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Sep 16, 2015

Ronald Reagan Debate Lines That'd Get Him Booed Off the Stage Today - video

September 16, 2015 Update: Ronald Reagan's sons discuss their dad, Donald Trump, and the 2016 Campaign.

Original post starts here:

Kudos to Rolling Stone for this brilliant compilation! Every 2016 Republican candidate who now cowers under the Reagan Mantle should receive a copy of this video montage:

Jan 4, 2015

Murdoch, Scaife and CIA Propaganda

As usual, Consortium News lifts a grimy veil to provide a detailed view of the ugly underbelly of US politics which the public seldom sees--or, in our extreme apathy--wishes to see.

Dec 6, 2014

How the GOP Plans to Rig Congress to Embrace Trickle-Down 'Voodoo Economics' |

If you voted Republican on November 4, 2014 did you expect neocon war hawks to strut into Washington again while GOP congress members exploit a tax cut gimmick to make lowering tax rates for the wealthy look as if they "pay for themselves"? Did you?

Then I regret to tell you that your political judgment is questionable, if you voted at all. Either way, what were you thinking?

January 2015: #VooDooEconomics returns to #Congress with a #vengeance. Wherever they are, #RonaldReagan and #GroverNorquist must be pleased as little gurls.

If you're curious, here's a previous post concerning topics such as the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 and Reagan's revealing, "I think we've hit the jackpot" remark of 1982.

Jun 11, 2010

Horoscope of the Carter Inauguration 1977 - Trilaterals take the White House

Looking back on the Carter administration as a sea change in government when the Trilateral Commission basically took over the running of this nation with the willing collusion of Mr. Carter, we find the horoscope of his Jan 20, 1977 Inauguration to have an earlier Ascendant degree than recent Oaths of Office - @ '14Taurus' rather than '15Tau', and the Midheaven degree, which informs us concerning The Goal of the US presidency, is one degree earlier as well: '26Cap' rather than the current '27Cap'...are these differences significant?

On an evolutionary level, we may compare the different word pictures in the Sabian Symbols for ASC and MC, but I shall generously allow you to look them up, if you like. After all, either MC puts US natal Pluto at The Goal Point with our natal Mercury Rx at IC, the Foundation or Basis of the Matter. Mercury/Pluto contacts, as you know, relate to propaganda, mind control, and a lot of subversive plutonian energy directed at our young people, the thought processes of the populace, educators, commerce, and the press (Mercury.)

Chart shown below is set for January 20, 1977, 12:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington DC. I have found no source indicating an exact minute so I shall use a noon chart indicating that the 'old king' is 'dead' since a previous president's term ends at noon on the accustomed date whether the ceremony begins a minute or two past the hour, or not; the Oath of Office is a token performance put on for the re-public's appreciation and homage...a Cult of Personality in currentspeak.

Now here are some thoughts from Mr. Chomsky on the make-up of the Carter administration (1977 - 1981); it's from his book Radical Priorities:


“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign -- in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as "the best censored news story of 1976" -- and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government -- the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury -- are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality, Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981 Noam Chomsky [4] (my bold - jc)

Nowadays, it's rare that a private group doesn't play a prominent role! The steady drip-drip of incremental changes through the decades has taken its toll on White House and US government autonomy from "special interests," or what I'd call secret string-pullers of the power elite.

Next you see the Inauguration 1977 chart and you'll notice that the elephant in the room is a Fixed Grand Cross including ASC with Moon/Saturn midpoint rising: a reserved self-presentation; inhibited development; meeting with old, serious, or ill people; noticing the role of a parent (Carter's mother, Miss Lillian? - jc) MC is Moon/Mercury: independent thinking; forming one's own opinions and judgments; seeking soul contacts; gaining expertise by studying the feelings of others.

(All midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

The donkey in th room must be the restrictive, depressive Moon/Saturn opposition, with Saturn moving on to oppose US natal Moon 27AQ10 (we-the-people) three times:

1. Oct 9, 1977
2. Feb 15, 1978
3. June 30, 1978

The repressive Pluto-to-US-natal-Saturn transit mentioned above was exact on:

1. Oct 25, 1977
2. Apr 24, 1978
3. Aug 21, 1978

But just as the life on earth it describes, Astrology allows some light to peek through the gloom...ex: our Jupiter Return (5Can56) of the era which was a three-fer:

1. Oct 13, 1977
2. Nov 3, 1977 (two days after Chiron's Discovery!)
3. June 30, 1978


Rising in 1st house is Jupiter 21Tau13, a preacher (Jup) who appreciates the creature comforts (Taurus) of life; Sun 00AQ32 (the leader) is in 10th house, as usual, with Moon 15AQ01 (the people) in 10th house after having sailed past their New Moon @ 7AQ47.

