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Aug 25, 2022

Mercury-Neptune and The Presidential Records Act

Selling Secrets and An Unfit President With Odd Ideas

by Jude Cowell

Due to The Presidential Records Act of 1978, legal ownership of official presidential and vice presidential records changed from private to public, and new standards of management were established for records created or received after January 20, 1981. Therefore, changes and standards have been enforced since the 1981 Inauguration of Ronald Reagan, his first.

Now as you know, the requirements of the 1978 law (updated in 2014) have apparently been followed by all presidents and vice presidents until the haphazard "administration" of Donald Trump, a loose-lipped opportunist who thinks, or pretends to think, that presidential records can belong to him! See Do presidents have the right to withhold privileged material from Archives? (MSN August 24.)

Naturally, astrologers can easily recognize such indiscriminate, fantasy-spinning, scheming behavior via Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square, and notably, astrologer Alan Oken has labeled this particular square aspect, The Sneaky Mind: Mercury (thought processes, communications, negotiations, planning) and Neptune (sneakiness, deception, spying, surveillance, mass media). Word is, that Trump watched the August 8th FBI search at Mar-a-Lago on CC TV from his location in NY or NJ, wherever the brazen blighter was on that day. If so, it's because his Mar-a-Lago resort is wired for surveillance. And why wouldn't it be?

Of course, there are other planetary aspects in faithless Trump's natal chart which can support such sneakiness (and evasiveness) if that's how he chooses to use the energies, but his Mercury-Neptune square leads the bunch, in my estimation, or perhaps I should say, forms the basis of his thought processes.

So, although unknown at the time, a previous SO'W post published in 2009, Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 a Turning Point for America concerned more than that era's decade of greed and financial slights-of-hand (cheered on by Reagan's natal Scorpio Jupiter's ruthless materialism - ex: he and his cronies hung the yoke of student loan debt around our necks) because, on what can be considered a positive level, passage of the 1978 Act was due to Watergate lawbreaking ("if the president does it, it isn't illegal," - R. Nixon - a fallacy that Trump likes to go by).

So now, through the subversive behavior of the orange scofflaw, we can discover more about what was going on under the hood of US Politics by a manipulative Herr Trump, a comrade who played the role of POTUS from January 20, 2017 until January 20, 2021 - and departed the White House thinking he was 'owed' more that he'd got. Obviously, monetizing secrets from down in Mar-a-Lago seemed a lucrative scheme although my suspicion is that he was already in that business while inhabiting the Oval Office (free rent!).

Then and Now: Cosmic Time Links via Eclipses and Evasive Neptune

Significantly, the 1981 Reaganomics Solar Eclipse fell into the 1 North Saros Series as did the King of Alarm Eclipse (of Nostradamus fame) of August 11, 1999 - and The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 during which Trump removed safety glasses and stared directly up multiple times at the Total eclipse ('sun god' he, with Apollo rising along with royal star Regulus). 1 North themes include: "unexpected events loom large; make no hasty decisions since information is distorted and possibly false; tiredness and health problems are attached" (paraphrasing B. Brady). But with Trump, we know that hasty decisions are already baked in.

Meanwhile, perhaps a glance at the above linked 1981 Eclipse Horoscope holds a clue or two such as the fact that transit Neptune at that time was retrograde @22Sag23 - conjunct the natal Moon-South Node Conjunction of Donald Trump. This transit suggests a period of eroding relationships when intrigue, mystery, confusion, delusion, and fantasy surrounded him with a feeling of rootlessness which perhaps inspired a leaning toward underhanded efforts such as (lucrative) traitorous activities which were engaged in as his connection to home and country became estranged or weakened. And as you know, for Herr Trump, loyalty is a one-way street, and this was a period of grand promises of expanded horizons - if he accepted a deal. Why, he even enjoyed an expansive Jupiter Return (17Lib27) exact on September 28, 1981, a transit that can bring an end to a 12-year cycle of beliefs.

