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Mar 8, 2024

January 3, 2025: 119th Congress opens

If All Goes Well on Capitol Hill

by Jude Cowell

Will the clownish, do-nothing, stunt-prone atmosphere of the current 118th Congress' Maga-led House fade away into the dustbin of history, yet with its sorry effects lingering on? Of late, there is an odor in the air, as perhaps you agree.

Well, when the 119th Congress swears in on January 3, 2025, below is the horoscope we get at 12 noon est, if all goes well. How many, if any, Maga and Freedom Caucus malcontents (aka, seditionists) will be sworn in depends on the results of Election 2024 - and whether the Justice Department catches up with congress members complicit in the J6 coup attempt. These topics we've discussed multiple times here on SO'W so let's not repeat it in this brief post as we look ahead to January 3, 2025 events.

Besides, when it comes to taking a congressional Oath of Office, we have cause to wonder what exactly any seditionist could possibly swear to that's in any way aboveboard.

119th Congress Horoscope January 3, 2025

Now as you see in the 119th Congress chart below, the 8 North "Great American Eclipse" of April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 rises with its visions and dreams vibes along with priestly Chiron, the wounded healer - and/or the blindspot. This may refer to "Republican" theocrats so desperate for governmental control, but hopefully it's more of a compassionate indicator than a brutal one - a New Testament Christ rather than an Old Testament authoritarian with a twisted eye-for-an-eye perspective against all humanity - women in particular.

However, the reality is that the 8 South Eclipse of October 2, 2024 @10Lib03 is of the Series in which all three events - Election 2024, the 119th Congress' swearing in, and Inauguration 2025 - occur with 8 South themes of loss and separation (B. Brady) for one side or the other. But isn't that always the case with any competition? One side wins and the other side loses. Personally, I prefer the good guys side rather than the evil bas**rds, and I hope you agree:

And here's an unmarked version of the same 119th Congress Horoscope which may be useful for future reference:

A Related Post: the Inauguration 2025 Horoscope.

Feb 29, 2024

Run Tell MAGA: The Civil War ended!

[[File:18650410 Surrender of General Lee and His Whole Army - The New York Times.png|18650410 Surrender of General Lee and His Whole Army - The New York Times]]

Historic Times, Events, and Eclipses of Influence

by Jude Cowell, CSA descendant and partisan for democracy

As you see, above, newspapers spread the Good News far and wide to a desperate population exhausted by the ritual sacrifice of war. But it was April 16, 1865 before the city of Savannah, Georgia read the news.

At the Conclusion of the American Civil War, which was actually a process starting April 9, 1865 to November 6, 1865, and finally, the official proclamation by President Andrew Johnson on August 20, 1866, multiple lunar and solar eclipses manifested. Here, for your consideration, is a list of Eclipses 1865--1866 - because eclipses document historical events, and the system of Astrology adds the element of Time and Timing:

Eclipses: Uranian Wild Cards of the Universe

Here I'm emphasizing the Total 11 South Eclipse of April 25, 1865 due to its difficult themes which testify to the obvious breakdown in society that the war of massive casualties, suffering, grief, bereavement, and loss engendered. Now as you know, eclipse influences can begin as much as two weeks prior to the date of an eclipse, however, here we find that the 11 North of 1864 is actually the series in which the April 9, 1865 Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse took place with themes of suddenly changing groups, separation that brings positive results, and making greater commitments in relationships (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Additional factoids are penned on the above image for curious readers and include a Note that, as mentioned, the process of concluding the Civil War actually began under the influence of a Solar Eclipse not shown on the printed list: the 11 North of October 30, 1864 @7Sco29:22. And when a solar eclipse falls within the sign of Scorpio, karmic gains and deep insights into problems are possible yet negative qualities of Scorpio may also be activated such as vengeance, retribution, hatred, jealousy, and cruelty within receptive people. Such deeply felt tendencies can be passed down through generations of participants and can be utilized by opportunists who may or may not have Civil War ancestry. All they really need are violent tendencies against humanity, a craving for power, and greed for more and more wealth.

