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May 7, 2024

On the Eclipse of NBC TV

Herr T's Bullhorn for Subversion

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

In recent posts yours truly has been known to fuss over how The Apprentice TV show (2004) gave NY playboy Donald a major opportunity to promote the rumor that he was a "successful businessman." If you still believe this absurd fallacy, then reading Stars Over Washington may not be for you! This is your cue to skedaddle away for best results.

Because for one thing, the good people of New York City knew then and know now that Donald was a mobbed-up "contractor" and a deadbeat in the success and finance departments. Unless we count his experience with money laundering for various entities.

Yes, it was NBC's "reality" TV show that ultimately led to Donald's 2016 campaign for the presidency and, aided by Russia, wealthy corporatists, and a hype-believing public, Donald managed to coup the White House as if he'd won the 2016 Election. And you know the rest.

NBC: A Subsidiary of Comcast

My point is that these twisted political conditions have angered me into a snit of miffdom ever since the orange blighter rode the escalator on the morning of June 16, 2015 at the Gemini New Moon and had someone pay a casting-call audience below to listen to his bigoted swill. Therefore, I must consider The Apprentice's creator Mark Burnett (follow the link, above) partially responsible for the anti-democracy campaign against America and the American people, while a large amount of blame for our predicament must also fall upon NBC, nowadays a subsidiary of Comcast.

Therefore, above is a Horoscope of the 13 South Solar Eclipse which influenced the April 19, 1939 founding of NBC TV. (NBC Radio was founded earlier on June 19, 1926 under the influence of an 18 South Eclipse of endings, partings, grief), but it's the TV division of NBC now starring in this fussy post. Of course, you notice that 1939 is the year that World War Two began when Naz* Herr Adolf invaded Poland.

Now as you can see, 13 South themes are listed on the chart, compliments of Bernadette Brady, and include some sinister energy underneath. Plus, there's a revealing square from Pluto (opposing US 1776 Pluto in Capricorn which also squares the eclipse); potentials are listed on the chart. Activist Mars @15Capricorn leads a Locomotive shape of the planets (the ruthless executive), and don't miss Saturn in Aries at Midheaven, too (see upper right corner). The two planets (actors) were possibly a team since they're in friendly Mutual Reception with one another, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Then there's mass media planet Neptune Rx @21Vir01 conjunct Denebola (going against society) so basically Neptune is in process of performing a US Neptune Return (@22Vir25 in 1776) which suggests a confusing period when ideals can shift or be shifted by propaganda and/or advertising, and the mass employment situation wasn't going well as WWII was brewing abroad and the Great Depression was ruining lives.

Now in addition, the 13 South Eclipse of 1939 @28Ari43 conjoined fixed star Mirach ("girdle" of the Princess in the Andromeda Constellation with its restrictive Saturnian nature and Venusuian flavor: the ladies). Then to me, the Uranus-Midas conjunction (see below) suggests the network's (and other media outlets) tendency to create massive fortunes thanks to the radical activities of Uranus the zealous chaos-creator (ex: the J6 coup attempt, ongoing; and the old "if it bleeds, it leads" mantra of news outlets) while simultaneously taking advantage of the quirky planet's novel, innovative creative content that entertains, surprises, and delights the public - or, stirs up the masses, positively or negatively.

Plus, you also notice the Earth Grand Trine in the 13 South horoscope, a protective, creative closed circuit of energies beween Mars-Uranus-Neptune with radical planet Uranus @16Taurus conjunct gold-loving Midas, as noted, and pointing ahead toward the position of radical reactionary Uranus @16Taurus conjunct the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse when rabid Maga-ites managed to infest the US House of Representatives, spouting their Russian talking points and sporting AR-15 lapel pins. Certain corporations have financially supported this - see corporate Cupido in 4th house,.

Then perhaps you remember that a German Media Baron supported the rise of Hitl*r who thought he should rule the world. Oh the compensating absurdity of some men's massive egos.

In closing, you've probably seen ProPublica's updated list of corporations that vowed to suspend their financial support of J6 politicians just after the 2021 attack yet a number of them have continued supporting election denial after all. You'll easily spy Comcast at number 5.

Well, that's enough fussing for today, so if you've managed to read this far, my thanks and kudos to you! jc

Mar 1, 2022

Putin: Ukraine 2022 vs Hitler: Poland 1939

February 2022 Invasion Echoes Poland 1939

by Jude Cowell

Recently, comparisons have been made by talking heads between Herr Hitler's brutal invasion, bombing, and take-over of Poland from September 1, 1939 to October 6, 1939, his 'September Campaign', and the February 24, 2022 invasion and bombing of Ukraine by Russian 'president' Vladimir Putin, a man with dreams of global dictatorship - just as Hitler had.

