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Jun 3, 2020

Summer 2020 Musical Chairs: Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Trio

by Jude Cowell (aka, Judith Cowell on FB)

Image: America's 'pyramid of power' topped by the 'all-seeing eye'

June 3, 2020: Well, isn't Trump having a high ole' time sending riot gear troops into US cities? His recent propaganda effort slash photo op (a thought experiment "hatched" by Trump eye candy Hope Hicks it is reported), fell flat as Trump's poll ratings. Meanwhile, the turbulence across America continues as peaceful protests are made worse by bad policing and masked instigators who are sent into crowds in order to commit violence and discredit actual protesters, aka, US citizens with rights.

It's an old political tactic often used to muddy clear waters.

So today let's take a look at the major heavyweight trio of transiting planets in late Capricorn (sign of government, law, business) that are traveling in a certain order today as I type but want to add here their midpoint picture potentials for their change of position ('musical chairs') coming soon to a Summer 2020 near you. Near us all:

June 3, 2020 in Capricorn, all Rx: Pluto 24:39-Jupiter 26:37-Saturn 1AQ31 but retreats into Capricorn July 2) so their midpoint picture is: Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: 'religious and social fanaticism; inclination to sacrifice oneself for others; difficulties caused through illness; plain and simple'. (Note that transit Saturn is in process of stomping US POTUS (Inaugural) Sun, a period of resentment and antagonism toward anyone he feels is restricting his freedom! And is intended by karma to be a time when past mistakes are corrected. As if.)

Then a change occurs on June 30 when the second of 2020's Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions perfects @24Cap06, exact @1:45 am edt. By 1:47 am edt, the trio places shifts positions which creates a new midpoint picture of potentials:

Jupiter-Saturn = Pluto: 'immense effort; violent changes; restriction; separation; people unafraid of any necessary trouble or work to attain the desired aims slowly but surely'.

And you know what I keep having to type in my posts of late: forewarned is forearmed.

Then by the third of the three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions on November 12, 2020 (horoscope shown), the power trio has shifted back to their Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter position and we can add 'overzealous oration' to the dystopian picture (aka, our Trump nightmare), among other indications.

Yes, imho, someone secretly in charge (Pluto) knew long ago that these indications were coming (karma) in 2020 and Trump was shoved into the White House because he was the crook who would conduct proceedings the most chaotic and evil way possible. And note that the above image with the all-seeing eye relates to America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of 1776. Our nation's 2022 Pluto Returns will repeat by transit 'Pluto opposite US natal Mercury' which suggests obsessed or troubled thoughts, changes in thinking and/or methods, and/or secret or confidential information misused. Obviously this is a picture of our younger generations under siege by decrepit plutocrats!

Now you, dear reader, may choose to disagree but there it is.

A Related Post: May 26, 2020 Horoscope: Pluto opposes US natal Mercury with power-craving Pluto opposing (challenging, injuring) our national Mercury, planet of young people (now in the streets!), ideas, and thinking (freedom of thought under siege by powerful plutocratic forces). Note that this opposition became exact only hours after the murder-by-cop of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the event that sparked the protests.

Midpoint pictures: The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Dec 27, 2014

"Rebalancing the Matrix" -- Max Igan (plus, right--left eye symbology)

(If only you could watch it), here is (not!) the first part of a Max Igan broadcast which, among other topics, mentions the power elite's subtle switch of our collective thinking from *right brain to left rather than using a balance between our brain hemispheres necessary for best results and decision making ability. This, I believe, is one reason a majority of us have trouble figuring out solutions for societal problems in the US and this confusion suits total control-global government purposes for our minds to be muddled like kittens-in-string.

And isn't it curious (and undermining) how, for decades, we've been propagandized with the notion that 'we only use 10% of our brains'?

Update December 2022: No Max Igan video which was initially embedded here for it has been deleted due to Max's YouTube account being removed. However, Max's website and content are accessible at The Crowhouse.


With a considerable amount of ruffling and editing for clarity (Dec 2022), my original post continues here:

Eye = Mandala = the Center of Order in the Unconscious (Carl Jung)

*On the topic of right brain to left, it's curious to note that the eye over the pyramid symbol on the reverse of America's Great Seal (as per Barton's design 1782) was depicted as a right eye which in ancient Egyptian symbology represented the sun, the creative aspect of the Deity. So the all-seeing eye in the triangle was a symbol for divine providence overlooking the activities of the Founders of this nation. Did Barton and colleagues intentionally use the sun in this way? Most likely, since many of them were Freemasons and knowledgeable about esoteric symbolism.

Now as you know, in traditional esoterism, the sun symbol signifies intuitive power, inner light, and illumination ("If therefore, thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22) and these links, when perverted into Luciferianism, tally with the hidden beliefs of certain of America's Founders and their colleagues who were more than Freemasons--the eye over the pyramid or in a triangle as a Masonic symbol--for some of the key figures were members of the Illuminati Society which is said to have supplied the design for America's Great Seal.

