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Aug 4, 2013

August 18 2013: Jupiter Returns to 9/11/01 natal position

In consideration of the current terrorist 'chatter' being reported by the US government, this post is merely a heads-up about my just-published article at Jude's Threshold where I have taken a peek at Jupiter's Return to natal position in the 9/11/01 horoscope in case you're interested.

Planet Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, is very prominent this year as noted by master astrologer John Townley so I hope you'll check out his website's excellent Astrology and the News section (updated daily), plus, don't miss John's in-depth articles concerning a variety of astrological topics!

Feb 20, 2013

Horoscope: Mars = Aries Point Mar 12, 2013 (a YOD returns)

March 12, 2013: Mars to 00Aries00 denotes conflict and fanaticism

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you'd like a view of the horoscope of transit Mars to 'his' own Aries Point 00Ari00:00 on March 12, 2013 at 2:26 am edt in Washington DC. Mars = AP, a World Point of Manifestation and Prominence, also denotes testy activist and warrior Mars conjoining US natal IC (Homeland; Foundation; End of the Matter; The Drain) in our national 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.) This indicates fiery actions and, as it happens, rash action on the home front, and of course, we think of police departments applying for permits to use drones to spy and control the American people, and many other Mars-based activities such as protests, strikes, quarrels, fires, and military concerns.

Since March 20, 2013 heralds this year's Aries Ingress (Spring Equinox) when the Sun reaches 00Ari00:00, we may expect quite a Mars-infused season since it's not every March that Mars hits the Aries Point before or after the Sun which makes the AP a tender or sensitive spot in the Zodiac in March 2013.

The Sun-Mars duo of energies in Politics and Business relates to potentials for: military development as an extension of internal policy, hostile actions or challenges to authority which are subdued by guards or armed forces (prison riots? arresting protesters? tear gas or tasers?), a leader with a military background (Chuck Hagel?); then: extending aggression as the will of the people; military might developed to be used against others (build-up and deployment?), government or business authority that is linked to the armed forces (drones across America?), and/or violence against chosen leaders. (Munkasey.)

As you see, the difficult YOD pattern of special tasks and turning points from the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope is back in force as of March 10th when Jupiter moved into orb again with the Saturn and Pluto inconjuncts. The YOD describes the ongoing conflicts and conditions of the end-of-year, manufactured 'fiscal cliff' embroilment in Washington which wasn't fully resolved and has resulted in the current March 1st 'sequester cuts' of which we speak. Some pundits say resolution of some sort will come around March 27th and there is a Full Moon on that date in the early morning but the Moon becomes V.O.C. at 2:14 pm edt so we'll see how their timing goes on Capitol Hill and if their deliberations 'flow' with the Moon's natural rhythm.

The YOD Pattern Forms Difficult Midpoint Pictures

Social fanaticism, quarrels, and sudden upsets are some of the midpoint pictures' potentials from the YOD configuration of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto--but when we include US natal Uranus (which is conjoined by Jupiter in December and into 2013) we find a disturbing picture: 'brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses' (Tyl) which I believe denotes the anarchy and austerity reforms now being attempted in Washington DC against our government and our people. If the 'sequester cuts' miss the military budget while cleaving out funds from our social safety net, we'll know the anarchists have finally won against FDR's and LBJ's social improvements--"regardless of (the) potential losses" suffered by We the People.)

Chart: Hour of evaluating Venus at a critical degree (17Pis), Sun 21Pis50 and Moon 27Pis18 are 5 degrees 28 minutes past their New Moon conjunction @21Pis24 ('22Pis' = "A Man Bringing the New Law Down from Sinai"--or, the karmic degree '21Pis' = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant" (Jones, with my bold emphasis due to our topic.)

In The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli (who does not round up the degree) gives '21Pis' the symbol, "Nightly duel of two ancient crusaders" and says the degree gives a "warlike temperament"; Carelli adds, "My son, the cut was good, now think of the stitching," words of Catherine de Medici to her son Henry III after the murder of the *Duke of Guise--of course we are reminded of March 2013's sequester 'cuts' with which the GOP intends to throw the US economy back into recession thereby messing with President Obama's second term and preventing his plans from being realized. Obviously, 'crusader' is also a facet of astrological Mars.

Pluss, sex, guns, axes, knives and other weapons fall within the province of the Red Planet (even figurative ones used to cravenly slash budgets and starve small children) so you won't want to miss the instructive insights of expert astrologer John Townley in his article American Circus.

