge Is Power"! The 'TIA' label and logo were cancelled when the public freaked out over its nasty implications but obviously the program's surveillance practices have only increased as technology improved its abilities.

A quick peek at a horoscope of October 26, 2001 (White House--"This morning--" said Bush at the Act's signing) shows that at 10:54 am edt in Washington DC, Pluto @13Sag36 rises with its obsession for control and manipulation, and still in conjunction with US natal Ascendant as the planet of power, assassination, and the Invisible Cape was on September 11, 2001. As you know, transiting Saturn Rx (also a karmic planet of control and restriction) was @14Gem11 opposing Pluto and sitting atop US natal Descendant. A cruel, brutal, karmic combination is Saturn-Pluto.

Warring star of violence, Antares, is conjoined by Pluto the Spy, and Jupiter @15Can36, conjoins the Pentagon's natal Ascendant. Curious is the Sabian Symbol of Pluto's degree: '14Sag' = "The Pyramid and the Sphinx" with its Keyword: CERTIFICATION. My supposition at the time was (and is) that the so-called USA Patriot Act was considered by global government types as a certification of their total surveillance plan necessary for continuing to implement totalitarian control of America and the entire globe.

Illumination Point @29Virgo: "A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from a Paper He Is Reading" (emails, etc!!)..."DISCOVERY. "A symbol of the world's conservatism...The fixity of idea by which human beings preserve their culture is also a protection for all hidden wisdom and unsuspected ways of knowing, since the deeper awareness is merely a broader reference or a further application of stabilities which constitute a universe at large." Positive expression: "imagination brought to the full of its powers through conscious effort"; Negative/shadow side: "loss of common sense in pure supposition." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

'Wild Cards of the Universe': Eclipses Uncover Secrets

Now I could type much today concerning these topics but my schedule won't allow so yet I must include another Sabian Symbol which this week's leaks (predicted by the Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 @22Scorpio--an influence on Election Day 2012--as noted then conjoining America's 12th cusp of Politics, Secret Enemies, Large Institutions, Karma, and Self-Undoing--Scorpio = secrets and spies) lift up for our consideration as they appear in every news media.

Adding the Illumination Point opposite this degree is even more illuminating, but first see this on PRISM software, if you haven't or check out The Nation's Greg Mitchell on the Prism program; some italics and bold are employed to focus upon our topic:

'29Pisces' = "A Prism"..."VALIDATION...The reliability of normal processes and the consistency of true intelligence are the foundation of a common knowledge which man has been expanding through the centuries, and his continuance of the control he has gained over his environment is a promise of much more wonderful achievement ahead." Positive expression: exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy; Negative (Shadow Side--jc): fatuous pride of intellect.

Note: remember the US government's PROMIS software scandal of the early 1990s? Writer Danny Casolaro was murdered to keep his in-progress book on The Octopus (global crime and banking syndicate) from being published along with his knowledge of PROMIS--all his notes mysteriously disappeared from the Virginia hotel room the weekend his voice was silenced. Anyway, PROMIS was sold with 'backdoors' in place and we now hear of 'backdoors' to Internet servers. If Apple "never heard of" Prism, perhaps the program was called by another name.

Does it seem curious that first President and Master Mason George Washington's natal Venus position is 29Pisces? Or that PROMIS software may have been purchased by David Koresh, killed in the horrendous Clinton-Reno Siege at Waco?

Well, bless my Mercury-Pluto! Here's something I posted in 2011 concerning America's surveillance obsession, Mercury-Pluto: US Patriot Act 10th anniversary (Eye on the US dollar bill shown), and here's a view of the natal chart of the Pentagon with a few astro-notes included.

Plus, there's a related post Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed to consider, if you may, for NYC Mayor John F. Hylan often spoke of "tentacles", "cats' paws", and "invisible government". Visit Hylan's Wiki page here which contains an excerpt of his most famous speech on such tentacled topics.

And since Stars Over Washington contains almost 4,000 entries (since 2005!) you may wish to scroll to the Search Bar of this blog and enter something like 'Eclipses' for a list of previous posts on leaks and the uncovering of secrets if you're interested in more than the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of November and December 2011 (both horoscopes shown).

Please note that tomorrow's New Moon (June 8, 2013 @18Gem 11:56 am edt) stimulates the Lunar Eclipse of December 2011 at the same degree. We might fairly say that We the People and all our communications (Gemini) are in process of being 'eclipsed' by an overreaching Surveillance State intent on forcing global government.

And they all worked so hard to scam us into giving up our right to privacy!

Aug 21, 2011

Bilderbergers and a Web Of Debt: Solar Eclipses repeating

The Bilderberg Plan? A 'One World Company' not a NWO

by Jude Cowell

Though Ellen Brown's work is not wholly unknown to me, it's only today that I discovered a series of her instructive financial articles available at Web Of Debt where clear explanations are given for thorny topics such as the Bilderberg Group's involvement (culpability!) in the ongoing financial ills which crescendoed once again in 2008 and which continue to plague financial systems here and abroad.

Here's an interesting quote from Prof. Carroll Quigley, an insider groomed by international bankers, those self-exalted 'Masters of the Universe' who engineer and profit handsomely from bubbles, booms, and busts.

In 1966 Quigley wrote in Tragedy and Hope:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank...sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans…."

This is why I feel quite droopious when I think of the ability or desire of the US government or any other's to 'repair' the world economy or improve financial systems of nation-states.

For unless the stranglehold now being tightened by Bilderbergers, monarchists, private shareholders, and other participants in the global conspiracy to "own, not govern the world" is addressed at the root level, it seems likely that a global collapse will occur, if not now then later, and that the Bilderbergers' ARISTOCRACY OF PURPOSE between American and European elites will attain their goal to "manage the planet" through a global network of "giant cartels", as reported by Ellen Brown.

(No, I'm not certain what difference it makes whether we call them a 'New World Order' as Poppy Bush, the Rockefellers, and others have done--or a 'One World Company', Limited or otherwise. They su*k no matter what.)

So whenever you, dear reader, feel psychically protected enough to face honestly the hydra-headed 'satan sandwich' of greed and Machiavellian power-grabbing that make up the global banking industry (syndicate), you can do little better than to check out Ellen Brown's series of articles at Web Of Debt.

What Do Abraham Lincoln and JFK Have To Do With It?

Mention there is made of Abraham Lincoln's assassination soon after he had
printed 'greenbacks'--debt and interest free--to finance the Civil War rather than accepting usury interest rates on loans that were offered by central bankers. Culpability for his heinous murder as ordered by certain bankers is not proposed in Ms. Brown's articles but I myself add such an assertion here (click 'greenbacks; link to read about Abe and about JFK's similar actions in June 1963.)

For as you know, it's by making large loans to governments that central bankers acquire massive wealth and daringly, Lincoln had made an end-run around their determination to profit from the 'Civil' War which they themselves had funded in the first place.

