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Aug 30, 2018

Trump Inauguration's Solar Return 2019

Today just a quick posting of the Solar Return 2019 Horoscope of the 2017 Inauguration of Donald Trump (January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC) with a few chart notes to follow:

The POTUS Sun (or, Oath of Office Sun) returns to its 2017 degree of 00AQ49 on January 20, 2019 at 11:36:15 pm est Washington DC during an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes, publicity) with Moon in 10th house of Career and Public Status and the North Node of the Moon @26Can46 denoting public contacts and future direction. Opposite in 4th house is the POTUS Sun @00AQ49 in what is nearly a Full Moon which suggests awareness, fulfillment, or some sort of culmination for "something has gone full circle and a completion is at hand" (C. Teal).

Yet good fortune for the White House is also suggested by a Full Moon in a Solar Return chart. A Solar Return Moon in Leo denotes potentials for increased vitality, a possible reward or honor, coming under the spotlight (especially in the visible 10th house), and/or finding a new center of attraction or interest. However, critical degrees are at MC and IC (20Can/Cap) so events may be in crisis mode and the POTUS Sun is apex of the Jupiter-Neptune midpoint (see chart, upper right), the speculator pair. This condition is not aided by Saturn and Pluto, both karmic, at the Foundation (IC) of the chart, their midpoint (17Cap30) activating the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of NWO planets, Uranus and Neptune (see chart, lower right). Plus, we naturally think of the harsh Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 which will exactly conjunct the natal Vertex of Donald Trump (a point of fated encounters).

Yet the 2019 Solar Return POTUS Sun is afflicted by a square from disruptive Uranus, a time when the actions and decisions of others rule and challenge Trump's goals, plus, the separative South Node (the 'tail of the dragon') on October 27, 2018 will swipe our POTUS Sun thus limiting Trump's power and leadership ability. Of course, the cosmic event of SN to POTUS Sun occurs approximately every 18.6 years, the last time in Spring 2000 when President Bill Clinton visited South Asia. Will Trump leave the continent to forget his troubles a while?

Plus, there is more to the 2019 Solar Return Moon for it acts as the handle of a Bucket shape of planets linking two halves of hemispheres (here, public and private) and shows where a release of intense energies is found. The Moon here acts in similar fashion to the lead planet of a Locomotive shape where an executive urge toward success is the goal. As Bucket handle at MC, allegiances are adapted to where efforts count the most and others are inspired by Luna's unremitting zeal (Jones). And of course, any Mundane Moon represents The People or, the public.

With a Libra Ascendant, chart-ruler Venus in 2nd house @14Sag36 applies only once, to conjunction with Jupiter, also in 2nd house but Scorpio is on the 2nd cusp. Venus also rules the corporate 8th house and her hook-up with Jupiter describes conditions of exaggeration, overindulgence, overstatement, ostentation, a lack of a sense of proportion, and a wasting of good fortune. Of course, Libra is the sign of the Scales of Justice so Trump's ongoing legal battles are suggested and with his natal speculator trio of Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter rising--his natal 2nd house Jupiter (17Lib27 Station Direct) precisely rising. And we'll surely hear more of Trump's protestations of "it's not fair!," a favorite complaint of a Libran Jupiter.

And there's chaos-lover Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries again (7th house of Partners and Open Enemies) with its tendencies toward fanaticism, blind zeal, violence, reformist urges, anarchy, and violence (Ebertin). Deceptive Neptune @14Pis35 is in 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking after completing the fifth and final return to natal position in the founding horoscope of the Republican Party--and still conjoining fixed star Achernar with its crisis at the end of the river and risk of rapid endings themes.

Now more clues may be found in the day's Air-Fire Sun AQ-Moon Leo blend of energies via a fabled leader who was born under the blend's auspices for his famous remark reminds us of Mr. Trump's tiresome despotic tendencies: "My people and I have come to an agreement...they are to say what they please, and I am to do as I please." Of course, Trump cares very much what people say--about him! For his nibs it's all about appearances and 'good' public relations no matter how deceptive the 'good' may be--and the more publicity the better. So maybe the 10th house 2019 Solar Return Moon in Leo will fill that attention-grabbing bottomless pit of his for a while.

