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Apr 22, 2021

Horoscopes: America's Jupiter Returns 2013 and 2025

April 22, 2021: Nope, not a whole bunch of text today, only two DC Horoscopes showing America's current Jupiter Return which perfected on July 22, 2013 (lower left - 2021 Uranus across the top/MC = crisis; reforms), and our nation's next Jupiter Return on July 5, 2025 (upper right). Significant is our country's 1776 Jupiter's rounded-up degree of '6 Cancer' and its very descriptive Sabian Symbol, "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which implies the greed which is the sickness at the core of the Plutocracy through the auspices of which this idealistic experiment called America was begun. And with expansive Jupiter involved, in general our society's tendency toward greed seems only to have grown.

Now as you know, Jupiter is exalted (works best) when in Moon-ruled Cancer, a business-oriented sign of home, family, protection, and needs met. So approximately every 12 years since 1776, when transit Jupiter returns to its July 4, 1776 degree (5Can55:59), the same conjunctions re-form which were in force on that day with our natal Venus and Sun with potentials for - Jupiter to Venus: desire for luxury; potential benefits; fortunate alliances; compromised principles; Jupiter to Sun: ego expansion; self-indulgence; generosity; self-inflating tactics; more money, knowledge, and/or awareness; grand plans.

Note: Mundane Jupiter = expansion, freedom, ideals, philosophy, justice, protection, exploration, discovery, boundary-breaking, good fortune, breakthroughs, finance, banking, investment, politics, religion, corporatism, gurus, thespians, professors, lawyers, judges, and more.

As you see, 2013 Moon @25Cap36 has been catalyzed multiple times by recent transits such as transit Pluto (today @26Cap48) to Moon, another crisis indicator that also suggests the emotional and physical trauma and abuse that so many people are suffering for a variety of reasons. Intense turmoil and overwhelming circumstances are denoted but as with every transit, the influences will pass. However, transit Pluto will be opposing 2013 Sun (29Can48 = '30Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution") showing that our contest-of-wills/no-compromise political conditions concerning US leadership (Sun) will continue in relation to Jupiterian circumstances, conditions, and people, any of which are noted above. Take your pick!

So until on or about July 5, 2025, check current transits if you wish, for we remain under the influences of America's 2013 Jupiter Return with its chart-ruler, the Sun, making only one applying aspect in the chart, a square to Saturn @4Sco59 conjunct IC (4:50) suggesting a continuation of concentration on business and the need for hard work. Plus, Saturn/4th house indicates links to real estate, mining, natural resources, and, if the American people can be that fortunate despite the plutocatic oppression that weighs so many of us down, to the conservation and preservation of our homeland and its resources:

Jul 5, 2020

DC Horoscope: America's Current Jupiter Return

America's Exalted Jupiter in Cancer: "Game Bird$ Feathering Their Nest$"

by Jude Cowell

July 5, 2020: Below you see the Horoscope of America's current Jupiter Return which timed the beginning of a 12-year cycle of Jupiterian activities and conditions. Perfecting on July 22, 2013, the 2013 Return is in effect until the next US Jupiter Return on July 5, 2025. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes and yes, I totally agree with you that too many notes are squished upon the chart:

Hopefully you can see that around the outside of the chart (highlighted in lavender-pink) are the planets of July 4, 2020 (US Solar Return 2020) with 2020 Moon (9Cap14) conjunct 2013 Pluto in the 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking. US Jupiter is in Return 11th house (green) and rules 5th and 8th houses (Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Transformation, the Occult, Death). Wounded/Wounding Chiron therein is at '14Pisces' = "A Lady in Fox Fur" which for me, at the very least, refers to Fox TV, its Trumpian propaganda, and their 'chirons' across the bottom of our screens.

Meanwhile, with Leo rising, chart-ruler Sun applies only once: square restrictive legal planet Saturn (conjunct IC) suggesting those who concentrate on business, delays and annoyances, hard work and planning are required, and/or a potential for a lack of control (see lower left). This square in 2013 - still in effect in 2020 - is a natal echo for America since the same square appears in our founding horoscope (July 4, 1776) which makes the 2013 square more difficult to navigate as time progresses - at least more difficult without a keen awareness of the energies involved and how they can be better directed through maturity, a sense of duty, and careful planning.

