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Nov 21, 2010

No Politics today, but a new blog is born!

Yes, I am watching the Sunday morning talking heads and pundits on TV as they blab about Obama, Palin, Haiti, and START, but plan no posts for today concerning Politics or Astrology.

However, a new blog has been created just yesterday so I'm giving my own self a shout-out and sending you a cordial invitation to check out Woolly Mammoth Chronicles where Science's visionary DNA-cloning project and 'mammoth poetry' meet and greet!

And if you mosey by, please answer the brief poll in the top right corner.

Apparently the 'bright idea' pair of Jupiter/Uranus and Uranus = Aries Point ('scientific break-throughs') are working overtime in their genetics lab!


Fyi: soon a fresh article will be posted here concerning the Illuminati and written by my friend and ace researcher Alex D'Atria. I will be thrilled to publish SO'W's first Guest Blogger column! You may wish to keep your eye out for Alex's column especially if you're interested in the history of the Illuminati.

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