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Mar 31, 2020

March 31, 2020: Moon-NN in Health-Politics-Business

March 31, 2020: Today at 12:51:25 pm EDT, the Moon conjoins by transit her own North Node @2Can43:53 which happens to conjunct America's natal Venus from 1776. Besides the Moon/North Node pair having health connotations such as 'the system of self-defense against infection in the human body, the lymphatic glands, spleen, and tonsils' (Ebertin), however, given our current health and related societal conditions and shortages, we may wish to consider today's combined lunar duo in relation to Politics and Business.

And I know of no better way to consider such things than to quote Michael Munkasey from his book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets (although I've heard he doesn't care to be quoted--we should make our own determinations using his information as guidelines--but mea culpa!).

Note that Ebertin also relates the lunar duo to expectant mothers and to spiritual links or unions, and as you know, emotional, tribal Cancer is the sign of mothers, families, nurturing, security, plus, the public and the public mood and trends. Naturally, these days the public mood is for people across the globe to be concerned about their own and family members's health and well being--and for good reason. So let's see what our public officials are concerned with--those with good intentions and those whose motives and intentions are not focused on what's best for the common good and are using the health crisis for their political and financial gains:

Potentials of Moon/North Node in Politics and Business

Thesis: The production of goods for trade or commerce; measurements of productivity; foreign trade and the channel or means for conducting trade; ports of entry; roadways, canals, transit systems, etc.

Antithesis: Common people involved in the conduct of foreign trade; the opinion of women in the conduct of trade or agriculture; agricultural failures or blockages at ports of exit or entry; public opinion about foreign trade.

As you see, the potentials are expressed in the Hegelian form--create or pose problems so you can 'solve' them as you'd planned or wish. And I suspect few would disagree that many if not all of these potentials apply to our current calamitous situation. Whether or not mention of any of these potentials or an event in relation to them will occur today at or about 12:51 pm EDT or later is anyone's guess. Perhaps an erstwhile reporter will pose a question of a politician or a commerce or trade representative, and perhaps an answer, truthful or full of adjusted data, will be offered.

As for this particular post, this is the moment that I type in closing, As Above, So Below.

Above image: Curious Night, a drawing by yours truly. Of course our days have turned mighty curious as well.

Mar 16, 2020

The Truth About The Corona Virus Test Kits - Thom Hartmann

March 16, 2020: for those who may have missed it, here is a recent segment from Thom Hartmann concerning CoronaVirus test kits and results:


Astro-Notes on the CoronaVirus outbreak in China

Apparently New Year's Eve 2019 is the date that people in Wuhan, China first presented with the viral infection if reports are true. I assume that when that date is given it refers to our Western 'New Year's Eve' and not the Chinese New Year which began January 25, 2020 (Year of the Rat). On that evening, the Moon conjoined Neptune in mid-Pisces with Moon, Neptune, and Pisces as markers for illness and for possible infection or contagion. (As you know, Neptune is the urge-to-merge planet.)

Now usually the impressionable, sensitive Moon-Neptune pair tends to conjure lovely images in the minds of most earthlings, however, their conjunction on that particular date also met with a certain fixed star of turbulence, Achernar (Alpha Eridanus) and seems to have activated or reflected the star's keywords: crisis (at the end of the river) and/or a risk of rapid endings. And tragically, for some folks across the globe, rapid endings it has already been. And for many societies including America, a crisis has presented itself, and everyone is at risk.

So perhaps a quick consultation with the great Reinhold Ebertin concerning the biological potentials of the Moon-Neptune pair could be instructive to some degree while keeping in mind that Moon = the people and relates to health and the physical body while Neptune = the Collective, the masses, and contagion. Plus, shady Pisces (often a sign of weakness, feebleness, and/or sickness) describes the secretiveness of attempting to keep quiet about the facts of the contagion--and the fact that governmental leaders cannot be trusted to reveal correct data to the public especially when their election chances and careers may be affected--even when their unreliability sacrifices other people's lives! Yes, some politicians keep that extreme 'Ayn Rand selfishness' as their me-first goal in all things.

Biological Correspondence of Moon-Neptune:

"Paralyzed blood circulation; an over-balance or over-accumulation of water in the tissues of the body; a deficiency of the osmotic function functions relating to the utilization of the cell salts (disturbance of consciousness or awareness, also a break in consciousness; eye diseases)."

The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin

And to delusional Moon-Neptune in the realms of Politics and Business, Michael Munkasey in his book on midpoints adds, "scandals involving production or other quotas". You know, like the belated production in the US of CoronaVirus test kits?

(The 'cell salts' link, above, takes you to Jude Cowell Astrology where I posted a video by The Scottish Astrologer sharing which cell salts are necessary for each sign of the Zodiac!)

Feb 16, 2020

Has Trump Taken Down Our Democratic Republic? - Thom Hartmann

Here's a recent segment from progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann with a timely and disturbing question:


A closely related post with complimentary Astrology included: Horoscope of the Third Reich where you'll see that the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 landed upon the Third Reich's Midheaven ('MC', the Goal) opposite 1933 Pluto in Cancer. Of course, Pluto in Capricorn as it is now = the dictator (Ebertin) and Saturn-Pluto with more Pluto, according to Michael Munkasey, provides potentials for:

"Seeing that there are two extremes: good and evil; choosing one and dedicating your life toward eliminating the other; a realistic look at life direction; elimination of ineffective practices; extreme times of change."

Yes, extreme times of change, Trump's and his backers' objective. But there's more on the line than America's form of government being dismantled and sabotaged by criminal elements. It's good vs evil. That's where things stand. Personally I choose good. How about you?