So if you have a chance, dear reader, check out transits to his natal planets (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) for the 1978 to 1981 period for this was a cosmically transformational time for Trump and his ideological principles (to the extent that he held any). For instance: born during a Full Moon phase, and besides spreading its dissolving energies all over his natal 4th house Moon-South-Node, transit Neptune in 1981 was in process of opposing his 10th house Sun-NN conjunction in often-duplicitous Gemini so that unrealistic notions and uncertainty affected his self-image, undermined his objectives and overblown plans - and he could be easily seduced by false flattery such as the sort that foreign agents may have offered. (Of course, with flattery the ladies are implied as well but that's beyond the scope of this post.)

Plus, another factor viewable in the 1981 eclipse chart is the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in progress @5Libra+ for it hit Trump's natal 2nd house Neptune Rx (@5Libra50, part of his 2nd hou$e Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio of grand schemes, promotion, and speculation). This thereby formed a midpoint picture for him which includes two potentials that, for me and perhaps for you, triggered a basic part of vengeful Trump's seriously flawed personality so let's close today's fussiness with that - and tellingly in Venus-ruled Libra, lover of luxurious possessions and ease:

1981 Jupiter-Saturn = natal Neptune: "Begrudging the good fortune of others; losses" (R. Ebertin).

Oh, and there are two more potentials to appreciate, added to this picture by Noel Tyl:

"Bewilderment; not knowing which master to follow." My guess is that the orange blighter soon figured it out and for transactional Trump, his "loyalty" went to the highest bidder.

May 11, 2010

Horoscope of a New Moon in Taurus 5.13.10

Chart shown: New Moon 23Tau09, May 13, 2010, Capitol Building Washington DC @ 9:04:19 pm edt; chart-ruler Jupiter 26Pis17 in 4th house with Uranus 29Pis31, and midpoint Mercury/Neptune 00Ari43 = Aries Point (AP); Hour of Saturn; Venus out-of-bounds.

Click image to enlarge.

Mercury/Neptune = Uranus: inventions and inspirations; a sudden new ideas; a misguided imagination; going 'far out'; a sudden lack of ideas; using Astrology for greater understanding; gaining inspiration by use of rational analysis along with psychic help.

On May 13, a new cycle of daily activity begins as Moon and Sun conjunct @ 23Tau09 in 6th house of Daily Activities, Health, Work, Military and Police Forces, and other Service; the chart shown here is set for the US Capitol Building since this may apply to all of Washington DC as the District acts as the representative of the United States of America.

New Moon = Mars/Neptune, a midpoint of confused motivations; deceptive or inspired actions; paralyzed activity; a lack of energy.

The combo of Mars/Neptune energies also indicates: the threat of war or force being used against the ideals of the people, country, or its rulers; using internal rebellion as a means of weakening a nation's military; military rule as a form of national glamour; scandals involving the Armed Forces; industrial espionage; fires in national hospitals; rioting over national health care; delusions about military strength; military spying or spies. (Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Thus two important midpoint pictures are formed with Moon ruling 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Money, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Transformations, etc; Sun ruling 9th house of Foreign Lands and Travel, Philosophy, Higher Education, Religion, and Foreign Enemies.

Mars, here at Venus' degree on 9/11/01 (which is also the degree of the Sun/Moon in the King of Alarm Eclipse chart of August 11, 1999), is posited in 9th house indicating males with strong opinions, possibly religious fervor, and a restless need for travel; this Mars position may signify a foreign enemy; plus, '18Leo+' triggers the still-sensitive 1999 Eclipse and stimulates issues from the attacks of 9/11 and the resulting security considerations (tr Ceres still near tr Pluto in Capricorn, in this New Moon chart the pair have just crossed 2nd cusp into 1st house.)

Mars/Neptune = Moon: crooks; a danger of infection; weak, sick, or moody women; sensitivity; feelings of inferiority; nervous weakness; feeling off-course; indecision; apprehension about struggles with deceptive or misleading activities; fluctuating anger toward visions.

Mars/Neptune = Sun: new plans are illuminated; situational changes; added effectiveness to the impact of a deception or an illusion; a noted, distinguished magician or mystic; weakened intensity of influential people; discontent; lack of willpower; the undermining of health; weak vitality or the dissolution of a body.

(All midpoint pics on this blog are from Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey; as always, some, none, or all may apply, especially when triggered by transits or progressions.)

So the above Mars/Neptune activities may be said to be masked or hidden by the lack of light of May 13's New Moon and certain activities may then surface or be revealed by the light of May 27's Full Moon!