And since the shady but not very secretive 'One World Company' must prevent governments from issuing their own currencies and credit in order to maximize Company profits--and keep governments and politicians under heel--we then see all through history examples of bankruptcies, foreclosures, crashes, and sales of people's assets at fire sale prices. And who do you think buys such assets?

Hence the financial precipice we're paused upon as the take-over plan progresses with its deluded idea of a "destiny" that intends to control all resources and necessities of life for the whole of humanity (while retaining only the best of everything for themselves.)

The Process Continues: 2008 into 2009

Now besides 2008, the year 2009 shows prominently in the scenarios and systems detailed in Ellen Brown's articles linked above and so I remind you of the Solar Eclipse of July 21, 2009 in the 11 South Saros Series--at a critical-crisis degree: 29 Cancer 27. This eclipse opposed US natal Pluto in Capricorn (with our Secondary Progressed Pluto 29Cap+, and natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx in the 2nd house of Money in the Sibly chart.)

11S themes are: 'a need to make sudden reforms; old methods will fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought (or enforced?) by the eclipse; new ways of thinking/handling issues are needed, and any blocks may be violently or tragically removed'.

(Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Past years in the modern era in which 11S manifested are: 1901, 1919, 1937, 1973, 1991, (2009), and next, in 2027. In these previous years, similar themes were experienced collectively along with profiteering from the misery, loss, and death that wars and financial panics created. What the 'One World Company Limited' could have in mind for 2027, I do not care to guess.

But before 2027 arrives, America must first navigate our national Pluto Return/s of 2022 (3x in Feb-July-Oct), the first Pluto Return/s in US history. Background influences of the Solar Eclipses during 2022 include 6N and 6S, both of which had manifested in 1932 during the rises to the world stage of Hitler and FDR.

April 30, 2022 6N @ '10Tau' = 'authority issues; a need to take control and responsibility; commitments made due to another's unreliability or illness'; Oct 25, 2022 6S @ '2Sco' = 'being forceful and taking power; manic energy within relationships and group activities; sudden events.

Back to July 21, 2009's 11 South Solar Eclipse @ 29Can27

You may note that 11S's occurrence in 1991 timed the assassination of writer Danny Casolaro who was to meet with a contact who had promised him more information on PROMIS software and on the global entity/network which Casolaro had titled, The Octopus (aka, The Beast, imho.) The writer was murdered before he could complete his whistle-blowing book on the global crime syndicate and his notes mysteriously 'disappeared' from the scene of the crime...

"...any blocks may be violently or tragically removed."

Solar Eclipses of 2009: 11N and 11S

Though no recent edits have been made, you may wish to read a previous post concerning 11S's effects, Danny Casolaro (1991), and financial matters, plus, view the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse horoscope--along with the chart of the 'New President' Solar Eclipse of January 26, 2009 (both charts set for Washington DC) at Jude's Threshold, one of my other blogs.

But why review the 11 North 'New President' Solar Eclipse of January 2009? Because its flavor and portents are indelibly imprinted forever by the Universe upon the presidency of Barack matter where he may roam or vacation.


Abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (sign petition) and return control of the US Treasury Department and our money supply to the American people!

Apr 23, 2010

Dick Morris on Clinton, Reno, and Waco (video)

Yes, I know that former Clinton adviser Dick Morris is appearing here with Sean Hannity to promote his new book, 2010. But to me, little has ever seemed or been right about the Siege at Waco or the Oklahoma City Bombing which Timothy McVeigh said was his answer to the take-over of the Waco Compound by President Bill NAFTA Clinton.

Mr. Morris says in the video above that he doesn't know what Attorney General Janet Reno held over President Clinton's head concerning Waco which prompted him to reappoint her for a second term as US AG.

Yet some of us suspect that the 'what' related to the Inslaw Corporation's PROMIS software which the US government had stolen from Inslaw in the 1980s (Reagan!)

PROMIS (or its upgraded progeny) was originally created for legal firms to use but was soon seen as much more than that: a way to track anybody's financial dealings and whereabouts worldwide - in any language. The software was subsequently sold to the governments of many nations and, some say, to Osama bin Laden as well - but with a backdoor for eavesdropping which the US could use in whatever secretive, damaging ways it thought to devise.

One of My Sources for This Post

In Michael C. Ruppert's book Crossing the Rubicon, he titles Chapter 10 as, 'PROMIS: Controlling the Data' and says the software was 'rigged' when it was sold to the Canadian government, and that it is "peering into Americans' private lives," among other uses.

He also says that PROMIS "crossed a threshold in the evolution of computer programming." And it was first developed in the 1970s! Mr. Ruppert also asserts that PROMIS was part of and connected to "insider trading on 9/11."

This is one of the many things that makes me wonder how the attacks of 9/11 could have been such a 'big surprise' to the US government, or to those who profited from the crime by way of insider trading (one culprit I'm looking at is you, Cheney.)

Yes, the whole Inslaw-PROMIS factor was part of what investigative journalist Danny Casolaro was researching back in *August 1991 (think 'Bush, Sr', too - don't forget Operation Desert Storm which Bush hailed then as "a triumph of the New World Order") when Casolaro was brutally murdered/assassinated in a West Virginia motel after going there to meet with a mysterious foreign man in order to nab more evidence on the worldwide crime syndicate he dubbed The Octopus.

When Is a Mystery Not So Mysterious?

Taking the bait, Mr. Casolaro expected the new evidence to tie up loose ends for his book's publication, and needless to say, the murder scene contained nary a scrap of the painstaking notes that he was known to have had with him that weekend.

(New Moon the afternoon of Casolaro's murder @ '18Leo' which would turn out to be the degree of the August 11, 1999 'King of Terror' or 'Alarm' Solar Eclipse which continues to have a 'financial terrorism' flavor to it. His murder occurred under the rays of the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the New World Order planets, @ '18Cap' = strong-armed paternalism...POLITICAL POWER.)

Slick Willy On the Scene

Now don't assume for a moment that I don't think Bill Clinton was protecting a boatload of shady dealings by the US government, politicians, and others when he ordered the destruction of David Koresh's Waco Compound, for you would be wrong.

But do Clinton, Koresh, and the Siege at Waco tie in with Inslaw and PROMIS? They do if what I've read is true: Koresh's compound had PROMIS (or its illegal progeny) on-site in what was quite a communication hub, or hive, of activity. Was Koresh using a version of PROMIS software to spy on the US government's, CIA's, and Clinton's shady dealings? Was 'CIA asset' Osama bin Laden being protected for future use?

Does any of this relate to what Janet Reno blackmailed President Bill Clinton over?


