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Sep 7, 2021

NYC Horoscopes: 9/11 with 9/11's Solar Return 2021

9/11/21: Jupiter Conjunct 9/11 Uranus and Saturn Conjunct 9/11 Neptune: Group Activities Concerning the Grim Face of Reality

September 7, 2021 by Jude Cowell

Today with AC repairmen working in my apartment I'm only posting a bi-wheel chart of the September 11, 2001 WTC attacks, plus, the 9/11 Solar Return 2021 Horoscope placed around the outside (Sun = "19Virgo": "A Swimming Race" = eliminating the US from global leadership - jc). As you can see, plenty of my study notes are penned upon the image for those who care to read them and I'll limit myself to spotlighting those since an abundance of emotional turmoil comes along with the 20th anniversary of the vengeful attacks - and I don't want to take even a slight chance that any insensitive remarks here might upset my New York relatives and friends - or upset any other family members who were directly affected by the 9/11 attacks, as were mine:

UPDATE September 7, 2021: More info concerning this topic is now published to my WordPress blog Jude's Threshold if you'd like to check it out. jc

Nov 24, 2018

2018--2019 Transits for Donald John Trump Jr

Brief Astro-Notes on Donald Trump Jr and Transits to Natal 2018--2019

by Jude Cowell

If you wish a peek, the natal horoscope of Donald John Trump, Jr, is rated A (from memory or news reports) and shows a birth hour of 5:20 pm est on December 31, 1977 Manhattan, New York City, New York. A New Years Eve baby was he! And if you haven't, check out his Wiki bio page for more details on 'Little T' where you'll find him perennially yoked to Reality TV, thanks to his dad Big T. But his yoke is loosened from wife Vanessa Kay Haydon as of their divorce announcement on March 15, 2018. A contested or uncontested divorce seems imminent although its status remains a secret, last I heard.

Now theirs has been an intensely passionate partnership which may have included quite a bit of antagonism and volatility (Sun Sco-Moon Ari: "best of friends or worst of enemies" -- and moodiness, with a lack of sensitivity to the partner's feelings--this is a "riding roughshod" combo, say Charles and Suzi Harvey). And if you look at their Wedding Day planets for November 12, 2005, Mar-a-Lago, Florida you'll see their steamy Water-Fire blend--Sun = husband, Moon = wife, theirs a Mars-Pluto (Scorpio)-Mars (Aries) combination of ambition, pride, and subterfuge.

So with Donald Jr's natal Venus @5Cap02 in 6th house, we know that transit Saturn has recently come to call bring sobering conditions to his relationships and the potential for breaking them off. For Donald Jr, this Saturn-to-Venus transit occurred three times in 2018: February 2, July 8, and November 2. Then there's his 6th house Sun @10Cap08 with restrictive Saturn approaching for a direct conjunction only once: on December 21, 2018. This is a period when his responsibilities must be faced and he must deal with the consequences of past decisions and events. He may be or go into isolation as often as he possibly can as 2019 nears. One must wonder if a prison term is being described here by legal eagle Saturn's dampening of his Sun-Venus conjunction of self-satisfaction. If so or not, Donald Trump Jr is definitely dealing with feelings and issues of restriction, limitation, and the specter of a possible future prison term, just as most media outlets report.

Another heavy transit that has occurred all through 2018 is transit Pluto conjunct his natal Descendant (19Cap53) and bringing relationship upheavals. Exact conjunctions of transit Pluto to his natal Descendant in 2018: February 3, July 17, and next on December 9, 2018. This transit marks a period when he is forced to face any relationship problems or issues he has accumulated so of course divorce and divorce settlements concerning his wife and five children are part of the plutonian picture. What this means for his relationship with his father remains to be seen.

Will 2019 Improve for Donald Trump Jr?

Leaving such a value judgment up to you, dear reader, here are a few prominent 2019 transits to Don Jr's natal chart to consider. First, there's the start of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to his natal Neptune (16Sag44): January 25, July 3, and September 19, 2019. This is a period when pretense and illusion may expand, imagination is enhanced, he may lose whatever touch he's had with reality (or freedom?), paranoia and/or fanaticism may increase, mysteries abound or perhaps are solved, incorrect diagnoses can occur, and scandals and schemes can continue. There is even a possibility of bankruptcy under Jupiter-to-Neptune's inflated, fraudulent influences. Of course, spirituality may increase as well but I'm not suggesting it for the son of a con man such as Trump--unless his mother Ivana provided her first son with such a possibility or interest.

Now one 2019 transit that is particularly fretful is Saturn square natal Pluto (16Lib35 in 4th house conjunct Trump Sr' natal 2nd house Jupiter Stationary). For Trump Sr this transit is a question of economic growth and political success being hampered by imposing authority figures and by endless laws, rules, and regulations. For Trump Jr it's a more existential period when he is being stripped of unnecessary baggage and may have a feeling of stepping into unknown territory. For Junior the exact transit dates are: February 16, July 17, and November 15, 2019.

Then there's a significant Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019--significant for America since it manifests so near Independence Day 2019 in between our nation's Venus and Jupiter in Cancer (more on this in a future post). Obviously, finances are implicated although business-loving Cancer is a also tribal sign of family and security issues so white nationalism may be part of the eclipse picture as well as the Trump family.

Solar Eclipse @10Can37 July 2, 2019; 3 North Saros Series (a lunation @00Cancer in 3 South is the Prenatal Eclipse of the 9/11 attacks). Themes of 3 North eclipses: 'news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans and activities are taken but don't get carried away' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

The July 2019 Solar Eclipse is significant for Donald Jr because, among other things, it opposes his natal 6th house Sun (10Cap08) and manifests in his natal 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing...and hidden places such as Prisons. Besides any eclipse influences, this 'cosmic blink' marks an 'unbirthday' transit for Don Jr when one is meant to reassess current plans and activities and make a change of course if results have not been not favorable up to that point (6 months after a birthday). But how free will Donald Jr actually be to make any necessary directional changes toward better outcomes? Will he turn witness for Robert Mueller against his father? Doubtful, yet a strong sense of self-preservation runs in the family and reduced sentences are usually cat nip at times of indictment. Well, surely his Pa-pa' will pardon him if at all possible!

