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Apr 10, 2017

The Prenatal Eclipse and Unaspected Saturn of Justice Neil Gorsuch

An Unaspected Saturn in a Natal Chart Can Signify Lack of Conscience

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you noticed the attitude of then-Judge Gorsuch during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings when questioned about the arrogant pro-corporate decision against the "frozen trucker" whose life was in danger if he followed company rules (instead of his own common sense and natural sense of self-preservation).

For an overview of the natal horoscope of SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch (born August 29, 1967 Denver, Colorado, no birth hour known), visit Solaris Astrology where the unaspected Saturn of Justice Gorsuch is well noted along with other chart factors. Now my plan to write about his natal Saturn is unnecessary so let's move on to other chart factors such as his Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series, noted below. Actually, his natal chart is quite complex with its Mars-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio and an out-of-bounds Moon, which denotes a faulty relationship with Mother especially when the Moon is the only OOBs planet (as it is).

And I must add that his unaspected Saturn is further spotlighted as lead planet of a Locomotive shape which indicates success and executive ability and though his Saturn is retrograde (suggesting a weak, ineffectual, or absent Father) in Mars-ruled Aries, it denotes one with serious ambitions, endurance, self-restraint, diligence, self-will, and a desire to rule over others (Ebertin).

Adding to the implications of his unaspected Saturn with its 'lack of conscience' flavor is the Mars-Neptune duo (in the sign of Big Business!) indicating one who acts (Mars) but is unwilling to take responsibility for the consequences of his actions. Seeing the burden of guilt is often difficult for Mars-Neptune conjunction folk who tend to ignore reality and the feelings of others when they assert themselves and offer their opinions (ruh-roh!). And although subterfuge may be resorted to when attempting to game the system (as congressional Republicans helped him do), pretense must soon be replaced by genuine skills in order to retain one's position. However, since SCOTUS Justice is a lifetime appointment, his tenure is 'safe' but may continue to be controversial at best.

Additionally, natal Venus is retrograde in Virgo which shows a desire for moral purity so he may want to include his own conscience when rendering legal decisions and the consequences of those decisions upon his fellow man and woman if he's all about that!

A Mercurial Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini Personality Blend

Now since the Moon remained in chatty Gemini for the 24 hours of August 29, 1967, we can say that Justice Gorsuch is an Earth-Air Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini personality. A studious child, this blend later on can become dry as dust and one thinks of dusty old law books on a shelf!

On his own, Sun in Virgo is a tidy placement which can cause dissension or enmity due to a tendency to criticize and find fault. Yet a methodical mind is indicated along with analytical ability and close attention to detail. Of course, Virgo is the sign of Work and with his Leo Jupiter oriental (last to rise before the Sun), Justice Gorsuch prefers a measure of spontaneity within his work environment. And with the ruler of his Sun, Mercury, in its own sign of Virgo, attention to detail and other practical Virgo qualities are emphasized. However, the critical function also comes along with this fretsome placement and he may have, or may develop, a nervous tummy.

On her own, Moon in Gemini identifies him as having vivid powers of expression (which I have yet to notice--have you?), multiple interests, and quick mood changes with a potential for superficiality or even emotional duplicity.

Together, the Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini blend describes the Justice as a man of refined tastes, a worker and worrier, and one who may consider himself an authority on a topic just by imagining himself to be one. Steam-lined efficiency is a primary goal for most areas of his life yet he can be playful as well, thanks to the Gemini influence. Also relished are opportunities for 'shrewd advancement'.

A pragmatic man, Justice Gorsuch has a flair for communication and presentation which we will surely discover as he writes his (pro-corporate) SCOTUS decisions. Whether conscience will be involved is another matter but at this early date in his SCOTUS career (which begins tomorrow!), it doesn't seem to be the case--and his corporate backers and litigants should feel quite 'safe' from the needs and issues of We The People.

Neil Gorsuch's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 8 North Saros Series

Prior to his late August birth, a Solar Eclipse manifested on May 9, 1967 @18Tau17. The 8 North series contains themes of prophetic dreams, visions, hunches, and insights from the unconscious and last manifested in 2003 @9Gemini (conjunct US natal Uranus, our war planet). Its next occurrence will be in 2021 @20Gemini which conjoins (eclipses) US natal Mars and this adds to my own hunch of troubles to come.

Well, that's my take on the natal planets of freshly-minted Justice Neil Gorsuch who is intended to be a clone of the departed Justice Antonin Scalia. As I type there are undoubtedly multiple analyses of his natal chart sprouting up around the interwebs as his Supreme Court tenure begins and proceeds to astonish us all. And hopefully his correct birth time will eventually surface which would make astrologers' work on his natal chart more accurate!