So perhaps we can agree that through the negative tendencies of grudge-holder D. Trump, the baser qualities of the Scorpio Eclipse which influenced the Confederate Army's Surrender at Appomattox have festered through the years and have now bubbled to the surface of society in order to Make America Grieve Again. And this, as a way of creating a period of chaos, when major shifts in government, such as fascism, are easier to force into place, as history shows. In fact, the pre-war slavery-based economic system of the South was a fascist system of brutality and feudalism. And this is what Republicans are determined to re-establish in the US - an echo of Putin's Russia.

The good news for us now?

We can realize that NOW comes our opportunity to deal more fully and fairly with these unsavory influences than we did 'back in the day'. Another potential is for seeing that the current manifestations of racism, persecution, and exploitation are facets of the Aryanism of the 1930s and 1940s that has arisen to fight another day (like the South "rising again"). Therefore, another path to a brighter future for the American people is to trudge in massive numbers to the ballot box this November 5th or mail it in -- especially since SCOTUS has now delayed their Trump immunity hearing so that a resolution of the issue probably won't be announced until at least June or after the presidential election. So it looks as if the "conservative" justices will rule for Trump against democracy and the rule of law (!) which, if successful, will set our country up for a brutal dystopian monarchy with theocratic overtones that the Pilgrim Fathers could only dream of.

And maybe you've noticed the Scarlet Letter 'A' that Trumpian lawyers and Judge Scott McAfee are trying to stamp upon Fani Willis for daring to hold Trump accountable for his election interference in Georgia. She doesn't merit such a thing but they're trying anyway by way of the expansive, intrusive look at the lady's relationships allowed by Judge McAfee.

So! Perhaps a cosmic time link should be noted since Nazism rears its ugly head regularly these days: an 11 North Eclipse occurred on December 13, 1936 @22Sagittarius (conjunct Herr Trump's natal Moon/opposite his Gemini Sun on his Nodal Axis--and conjunct the 4 South Electoral College Eclipse of December 14, 2020 which inspired Trump's election-denying Big Lie). Then an 11 South Eclipse perfected on June 8, 1937 @18Gemini--conjunct Herr T's 10th house Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, disruption, and with the eclipse: anarchy. Since Trump wasn't born until 1946, his planets are transits to the 11 North and 11 South Eclipses of 1936 and 1937. Follow the links for events.

The last 11 North manifested on January 26, 2009 @6Aquarius (conjunct US 1776 South Node during the controversial Obama presidency which riled up the racists and opened the door to Trump). The next 11 North arrives on February 6, 2027 @11Aquarius opposing the natal 12th house Pluto = Mars-Saturn midpoint picture of D. Trump; this opposition from the god of the Underworld, signifies issues of animalism vs higher aspirations, a karmic stalemate that the orange gangster has failed to improve upon all his besotted, debauched life.

Meanwhile, you'll find two previously published posts concerning President Andrew Johnson here (with a link to his natal chart) and here (concerning his 1868 impeachment, our country's first presidential impeachment).

And in case you missed it you may wish to see The Anti-Christ Has Been Identified (a video and a mild sprinkling of Astrology added).

Feb 22, 2024

Biden SOTU Mar 7, 2024: An Accounting

SOTU 2024 Mercury Conjunct Hera

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As you've heard, President Biden's 2024 SOTU Address is scheduled for March 7, 2024.

Considering current events in the irksome political sphere, this should be a very engaging State of the Union, don't you think? Especially if we factor in the date of the annual address, chosen by House Speaker Mike "Moses" Johnson and his Maga comrades, for one reason because it's sandwiched between the two financial "tranches" set for March 1st and March 8th, leading to a likely Republican government shutdown atop the Maga agenda circa 2024. What a tiresome bunch of saboteurs they are. And why do these n'er-do-wells receive paychecks for their "service" to the American people?