In closing, we know that the Full Moon hinted at here actually perfects on January 21, 2019 @00Leo52 as a Lunar Eclipse, the second eclipse of 2019 after the Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn in the 2 South Saros Series and of course, both eclipses add additional karmic implications and 'wild card' Uranian energies to the Solar Return 2019 of Donald Trump's White House tenure. And if the alleged 'good fortune' comes to pass may it relate to a return to his previous life in New York for Mr. Trump even though the idea of a theocratic Pence presidency is more frightening and anti-American than many of us can now fully realize.

A Related Post:The Natal Horoscope of Donald Trump with Mike Pence's Planets.

For more Return details see Celeste Teal's Identifying Planetary Triggers.

Dec 27, 2017

January 30, 2018 Horoscope: Trump SOTU Address

January 19, 2018 UPDATE: just adding a link to the Lunar Eclipse in Leo which perfects near Trump's natal Pluto at 8:26 am est January 31st--the morning after Mr. Trump's SOTU Address.

Original post begins here:

On November 30, 2017, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sent Mr. Trump the traditional invitation to address a Joint Session of Congress on January 30, 2018 which technically will be Mr. Trump's first State of the Union Address, or, SOTU.

Most SOTU Addresses have begun at 9:00 pm est in the House Chamber of the Capitol Building so if the unconventional Uranian Donald Trump follows suit (and for broadcasting purposes, why wouldn't the limelight hog?), we can set up a horoscope for January 30, 2018 9:00 pm est Capitol Hill and see what we see. Just such a horoscope is pictured here, plus, a dual chart of SOTUS 2015 and 2016 is shown below for the sake of comparison:

Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Mercury (planet of speeches and SOTUs) makes no applying aspects and is at a critical 29th degree (Capricorn) in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits. On this day, Mercury rises with a difficult fixed star, Scheat, which usually acts as a malefic so if I were you, I wouldn't expect a sunny SOTU from Mr. Trump whose Inaugural 2017 Address described a bleak America. Under one year of his administration, bleakness has certainly arrived if it wasn't here before.

Now the SOTU 2018 Sun AQ-Moon Leo blend is penned on the chart, upper right, and imho closely fits Mr. Trump's personality. This blend is shared by astrologer Evangeline Adams and by despot Frederick the Great (see a quote from Freddy, lower left, which quite describes the state of the union under Donald Trump.

As you see, the recent Solar Eclipse influences remain in force and for SOTU 2018 at 9:00 pm est conjoins the cusp of the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. This is the 1 North (aka, 'the Mother of all Eclipses') Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo conjunct royal Regulus and Donald Trump's natal Ascendant--The Great American Eclipse, so-called. Have you felt Mr. Trump and his minions eclipsing America yet? Why not?

Below: SOTU 2015 (lower left, with cyber issues) and SOTU 2016 (upper right, realism, tackling the truth):

Dec 26, 2017

Horoscope: Leo Lunar Eclipse Jan 31, 2018 and more

Here is a DC Horoscope of the first eclipse of 2018, a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, plus, a brief review of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2018 and links to further details:

Image: Lunar Eclipse @11Leo37 January 31, 2018 8:26:39 am est Capitol Building Washington DC USA across the 6/12 Virgo-Pisces axis; Hour of the Moon; Moon conjunct North Node, Sun conjunct South Node and Venus. The Previous Solar Eclipse @28Leo52 of August 21, 2017 (The Great American Eclipse) was Total across America, 'splitting' it North and South, and manifested in the 1 North Saros Series.

After the January 31st Lunar Eclipse in Leo comes its accompanying Solar Eclipse on February 15, 2018 @27Aquarius, what I've termed the 'We The People' Eclipse in the 1 South Saros Series because it conjoins US natal Moon in our late afternoon US natal chart/s of July 4, 1776.