A Mars Return Marks a New Two-Year Cycle of Activities and Efforts

Last I shall mention that 2019 is a year of a Mars Return for Donald Jr and it perfects once on July 16, 2019. Setting Don Jr's Mars Return chart for Manhattan, Mars (9Leo04) conjoins the Return IC (5Leo31 with Mars conjunct sexy asteroid Sappho!) from the 4th house side (more domestic troubles?) and shows his planet of motivation, energy, and activity to be under the quixotic rays of transit Uranus as it has squared his natal Mars. This Uranian transit marks a period when relationships with males are fraught with disagreements, disruptions, and possibly with danger--and when efforts may meet with unexpected results. In addition, transit Uranus, today @29Aries Rx, has been ruffling Donald Jr's natal 10th house Chiron (1Tau09 Rx) off and on suggesting feelings of rebellion and a tendency to act on impractical impulses (Nolle). Of course, his father is quite the quirky Uranian with chaotic impulses and notions shown every day as provided by Big T's guiding planet, his 10th house Uranus in duplicitous Gemini for it's the leader of all Trump Sr's natal planets.

Thankfully for Don Jr there is a grace note found in another aspect in his July 2019 Mars Return chart, an applying trine from Jupiter (6A29) to Mars indicating that a Jupiterian figure will provide Donald Trump Jr with beneficial aid in his hour of need and this may describe a pardon or other legal and/or financial help from his dad, Donald Trump Sr., or it could relate to benefits from wealthy financiers and promoters of the Trump Family...perhaps a cushy, pimped-up prison pad?

Image: Hubble's view of planet Mars

Apr 5, 2018

NYSE Buttonwood Chart 1792 and Trump vs Amazon

NYSE Created by a Wall Street Handshake; Trump Aims at Amazon and Bezos

by Jude Cowell

April 5, 2018: Thanks to the Buttonwood Agreement on the morning of May 17, 1792, 24 stock brokers and merchants formed what we now 'lovingly' call the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and what I tend to call the Wall Street Casino (you take your chances and the game is rigged). However, this was not the first American stock exchange for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange had formed two years prior.

The Handshake: By Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This week with Mercury retrograde until April 15, 2018, I've been culling through charts, notebooks, and scribbled notes in an attempt to create order out of my own personal chaos and have just discovered a decrepit little notebook that includes the founding data of the Buttonwood Agreement including the time: 7:52 am. This May 17, 1792 horoscope had been in my files for years until it and hundreds of other astrology charts were lost in a pc crash a few years ago. Since then I have been using a NYSE chart set for May 11, 1869, the after-war Re-oranization horoscope so I'm glad to add the 1792 horoscope back to my files. Unfortunately, I have no record of how the hour was ascertained (historical record perhaps?) but here's the chart for future reference:

NYSE 2018: Ups-n-Downs Volatility

Previous posts on such topics include: wealth-hoarder Pluto's upcoming shift as Astrologer Warns of Pluto Crossing October 31, 2018 and Natal YOD of the NYSE activated by Trading Halt which occurred on July 8, 2015 for 3 hours 32 minutes. Post details include a YOD crisis pattern which may, or may not as it turns out, point toward restrictive, law-abiding Saturn. If not, or if I explained chart factors badly, it's a mea culpa.

Jupiter-Neptune: Speculation, Bubbles, and Bursts

However, the Buttonwood natal chart of 1792 seen above does contain a crisis-turning-point-special-task YOD pattern of sorts involving Mercury-MC = Jupiter Rx with suggestions of recognition, publicity, success, good fortune, and an optimistic outlook, a phrase we've occasionally heard applied to the stock market through the years. And since moneybags Jupiter conjoins fraudulent dreamer Neptune in the 1792 chart (in Venus-ruled Libra) we may wish to include Neptune as apex of Mercury-MC as well with its varying tendencies toward fantastic notions, disappointments, a 'can't lose' position, lax or self-deceptive practices, and/or confused judgments (Ebertin-Munkasey-Tyl midpoint pictures combined).

Also note that 1792 Venus, ruler of evaluations, valuables, and small amounts of money, recently returned to her natal degree of 5Tau23 on April 4, 2018 beginning a new cycle of Venusian activities. In the Venus Return 2018 chart, Venus trines the current (now separating) Mars-Saturn conjunction which perfected @8Cap57 on April 2, 2018.

Trump Tanks Stock Market 2018 Messes with Amazon: Just Like Putin Would Do!

If only Russia's Vladimir Putin had an operative inside the US to do his bidding! Someone highly positioned inside the US government so that Nikita Khrushchev's prognostication in 1956 that Russia would one day "bury" America because history was on Russia's side could come true!

Plus, Putin may harbor more than a little sense of 'payback' due to his humiliation at the Disintegration of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991 when the hammer (Mars) and sickle (Saturn) flag over the Kremlin was lowered for the last time. Last time? Promise? Well, given Trump's idolatry of Putin and Donnie's preference for dictator-style governing, I'm not convinced the Soviet Union flag won't fly again, are you? Perhaps over the White House with Trump the Tool in charge--or dismissed? Thing is, revenge is sweet for some like Trump and Putin and in 1991 the US should not have chortled over the demise of the Soviet Union into 15 separate countries as being proof of a "triumph of democracy over totalitarianism" and "capitalism over socialism." It's always a bad idea to poke The Bear and we see totalitarian governments now rising all over the globe as Earth heats up. The same correlation has occurred in the past and history does tend to rhyme, on one side's particular side or the other.

Also it's doubtful that global leaders of the transnational variety intend for America to be leader of their next 'new world order' when it's fully implemented. Some say the leadership role will be China's or Russia's, or on an alternating basis but without the US whose 'new order' reign was always intended to last from 1776 to 2025 or so. Perhaps we need to ask high-level Freemasons about that little rumor--not that they would spill those particular beans before they're fully boiled. Anyway, the Big Picture is in process now (1993 Uranus-Neptune @18Cap = transit Pluto: the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl); 18Capricorn = "The Union Jack Flies Over a British Warship": POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism' and police power to "maintain the social order" (Rudhyar). Or is that actually a hammer and sickle flag?

Okay, maybe Trump's current campaign against Amazon and Jeff Bezos doesn't rise to such a traitorous level but when added to other curiosities between Trump and Putin it satisfies yours truly as part of a Russian 'collapse America campaign' which seems to involve the themes of the The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @19Leo which is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the 2018 Midterm Elections (another meddling can of worms).

Is it curious that Jeff Bezos built Amazon Tower, a 524-foot structure which opened on December 14, 2015 in Seattle, WA where he founded Amazon on July 5, 1994? Is the Amazon Tower in Trump's grumbling cross hairs? We shall see, as they say. But after all, how dare the richest man in the world build a Tower as if he's a Donald Trump, right? Because vengeful Mars-rising Trump, master of retaliation, might grouse just this way over Mr. Bezos and his accomplishments which 'tower' over Trump's--until he took over the Oval Office from which he can take revenge.

