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Nov 30, 2020

Biden's Fractured Foot reflected by the Lunar Eclipse?

As you've heard, President-Elect Joe Biden fractured his foot on Saturday while playing with his dog Major and will likely need a "a walking boot for several weeks".

Astrologically, we may expect multiple cosmic influences to be in effect when an event manifests in the physical world but one factor that 'stands out' (sorry!) in this case is the nearness of his accident on November 28th to the November 30, 2020 Lunar Eclipse @8Gem38. As you know, eclipses are Uranian 'wild cards' and therefore can disrupt and/or reveal events early, late, or never. And if you're familiar with the natal chart of Joseph R. Biden then you know that this Gemini Lunar Eclipse 'eclipsed' his natal 7th house Saturn, ruler of bones, retrograde @9Gem57.

Of course, Saturn also rules such things as karma, stoppages, loss, the demands of responsibility, issues of accountability, authority, management, separation, and other realms but let's avoid considering that such accidents sometimes can be a plea for a break or an easing of Saturnian burdens! That's if the Biden campaign's explanation of 'slipping while walking his dog' holds up for the duration. And perhaps it's time for a bone density scan! Otherwise, it's too murky to imagine what sinister forces could be threatening from behind the scenes especially considering the mobster atmosphere now prevalent in the US. Yet if there are actors with sinister intent, I'd have to guess that the Fed, the National Treasury, currency valuation, and/or other financial matters could well be involved (because eclipse Sun 8Sag38 conjuncts The Fed's New Moon of 1910 during their secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia). But that's only a wild guess.

And since Pisces is the sign of the feet, it appears significant that transit Neptune conjunct Biden's natal IC (4th house cusp of the Domestic Scene - slipping = Neptune; at home: 4th house) has expressed in the physical world in a visible way. And yet the possibility of Neptune's tendency toward veils, illusion, and deception cannot be completely ruled out at this early date.

Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse Sun opposes Joe Biden's natal Saturn, not the easiest transit for a natal Saturn to manage for it suggests that the more responsibilities he takes on these days, the more there will be to take on. Plus, higher authorities could expect former VP Biden to execute plans that he isn't prepared for, or he may have balked at certain commands. (Please note that I type as one who no longer believes that the US presidency makes "the most powerful man in the world", if indeed it ever did; disagree as you wish!) This transit is not a period of time when the President-Elect can count on luck to see him through but its ill effects should hopefully be short-lived. Except for the visual reminder for the public of his walking cast - for several weeks (or months).

Any of this as it may or may not be, I wish President-Elect Biden a very speedy recovery!

Feb 13, 2020

Spring Equinox 2020's 2nd House Planetary Pairs

More on Spring Equinox 2020

by Jude Cowell

February 13, 2020: If you've watched Revealing Light Tarot's reading covering the Next 6 Months you've noticed Mary Ann's focus on the month of March which naturally contains Spring Equinox 2020 (March 19 11:49 pm ET), a horoscope that serves for the entire year and marks the moment when the Sun conjuncts the Aries Point of World Events. And if you use the late afternoon US natal chart of July 4, 1776 that I tend most to use, this times the Sun's entrance into America's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland (with its 4/10 Security implications). The following post is my attempt at an additional consideration of Spring Equinox 2020 (the horoscope set for Washington DC) and the emphasis created by the chart's 2nd hou$e planetary pairs opposing the corporate 8th hou$e. Obviously, we must keep in mind other matters of the 8th house which include death, transition, the occult, shared resources, taxes, debt and credit, and/or insurance.

Mars as 2nd-house Trigger conjuncts Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn

In the Spring Equinox 2020 Horoscope (chart shown) we find a full 2nd house (National Treasury; Values; Earning Ability) suggesting a heavy focus on financial matters, if not economic, budgetary, and/or currency concerns. So let's consider the planetary pairs therein for more information in the Realms of Politics and Business as provided by Michael Munkasey and the Hegelian model (creating problems then 'solving' them the way that was already intended).