Ascending in the New Moon horoscope, we see 4Sag35, therefore we look to chart-ruler Jupiter's applying aspects to glean how events may proceed as the darkened Moon gains in light until culmination at the Full Moon of May 27 (6Sag33 @ 7:07:15 pm edt Capitol Bldg; Sun conjunct Pan 6Sag37, a trickster element which may suggest a level of panic; Sun in a mundane chart = the leader; Moon = the populace.)

May 13's New Moon chart-ruler, Jupiter, makes three applying aspects:

1. opposition Saturn (1A47; almost exact - 10 years on, this is the fulfillment or culminating stage of May 28, 2000's Great Conj of Jupiter and Saturn @ '23Tau' which heralded the New Millennium's out-of-control greed and corruption; also, Jup = Rs, Sat = Ds);

2. sextile Sun and Moon (3A08); (Moon sextile Jupiter = the Ray of Hope aspect, says Alan Oken; Sun sextile Jupiter = our leader may travel afar, and approach his goals with a new enthusiasm));

3. conjunct Uranus (3A14) @ 00Ari18 on June 8, 2010; Uranus = AP indicates a time of historic breakthroughs in Science, Genetics, Explorations, Religion and Philosophy, Technology, Finances, Politics, Arts, Astrology, and more...these possibilities are expanded or increased by Jupiter's presence with Uranus @ AP.

As you see, there are many factors worth noting in the New Moon chart including the influence of the earthy, materialistic sign of Taurus and its underbelly traits of intolerance and greed. But since you, dear reader, know a bunch about Taurean traits already, I shall skip to the one planetary pattern configured here in the New Moon horoscope: the Mutable Fixed Square between the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn and an apex Venus 22Gem48 in 7th house of Partnership, Legal Affairs, and Open Enemies.

First, their midpoint picture, some of which is notated on the chart (with mdpt credit due to those mentioned above); I am leaving out the romantic implications for the sake of Political Astrology...

Jup/Sat = Venus: hypersensitivity about one's ego-position; a lack of endurance or tenaciousness; discontent; increased appreciation for the value of planning and organization; a touch of reserve; jealousy about recognition given to others.

When Venus (values; evaluations; relationships; attractions; smaller amounts of money; revenge) is the apex or focal planet in a Mutable T-Square, we find persons who may be social butterflies possessing strong drives toward sociability and/or social awareness.

Yet values may not be compatible with those attracted so relationships present challenging problems with emotional tensions, jealousies, and feelings of inequality. Apex Venus in T-SQ expects things to come easy with little or no effort since constant satisfaction is desired; complacency, laziness, and passivity are cautions.

In a Mutable T-SQ, apex Venus indicates one who is fickle and uncertain of personal values; 'space' to emotionally breathe within partnerships is deemed a necessity, and the ability to come and go as one pleases is a must due to the restlessness of the Mutable quality.

Yet if Venusian energies are well-managed in a Mutable T-SQ, diplomacy and fair play may result.

The Ideal is sought, and the stability of having staid Saturn within the T-SQ helps apex Venus stick around long enough to resolve conflicts caused by the blocking squares (90 degrs) from both Jupiter and Saturn...

Venus SQ Jupiter = indulgent and careless about responsibilities; outgoing when things are going well but obstinate and hard to deal with when they are not; in dealings with people compromise and adjustments are offered yet these may be empty gestures; resentful if forced to act; tends to be demanding; deceptive tactics may be resorted to in order to gain attention; skillful communications abilities are the greatest asset; feels suspicious of others' hostility, and anxious that they will try to take advantage; not overly generous due to a belief that generosity is 'not really appreciated'.

Venus SQ Saturn = difficulties in relating to others; meeting them halfway must be learned; feels left out of the mainstream's social situations; unwilling to accept responsibility; on the defensive and concerned that others will make too many demands; needs to chillax, indulge in less self pity, and cooperate with others; indicates difficult work environments especially in fields of banking, finance, real estate, insurance, law, trade and commerce, or design. (Rob Pelletier, Planets in Aspect.)

Note: Venus out-of-bounds increases the planet's traits noted above especially where feelings of insecurity, inequality, or inferiority are concerned. And you may wish to read of the New Moon's Sabian Symbol at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the New Moon chart.