*Casolaro's brutal murder occurred during the 11 South Series of the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 1991 @ '19Cancer', the same degree of our next Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010 which is in the 12 South Series. The two Eclipses are linked by degree so both conjunct Fixed Star Castor, the writer, with keywords: murder, crippling of limbs, sudden loss or fame (A. Louis, Horary Astrology Plain and Simple.)

With his global criminal syndicate expose, Danny Casolaro was reaching for fame but got loss instead.

(Plus, '19Can' is one degree from Pluto's Discovery degree of 1930 adding plutonian spy, death, nukes, and 'secret hand' connotations to these Eclipse pictures; nuclear topics are turning up often in the news already and in this realm, the ongoing Saturn/Pluto square and Uranus/Pluto square are of no comfort whatsoever, are they?)

Therefore, we may soon expect similar events or more mentions of early 1990s events to come up for re-examination this summer, with 11 South's (1991) flavor: a need for sudden reforms to deal with events; old ideas, methods, and/or systems will fail; any blocks (Casolaro, US consumers, and bankers' debts?) may be violently or tragically removed (parphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

As you see, 11S is the Series that repeated in Summer 2009 (Eclipse of July 22, 2009) when the systemic financial collapse reached its current fulfillment - or the first stage of it, sorry to say; July 2009's Ecl @ 29Can27, a crisis 29th degree, with '30Can' having a "A Daughter of the American Revolution" influence - when the world financial system was said to be on the brink of complete failure 2009. Crime-syndicates-are-us?

Well, since you may have noticed that the MSM never reports on the $550 billion electronic run on US banks for about two hours in September 2009, I shall ask you...PROMIS, anyone?


Update: in a similar financial vein of interest, I've just found a fresh article on Wall Street's and Goldman Sachs' market rigging.

And for further reading try David Rothscum's Crash course on why 9/11 was an inside job.

Dec 13, 2009

Pentagon natal chart w/ Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse chart @ 25Cap01

Here is a bi-wheel display of the natal chart of the Pentagon (center: Apr 29, 1942 @ 10:30 am edt; Hour of Jupiter 21Gem00 conjunct US natal Mars; out-of-bounds Mars 2Can02 conj US n Venus, and here flanked by the chart of the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series (outer chart.)

Eclipse chart has tr South Node 21Can07 rising: standing alone or separating oneself; outstanding in one's field. Or - facing more war without allies? Broken partnerships?

Some feisty factors in the Pentagon's natal chart include:

Warring Mars = Saturn/Pluto = Uranus/Pluto...

Sat/Pluto = Mars: brutality, assault, violence, ruthlessness; the necessity to fight for one's existence (ex: by recommending war escalation in 2009 after 8 years of it? - jc); activating plans for upheaval and destruction; using whatever means or power available in order to continue working.

Uran/Pluto = Mars: fanaticism; acts of violence; the mania of destruction; the stage of bending or breaking; injury or accident; headstrong and demanding when pushing ideas.

There is an important T-Square in the Pentagon's natal chart which forms an interesting view of the 5-pointed star's complex and its military industrialists...

Neptune/Mc = Mars: acting without clear understanding or purpose; desire to bring wrong ideas into realization; urge to harm others; metaphysical studies. (Ebertin.)

Michael Munkasey gives details about the combination of nebulous, idealistic dreamer Neptune when blended with Mc (Goals; Aspirations) which seem apt of late:

'Nept/Mc' = "dreams of being a leader in the "New Age"; hints about planning for the future originate within dreams and visions of the leadership; spies undermine national security; increased likelihood that leaders will allow others to deceive them about intentions and motives; official scandals of a very large scope.

Click to enlarge the chart to read my scribbly notes: a few US natal and US Inaugural 2009 positions are noted - such as the Jan 2010 Ecl conj Inaugural 2009's Mc; the Solar Ecl chart is highlighted in pink; Pentagon's natal chart in yellow; in lower right corner I have notated a telling midpoint picture involving Mercury 5Cap34 Rx (which means the Nep/Asc degree of the Jan 15, 2010 chart will be triggered by tr Mercury again - see below for pictures.)

Nep/Asc also affects Pluto 3Cap49 (Pluto here opposing US n Venus, then on to oppose US n Jupiter and Sun...'power plays' - 'no one is impressed' - 'material matters, values, principles, and priorities are in conflict with current circumstances' - 'aspirations should be reduced' - 'locked in power struggles' - 'economics unfavored.')

Following the natural cycle of US Secondary Progressed Full Moon (exact in Dec 2008 when based on the US n 'Sibly' chart) would be the sane idea than to contiune expanding in the world when a natural barrier (30-year-cycle of Sec Moon) has been reached; our power limits in the world are known, we should withdraw and regroup, oh war-loving Pentagon. There is no dishonor in 'regrouping forces to plan anew" as says the I Ching. But you must 'justify' your jobs with more imaginary - and real - threats to tilt at.

The full effects of tr Pluto opposing US natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer (2 - 14 Can) will not end until 2015/16 or so. Soon after, tr Pluto will move into orb of opposition with our Rx US n Mercury '25Can' -- as you see, our national Mercury will be opposed on Jan 15, 2010 by the Solar Eclipse in the 12 North Series - with all the mercurial implications that entails: communications, trade, commerce, transportations, plans, thinking processes -- and the 12N Ecl triggers our natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of propaganda and outrageous plans for power.

Btw: 'Nep/Asc' is considered a 'crooks and liars' midpoint by Reinhold Ebertin...

12N's Nep/Asc = Mercury: raising questions about others' motives and attitudes; discussions about one's visions' impact on lives; reading others in business situations; being guided by wrong impressions or perceptions; taking the wrong path; malicious scheming; deceiving oneself about other people's characters; exploiting the weakness of others.

12N's Nep/Asc = Pluto: harm or damage through deceit, libel, or malice from others; creating plans for evolving and selling schemes of power; using pressure to sell your ideas; not caring if facts presented are false as long as they properly serve your needs; underhanded transactions.

Sounds too familiar, no?

Jan 15, 2010: 12N's key concepts: opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and commitments come along suddenly due to another person's inability to carry on; events that herald these opportunities may be difficult but outcomes are good. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

In her book, Eclipses, Celeste Teal titles this Solar Eclipse as "Ceremony fit for a king' and says it portends for the US a ceremony of some kind involving a prominent person and puts a focus on national affairs (not another 'new president'! We already have one, thanks); 'power and vigor are fused; education and science benefit'; plus, 'neighboring nations are friendly.' Teal also says there may be a death of a wealthy person from within scientific, legal, or religious realms. Will this be the one who needs replacing?

United Nations:

The 12N Solar Ecl will oppose the *UN's natal Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer (23:59 - 24:45; tr Pluto now conj UN's n SN 3Cap05), an opposition that may trigger into action Mars/Saturn's usual stop-go energy and emphasize it, if not point out its weakenesses; police or military (Mars) control and authority(Saturn.)