First, a few basics:

2nd cusp 25Sag19 makes money bags Jupiter the 2nd-house ruler; Jupiter also rules 4th house with its cusp @6Pis46 along with the 'help' of deceptive loss-leader Neptune, planet of fraud and mergers. Transit Jupiter first conjoins Pluto (1A54) suggesting The Fed, then Saturn (7A040) pointing toward a new social, political, and economic order (see the Jupiter-Saturn link, below). Placements in 2nd house include the drain of the Moon's South Node, the tail of the dragon, suggesting a neurotic reliance on past tactics that are no longer effective, and most folks agree that Trump has certainly plopped our National Treasury resources into the red, in large part due to his Tax Cuts for the wealthy (Corporate Socialism for the 1%!). That the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is intercepted across the 2/8 axis in the Spring Equinox 2020 chart denotes karmic conditions which must be addressed via its Moon-Saturn influences of ambition, strategy, and direction. Saturn-ruled Capricorn's involvement implies investments and Wall Street trading with depressive Moon-Saturn vibes. However, taking direct action to solve problems can always mitigate this.

Meanwhile, with 24Scorpio46 rising, 2nd-house Mars is chart-ruler (and activating trigger), plus, the warrior planet also rules the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking (5th cusp 8Ari17). And with Mars @22Cap35, the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 is thereby activated suggesting potentials for: ruthlessness, violence, and/or 'the necessity to fight for existence' (Ebertin). Munkasey adds 'the need to use whatever means or power available to continue working' and as we know, royalist Trump keeps claiming for himself expansive powers that break the parameters placed in the US Constitution = unconstitutional behavior of the Executive Branch morphing the US government into an imperial monarchy.

Plus, a nod should be made toward the 6th house of Work and Service (Civil, Military, Police, etc), and Health which contains disruptive Uranus @4Tau32 (in Taurus = seeking unusual sources of funding; environmental concerns) and money planet Venus @15Tau56 (conservative in Taurus yet luxury-loving). Together the Venus-Uranus pair relates to money matters such as extravagant spending, waste, eventual bankruptcy, plus, estrangement and relationship break-ups.

So here are some of the potentials of the planetary pairs posited in the 2nd-house with a few comments and a steel industry link included by yours truly:

Mars-Jupiter Thesis: action taken in response to legal judgments (Barr shortening Roger Stone's sentence?); advice which angers or inflames others (ditto); too much legal activity or opinions; religious activities. Anti-thesis: judgment of enemies or those who seek to do battles; misuse of forces; an expansion of military hardware (and funding); legal opinions or judicial cases which affect the military or metal industries.

Mars-Pluto Thesis: security forces allied with the military; conducting clandestine operations; using police or military against criminal elements (oh could we?); attacks using powerful forces and weaponry. Anti-thesis: A police state with rigid military controls; use of suppression and torture as a means of enforcing policy (Trump's dream?); exporting upheaval and political theory to others as an objective; wars, rape, mayhem, chaos.

Mars-Saturn (with Saturn strong in Capricorn at a critical-crisis 29th degree) Thesis: curtailing force or military power by authorities; enforcement of honor through the use of strife or struggle; wars which persist (yep); frustration imposed upon or by criminal elements (Alert: mob boss in the White House!); demands to halt armaments. Anti-thesis: military actions which continue under political or other restrictions; an obligation to use force (NATO?) when restraint is required; the ambitious taking of what belongs to another; an older enterprise becomes angered.

And if we add health to the planetary pictures in consideration of our concerns over Trump's obese medical condition, bad diet, and what looks to be his continual drug use (sniff sniff!), we find that Mars-Jupiter = hip or liver surgery or a major operation, Mars-Pluto = tumors and/or toxic diseases of the sexual organs (late-stage syphilis?), and Mars-Saturn = high blood pressure, blockages (how could a fatty grub not have these?), weak or withered muscles, and/or hyper followed by hypo (Munkasey).

