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May 18, 2015

'The Nightmare of every Government on Earth' (Terence McKenna)

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Terence McKenna is right, you know. 99% of us is a lot more people than the piddly little 1% of them, many if not all of whom are morally deformed and decrepit.

Dec 21, 2010

Video: the Anti-War Protest @ the White House (12.16.10)

Since the mainstream media didn't cover the protests of December 16, it took a while to locate a video of last Thursday's snowy anti-war protests at the White House with war veterans, journalist Chris Hedges, and Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg speaking, participating, and being arrested.

When the people are not listened to by their government, this is, as Chris Hedges points out, what's left (as my Baby Boomer generation well knows.) Here's yesterday's Truthdig column about the nature of war and the protests of Dec 16, 2010 written by Chris Hedges. It does me good to see our younger generations get involved though many more protests and marches will be necessary if people can put down their iPhones long enough to take action and save our country!

So what do I want Santa to bring me this Christmas?

An America who folds her many tents, apologizes from the heart of the American people, and removes her sons and daughters from foreign lands.

You see, my and your America is being used by the power elite as a tool - a military hammer - to forge their Vulcan vision of global domination, aka, the NWO. That's why there's no money for our domestic needs, in spite of what Washington says about their secretive military budget.

Just vs Unjust

The lies leading up to the Bush-Cheney neocon wars and the false flag op (9/11/01) that allegedly justified their illegal invasions are part of the false reality narrative promoted by our remote-controlled government and the media which has created conditions under which no soldier of any nation should be expected to serve and die. We've been here before and it's past time to stop US imperialistic wars - again.

So Happy Holidays, White House. You're a real disappointment.


Note: SO'W's Julian Assange poll has only 10 days left in which to vote and as of today, 101 people have responded! Please vote if you haven't (sidebar, upper right.) Thanks! jc

Apr 2, 2009

Is Obama upping war and revenge?

If you're like me and were hoping that Pres. Obama would NOT escalate the war in Afghanistan, please read Chris Floyd's article Darkness Renewed: Terror as a Tool of Empire.

Baitullah Mehsud's recent threat against Washington, DC, if carried out, would give the US government all the onboard (if scammed again) patriots it needs to keep the revenge cycle rolling and the military industrial complex in charge and flush.

Sometimes the healing concept of 'forgiving the unforgivable' - the only way to end revenge escalation personally or publicly - seems very far away, doesn't it?

Especially with "world leaders" having an anti-peace agenda not in the best interests of the innocent people the ruling class so cavalierly dismiss as 'collateral damage.'