As for Wall Street, I'll add one final note to this rambling post: that the 1792 NYSE horoscope when progressed shows that a Progressed (SP) Full Moon perfected @7Can25 (conjunct Trump's natal Mercury @8Cancer, planet of trades, commerce, thought processes, tricks, and tweets) on March 10, 2017 and conjoined its SP Saturn-North-Node midpoint which provides some interesting potentials including: foreign enterprises offer assistance; a country in inner turmoil (Munkasey), both of which sound correct to me, if not to you, dearest of readers!

Jan 16, 2016

How Corporate CEOs are Feeding the Market Bubble - Thom Hartmann reports

If there is a financial crash in 2016 (my astro-window suggests 2016, 2017, or 2018, a difficult time period for several reasons) the threat is apparently from abroad with the global weakness in markets, economies, and currencies, China in particular. How low can oil prices go? Job lay-offs in the US have resulted so far along with Wal-Mart and Macy's stores closing (though some closings have been planned for a while). Will corporate-written 'trade deals' like the TPP improve economic and social circumstances for workers and or worsen them (while enriching the wealthy as usual)? And what difference can a new US president make, if any, if The Script is already written and must be followed or else?

My feeling is that the corporate class is in cahoots no matter the country and are setting up events and conditions to effect a global crash. The timing of the crash depends on when everything is in place to guarantee the outcome that transnational bankers want so that a 'new order' can be fully implemented (1776 is so passe).

So perhaps you've noticed that a few broadcasters and economists have been ringing financial alarm bells for some time, these 8 years after Crash 2008. One of them is the historically savvy Thom Hartmann:

Jan 11, 2015

"America Unearthed", three NYC Obelisks, and the Belt Stars of Orion

The topic of tonight's episode of America Unearthed relates to some of the subjects discussed from time to time here on Stars Over Washington particularly concerning the three stars in Orion's Belt, the Statue of Liberty, and Freemasonry in America.

America Unearthed showed its host, forensic geologist Scott Wolter, on a hunt for information about the three Egyptian obelisks located in New York City. These are situated in Central Park (see link just below), St. Paul's Chapel, or Church, and the Flatiron Building.

View full episodes at History Channel though tonight's episode won't be available immediately.

Related is a page of the official Central Park website which gives a few details concerning the Egyptian obelisk (aka, Cleopatra's Needle) from Thutmose III's temple in Heliopolis and delivered to Central Park, paid for and the Central Park site selected by the very wealthy William Vanderbilt.

The other two obelisks in NYC are located at St. Paul's Chapel (Church) where George Washington attended when in New York and the building of which Pierre L'Enfant, initial designer of DC (along with Andrew Ellicott), was architect in part. The third location is at the Flatiron Building (175 Fifth Avenue) where the obelisk honors General William Worth, a New Yorker who served as the Secretary of War for Texas and is the namesake of the city of Fort Worth.

Orion, Sirius, and Venus with a Multitude of Names

Now in the heavens, the three stars of Orion's Belt point toward Sirius, the home of goddess Isis in Egyptian mythology, and many people believe that the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau line up with the belt stars (though perhaps in reverse order--is it conclusive yet?) The ancient figure of Orion, the hunter, is god Osiris in Egyptian star lore, plus, constellation Orion is an archetype of the Immortal God, our Creator. In fact, some religious folk teach that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of Orion's Belt, an area of the sky which is sometimes identified as a 'star portal', a concept that actually tallies with Scriptural teachings, imho.

So, lined up upon the earth with Orion's Belt Stars as they seem to be, what are the three obelisks in NYC pointing toward in similar fashion? Why, the harbor and the Statue of Liberty, that feminine goddess of Venus-Isis fame created and brought to America by the Grand Orient Freemasons of France. You'll note France's past fascination with Egyptian pyramids and antiquities a la Napoleon Bonaparte, another of the world's 'new world order' visionaries as was Hitler.

Now as you may or may not know, I spend considerable time researching the connection between the founding of America and its occult roots which include such topics as Fixed Stars, the planning and construction of the District of Columbia (the 'Federal City'), and the Federal Triangle marked by the White House (a Masonic lodge), the Capitol Building (architecturally a Masonic temple if there ever was one), and the Washington Monument (built in the form of an obelisk itself). Regarding the Federal Triangle, it's a lesson in As Above, So Below: the White House = Arcturus, the Capitol Building = Regulus, and the Washington Monument = Spica ('the spike'; for obvious phallic reasons 'the spike' signifies George, the Father of Our Country, though curiously he doesn't seem to have physically fathered even one offspring of his own).

All three edifices and many others in Washington DC had their cornerstones and/or foundation stones laid in Masonic ceremonies by the Freemasons of the day--George Washington in apron, for one. Plus, triangles, 5-pointed stars, wheat sheafs, circles and squares, and other Masonic symbols and designs appear on and inside various official buildings and monuments and statues across the city along with horoscopes and references to constellation Virgo and its stars. Venus, Isis, Osiris, and the stars of constellation Pleiades are also represented in Washington, and perhaps you know of other starry symbols strewn about the capital city. America's Great Seal is one of the spots we find such occult symbolism with its design based on the Bavarian Illuminati seal of Adam Weishaupt (May 1776) heralding the coming of a 'new order'. The pyramid (a triangle) and the All-Seeing Eye of Providence (or, of Horus,) are found upon the dollar bill, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt (1935).

Speaking of a 'new order'--one of the potentials of the current transit of revolutionary Uranus (new order) in Aries opposing US natal Saturn (old order, the status quo, the established system) in mid-Libra, let's close with a reference to an interesting book that relates closely to current events as we watch the implementation of a global police state being manifested in the US and so obviously in France, as I type.

The book (1958) is Arthur Schlesinger, Jr's, The Coming of the New Deal 1933--1935, 2nd in his trilogy concerning Freemason FDR, in which he opens with a quote from ace political strategist Machiavelli and closes with words from H.G. Wells, the Fabian Socialist:

Machiavelli: "There is nothing...more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things."

H.G. Wells, described FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

How suitable for FDR's natal Uranus rising in Virgo! This is the kind of information that makes FDR's presidency and New Deal programs sound extremely well-devised as one part of a long term plan, don't you think? Which to me makes the current divide-and-conquer monkeyshines in Washington via such tactics as 'R vs D' and 'conservative vs liberal' sound like a bunch of media claptrap meant only to deceive We The People and divert our attention from solving the real problems now faced by the American people. My advice to anyone who asks is to consider what actually results from what politicians say and don't say, do and don't do for most often it is just what they and their secret supporters intended all along.

But a populist common-gooder with Revolutionary ancestors such as yours truly probably would feel just that way, now wouldn't she?

