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Apr 26, 2024

SC Cons Ride the "Furious Storm"

Wash DC: "The Seat of Criminal Activity"?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Yesterday's oral arguments at the Supreme Court for and against "absolute immunity" for presidents took strange turns thanks to the "conservative" justices, the "Cons" as I'll term them in this post. Justices Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson stood out for their attempts to protect our nation's traditional understanding of what all presidents know as they enter the White House: that crimes can be prosecuted once they're out of office. After all, what was the Nixon pardon about?

Even Con Justice Barrett had a few words to offer; however, she might be symbolized in the 2024 chart, below, by the Scorpio Moon leading a BOWL shape, an advocate for a cause which could be little more than sustaining an attachment to comforts and special privileges. And on another level for the paternalistic theocracy now forcing second class citizenship and handmaidism upon the women of America and infesting state legislatures across the land. (See the description of SO'W written in 2005! It's under the title.)

So from yesterday's Mercurial arguments, it's apparent that the Cons believe, or are pretending to believe, that, "When a president does it, it isn't illegal," as crooked Nixon famously informed interviewer David Frost. I say pretend to believe because they seem to me to be acting under pressure of some kind, if only to protect their personal comforts and the "gifts" they enjoy for their anti-democratic services. Check the chart below for Neptune-Pluto = Mercury (upper center) and Neptune-Pluto conjunct 2024 MC (lower right corner) with the titanic pair symbolizing criminal elements and/or organized crime. Their figurehead of the moment: the long-mobbed-up Herr Trump.

And of course all this shows that Cons intend to dismiss the principles of the great Magna Carta from America! Brazenly arrogant, aren't they?

White Power-Aryanism-'MAGA'

So from whence comes the "furious storm" that Con justices and other Trumpists ride? That would be the 6 South Eclipse of July 1860 with its seditious energies of domination by strong-armed paternalism as their goal. Significantly, 6 South Eclipses repeated in October 2022 @2Scorpio (PE of Midterms 2022 when seditious 'Maga's grabbed control of the House of Reps--and look how they've worked to damage it) and in August 1932 @8Virgo as what I've termed the Nazis Rise to Power Eclipse for obvious reasons. So you see where the Cons are determined to go with this, as if you didn't already know!

Bi-Wheel: SCOTUS 1790 with Mercury Direct April 25, 2024 (Orals):

Now naturally, I had a glance back at the SCOTUS 1st Session 1790 Horoscope (inner), a topic which has been discussed here on previous occasions. Of note is that the current 8 North Solar Eclipse, the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 conjunct wounded Chiron, is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series in which the 1st session of the Supreme Court was held! Are the Court's dreams and visions today the same as those of 1790? What do you think? Well, today it appears that they dream of fascism in America.

So yesterday's oral arguing planets made a few contacts with the 1790 1st session planets as you see above, and I've used the very moment that Mercury turned Direct as a transit chart. In fact, a rather stark cosmic spotlight is cast upon 1790 Mercury @00Pis46 in 12th house. And there's an obvious emphasis on the Venus-Mars duo which spotlights yesterday's male vs female justices and their questions as the ladies brought reality to fantasy (Neptune-MC = Saturn). A few other notes are penned on the bi-wheel but you'll spy several other important factors, I'm certain, because frankly, this post would have to be an e-book to cover them all!

Previously on SO'W: A disturbing question re: the future of democracy in America, May-June 2024: A Lucky Donald Trump? And please be forewarned by: Pushy Mars-Pluto and Election 2024.

Jan 23, 2024

Jan 23, 2024 karmic Saturn contacts the "Fascism Rising Eclipse"

America 2024: Reich-Wing Politics On Trial

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy over fascism

Three times of late transit Saturn, planet of law, the legal system, restriction, limitation, and karma has conjoined the 7 North "Fascism Rising Eclipse" of February 24, 1933 @5Pis28:30. The third 'hit' by Saturn occurred early this morning in Washington DC, and best outcome will be our legal system stopping the violent orange fascist in his despotic hoof tracks.

