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Mar 28, 2012

An Astro-Peek at RNC 2012

As Above, So Below--Even When There Be Political Conventions

by Jude Cowell

Some say that the earthly and the celestial may be successfully blended once inner harmony and patiently learned skills are meshed and in sync. Completely out of step with this harmonious dream arise Politics and political conventions in America. Like a chronic condition that should have been tended to and healed long ago, they afflict us every four years on the presidential level.

In the public realm much political pontificating goes on in between for our consumption and it's not as if propagandists can sit on their laurels for more than the shake of a lamb's tail. Unrelenting brouhaha is our fate along with endless war while the globalists have their way, an ancient way of Reason and Enlightenment when man's reasoning was thought to have usurped the perceptive intellect ("I think, therefore I am"--Descartes.) And of course, the Uranus-Neptune pair represents the very broadest concepts of the Enlightenment for they are the planets of the European movement of the 17th century in which it became unfashionable to admit that truth may be revealed to man's perceptive intellect.

As you know, Uranus and Neptune have gone on to become the planetary reps of the New World Order with their energies concentrated all through 1993 as they met in Great Conjunction three times (Feb 2, Aug 20, Oct 24) at and near '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER ("negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism"--The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Yes, some revolutionaries glow with noble aims while other men of lower characters play their roles in the drama and are aware enough to manipulate and use the noble to create cacophony masquerading at times as a symphony, a constant babble really, in the great Piscean struggle: will humankind swim up or swim down? With oceanic Neptune now ensconced in his own watery realm of perceptions, dreams, and visions, it's time to set our higher courses individually as well as collectively.

Back to Earth with a Thud?

Can we by use of Astrology's lens investigate the celestial Cosmic Clock and cast its information upon Earth's actors now embroiled within their tasks and intent on gaining success, power, wealth, and the opportunity to lord it over others?

Well, your personal level of involvement in political matters, dear reader, is your own affair, but disclosure: I cannot promote an idolizing of the characters playing upon the world stage (past, present, or future) whether politician, preacher, guru, pope, mogul, general, scientist, academic, celebrity, or other. This blog was never meant for that!

Still, the American people and the rest of anyone who pays attention to US Politics (and the Conventions are like giant super bowls of power mongering, aren't they?) will be dragged through the political mud from August 27 until the evening of September 6, 2012, a time frame which covers both parties' political Conventions.

For use in this post and in subsequent posts on this topic, I shall limit my inquiries to 12:00 am the first day to midnight of August 30 with horoscopes set for Tampa, FL. An astro-peek at DNC 2012 will be forthcoming and may appear in the now under construction Stars Over Washington News, a monthly report by electronic subscription which perhaps you will consider sampling when it hits the pavement.

No matter who the nominees are and the victors turn out to be, on Monday January 21, 2013 at noon est, a caterpillar hatches, the butterfly's wings spread, the much-touted presidential baton will, we presume, again be passed to the next Oval Office dude with ceremonies and embassy balls--or handed to oneself in the case of Barack Obama. A lamentable question: does the Office of the Presidency remain the American Ideal we've been sold as The Model which Washington has always followed, and has never sullied by fraud, deception, or greed?

It is this Capricorn's belief that somewhere deep within the hearts of We the People, we know that the usurpers' taint has left a permanent stain and that our presidential choices are directed and selected, not elected. And yet we must rise to the occasion and Vote in the November 6 election. Discouraging a large turn out of voters on November 6 is a main tactic of political agents and operatives so one way for us to counter their ill effects upon our political and social systems is to show up en masse at voting booths, as crooked as the count may be.

For democracies only work if the people who are governed give consent to be ruled--and it turns out that they appreciate the results of services rendered by public officials on behalf of the collective, aka, society. Yet those in public office who break trust with the American people while hiding their true motivation and darker purposes may deceive us for a while as they work to tear down civilization--by their fruits we shall know them.

In order to further society's downfall and assure their own primacy at the pinnacle of worldly success (where there are more resources--the I Got Mine You Get Yours Mindset of The End Justifies the Means cabal with a Social Darwinism twist as informed by Ayn Rand Objectivism), they depend upon the public's apathy about what they do and how they do it, 'quaint' ethics be da**ed. But as a famous public speaker once said while slouching at a lectern, Fool me once shame on......well, you get the idea.

The Big Show Begins: RNC 2012 and Political Astrology

From August 27 to August 30, 2012 the Republican National Convention will heat up in sizzling Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. What cream will rise to the top? Will the GOP entertain and impress the voting public with a brokered convention?

Or is a Romney-Santorum ticket the perfect foil to a second-term Barack Obama? And, can either GOP candidate keep his foot out of his mouth and old scandals under wraps long enough to be nominated? Plus, is Jeb Bush only kidding about not accepting the nom?

Such exciting questions! Such nail-biting considerations!

Following on the boot heels of RNC 2012, the Democratic National Convention 2012 will be held from September 3 to September 6 in Charlotte, NC. The event's first three days will proceed from the Time Warner Cable Arena but the last night (September 6) will be held at the larger Bank of America Stadium where President Obama is expected to accept his party's nomination to serve a second term and to use stirring rhetoric in an acceptance speech that thrills the masses.