Biologically, to Mars-Jupiter Ebertin adds 'heart muscle' and 'activity of the organs'; to Mars-Pluto: replacement by 'artificial organs and functions' (including dentures); to Mars-Saturn: 'joints, muscles, bones, tendons, sinews, bone or bone marrow inflammation; atrophy of an organ, and/or muscle paralysis, particularly of the breathing mechanism (includes suffocation)'.

(An additional astro-note: today, February 13, 2020, marks the first of three exact oppositions from transit Pluto to Trump's natal Saturn in clannish Cancer and these challenging energies imprint upon the whole of 2020 for him, and thus for our nation (exact again on July 12th and December 20th). Aptly, Trump's abuse of power issues are front and center in the news this very day via his Roger Stone sentencing interference, as you know, along with rigid demands concerning his authority, accountability, and unreliability, demands which are always required by cosmic taskmaster Saturn - his, spotlighted all through 2020 by oppositions from powerful Pluto, planet of manipulation, control, secrets, criminality, and hidden wealth.)

Well, this post is my second pass at the Spring Equinox 2020 Horoscope (aka, Aries Ingress) using a different lens than before. And as always your on-topic comments are welcome (moderated to cull out the ads and trolls!) and my Thanks for any and all Shares which encourage more such SO'W posts! jc

Related 2020 posts include: DC Horoscopes: Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions of 2020 (tri-wheel charts shown), and the order-shifting Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction which ends 2020 on December 21st @00AQ29 - here are the conjunction's Midpoint Pictures and its DC Horoscope.

Sources: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey, and The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

Above image: 'Abandoned Garden with Peonies', a pencil drawing by yours truly.

Sep 7, 2016

DC Horoscope: 2016 Ends with Uranus Station Direct and a New Moon

2016 Ends: Capricorn New Moon and Uranus Direct Station Opposes Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

Here is the Uranus Direct Station chart set for the White House; please enlarge to read my scribbles thereupon:

Hour: Mercury (Rx, in 2nd house of the National Treasury; rules 8th and 10th houses); chart-ruler Mars (7Pis33, 3rd house of Communications) makes only one Ptolemaic aspect--a conjunction with Neptune (9Pis40 conj IC). Mars to Neptune denotes high potential for unwise decisions and actions, confusion and misunderstandings, and undermined efforts. Beware travels by water, poisonous fumes, and people who say, Trust Me (good advice any time!) Also, Mars and the South Node join which indicates disharmonious actions, violence, anger, frustration, and/or war. North Node in 9th house directs attention toward foreign lands but with a sense of criticism and a questioning of militaristic values.

Two Troubling Stars

Now there are two particularly difficult stars attached to this transit chart: Zosma (victimization; ruthlessness) at MC and Facies, one of the most turbulent stars in the heavens (victimization, violence). Facies is spotlighted here by Mercury, Sun, and Moon and by the Syzygy New Moon @7Cap59 (see bottom, left) which perfected 2 hours 35 minutes prior to the turning of Uranus (this chart). The next Full Moon is on January 12, 2017 @22Can27.

A BOWL of Jupiter

This horoscope and event show a BOWL shape with Jupiter @20Lib51 (11th house) leading the other planets and ruling the 2nd house. Career and Public Status are highlighted by Jupiter (The General? the politician? the guru? the CEO?) as he approaches MC, Facies, and the current Solar Eclipse (PE) which occurred on September 1, 2016 in the 19 North Saros Series of realism and tackling the truth but unfortunately the 19N eclipse was opposed by deceptive Neptune (Campaign 2016; scandals; water disasters such as floods and toxins, and leaks of chemicals or of inconvenient info).

Financial Crisis?

So as you see, the 2/8 money axis has 29 degrees on both cusps; 2nd cusp = "30Sag": "The Pope Blessing the Faithful," as I'm certain he does. Yet my suspicious nature feels a Vatican Bank hint coming on...or perhaps a Clinton Foundation scandal involving money laundering. But maybe that's just me--especially since economists and astrologers have been warning of a global financial collapse in 2016 or 2017 (plus, Shemitah!) so perhaps that's what shows in this Uranian transit chart for the end of 2016 into 2017.