Jul 16, 2011

A Lunar Eclipse, Pluto, and the Assassination of Sunny Sheu

Does Pluto/Chiron's 'Primal Violence' Thrive in NYC?

by Jude Cowell

Thanks to a concerned reader who took time to leave a comment on this blog, I have become aware of the case of Sunny Sheu who was murdered for investigating his own victimization by mortgage fraud in New York. Was the plutocratic, disenfranchising, oppressive, racist duo of Pluto/Chiron present at the scene of the crime?

Mr. Sheu was "kidnapped, intimidated, and threatened by two NYPD detectives at the Queens DA bureau", it is reported by DailyKos (June 23, 2011.)

Very soon Mr. Sheu was dead from blunt force trauma to the head (or, a 'seizure' or, a mysterious 'collapse') and several irregularities in statements by police and medical examiners, plus, conflicted autopsy results have muddied the water for those who wish to know the truth concerning what appears to be the assassination of Sunny Sheu. His determination for truth and justice took him uncomfortably close to the powers-that-be, by which I mean, whoever is now protected by Mr. Sheu's silence-by-murder.

Actually, Sheu's difficult ordeal (a fraudulent foreclosure on his own home bwo forged documents) began ten years ago. You'll find reports with fuller details at Naked Capitalism and at The Daily Bail where SO'W's concerned reader suggested I go to familiarize myself with the Sheu case (of which I was unaware until today.)

Follow the links to read details, view videos, and listen to audios of actual phone calls asking for information on the Cause of Death. You may also wish to view the brief video Mr. Sheu recorded about two months prior to his death. You see, the FBI had ignored his request for witness protection.

2010/2011: Double Eclipses Reveal, Lunar Eclipse Brings Death

This is another story being 'outed' by the rare double (June 1 and July 1) Solar Eclipses of 2011 - one in Gemini, sign of reporters, news, contracts, and commerce, and one in self-protective Cancer which contains flavors of real estate misfortunes (mortgage fraud and murder over it) and power struggles (keep quiet--or else!)

The June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @11Gem02 conjoined natal Pluto (planet of assassins, saboteurs, and spies) in the horoscope of Manhattan (Feb 12, 1653 noon LMT Manhattan NY; source: Maggie Hyde; n Pluto 12Gem06 Rx is rising.) Celeste Teal titles this eclipse: Something to Cry About and we know that there are many things in society which now fall under that title, aren't there?

One more is the murder of Sunny Sheu and the suspicious actions of Judge Joseph Golia whom Sheu had expected to help straighten out the mortgage fraud, not enshrine it by law.

Plus, Lunar Eclipses can be especially revealing with their unconscious (Moon) content coming to the surface under a Full Moon's rays. A Lunar Eclipse occurred between the two Solar Eclipses on June 15, 2011 @ 24Sag23 - directly upon Manhattan's natal 7th-house Neptune. And who are the Neptune/Pluto people, people? The resource plunderers of the *Generation of Materialism of the late 1880s...the Robber Barons, whose biological and ideological spawn bedevil us now.

Yet perhaps even more telling concerning the assassination of Sunny Sheu is another Neptune/Pluto indicator: organized crime. In New York City circa 2010/11? Say it isn't so, Mr. Bloomberg!

Now here's the thing: Sunny Sheu lost his life by sinister means on June 26, 2010, the day of the Lunar Eclipse @ 4Cap46--with the Moon conjunct power-mad Pluto, planet of The Underworld, assassination, murder, and great wealth. The first three are some of the ways in which the richer classes grasp and protect their wealth when bought-off judges, forged documents, or cyber-crimes are insufficient, or when dirty deeds must be covered up.

In the presence of the Moon and Pluto, a pair that 'encourages crime' (Munkasey), on June 26, 2010, was asteroid Siva (aka, Shiva), named after the creator-destroyer god. So if you're wondering where at this very moment Siva creeps in the Tropical Zodiac, I'll tell you: 4Cap12 Rx--still conjunct power-behind-the-throne Pluto.

Creepy. And there will be more uncoverings before 2011's end and on into 2012.

Well, now I must say, I hope one day you can R.I.P., Sunny Sheu. This post is dedicated to you and to all Americans who wish to rout out the corrupt and detestable operators and thieves who now bedevil and defraud the innocent.

We must also be careful and watch out for each other (not spy on one another as 'they' want) because wolves lie in wait.

Hope you'll check out the blog The Murder of Sunny Sheu by Mr. Sheu's friend, who is the writer of the original expose.


*The 'Generation of Materialism' horoscope of the Robber Barons is timed by the New Moon 8Tau14 of April 28, 1881 which manifested soon after a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in gold-loving Taurus on April 18, 1881. In Astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are our 'societal planets' and their constrict v expand balancing act relates directly to financial cycles and money markets. Their last conjunction occurred on May 28, 2000 @ '23Tau': "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems."

Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols gives the negative expression of this degree as: "a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles."

And that's not all that greediness has betrayed since May 2000, as we've seen. The world is now just beyond the opposition phase of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2011 minus 2000 = 11 yrs = 10 + 1) and we're actually closer to an inconjunct (150 degr), an aspect of adjustment which now inspires and disjoints debt talks, default stand-offs, and theatrical walk-outs at the White House. In Mundane Astrology, the tradition is: Saturn = Democratic Party, Jupiter = Republican Party though of course, both planets appear in each party's natal charts.

Therefore we know that even the party-busting, self-imagined "masters of the universe" are completely subject to our Creator's natural laws although they wouldn't dream of having us realize such vulnerability. jc

Mar 25, 2011

Triangle Factory Fire: same Solar Eclipse Series as 9/11/01

Having to be out of town most of the day today there was no time to scribble on, scan, save, and publish a horoscope of NYC's awful March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, aka, the Triangle Factory Fire, or, the Haymarket Fire, in which a total of 146 people - women and a few men - perished, many of whom were young immigrants.

If you wish to set up the chart, I suggest using 4:00 pm or thereabouts for that seems to have been the time when they were about to knock off from their grueling work in horrid conditions and go home on a Saturday afternoon. And perhaps some of them must have understood that Saturday is the Sabbath, a Day of Rest from work.

But exits turned to dust in their hearts and it was hard to tell which way to escape due to smoke, heat, and fear.

Oh yes - and the doors were locked.

Did some of the ladies realize in a flash that this was retaliation? Was it? Asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) was traversing the degree and sign of 4Ari20 and conjoined the Sun 4:06 (conj 8th cusp 2Ari47.)

(Update 6.6.11: tr Uranus now traverses 4-5 Aries of the Tropical Zodiac, off and on. Original post continues here...)