Afghanistan's natal chart of  July 17, 1973 will be affected by the 12N Eclipse: its natal Sun 24Can06 conj n Ic 24:17 will be opposed by the Jan 15, 2010 Eclipse indicating conflict and weakenings brought by the US. As noted in a previous post, the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse precisely conjuncts Afhganistan's n Mercury 29Can42 Rx in n 4th house, so as astrologer Funkstar noted in Comments recently, that's two Solar Eclipses (in a row) triggering major points - n Sun and Mercury - in Afghanistan's chart.

Plus, transiting Saturn is conjoining Afghanistan's n Pluto 2Lib00 in n 6th house, but in off-and-on fashion, which describes a period when use of power and control are big issues, and situations are simply too large to handle - thus, collapse is possible. Given Saturn's ongoing transit to US n Mc 00Lib53 (Sibly chart), it's an easy read to see that America's Saturnian controls are to be applied to Afghanistan's power principle and perhaps to its secret manipulators (Pluto) - deep resources such as gas and its pipelines (Pluto) are to be forced under US control as well.

NYSE's natal chart also influenced by the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Elipse:

One thing extra to mention concerning the NYSE's natal chart is the current ongoing transit of Mars in Leo, here @ 15Leo17 Rx  - altogether it's 33 weeks of feisty contentiousness in the showy, dramatic sign of Leo, the 'natural ruler' so we get Mars-to-n-Uranus for the NYSE, a period when others' actions may trigger one to act out of character (honestly instead of deceptively? - jc); unusal or nontraditional people may be encountered as well as dangerous situations; new techniques or methods are introduced; enthusiastic participations in unusual groups or new partnerships are undertaken.

Back to the Pentagon's Chart with Solar Ecl Jan 15, 2010

Pentagon's n Venus 23Pis03 (Pisces, sign of generals in war) is now being transited off and on by Uranus 23Pis32. Uranus-to-n-Venus is a time of partneership endings, joint venture stoppages, and new relationships forming. These new relationships, however, need other factors on which to depend for continuance. This transit brings unpredictable changes within partnerships, for better or worse; more independence is required. (See chart's SN rising, too.)

Unexpected or unusual alliances may be established (such as those the US needs for fighting more war? This sounds a lot like a Venus Transit or Occultation such as the one of June 2004 at the G-8 Summit on Sea Island, GA, near Jekyll Island where the Fed monster was frankensteined together in Dec 1913.) I mention it because Venus Transits are times when unexpected alliances are formed in secret.

Of concern come the first half of 2010 (as influenced by the Jan 15 Eclipse in Capricorn, sign of law, business, and politics) is that the Pentagon's 'dedication' Sun 24Cap42 (Sun @ Mc 1:17:45 pm EWT on Jan 15, 1943, Pentagon, Arlington, VA - chart not shown) will be eclipsed by the Jan 15, 2010 lunation.

Plus, the next Solar Eclipse of  July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 in the 12 South Series will eclipse the Pentagon's 'dedication' Jupiter 19Can36 Rx, conj difficult Fixed Star Castor, which Anthony Louis gives as: 'crippling of limbs; murder; sudden fame or loss; mental illness.'  (Horary Astrology Plain & Simple.)

This is the same degree - 19Can - of the 11S, the current Series from July 21, 2009 @ 29Can27 (11S manifested @ '19Can' in 1991) Eclipse of July 11, 1991, when writer Danny Casolaro was murdered because his research came too close to the 'octopus' which is basically the world crime syndicate we now deal with and suffer from  - the one that participated in the crash of our financial system 2008 and the one that thrives on war-profiteering and collapsing nations that dare litter its path.

11S = 'Any blocks or obstacles may be tragically or violently removed.' (Brady.) And Danny Casolaro was an obstacle to their plans and to keepng their names and criminal activities out of mainstram awareness. (Subliminal note: Bush Sr & pals.)

You see, in 1991, Danny Casolaro was about to disclose new info on PROMIS software whose progeny now tracks financial transactions the world over including bin Laden's. Tech innovations ensued, and a  'follow the money' tactic never worked so good as it does now - if you actually want to find or interfere with someone's criminal actions. Mr. Casolaro was investigating this and other plutonian subjects relating to the establishment of the NWO; the theft of PROMIS software was in court as the Inslaw case.

So will a military leader be eclipsed in some way in early 2010? Will he be the one who needs replacing?

America has quite a few oldsters of wealth and power whose races are nearly run so besides 'fete-ing' kings or princes, we may have a slew of official funerals on our national menu. Venerable Senator Robert Byrd's name comes readily to mind.

Well, that's a fairly good start on the Pentagon's natal chart with Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse influences, though there's always more to say. So if you, dear reader, have insights to add to the picture, please do so as you wish. It would be greatly appreciated around here!


*United Nations Oct 24, 1945 4:45 pm est Wash DC; source: Stephen Erlewine's The Circle Book of Charts 1991; historical record.

Jul 26, 2009

JFK assassination: Sun Scorpio--Moon Aquarius

Recently I've reviewed the charts of President Kennedy's death by assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, a Masonic Plaza built with the mathematical principles of Sacred Geometry in mind.

(Nov 22, 1963; president shot: 12:30 or 12:32 pm CST, depending on the source you consult; died or was pronounced dead - I confess I can't find which one - at 1:00 pm CST, as reported by Walter Cronkite; I suspect 1:00 pm was the doctor's pronouncement made when the staff gave up on their efforts, and no one could have thought from Mr. Kennedy's wounds that there was much hope for life, after all.)

'Masonic Plaza' means that all the angles of the place were pre-known by certain folks - had to be. Freemasonry keeps accurate records and the geometry is built in.

Well, at the moment I'm looking at two charts - one for The Shot 12:32 pm CST, the other for 1:00 pm.

12:32 pm: Sun 29Sco44, Moon 11AQ16; ASC 20AQ01; Mc 4Sag13; Mars 20Sag31 conj Venus 21:27 in 10th house; Jupiter 9Ari49 Rx in 2nd house, jumps to 1st house before 1:00 pm; Neptune 15Sco55 in 9th house.

I mention Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune primarily because they are the Marseillaise planets, a trio which indicates violence when working together. No, they are not in a pattern here, but that's why I noted their positions for you, in case you wondered.

Nodal axis: NN 11Can56 in 5th house; SN conjunct asteroid, Hopi: prejudice; ambush. This mystery play had been acted out before (SN.)

Mercury, planet of planning and of our senses, crosses Mc just prior to 1:00 pm - 9Sag45/47 and you know this degree conjuncts a Royal Star of Persia, Antares (Alpha Scorpius), keywords: ruthlessness, obsession, and drama. This may show a sharp-shooter leaving the scene quickly. Oswald? Perhaps. If his vision and skills were sharp enough.