Now as you see, my study notes are penned on the bi-wheel but I'll add that, in our era, the first and second conjunctions of Saturn to the 7 North Eclipse of 1933 occurred on May 1, 2023 and August 4, 2023, with today's third Saturn conjunction suggesting a potential for the resolution of issues which include (blood -jc) lust:

Multiple Cosmic Time Links via 7 North Eclipses

Dealing with Trump and his comrades and their well known dependency on violence, we have Special Prosecutor Jack Smith who just happens to have been born under the auspices of a 7 North Eclipse, a significant cosmic time link between current events and the prosecution of Trump. Another cosmic time link involving 7 North Eclipses is the fact that a repetition of 7N manifested on April 20, 2023 @29Aries+ - conjunct the degree of warrior planet Mars during Trump's January 6, 2021 coup attempt against the US Congress and our traditional peaceful transfer of power. Obviously, Mars conjunct a solar eclipse suggests rash actions, criminality, and acts of violence. This connection is one of the reasons I've termed the 1933 and 2023 7 North Eclipses as a signifier of "blood" lust. Another reason is its conjunction with Herr Adolf's natal Sun @00Taurus.

In closing, here's a link to a bi-wheel of charts showing the coup attempt's Breach! time (2:15 pm est) on January 6, 2021 with US 1776 Uranus rising and a speculative J6/Election Interference Trial horoscope (March 4, 2024 unless delayed) surrounding it. Unsurprisingly, both events involve interference by Uranian chaos agent D. John Trump who longs to take over America as an unaccountable monarchical dictator. And such an anti-democratic urge, my friends, is as un-American as can possibly be.

Jan 15, 2024

D. 'John' Trump defies The Magna Carta

Does an 'Evil King John' Lurk Among Us Again?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

As many political pundits apparently believe, Trump's "Divine Right of Kings" Claim probably won't hold up at the Supreme Court, as tentatively stated in a recent MSN editorial.

And as we know, the Magna Carta, which King John was forced by a group of barons to sign, was a document created in order to limit the power of rulers and rid society of the tyrannical "Divine Right of Kings," among other things.

After all, the document was signed under the influences of a 10 South Eclipse in pioneering Aries - conjunct Ceres, asteroid archetype of democracy and the nurturing and protective mother! Progressing the Magna Carta Horoscope to this very today we reach an evolved Sun Virgo-Moon Leo blend of potentials for "monarch vs servant," high standards and intellectual strength, along with a tendency to "mother the world." Plus, one of the blend's Images for Integration tracks: "A science museum inside a medieval castle" (The Harveys).

10 South themes are listed, lower right corner.

So here from my files is the document's Sun-at-Midheaven Horoscope with a few study notes penned on: Magna Carta June 15, 1215 12:00 pm LMT Runnymeade, England with separative Uranus @00Lib02 rising at a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation, and sporting a positive potential for coping ability:

Note: You'll find a few differences between the above chart and the Windsor GMT version of the Magna Carta Horoscope if you wish to have look.

Subsequently, the Magna Carta's power limitations and other provisions have formed the basis for multiple agreements through the centuries such as the Declaration of Independence. Significant to our current day is the lawlessness inherent within the Divine Right of Kings to perpetrate any and all crimes (ex: assassinating political rivals), and this is what Tr*mp's bogus "absolute immunity" claim (aka, "presidential immunity") is all about: to ignore the Magna Carta so that the orange mobster can run wild and abandon the rule of law, during what the scofflaw hopes will be his second term lurking in the Venusian Oval Office, removing all legal cases against him - oh, and selling the rest of America's secrets to the highest bidder.

So besides primal violence (Pluto), his threat to Magna Carta provisions spotlights his intention to destroy the US Constitution (too limiting for a fac*st!) so that the American Carnage he threatened on January 20, 2017 can proceed uninterrupted, and revenge against, and purging of (both Plutonian goals), his opponents may be perpetrated without any accountability laid upon his guilty doorstep. And yes, his plans include murder, one of assassin Pluto's most sinister roles. We scoff at such a suggestion at our peril.

