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Dec 6, 2022

Brian Kemp: floating for the Presidency

Brian Kemp (R-GA): Scorpio and an Eclipse in Cancer

by Jude Cowell

On the Wikipedia page of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, we find that he was born on November 2, 1963 in Athens, Georgia (my hometown: sorry!), but the main reason Mr. Kemp is mentioned today on SO'W is because he's chomping at the bit to rise even higher from state to national politics. Well, so far he's exercised effective cheating chops in and around elections which only recommends him to the Republican Party of win-at-any-cost comrades for whom truth is only relative, if it shows up at all.

And although I'm not at liberty to reveal my sources back in Georgia, suffice to say that Mr. Kemp has long been known in the state for acting below board in business dealings and shiftily in politics. For one example, see how in 2019 Kemp quietly settled a lawsuit over a bad business loan. Now some folks might agree with me that "bad" often substitutes for the word corrupt. And most everyone has heard before now of how Kemp cheated his way into the governor's office by counting the votes himself as Georgia's Secretary of State against Democrat Stacey Abrams (December 9, 1973) whose freely available natal chart is rated AA for accuracy. Besides, can you image Secretary of State Brian Kemp honorably counting votes in favor of Stacey Abrams when he could use his official position to "win" the governorship he now enjoys?

Anyway, having found no example of a natal chart for Brian Kemp to link you to, dear reader, here is an unmarked 'noon' horoscope set for November 2, 1963 in Athens, Georgia (in case it should come in handy one day):

To add to the Kemp picture, here are a few notes concerning his Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') which does not depend upon having an accurate birth hour, only a person's date of birth:

Little Brian Kemp (who I should confess is my 17th cousin via my Strickland line) was born into the 1 North Saros Series via a Total Solar Eclipse which manifested on July 20, 1963 @27Can24:09 with themes of:

"Unexpected events involving friends or groups place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large as the eclipse affects the chart; make no hasty decisions for information is distorted or possibly false; attached is an essence of tiredness or health problems" (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

Since 1963, 1 North Eclipses have occurred in the years 1981 (as 'The Reaganomics Eclipse'), 1999 (as the New Millennium's 'Nostradamus Eclipse' of alarm), and in August 2017 as 'The Great American Eclipse' which, you'll remember, raced across and split America from Oregon to South Carolina, and by degree, landed directly upon Tr*mp's natal Mars-Ascendant-Regulus trio. (Who can forget how Dunald removed his safety glasses and looked directly up at the eclipse? Doh! Rather squinty looking now, isn't he?)

So we might suspect that 1 North eclipses time difficulties and turmoil on planet Earth as the 'wild card' they clearly are. Well, good news: the next 1 North eclipse won't occur until September 2, 2035 @9Virgo so at least we have that goin' for us.

Then when one's PE lands in the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer, we can assume that there are connections to psychic ability, to karmic family ties, and to emotional extremes that can cause blockages to karmic development, and result in a lack of personal growth. A tendency to hide in an emotional shell (like a crab on the beach) as a child might do in an attempt to avoid dealing directly with issues may be noticed, or its opposite: being too involved emotionally to see clearly the issues brought by the eclipse. To me this resonates with 1 North Eclipse themes, noted above, such as avoiding decision-making while under pressure, and which possibly involve family members. Or perhaps not dealing with issues at all.

Now besides Brian Kemp, names of other Republicans are being "floated" for the party's 2024 presidential nomination. Two of them have been discussed here previously, one of which is Ron DeSantis, and another (hope you're sitting down!) is John Bolton whose natal planets were compared in a post with those of Herr Tr*mp way back in 2018 when their love was young.

Nov 2, 2010

Democracy Now! interviews Ralph Nader 11.2.10

Listening now to Amy Goodman's interview with Ralph Nader, I was moved to check out Mr. Nader's website and found two articles he's just mentioned: one about corporate serfdom, the other with Ten Questions for the Tea Party.

When Corporations Are the Government is one of Nader's articles that I intend to read after I motor back from the city...and his latest book is entitled Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us (can we wake up old J. P. Morgan?)