Now as you know, Saturn is one of the karmic planets and the presence of the North Node nearby adds more karmic indications (in big-business-oriented Scorpio) about our country's future direction. According to R. Ebertin, the Saturn-NN duo relates to partnership difficulties and disadvantages, connections with older authorities, lawmakers, and lawyers, and/or teamwork which becomes steadily more difficult - Sun Square Saturn (ex: trying to get along or work with cantankerous old man Trump?). Again: maturity, a sense of duty, and careful planning are demanded for best results but tragically most Americans in 2020 realize that certain US government officials have turned their backs on such measured qualities and responsibilities. Therefore, America's natal Sun-Saturn square is being disrespected and neglected by Trump and associates, both foreign and domestic, as the rules, laws, and traditions favored by Saturn are disregarded and broken by scofflaw politicians, their operatives, and foreign handlers.

Trump's 'guiding planet' is his 10th house Uranus in Gemini (chaos and duplicity) so --

Now as you see, 2020 Uranus, planet of disruption, shock, chaos, separation, and perhaps innovation has crossed the Midheaven ('MC': the Why? Point) of the 2013 Jupiter Return chart (MC @4Tau50) with its tragically come-to-pass Sabian Symbol for '5Taurus' = "A Widow At An Open Grave" - well, in 2020 we now know why. (As you know, Jupiter likes to break through boundaries and as such, can relate to invaders such as viruses.) Also note that 2013 Uranus is at a critical-crisis degree in the 9th house; symbol for '13Aries' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Safely Concealed." Naturally, this word picture may refer to multiple situations and conditions of loss and grief, including financial ones that have a potential for raids on the US Treasury, some from abroad (9th house) and facilitated by US politicians and their enablers. Plus, some plunderings and squanderings are perpetrated by thieving US politicians such as Trump, Mnuchin, and McConnell (and others before them). Of course, you may disagree if you must but there it is.

Activist Mars @6Can00 conjoined US natal Jupiter earlier in the day (4:44:44 am edt) which suggests such possibilities as overextended credit (some to the unworthy or unqualified, some to the US government by foreign entities), an activated spirit of enterprise, increased energy and confidence, an expanded appetite for luxury, and/or ethical issues and considerations. Well, yes, ethics and morals are definite concerns of astrological Jupiter but current day "game birds" aren't interested in such concerns at all or they couldn't behave as wastrels and scoundrels as they do.

But in 2020 there's another consideration: can the current Covid-19 health crisis and its fallout be found in this 2013 horoscope? Yes, I think so. Note the 1st house Venus @29Leo55, a critical-crisis 29th degree (conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant) with royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided). Trump has favored red states over blue with medical supplies, 'nuff said about his love of revenge. Look next to Regulus for two 2013 midpoints: Mars-Saturn (harmful energy; brutality) and Jupiter-Saturn (the societal planets; politicians, government officials; the pair soon to meet in Great Conjunction at Winter Solstice 2020). These two midpoints are opposed by 2013 Neptune Rx, planet of contagion, so we have pictures of 'epidemic, grave loss, damage through major force (ex: war); pessimism', and/or 'begrudging the good fortune of others' (Ebertin). Relocate this Return chart to Washington DC and Neptune Rx @4Pis51 is in the 8th house of Death, and pollinating Mercury (conjunct US natal Sun 13Can19) that contracts whatever it touches backs into the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions like Hospitals and Congress, Back Door Deals, Secret Activities, Karma, Self-Undoing, and the Unconscious.

Now this chart may be compared to future transits and progressions but the final chart factor I'll mention today is US Jupiter Return 2013's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') in the 15 South Saros Series @19Tau31 (here in 10th house, highlighted in orange) with 15 South's themes of 'release of tension; a lingering situation suddenly clears with a sense of collective grief or loss' (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Now if you're tempted to think that 15 South themes of 2013 have petered out by 2020, I ask you to consider that if the horoscope of our current Jupiter Return, timing a 12-year cycle that began in 2013 'lasts' until July 2025, then its 15 South PE remains influential and in part describes our current societal conditions of 2020 all too well.

Note: America's Jupiter Return Horoscope 2013, above, is based on our July 4, 1776 chart set for 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA with ASC 12Sag08 - Jupiter = chart-ruler in 7th house and is ruler of Pisces intercepted in 3rd house - MC 00Lib47, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation, Fortune, Fame, and Recognition.