Well, with the transiting midpoint of Saturn/Neptune and its 'losses-delusions-denials' vibe still hanging about upon our US natal ASC (Sibly, '13Sag'), we may wish to reconsider the midpoint picture thus formed...

Tr Saturn/Neptune = n ASC: noticing the pretenses or false intentions of others; confinement; a loner or one who feels 'out of the group'; oppressive family circumstances; a limitation of freedom; emotional suffering caused by others; illness.

So you may wish to add insights to this analysis and I hope you feel free to do so in a Comment for this post. Or if you have an alternate analysis of May 13, 2010's New Moon in Taurus, email it to: judecowell at gmail dot com and I will happily consider publishing it here on SO'W.

Until then, lay low this week during the Dark of the Moon when sneaky forces may be afoot and things may look quite different than they really are when cast beneath the shadows of the night.


Mutable T-Square info from Bil Tierney's excellent book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Apr 18, 2009

The Life of Nostradamus + 1999's King of Alarm Eclipse

It is my opinion that the world hasn't been the same since the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 with its stressful Grand Cross hung upon the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs of Taurus (ox), Leo (lion), Scorpio (eagle), and Aquarius (angel), and that this relates to Revelation's prophecy of the angels letting go the winds of war and strife.

Now you don't have to agree with my Biblical view of the Eclipse, but you can't deny that the world is experiencing increasing numbers of wars and strife, can you?

This difficult Solar Eclipse in the 1 North Series was predicted hundreds of years ago by physician, seer, and astrologer Michel de Nostradame, known in modern times as Nostradamus, and it has a few nicknames you've heard before: the Mother of All Eclipses, King of Alarm Eclipse, King of Terror Eclipse, and Nostradamus' Eclipse. Some have said (astrologer Nicholas Campion, if memory serves) that there is a difficult financial component to the Eclipse as well.

Well, considering the attacks of 9/11/01 on the World Trade Center and the gold in the Tower's basement along with Deustche Bank's offices there (and other financial institutions, if memory serves), a financial component seems probable since that's what has been rapidly changing for the worse in the New Millennium (except for the power elite - they're cornering the world's wealth. Do you know it? Can you feel it?)

Yes, financial collapse has issued forth like ripples on a pond from September 11, 2001 to 2008/09's financial crisis - and this reluctant astrologer suspects that the ill effects of greed, corruption, and the 'big plans for world domination' of the select few are continuing to reverberate with excessive war costs destroying the American economy as the US military industrial complex grinds down the dreams of future generations while "collaterally" killing and maiming millions of innocent people along with those who stand up to it.

Written during the Bush-Cheney terms in office, here's my post on the King of Alarm Eclipse with chart image, if you'd care to view. Do notice the Images for Integration for Sun Leo-Moon Leo of this Eclipse...especially the second one about the 'new king.'

Here's a site with the most complete story on the life of Nostradamus that I've ever found, down to the French-with-English-translation of his epitaph.

Now in case the above-linked image of the 8.11.99 Eclipse chart doesn't display well enough for your squinty peepers, here it is again - but you may want to click the link above to read my notes on the Eclipse.

And click the image below to enlarge for viewing some basic info added to the chart:

Note Venus triggering 1999's Eclipse degree; two more posts on the subject:

The Fed expected to cut rates today from September 18, 2007 about the worsening 'credit crunch'; included: Sept 18, 2007 was the 60th birthday of the CIA, with the agency's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (3 North) being the PE of the attacks of 9/11/01...synchronicity at play? Plus, 9/11's Neptune '6AQ', at its Founding of Islam degree..."A Performer of a Mystery Play."

Or, if you prefer for 9/11's Neptune: '7AQ'..."A Child Born of an Eggshell"...'EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL MAN for the New Age' (Rudyar); America's primary White Lodge, akaThe White House, has a certain room shaped like an egg: the Oval Office. Synchronicity at play once again?

Then there's King of Alarm Eclipse of August 1999, which was written in January 2008 and contains...well, you'll just have to see!

Note on Commenting: all pertinent comments are welcomed here (although moderated) because we're all in this together, m'peops. And one little planet Earth is all any of us have got.