(An example of Antares linked to natal Mercury is murder mystery writer Agatha Christie. How many times through the decades since 1963 has the world heard, Who Killed JFK?, as if it's the ultimate murder mystery.)

Revolutionary, incendiary Uranus and saboteur Pluto are loosely tangoing together in Virgo, 7th house, and getting ready to meet in a Great Conjunction three times: Oct 9, 1965 17Vir10; Apr 4, 1966 16Vir28; and June 30, 1966. The Uranus/Pluto pair also signifies 'Rock'n'Roll' and it was 'under the influence' of this conj that I witnessed The Beatles concert in Atlanta - but I digress.

My point is that it was an intensely electric and original time as well as being politically highly charged and transformative.

By 1:00 pm CST, Sun 29Sco45 (exactly conjunct - partile - the 2009 Inaugural Moon 29:45, as a matter of fact. Hmm.)

Moon had reached 11AQ30 in that half hour from Hades, realm of Pluto - sabotage brought to the American people and the world by ______ (fill in the blank. My guess: the select few leaders of a group who imagine themselves illuminated and who wallow at the top of a pyramid-of-power letting underlings know only what they must know in order to do their jobs...a 'need to know' basis. On 11.22.63, a sharp-shooter had a particular job or mission, as directed from above.)

Depressive Saturn is in 12th house at 17AQ19 ('17AQ' is the 'end of progress' degree); the Moon (the public; the people; publicity) caught up with Saturn later as more and more of the public discovered what had been done to the president and thus to them; Moon/Saturn is the epitome of emotional depression and heaviness. (Plus, the US natal Moon is in AQ although in later degrees - hence a Lunar Return soon brought home our grief.)

Imho, the course of history was forcefully re-directed by those with the power to make it happen. And the 'eternal flame' of Horus burns at yet another grave site as a constant testimony to their culpability in the crime...but they're proud of it!

Now the reason I mention this today is so that the Kennedy Assassination Day's Sun-Moon blend may be posted here because I think it's a telling bit of information on the power elite's criminal tendencies, the flavor of the day, and on its participants. But since Astrology is an 'AC-DC' kind of system, we may wish to consider the following as, in part, relating to JFK, and on another level representing the sniper/s and his/their bosses.

See what you think. Many of the details are credited to Charles and Suzi Harvey's excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign, and to Dr. Noel Tyl in his, Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology. My own observations may creep in and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from others' so you're on your own there!

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Nov 22, 1963:

Sun Sco-Moon AQ is a Water-Air blend of energies that is ethereal and misty; tremendous effort is needed to deal with the real world. The shadow or unconscious side of Water-Air is a tendency toward confusing one's thinking with feelings; an apparently detached viewpoint is actually tinged with personal bias. Well-planned schemes can be carried out, and there can be an ability to separate thoughts from feelings which makes this a formidable combination for a politician or for an assassin and/or assassin-dispatcher.

Sco-AQ narrows down the picture and supports the ability to separate one's feelings from one's plans. There is intense determination, an unwillingness to accept easy answers, and a lack of faith in one's fellow human beings which doesn't allow them a fair chance (the words, 'sitting duck' come to mind. But there's more...)

This is the 'law unto oneself' combo with an ability to plunge into experience, then dispassionately observe the consequences; the visionary goal is "held with full strength,' says Dr. Tyl.

(Obviously, JFK as President was the trouble, along with his capacity to rally the public in directions the power elite didn't want America to go. So they acted. Jack Kennedy is said to have been planning changes to the international banking system, as had President Lincoln before him.)

The Harveys' 'Images for Integration' for this combo seem to apply; see if you agree that at least one of the two is uncannily accurate:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

Yes, I agree that the 'hovering hawk' applies and 'at one with nature' reminds me of 'the zone' one would have to lock into in order to perform such a feat.

But the second image could refer to several things as well: was JFK the 'exotic moth' who was giving his bosses trouble by way of his intelligent maneuverings? Or had he not followed the papacy's wishes as instructed? Was the 'moth' Oswald? Just a few thoughts, and please have some of your own and leave a comment, if you wish, because it gets echo-y and lonely in here with no discussion!

Next up is a brief list of those who share the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend in their natal charts; then I'll leave you with quotes from three of them, and a few details on the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of this sad, history-diverting event...

Albert Camus, Dylan Thomas, Charles Manson, Jean Monnet (economist and architect of the European Community), and Voltaire, whose philosophic notions have lurked within many a radical revolutionist's diary next to Rousseau's lofty theories.

(These Utopian ideals require the meltdown of society and the economic chaos we are now mired in. The killing of JFK - the re-directing of the White House - was a watershed moment for our nation on several levels (as was the bogus election of 2000.) Many Americans have expressed the view through the years that things 'haven't been the same since' in our nation. That's because it was yet another coup for control, part of an ongoing agenda now quite revealed to everyone. (See previous post with David Icke's astounding video presentation.)

Three Quotes from Sun Sco-Moon AQ personalities:

"Integrity is in no need of rules." Albert Camus

(The so-called "Utopia" where you're on your own, citizen. The 'elites' consider themselves above the rules...laws unto themselves.)

"Oh may my heart's truth still be sung on this high hill in a year's time." Dylan Thomas

('High hill' or grassy knoll? Is this the "heart's truth" about the perpetrator? Or perhaps a sharp-shooter lurked farther away than the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza; either way, we see the reference.)

"How much more cruel the pen is than the sword." Robert Burton

(Pen 'more cruel' only if you're not the victim of the assassin's 'sword'.)

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series during which the assassination was carried out is the 1 North which manifested on July 20, 1963, at '27Can' - precisely opposite America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Our national Pluto is unaspected and thus works alone from its ivory tower, though the plutonic puppetmaster can be affected by transits and progressions.

This astrological circumstance of 1963 provides a midpoint picture for your consideration...

1963's Sun/Moon = US natal Pluto: critical time of development; separation to start anew; potential new perspectives in relationship; a biased attitude or changed conditions lead to important developments; a soul torn by inner conflict. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(There's the word biased again.)

1N: an essence of tiredness or health problems; unexpected events concerning friends or groups place tremendous pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large and hasty decisions should be avoided since information is distorted and possibly false. (Brady's Predictive Astrology; my caps and paraphrasing.)

This is the PE of: the United Nations, and of Truman's atomic bombs on Japan (Horoshima: Aug 6, 1945 - personally I'd apologize profusely if I could. But one thing I've discovered during my studies on secret hand Pluto and invisible government Saturn/Neptune: these exalted Grand Masters and their minions don't work on behalf of the American people as they propagandize - they only pretend to. Duh.)

And illuminatingly, 1N the same Series as the Mother of All Eclipses, Nostradamus' King of Terror (or of Alarm) Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (18Leo+), and it's all part of their 'higher agenda' of terror promotion with which the New Millennium has been poisoned and drenched. You see how America has changed.