Dec 1, 2019

Late December 2019 Jupiter opposes US natal Jupiter

Thoughts of Jupiter December 2019 into 2020

by Jude Cowell

As anyone who studies America's founding horoscope of July 4, 1776 knows, US natal Jupiter @6Cancer (5:56), its Moon-ruled sign of exaltation, possesses a descriptive Sabian Symbol that the 'ruling elite' through the centuries, more often than not, have apparently taken to heart for their own selfish gain:

"Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

And with Jupiter's cycle of approximately 12 years (11.6), we can say with reasonable assurance that on or about January 14, 2008, transit Jupiter opposed US natal Jupiter in the midst of the financial implosion and heist that was the Bush-Cheney regime in 2007--2008 so the opposition flavored the entirety of 2008 when the game birds' feathers 'hit the fan' but the dire effects were dumped onto We The People to lose and pay. Transit Jupiter opposing Jupiter denotes a period of discontent with wealth and personal achievement, discouraging comparisons that lower confidence, promises which often turn out to be duds, and there's an inability to impress anyone. Obviously, funds may be depleted during this transit possibly due to previous extravagance and/or waste, things that most of the 'ruling elite' practice with aplomb.

Well, now it's time for 2019 Jupiter to oppose US natal Jupiter (1776) once again which the planet of bankers, financiers, corporatists, gurus, generals, and politicians will do in late December 2019. In fact, this challenging Jupiterian transit turns up within the horoscope of the 3 South Solar Eclipse which perfects on December 26, 2019 @4Capricorn06 (the eclipse also opposes US natal Jupiter and our Venus for that matter). The eclipse chart is linked, below, with 3 South's themes of: 'traumatic transformation through news received or short journeys' and 'sudden endings of relationships and/or alliances' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). Can Trump's machinations be far behind?

Of course, this is only one planetary transit affecting current events into year 2020 but it is, I'll wager, a significant one especially for the US economy, the budget, deficits, shortfalls, and for other areas that concern our nation--including for the massive Jupiterian who tweets from the White House.

Yet as you know, money is only as valuable as people believe it is.

Related Posts include: December Eclipse ends 2019 with Jupiter and Pluto issues in which Donald Trump, with his natal Neptune @5Libra squaring US natal Jupiter, makes his typically disturbing appearance and the Jupiter-Neptune pair of energies show off their usual speculation, risk-taking, grand schemes, and bubbly inflation capabilities; Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter; and Saturn-Pluto 2020 Conjunct The Fed's Uranus 22Cap47 which thus forms a karmic midpoint picture of potentials for:

Saturn-Pluto = Uranus: "sudden changes or upsets in plans which have been made concerning very important activities; reforms in the way punishment is given for important crimes; the erratic or uneven use of retaliatory measures" (Munkasey). Reinhold Ebertin adds a potential for: "sudden acts of violence." Hopefully this planetary picture of potentials won't amount to much but time will tell. Which is what I tell myself until I consider with fretfulness what Noel Tyl adds to this picture of disturbing possibilities: "an attack, regardless of potential losses" and "brutal efforts to start a new order."

So in closing, below is the three-fer DC Horoscope of the Conjunctions of Jupiter-Pluto (plutocrats, wheeler-dealers, large project developers, independent contractors, the Fed) which perfect three times in 2020: April 5, June 30, and November 12 - all falling within the degree range of 22--25 Capricorn as you can see:

Dec 2, 2017

12/02/17 Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill as Jupiter Smiles

US Capitol Building: By Noclip (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Predatory Capitalism Supports the GOP's Corporate Tax Cut Bill

Dec 2, 2017: this morning "shortly before 2 am ET" (Reuters News), Republicans passed their version of the Tax Cut Bill (51--49) with only Republican Senator Bob Corker voting Nay. No Democrat voted for this historic monstrosity weighted on the side of the billionaire/corporate classes. Of course, the Senate version must be reconciled with the House version before Mr. Trump can sign the bill into law, he hopes before or by Christmas.

The horoscope for December 2, 2017 shortly before 2 am ET presents an interesting picture. The chart I'm looking at is set for 1:48 am ET because it places US natal Jupiter (5Can56) at Midheaven, the Goal Point of the chart (which, without an exact time, is a symbolic chart of the event). Now as you know, our national Jupiter @6Cancer = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which fits Congress perfectly then as now, don't you agree?

Adriano Carelli gives '6Cancer' a symbol of: "Alcibiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose 'most beautiful red tail' he has cut" and says it's a degree of "a spendthrift, devoid of practical sense." Carelli adds that having luck, "he will reach what he has set his heart upon and go on throwing money out the window with the utmost composure, certain that he will somehow manage to earn more," and that "His recklessness might go so far as to bring about his own ruin." (Note that Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac has the name Alcidiades--correct spelling is Alcibiades.)