So naturally, worries about a world war starting are now on steroids thanks to Putin's power-grab of Ukraine and his nuclear threats, for as you know, Hitler's action against Poland sparked World War II. And synchronistically, the take-over of Poland and WWII (September 1, 1939 Danzig, Poland) both fall under the influences of the same Solar Eclipse, the 13 South Eclipse of April 19, 1939 @28Ari43 which is displayed, below, with astro-notes penned on including the fact that the Eclipse hit very near Herr Hitler's natal Sun (00Taurus), his 'trigger point of violence', and death-dealer Pluto at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Capricorn (conjunct America's current progressed position of Pluto) squares the Solar Eclipse indicating ruthless behavior, torture, and other criminal offences.

Meanwhile, karmic Saturn @22Aries separates from the Eclipse (6S42) and denotes those with the responsibility to carry out 13 South's themes which are penned at the top of the horoscope, and include sinister energy and an urge to expand as they 'strive toward group endeavors' (B. Brady). Of course, these two planets aspecting the 1939 Eclipse make up the evil pair of Saturn-Pluto which had last met in Conjunction three times from October 1914 to May 19, 1915 (@00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation: World War - not so now). Yet there are Saturn and Pluto again at the Foundation of this Eclipse chart conjunct the IC (22Cap30) which weirdly enough, conjuncts the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction which happened to hit the natal Vertex ('VX') of Herr Trump with its 'fated encounters' implications. Now these, plus, other cosmic synchronicities are listed, below, and are not comforting, I know, but there it is.

So see what you can make of the eclipse chart and leave an on-topic comment with this post, if you wish:

Image: World War II 13 South Solar Eclipse @28Ari43; April 19, 1939 5:35:02 pm CET Danzig, Poland

One recent event notated on the horoscope is the 1939 Eclipse's 7th house Vertex of fated encounters @6Tau44 pointing directly at the US Inauguration Day 2021 Mars-Uranus Conjunction - also @6Tau44 (!). Either Universal synchronicity is full of irony, or someone devious plans ahead using astrological principles and placements as timing devices for their activities in the here and now, inspired by, or in tribute to, similar brutalities perpetrated by a long-gone dictator following the voices in his head (as do Putin and Trump). Now I know that many folks realize the similarities without the aid of Astrology, even without seeing white "supremacists" marching on TV and in streets with tiki torches burning as they yell hateful slogans - a global movement toward strong-armed authoritarianism. The recent banning and burning of books is a major clue as well - oh, and add the Moon's position (29Aries) during the Mars-Uranus Conjunction of 2021 for Luna conjoined the 13 South Solar Eclipse degree of 1939, a cosmic picture of completion and/or fulfillment of some sort. Apparently, current-day neo-nazis are simply preening with pride at how hateful, racist, and brutal they are.

Of course, basic factors that all solar eclipses in Mars-ruled Aries indicate are potentials for militancy, belligerence, boldness, and leadership, but when the energies are negatively expressed, these turn to arrogance, aggression, self-willedness, and a headstrong attitude that bodes ill for other people. In fact, the foolhardiness implied tends to cause more problems than it solves. Add to this Eclipse-ruler Mars in Capricorn ('the warrior') leading the planets in a Locomotive shape and we see an indication of a 'ruthlessness executive determined to achieve success at any cost' (whether in Poland or in Ukraine). The Eclipse falling in the 7th house in Danzig denotes pacts and karmic alliances or partnerships.

So do you think that history is rhyming from 1939 to 2022? Or is someone devious purposefully causing current events to 'rhyme' with past events in order to 'complete' a certain psychopath's malevolent agenda? See November 2022 Eclipse hits Austrian Psychopath's Chart which shows yet another example from the 1939 Eclipse horoscope - radical planet of anarchy and zealotry, Uranus @16Tau42 will conjunct the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus on the very day of America's 2022 Midterms - with reactionary Uranus conjunct Herr Hitler's natal Venus-Mars Conjunction, a passionate pair that recently met on February 16, 2022 @16Capricorn - the conjunction a repetition or an echoing of Adolf's unhinged energies from the past - when we take current events into consideration. As you know, the Venus-Mars pairing is super-passionate and can at times make quite a spectacle of themselves.

Cosmic Time Links: 1939 to 2022

And of course, comrade Putin's current actions are intended on a sinister level to undermine and collapse America, as you know, in revenge for the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

So! If you can manage it, do check out Astrology King's insightful analysis of Herr Hitler with his Sun conjunct fixed star Mirach in Andromeda and the star's 'chained woman' implications which, to me, relate to the 'strong-armed paternalism' that again threatens the world, no less so than in American politics via Republicans determined to control women's health choices.