Even the late 90s press on the August 1999 Eclipse promoted a certain 'reality' for the sheeple to appreciate, including the "Y2K" madness where mega-bucks disappeared into a hidden funnel somewhere, along with personal information as PROMIS software's progeny was enlisted to track people's private business and spy on other nations. Thieving a few cents from millions of bank accounts can really add up, too, not to mention 'disappearing' people who become inconvenient to the Big Picture.

(I believe Sandra Bullock's film, The Net, came out in the late 90s and you know what her character had to go through to get her identity back.)

So when is the next Solar manifestation in the 1N Series?

August 21, 2017 at a critical 29th degree: '29Leo' conjunct one of the Royal Stars of Persia: Regulus, keyphrase: success if revenge is avoided.

What are the chances?


Here's a previous post from 2007 on the JFK assassination with chart image and a link to details on the 12:32 pm chart.

Mar 24, 2008

the Fed's Moon Return: March 24 2008

The Federal Reserve Bank became law Dec 23, 1913 so I use this date (sunrise and/or Sun to Midheaven) as natal chart/s for this entity.

Today, March 24, 2008, the Fed is having its Lunar (Moon) Return whether you use the sunrise or Sun/Mc chart. The first has Moon 8Sco19 ("Dental work"), the second chart has Moon 11Sco03 ("An embassy ball") and there are good reasons for using either chart.

With the sunrise position of the Moon 8Sco19, the Lunar Return occurred today at 2:37 pm edt (Manhattan, NYC); the Moon returns to 11Sco03 this evening at 8:03 pm edt.

Here you see an image of the sunrise Natal chart, Dec 23, 1913, with some of the Moon Return planets written on the outside and highlighted in green.

The first thing we notice is that transiting Pluto, the dragon guarding the treasure, is conj natal Sun (and thus, the ASC in the sunrise chart.)

Sun/Pluto = ASC: crisis of self-preservation; power games with important consequences; striving for power and control.

With Pluto being opposite natal Pluto, this is a period of one great power locked in a no-compromise struggle with another great power. In my estimation, that would be East vs West, one of the reasons I don't believe that what's going on in world markets is only from subprime housing loans, although that's certainly part of it...perhaps it's the vehicle.

In fact, it puts me in mind of PROMIS software and its modern progeny which has been used against Eastern accounts in recent years. Yet if you 'follow the money' it's busy wafting its way to the East, isn't it?

Well, the Fed has a Jupiter ($) Return coming soon in the first week of December, and if you click to enlarge the image, you'll see that the Fed's natal Mars/Saturn midpoint--a difficult point of hardship, ups'n'downs, and stalemate in any chart--is conj DESC so it's under double stress now with natal Pluto there AND transiting Pluto triggering the natal potential as well. Eek!

Mars/Saturn = Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger; the fury of destruction.

Seems the above Sun/Pluto indications tell the tale and destruction is the name of the game. Of course, baiting the US--and Bush's oil friends in particular--with the attacks of 9/11 was a good way to undermine US resources militarily, financially, and morally...and it seems to be working.

Yet the culpability of the US government and others is not to be dismissed, of course, esp if NWO plans are as advertised and a war between Moslems and Jews is in the offing by their (NWO) design so that the one world government may be ushered in.


In the Fed's Moon Return chart tr Uranus conjuncts natal North Node (18-19 Pis), a time when unusual contacts and associations are made. The Uranus/NN duo = "radical political groups" so there's that flavor too.

And with Uranus squaring n Venus (money; values; relationships) there's an unstable atmosphere when joint ventures develop unanticipated problems and others block diplomatic maneuvers. Unorthodox alliances may be formed when uranus squares n Venus.

You'll notice that the 18Vir degree of the Sept 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse is conj the Fed's natal South Node, indicating a triggering of old issues from the past (follow the link for more Eclipse details affecting the Fed's SN.)

This Eclipse Series (9 New South) began July 19, 1917 at 26Can+....opposite US n Pluto.

And then there's the soon-to-come Solar Eclipse in the 10 South Series, Aug 1, 2008, which is the Pre-Natal Series of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792.)

Read some notes here on the NYSE and its Solar Eclipse 2008
with details (ex: this is also John McCain's Prenatal Eclipse Series) and the chart is here.

Well, I must mosey so I'll close with Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of the Fed's n Moon degree, "9Sco"...

"Dental work"...INVENTIVENESS...keynote: Overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings.

Rudhyar goes on to explain that this Symbol shows us how society and civilization has to invent means to skillfully repair the damage (of tooth decay)--and I assume that the Fed is busy as a bee printing more money as I type!

Dec 17, 2007

Full Moon in Cancer: Dec 23, 2007

Will this Full Moon shine a light on actors or actions from the attacks of 9/11?

As you see, the Full Moon of Dec 23 occurs at 1Can50, opposite Sun 1Cap50; Can/Cap is the Security Axis and concerns issues with Home; Parents/Career; Public Status, and often emotions-as-bottomless-pit leading ambitiously (and rather desperately) to fame.

On 9/11/01, Mars at 1Cap27 was near the tr SN, a connection which commonly brings war and violence (warrior Mars being the god of war, of course.)

This Full Moon is also quite near the Solar Eclipse prior to 9/11/01--June 21, 2001, "00Can" in the 3 North Series. Keywords again are:

news of young people or news that transforms a situation; info causing worry or obsession; large plans or activities which will be positive if they are not over-excessive. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Over-excessive? Invading Iraq, I'd say. Perhaps old issues from 2001 will be spotlighted by Dec 23's Full Moon bringing to light some new info on the subject due to its links with the chart of 9/11/01. Full Moons are, of course, the culmination phase of something begun two weeks ago at the New Moon ("18Sag"), the beginning of the cycle and ruled by Jupiter.

Sunday's Full Moon also has asteroid, Morya at 1Cap02, and preachy Jupiter 1Cap12 to expand issues (and in process of parting from his recent Great Conjunction with Pluto on Dec 11, the day the Fed made their interest rate cut announcement, disappointing though it was.)

Chart-ruler is the Sun, disposited by Saturn (Cap)--and authoritative, restrictive Saturn in Virgo is placed in 2nd house of Money and Values and is thus in mutual reception with Mercury in Capricorn. No-nonsense Saturn tends to strengthen neutral Mercury when in mutual reception, plus, they are in a helpful, benefical trine which trines MC (Goals; Aspirations) of the Full Moon chart.

(And since Saturn = the Democrats, will an older Dem aid a younger (Mercury) Dem? Or perhaps he/she will make a weighty (Saturn) announcement (Mercury) concerning the subprime housing catastrophe or an accounting irregularity.)

The trine gives a midpoint picture:

Mercury/Saturn = MC: winning through planning; mind over matter; the heavy thinker; concentration; philosophizing; being wrapped up in one's own plans; travel (Tyl; Ebertin.)