Rising at 1:48 am is 5Lib05 which makes money-and-values planet Venus the chart-ruler (and vote-ruler) yet Venus @1Sag07 in 2nd house of Money and Values makes no major applying aspects to other planets. But there is a minor semi-square from Venus to powerful wealth-hoarding saboteur, Pluto and The Creepy One is inconjunct and in karmic Nodal Degree with the North Node (17Cap50 to 17Leo28). The Venus-Pluto contact hints at wastefulness which supports the protective Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune, and US natal Jupiter at MC (1:48 am ET). A Water Grand Trine appreciates emotional enrichment and material prosperity (Tierney). No doubt on the emotional plane, Senate Republicans are cats with the cream this morning! Ef the national debt and deficit!

So as you know, year 2009 was imprinted with the current Jupiter-Neptune cycle beginning with three conjunctions between Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator-wastrel pair of bubbly finances, unrealistic dreams, and fortune-hunters. All three conjunctions landed on America's natal Aquarian Moon (We The People) and denoted potentials for losing oneself in plans; a desire to dream; little sense of reality; becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness (Ebertin). Note that the Jupiter-Neptune cycle lasts approximately 13 years so we're stuck with its affect on We The People's Moon until the planets meet again--once--on April 12, 2022 @23Pis59 (during a US Neptune opposition!)

Yet even without US natal Jupiter and this chart's MC forming a Grand Trine, transit Jupiter and Neptune do trine one another in the chart, an aspect suggesting efforts that stimulate social programs and benefit the needy--the very opposite of what the GOP Tax Cut Bill intends! However, karma will supply the GOP's 'reaping what was sown' results--if not now, then in future years--perhaps in 2018 and 2020 elections, and/or when the alleged tax breaks for the middle class expire and all chaos breaks loose financially and in the realms of healthcare.

Mercury, ruling 9th and 12th houses in this chart and planet of votes, bills, and negotiations, is @29Sag12 ('30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful"). Is the Vatican involved?? As you know, a 29th degree is unstable and very eager to move into the next sign--here, into Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

A Sun-Neptune Square and Pluto-Chiron Exploitation

Squared by fraudster Neptune (11Pis29), karmic planet of the media and the masses, the (POTUS-related) Sun @10Sag16 is in 3rd house of Communications and its Sabian Symbol for '11Sag' is curious: "The Lamp of Physical Enlightenment at the Left Temple"...keyword: RECONCILIATION which what this senate bill is headed for. And as anyone can see, the US Capitol Building is nothing if not a Masonic temple. Plus, '11Sag' is the conjunction degree of the last meet-up of Pluto and Chiron (conjunct US natal Ascendant), one of the major Plutocracy pairs; their last conjunction occurred December 30, 1999 and thus helped usher in the New Millennium via the pair's tendencies toward oppression, predatory exploitation, primal violence, racism and other -isms (exs: predatory Capitalism, Socialism). And of course, the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse in the 1 North Saros Series (the series we're under now with The Great American Eclipse of August 2017 @29Leo) 'let go the winds of war' as the Book of Revelation predicted. Also note that under the vibes of a 1 North solar eclipse, "information is distorted and possibly false" and events "put pressure on relationships" (Brady) as we see with Robert Mueller's Russia investigation into the shady foreign affairs of Donald Trump and his crew.

Mars Opposite Uranus Fading But Still Influential

We should also mention that rising in 1st house is brash Mars @25Lib32, fresh from his exact opposition to anarchist-zealot Uranus @24Ari58 Rx in the 7th house of Partnerships. This opposition of danger and conflict was discussed in a recent related post, Mars oppo Uranus as GOP forces Tax Cut Bill. Perhaps Mars in the 1:48 am chart represents Republican Senator Bob Corker who did not vote for the GOP bill that will disrupt (Uranus) many areas of our society and raise our nation's debt and deficit to unprecedented levels, thereby sabotaging America.

Money-Bags Jupiter in Big Business Scorpio, Sign of Betrayal

Transit Jupiter, planet of bankers, donors, financiers, politicians, military generals, and preachers is in 2nd house of Money and Values @11Sco19 and approaches the upcoming Jupiter Return of Ronald Reagan under whose watch the last major overhaul of US taxes took place. The first of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to Reagan's natal Jupiter position occurs December 14, 2017 with its 'tax cuts for corporations stimulates job growth' fallacy now being re-used by Capitol Hill Republicans in spite of the fact that corporate tax cuts do not inspire corporations to re-invest in US workers and the economy. Having been burned before, this time a majority of Americans are not buying into the tiresome GOP-touted job-creation fallacy that Reagan lifted from Hoover times of the 1920s. And here we go crashing again.


In keeping with America's downward spiral under the current 'Game Bird' Republican 'leadership' you may also wish to view a horoscope for December 8, 2017: Government Shutdown? and weep with yours truly over what national and local politicians have perpetrated upon our nation.