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Nov 20, 2010

Full body scanners: Chertoff's conflict of interest (video)

As you've probably heard by now, former Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff has a major conflict of interest when it comes to selling the US government the full body scanners now being loudly protested in our airports.

If the conflict pans out to be the scandal it now seems to be, President Obama will be in for criticism as well. Didn't anyone tell Mr. Obama from the get-go that retaining certain of the Bush-Cheney administration's staffers and lackeys was a very poor idea which would eventually bring him lots of political flack?

Then again, if you're anything like me, you think the highly praised 'peaceful transition' and baton-passing of American presidents every four years is another way of saying that the power elite's long-desired global take over is proceeding undercover and quite unnoticed as planned with the majority of we-the-people none the wiser. Old boss and new boss are virtually the same boss, m'peops.

Ahh, I remember the heady days of March 2006 when I posted the sunrise version of Michael Chertoff's natal chart showing his natal North Node conjoining US natal Pluto, and his Chiron at the POLITICAL POWER degree (18Cap) where the illuminated duo of Uranus and Neptune had their Great Conjunction/s of 1993.

And what is 18Cap's shadow side expression? "Smug or strong-armed paternalism," states Marc Edmund Jones in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

The post of 2006 also mused over Chertoff's possible loss of his HoSec czarship, but of course that turned out to be only a mirage created from the fumes that waft from the swamp of Washington DC to keep the savages manageable.


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Anonymous said...

He's also a dual national (Israeli-- surprise, surprise!). Another foreigner in charge of a large Washington bureaucracy.