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Aug 18, 2011

Candidate Ron Paul ignored, now attacked by MSM (video)

Alex Jones discusses how Bachmann and Perry have co-opted Ron Paul's ideas about the Federal Reserve and how the mainstream media first ignored the candidate and his popularity, and now attack him.

Now not all of Ron Paul's ideas have always resonated with me personally but he is the only one in the current field who seems even remotely genuine. And his eyes aren't nearly as crazy looking as certain others we could mention.

A possible 'genuine' exception may be candidate Buddy Roemer whose current rhetoric suits me quite well but not his siding with President Reagan years ago--depends on the issues upon which they agreed but Roemer can't win in 2012 so it's moot. And of course, the MSM is ignoring Buddy Roemer's candidacy completely. Still, Roemer's recent speech at the National Press Club is worth checking out.

So if you hear during the 2012 campaign that Ron Paul has sprouted two heads and fries up batches of lizards for breakfast each morning, consider the source and its transnational corporatist agenda with the US media running scared that a populist swell for Ron Paul might sweep him into the White House.

Not that anyone in Washington would cooperate with Ron Paul if he won.

So with a Ron Paul presidency, we'd see real gridlock inside the Beltway instead of what we're accustomed to--staged, scripted, and rehearsed Political Theater that keeps the status quo ensconced and operating againstt the American people.

Astrology and Candidate Ron Paul

Here's info concerning the natal horoscope of Ron Paul from astrodatabank (no birth time is known) set for Pittsburgh, PA.

Plus, in the last presidential campaign, astrologer Lynn Hayes published an analysis of transits (2007) to Ron Paul's natal planets titled Who is Ron Paul? Lynn uses a Solar Chart (Sun 26Leo41 rising, in Green Tree, Pennsylvania; Moon 20Tau47.)

With Rep. Paul's natal Venus 22Vir38 Rx conjoining US natal Neptune, I feel uncertain that his values (Venus) are readily seen clearly (murky Neptune) by the media or the masses--both signified by nebulous Neptune especially when it comes to Virgoan themes such as work, health, police and military service (6th house Virgo matters.)

Of course, 'popularity' is also signified by Venus/Neptune contacts!

Yet this is a similar dynamic of potential 'misreading' as with US natal Neptune 22Vir25 precisely conjoining and obfuscating President Obama's natal Mars (desire nature, motivation, action, energy) where, as previously noted here many times, Mr. Obama's true motivations and actions are veiled in some way, confusing, or completely misunderstood by the American people and his popularity was facilitated early on by the 'rock star' illusion of Mars/Neptune that so many voters were taken in by in 2008 into 2009.

Yes, Neptune's tendency toward disillusion and disappointment have surfaced from the depths as his presidency grinds on. President Obama's now-obvious corporate ties and loyalties are cases in point along with his failure to fight for the public option in health insurance legislation, allowing Wall Street thieves to make off with our money and escape prison cells they deserve for their criminality and fraud, his willingness to place our social safety net programs upon the GOP chopping block, and the ramping up of wars which some voters expected dreamboat Mr. Obama to end the moment he walked into the Oval Office door.

And you can probably think of more let-downs!

Well, let's hope the president's bold jobs bill (maybe) to be revealed in September makes a difference for our economy and dire social conditions. See? Even Robert Reich uses a Neptunian word--'maybe' which is filled with uncertainty--to describe the president's proposed improvements!

You may also be interested in my own brief article concerning Ron Paul's natal chart with a Solar horoscope image shown along with a few details which include his Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Gemini.

In other campaign news: as of today, Rick Perry has decidely joined Mitt Romney in the Jeered By Audience Club and I say, welcome! You both deserve all the jeering and 'pointed questions' you can't avoid!


Anonymous said...

I know a lot of people have some kind of weird affection for Ron Paul. Probably stems from a similar affection for Harold Stassen. However. If you look into Ron Paul's philosophical roots, you see John Birch Society and the Rushdooney kind of Christianist Ayatolla mind set. And as for the gold bugs (and I've been one and will probably continue to be and I'm not sure why), if we suddenly went back to the gold standard, those gold bugs would be fabulously enriched because the amount of gold extant is still pretty small - so backing the dollar with gold and/or silver would result in an astronomical valuation for gold and silver. Follow the money...who profits?

There is much to complain about the Fed. Reams worth. Perhaps the latest is the Fed continuing to print money but the result was keeping Wall Street flush, steadying the stock market and thus hiding the fact that while the Fed is willing to make money available, the banks ain't, Wall St. ain't, and the political world of DC has, thanks to the TP, gone back to the culture wars instead of banding together to come up with a jobs program... say a revisit of the WPA, CCC, and the like. That is not the Fed's fault. And I doubt that I'd see Ron Paul fight for a WPA, CCC and the like.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes, it is weird, isn't it? I don't suffer from that affection for Ron Paul and his son scares the horseradish outta me. So does Dr P's ideas actually. The Birch connection I had forgotten about, thanks for the reminder. Know anything about Buddy Roemer's background?