And there's a Finger of God pattern, a YOD. Well, actually two YODs indicating a crossroads, special task or purpose, and/or crisis that has formed at that moment in time. Yet both YODs point toward the Ascendant 8Vir47 and both involve speedy Mercury, planet of young people, communication, writers, reporters, journalists, bloggers, news, orators, speakers & speeches, ideas, plans, pacts, demands especially when paired with Mars (sextile 0S45), trade, commerce (a garment factory), the senses, hands & arms, and other mercurial energies and interests of the human race.

Mercury as Actor also plays a role on the World Stage as the Trickster at the Crossroads who makes his/her entrance during times when small actions can bring big consequences and our unconscious motivations may undermine or trip us up. The so-called Freudian Slip comes under this category as well. More about the horoscope later for I plan to publish it this weekend with 9/11/01 placements round the outside. Eclipses will be included.

Many of those lost in March 1911 had been demonstrators in 1909 and 1910 and had gained publicity for their efforts demanding better working conditions. And you probably know that FDR's to-be Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, was on the sidewalk that day and witnessed the event, so reminiscent of the World Trade Center destruction the morning of September 11, 2001...a perfect autumnal Tuesday morning, if I recall.

People jumped from windows to their deaths in both cases.

NYC 1911 & 2011: Differences and Similarities

A basic difference between the two events is that the Triangle Factory Fire gave greater force to the progressive movements of the early 1900s and educated by example the larger population that harsh working conditions had to be improved: shorter work hours, higher wages, a child labor law, better (less inhumane) working environments, and unions for collective bargaining, among other things, resulted.

A direct line may be drawn to Frances Perkins as Labor Secretary acting as FDR's "moral conscience" and inspirationally touching New Deal programs and legislation such as Social Security Insurance - you know - generational social contract programs that actually help those in need the way we're supposed to do if we posses a moral conscience as a people (we-the-people with our natal Moon in Aquarius, sign of Humanity & humanitarianism; plus, '15 AQ' = the Angel Point. Is this what Abraham Lincoln referred to when he appealed to the 'angels of our better nature'? Moon in Aquarius!

Well, in 2011, it's too bad for our nation for the Democratic Party doesn't 'do' moral conscience any more. But I suppose that became quite impossible when they sold out to abortion promoters (aka, population control? Some say Planned Parenthood is of the same ilk) - and won't even debate the issue due to political correctness and self-interested fears of the almighty ballot box, crookedly counted as it may be.

Recommended: see March 25's Democracy Now! for excellent historical coverage along with news on observances in the US on this, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory Fire. Amy Goodman's interview with author of The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the Minimum Wage.

A basic similarity between the Triangle Factory Fire of March 25, 1911 and the attacks of 9/11 is a time link: they fall into the same Solar Eclipse Saros Series so we know that a similar general atmosphere was in force.

Actually, that's not precise: the Triangle Fire occurred during a 2 South Series Solar Eclipse which manifested on November 2, 1910 @ '9 Scorpio' and which has a 'joining groups' flavor; such group involvement seems to offer a great deal to new members and relates to humanitarian concerns, healing, or the arts.

This tallies with women and immigrants (often one and the same) joining unions or groups to fight for better working conditions (their participation in protests in 1909 and 1910, as stated above...'healing' and 'humanitarian'; perhaps 'the arts' may be seen as their sewing work though nothing feels creative or artsy under such cruel conditions.)

Now everyone knows that eclipses in any horoscope may act as 'wild cards' a little like the quirky, disruptive planet, Uranus. And like Uranus, eclipses may affect a chart early, on time, late, or never (usually two weeks before or after.) But if we use this tidbit of possibility to stretch our imaginations, we can say that it was also the next Solar Eclipse on April 28, 1911 which brought the situation to a head...the 3 North Series shared by the events of 9/11/01.

My guess is that no one who's ever seen a Tarot deck of cards has been able to miss the correlation between card #16 (The Tower: old, false values are destroyed, an image of people jumping from tower windows) and the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. (Note: I don't mean to forget the attack on the Pentagon or the deaths on the plane that went or was shot down in Pennsylvania when I only mention the WTC on 9/11. But the attacks in NYC fulfill 'The Tower' image only too perfectly and we're speaking of two events occurring in NYC.)

So what about the influence of 3N for 1911 and 2001? 'Over-excessive; main theme is news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans or activities are undertaken which can have positive outcomes if people don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

(Problematic since we got 'carried away' - to Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Libya.)

The bodies of the victims who threw themselves from the windows of the Triangle Factory building on March 25, 1911 (it was the 'Ash Building' I believe - weird) remained on the streets of New York for days so that their bodies could be identified and claimed, further adding to NYC's and the nation's collective trauma and melancholy.

(If there could have been a CNN in 1911, I'm certain they would've shown the horrible scene to the populace over and over times a bazillion. I believe the sharing of the transformational 13N Solar Eclipse Series pegs the two events as time links, as stated. Perhaps I'll publish the two horoscopes together within another post.)

Yet we may console ourselves as have others in decades past that some good came out of the carnage and suffering in 1911 with wage and hour improvements and a general feeling of good will toward others in society and hopes for a better future. That's not counting the era's billionaires, titans, and financiers of the Robber Baron class who were hanging on by their clawnails to the accustomed privilege of exploiting others at whim and by design.

Yes, America had a moral conscience once upon a time.

And 100 years after the Triangle Factory Fire, the longer we listen and follow along like puppies on the heels of the GOP (and their enabling Democrats) while parroting their every talking point in case one dollar of US tax money should feed a hungry child, the sooner the progressive social improvements of 100 years ago will fade like a labor mural on a state house wall when left too long in the revealing sun.


March 25, 2011: today more anti-union/anti-worker tricks and hoo-ha going on in Wisconsin.

And Thom Hartmann spoke of low income or out-of-work Americans now being sent to jail for non-payment of credit card debt: "It's official - Republicans have set our country back more than 100 years - to the 1800's - when the Robber Barons ruled and our politics were corrupted to the core."

May 4, 2010

Article Round-up: Times Square Bomb of May 1, 2010 w/ Agena @ Mc

A quick look at a chart set for May 1, 2010 @ 6:00 pm edt, Times Square, NYC, shows Fixed Star Agena (to have a mission) at Midheaven, the Aspiration Point of the chart, along with asteroid Nemesis, the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

'To have a mission to be America's Nemesis'?

No doubt, the man is convinced he was delivering 'divine retribution' to America and there may be more such attempts before activist Mars leaves showy, willful Leo...this is proving to be a long 33-week stay in Leo for the planetary hothead, isn't it? And with a double fire emphasis from Mars and from Leo.

Plus, the opposition of transiting Mars to US natal Moon is coming up (exact on June 1), a time when caution is advised, danger may turn up in one's environment, and competitive situations may not work out very well for our team.