Then astrologically, one obvious place Tr*mp's primal violence urges may be found is in his natal 12th house of the Unconscious (and of Self-Undoing and prisons!) through his fatality-prone midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto, with Mars-Saturn known as the death axis, and "the death of many people" being a consequence of its potentials (R. Ebertin).

You Didn't Drink a Bleach Cocktail, Did You?

Of course, we've already seen and experienced tragic consequences with one example being millions of Covid deaths in the US occurring during his "presidential term" - and now we're seeing another possible result of his 12th house midpoint picture, a more positive one, via the legal system: "intervention of a higher power." But of course, agent orange is a hostage-taker and he threatens dire retaliation if he should face a prison cell. After all, his natal Tisiphone Rx @22Sagittarius, asteroid of retaliation, conjuncts his natal Moon-Sun opposition upon the fated Nodal axis - and his Mars in Leo opposes and targets US 1776 Moon in late Aquarius = his aggression against the American People is plainly shown.

So in closing, my thoughts include the assertion that the world has already experienced one evil King John centuries ago and we do not need or seek another in order to discover what such tyranny brings because we already know what dangers to expect from an unsavory Tr*mp v2 model.

Of note is the Wikipedia page of the Magna Carta containing historical details, plus, a list of the signatory Surety Barons, some of which are my ancestors and probably yours, too! If you're registered with geni dot com, you can easily check them out.

A closely related post: Recognizing the Evil Confronting Us.

And here's an informative documentary (1H08M) curated just for you, dear reader: King John - Magna Carta, Treachery, and Tyranny.

If you've read to the end of this post, kudos to you, you're a real trooper! jc

Dec 19, 2007

Eisenhower Bldg on fire: VP okay

Here's the actual fire they are trying to extinguish: Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of CIA Tapes 19 Dec 2007:

At least four top White House lawyers took part in discussions with the Central Intelligence Agency between 2003 and 2005 about whether to destroy videotapes showing the secret interrogations torture of two operatives from 'Al Qaeda,' according to current and former administration and intelligence officials. The accounts indicate that the involvement of White House officials in the discussions before the destruction of the tapes in November 2005 was more extensive than Bush administration officials have acknowledged.

My original post of Dec 19 written as the fire raged starts here:

By now you're heard that the Old Executive Office Building next door to the White House is burning this morning, a fire already being blamed on an electrical circuit. This is aka the Eisenhower Building and houses a major command post for the secret service among other offices.

Bush was about to leave the White House to sign the Energy Bill, Cheney is lurking about wherever Cheney lurks, and one hopes the Bretton Woods Treaty (which created the World Bank) and other relics of history (not a reference to Cheney) are in process of being evacuated as the staff and employees thankfully have been.

Built in the 1870s, the Eisenhower Bldg was renovated during the Reagan administration and is apparently showing its age. But as FDR said, nothing in politics happens by accident.

Haven't gotten the exact time of the fire from TV as of yet but at 9:00 am est in DC, the plutocratic Pluto-Chiron midpoint was rising at critical degree, 20Cap.

Moon is in last degrees of Aries, Sun 27Sag17, just beyond conjunction with Mercury, planet of agreements, contracts, and treaties...Mercury approaching saboteur and spy, Pluto 28Sag41. Jupiter has moved beyond Dec 11's conj with Pluto to 00Cap10, a World Point where events tend to occur.

At 9:00 am, Sun was conj 12th house cusp, other planets just mentioned were in 12th house (behind-the-scenes; self-undoing; karma; large institutions) and Venus was almost at MC 13Sco12...Venus 16Sco34.

Will update this evening after more details are known--or spun. When Cheney's whereabouts become known, you know they'll be checking his pockets for matches.

At least a copy of the Magna Carta wasn't in Cheney's 'ceremonial' office...was it?

10:30 am Update: found out that Cheney was across the street in his West Wing office of the White House, the fire "appeared to be located near" the vp's office on the second floor. Hmmm.