And here's a peek at the Spring Equinox 2013 horoscope set for DC with a few details added, if you haven't yet checked it out.


*In 1908, a film was made about The Assassination of the Duke of Guise.

Mar 2, 2011

Will Apr 3, 2011's Mars/Uranus conjunction heat up Politics?

You betcha! And House Speaker John Boehner has already used graphic Mars/Uranus-style gun rhetoric concerning labor unions. One assumes it's okay with Mr. Boehner if the powers that be are holding the "machine gun" of Mars/Uranus to our heads but unacceptable when we-the-people stand together to protect ourselves from political and social abuse.

Yet rhetoric isn't all that sizzles with a Mars/Uranus conjunction if history serves as our model. Riots, revolts, strikes, uprisings, wars, battles, and natural disasters are on the global menu - even volcanic eruption cannot be ruled out (I'm looking at you, Mount St. Helens, among other sensitive locations.)

An example is September 9, 1943, when Mars and Uranus conjoined @ 8Gem+ (during a US Uranus Return) and the Allies invaded Italy in what turned out not to be the quick resolution they'd dreamed of. Will their April 3, 2011 hook-up trigger a US invasion? Perhaps, though my prayer is that Washington will not add to our tattered plates yet another violent military meddling in the Middle East or elsewhere. However, Secretary Clinton has already put the 'on the table' threat of intervention on the table concerning Gaddafi's massacre of his people in Libya for protesting against him.

Haven't a majority of we-the-people already agreed that the US cannot afford to continue acting as global police force? You'd think common sense would win out on that one on Capitol Hill, but apparently not. This gives the 'crash America' argument more fuel, imho, since that is, in fact, what our politicians are in process of doing on behalf of the much-vaunted 'new world order' - see link to Plutocracy quotes, below.

An Historical Overview of Mars/Uranus Conjunctions

Master astrologer John Townley's Desert Lightening! Mars-Uranus strikes again feature will fill you in on present and past conjunctions and their effects with Astro-Cartography maps showing the pair's swaths of influence including the conjunctions of 2009 and the upcoming one on April 3, 2011 which is strongest over Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the US.

And since April's Mars/Uranus meet in Aries, a Fire sign, we may expect a continuation of upheavals along with wildfires or even explosions especially since April 3 falls within the time frame of the January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse 13Cap38/9 conjoining Fixed Star Manubrium with its 'flaring heat' indications (Eclipses, Celeste Teal.)

Besides the previously discussed increase of refugeeism, there's also the Jan 2011 eclipse's 'turbulent spirit against those in high places' vibe which we're experiencing across the globe in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin...seems there will be more outbreaks very soon if Mars/Uranus has its way. Keep an eye on Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Cost prior to the next solar eclipse which manifests on June 1, 2011 in a sensitive spot: 11Gem02 conj US n Desc = 'surprising developments'. Whatever Mars/Uranus conjs may trigger, things can erupt prior to the actual conjunction or just before the next conjunction two years one month later and particularly within the swath cut on the global map.

With Mars conjoining Uranus so near the Aries Point (00Ari00:00) in April 2011, the potential for manifestation of their explosive energies upon the world stage is greatly magnified - quite certainly predicted by myself and others, in fact.

Plus, another thing about the April 3, 2011 conjunction of Mars/Uranus @ 1Ari18 is that it falls upon the Ic of America's natal chart (n Ic 00Ari53 in the Sibly version) which 'personalizes' the conjunction for the US. So because all houses (departments of life) in a horoscope have their polar opposites, we may use US natal Midheaven (Goals, Aspirations, Public Status, The World Stage) to form a midpoint picture while noting that Ebertin gives the Mars/Uranus combo as 'intervention', 'sudden application of effort', 'striving for attainment of power and authority', 'oppressing others', etc, as channels for possible expression:

April 3, 2011 tr Mars/Uranus = US n Mc: putting a pistol to some one's head (click above to read Boehner's remark); an inflexible character (Gov Scott Walker and his ilk? jc); executing violent measures; injury, accident, operation; the desire for independence.

Note: America's natal Mars 21Gem23 and Uranus 8Gem55 indicate a recent conjunction took place between them prior to July 4, 1776 - on June 15, 1776 @ 7Gem52...'8Gem' = "Around a Closed-Down Factory, Strikers Mill Defiantly"!! Transiting MIDAS is @ 8 Gemini now and has been for a while.)