Personality blend info thanks to Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Oct 18, 2011

When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

Perhaps the calendar of when Earth's Moon is out of bounds of the earthly plane (a condition which some assert has astrological significance) is more of a schedule than a calendar. Or even a formula. Either way, I shall herein attempt to decipher old notes penned soon after I began my Astrology apprenticeship (a novice condition which I expect never to move beyond) in 1996, and let me tell ya: my handwriting isn't always perfectly legible when I'm in a hurry.

In fact, the folder I scribbled the notes on is rather dusty but I'll give it my best try just for you.

Now you may feel that the Moon's schedule is a smidgen on the circuitous side though really it isn't so much...well, see what you think (Mercury) and how it makes you feel (Moon); Mercury/Moon = mind/body connection. And please pardon that I neglected to make note of author, researcher, article, and/or book by or in which most of the following information was discovered by yours truly, a reluctant astrologer at your service, if there ever was one. It was years ago and I'd give credit if I knew where it belonged!

But first, some general on-topic considerations:

Luna's Basic Tenor in Astrology

Astrological Moon = feelings, emotions, intuition, the spiritual plane; physical body, sensitivities, presentiments, psychism, Mother and the nurturing function, home and domestic scene, environmentalism, the past, the unconscious mind, The People, the public, the populace, publicity, daily rounds, mood of the people, or, popular mood relating also to fads and trends--you can probably think of a few more...

Wafting Out of Bounds and Totawwy Awone...

To describe a parameter, when the Moon is the only celestial body OOBs in a horoscope, there is faultiness within the nurturing function through an incomplete or disappointing relationship with the mother--feelings of insecurity and inferiority are key themes; loss of the mother (ex: orphaning) is an extreme potential. When other planets in a horoscope are OOBs of the earthly plane as well it can make such emotional difficulties and lacks somewhat easier to manage for there's less of a sense of isolation, of being emotionally 'alone against the world.'

Blah blah blah, so...When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

For a few days every 2 weeks during a period of ten years, Earth's Moon is OOBs. In collective life we may notice a deep sense of insecurity in the air during out of bounds stints which will then show up in natal horoscopes and psyches of those born during a particular OOBs period.

In Mundane Astrology, I've noted a correlation between Moon OOBs and the public being kept 'out of the loop' in some way on some topic or issue/s, or simply being apathetic, disengaged from events, or otherwise 'out there'--even locked out or 'kept in the dark'. Current topics or events may not get the publicity they deserve, or are ignored by the public--and/or much whining may ensue!

For after all, everyone knows that when the people's cat is away, the politicians will play, steal, take bribes, and stir up trouble as some of them so often will.

And then? Then for nine years the Moon is not OOBs which is precisely where we float now.

Ten Years = 2001 -- 2011

Earth's Moon completed the most recent OOBs period of approximately ten years in mid-February 2011 and had begun her wandering far afield in or about September 2001. Yes! That September 2001.

This may describe a paradigm shift of the public mood, emotion, and sentiment which occurs gradually, don't you feel? The multi-nation Arab Spring Movement comes to mind as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka, We Are The 99%-ers, all of which are providing the world with amazing expressions of generational conflicts (Uranus square Pluto = progress v power) by more balanced individuals among us--or by those demanding more balance within societal institutions--who don't feel emotionally threatened by shysters, banksters, fraudsters--in a phrase, by the criminal network surrounding the globe like a NYPD police net meant to capture human sardines who dissent against societal ills--and believe me, they are ills.

The "fed up" quality of the current social movements and campaigns of 2011 have an OOBs-back-in-bounds tinge to them with the sustainability of the Moon's nurturing-feeding function as the motive for demanding improvements between haves v have-nots. Food shortages and starvation have become critical issues for more and more people across the globe as children go to bed hungry with their lives, health, and futures blighted and stunted by risk-taking chaos-creators usually known as the 'power elite'.

Morally deformed as the majority of plutocrats are. (Many are inbred, you know.)

And prisoners being released back into society today, the 'one for one thousand' swap between Palestine and Israel?

Welcome back into the fold for all! For you're back in bounds.