Orating Mercury @26 Pisces: "A New Moon That Divides Its Influence." This would be SOTU 2024's Syzygy Moon @5Vir23 which manifested on February 24, 2024 - except that that, the previous lunation, was a Full Moon. Then perhaps the Sabian Symbol refers to the next New Moon coming after President Biden's Address which is the New Moon of March 10, 2024 @20Pis17. Rounded up we have a curious degree full of possibilities: "21 Pisces" = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant." (My italics, multiple potentials.)

Here's a list of State of the Union Addresses through the years. Typically, we'll hear a list of Mr. Biden's legislative and other accomplishments which are significant and worthy of respect, despite what his backbiting opponents allege. And with SOTU 2024's messenger planet Mercury conjunct Hera, an accounting of sorts will be provided by the president.

So for your consideration, below is a dual image of the SOTU 2024 Horoscope/s set for the speculative hours of 8:00 pm EST (lower left) and 9:00 pm EST (upper right). A few of my notes are penned on the image, and of course it may be necessary to adjust the timing of the SOTU 2024 Horoscope once a correct hour has been announced:

Sun-Moon and the Quality of the Day

In closing, here are quotes from two brilliant men who were born with the Water-Air Sun Pisces-Moon Aquarius combo shared by SOTU 2024. This blend of conscious and unconscious energies reveals humanitarian motives, progressive thinking, and a tolerance for all kinds of people.

"The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error." - William Jennings Bryan.

"Life will be richer and better for all of us if we will make a journey in truth along quiet pathways of philosophy." - Manly Palmer Hall.

And finally, here's an Image for Integration supplied by The Harveys in their excellent Sun Sign-Moon Sign book (#ad) which seems applicable to our circumstances in more ways than one, so see what you think:

"A boy scout swims five miles in a campaign to raise money for the peace movement."

Dec 25, 2023

Trump Rally Trail for early January 2024 feat. Noem and Greene

Acting as if he's a normal candidate campaigning in a traditional US Election cycle, sans any court appearances, the indicted Mr. Trump has quite a busy schedule lined up as 2024 gets underway.

From the Trump website (and subject to change), here's a list of his early January 2024 rallies and Maga events: all events are scheduled for various locations in the state of Iowa:

Jan 3, 2024: Maga event with Gov. Kristi Noem Sioux City, IA 7:00 pm CST;

Jan 4, 2024: Maga event with Marjorie Taylor Greene Keokuk, IA 7:00 pm CST;

Jan 5, 2024: Caucus Rally Sioux City, IA 4:00 pm CST;

Jan 5, 2024: Caucus Rally Mason City, IA 7:30 pm CST;

Jan 6, 2024: Caucus Rally Newton, IA 1:00 pm CST;

Jan 6, 2024: Caucus Rally Clinton, IA 4:00 pm CST.

Now here's a little Astrology concerning maga Republicans, Noem and Greene, with both women operating under the nebulous influence of their deceptive, delusional Neptunian natures as they angle for a seat at Trump's dystopian table where he intends to serve the special American Carnage dish he and his enablers have been baking since at least January 20, 2017:

For bio details, check out the Wikipedia page of Kristi Noem (nee Arnold) born November 30, 1971 in Watertown, SD under the vibes of a 9 New South Eclipse @27Leo (negative issues: pride, pomposity, vanity) with themes of 'worries over paperwork and/or health issues surface and come home to roost' with a 'feeling of destiny or fatedness attached'; last occurrence in 2007, next 9NS occurs on September 21, 2025 @29Virgo. The first lady governor of South Dakota was born during a Saturn-Neptune opposition suggesting a tendency to always try to avoid paying dues. The Saturn-oppo-Neptune aspect is labeled "SUBTERFUGE" by Alan Oken, plus, her Sun-Neptune conjunction implies an active fantasy life (suitable for fantasist Herr Trump).