The risk-taking, speculative 5th house cusp 11Sag58 (degree of the Pluto-Chiron conj of Dec 30, 1999) is ruled by moneybags Jupiter (associated with the Republican Party), while the 8th house of shared resources is also ruled by Jupiter through his connection to the obfuscating--or perhaps inspired--sign of Pisces, associated with liquids such as oil, gas, alcohol, with fishies in the sea, and creativity.

Technologically-advanced and disruptive Uranus is placed in 8th house and conj Fixed Star, Achernar...keywords: risk of rapid endings. (With all the fluctuations in the stock market this year, I can't help but wonder if hacking is part of the problem, in spite of--or because of--PROMIS software and the big brother computer in Brussels.)

Rising is asteroid Hera (keeping accounts; the jealous wife; women's issues) is Rx and conj the position of vengeful Venus on 9/11/01 at the degree of Nostradmus' *King of Terror Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999, and with quite a full 5th house of speculation, it seems that SN in first house is not what you'd like to see--it isn't fortuitous to have SN rising and indicates that others (7th house) may be 'calling the shots' or in control.

Transiting NN has now entered Aquarius (backing out of Pisces) which places NN and the rising SN at a critical 29th degrees. Any planet or point at 29 degrees of any sign is a high frequency vibe--impatience, rashness, and lack of self-control can cause trouble and misfortune. Overreacting is a bad idea now, so don't do it, esp with the Leo/AQ polarity being the Will Axis (aka self-willedness.)

~Click chart to enlarge and you'll hopefully be able to read some natal USA/Bush placements in the appropriate places.~

With Taurus and Scorpio (both money signs, and money-loving Venus in Scorpio in the 4th house--the Foundation of the chart) on the 4/10 axis, and for other factors already cited, this chart screams security, money, and desires for easy money as the Full Moon nears Rx Mars in Cancer--and since both Moon and Mars often act as triggers, it will be interesting to see what develops under the rays of the last Full Moon of 2007.

*Nick Campion says a better translation of the Old French would be King of Alarm Eclipse. Alarm or Terror--the world has been coup'd by use of fear.

note: why in the ever-lovin' are all my posts underlined now as I published this entry on the Full Moon?

Nov 3, 2007

Nov 15: Mars Rx on US/Bush natal Suns

The Nov 15 chart for Mars' first moment of retrogradation (3:24:28 am est when set for Capitol Hill) has Mars 12Can27 at MC 12Can06 and chart-ruler Venus 7Lib01 just risen (ASC 10Lib37) squaring Mars Rx, both planets angular.

Venus rules 8th house of shared resources, insurance, debt, credit, transformation, the occult, with 7Tau44 on 8th cusp. This places Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter/Saturn conj on the 8th cusp. The Venus/Mars square is waxing (5A26) with Venus in 12th house yet ruler of the 1st.

Mars' other applying aspect is a trine to Uranus, planet of technology, progress, and revolution (2A22.)

Moon (fluctuations; changes; publicity; the public) rules 10th house of Career and Public Status, but is posited in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Endings. A Capricorn Moon (22Cap09) is very ambitious and business-oriented and the flavor of the chart for Washington seem to be financial and security-minded.

Wounded Healer Chiron (10AQ51) continues his visit with Cheney's n Sun (vitality; true purpose) as mentioned previously.

Plus, the chart's strongest energy is Cancerian, a sign intimately connected to the US natal chart, so things are happening here.

An angular Mars gives the testy, impetuous fellow an outlet for his warring and quarreling energies--not an easy picture for the US or for George Bush.

Mars rules the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies, and there are indications of separations, especially those due to disagreements and discord.

Is a separation from Cheney in the offing? Kucinich is attempting to impeach Cheney in the next few days, they, the Sun rules the heart.

Nebulous and obfuscating Neptune, North Node (associations; encounters) conj Fixed Star, Fomalhaut (one of the Royal Stars of Persia), and rebellious Uranus are in 5th house of Speculations and Risk-taking. Where the outer planets appear, things may occur which are out of anyone's control.

Tech-minded Uranus may relate to the web (Net Neutrality again an issue) and/or to the NYSE and other market systems and programs as well; while Neptune refers to hidden shenanigans and fraud. Their Great Conjunction/s of 1993 remind me of super-software Promis which can track and manipulate financial accounts and markets worldwide (among other Orwellian things.)

For info on Fomalhaut including Dane Rudhyar's interpretation of "4Pis" (Nov 15's Nodal degree) see previous post, Sunrise in Baghdad Feb 22, 2006.

Sun 22Sco35 is in 2nd house, another of the Money/Values houses (opposite 8th house.) Asteroids Lilith and Vesta are conj IC, so these ladies may have some say in matters for the next few months as Mars Rxs (moves seemingly backwards) through degrees he has already traversed...the Mars Rx Sun is shining on Earning Ability of the 2nd house.

And where is moneybags, R-Party-ruling Jupiter? At 22Sag33 in 3rd house and nearing his Great Conjunction with Pluto on Dec 11. This pairing could be riches-and-treasure-related--and hopefully is not nuclear-related. Their hook-up describes and times a power-behind-the-throne (Pluto) meeting (conj) with Jupiterian figures (gurus, professors, rich men, Rs, priests, preachers, monarchs, etc.)

But More on Mars Rx:

Then there are our recent fires, chem plant explosions, and other mayhems which will continue to be in the news unfortunately as Cancer (the Home) is host to quite a few instigators of the Martian variety.

Considering Mars' connection to infections, is the worldwide honey bee 'colony collapse disorder' being worsened by this transit? Are mites, chems, viruses (Australian or otherwise), or cell phone interference part of the picture?

The magnitude of this loss has not been seen before and our food sources are under threat (Mars.) 3/4 of all plants need pollination--they can't reproduce on their own. This crisis is bigger and perhaps more immediate than global warming, m'peops.

My own thoughts on the mystery of the lost bees is that there is a combination of several elements with chem exposure (esp pesticides) a definite factor weakening their resistance to infections. The bees have been examined and seen to have scar tissue and 'white packets' in their digestive systems. Fungi found are similar to those in human beings with weakened immune systems.

No matter the causes, our environment has made the honey bees ill, and we'll be missing 1/3 of our food without them.

Transit Mars will be moseying back into Gemini again, of course, sign of Communications, Messages, The Twins...and sign of The Two Towers.

Issues pop up concerning 9/11 and certain persons' past actions (Mars)--I'm thinking mainly of Geminian Rudy Guiliani and of Bush's radically reforming natal Uranus/NN in Gemini, although candidate John Edwards and the UK's Tony Blair have healthy doses of natal Gemini as well. And last I heard, the faulty communications systems on 9/11 are not what they should be as yet--scandalously so.

