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Mar 2, 2014

"Slipping Into Fiction"-- Max Igan video

In a Hollywood mode of illusion and creativity,here's a previous drawing of mine, Roxy's Red Room:

Now for tonight's premiere presentation by Max Igan:

Why do we allow ourselves to be "ruled"? I love it when Max says, "The powers that believe they be":

A "guiding hand"? A hidden hand? In Astrology, that would be Pluto.

"Slipping into fiction"? Sounds like Neptune's influence and the murky one's 'silver screen' of illusion and appropriate to post this video on the evening of the Academy Awards in Hollywood, California.

Max also addresses the public's fear of speaking out against the system--a province of astrological Saturn--the austere, paternal planet that strongly evinced its influence upon the Collective today turning Rx in Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio, another significator of the hidden hand.

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