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Mar 13, 2010

Senator Mitch McConnell on video

Oh this is mean of me to publish this old video from the RNC 2008 showing Senator Mitch McConnell looking how he looks best...

You may wish to check out the senator's natal chart if you haven't yet: Sun in confusing, mystical Pisces, Moon in either feisty, pioneering Aries or complacent, stubborn Taurus.

The post also displays the 'frictional' synastry grid between the natal charts of Sen. McConnell and President Obama. Funny how the Republicans keep seeming to forget: they lost. And eight years of their mis-rule were way too many for all but their fondest Kool-Aid drinkers and the 'elite base' - so GOP political futures must now depend upon the oft-mythologized American public as having a "short memory."

Maybe You Do, But I Don't

Ah, eight years of Bush! Remember the old accusation: congressional Republicans are spending like 'drunken sailors'? Why yes, they did! And look at all we don't have to show for it. Except for war, war, and more war...that, they're still doing. But funds for the people's needs? "Too expensive," in chorus, coming primarily from the Republican side of the aisle like parrots repeating a rich man's mantra.

Well, hopefully, in the November 2010 elections, the American voting public will remember the condition of our tattered, less free, bankrupted nation as that vampiric duo, Bush and Cheney, cleared out the rest of the US Treasury and skulked out of Washington, with ill-gained loot dripping from their bloody claws.

Why speak so graphically? Because if you're going to worship Lucifer and do his bidding, you have to expect such craven descriptions of your criminal activities.


November Elections 2010: Remember Bush. But Run From Cheney.

Sep 10, 2008

John McCain RNC 2008 speech: video


Here's John McCain's RNC 2008 speech'll find that of Barack Obama DNC 2008 just below. Compare and contrast...

Sep 5, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain: left behind

Last night's acceptance speech by John McCain touted Republican respect for family values yet McCain never mentioned the wife he callously left behind, Carol Shepp McCain.

How could he? It would mar the RNC's morality narrative.

Here's my astro-analysis on the Shepp-McCain's Wedding Day Astrology of 1965.

You'll also discover articles on the weddings/marriages of John and CINDY McCain, Barack and Michelle Obama, George and Laura Bush, Jenna and Henry Hagger, and John and Elizabeth Edwards.

Guess the Palins will be next! And can the Bidens be far behind?

Sep 3, 2008

RNC's Romney calls on Big Brother

In his speech at the RNC this evening, Mitt Romney confused social programs for the needy with Orwell's concept of Big Brother which is the totalitarian dictator character in George Orwell's ground-breaking and prophetic book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

Romney, in an attempt to critique the Democrats' populist view of being one's brother's keeper (which in my Bible and an integral part of its teachings and which includes not letting Americans starve on our streets), said,

"It's time for the party of big ideas, not the party of big brother."

We know the 'party of big ideas' is the Jupiterian GOP. And the party of Big Brother-NSA/Bush~Cheney spying on American citizens a la Orwell is...the GOP. Didn't you think George Bush looked like an Orwell character on that gi-huge screen at the Convention?

Well, sometimes political slogans don't quite work as intended - they simply say too much.

RNC 2008 horoscope 9.3.08

The horoscope for this evening's Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota set for 10:00 pm cdt is being used here due to its correspondence with the US Inaugural Ascendant (Jan 20, DC, noon) for as you see, 14Tau59 rises in this chart as it does for US inaugurations.

Midheaven is approximately three degrees behind the Inaugural Midheaven, however, but as you see, tonight's positions of the Pluto/Chiron and the Pluto/NN midpoints are conjunct Mc, the point which represents The Goal of the chart.

The global elitist pair, Pluto/Chiron, has been much discussed on this blog and on Jude's Threshold so I'll not go into it's plutocratic/corporatism/oppression flavors; Pluto/NN = connections with the powerful; karmic links; exerting powerful influence upon the masses.

Pluto/NN = Mc: dependence of one's future upon associations which influence objectives and may cause setbacks.

The 10:00 pm chart represents the culmination of the R-Party's evening although speeches may continue past the hour, and VP nom Sara Palin is scheduled to speak this evening in her first major national shout-out.

I believe the trio of Venus, Mercury (young person = baby?), and Mars signify Palin's expectant daughter, baby, and her future son-in-law who is to be in attendance tonight. Venus/Mars is, of course, passion and love. Palin may make some mention of her family's situation (Mercury is also communications, oration.) However, this trio conjuncts a difficult star, Vindemiatrix.

An Earth Grand Trine between the 10:00 pm Asc (which is, as noted, the US Inaugural Asc, the office of the president), Jupiter at his Direct Station degree 12Cap34 Rx, and the Sun/Saturn conjunction (which perfects today), shows benefits to the Republican Party's plea to be returned to the White House.

