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Mar 10, 2023

June-July 2023 Lunations with a Message

June-July 2023: Are We Facing a Debt Default Summer?

by Jude Cowell

The June 18, 2023 Gemini New Moon chart and the culminating Capricorn Full Moon of July 3, 2023 contain a variety of messages including those in relation to America's National Treasury and budgetary concerns which affect the US economy going forward. This time frame concerns debt limit debates, the government running out of money, and potential crises when Republicans think it's a jolly idea to institute such things as another ill-advised government shutdown finagled through refusing to pay our country's already-incurred debts and refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

As you know, the GOP's anti-societal mission includes cutting our social safety net programs (Make Americans Grieve Again?) which would sadistically increase suffering and loss among We the People, and their further machinations could possibly crash the global economy.

Therefore, if a global economic crash is one of the ultimate goals of the GOP, then the long-term plan to remove the US from global leadership will become obvious for even the most apathetic American who for years couldn't be bothered to pay attention to what evil men were up to. And as you know, a period of crisis is the best time to force new forms of government upon the unwilling such as fascist totalitarian regimes which a majority of Americans are completely against.

See ABC News: US debt default could cause "longstanding harm", says Fed Chair Powell. Exactly.

Meanwhile, it's March and congressional Republicans are balking about bringing forth their budget. Well, perhaps they aren't bothering to create one since they have other ideas that don't support a successful nation under the leadership of Democratic President Joe Biden because they prefer chaos instead. Why work on a budget if you have other plans in mind?

Now I'm not saying that all of these difficult economic challenges and consequences are found in the following Lunation Horoscopes for June and July 2023 but if you check out the chart factors highlighted in green (such as MIDAS conjunct Mercury, planet of messages and negotiations, in the New Moon chart), you'll find indications of financial issues and concerns, including banking and corporate planet Jupiter in the money sign of Taurus - but he'll also be playing his roles of politician, preacher, and broadcaster:

Additionally, you'll note that the upcoming Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 in the 8 North Saros Series ('visions and hunches') makes a cameo appearance by way of wounded healer Chiron @19Aries, and that the Sabian Symbol of the Sun in the Full Moon chart reveals a cryptic message meant for America's seat of power, Washington DC.

So to close this post of annoyance with our so-far-gridlocked Congress, here's my illustration of the solar symbol: "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message":

Recommended Reading includes: Will the US Ever Default on Its Debt? Plus, here's a previous post on a related topic via a video segment from Thom Hartmann How China Can and Will Use NAFTA Against America, and here's a previous post showing a view of the 1792 NYSE 'Buttonwood' Horoscope with transit Uranus in Taurus aligning with Wall Street's Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus.

Oct 10, 2019

October 15, 2019: Democratic Debate Number 4

October 10, 2019: the upcoming 2020 Democratic Debate is scheduled for Tuesday October 15, 2019 at 8:00 pm edt and will be hosted by CNN's Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett, plus, the National Editor of the NYT, Marc Lacey. Predictably, this 4th debate is billed as another "showdown" between former VP Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren with 10 other Democratic candidates flanking them onstage. Whether Biden and Warren will fuss'n'tussle as The Media so desires remains to be seen. Why, you'd think the networks and the press make money off the debate's entertainment value, or something, though I do agree it's primarily a performance of America's Political Theater. However, the cosmic weather of the debate's Sun Libra-Moon Taurus combo of energies, with both signs ruled by Venus, suggests that cooperation between the candidates is more likely to be shown than competitiveness, and we may hear the assertion that everyone has the right to health, wealth, and education.

The full line-up of political performers on October 15th consists of Gabbard, Steyer, Booker, Harris, Sanders, (Biden, Warren), Buttigieg, Yang, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, and Castro and will be held at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio where they 'serve the common good' (then it's my kinda place!).

So with the October 15th debate's North Node of future direction @11Can43 in the 3rd house of Communications (8:00 pm Westerville, OH) we can round up to '12 Cancer' which spotlights a certain Sabian Symbol: "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message". You see my artful depiction of this symbol, above left, but its display is not intended as a shout-out to Chinese interference of any kind!

Meanwhile, Venus @9Sco03 in 6th house with debating planet Mercury is chart-ruler because ascending at 8:00 pm is 19Tau12 with the Moon (the public) rising @16Tau12 (it's a "Swords vs Torches' affair!). Chart ruler Venus makes no Ptolemaic aspects to other debate planets but she does trine the North Node of public contacts and future direction, as noted. Will a female be the Democratic nominee or someone's VP pick? Obviously, there is a beneficial feminine touch to the proceedings yet it's the 6th house Mars @7Lib37 which leads a ruthless Locomotive shape of planets toward success and Mars suggests males or a male, and US military and/or civil service issues (such as whistle blowers?! Trump's troop withdrawals for the sake of Russia's ambitions?).

And as you know, health can also be a factor when the 6th house is involved and we think of Senator Sanders' recent heart procedure which casts doubt upon his continuing stamina. Here's hoping Bernie is feeling fine now with his medical problem taken care of.

Yet perhaps the most obvious planetary stand-out in the October 15th horoscope is the rising Moon in Taurus opposing the setting Mercury in Scorpio which paints an appropriate cosmic picture of the 4th debate itself (Taurus-Scorpio issues) and suggests that someone's progress is blocked or frustrated, conflicts flare, ideas and opinions (Mercury) are confronted (opposition), and things that don't run very smoothly. Any, all, or none of these head vs heart potentials may involve the younger (Mercury) candidates challenging the female (Moon) candidates but may also represent a public (Moon) challenged by the ideas and policies (Mercury) of any or some of the Democratic candidates in this debate. Consequently, indecision can be one of the results of the Moon-Mercury opposition which implicates both economic and domestic issues--and lively debates.