Uranus Square Pluto: Cycles of Revolution

It's very refreshing for this Flower Power genner who attended a Beatles concert beneath the rays of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of the mid-1960s (plus, a Mystic Rectangle of planets like a magic wand!) to observe the steadied emotional natures of most of the Occupy Wall Street (and other streets, cities, and nations now occupied!) participants who are Reflections (Moon) upon humanity's Screen (Neptune) of Awareness (Uranus) spotlighting a better way of envisioning The Future of Mankind than that of a quixotic, totalitarianism brand of neoliberalism (where Corporatism is all), a vicious plan long-desired by a bunch of self-exalted psychopaths of a Rand-esque persuasion who gravitate to Uranian-Neptunian illuminism and purport to use 'reason', a thinly veiled excuse for selfish, hard-hearted cruelty toward all of mankind.

Is this the old survival of the fittest/eugenics crowd of powerful white men intent upon using any means of seizing power and retaining control over the 99%? As you know, Rule by the Few mimics monarchy, hence the Occupy Movement's mention of feudalism being forced upon the 99%. Talk about gray around the muzzle! This is a mighty ancient paradigm the plutocrats are pushing while trying to disguise it as a "new" order. Puh!

It's an old and decrepit system full of shriveled minds and missing hearts.

Yes, throughout human history we have experienced men and women imbued with this devouring spirit--through many cycles, in fact. And we don't have to dog paddle ourselves haplessly into the waters of a deep, murky plutonian cave to find out where the monster lies.

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerant?

People of the Earth are down to a stalemate between those who prefer Life and harmony v those who prefer Death and destruction. It's up to each of us to choose an ultimate direction within the old Piscean paradox: up or down. Plus, there is the question inherent within Gemini's eternal dilemma: light v dark.

As Luna sails within bounds of the earthly plane and connects off and on with the other planetary energies in any chart in a more engaged way, her monthly cycle by sign and aspect relates directly to the collective's personal, earthly, and cosmic environments, and to our feelings about society's present conditions which affect us personally and those we love.

So! Now we've now begun a period of nine years with no OOBs Moon which stretches from February 2011 to some time in 2021.

After that? You tell me.


Speaking of our silvery Moon, did you know there's something called The Moon Society? It's not my cuppa tea but you may wish a sip...


Jun 23, 2011

Thomas Jefferson and the karmic Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011

If you've had a chance to read my column on the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12, then I don't have to tell you that the eclipse manifests snugly between America's natal Sun and Jupiter - actually precisely upon our national Sun/Jupiter midpoint.

The importance of the July 1st Solar Eclipse 'hit' to or triggering of the expansive point of Sun/Jupiter relates closely to financial and spending matters, material loss, and to issues of striving for more power and control, recognition, and/or to conflicts caused by arrogance, pretentiousness, or lawlessness.

Perhaps a crook or two will be outed by the light of the July 1, 2011 eclipse, the first to launch in a new Saros Series. Often an eclipse 'acts' early and you probably heard that a fugitive mob boss from Boston was arrested just today in California after 16 years of giving the FBI the slip.

Historical Horoscopes Alive!

There is another triggering of historical importance because the July 1st eclipse conjoins *Thomas Jefferson's natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction @ 9Can26 and 9Can37 respectively, in 6th house of Military and Police Service, Health, Daily Lives, and Work (Employment.)

Now the eclipse (Sun/Moon) forms a midpoint picture with Mr. Jefferson's nebulous, spiritually oriented Neptune (made more **sacred by Chiron's ministrations):

Sun/Moon = Neptune: illusions and deceptions; becoming easily upset; inner discontent; realizing the importance of thinking through plans and ideas; dreaming of options for redirecting plans; delusions about what can be done and how hard people will work to accomplish it; misunderstandings in relationship.

Solar Eclipses are of course oppositions of the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (unconscious) and in general denote relationship and/or awareness issues.

To the extent that our third president Thomas Jefferson may be taken as an archetypal symbol of America and the US government, I surmise that the midpoint picture formed synchronistically by the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse is instructive concerning the pertinent issues of our day.

And perhaps the Sun/Moon midpoint itself should be considered more specifically in the realms of Politics and Business. From Michael Munkasey's book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, we find potentials that are up-to-the-minute on several levels including to raise or not to raise the US debt ceiling and war making decisions of President Obama:

Thesis: the international reputation of the country; how the will of the people is is applied (or not! jc) to taking the country into new or important directions; reading the attitude of the people when creating internal policy.