As for the subtle yet significant switch from right eye to left eye in American symbology, we have an interesting occurrence in 1856 (put in place in time for the delusions and misplaced motivations of the 'Civil War', a delusional Mercury-Neptune affair), for though the 1782 seal depicted the usual right eye, an article appeared in Harper's New Monthly Magazine which included artist Benjamin Lossing's design of the seal (The Lossing Realization) in which right eye was replaced by left eye. Subtle enough for you? For me it is, though when I posted about it previously here on SO'W, someone left a comment disagreeing with me. Fair enough!

Yet as you may know, the left eye signifies the lunar hemisphere of the brain, which indicates our functions of measuring ability, words, and analysis. Yes, there is more to life and the understanding of its issues than using the brain's mental functions. There is also the feeling-intuitive-imaging functions represented by the right eye (left side of the brain). And so to me, it seems that the symbolic switch could have caused an imbalance of mental functions in the American people, or a confusion, so that conscious rebalancing is the option.

Then in the realm of US Politics, cold calculations are valued most by the budget slashing Republican Party, an entity whose natal Sun (March 1854) conjoins US natal Sun in the protective sign of Cancer--and Sirius, the Isis goddess. Republicans are more like a paternalistic 'Father' whose conditional love may often be expressed heartlessly toward those they consider to be burdens, or beneath them and unworthy.

Since the days of Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic Party's natal Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius conjoins US natal Moon (July 4, 1776) which symbolically identifies the party as 'Mother' of the American people which has set up the much-derided 'nanny state' of 'socialism' - and with 1776 Ceres, asteroid of democracy in the compassionate sign of Pisces.

Through a critical consideration of water, food, domestic products, and chem trail contamination, we gain a further hint concerning mankind's current kittens-in-string condition in how our bodies have been inundated with fluoride and other chemicals which calcify and clog the 'third eye', the pineal gland, where intuition and deep knowing are intended by our Creator to inhabit. And as you know, much of the astrological symbolism here is represented by Neptune, planet of veils, clouds, toxins, poisons, undermining, dissolution, disguises, deception, fraud, gas lighting (lies)...and the Divine Source's spiritual and intuitive insights which are freely ours if only we honestly seek them.

In closing, a related video: Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill.

Jul 9, 2013

The People's Voice: David Icke's new TV station (video)

Though I haven't always agreed with David Icke on certain topics, his new 24-hour TV station The People's Voice sounds promising for bypassing the propaganda we hear from mainstream media:

But I suspect America's natal Mercury (sight)/Pluto (surveillance) opposition (which can be seen illustrated by the 'all-seeing eye' in the floating capstone over the pyramid of power on the Great Seal and on back of the dollar bill) won't appreciate such revealing broadcasts one little bit.

Dec 12, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (film); plus, 1935 Elipses

1935, FDR as Freemason, The All-Seeing Eye of Total Awareness, Secrets and Occultism in the US Government

by Jude Cowell

Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill

is a video presentation which has been embedded on SO'W before, but I'm rather cussedly posting it again for your consideration.

Few Americans think about US history involving such characters as astrologer Manly P. Hall and Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich. Yet even if you don't believe that 'occult activities' surrounded the administration of Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt (among others), the video, which covers up to 1935, contains curiosities which may be viewed as amusing 'entertainment', if you wish:

Edit Oct 2022: Once there was another film (3 hours!) embedded in this post because it purported to reveal all sorts of secrets about the founding of America, the dollar bill, Nicholas Roerich, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Francis Bacon, America's Great Seal, and other people and topics with occult (hidden) themes--I embedded it because our nation continues to be affected by the Utopian, Luciferian ideals of past generations through present operatives and agents whose works we observe in Washington DC. Unfortunately the video has been removed but if you search YouTube for such topics you might find it!


Solar Eclipses of 1935

The year 1935 is when the pyramid and capstone with the All-Seeing Eye (of surveillance! also called the Eye of Horus, Providence, Phoenix, etc) was placed upon the dollar bill by the FDR administration. It's one of those rare years when 5 Solar Eclipses manifested (along with 2 Lunar Eclipses, listed below.) Let's take a look at the themes of the 5 Solar Eclipses just to get a sense of the background influences and flavors of 1935:

1. Jan 5, 9 Old North @14Cap: my source, Brady's Predictive Astrology, gives no theme for this Saros Series but we may surmise that Capricornian issues of government, law, and business were ahoof with tones of seriousness, conscientiousness, authority, and a need to "correct wrongful karmic situations and to guide others along the spiritual path." (Rose Lineman);

That 'the path' may be of a Luciferian nature is the question especially since Cap is the sign of The Goat (of Mendes) and is considered a mystical, occult sign containing a labyrinth. Of course, the symbol of the Goat of Mendes is also said to represent wisdom and other more positive things than satanism--yet I know you remember that Dubya was reading My Pet Goat in the classroom when he was informed that the attacks of 9/11/01 had been accomplished;