To this midpoint picture affecting US n Mc, Michael Munkasey adds: 'new approaches to effecting social changes'; undermining the collective bargaining power of labor unions would be one approach that would do it; plus, the tactic's ultimate goal of undercutting union support for Democrats in the 2012 election couldn't be more obvious. It so often boils down to grasping the megaphone and the nuclear button of the White House, isn't it?

As for timing, we may wish to consider the parallel (similar to a strong conjunction and helpful for timing purposes) between Mars and Uranus which becomes exact around 8:42 am edt on the morning of April 4, 2011.

A New Moon Joins the Mars/Uranus Fray

Also on April 3, 2011 at 10:32:16 am edt, a New Moon occurs @ 13Ari30 (in 11th H of Groups and Associations) with US n Desc rising 13Gemini. This plops America's natal Mars upon the Asc 23Gem31, our first natal planet to rise in the New Moon chart when it's set for the (Masonic) Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

N Mars/Uranus = New Moon's Asc (Desc): becoming verbally abusive to those who impede your progress; enjoyment from agitating others; an upsetting event; acts of violence; an accident or injury; arrest.

And perhaps the April 3rd New Moon's Sabian Symbol applies to our topic especially if we round down rather than up (one degree morphs into the next - if nothing else, a later degree represents something recent and perhaps, unconscious); the following symbol is from Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology with my own addition of 'shadow side/unconscious' and other remarks:

'13Ari' = "An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion" = IMPETUOUSNESS...

positive expression: a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of very deep or hallowed purpose (WI Governor Walker, is that you? Well, buyers' remorse has set in and shouts for your recall are getting louder - and voting Mercury 23Ari33 is Rx - re-call - on April 3! Fascistically locking Wisconsin citizens out of their State Capitol Building this week will not do - jc);

negative/shadow side/unconscious: a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity and conceit.

A particular midpoint picture of great concern in the New Moon chart (DC) for it points directly at the Mars/Uranus conjunction is' note that Pluto and Asc are *quindecile (QD) one another which means that tr Pluto 7Cap30 is QD-ing US n Mars, both aspects of manipulation, greed, dominance, and taking over control:

Pluto/Asc = Mars: loud and persistent arguing when calmness is called for; exposure to danger; foolhardiness and daring (another US invasion would be that - jc); ruthless energy deployment; courage; upsets.

Pluto/Asc = Uranus: unusual events fan the fires further; success at all costs; living with constant anxiety; restlessness. (My italics and bold, as usual.)

Well, this is certainly a disturbing look at the Mars/Uranus conjunction and New Moon of April 3, 2011 yet no one needs Astrology to tell them the world is erupting. And if forewarned is forearmed (a descriptive slogan for this gun-toting pair of planets, Mars and Uranus), I hope everyone stays out of harm's way and yet are free to stand up for their rights in an honorable and successful manner.


Additional Topical Reading Suggestions:

The Right to Work Law which Gov. Scott Walker is determined to impose on Wisconsin workers;

Natal Horoscope of Libya w Feb 21, 2011 Transits;

A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America;

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann; Thom is calling Gov. Walker, "Scott Gaddafi Walker" because of his dictatorial stance and no-compromise demands...j'agree.

And, as always, my permanent recommendation for your more personal astro-insights are readily available at Julie Demboski's Astrology.

Note: at noon today, NPR reports that the temporary spending bill has passed the Senate and is headed for the president's desk for signing; this is the two-week extension bill to keep the government open until at least the Full Moon of April 19 (or April 18, depending on how they count the two weeks in Washington.

Sundown on Saturday April 19 is also when the joyous celebration of Purim begins.


Blog Note: all midpoint pictures from Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey: any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions; *QD info from Quindecile, by Ricki Reeves.

Jul 14, 2010

Horoscope of the Saturn-Uranus opposition 7.26.10

Just as I was preparing this chart-with-details of the next opposition between Saturn and Uranus (this time on the 00Ari/Lib axis), John and Susan Townley's AstroCocktail Newsletter arrived concerning the ongoing Cardinal Cross of 7 seven planets whose energies peak on August 6 - 7, 2010.

John is predicting much sexiness so you may wish to check out his article and make plans for where you'll be canoodling on the evening of August 6, 2010! I guarantee his post will be much more fun than what you're about to read here if you don't stop reading Now...