Yes, this was a 'New Moon administration' which Carter touts in his Address (text link provided below) as a 'new start' for America.

Chart-ruler Venus 17Pis30 in 11th house re-creates Venus' position in the Obama Inauguration 2009 chart (but without 2009's Uranus conjunct), emphasizing the same degree and house: '18Pis' = "In a Huge Tent a Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting" - and if you read Carter's Inaugural Address you'll find him promoting America's 'bold and brilliant dream' (US n Neptune 22Vir25) 'which excited the founders of this Nation' and which 'still awaits its consummation.' Having no applying aspects emphasizes the house, sign, and degree of Venus.

To quote President Carter in his Jan 20, 1977 Address:

"I have no new dream to set forth today, but rather urge a fresh faith in the old dream."

Well said by a New World Order/Trilateralist kind of fellow expressing that old Francis Bacon/Batholomew Gosnold/Utopian mindset of US exceptionalism and 'New Age' leadership which all US presidents begin promoting each time the baton is passed on January 20. Fresh faith (Jupiter) in the old (Saturn) dream (Neptune) may indicate ideologues (Jupiter) bringing a new order (Uranus) to replace the old (Saturn) through use of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) - or, Communism or Socialism, two other faces of Saturn/Neptune - based on what are allegedly religious principles (Jupiter.)

Using the Sibly version of the US natal chart (5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA) gives '13Sag' rising and Jupiter as chart-ruler which tallies well with our nation's traditional idealism to push our beliefs and way of governing (aka, democracy) on the entire world (Sag/Jup) whether they want it or not.

As noted, Venus makes no applying aspects in the chart but is within orb (2S13) of a separating square to nebulous Neptune 15Sag17 in 8th house - big money, fraud, evaluations, and oil issues. Mr. Obama's Inaugural 8th house 2009 contains secret hand Pluto 1Cap57 representing global banking interests which control Mr. Obama, imho, with 'tranforming the US money supply' as a goal carried over from the Bush administration.

Handily with US Inaugural charts, we have only to look at the 8th house to see which planets currently transit US natal 1st house of Self (Sibly chart) so in 1977, it was tr Neptune to n ASC: gradual erosion of self-image; confusion, mystery, and deception may accompany a sense of being abandoned; impracticality, sensitivity, intuition, and/or spirituality may increase.

And of course, the 1970s were times of Neptunian oil and gas crises in the US as Pres. Carter attempted to put us on an alternative energy diet (which Reagan subsequently said we didn't need in the least - how wrong the Gipper was!)

Yes, Neptune-to-ASC can be a difficult transit to navigate for persons or for countries and may be part of Carter's tendency to be misunderstood - or, to veil his true objectives. And for him, Neptune in mid-Sag was a transit, too...Neptune-to-natal-Jupiter: idealism is enhanced yet spiritual, economic, and intellectual growth must be balanced with more prudent factors in one's nature; facts may be hard to separate from fiction; avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

And 1977's Pluto 14Lib11 Rx (6th house) is in process of transiting our nation's natal Saturn by conjunction: the past (1776) becomes important to the present (1977 - 1981) as structures and traditions are completely altered by current circumstances; past refusals to accept responsibilities come back to haunt; issues of self-discipline, attitudinal adjustments, and abuse of authority must be addressed and corrected; ambition must be tempered with patience and control.

I remember Carter's 1976 election as a push-back against Nixon's abuses of power followed by the lackluster presidency of (secret Grand Orient Mason), Gerald Ford, whose integrity suffered rather badly from Chevy Chase's portrayal of him on SNL.

1977's Pluto is also squaring US natal Sun, the leader: difficult but not insurmountable conditions involve overcoming those with more power and influence; loss of one's own power is threatened; past power structures and resources may no longer be available; setbacks test strength and frustrations challenge determination to achieve; best advice: egotistical attitudes and ambitions should be reined in lest integrity suffer (good advice for 2010, too. jc)

Plus, as you see, Pluto had recently transited Carter's natal Sun, a time of intense self-awareness when one's power and influence must be recognized, personal courage and aggression increase, and a 'new start' is indicated as one's lifestyle is transformed; ego needs are the driving force and focus.