Antithesis: a loss of face in international politics (leaving Afghanistan? debt ceiling/default? jc); smears on the national reputation; pessimism flowing through the population or lawmakers (or both. jc)

You remember that the recent transiting Neptune/Chiron conjunction has mirrored disasters involving water such as regional flooding and levee breaches, BP's Deepwater Horizon Blow-Out of April 2010 which effectively sabotaged our Gulf Coast and its people, and which may have been an inspirational factor in this May 2011's World Will End prophecy with Chiron now in mystical, spiritual Pisces. And of course, 'water' is a stand-in for The Spirit in the Aquarian archetype of The Water Bearer, the sign in which the exact conjunction/s of Neptune and Chiron occurred last year.

Now what of such a close Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Watery Cancer in Jefferson's natal chart and psyche? Since it is about to be 'eclipsed' and highlighted on July 1, 2011, let's first take it apart including its apparent placement in Jefferson's 6th house (see below for his *birth data and the time I am using to set up his natal chart.)

Watery Neptune in Watery Cancer indicates a generation of folk with strong psychic ties to home, family, security, and the Earth (ecological interests.) Jefferson's love of home and family is well-known as are his regular rides across his lands with his daughter after his wife died and before, so naturally, his love of Monticello comes easily to mind.

Neptune in Moon-ruled Cancer denotes an emotionally sensitive and religious nature yet there is a still-ongoing debate as to Mr. Jefferson's religiosity (the Jefferson Bible; was he a Deist? an astrologer? etc) but these deep issues are beyond the scope of this column. However, his philosophical interests and talents are never in question.

Notable is the resonance between Neptune as the higher octave of Jupiter (the priest, guru, hierophant, philosopher) through their rulership of mystical Pisces, sign of Jefferson's natal Mercury. Thinking upon such inspired topics came easily to his highly idealistic nature; plus, Neptune in Cancer can also give mediumship or channeling abilities either from a higher or a lower plane.

His natal Neptune/Pluto trine indicates a response to the more positive side of the invisible realms but in modern times, we're stuck with a Neptune-Pluto septile (51 degrees 26 minutes), which is a fated, karmic 7th harmonic aspect.

Assuming that Neptune is posited in his natal 6th house, the placement emphasizes one whose work and service are done in a spiritual manner and/or for collective purposes. Yet with Neptune in detriment in 6th H, these issues will bring difficulties yet they had to be addressed for the sake of Jefferson's evolutionary progress (and America's, as it turned out.)

Many sacrifices are demanded by Neptune in 6th H, and we think of his desire to be home with his family instead of in Philadelphia attending and plying his penmanship of the Declaration of Independence at the Continental Congresses of 1775 and 1776. (The First Continental Congress was held in 1774 but Mr. Jefferson did not attend until 1775.)

Yet Jefferson's Sun in Aries Was Ambitious to Get On in the World

The red-haired young man arrived (unwigged yet Whiggish) in Philadelphia on June 20, 1775 with Neptune in Virgo (spiritual, devoted, and/or inspired work) snugged between Mars 18Vir55 and Saturn 2Lib18...hardworking Mars/Saturn = inspired Neptune: self-torment about identity (his fame and repute were yet to be established and his wordsmith genius known except by a few - he was a whippersnapper!); confusion; feeling threatened; pretenses or cover-ups about the state of preparedness.

But the whippersnapper did all right by us, didn't he? Perhaps that's because the difficult placement and conjunction of Neptune/Chiron were greatly eased by a natal trine to Pluto at Eagle Point, near Midheaven (Career, Aspirations, Public Status.) Plus, without difficult natal placements, one seldom bothers to stir oneself to make a sustained effort, does one?

Chiron in Cancer describes a "crisis over cultural roots and/or a crisis of personal protection" (Clow.) Cultural roots of the American experiment and personal protection reminds me of how America's Founders would have been strung up if their secret deliberations on independence from Britain had become known abroad.

In Cancer, Chiron tends to be tied to the past (a conflict for such a visionary futurist as Mr. Jefferson: home life v career ambitions), and reveals insecurity issues which are underscored by TJ's natal Moon out-of-bounds in Sagittarius which, when Moon is the only OOBs planet, points to one whose childhood connection with the mother was faulty or non-existent; a wounding (Chiron) from the mother (Cancer) is indicated as well, and TJ grew to have contempt for his mother and showed little, if any, regret at her passing. Jefferson had chaffed under her parentage after his father's death.

With Chiron in Cancer, a tough battle ensues to break Saturnian control (of his personal father/controlling mother and of colony-oppressing Great Britain!) and thus utilize the brilliance of Uranian genius, a task which he certainly managed to do. For his natal Uranus in Capricorn had a willing container in which to pour by way of Saturn's rulership of Capricorn, sign of Government. The inconjunct between natal Saturn and Uranus, though indicating crises and turning points, was better to have than no contact at all since the inconjunct (aka, quincunx) gave the creative ideas of Uranus a form (Saturn) in which to become practically realized on the earthly plane.