Therefore, it seems a given that more chemical spills and fire hazards are on Mars' agenda for we-the-people of the United States of America during the hot-button summer of 2010 with its Cardinal T-Square energies adding fuel.

In the chart as well we see that Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix rises..."the widow-maker" @ '9Libra' with US natal Saturn (fear; loss) in tow.

The failed car bomb attempt in Times Square was meant to create unbridled fear in the public (Moon out-of-bounds and @ '23Sag' = "Immigrants Entering a New Country", negative expressions: a surrender of the real in pursuit of the false.") (MEJ)

However, my astro-plan is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude on whether this terrorist attempt is the real deal or not since US agencies can be off-track on what they say and do with their in-custody Pakistani-born suspect who was nabbed from a plane about to depart for foreign climes at JFK Airport late last night.

Good for them and us, if this isn't merely a 'mystery play'! 'Jack Bauer' would be proud.

Now here's an article round-up for you concerning the Times Square car bomb which failed to detonate because the wrong fertilizer was used, says the FBI.

Well, let's not spread the details of which fertilizer should have been used, okay?

Sep 11, 2009

Today's 8th anniversary of 9/11 attacks and the Initiate

First let me express my heartfelt condolences to all the family members and friends of those whose lives were so callously extinguished in the attacks of 9/11/01, and provide a link to the newly created National Day of Service and Remembrance website.

With today being the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama has called for renewed resolve for chasing the perpetrators.

Wonder if he includes the attacks' enablers (and possibly their co-perpetrators) in America within his resolve? If so, he wouldn't have far to chase, imo.

Astrologically speaking we know that today the Sun has returned to its '19Virgo' degree as on the morning of Sept 11, 2001, and is in conjunction with depressive, realistic loss-bringer, Saturn, planet of accountability. Sun = the leader in a national chart so we hear the president's shout-out to find those accountable.

But I don't think he actually means all of them, do you?

'19 Virgo': "A Swimming Race"...ELIMINATION.

positive expression: man's capacity for any extreme of self-pointedness he may find valuable in a given case;

(As in using 9/11 to score political points? We've had 8+ years of that in America. jc)

neg/unconscious/shadow side: inadequate self-dramatization. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

Quoting in part from Dane Rudhyar, in his An Astrological Mandala, for '19Vir':

'Keynote: The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal.

A seeker after spiritual rebirth actually does not strive alone. It is Man who, acting through the most advanced individuals of the race, is taking a step toward "rebirth," or toward a new mutation. The personal ego-centered ambition to succeed and to be "first" is indeed a sign of expectable spiritual failure.

What is needed is EMULATION, not competition.'

And since I occasionally include a Sabian Symbol's opposite degree as its Illumination Point (because it's one of the coolest things about the Sabian Symbols - you can peek beneath the hood of awareness for more info), here is the symbol for...

'19 Pisces'" "A Master Instructing his Pupil"...ELUCIDATION.

pos: high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

And Rudhyar adds quite a few more details for '19Pisc' which you may or may not think apply to today's observances. Or perhaps, like me, you agree the symbol relates on a deeper level to the transfer of power and propagandistic 'terror-fighting' from Bush to President Obama - "renewed resolve" indeed...

'Keynote: The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spirit and creative Impulse of the cycle active and undeviated.

The Hindu ideal of the sacred relationship between guru and chela (disciple) has of late become familiar to a vast number of young and not-so-young people. The doctrine of "the Apostolic succession" in the Roman Catholic Church has a similar significance. The Power and archetypal knowledge released "in the beginning" of any cycle (or at Creation) must be perpetrated until the very Last Day -- the Omega state of which Teilhard de Chardin glowingly speaks.

This Power is the "self" of the cyclic manifestation, the unchanging Tone (AUM) of all existence within this cycle. It can be transmitted form master to disciple at the latter's "Initiation." It must be so transmitted for when the line of transmission (in Sanskrit, guruampara) is discontinued, the cyclic process begins to collapse in futility and spiritual darkness.'

(This symbol)'... is a clue to the supreme technique necessary for the continuation of all manifestation of power and spiritual understanding. The transmission is from person to person; it follows a general, unchanging pattern, yet if operates in terms of particular and individual circumstances. Keyword: INVESTITURE.' #

You know what hay is always made of the US' "peaceful transfer of power" during our Inaugural times, so I believe that "in the beginning" and the rest may be interpreted as referring to the founding of America and the succession of power through the presidential line, which, if you think as I do, means that though the face in the Oval Office changes, the original intent and the ultimate mission of our invisible plutocracy (publicly centered in that Freemasonic White Lodge we call "the White House'), remain the same through "the baton-passing" of January 20 @ noon in Washington, DC.

And the secret message from the old president to the new - the one left in the drawer of the Resolute Desk which we-the-people are never privy to - must be some very fine occult reading for the new "Initiate."


Here's Teilhard de Chardin's Wiki bio which contains a link to his concept of the Omega Point and to his development of Vernadsky's Noosphere.

Jesuit priest, philosopher, geographer, and paleontologist Teilhard de Chardin, was born May 1, 1881. Synchronistically, I just peeked at a natal chart for him using 'noon' (as one tends to do for famous people whose birth hour is unknown) and natal Moon = 16 Gemini+, the Moon's position right now here in Georgia.

Nov 4, 2007

Brooklyn invitation: The Monuments! Nov 10

Join the celebration and remembrance of Kurt Vonnegut's unique vision and work on Nov 10 at the Evening of Champions, 7:00 pm, 135 Plymouth St, Suite 208, Brooklyn, NY. As you know, Vonnegut loosed his earthly bonds on April 11, 2007.

Here's a previous post on Vonnegut with link to his natal chart.

I am tres honored to be invited to the celebration by Gabriel Berezin of the musical group, The Monuments, yet must confess that I seldom mosey North these days. So I'm passing along his cordial invitation to you.

The Monuments formed just after the attacks of 9/11...

Gabriel was 10 minutes late for his day job on Sept 11, 2001, when the first plane crashed through his office window on the 97th floor of the WTC, killing his co-workers inside.

The Nov 10 celebration will include art, film, and some fine music by several groups including The Monuments, so if you do drop in, give Gabe and Friends hugs from me!

Oct 25, 2007

Today in Washington and NYC

"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." --Thomas Jefferson

So do I, as should we all. (Physical) water is not the only thing in short supply.

Image: sunrise 7:33:01 am edt, Washington, DC, Oct 26, chart-ruler Mars in 9th house of foreign enemies, conj Fixed Star, Alhena, to have a mission. Mars is inconjunct Chiron at IC. (You'll find Chiron mentioned below.)