Four More Years! Crazy!

Jupiter's Direct Station on Sep 8 (12:17 am edt, White House) will be squared, as Jupiter is here, by the Venus, Mercury, Mars trio, indicating the 'obstacle' nature of the Palin family's revelation of the pregnancy and the issues of abortion, personal responsibility, and values voting which the circumstances have brought forward in the 2008 campaign.

Around the chart, some of John McCain's natal placements have been highlighted (red) with Palin's in green.

That McCain's health may be or become an issue within his presidency seems possible and although we may use Sun-Saturn to indicate a highlighting of authority (which it is - and asteroid Apollo is with them as well, the hero, sun god, colony founder, etc) I believe McCain's health is or will be involved partially because the Sun-Saturn conj is bracketed by McCain's natal Sun 6Vir02 and his n Neptune 16Vir03 so we have:

Sun/Neptune = Saturn: unhealthy or impeded blood circulation; an emotional affliction; inhibitions through illness or physical debility.

Of course, McCain can't lift his arms above his head due to POW torture and his skin cancer bouts are well known, so perhaps that's all there is going forward, but given his advanced age (Sun-Saturn) his past and present health issues may crop up sooner than expected.

But not to worry, says the GOP - we've got Pluto/Chironians on our side - and there's the Uranus/Pluto lady, Sara Palin ready to take the reins of control and continue the revolution and its radical reforms!

Palin's natal Uranus 8Vir43 and Pluto 13Vir28 are actually being triggered by tonight's Sun-Saturn conj as well...

Uranus/Pluto = Sun: making the highest demands upon one's physical energy; over excitement; a breakdown; strong emotional tensions; revolution; the urge for independence and freedom. (There are questions about Palin and her husband's past connections to Alaska's Independence Party who'd like to secede from the state!)

Uranus/Pluto = Saturn egotism; tendency toward autocratic leadership; pressure from others; toppled from position.

(You know of the probes into Palin's leadership style in Alaska, and she's been described as 'brittle' when 'crossed' and as one who governs by the GOP-honed "loyalty test" model of firing and, one assumes, hiring.

Palin's natal Sun, Mars are being veiled by Neptune 22AQ20 Rx, although it isn't noted in my chart scribbles here (it's been previously discussed) and perhaps more importantly tonight is the Moon (a woman; publicity) 3Sco36 which is conjunct transiting asteroids, Demeter (the mother), and Atlantis (misuse or abuse of power; where one feels doomed. ) Atlantis also relates as a stand-in for America herself.

Atlantis's power issues are spotlighted by Palin's speech tonight - perhaps not by the lady herself, but by commentators, bloggers, and others.

Demeter, is the more spirtualized mother archetype (than Ceres) so religious concerns about her daughter's pregnancy are part of the RNC delegates' and operatives' conversations and concerns, as well as in the media (although as I've stated before: leave the babies alone!)

I wonder if Rovian strategists are somewhat disappointed that Barack Obama and other Dems didn't come out with guns blazing on the mother-daughter issue, but Rs are making as much lemonade out of it as possible with their base and melding it with abortion issues.

If you click to enlarge you can see quite a pile-up of midpoints upon Palin's natal Neptune 17Sco49 including zealous Mars/Pluto...

Mars/Pluto = Neptune: cunning strategies; plotting rebellion; subterfuge. (all midpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

There's much more to say about tonight and about this chart but I must mosey for drop by Jude's Threshold later on and on Thursday where I'll be posting more Political Astrology and where there's already some interesting Palin/RNC threads winding their way amongst the RNC nationalist slogans!

Sep 2, 2008

War's Confetti and RNC 2008

Will Americans turn out in large numbers in November to REWARD the GOP for breaking down the social fabric of society and for speaking with forked tongues when the spirit moves them?

Are there copper pipes they have't stripped or gold bars they haven't shipped overseas yet? Perhaps a war widow's benefits that need suspending?

Have you noticed how 'gas prices are down at the pump' (as if by magic - Who Knew this could happen before November?) and the disturbing sounds from Bush-Cheney's occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan are miraculously muffled by the cheers and confetti of hero worship?

What's Past is Prologue: The War Will Go On


In the late summer of 2008, as the American political parties convene toproduce a new president, it seems clear that Americans will continue to kill and die - and suffer and inflict terrible injuries - in the US war inthe Middle East, regardless of who is elected president, well into the next administration and beyond.

(That's what I thought. - jc)


Those Who Are Tasked to Police This Democracy Are Blinded by Confetti

By Gary Younge

The real problem with the Bush years is not so much what he did but that America's political class enabled him to do it. #

(Actually it is very much what he did and is doing. -jc)