And note that this area of the Zodiac will be lit up once again by a Solar Eclipse in April 2023 (30Aries) so as I've asked before in a previous post, Are we once again being haunted by Mirach's Ghost?

Dec 14, 2021

The 7 North Eclipse of 2023 and the Chained Woman

April 2023 Solar Eclipse "30 Aries" = "A Duck Pond and Its Brood"

by Jude Cowell

December 14, 2021

When a fixed star is conjoined by a Solar Eclipse, the star's expression is strengthened and brought into our Collective Consciousness so perhaps we should note that the repetition of a 7 North Solar Eclipse (the series that brought society the rise of Fascism in 1933 and the Civil War in the US, 1861) spotlights fixed star Mirach in the girdle of the Andromedae Contellation. The star's keyphrase, the Chained Woman, has certainly become an issue in our day via abortion rights, women's access to healthcare and birth control, religious teachings concerning what some call a "woman's place" in the home (ex: "barefoot and pregnant": a brood? a chastity belt?), physical abuse, sex trafficking, lack of access to education, even voting rights suppression, and other important social concerns between genders that are already in the news and being legislated by paternalistic authoritarians. Obviously, misogyny runs rampant and affects many of these issues so the self-pitying 'incel movement' is also involved.

Reciprocally, a fixed star-eclipse conjunction emphasizes the themes and effects of the eclipse as well for both are stronger when expressing together. This strenthened expression resonates with the ability of all eclipses to act as 'wild cards of the Universe' that can suddenly change directions of earthly events much as planet Uranus can do. Plus, you know that natural disasters may occur around the time of an eclipse with its Uranian vibrations yet thankfully, the 7N eclipse of 2023 is not a Total eclipse. Yay.

For more info concerning the star, see Earth and Sky's Mirach: Guide Star to Three Galaxies which includes the intriguingly named galaxy Mirach's Ghost.

However at the moment, my main concern is Herr H's ghost that now haunts about 1/3 of America's population with hate-filled dreams of what some call, 'glory'. Thing is, rational people know that those are a dictator's dreams of power and control propelled once again by the destructive spirit that roams the Earth in search of willing, mindless robots and bullies (often young people who don't remember the severe, cruel harm inflicted during the Fascist and Nazi eras) who intend to carry forth his hatred, brutality, and abuse toward humanity. In other words, the gullible, those with low self-esteem, are infected with Herr H's vile, devilish psychosis.

Brutal 'Inspiration' from the 1930s Creeps into the 2020s

Now in those days, Pluto was trudging through Cancer, cosmic signature of the magician, while now Pluto opposes Cancer as he creeps through Capricorn, a cosmic signature of 'the dictator' (says R. Ebertin). Yet it's possible that bad faith actors in our day may very well be aware of this cosmic timing so that Pluto in Capricorn implications partially inform whatever certainty of success many of them feel, or profess to feel. But their feelings won't make it so! Besides, as most folks know, A Fascist Plot in America Has Failed Before! and will be made to fail again.

So as you see, below is the DC Horoscope of the 7 North Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023 @29Ari50 which conjuncts the position of the Moon on Inauguration Day 2021 plus, the eclipse conjuncts fixed star Mirach (with its 'chained woman' associations), as mentioned, above.

7 North themes = 'deep passion that takes people by surprise; lust' (B. Brady) to which I'll regretfully add, 'blood lust' because of past, current, and future circumstances aggravated by the global criminal network of mobsters now larger than in 1933 and trying to take control again - domestically in the US where they perceive that wrestling democracy to the mat will negatively affect all democracies worldwide.

Now as you see, by April 2023, transit Pluto @00AQ19 conjuncts US Inaugural Sun (@00AQ51 in Jan 2021 = Joe Biden - or on another level, the fantasy president?). This transit suggests potentials for power and abuse issues, an identity change or crisis, brutal suppression, and/or confinement of some kind (R. Ebertin). So if Pluto-to-Inaugural-Sun implies another attempt at a Tr*mp coup of power-grasping between now and April 2023, may the confinement be his.

We should also note in the DC Horoscope that the initial 7 North Eclipse of October 2, 1103 @15Lib29 sits atop the 2023 Eclipse's Goal Point (= Midheaven which makes the 2023 eclipse doubly karmic) so that Venus-ruled Libra (sign of ladies, goddesses, diplomacy, relationships) is the cosmic lens through which all subsequent 7 North eclipses must be viewed so that what we have before us in 2023 is a harmony vs disharmony Venus-Mars affair and what perhaps may be unfortunately described as a chained woman:

As usual, my study notes are penned upon the chart and color-coded for you.