Click-to-enlarge chart to read my scribbles because it's on to New York...

As the fairy dust settles from last evening's Full Moon, we find that at 3:00 am edt in midtown Manhattan, Explosives in NYC's Mexican Consulate so explosive Mars is still busy in 'the homeland' (Cancer), out-of-bounds and lobbing makeshift explosives from a bicycle.

3:00 am in NYC brought up Bush's natal Virgoan Mars, just after tr Saturn, whose Hour it was. Saturn Hours are good for things like taking responsibility and for control, with an air of restriction and inhibition involved. This lobbing was a diversion of some kind, and indicates that activist Mars has more trouble in store. What else is new, right?

So Bush has this goin' on: Mars/Saturn = ASC: obstacles caused by others; illness; separation; bereavement; struggling for every step of advancement; possible health threat. (Will his colon come back to haunt him?) (midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Saturn will be restrictvely conjuncting his natal Mars soon (health concerns continue.) It's a period when circumventing rules is ill-advised and relationships with males may be interrupted or broken off entirely. Loneliness increases, yet a reaffirmation toward long-term goals is also possible. Kind of a 'stay the course' transit (ad nauseum.)

But back at the Mexican Consulate:

At the WHY Point of the chart (MC) was tr asteroid, Midas, the King, greedy lover of gold, and at IC (the HOW Point) was asteroid, Bacchus, keywords: denial; substitution; management of uncomfortable emotions. This lobbing occurred only a couple of hours after the Full Moon, Moon 3Tau46, "4Tau": "The rainbow's pot of gold."

3Tau08 is the Discovery Degree of Chiron, the Wound or the Wounded Healer, which is again splat upon Dick Cheney's natal Sun (10AQ48)--a transit which may spiritualize (Chiron) one's purpose in life (Sun), or indicate wounded vitality (health issues--with Cheney, probably heart-related. They do say he has one.)

And speaking of Politics in America, have you ever been to the Edge of Petrified Forest?

Sep 24, 2007

Rudy Guiliani May 28, 1944

Born in Brooklyn, NY, May 28, 1944, the Sun arose for Guiliani that day at 6Gem55 with the Moon clocking in at 19Leo23--conjunct Jupiter (Geo Bush has an expansive Moon/Jupiter conj natally in Libra.)

Since the Moon was in Leo for the 24 hours of his birthdate, we may use Sun Gem/Moon Leo for his personality blend, a blend shared by poet Walt Whitman: "I celebrate myself; I sing myself." Seems appropriate.

Sun Gem/Moon Leo (Air-Fire = a "live wire" full of exciting ideas and the ability to communicate them with zeal and enthusiasm; taken to the extreme Air-Fire = bombast, bluster, and a tendency to be carried away by own rhetoric and eloquence; has charisma and joie de vivre; with Airy Sun and Firey Moon: the effect of a hot-air balloon; a Utopian idealist seeing ever more distant sunny shores; may ride on a moralistic high horse):

This combo indicates one who is a colorful conversationalist and storyteller, convivial with a childlike sense of fun, and a good dramatist. He's good at improvisation, generous, and intellectual and he embodies the eternal child (Gem = the puer) whose fantasies of royal blood (Queen E knighted him for helping with 9/11--in precisely what capacity I do not know) ensure a confident social performance.

This blend assumes its natural right to be exactly who he is: astute and somewhat mischievous. A flair for self-dramatization may be behind his recent "phone calls from the wife" schtick which weirded out so many people during recent speeches (including his important you-can-vote-for-me speech to the NRA!)

There is a rebellious streak here as well and a fussiness which may turn up in the love life. This is a strong but not overbearing personality interested in a wide variety of human perspectives (can this trait cause the dreaded flip-flopping?)

Guiliani is a natural salesperson and "ideas person" who doesn't like to be pigeonholed (who does? unless they're a pigeon), and when it comes to big issues he tends to argue with a sense of impassioned authority.

Yes, Rudolph can be a true inspiration to others (through communication at least.)

Greatest Weaknesses: haughtiness and stubbornness which surface when feeling unappreciated; energies put into excessive socializing which keeps abilities from being fully developed; the need for flattery and for holding center-stage.

Image for Integration (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = unconscious mind--and blending them makes a whole, self-aware person):

A king holds court and surprises his audience by joining the mandolin player in a duet of song and story.

With Moon in Leo, RG's reigning need is for approval, recognition, and applause, all of which the game of politics seems to have supplied him with in abundance, with fake phone calls as part of the act.

So if you click to enlarge his natal (sunrise) chart, you'll see that all planets lie within 12Taurus--2Libra. A bowl pattern is formed which looks a bit unbalanced, doesn't it? It certainly concentrates his energies into an all-about-me view--same for George Bush's natal chart and Leonine psyche. Yet somehow I wonder if Guiliani's concentration of planets is at least partially on the partnership side of his natal chart?

With 'working class' heritage from his parents, he could have Virgo rising, couldn't he? And that would give him a very full Public hemispheric emphasis, if so.

Yet the 'empty' signs and degrees--from 3Libra through 11Taurus--have midpoints, asteroids, and South Node within them. This *blog is not written to teach Astrology (although I can't prevent it if a smidge accidentally filters though) so let's stick with a few basic things about former NYC mayor Guiliani. Besides, there are plenty of Astrology tutorials online, if you wish to study them!

Such as: his Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE):

Occurring prior to his birth on Jan 25, 1944, this is the 18South Series which Brady's Predictive Astrology gives as:

endings, separations, and partings which could bring grief and anguish, yet these separations bring new situations and encounters which lead to positive outcomes.

This is the PE of Marilyn Monroe, btw.

The 18S Series last manifested Feb 2, 1998--during his marriage to Donna, wife #2. Its next occurrence: March 19, 2016. (Perhaps current wife Judith should be told?)

In youth Rudy considered the priesthood y'know, but it seems the romantic lay-dees won out! But can Rudy win the presidential sweepstakes in 2008?

Transit Mars has been visitng his natal Saturn, planet or authority and responsibility. This is a time of becoming more focused and organized. It's a time for careful planning. There may be dental work or minor surgery, colds or flu and obstacles encountered now are usually found to be of one's own making.

There is hurrying flavor to this transit with a touch of rebellion against the rules. Yet greater credence may be given to age or experience before taking action--it's a good time to ask advice from one's mentors.

And tr Midas has been hanging about with his Sun/Uranus conj in Gemini and possibly bankrolling his progressive political inclinations. Sun conj Uramus is free-wheeling, willful, and arrogant with its bad self. (Oops--was that a smidge of Astrology leaking through? Sorry!)