Saturn Opposite Uranus July 26, 2010

Firs we should consider the indications of the combination of Saturn and Uranus in the political and business realms according to Michael Munkasey (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets) involves: Legislative processes that temper traditional needs toward new ideas; legislative and executive bodies interact; conservatives vs progressives; counter-revolutionary rule; restrictions on personal contacts in political situations which are beyond an enterprise's jurisdiction; control of access to political dissidents; sudden indifference by people to traditional mores or laws.

(That's 'more-rays' for my younger friends, not 'mores'! ;p)

The above are some of the potentials of Saturnian and Uranian energies when acting together, or in this case, opposing one another, a condition which can mean 'stand-off', 'stalemate', or simply indicate awareness of their relationship. In tandem, their cycle relates to the Middle East, especially to Israel and Palestine.

As you know, the US Presidential Election 2008 was a time of a stand-off between status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus across the 18-20 Vir/Pis axis but now, the two rivals have moved on to opposition across the World Point axis of Prominence, Fame, and Recognition. After all, Uranian ideals and brilliant ideas need Saturnian form in order to come into existence.

Now as you see (click chart to enlarge and hopefully you can read my scribbled notes) their opposition becomes exact in Washington DC at 1:07 pm edt, with direct Saturn, significator of the Democratic Party, just barely moved into 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes, and Wishes, and Uranus Rx at AP in 5th house of Gambling, Speculations, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children.

Jupiter signifies the Republican Party which is feelin' lucky these days about the 2010 midterm elections in November with Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

Upper right, some of the Relationship indicators in this chart are listed, such as the July 25 Full Moon (3AQ00 which conjoins US Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house @ 9:37 pm edt), Mercury opposing Neptune and Chiron, and the Saturn-Uranus opposition itself.

The many midpoint pictures of the Cardinal T-Square/s are listed but not detailed since I've done so a few times already - all point to apex Pluto 3Cap22 Rx (here in 3rd house) as his secret hand continues to transit opposite US natal Venus (also a 'relationship' indicator, but a difficult one.) And apex Pluto has no intention of giving up control or of compromising either - why should he when he holds all the cards, credit and otherwise?

Chart-ruler Venus (in her Fall in Virgo) is the planet of relationships, love, and values, and makes only one applying aspect in the Sat-Uran chart: a semisquare with the Sun 3Leo37 @ Mc, an aspect which happens all the time due to their close proximity in our solar system. So basically, Venus as chart-ruler has significance through her house position, sign, and degree: 17Vir54 in 11th house.

'17Vir' = "A Volcano in Eruption"...which relates both to relationship blow-ups and/or natural disasters; the BP-Gulf Oil blowout comes to mind yet we see that its main significator, the Neptune/Chiron conjunction, has moved back into Aquarius from oceanic Pisces though Chiron is Rx at a 29th crisis degree. Perhaps the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse's flavor ('things at first seem worse but then clear with successful outcomes') will have aided matters by the end of July though I understand that BP has announced snags (at midnight this morning) in their current capping activities due to governmental 'questions' over safety. Nice that they 'care' so much now.

So here is the chart of the Saturn-Uranus opposition of July 26, 2010. See what you think with US Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx of Jan 20, 2009 (the President) at the Foundation of the chart along with transiting Neptune/Pluto 00AQ39 (oil barons, big media, banksters, etc) and tr Pluto/Chiron 1AQ33 (plutocrats; oppression; primal violence; war; corporatism, statism, racism, etc) again 'sitting upon' America's Presidential Sun and Mercury (as they did on Inauguration Day 2009.)

In the hidden 12th house are two midpoints conjoining US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, as is the 8th cusp (Taurus) of this chart...

Pluto/Mc = Sec Mars: the need to push ahead and keep driving toward goals at all costs (wars and more war, with Mars equating to our military and police forces; banking legislation and obscene profits for Big Banks); increased willingness to battle for your objectives; a great striving for attainment of power; the urge to dominate others (ya think?); career crises; forced into an uncongenial occupation; explosive quarrels.

Sun/Pluto = Sec Mars: over-exertion or over-taxing one's power (as I and others have been saying); a desire to perform record achievements; working to the point of physical breakdown; deep inner needs to succeed at any cost; a drive to turn things around; a combative nature going to any lengths to conquer and solve problems.

(Midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

You know, I said it in the 60s and 70s: Get Out of Vietnam. Sadly for America, it must be said again: Get Out of Afghanistan and Iraq. And definitely Leave Iran and North Korea Alone. And scr*w secret hand Pluto with his imperialistic, draconian NWO plans.