Now the rigid Fixed Grand Cross contains other midpoint pictures as well:

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: unusual ways of showing concern; nervous tension; separation; exploding out of frustration.

Uranus/ASC = Moon: emotionalism spills into view; needing support and approval; a highly emotional disposition; quick mood changes caused by others.

Uranus/ASC = Saturn: a clash of controls and the avant garde; indecision; airing dilemmas; feeling hindered or oppressed by others; a joint overcoming of obstacles; separation.

At DESC is the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto (Robber Barons; Generation of Materialism 1890s = resource plunderers; propagandists) so it opposes Inaugural ASC 1977 (ASC = the Office of President)...

Neptune/Pluto = ASC: being placed in an peculiar environment; surrounding oneself with an air of mysticism; deep, penetrating study of what reality can be and how it can be altered to fit whatever context is desired.

Authoritative Saturn 14Leo28 Rx in 4th house is quincunx Neptune in 8th house showing a time in society when options are limited due to past irrseponsibility and binding restraints are felt; over time people become bitter and resentful against those they serve, and objectivity is difficult to gain; being a 'patsy' for incompetent people is a potential during this transit.

There are several other midpoint pictures yet I will only bore you with a few of them; first, two influencing the Sun (Carter):

Moon/Mars = Sun: consciousness of an objective; the importance of placing energy into imaginative enterprises (like solar panels on the White House roof? jc); determination to end conflicts about intentions; violent influences may lead to rioting; prosperity through relationship; striving for independence; the power to establish oneself in the world; strong solidarity between husband and wife.

Venus/Neptune = Sun: a small sense of reality (ex: living within the White House 'bubble'); secretiveness; a confused situation for many; increased influence in occult, mystical, or magical situations.

Sun/Neptune = Mercury: only a small measure of objectivity; false logic; speech defect; deceptions or illusions; bringing dreams into reality; ritual ceremonies, magical practices, or occult ideas.

Sun/NN = Neptune: deception from allies; finding important secret societies; feeling let down by others; difficulty adapting.

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: sentimentality; lack of willpower; depression; seeking miracles as rescue from immediate problems; fear of the unknown; feeling weakened somehow; the supernatural; ESP.

Mars/Jupiter = Venus (chart-ruler): conflict between using guile or force in competition; creative activity; rich feelings.

Now, two more doozies in the midpoint picture department:

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; difficult growth or development; tremendous awareness of the potential for loss; fear; rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt by the culprits; punishment for those who allow decay and decadence to persist; new ideas on evolution which upset long held but weaker historical theories.

Uranus/Pluto = NN: drawn to others who have similar ideas about how to change the world through new approaches (old wine in new bottles, circa 1776? - jc); new paths enhanced by associations with others who share the same objectives; an untiring colleague or partner; a desire to accomplish immense tasks in teamwork with others; sharing upsets or excitement; teamwork pays off but one's own ego is put first in line.

As you know, 'Uranus/Pluto' is the 'revolutionary' duo of energies.

North Node (NN = the path) 28Lib38 in 6th house indicates lots of loose ends left behind and chores which others must take up. One's mind goes to the famous GOP ploy of holding up the release of US hostages in Iran until Reagan could take the Oath of Office even though it was the Carter administration that negotiated their release.

Yes, I did see through the ploy at the time (whippersnapper Georgian that I was) and still marvel now that some Americans cussedly continue to credit Ronald Reagan for the diplomatic efforts of one Jimmy Carter, the idealistic peanut farmer and nuclear physicist from the 13th Colony of Georgia...and in 1977, quite obviously not all that he seemed.

Well, here is President Carter's Inaugural Address of January 20, 1977; plus, ABC News has the video of his speech if you'd like to watch young Mr. Carter orate from the east portico of the Masonic Temple we call the Capitol Building on a very cold, clear day in January.

Jun 10, 2009

US financial crisis? I knew it was You, Reagan

Paul Krugman's opd-ed of May 31, 2009 tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door wide to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the crisis, frauds, and heists of today.

Here's the horoscope and a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it. The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of it as it leads directly today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," said Reagan as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

Spoken like a true ideologue with heister tendencies.