This pairing is intolerant of tradition and the social limitations that result from it--hence his three marriages, one may suppose; and Sun conj Uranus supports the "live-wire" quality already mentioned. Politics is a perfect career for a Sun/Uranus individuals, but a stable relationship is a must for keeping the natural eccentricity tamped down to acceptable-in-society levels.

Well, Hillary Rodham Clinton certainly sounded and looked presidential on the Sunday political programs yesterday, so I'd say that jolly Guiliani has a lot of issues to become more serious and better informed about asap--because empty bombast and amusing stories won't be enough--and the usual political dirty tricks have become such a bore.

Sun/Moon info from Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.

(Click to enlarge chart for a few more details.)

* This blog is written to make comments about politics and varminty politicians by use of Astrology. Shameless, I know. But so are the pocket-liners.

And did you know that Mr.A.Cat has transmitted a new limerick A Hillary Cat which is now published at Lim's Limericks? He has.

Aug 6, 2007

Hylan, Bernanke, and The Fed

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses... This little our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created its long and powerful tentacles it seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools...courts...newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

N.Y. Mayor, John Hylan

Side Note: I italicized 'tentacles' because murdered writer, Danny Casolaro, had named the organisation he was researching The Octopus, and spoke of its 'tentacles.' He gave his life for that one--and his notes magically disappeared after his suspicious death. That weekend there was a New Moon 17Leo aka the heart of the Scorpion degree. A very interesting case relating to the software program, Promis, which can track you wherever you roam.

And all this went on during the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune circa 1992-93.

Here's Mayor John Hylan railing against international bankers, John D. Rockerfeller-Standard Oil and our not-just-a-conspiracy-theory secret/shadow government from Feb 17, 1933. This link takes you to a newspaper article which hopefully is legible in your browser (I use--and this blog appears best in--IE, btw.)

Any politicians who want to be seriously in-the-running for the US presidency must agree with the small coterie who use them as "cats' paws," Hylan said, to be "amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business."

Candidates are screened (the one I read about earlier this year...wish I had saved the link to the article...was Barak Obama meeting with the coterie in NY, and the big question to him was along the lines of: can you make decisions without facts?

In other words, will you follow our dictates without question, you little Cats' Paw, you? Obama said, yes! and hence his candidacy continues. So anyone who is a 'candidate' has given them the correct answer. And anyone who "wins" is their shill with plenty of Meow Mix as a deal-sweetener...ocean fishy flavor probably.)

Now as you know, the US natal chart (Sibly, 7.4.1776, 5:10 pm LMT, although it's really more of a Dane Rudhyar chart than Sibly's antique version) has Venus (values; money; relationships) at "4Cancer": "A cat arguing with a mouse."

Nearby is n Jupiter (rich men; gurus; professors; Zeus-like figures) at "6Can": "Gamebirds feathering their nests." Well yes, that they continue to do.

In US' 8th house of other peoples' money, credit, banking, insurance, debt, legacies, and such, is Rx Mercury at "25Can": "A leader of men wrapped in an invisible mantle of power." Seems the privately-owned Fed along with international bankers and energy barons control our government so I guess that makes mild-mannered Ben Bernanke the cat's meow. But you knew all that.

So how does any of this fit in with the strong-armed Trilateral Commission which will be having its 35th birthday soon? Read Patrick Wood's excellent The August Review to find out more.

And have you checked out Mr.A.Cat's Karl Rove rhyminess? Lim's Limericks has it for you, but BYOMM...bring your own Meow Mix!

Jul 27, 2007

severe dust storm on Mars

Space Weather News for July 27, 2007:

DUST STORM UPDATE: A severe dust storm on Mars, which has been darkening skies and causing a solar energy crisis for NASA's Mars rovers, refuses to die down. Clouds of dust are now visible in backyard telescopes and Mars is beginning to resemble a orange billiard ball as all of its underlying surface markings are hidden from view. The storm is already a month old and no one knows when it will subside.

Visit for photos and status reports.#

Testy, quarrelly Mars is causing a dust-up here on earth, too. Now in Taurus (tropically) the red planet was in Pisces in 2003 as he hung over NYC during the power outage. The god of war, they call him. Reminds me of Nostradamus' prediction about the Aug 11, 1999 eclipse which mentions Mars...hmmmm...more on that later.

Jun 20, 2007

Michael Bloomberg

Well here's the coy financier's natal data: Feb 14, 1942; 3:40 pm EWT; Brighton, MA; (RR:AA) and you may wish to view his natal horoscope with Cancer rising.

This is the natal chart of an egotist, who's good with technology, and may have occult leanings, but let's talk amongst ourselves while Bloomberg's Sun AQ-Moon AQ personality blend says he is friendly but detached, independent and gregarious (Jupiter in Gemini loves to converse and has helped him with his early understanding and expansion of technological advancements in his businesses), is highly observant, clear-headed, and well-meaning. (Seems to be reasonably well-meaning for an egotist--we'll see.-jc)

Yes, Michael Bloomberg is a law-unto-himself who wants to do things his way. (A perfect description for you-know-who in the Oval Office circa 2017--?:law under to himself?-- another one worse than the first!-jc)

This pair's dark side has a tendency toward making blunt, insensitive remarks due to comparing people to closely-held ideals. Disliking restraints of any kind, this blend tends to "live in the head"--this is a highly inspirational combo and is supported by Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) which for him is 16 North, a gentle series having to do with 'unconscious material rising and bringing along with it great insights and good ideas which may be profitably acted upon' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.

A Solar Eclipse occurred in the 16 North series in 1995 @00Scorpio, again in 2013 @11Scorpio; next 16 North eclipse occurs @22Scorpio on November 14, 2031.

Bloomberg's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series:

For Mr. Bloomberg a 16 North eclipse occurred prior to birth (his 'PE') at "28Virgo": "A bald-headed man dominates a gathering of national figures"...Keyword: DOMINANCE--

positive expression: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others; negative/shadow side: a sadistic sophistication.

Note that a cosmic time link was formed by a Solar Eclipse conjunct the same degree (29Virgo) on September 22, 2006, in the 8 South Series with themes of 'separation, loss; to be finished, sad partings' (Brady).

Well there's a peek at Bloomberg with more to come--he doesn't have to declare his presidential aspirations until May 2008 so the twists and turns of fate and his own nature--plus, the chaos principle--will intervene in unforeseen ways. (Update 11/08/19: as you know, his 2008 campaign didn't last long. Now in 2019 Bloomberg is belatedly toying once again with a presidential run which is why I have today updated this post.

UPDATE 4:44 pm edt: neglected to give Bloomberg's Sun-Moon Image for Integration:

"The Jolly Green Giant."

Second Update 'today' November 8, 2019 by jc.

For more personality details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzy Harvey