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Dec 20, 2016

Why Is It That Americans Always Get Screwed??? The Banksters! - video

If you've wondered why We The People seem to be every plutocrat's dupe, guinea pig, and cash cow, try this from Thom Hartmann:

One astrological factor in the US natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 which relates to the exploitation and oppression of the American people is the plutocratic Pluto-Chiron duo with its midpoint conjoining US natal Ceres (grains, food supply, security needs...) @8Pisces, the position of the upcoming Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 in the 19 South Saros Series.

And in a fit of cosmic and political synchronicity, 19 South also manifested on February 4, 1981 @16Aquarius - conjunct the natal Sun of Ronald Reagan yet it wasn't a 19 South but a 19 North Solar Eclipse that affected the 1980 Presidential Election and the 1981 Inauguration of Reagan just as 19N does now with Election Day 2016 and Inauguration 2017. These are the sort of astrological factors that support the idea that Reagan's first term and Trump's upcoming first term may share more tendencies in common than many people yet realize. Yes, 1981's favor-the-rich trends are repeating in 2017.

And of course revealed is the ongoing plutocratic Republican agenda to dismantle New Deal and New Society programs that aid the non-wealthy (enabled by corporate Democrats) which will be on steroids under a paternalistic Goldman-Sachs Pence-Trump administration - Trump the tweeting mouthpiece and diverter-in-chief, and Pence the actual administrator.

Related: Horoscope: Reagan Inauguration 1981, January 20, 1981, with wound and blind spot Chiron in Taurus rising (crisis in values) at noon, Capitol Building Washington DC. A link to Reagan's first inaugural address is included in the post. A comparison with Mr. Trump's inaugural address should be interesting although incomplete sentences may prevail over Reagan's eloquence.

Eclipse Note: an eclipse in the 19 South Series repeated once between 1981 and 2017 on February 16, 1999 @27AQ08 and conjoined the July 4, 1776 position of US natal Moon (We the People) and set us up for the delusions, illusions, and distortions of the fabled August 11, 1999 'King of Terror' (or 'Alarm') Solar Eclipse with its Revelation-based Fixed Grand Cross. 1N is often called The Mother of All Eclipses being in the 1 North Saros Series which first manifested on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48 (opposite a future US natal Sun). One historical event of 1639: it was the year of the first Colonial Constitution.

1N repeats on August 21, 2017 @29Leo conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Mars and Ascendant and has a label of its own: The Great American Eclipse.

May 10, 2016

19 North Eclipse affects 2016/17 Election/Inauguration as with Reagan and Clinton

Will the September Solar Eclipse Jiggle Our National Truth-o-Meter in 2016/2017?

by Jude Cowell

In the past, the Solar Eclipse Saros Series 19 North has been influential in US Presidential elections and inaugurations with its noble themes of 'coming down to earth, realism, and a constructive time for tackling the truth' (Brady). In addition, any eclipse, solar or lunar, can inspire the uncovering of truths and secrets long kept hidden with a cosmic peep-eye! quality that may be very inconvenient for miscreants and 'evil-doers'. 19 North (19N) repeats on September 1, 2016 and is the 'Pre-Natal Eclipse' Saros Series of Election Day 2016 in November and Inauguration 2017 in January.

For background, the initial eclipse of the 19N series began on July 5, 1331 (OS) @20Cancer and will end on August 10, 2575. This puts a lunar Cancerian lens over what will be a Virgoan eclipse on September 1st (@9Virgo). Oddly enough, both July 5th and August 10th are dates that are involved in US history since some US Solar Returns occur not on July 4th but on July 5th (SR = Sun to its position on July 4, 1776, our national birthday), and August 10th is thought by some to be an important esoteric date because the Sun as viewed from the Capitol Building sets over the western end of Pennsylvania Avenue as devised by District architect, Pierre Charles L'Enfant (Ovason). At least, that's a cosmic event that L'Enfant planned for the Federal City. (Sun in Mundane Astrology = the leader, leadership, or, the president.)

If you're curious, here are Timelines of Events for 1980 and 1998. See if you can spot any eclipse-inspired 'truth tackling' events in 1998 such as President Bill Clinton testifying on tape to his inappropriate affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky (August 19), the US embassy bombings in retaliation (taking revenge) against al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan and in Sudan, and Scott Ritter's resignation from UNSCOM as he asserted that, "Iraq retains the capability to launch chemical strike" (August 26). Was Mr. Ritter tackling a truth that Washington politicians wanted to keep hidden? Note that the 19N eclipse occurred in the midst of these events on August 22, 1998 @29Leo conjoining royal star Regulus (keywords: success if revenge is avoided--otherwise, all that was gained will be lost--Brady).

Tragically for the American people and the rest of the world, US politicians take revenge all too well, don't they? And usually they deny that revenge is the motivation.

Plus, as previously discussed, Regulus in the original grid for DC represents the US Congress with Arcturus (a different approach; patience brings success) standing for the White House, and Spica (the spike; victory; good fortune) as the Washington Monument, our phallic symbol of the Executive Branch. Disturbingly, Donald Trump was born with warrior planet Mars in Leo (super-sensitive ego!) and kingmaker Regulus rising. Speaking of taking revenge, Mr. Trump does like to hit back when others attack him (aren't 'nice' to him!) and being a 'loser' is, he thinks, only for other people, not himself. However, Regulus rising might one day disagree and deal him a losing hand.

Now here's a 1992 Frontline feature investigating the 1980 Election and the US hostage release "October Surprise" perpetrated by the Reagan administration which tilted election results away from incumbent President Jimmy Carter in an untruthful way as Reagan took credit for what Carter had accomplished:

the deleted video was right here in this spot...

UPDATE May 19, 2016: as expected, the Frontline video was removed so here is a link to a report by a man who investigated for Frontline back in the day, Robert Parry who had Second Thoughts on the October Surprise, which he published to Consortium News in 2013.

So now once again we face the 19 North 'tackling the truth' eclipse and we know that being realistic, honest, and admitting the truth are seldom part of Politics or in the play book of Washington DC politicians particularly when elections are at stake so it will be interesting to see how truths are bent and surprises are sprung against the cosmic imperative of the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse @9Virgo in the 19 North Saros Series as Election Day 2016 approaches and the Inauguration 2017 Oath of Office is taken--usually with a presidential hand placed upon--of all things--a Bible!

Dates and Degrees of 19 North include:

July 31, 1962 @8Leo; July 20, 1944 @27Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto); July 9, 1926 @17Cancer; June 28, 1908 @7Cancer (conjunct US natal Jupiter). 19N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of: America's Great Seal (1782), the Republican Party (1854), LBJ and the FBI (1908), and the death of Marilyn Monroe (1962). Was Marilyn about to 'tackle the truth' too inconveniently for Politics? You see, correlating the years of 19N with events and the presidents then in office can be quite informative since history doesn't repeat...but it does rhyme.

Published May 10, 2016 6:31 pm EDT; all rights reserved.