Then there's the sparsely filled in Wikipedia page of another fantasist, Marjorie Taylor Greene with her birth date listed as May 27, 1974 (nee Taylor); This gives her Sun in early Gemini opposed by Neptune Rx in early Sagittarius, an aspect Oken labels, The Chameleon and The Psychic, which suggests that 'MTG' is a highly sensitive individual, with a bit of a powder keg temperament, imho. She was born under the auspices of a 12 North Eclipse @3Capricorn (negative issues: selfishness and avarice) with themes of 'accepting commitments due to another person's inability to carry on'. Obviously, with Capricorn trouble with authority figures is involved, as we've seen by her behavior. A 12N Eclipse last manifested in 2010 and the next will occur on January 26, 2028 @6AQ - conjunct US 1776 South Node, a separative influence.

So continuing in US Politics in 2024, we have the curious threesome of Trump, Noem, and Greene - a trio of fantasists now popular with the QAnon/Freedom Caucus crowd, most of whom are not too shabby themselves in the fantasy department. And that's putting it mildly.

To close, here's a related post: Astro-Notes: An American Tragedy of Mass Delusion.

Eclipse info: paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

Sep 28, 2023

GOP's Biden Impeachment Inquiry Opens

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Chaired by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, the GOP (maga) inquiry into impeaching President Joe Biden opened this morning at 10:00 am edt. Actually, Trump's handmaidens are on a fishing expedition to 'catch' Joe Biden by linking him to his son Hunter's activities, in hopes of making Trump look better to voters. So far, no equivalency has been found between decades-long public servant Biden and insurrectionist Trump. And you know, Joe came out of retirement to help us with this fascism thing but extremist Republicans don't like it.

Blue Saturn, karmic planet of law and order

So! Below you see a bi-wheel of the Republican Party Horoscope (inner) set for March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT Ripon, WI, and (outer) today's 10:00 am EDT chart set for Septmber 28, 2023 with 10Sco06 rising ("11 Scorpio": "A Drowning Man Rescued"). Wonder who ordered this fishing expedition hoping to be rescued from his troubles? Well, Scorpio is the sign of detectives and investigations, with Mars its ruler, and Pluto its sub-ruler.

As you see, the Mars inconjunct Uranus is listed on the chart since Mars rules the inquiry itself with Plutonian influences of power, control, and manipulation in his back pocket. Meanwhile, a 4th house Pluto @27Cap55 Rx remains within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return and had conjoined 1854 Jupiter 5 times from 2019 into 2020 during the Trump years. Here, Pluto squares North Node of public contact which suggests the revolutionary reforms now in play which challenge The Establishment (Saturn).

But my primary focus is on today's Saturn Rx @1Pis36 which conjuncts 1854 Venus while opposing 1854 Mars. In other words, transit Saturn is activating the Republican Party's quarrelsome Venus-Mars opposition (see lower right corner for details). And there's today's Venus atop the chart with her Leonine pride and her tendencies toward jealousy and greed when she's been scorned (aka, not voted for!)

As for accountability, you know that Saturn demands truth, realism, and the facts but look what was rising at 10:00 am this morning in Washington DC as the proceedings began: Trump's natal Neptune @5Libra, the first planet of his 2nd house trio that includes Chiron and his stationary Jupiter in Libra - and with the morning Sun spotlighting it! To me this implies that Donald's Dream (Jupiter-Neptune) of floating above the fray (his indictments and trials) is on today's menu as his handmaidens attempt to improve the orange oldster's tattered public image, damaged by his own criminality and vengefulness.

And yes, there are plenty of other chart factors of interest for the curious but let's close by saying that the Mars-Uranus inconjunct bodes ill for the outcome of today's political stunt and for its ultimate consequences for the Republican Party. Because maddeningly, instead of working to keep the government from shutting down this Saturday at midnight, these maga-style 'Putin pals' are performing yet another congressional clown show for the sake of sore loser Trump who made his own bed and will now have to lie in it.