Yet we must look away from the Obama/Bank of America connection! Especially if you've read Matt Taibbi's Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail. (When Mr. Obama's DNC speech location was announced weeks ago, I cringed. Isn't this one of those tone deaf political decisions? Of course, Charlotte NC is where BoA headquarters are located so...)

Now just for the record, if during one or both Conventions we should hear a bunch of "Democrat Party" childishness, "Republic Party" must also be parroted. And then they'll both sound equally lame and foolish. So be it.

Let's Start with August 27

In this basic bit of astro-tracking for the dates of RNC 2012 there may be a message in the stars that reflects upon actions and events below. Naturally, the Saros Series of the Pre-Natal Eclipse during which both Conventions take place is the 14 South in which the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 fell (horoscope shown) so events will express all or some of the flavors and themes of 14S such as: an obsessive idea (Mercury-Pluto content = propaganda galore) is finally accepted and leads to a breakthrough (Jupiter) after a period of hard work, and to political conflicts (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

RNC 2012's planetary portents open with a shaking Fist of God pattern having the Uranus/Pluto square at its base, a generational conflict. In Cardinal signs (Uranus 7Ari47 Rx v Pluto 7Cap05 Rx), we find them in fated degrees since both = 7, or 8, if you prefer to round up. The Fist is shaken at speedy little Mercury 20Leo41 and we think of such correspondences as the Occupiers of the 99% Movement, of reporters and bloggers, communicators of all kinds, thinkers, plus, all mercurial pursuits such as trade, commerce, transport, travel, and speechifying. Showy (Leo) speeches and/or tricks (Mercury) may be expected, of course, for there's a lot riding on this election for everyone, as you know.

The horoscope for August 27, 2012, Tampa, FL, at 12:00 am edt shows 26Tau23 rising with Jupiter 14Gem04 in first house, a fortunate portent; this makes Venus (valuables, evaluations, relationships, the attraction principle) @18Can58 in 3rd H of Communications the chart-and-convention-ruler, so Venus' applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects hint of the proceedings and their results of RNC 2012. Yet Venus makes no applying aspects at all of major concern which emphasizes her sign and house placements and any other factors such as conjunctions or parans with Fixed Stars, midpoint involvement/s, chart angle connections, etc.

('19Can' has significance to be mentioned in a later post.)

Cancer is our national Venusian sign (@ 4Can) and you know that US natal Jupiter 6Can and Sun 14Can are posited in the self-protective, business savvy sign of The Crab. Naturally, Neptune's sojourn in Pisces resonates on deep levels with our Cancerian Moon-ruled Venus (July 4, 1776.)

It is, in fact, an Hour of Mercury and there are two T-Square patterns which create midpoint pictures though neither involve Venus. Still we may wish to consider them:

NN/ASC = Neptune 1Pis40 Rx (near Chiron 7Pis29 Rx, both in 10th H): wrong impressions and perceptions; weakened or terminated unions or associations caused by lies and deceit (well, we seem to have ensnared a slimy fish on our cosmic hook from the get-go!); (the midpoint of NN/ASC = personal relationships.)

Sun/Neptune = NN (public contact; Sun = leadership, Neptune = acting, propaganda, the masses, veils and masks, fraud, etc): demonstrating a negative or weak attitude in the company of others; links to people or groups which have ties to the occult; ridding oneself of bad ideas.

Now Mars 2Sco16 and Saturn exalted in Libra @ 25:48 are in the 6th H of Service, Work, Health (insurance reform), and the Military denoted a certain stop-and-go vibe to the Convention. Will the stage show run smoothly? The NN mentioned in the midpoint picture, above, @ 00Sag24 in 7th H shouts out the military again for '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" and the Republican Party has definitely staked out that territory these last decades (with certain Democrats as enablers--most of them actually even if they seem not to--they follow the same global governance script but with different styles.)

So we may expect American wars, weaponry, troops and other related issues (in the House of Others)--and Venusian evaluations--to be on the RNC 2012 menu. And with Sun (nominee) opposing deceptive but inspired Neptune in its own sign of sneaky, often confusing Pisces (and representing the masses and the media) it's way too idealistic to expect that we'll get real info from the GOP candidates' RNC speeches concerning their plans for what's actually in store for our nation if we should fall for, or be pushed toward, another neocon presidency.

Yet I type the above in spite of potentials in 2012 for poorly directed SCOTUS decisions to affect election outcomes and the possibility of re-counts because the Justices may again overstep the bounds of what was meant to remain a three-branched government with royalty and all allegiances to monarchs left back in the olde countrie.

To be continued...

Jul 8, 2011

USuncut v Bank of America (Chris Priest video) + Pluto/Chiron

Tax Cheats of America! You know it does my Flower Power Generation heart good to see young and youngish Americans demonstrating--and writing/performing songs for the cause--against oppressive forces now undermining the stability and future of our nation:

USuncut v Bank of America.

The love of money is the root of all evil. Guess we know what that makes the international banking syndicate 'cos they lo-o-o-ve the world's money and gold so very much, they're in process of stealing every bit of it any way they can.