Besides, criticizing the Fed is fine when you know that nothing will change! I mean, these private bankers Are In Charge of the US Gov, are they not? And Paul does seem to be a Midas kind of guy, to put it lightly.

Plus, it isn't beyond imagining that there are 'stealth politicians' (and pundits, journalists, etc) who are coached/scripted to express what many Americans think and feel--but of course the transnational power elite have no intention of allowing anything the fake candidates, politicians, and pundits espouse--if for no toehr reason than their rhetoric 'on behalf of the people' keeps us a little quieter than we might otherwise be.

So far, in the main.

Did you hear today's (Thurs Aug 18, 2011) broadcast by Thom Hartmann on the Chamber of Commerce setting up fake IDs online to troll forums/sites of progressives? Trolls on the corporatist payroll. Not a very creative tactic but can cause confusion and its handmaiden, discord.

Well, thanks for your insights! We must keep outing the bousy lasterds every chance we can while there's still an electric grid and an internet on which to spread the word about their lies, fraud, and corruption. Jude

Alex said...

Hi Jude,

Video Link: Corporations are the luckiest people in the world.

Mitt's big rollout in Iowa jeered and then the DNC made the most of it as you can see in the youtube clip.

Kind-a nice to have a musical moment that wrapped up the overall issue/problem of corporations legally being 'people' and Mitt Romney going on as an earnest spokesman of corporate 'rights' in under one DNC youtube video minute.

The objections to Romney's stump speech are such a clear indication that 'corporate 'personhood' is firmly understood in the public domain. tracks and charts SCOTUS history that created the legal building blocks for corporations to have same/or/better legal standing than real people.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again replying. Had to look up Buddy Roemer - redfacedly, I admit I went to Wikipedia. What I really like about him is his pledge to make campaign finance and issue and his pledge to take contributions of no more than $100. (Could be from his experience of being smeared by a monied guy he crossed when he went after polluters.) What scares me is that he appeared as one of five in a March forum in Iowa sponsored by The Faith and Freedom Coalition. Sorry, I see a title like that and the hair at the back of my neck goes up...they want freedom to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. No thanks.

Perhaps you know more. But as for me, I couldn't possibly vote for one of today's Republicans. They've turned themselves into...hmm, lacking a suitable adjective, but frightening and disgusting works for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude,
Your paragraph summarizing the ‘disappointments with Barack Obama’ was concise and correct.

Knowing that Merc is now retrograde, is it okay to ask a ‘going back’ kind of question? And that is: is it possible for Democrats to ‘go back’ to a candidate such as Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as a substitute for the corporatist current president? Is it all possible for the Democrats to field another contender?

(If it is not okay to ask this or any other question right now because Merc is retrograde, then can we save this question for later? – That was a joke, sort of.)

I am bored with any and all talk of Ron Paul. Heard his pro-life speech at the Iowa straw poll;Ron Paul brought up a grotesque story about witnessing an abortion while he was in medical school -- had to turn the sound off. And having heard it, I won’t spend one second looking at his natal chart or any other chart regarding Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or Paul Ryan either. 2012 should be known as a ‘no Pauls at all’ year.

And now there is Rick Perry. Can we please just skip looking at his chart (DOB March 4, 1950) because RP chose to defy fate and make his ‘hat in the ring’ speech on a VOC day when Merc was retrograde? (Please say yes because time is limited)

Thank you, and good evening,

Jude Cowell said...

Alex, agreed that more peo are catching on and hopefully the nonviolent rally in Wash DC on Oct 6, 2011 will be well attended and make a huge statement against our banking overlords. Plus, there's been a civil disobedience protest in DC this very day w Bernie Sanders and Naomi Klein v the proposed (nightmarish, water table threatening) Canadian tarsands pipeline across America, if memory serves. jc

Oh Anonymous, how I wish I could believe that Any establishment candidate is not in on the corporate game/money. And if by some miracle a Common Good/Progressive candidate won the presidency, to be honest w you--I doubt they'd last very long given the global syndicate's reach and vitriole. See my post of today (Aug 20, 2011: Rally in DC! Oct 6 2011) for more details on this topic.

>insert: sigh< Jude

Anonymous said...

Anon again responding to your response to my ...well, you know.

Agreed. It's wonderful to see your post on the October DC NON-VIOLENT and ongoing protest. I regret deeply that I can't attend - I work the late shift 7/365 and that keeps me home in Upstate NY. BUT. Perhaps it will get some attention by the US MSM (wishful thinking? sigh). Maybe this is a Howard Dean - like moment (although he's now a lobbyist of some kind...another sigh). Maybe this energizes similar non-violent witnessing in other locales across the US. Maybe this gets the uncovering of various candidates all over who run with progressive values and the stick-to-itiveness (without the bug-eyed lunacy) of the TP... Maybe we get some new people in Congress who can't be bought (now there's a thought)... Hell, a girl can dream....