However, extreme consciousness of aims and objectives were necessary for the success of his Saturn/Uranus endeavors and he was nothing if not self-reflective while answering the call of service to the collective.

Another interesting factor to note in the 1743 horoscope of Thomas Jefferson is that the position of **Fixed Star SIRIUS, so intricately linked to America's natal horoscope and founding, closely conjoins his natal Neptune/Chiron conjunction by degree and thereby increases the conjunction's sacred nature.

In Astrology, the key phrases for SIRIUS (Alpha Canis Major; aka, the Dog Star, the Shining One, or, the Scorcher and relates to the annual flooding of the Nile River, and to gaining much more than was expected - Brady's Book of Fixed Stars) are: the mundane becoming sacred and the fire of immortality.

Few would disagree that Jefferson's work devoted to the founding of this country by penning the Declaration of Independence and through his service as Secretary of State, Ambassador to France, Vice President, then President (1801 - 1809), has garnered him an immortal name as well as high recognition in his day. Of course, founding the excellent University of Virginia in 1819 has increased his renown as well.

So! Will the July 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 9Can12 relate to Mr. Jefferson, his era and its politics, or to the very founding of our nation? Independence Day 2011 soon follows, after all. Will UVA be in the news? Or will another dance-off protest occur at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC with strong-arming police arresting peaceful American citizens? (I suspect the freedom-loving Mr. Jefferson would be very ill-pleased and disapproving of such arrests, don't you?)

These and other related concerns may turn up soon on the US menu and in The Press whose freedom he eloquently championed and my hope is that if they do, you will give a small, perhaps fond, thought to the Sage of Monticello!


For further reading you may wish to follow a link to the Monticello website or perhaps check out Thomas Jefferson's Wiki page. Also of timely interest may be The Cultural Contradictions of the American Media which contains his famous quote concerning the continuance of a free press in America:

"The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it up to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter."

*Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743 Shadwell, Virginia; birth time most often used: 1:53 am LMT though a day time birth may be a possibility; at 1:53 am: ASC 00AQ52, Sun 22Ari54, Moon 10Sag47; Neptune/Chiron conjunction in 6th house; 9th house Pluto at Eagle Point (15 Scorpio) conjoins MC; NN 18Tau57 conjoins IC 22Tau02...he'd rather have been contemplating and studying at home (Monticello), thanks.

Midpoint pictures: Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey.

May 4, 2010

Article Round-up: Times Square Bomb of May 1, 2010 w/ Agena @ Mc

A quick look at a chart set for May 1, 2010 @ 6:00 pm edt, Times Square, NYC, shows Fixed Star Agena (to have a mission) at Midheaven, the Aspiration Point of the chart, along with asteroid Nemesis, the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

'To have a mission to be America's Nemesis'?

No doubt, the man is convinced he was delivering 'divine retribution' to America and there may be more such attempts before activist Mars leaves showy, willful Leo...this is proving to be a long 33-week stay in Leo for the planetary hothead, isn't it? And with a double fire emphasis from Mars and from Leo.

Plus, the opposition of transiting Mars to US natal Moon is coming up (exact on June 1), a time when caution is advised, danger may turn up in one's environment, and competitive situations may not work out very well for our team.

Therefore, it seems a given that more chemical spills and fire hazards are on Mars' agenda for we-the-people of the United States of America during the hot-button summer of 2010 with its Cardinal T-Square energies adding fuel.

In the chart as well we see that Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix rises..."the widow-maker" @ '9Libra' with US natal Saturn (fear; loss) in tow.

The failed car bomb attempt in Times Square was meant to create unbridled fear in the public (Moon out-of-bounds and @ '23Sag' = "Immigrants Entering a New Country", negative expressions: a surrender of the real in pursuit of the false.") (MEJ)

However, my astro-plan is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude on whether this terrorist attempt is the real deal or not since US agencies can be off-track on what they say and do with their in-custody Pakistani-born suspect who was nabbed from a plane about to depart for foreign climes at JFK Airport late last night.

Good for them and us, if this isn't merely a 'mystery play'! 'Jack Bauer' would be proud.

Now here's an article round-up for you concerning the Times Square car bomb which failed to detonate because the wrong fertilizer was used, says the FBI.

Well, let's not spread the details of which fertilizer should have been used, okay?