We might also note that 4th debate Mars conjoins powerful asteroid Hidalgo which hints at social climbing and may possibly denote Julian Castro. To close, there are only two midpoint pictures in the 4th debate horoscope and both involve planet of The Masses and the Mass Media, Neptune:

Assertive Uranus-MC = Neptune: expecting recognition, and withdrawal if frustrated; and, the patient, wise, and/or inhibited pair of Saturn-ASC = Neptune: over-making a point, and arguments about strange dimensions or obscure things (Tyl). The topics of Trump's crimes, antics, bad decisions, and unsuitability for office may be included here, plus, Big T appears at other places in the chart.

Now naturally there are several more chart factors of note (ex: debate's Syzygy Moon @20Ari13 = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" which is the degree of America's natal Chiron--an injured public will be watching the debate!) but to keep this a post not an e-book, I'll stop here and let you, dear reader, ferret out the rest!

And as always, your on-topic comments and kind shares are welcomed and encouraging. Jude

Oct 20, 2018

DC Horoscope: Nov 8, 2018 Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter to Sagittarius: Financial and Military Matters

by Jude Cowell

Two days after the 2018 Midterm Elections, on November 8, 2018 at 7:40 am est, transit Jupiter enters his own sign of Sagittarius just after the New Moon of November 7th @15Sco11. Below is the DC Horoscope of this cosmic event which marks a significant shift from the Mars-Pluto energies of intense, brooding Scorpio with its materialistic outlook:

Yet as you see, the shift may not be as light as we wish for there are several chart factors denoting both financial and military matters and a president unable to meet all demands or master all situations (Ebertin). This may be seen penned into the center of the chart as the difficult 'death axis' pair of Mars and Saturn combine their energies via midpoint directly upon America's POTUS Sun position (00AQ48 on Jan 20, 2017 = Trump). And of course, the Saturnian South Node, or 'tail of the dragon', is at a critical-crisis degree of 29Cap37 in the 2nd house of Values and the National Treasury, conjoining US Progressed ('SP') Pluto Rx. That two planets of karma are posited in the 2nd house as well with sign Capricorn intercepted suggests karmic conditions which must be dealt with because even Trump and America must reap what's been sown. Note that the Pluto-SN pairing also suggests potentials for war, violence, or other large-scale events which disrupt people's lives and are too large for mere mortals to handle. Refugees crashing trough border walls are suggested.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter emphasizes potentials for justice, religious and moral aspirations, making far-reaching plans, foreign concerns, but also wastefulness and speculation. Philosophically, a hint of Marxism may be involved or even bohemianism with this placement although given present conditions in US society, attempts to convert others to a particular system of beliefs is probably on the Jupiterian menu. This reminds me of the Bush-Cheney Vulcans' deceptive "hearts and minds" propaganda as they invaded and radicalized the Middle East against the West, plus, Jupiter can also play the role of The Broadcaster, for ill or good.

Now Jupiter enters Sagittarius during a Mars Hour, as you see, and Mars rules Scorpio --'27Scorpio' is emphasized by the Ascendant and Moon rising--'27Sco' = "A Military Band on the March". Of course, this may not be America's military band on the march but with impulsive Trump in the Oval Office, all bets are off in the predictability department. With warrior planet Mars as chart-ruler, he applies only once--a square with Jupiter. Potentials for the square are penned on the chart, lower left. Plus, Jupiter as actor in a horoscope also plays many parts such as politician, financier and banker, religious figures...and military Generals.

Jupiter's karmic confrontation degree of '30Scorpio' = "The Halloween Jester" (negative expression: contempt for established values") while his position @1Sag = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire (negative: unhealthy veneration for the past" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones). Having a cycle of approximately 12 years, of interest is that Jupiter last entered Sagittarius in November 2006 and on November 6, 2006, Democrats gained control of both the House and Senate in the 2006 Midterm Elections. Perhaps the history of the 2018 Midterms will rhyme, if not repeat, with Jupiter entering Sagittarius.

Just behind the rising Moon and Jupiter is little Mercury @10Sag = "A Golden=Haired Goddess of Opportunity" and Mr. Trump is nothing if not an opportunist as are his cabinet members under scrutiny for misuse of public funds and other unethical practices. Of course, communicating Mercury rules reporters and political pundits as well as voters and ballots and this Mercury squares the Career Point (MC) which denotes blockages in communications. We should also mention that the Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of all horoscopes, points toward the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 @9Vir21 with unstable Neptune opposite at the IC (Basis) of this horoscope. 19 North themes are: realism, coming down to earth and seeing something for what it really is, and tackling the truth (Brady). And there is radical chaos-creator Uranus Rx @29Ari55 in the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking and in Nodal Degree, a fated or karmic condition as is the Cancer-Capricorn interception across the 2/8 axis of Money, Debt, and Corporatism with Uranus in Aries denoting blind zealots and Utopian anarchists (Ebertin).

As for the 19 North 'realism' eclipse and fraudulent, obscuring, eroding Neptune opposing it, we continue to find ourselves mired within truth vs fiction problems in large part due to Mr. Trump's fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square of falsehoods, misconceptions, and indiscretion for this manifestation of a 19 North Solar Eclipse is the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2016 presidential election and of Inauguration 2017 when saboteurs foreign and domestic placed Trump's fat finger on The Button. For a glimpse of the 2016 eclipse horoscope see The 2016 Eclipse That Heralded The Prevaricator.

Above Image: illustration for '12Cancer' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" which Jones relates to "real community service"; ("negative expression: completely unreasonable demands for recognition") and of course one thinks of Trump's and America's financial links to China; pencil on black paper; image available in my Fine Art America portfolio.