Now as you know, a Lunar Eclipse that occurs prior to an accompanying Solar Eclipse suggest a period of decline and a passive response to the influences of the Solar Eclipse since it's a waning period of time from Full Moon to New Moon. With these two eclipses the Leo-Aquarius self-will polarity vs humanitarian efforts are concerns as 2018 begins--all eclipses are 'wild cards' of the Universe for they can disrupt like quirky planet Uranus, with their themes acting in similar fashion to a computer program 'running in the background' of society. This Leo-AQ influence spotlighted by 'cosmic blinks' in early 2018 may be a veiled reference to the self-interested, strong-willed Mr. Trump's rising Leo Mars opposing US natal Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, a passionate pairing that suggests potentials for antagonism, anger, mishaps, or even danger. Unfortunately, his 'finger on The Button' comes to mind along with the certainty of breakdowns of various sorts.

Then there's the Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 @21Cancer in the 2 Old North series (Mr. Trump's PE series), and the last 2018 Lunar Eclipse @5Aquarius on July 27th conjunct US natal South Node so perhaps more than the usual amount of unconscious material and secrets may be revealed from our nation's (or Donald Trump's) past and weaknesses inconveniently exposed.

The final eclipse of 2018 is a significant Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018 @19Leo in the 2 New North Saros Series, aka, The Tower Eclipse which for obvious reasons may relate directly to Donald Trump and thus to America and its crumbling infrastructure, neglected for decades by Washington politicians who'd rather militarize the world and fund construction projects in foreign countries instead of spending our tax monies on our needs here at home.

Jan 22, 2009

Jan 26 Solar Eclipse leads to Lunar Eclipse Feb 9

If you're wanting some Lunar Eclipse info for the February 9 Eclipse 21Leo00, then Julie Demboski is on the case for you.

She's got details on this Leo Moon with asteroids, too, and if you check out her Recent Posts column, you'll discover her thoughts on January 26, 2009's Solar Eclipse for which we await...

Visit Julie's article Eclipse, February 2009 for the particulars!

Seldom does this reluctant astrologer find time for blogging on Lunar Eclipses - time is barely found for Solar ones! - so I'll simply add a few notes on February 9's Sun AQ-Moon Leo combo remembering that a Leo Moon, eclipsed or not, has a reigning need for applause, approval, and recognition! Yet by being 'eclipsed', this Leo Moon may indicate the lowering of their approval meters.

AQ = Air; Leo = Fire:

Air-Fire blends are the 'live wires' in the bunch and this energy is much needed within the collective with all that's 'on the table' in Washington and elsewhere. Gettin' busy! And getting serious.

Sun AQ-Moon Leo is a social reformer combo that radiates a powerful commitment to uplift and improve the quality of life for others. A caution here is that humanitarianism and egoism can get mixed up.

Even so, rebellion is done with flair and style, for there's nothing mediocre or ordinary about this blend. This is a tender-hearted idealist who thrives on love and affection, a romantic poet who tends to see the best in people and therefore is often able to bring it out!

(If President Obama can bring out the positive energies from the R and the D parties, I'll be happy as a worries, mate.)

Image for Integration: A modern actress takes a bow, then leads the audience to a political demonstration. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, there's a bunch of 'political demonstrating' we need now because the US government needs to demonstrate to we-the-people that it isn't fallen into facism, and our representatives in Washington and in every burgh across the land need to remember that public service isn't meant for nest-feathering and pocket-lining.

As per Barack Obama.

So 'get with it', doltish politicians of all stripes - America got into its many messes thanks in large part to your shadowy doins' and black-hearted perfidies...fix it and show enough ethical behavior so that foreign investors (for one) will stop running and screaming from Wall Street and from the untrustworthy three-sets-of-books banking system of America.

Well? Are we keeping this republic or what?