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Sep 23, 2010

The true US poverty rate being disguised

As it turns out, the US Census Bureau, official counter of poverty stricken Americans everywwhere, uses an outdated method to determine poverty rates which dates back to 1955!

Well, that's one of the many good ways to skew the numbers - use criteria from 55 years ago for 2010 issues. As if anyone with eyes, ears, and a brain couldn't tell. The US government fudges numbers - doh!

Did you know that in the 1930s, a congressman filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banks for fraud and treason, among other crimes? I believe the lawsuit still stands. He called them "predatory lenders".

Refreshing to think that there are some folk with enough moral courage to step up and call out a gaggle of crooks when they find one, isn't it?


Here's something on the Secondary Progressions of the Republican Party which reached its Sec Full Moon phase since 2005 when its light/power 'peaked'. Perhaps this culminating progressed phase describes a backround symptom of the party's split shown by the rise of the Tea Party. And their touted-in-time-for-midterms 'Pledge to America' announced this week is laughable!

Blog Note: we're off for the weekend at Stars Over Washington and headed to Atlanta to browse the Salvadore Dali exhibition at the High Museum of Art. See you soon, jc

Sep 18, 2010

Meet the Tea Party candidates (video)

Alex D'Atria of GOP Thinks sent along this video with details on a gaggle of Tea Party candidates and their ideas of how to govern. The smorgasbord includes Sharron Angle and Rand Paul for your 'be very afraid' consideration.

Ah, US Politics...anything emotionally engaging that keeps the American people's panties in a twist, us at each others' throats, and the power elite in charge!

And here's an oldie but moldy concerning neocon Bill Kristol's 1993 political strategy memo which sent to the GOP on how to obstruct the health care reform that might have benefited the American people years ago. Now Tea Partisans are trying to obstruct the GOP's easy slides into Capitol Hill, and in some cases, the same for Democratic incumbents.

Now on a personal level, I find this political theater tres amusing.

But on a business-of-the-people level, any Tea Partisans who make it all the way and have ideas such as those expressed in the above video could manage to gridlock the political process more than they help our nation. Yet schizophrenically, I do agree with Tea Party activists that something needs to be done about how establishment Washington politicians have undermined our country and sold the American people down the tubes toward a global internationalist New World Order. So far I've yet to hear any of them approach topics in those terms, have you?

And because it's a common trait of human nature that ego games are played in every area of life (especially where money, power, and prestige are concerned), I have doubts that the Koch brothers' funded Tea Party movement, if victorious, will be any different than the same old egotistical power plays we've always seen in Washington - only the team members' names will be changed.

My suspicion is that switching middle management will make little if any difference, for Washington politicians' habit of succumbing to blackmail to keep their positions, and the control of politicians by powers behind the throne and 'special interests', will continue.

Meanwhile (though it may be entertaining) Tea Partisans seem to me to be playing on the bottom rungs of power when real decisions are made far above - where ballots are counted, and from whence our cat's paw presidents are installed.

Why, a Tea Partisan newly seated in the US Congress would be a mere kitten tangled in yarn! And ripe for very easy sabotaging, I might add.

Yes, it is most unfortunate for America's future as a sovereign nation that the infestation of Washington DC needs a lot more than out-of-the-mainstream candidates challenging traditional GOP and Democrat power bases to successfully clear out the vermin now rotting the American woodwork.

But perhaps it represents some sort of belated start.

Sep 15, 2010

Bill Maher on Christine O'Donnell's win

By now you've heard that Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell won big in yesterday's Republican primary in Delaware with the eventual plum in the pie being VP Joe Biden's old Senate seat.

Click to watch Mr. Maher on CNN with Larry King last evening; text of the comedian's remarks are included. He says he knows O'Donnell personally and likes her (she's a nice person) but adds his usual maverick spin to the analysis!

Personally I like anyone or anything that ruffles Karl Rove's feathers or knots his jammies in a bunch and he predicted O'Donnell's loss. Oops! Seems the rules of the Republican game have changed, old horse. Perhaps it's time for ya to mosey to the barn.

Sep 6, 2010

Newt Gingrich then and now: (im) peaches and tea

Newt Gingrich last won political office so long ago the chads have whiskers.

And though he's up to something GOP-ish with the big corporation Koch Brothers funded Tea Party movement, this article comparing him in his political heyday (think 'impeach Clinton') to his current machinations leaves me sputteringly speechless. Almost.

As I like to remind people whenever necessary: Mr. Gingrich is not from Georgia. I am from Georgia. He is not. And yes, there be many home-grown jackasses from Georgia and I may very well be one of them.

But Gingrich is from elsewhere.

So if you must, here's Newt back in 2009 accusing President Obama of 'coddling terrorists' while visions of Joseph McCarthy danced in his head.

You know, if it weren't so tragic for the entire world, I'd say, Crazy Washington! You impeached the duly elected president the American people liked while ignoring our calls to impeach the usurper, the One Who Should Have Been Impeached along with his side-winding sidekick who speaks out of the side of his mouth.

Apr 1, 2010

Mother Jones vs Sarah Palin?

So here I sit awaiting the arrival of out-of-town company, no time to blog though I'd like to, and I run across a fabulous article comparing Sarah Palin with a radical figure from US history.

She's Another US Radical: Mother Jones with two versions of natal charts shown in this informative article.

Is it possible that Sarah Palin, who's taken to the Tea Party movement as if it were her idea, is on some level a modern day embodiment of the famous Mother Jones?

Feb 11, 2010

Make mine 'Constant Comment' with lemon

Confused by who's inviting whom to tea and why?

at-Largely has the clearest explanation of the Tea Party phenomenon that I've run across to date.

Seems the old 'Boston Tea Party' of Freemasons dressed in Indian costumes and dumping the East India Company's tea in the harbor has reached across the centuries, doesn't it? But someone's confused because there's more to the corporate angle than the GOP would have us believe now that they've appropriated what was originally a (well-deserved) grass roots reaction to bad governing.

It's a pity that America's long-standing wound of racism has taken a seat at their tea table, imo.

Yes, it was while living in Washington DC that I first tasted Constant Comment tea and fell in love with its orange and clove flavors. And if I were snowed in there this week as I once was then, I'd be having a steaming cup with my scramblies, toast, and jam. Actually, they allow cups of Constant Comment to steam in Georgia, too, and perhaps I shall indulge this solidarity.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Little did I know in the 70s that 'constant comment' would one day be a theme in my life bwo blogging. So if you have a comment to leave here, feel free! But do note that vexing or bully-ragging the host/author is not appreciated...pretend you're at a tea party and be courteous, please.