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Jul 23, 2013

Michelle Nunn (D-GA) to run for Chambliss senate seat

One of Two Possible Democrat Upsets in US Senate: Georgia

by Jude Cowell, Georgian, American, and Reluctant Astrologer

Yesterday 'shortly after 1:00 pm', the daughter of former US Senator Sam Nunn from Georgia, declared her candidacy in 2014 for the senate seat of Republican Saxby Chambliss whose campaign ads in 2002 so brazenly and repeatedly lied about Vietnam War veteran and then-Senator Max Cleland.

As a native Georgian I was personally embarrassed at the time for Mr. Chambliss who apparently felt he had to cheat to steal a seat on Capitol Hill but it has never seemed to bother him at all, and he will have served two terms by the time he steps off the Capitol Hill gravy train.

Here's a 31-second Chambliss ad that blanketed Georgia airwaves in 2002:

Why, even a Washington Post columnist lambasted Chambliss in 2002 for 'dirty bombing' triple amputee, Max Cleland and his alleged lack of 'patriotism' but of course in GOP-infested Georgia, Saxby won anyway, by hook and crook. It was shades of political operative Lee Atwater finagling Bush Senior into the White House and look at the misshapen form the Republican Party has twisted itself into since then.

So will a senate seat victory for Michelle Nunn be a winning situation for the nation and for 13th-colony Georgia? She's been called "--President Obama's liberal, handpicked candidate" in the emails of Republican primary candidate Karen Handel, a former secretary of state for Georgia and a person I don't wish to see taking a senate seat on Capitol Hill (you probably wouldn't either if you knew her reputation here--not that Republicans don't like her for I suppose they do if the old adage 'birds of a feather' holds true.)

In order to run in 2014, candidate Michelle Nunn will be stepping down as CEO of the Points of Light Foundation, an organization that helps communities, they say, but is much too corporate-backed and Bush-laden for mistrustful me not to think they're up to some sort of Illuminati shenanigans. Plus, you'll remember Bush41's 'Thousand Points of Light' shout-out to global government, or the 'new world order, as he openly called it.

As for Michelle Nunn, she has stated that in the Senate she will be "--picking up where Saxby Chambliss leaves off" which, considering the Jacka*sian Politics practiced by the GOP these days, I hope that if elected, she will be much better for America than that.

Yet alas, I hold no enthusiasm for yet another global government candidate for they are the rabid infestation (and infiltration) this blog has been fussing about since my first post in October 2005. Do you blame me?

For further reading try Bush the Elder and his Illuminati shout-out of via "a thousand points of light".

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