USuncut has also demonstrated against Apple with a Love the iPhone Hate the Tax Cheat campaign. Other videos are available at this one's end by clicking on the next video, if you wish.

After all, when the global banking industry purposefully collapsed the US/World Economy in 2008, the big bailouts which US banks were gifted with free-of-charge were made up of US tax monies collected from citizens and from a few corporations.

But not to fret! It's 3 years hence, and the situation has been 'fixed' so that big corporations pay so little in taxes (if any) that future bailouts for their Too Big Too Successful Selves will not cannibalistically contain any corporate funds at all! Because what's the point in receiving the gift of your financial (and power) dreams if you've had to provide even one cent of the goodies yourself?

That's just crazy!

In no particular order, Astrology describes the Pluto/Chiron pair as:

corporatism, fascism, statism, communism, socialism, marxism, stalinism, leninism, bolshevikism, nationalism, militarisism, nazism, zionism, racism, genderism, other -isms, oppression, abuse, misuse of power, disenfranchisement, primal violence, and strong-arming of all descriptions, to name but a few. In the pair's symbolism, we see the destructive spirit rising.

So with the difficult planetary energies reflecting goings-on on planet Earth for August and September 2011, we'll be fortunate to reach October (not usually one of the more uneventful months itself) 2011 resembling the society we've grown accustomed to. Then on November 25, 2011, the cosmos brings us yet another Solar Eclipse @ 2 Sagittarius in the 14 North Saros Series which last manifested in 1993, year of the Great Conjunction/s of Illuminatiism's favorite pair, the 'scientific' planets of The Enlightenment, Uranus and Neptune.

Timing an October 24, 1993 natal chart for the modern-day New World Order, Uranus/Neptune met at '18Capricorn' = 'POLITICAL POWER; negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism'. (Jones.)

2011 is a year of 4 Solar Eclipses as were 1917, 1935, 1964, 1982 and 2000 (eventful!) Blog Note: SO'W will publish on the November 2011 eclipse soon. You won't like it much, but I'll post it anyway.

Meanwhile, if you wish, read more on the cosmic energies of 2011 and 2012 for preparation's sake @ Theodore White's Global Astrology.

Boiling Down...

Well, does the world hinge again upon America and our legendary Eternal Ideal of Freedom and Justice For All? Then Athens, Greece puts America to shame. The great numbers and tenacity of Arab Spring demonstrators puts we-the-people in the shade considering what's happening across the US. Yet if we can take back America for we-the-people's sake without marching in the streets (where crusty old Pluto/Chiron types want us, therefore I'm more inclined not to give it to 'em) then passing around article links and videos (if you can't show up) is much better than not speaking out or showing interest at all.

Since America was born from an idea/vision/dream, then can she be rescued from destruction in similar fashion by better, more Common Good ones? By a real American Dream which takes the High Road that our government always pretends we're taking no matter how many women and children are bombed or how many resources are plundered?

Working Compassionately for The Collective

Yes, America was born when idealist, dreamy, grandly-spirited, divinely-inspired Neptune, planet of The Masses and The Collective Unconscious, was traversing the sign of practical, critical, workaholic Virgo...and so this daughter of The American Revolution must ask:

Got community? Community spirit? Team spirit to spare for America?

Perhaps seeing what your elected officials are up to is a good pre-emptive idea for I know mine aren't monitored nearly often enough. Got a local paper or rag? Read it when you can, respond on-topic as you will. As you know, our power is in our numbers, m'peops!

For to paraphrase the excellent way Thom Hartmann ends his broadcasts, 'Democracy begins when you show up--tag, you're it!'

The shape America is in circa 2011 is definitely one of those If You Snooze, You Lose situations. The globalists' coup is well advanced. Only with constant vigilance and speaking out for our rights and for what is right gives us a chance to succeed against the Goliath of Abusive Power.

Dissenting because I care,

Jude Cowell

Mar 8, 2011

March 7th Protests Shut Down Bank of America branch! (video)

Being no fan of Bank (Robbers) of America, I am happy to post a video of National Peoples Action protests yesterday which shut down a branch of the so-called Bank of America. Great job, guys!

Let's keep on the banks' sorry cases. In a fit of personal protest, I switched bank accounts from a big bank to a Credit Union bank two years ago (hint hint!)

Meanwhile, you may wish to check out Make Wall Street Pay and let's do just that...even if the US government and the politicians who infest it are - shall we say - shy about doing the right thing.

Sep 15, 2008

Sad Monday,Lehman Bros, and the jitteries

Please note that the feed for The August Review has been added to SO'W's sidebar.

You may wish to read editor Patrick Wood's article on today's Lehman Bros Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and what's up next, then check out his other attempts at warning people of what Wall Street, the Fed, world bankers and the Trilateral Commission have been up to for years now.

But today there are few people who can continue to ignore the 'jittery' results of their 'expertise.'

And NPR is now reporting (5:02 am edt) that Merill Lynch is being bought by Bank of America...with job cuts to follow. Natch.

All this and Hurricane Ike's devastation, too. Entire neighborhoods are without power and water.

It's a sad sad Monday in America.