For me his book may be too much of a "utopian fantasy" or dream though because whenever I read the word 'utopia' I get the political creeps of the Sir Francis Bacon-Adam Weishaupt kind.

Here are a few natal chart details for crusader Ralph Nader written around the time he announced his 2008 presidential bid. Btw, he's now 75 years old and still crusading.

Jan 17, 2010

Martin Luther King Day 2010

In honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, I'm passing on to you a link to a personal remembrance written by my friend of several years, reporter and writer Terry Burger. Terry relocated to Pennsylvania years ago but still visits the South once in a while.

His article King Was an Ordinary Man Who Accomplished Extraordinary Things wisps me back to the 1960s and reminds me of the atmosphere of the times including a heinous KKK murder that occurred in summer 1964 in Terry's and my hometown of Athens, Georgia.

Now I don't remember details of the brutal murder as well as Terry does but I do remember driving past a certain house in the county where my family lived and being horrified and upset by seeing a burning cross on the front lawn - my first such sighting and the last. I must have been quite young - perhaps 9 or so - and found that my parents were quite speechless to explain to a child why a cross was put in such a condition. The graphic image didn't square at all with the Bible studies I enjoyed at church each week and it seemed senseless that anyone would do such a thing to the very symbol of Christ's sacrifice to save us - All.

Or at least that's what my Bible said and says. It seemed pretty clear to me as a child that 'all' meant everyone. Duh. That's you and me and the whole kit and caboodle who ever lived, lives, or will live on planet earth. Even then, if I rated, I tended to rate individuals on how they behaved toward others, not on how they looked. Another duh!

Like Terry, I say it's now 50 years hence. And though I can't claim not to 'understand' it, I still abhor it and what it symbolizes. Disclosure: actually, some of us here in Georgia are not racist (except on an unconscious level as are we all) though it may be difficult to convince most people of it. Certainly there have been through the years plenty of racist crimes committed in the North as well, which makes it an American problem, a dark stain or blind spot we're still 'working' on. Or are supposed to be.

Yet murderous psychopaths would probably disagree for their own skewed reasons. My feeling is that if such people didn't kill for racist 'justifications' they'd probably kill anyway.

Yes, like most Americans, I was thrilled when Barack Obama was elected (or selected, if you will, by the power elite) as President of the United States because of his talents, abilities, and intelligence, and I hoped his term would be a vast improvement over the previous skuldugging numbskullery and obscene pocket-lining.

1960s to 2010: Whether Mr. Obama's election to the Oval Office indicates any true evolutionary progress taking place here in America remains a question with an answer that's still up in the air. Perhaps it will all depend on whether people can really change.

If you wish to view the horoscope for April 4, 1968 @ 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN, you may do so (click chart to enlarge; details are included.)

Jan 15, 2010's Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 conjuncts his natal Sun 25Cap08 by 7 minutes which shows a tendency for him to be noticed in the collective; it's a time when previous obstacles to his efforts may clear! Those who feel negatively toward him and his work may muddy his identity now as some have tramped upon it even while he lived, preached, and led. They had their sordid reasons.


Around the outside of the April 4, 1968 chart you'll see Dr. King's natal planets listed with one 'biggie' in the asteroid department: his natal Nemesis (an unbeatable foe; divine retribution) @ 11Lib17 is rising in the assassination chart. No, Nemesis rising is not a lone indicator of the opposition Dr. King faced (Icarus is active, too - keywords: risk-taker; assassination), but its rising is a descriptive picture of the violent and sad event that stole Dr. King's life and immediately stopped in its tracks the melding of America's anti-war protests with the Civil Rights Movement.

We might say that that was what they opposed and why they decided to stop the man with the powerful, inspiring voice who was on the verge of effecting the melding of two massively popular social movements. Then our 'secret government' would have been seriously challenged by we-the-people for we are strong in numbers (the primary reason why I say that such tactics as 'Ds vs Rs' and 'libs vs cons' keeps us divided - on purpose.)

Now if human beings of the arrogant, overweening persuasion would cease assuming the role of the jackal delivering 'divine retribution' to their fellow men and leave such judgments to our Creator (where it belongs), the entire planet could sleep better at night.

Judge not, lest ye be also judged.

"I have a dream..."