Be that as it may, corporate expansionist Jupiter leads the throng here and rules 2nd house of Valuations, Earning Ability, Money, and Possessions and has links to the Federal Reserve System of banks since America's National Treasury is owned and operated by supranational bankers with their funny money scams.

Opposite, the 8th cusp isn't doing much better for it's ruled by retrograde Mercury which is too close to Facies for comfort. Plus, when in Capricorn, Mercury can easily exhibit a cunning, shrewd craftiness motivated by ambition. Whether Mercury expresses such traits or not, having critical-crisis 29th degrees on the 2/8 cusps indicates something on the cusp of change (but hopefully not collapse) in relation to quirky Uranus in Aries (Utopian zealots and anarchists--Ebertin) in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Frivolous Pursuits. Something of that nature will now begin to 'move ahead' but jerkily because it's Uranus.

Jupiter and Uranus

Of wider interest is the current cycle (about 14 years) of Jupiter and Uranus which began with three conjunctions: 1. June 8, 2010 @00Ari18 (the Cardinal Aries Point of World Manifestation); 2. September 19, 2010 @28Pis43; 3. January 4, 2011 @27Pis02. Jupiter-Uranus together can signify a variety of potentials and people such as fortune hunters (Trump, say moi!), organizers, zealots with one-sided views, explorers, inventors, scientists, freedom fighters, and religious conflicts (Ebertin). Optimism and good fortune may also indicated. See Jupiter Meets Uranus by Anne Whitaker.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition denotes a fulfillment, culmination, or extreme awareness of some kind relating back to that particular time period (2010/2011). My suspicion is that austerity measures are in the mix such as with the 'Sequestration' cuts implemented by the so-called 'Super Congress' which is described by the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @2Sag in the 14 North Saros Series as bringing a peculiar turn of events and that is just the kind of 'turn' that suits eccentric, erratic Uranus, the Disruptor.

In closing, and since this is a Political Astrology post, let's consider the Cardinal T-Square formed (though not perfected) by Jupiter-Uranus pointing toward wealthy manipulator and fearmonger Pluto with a paraphrase of Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets which includes Politics and Business potentials and follows the Hegelian Dialect method of social chaos and control.

Jupiter-Uranus = Pluto: Thesis: legal methods applied against a breakdown in order; revolutions or strikes; growth after reforms. Antithesis: religious principles spur reforms; governments that allow no modern reforms; civil war or unrest due to a legal or religious system that stifles justice for common people.

Here America's two-tiered justice system is spotlighted with apex Pluto in a Cardinal T-Square suggesting potentials for explosive endings and/or active confrontations of overwhelming force in order to deal with crises.

For more info on T-Squares and other patterns try Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, 2nd edition.

And speaking of mysterious plutonian wealth hoarders, here's a Recommended Video: Meet the House of Rothschild.

Related: September 2016: Two 'Wild Card' Eclipses.

Mar 19, 2016

March 2016: Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces - Steve Judd

March 19, 2016: here's a freshly posted video from Bermuda by master astrologer Steve Judd concerning the current Venus-Neptune conjunction. Steve also touches on Spring Equinox 2016 which in the Eastern Time Zone perfects Sunday March 20, 2016 at 12:30 am; Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces on March 20th at 1:45 pm EDT:

In Politics and Business, the Venus-Neptune pair provides potentials for an inflated treasury which may be used to manipulate growth, scandals involving the National Treasury, appeals to the ideals of the people (during Campaign 2016), wealth that is derived from the fossil fuel industry, misstatements about internal resources (Trump's tax returns?), monetary fraud, subversives gaining access to finances, spies infiltrating financial branches, and/or art deception (Munkasey). To these I would add the Vatican for its adoration of Mary as feminine goddess, prayers directed at statuary, and graven images.

The current debate over replacing Alexander Hamilton's portrait on the 10-dollar bill vs Andrew Jackson's portrait on the 20-dollar bill with a woman's image may also come under the influence of Venus-Neptune which often includes flattering photographs.