Jan 3, 2009

2009: 10 reasons to hope and 3 to fear

10 Reasons to be Hopeful about 2009, 3 Reasons to be Terrified

By Sarah van Gelder

We're entering a new year at a time unlike any other in recent memory. Here are 10 reasons I'm filled with hope as I look ahead at 2009 - and three reasons I'm terrified.#

Sarah van Gelder is editor of Yes! Magazine which I've only discovered this very day. Check out her reasoned reasons when you can but ixnay on the earfay - that's just what terror promoters, who really came into their own with the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, want us to feel - so I refuse!

The 1999 Eclipse is what Nostradamus called the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse and who could now disagree with the fabled and ancient astrologer that things haven't been the same since?

Of course, if we think for one moment that terror promoters aren't perfectly capable of using Astrology and of reading Nostradamus' or any other prophet's predictions, we'd be quite wrong, wouldn't we?


See horoscope chart of the King of Alarm Eclipse with a few details, if you wish.

This Eclipse is from the 1 North Series whose keywords include: avoid hasty decisions because information is distorted and possibly false.

Ya think, oh pretenders of banking and charlatans of politics? What busy little bees you've been since 1999.

~:~ Eclipse info from Brady's Preditive Astrology.

Jan 20, 2008

'King of Alarm' Eclipse of August, 1999

The Aug 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, aka the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse was predicted by Nostradamus many moons ago and is published tonight by yours truly, your reluctant astrologer for this evening.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse, which ushered in the New Millenium, is from the 1 North Series, given by Bernadette Brady in her Predictive Astrology as:

fatigue or health problems; unexpected events involving groups or friends place massive pressures on personal relationships; issues loom large but avoid hasty decisions because info is distorted or possibly false.

I'll say! Some call it the Mother of All Eclipses...anyway, check out the chart if you've never seen it--it's quite a doozy.

As I signed in to post this entry I belatedly noticed that Blogger can now publish in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew--very kewl, Blogger!

Well no, I can't read or write any of them, but I did once practice writing backwards and upside down simultaneously in my salad days of yore...and created my own alphabet to keep a nosey brother out of my diary's business. Funny that I keep 'personal' weblogs all over the place now. Hmmm.

Anway, if this new facility introduces and encourages new bloggers to the Blogger format, I say, Welcome and Well-met!

Sep 18, 2007

the Fed expected to cut rates today

With moneybags Jupiter conjunct America's natal Ascendant (Sibly, 5:10 pm lmt), the Fed may be announcing a rate cut at 2:15 pm edt in an attempt to bolster the soft US economy and give the worsening credit crunch room to improve.

Here are the midpoint pictures for 2:15 pm today in Washington, two of which have the Virgo Sun as focal point:

Mercury/Saturn = Sun: changes of residence (like when houses are foreclosed upon?); getting down to work; knowing what's got to be done; discipline pays off; making a go of it.

Mars/ASC = Sun: arguments or an inhospitable milieu; having to adjust things forcibly; excitability; intense teamwork.

Venus/Jupiter = MC: wonderment at feelings of success (really? Well, Venus and Jupiter are associated with money so perhaps this refers to the wheeler dealers who had to know this subprime market mess was coming--and who never really lose. It's true that the Venus/Jupiter duo is also linked to wastefulness yet maybe this midpoint picture refers to the rate cut--if Bernanke announces it--and that it will improve matters);

NN/MC = Pluto: organizing power; attaining success in partnerships by use of force; leadership; success; great achievements shared with others. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Venus today has returned to her degree on 9/11/01 which is also the Sun/Moon degree of the Mother of All Eclipses of Aug 11, 1999...the one foretold by Nostradmus centuries ago.

Some have termed this the King of Terror Eclipse in their attempt to ferret out the seer's (astrologer's!) idiomatique phrases of olde, but Nicholas Campion calls it the King of Alarm Eclipse. All three titles describe what the world has seen since 1999.

Personally I believe that the 1999 Eclipse is described in Revelation as the time the angels let go the winds of war--which is also what the world has seen. Disagree if you like. But that's just the way I roll.

btw: our problematic CIA turns 60 years old today, and was 'born' with a Scorpio Moon--appropriate for spying and investigation (Scorpio.)