And tr Mars has already affected three of Bush's natal midpoints and will do so again, giving a time period of are the pictures:

Uranus/ASC = Mars: a vigorous or active intervention in one's environment; becoming physically violent; pratical tech cooperation; suffering threats, injuries, or wounds;

NN/ASC = Mars: desire for joint achievements; a working association of people for the pursuit of the same objectives;

At 14Can+: Mercury/Uranus = Mars: determination; courage; summing things up and acting accordingly; a sudden realization of ideas; assaults; nervousness;

Uranus/Pluto = Mars: a mania of destruction; fanaticism; an act of violence; the 'bending or breaking' stage; accident.

Mercury in Scorpio (5:16) is in 1st house so will be the first planet to rise in the Mars Rx chart--deep-thinking, investigative Mercury in Scorpio loves the propaganda and the spying. Mercury sextiles Saturn 7Vir30, in 11th house of Groups and Associations, is semi-square Jupiter 22Sag33 in 3rd house of Communications. Jupiter is closing in on his Dec 11 Great Conjunction with Pluto 27Sag29.

Yet prior to that, the tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint will rise. As you know, the cruelty and war of the Saturn/Pluto opposition was very much in effect on 9/11/01, so I tend to keep a squinty eye on the tr midpoint of these heavy-weights.

Recently their midpoint conj'd Bush's natal IC, and thus was opposite his n MC (Aspirations; the Goal; Career; Public Status) so he expressed:

Sat/Pluto = MC: tenacity and endurance overcomes difficult circumstances; severity; one-sidedness; separation (flight); an ascetic, magician, or an adept. (The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin)

Often linked to America, asteroid, Atlantis (sense of doom; abuse of power) is worrisomely rising (9Lib43) and is conj Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix...keywords: loss of partner. This asteroid is obviously connected to NASA's space program...whatever that's really for (?)

The Mars Rx chart's Sun Sco/Moon Cap blend has two Images for Integration:

A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Testy Mars is bringing the US more testing times and I hope we may all stand strong--together. This backbiting prez campaign is not doing The People an iota of good and serves to divert attention from the real issues--and touts our pretend two-party system--an illusion if there ever was one.

As I moseyed round the 'net this morning I happily found an article on November planets which you may want to read including info on Mars Rx by Astrology Chick so check out her post at your leisure with its November influences for all twelve signs. Good job!

Nov 1, 2007

Sen. Whitehouse and the Spanish Inquisition

In the news: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's statement on Mukasey's nomination.

Read Whitehouse's official bio here.

Born Oct 20, 1955 into a diplomatic family in NYC, Junior Senator from Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse (D) may have the perfect Washingtonian can hear it, I know: President Whitehouse in the Whitehouse. Sounds fine to me!

Now Senator Whitehouse's natal Sun Libra/Moon Sagittarius blend has two Images for Integration:

"An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds...Bob Geldof spins Band Aid out of thin air to help famine-stricken Africa."

Obviously, he shares this Sun-Moon blend with Geldof and also with: historian Bruce Catton, Sean Lennon, Dory Previn, Betty Boothroyd, and Art Buchwald who said, "I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn't want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me.""

This is an idealistic combo, generous, adventurous, witty, and enthusiastic with missionary zeal...there are persuasive powers with philosophical interests and a desire to help others. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chasles and Suzi Harvey.)

A flair for public speaking is demonstrated as well as an ability to see the larger picture (Sag.) Negatively there can be a tendency to overstretch, over-estimate one's capacities, and/or to hide personal problems with workaholism (who doesn't?).

And yet a lack of introspection may cause blindness to one's true motives, an inability to "see" oneself realistically, and a certain detachment and aloofness may be noticed. Perhaps this results from hearing a celestial choir.

Yes, having a sensitive, receptive Sun-Neptune conjunction, it's not always easy to make one's mark although humanitarian work would be perfect for nebulous, idealistic Neptune's melding with one's essence and leadership qualities (Sun.) He seems to prefer working behind the scenes.

This creative combo usually results in a lack of confidence when expressing oneself, and there's a veiled outlook on life which may lead to disappointments and unpleasantness--plus, personal responsibilities may be difficult to manage. (Maturity can help mitigate such nebulous issues.)

Yet a career based on the public's benefit would be fine as long as a trusted advisor is around to help face the tougher issues, for realities can be abrasive to a Sun-Neptune individual.

Whitehouse's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series is problematic--the 11 South Series which last manifested July 11, 1991. This is the Series in which a few things have occurred through history such as:

1. the murder of writer Danny Casolaro which took place the weekend of Aug 9/10, 1991 as he closed in on the PROMIS gang and its octopus tendencies;

2. the assassination of Marat (July 13, 1793);

3. George Washington takes command of the army (July 3, 1775);

4. PE of Enrico Fermi.

Brady's Predictive Astrology lists the themes of this Series as:

Old ideas or methods will suddenly fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought on by the Eclipse; there is a need for sudden reforms and new ways of handling issues; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed.

Well, Danny Casalaro, his investigation, and his in-progress book about 'The Octopus' certainly were removed.

The 11S Series next occurs: July 22, 2009 (29Can27--"30Cancer" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.)

Well, there's a small cameo of the Senator from Rhode Island who seems to have been inspired this week to speak up on America's behalf. I only wish more of the varmints of Washington DC would do it--and mean it.

Oct 17, 2007

how the 'haves' got richer and you didn't

The Origins of the Overclass gives one of the fuller pictures starting in the mid-70s if you'd care to know how the rich-elite class have catapulted themselves into the stratosphere of wealth and privilege.

Author Steve Kangas says the origins of the overclass can be traced back to the CIA--this article spares no one's feelings, so watch your toes.

Between FDR's New Deal programs and LBJ's Great Society leveling, something had to be done to stop the redistribution of wealth!

Plutocratic Pluto-Chiron's oppression, racism, and class warfare have reached scandalous heights. Their conjunction of Dec 30, 1999 was at "11Sag" and there are interesting insights on this degree by Lynda Hill in her book, 360 Degrees of Wisdom which help to describe what I've been barkin' about with the Democratic-Republican melding from which we and the truth suffer--also described by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter (Rs) with Saturn (Ds) on May 28, 2000.

But here are some details from Lynda's book concerning "11Sag"...

Light workers; grounding reality (double Saturn); concentrating on physical needs; connecting the right and left sides (very descriptive.)

"Light workers" reminds me of The Fellowship, the secret 'Christian' society that Cheney, both Bushes, Rove, Condi Rice, and many others whose names you know, are associated with and which has squirelly relations with all manner of groups and people who aren't on the side of the common man or woman..and don't mind a little mayhem and murder for the cause. The ends justify the means crowd, a la Machiavelli.

And remember the much-touted Y2K flap at the end of the 90s and into 2000? It had such PROMIS, didn't it?

Shout-Out to Alex at Astrology Communications Media for the article link!