Blog Note: in light of today's Fresh Air feature concerning The Secret World of WikiLeaks and the leaked video of what a US war is really like for its hapless victims, the site's link has been returned to this blog's sidebar under 'Get Out the Truth' because it seems to be up and running again.

Also, a few readers have expressed disappointment that I have not blogged on the recent arrest of 10 Russian spies and the US-Russian exhange of them for 4 of our guys.

Well, the most applicable chart I can think of concerning the FBI's years-long surveillance and quick arrest of them was published before I heard of the case - the
Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto horoscope which occurred on June 26, 2010 - the day spy Anna Chapman was arrested and the spy ring was taken into custody before they could scurry away like rats in all directions.

Quelle precision, mais oui?

You may be assured that no edits have been made to the Lunar Eclipse post yet you will find mentions of spying, surveillance, and 'clandestine projects are revealed' with Full Moon in 6th house (Work, Service, and Daily Rounds) conjunct spying Pluto of Invisible Helmet fame (as Chapman went about her daily business in NYC; Moon = a woman.) In summing up the Moon Eclipse-conjunct-Pluto in controlling Capricorn, I state that, "Actually, research on secret projects may be what comes to light" though I do not suggest here that the '10 Russian spies" case is all which may soon be revealed.

Besides: they say that more WikiLeaks videos may soon be revealed for public view...


A neglected mention on the Saturn-Uranus opposition is its possible significance for the November 2010 midterm elections. Tonight the Dems and the President will meet behind closed doors for a 'key strategy session' concerning the seats in play and Press Secretary Robert Gibb's controversial admission on Meet the Press last Sunday has caused quite a political feather-ruffling for the Dems.

Yet I may as well divulge that a cursory study of the horoscopes for November 2, 2010show Saturn (Ds) approaching Midheaven at 7:00 am edt (Capitol Building) yet by 7:00 pm edt, GOP Jupiter is closer to the top of the chart. My reading is that Ds may lead in number of won seats early on but Rs may take the lead in the final tally.

Now I don't care overmuch for the Dems myself, but voting for more of the Republican hard-heartedness whose drunken-sailor-spending and warmongering drove us into the financial ditch by 2008 seems more than a little self-destructive and quite literally insane.

Maybe a re-study of the November election charts (and lunations) will give me a different picture of the outcome. I sincerely hope so for the sake of our nation. Yet no matter who wins or loses, what are the chances that Pluto's secret manipulations and interference will ever be honestly dealt with while we can still call our country 'America'?

May 21, 2009

Astrology of 2008 - 2010: Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto

A favorite astrologer of mine, John Townley, has written an excellent column on the Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto energies affecting our economy and society since 2008. John's article guides us effortly into 2010 with tips on the meaning of retrograde periods where we rest along the way, for Rxs are pause times suitable for preparation before the next wave rolls in!

Oct 15, 2008

Moon buckets and Saturn bowls

John Townley over at AstroCocktail has some interesting insights on that rollercoaster feeling of two-week shifts we're all experiencing between the economy, the campaign, and more.

Naturally, if you say the words two-week cycle it reminds any astrologer of the Moon's orbit.

Well, expert astrologer John Townley knows much about celestial bowl patterns and how they affect the environment, so check it out because the world's current 'groundswell' feeling is part of the celestial 'As Above, So Below' action now as the Moon moves within the bowl - the edges of which are created by the Saturn-Uranus opposition - and then spills out of the bowl...slosh!

As you know, the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfects on November 4.

All this sloshing reminds me of the ocean's tides which are controlled by the Moon, and one of the words associated with the Moon in an Astrology chart is: fluctuation, a term we hear a lot in financial markets. Mmm-hmm...cycles.

So we may be feeling a bit seasick with half the sky full of planets sloshing about during the weekend of Oct 25-26, and John says it will remain that way until after the Nov 4 elections.

On into 2009 things will be sloshing off and on so hold onto your lifejacket, if you have one. And if you don't, at least Astrology can give you the timing to be aware of for best results!

Aug 6, 2007

John Townley and the Planetary Order

John Townley has prepared a list of each planet's influence when it rises just before the Sun on your day (or night) of birth, and you'll find the list at

The only info I had on this subject before I found John's article on Planetary Order was from the great Noel Tyl. Thanks for the additional info,'re great, too, y'know!

Now I wonder which planet rises before your natal Sun? Jupiter perhaps? Okay, so I know a little something about that!