2. Feb 3, 9 New North @14AQ: sudden physical exertions, accidents, violence. (Last occurred March 19, 2007);

3. June 30, 9 Old South @8Can: falls between US natal Sun and Jupiter--again, no theme listed but in the sign of the sidewinding crab, Cancerian issues are denoted along with the president (Sun, 14Can) and ideology and money supply (our Jupiter at the "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" degree of 6Can); we may expect potentials to include: security, shrewd business maneuvers, emotional extremes, receptivity and imagination, selfishness (also a typical trait of Capricorn), genealogy, family matters, and fated or karmic ties; Series ended in 1971 @29Can oppposite US natal Pluto in Cap;

4. July 30, New South @6Leo: great yet possibly constructive energy supplied by a Mars-Pluto influence, idealism, and the uniting of loved ones; (last manifested on Sept 11, 2007 @18Vir);

5. Dec 25, 10 North @3Cap: frustrating news, inhibiting events, focus on communications, young people, paperwork; tiring and draining; last manifested on Feb 7, 2008, the year of the Great Bush Depression; next occurs in 2026 @29AQ, near US natal Moon.)

Lunar Eclipses of 1935: Jan 19 @29Cancer and July 26 @23Capricorn, further emphasizing the security and authority axis of Cancer-Capricorn and its ambitious if depressive Moon-Saturn influences. This degree is where karmic Saturn and Pluto meet on January 12, 2020.

Blog Note: here's a link to a previous post on Bush Sr's hospital stay with health-undermining transits to his natal chart (transits of 2012, not this year's hospitalization).

Feb 11, 2011

Ron Paul on the folly of US foreign aid (audio)

On this occasion of Hosni Mubarak's ouster from power in Egypt, have a listen to Rep. Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk of February 7, 2011 concerning the folly of sending billions in US foreign aid overseas and, irrespective of moral considerations, the fact that America cannot afford to continue "buying friends" in the Middle East.

The only thing I miss in the excellent Dr. Paul's messages and political stance is his neglect to mention the overarching agenda of the global power elite toward world domination. Perhaps he has discussed or written about it somewhere but so far I have missed the reference. Yet he cannot be completely unaware of who's behind the mad rush toward totalitarianism but I firmly believe the shadowy 'they' (a la the pyramid of power with its all-seeing eye of Horus) could pull him from his service on Capitol Hill if he oversteps certain bounds!

Another note of interest is that the Great Seal of the United States has the same Egyptian motif on its reverse and some have speculated that the presidency of Barack Obama is intimately associated with this white-to-black, obverse-to-reverse paradigm shift of our consciousness at the top of America's power structure. And mentions of black-white, etc, relates to Satanism's dualistic habit of saying one thing when its opposite is actually meant.

This paradigm shift and symbols on the Great Seal point to the much-touted Manifest Destiny theory for America. More on these things in a future post if all goes well.

So speaking of symbols, let's look at the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Ic (Home; Foundation; Roots) in the Sibly horoscope which conjoins the Aries Point (00Ari00) of World Events. Rounding up from 00Ari53, we have...

'1Ari' = "A Woman Rises from the Ocean, a Seal Is Embracing Her"...REALIZATION (an obvious reference to the creation - Ic - of America as Bacon's 'New Atlantis', and to our nation's Great Seal.)

positive expression: an illimitability of experience of which anyone can take advantage under any or all circumstances;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a failure to find a place in life because the self cannot separate itself from its own private obsessions.

Hmm. Here I stand with Ron Paul: America should quit obsessing over other nations' affairs and meddling in them, and start taking care of her own people who are mired within their current disadvantageous circumstances.

And stop hiding behind the shield of the Great Seal of America in an over-reaching, paternalistic attempt to take over control of the entire world.

(Sources: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, Solar Fire software, and yours truly added 'unconscious/shadow side' to the interpretation.)

Mar 24, 2009

Purposes of the G20 Summit April 2009

The New American has an article by William F. Jasper concerning the upcoming G20 Summit in London which declares its intent.

The G20 Push to 'Supersize' the IMF contains links to several recent articles about the many shout-outs for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to become an international Federal Reserve System - such as UK PM Gordon Brown's call before a joint session of the US Congress on March 4, 2009 to inflate the power of the IMF.

This is the global economy 'solution' they want the world to plead for based on their manufactured econo-crisis of 2008-09 and beyond.

And in case you missed it, here's a post from Sept 2008 on the 13-step pyramid of power shown on the back of America's Great Seal with the all-seeing-eye at apex (viewable on the back of a dollar bill) representing the IMF which has its baleful eye on you, me, and our bank accounts.

If the G20 power-mongers have their way, the IMF's transcendence over all may signify the obverse of the Great Seal becoming our guide into the rest of the 21st century...the better to see you with, m'dear, for it will be 'unconscious' no more.