The CIA officially came about in the 3 North (3N) Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE):

an overexcessive family of eclipses whose main theme is news concerning a young person or which transforms a situation; large plans and activities may wish to be undertaken and will have positive outcomes as long as they are kept modest. (Brady, Predictive Astrology.)

Where have we seen the 3N Series before? It's the PE of the attacks of 9/11.

Jul 30, 2007

Jupiter conjunct Saturn, May 2000

"Our only political party has two right wings, one called Republican, the other Democratic. But Henry Adams figured all that out back in the 1890s. 'We have a single system,' he wrote, and 'in that system the only question is the price at which the proletariat is to be bought and sold, the bread and circuses.'"

Gore Vidal, The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

You gotta love it when you find someone agreeing with you!

The above quote from Gore Vidal has inspired me to look yet again at the chart for the Jupiter (R-Party)--Saturn (D-Party) conjunction of May 28, 2000 through which the world is now slogging (Jup/Sat = 20 year cycle)--and what a pretty picture it is when the Rs and Ds coordinated yet again to bolster joint plans and make arrangements to sock it to The People.

Jupiter conj Saturn:

Using May 28, 2000, 12:02 pm edt, White House, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter (expansion principle) and Saturn (restriction principle) took place at Midheaven, the WHY? or Goal/Aspirations Point of the chart.

With MC 22Tau22, this gives three midpoint pictures to consider:

Jup/Sat = MC: thinking with grandeur; the philosopher; fluctuating success; changes; losses.

Jup/MC = Saturn: discontent; a happy change; non-utilization of opportunities; a missing of the right moment; cautious pursuit of opportunities; respect for the rules; long-lasting endeavors pay off with long-lasting rewards.

Sat/MC = Jupiter: changing fortunes; clinging to hopes or trying to look at the good side of things; simplicity; modesty (!); contentment; doing things right or how they are expected to be done; keeping things as they are or changing things to how they should be done for maximum security.

Pallas, an asteroid whose keywords include strategy, is at the Aug 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse degree of 18Leo+ (that's Nostradamus' King of Alarm Eclipse), which is also vengeful Venus' degree on the morning of 9/11/01.

Opposite Pallas is asteroid, Cupido, from which we get the word, cupidity, meaning, desire for wealth. Asteroid, Cupido also relates to the community or family groups (which would include the Syndicate and the mafia.)

The chart's 8th cusp (money of others, debt, insurance, legacies, credit, transformations; death; the occult/"hidden") has secretive, obfuscating, dissolving Pisces upon it (using Placidus House system which I tend to stick with unless looking at charts from centuries ago--then Regiomantanus--that's just how I roll.)

Within 8th house we see the Moon (The People; the public; publicity; changes and fluctuations) at 3Aries14. Whenever I see an Aries Moon, I always think of terror-promoter Robespierre and his love of saying, I AM the people.

But back to the 2000 conjunction--and here's where it gets really icky...

Also at MC (Goals; Aspirations; WHY?) with Jupiter and Saturn are two asteroids of archetypal importance esp when you consider what's go on since 2000.

Sigma: keyphrases: good judgement, moral sanity leading to moderation, temperance, and self-control; restraint. 'Sigma' stands for Greek goddess, Sophrosyne, and is of philosophical significance (as are the Jupiter-Saturn combo.)

Wonder what happened there? Moral sanity and moderation were their Goals? Puh! More like their goals to destroy.

Perhaps the addition of this particular and difficult 2nd asteroid understandably complicates the picture for that it's more like:

Nemesis: keyphrases: to give what is due; one who brings justice or revenge; a source of harm or ruin; a fatal divinity; retributive justice in its outcome or execution; an inescapable punishment for human presumption; an unbeatable opponent (Bush's 'election'? al Qaeda's rise? Jupiter conjuncted Saturn for al Qaeda, too.)

So this is what the 'New Millennium' has brought us so far, in good part thanks to our illusory, deceptive "two-party system" which royally s*cks. And they have the audacity and presumption to call themselves the elite !

Stewardship - or major pocket-lining?

Either way, fear-mongering and terror-touting are the order of the day while the Rs and Ds still rule the roost ad nauseum...and final dispositor Mercury in the 2000 Conjunction chart is at "28Gemini", the "Bankruptcy" degree...and all sides are proving masterfully that they know exactly how to bankrupt America.