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Feb 6, 2015

"Right wing extremist " Tony Abbott - Max Igan video

Here's a brief discussion by Australia's Max Igan of right-wing extremist Tony Abbott who campaigned as a moderate, a typical political ploy:

Now whenever I hear a term like "right wing" it remind me of the Sabian Symbol for 24 Libra: "The Third Wing on the Right Side of a Butterfly." Viewing this video I am compelled to check '24 Libra' in Adriano Carelli's symbols and find that there is a word picture (not all Carelli degrees have word pictures but all have explanations) which is, "A satyr strikes a dragon with a stick." Carelli gives two examples of this picture: the Ascendant degree of Henry IV, king of France and Navarre, and "the bulk of the Moon's orb of King Louis XIII is in this degree."

Like all 'world leaders' staging the global government scam, Mr. Abbott seems mightily determined to show his draconian plutocratic side to the Australian people as he follows the globalist script but as for having a royal streak, perhaps his arrogance and sense of entitlement reveal an inherited tale.

Incidentally, you know that second US President John Adams and his kin are reputed to be descendants of the Dragon family bloodline, right? As were other of America's founders and the current crop of draconians.

For further reading concerning this 'royal' dynasty try: The Dragon Court (includes the Merovingians, 'new world order' information, and much more.)

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