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Feb 14, 2017

Jeremy Scahill on Trump Team: A Cabal of Religious Extremists, Privatization Advocates, and Racists - interview

Published online in January 2017, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews Jeremy Scahill, co-founder of The Intercept, concerning the Trump team, Erik "Blackwater" Prince, and his sibling Betsey DeVos, newly installed privatization advocate, as head of the US Department of Education.

This is an excerpt from Mr. Scahill's eye opening interview so avoid watching if you prefer to remain in La La Land while the Christians vs Muslims conflagration is being further ignited from behind what is now a 'Trump curtain' hanging inside an antics-prone, thin-veneered Trump White House full of zealots:

Jeremy Scahill's article: Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump from the Shadows.

Feb 13, 2017: also from The Intercept: Foreign Spies Must Be Bored by How Easy Trump Makes Their Jobs.

And here is a post published here in 2010 (sans edits) on Erik Prince's Sun-Moon personality blend...'weather vane on a church spire' included.

Dec 1, 2015

We Need a Budget for Working Families, Not the 1%: Sen Bernie Sanders - clip

As the senator speaks on issues affecting all Americans, you may hear vibes of Bernie Sanders' Sun in Virgo (sign of health and dedicated work) and Moon in activist Aries (I Am the People)!


A Smidgeon of Astrology

Related: Social Democracy Is 100% American (video), and Bernie Sanders' Sun Virgo-Moon Aries personality blend. Unconsciously I neglected to add that his natal Sun is veiled by America's natal Neptune (22Virgo) which negatively can denote that the public can't see clearly who or what he really is. On another level it can indicate the large audiences (Neptune) he's commanding during the 2016 campaign with Neptune (the masses, the media, photography, films, illusion) clouding or glamorizing his image and/or possibly hiding what his goal actually is (Sun)--or more simply, he shines (is popular) with the public.

How can his motives and purpose be obscure, suspicious astrologer, you ask? It can be if Senator Sanders is running for president in order to be a mouthpiece--to express the frustration so many Americans feel and think about government--while those in charge of counting the votes have no intention of allowing a Social Democrat in the Oval Office--unless he can be used for their purposes to rally the masses into Marxism.

And given current events such as the big 'climate change' summit in Paris this week and the steady dribble of US soldiers now being sent back to Iraq and elsewhere, I wonder how many of us realize that we're seeing before our eyes (though propagandized as something other than what it is) the waging of a World War meant to take charge of the entire planet? Masses of the homeless forced to shift across the globe, hunger that doesn't have to be the case--population control measures are being perfected based on past efforts.

Now I know that more and more people are realizing that the engineered East vs West conflict is more than Washington is tellin' us as of yet and maybe the rest of us will wake up once the 19 North Solar Eclipse manifests on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo with its themes of realism, coming down to earth, tackling the truth, and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is (Brady.) Lied into war is an old situation, isn't it? Aggressors pretending it's the other guy, not us is a tiresome tactic old as the hills, agreed? Wonder if the power elite and their bosses know how transparent their draconian plans have become? Or is the transparency only part of their fear mongering? Such thespian classes politicians must take!

Plus, as you see by the date of the 2016 eclipse, it is the Pre-Natal Saros Series of both Election 2016 (Nov) and of Inauguration 2017 (Jan) which means that its themes will affect both events including the first term or duration of the new presidency (and the second term if there should be one.) Maybe this means that a "truth teller" will somehow land in the White House! Well, at this point "truth teller" seems to refer to either Bernie's mostly unvarnished truth--or Donald's Mercurial-Neptunian flights of fancy mixed with his stark opinions of the stream-of-consciousness variety.

Nov 18, 2015

The Parting Shot with Bill Press - Nov 18, 2015 (blaming Paris on Ed Snowden?)

Concerning the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, I'm glad Bill Press is saying this:

What I wish someone in the mainstream media ('conservative' and 'liberal' )would admit is that the 'war on terror' is bogus for the most part and is being used to cause chaos and promote, obfuscate, and implement a global new world order--a global government. If a western country were attacked, invaded, and occupied by an eastern force determined to take over all banks and all governments of the world, what would Americans do about that? Fight back? Insurgent ourselves?

Oct 18, 2015

Caller: Why Do Muslims Hate the USA So Much? - video

My question: When have occupying forces ever been 'liked'? Especially after the dead-fish-stinks-after-three-days rule has been totally ignored year after year after year after...

Feb 17, 2015

Italy warned Libyan jihadists are ‘just south of Rome’ (plus, Eclipses)

Media reports tell us that the city of Rome is now under threat by jihadists looking to settle a very old score as the next world war brews. Wonder if the pope is feeling anxious?

From The Independent: Italy warned Libyan jihadists are 'just south of Rome'.

Fears in Italy of an imminent Islamic terror attack mounted after Libya-based Isis affiliates warned the jihadist group was now "just south of Rome".

The old East vs West conflict replays in the New Millennium as the East uses extreme violence to establish its own version of 'global governance'...just as Western 'new world order' promoters knew they would. To me it seems the influence of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse is starkly revealed by such brutality and power struggles. As you know, this is the eclipse Nostradamus emphasized, the one with its *Oxen, Lion, Eagle, and Angel Points featured as noted in the Book of Revelation---when the angels 'let go the winds of war'. And war is precisely what has been unleashed thanks to power elite politicians, their enablers and financial backers, and "insurgents" as Washington prefers to call them.

Of course, we in the West use our own blend of brutality, violence, torture, snipers, assassinations, and bombs, don't we? And it's usually veiled by propaganda such as "spreading democracy". Even western sanctions against other nations via the UN may starve and kill; meanwhile millions of refugees are created and many are knocking on western doors.

Currently Jupiter now traverses Rx and Direct through the sign of Leo so the planet of increase and expansion now affects the degree (18Leo) of the 1999 "King of Terror" Eclipse (or, 'King of Alarm' Eclipse including financial crises) which is also called the 'Mother of All Eclipses' in the 1 North Saros Series which began on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48. At the least, we now have two sensitized degrees from the 1N Series: 18Leo and 13Cap long with their opposite degrees (18AQ and 13Cancer--the degree of America's natal Sun on July 4, 1776.) Yes, there are rules for the duration of influence for eclipses but to me, this eclipse's powerful affects are ongoing for all of humanity.

As you know, assassin Pluto, powerful and wealthy representative of The Underworld and of the Pope, now creeps through Capricorn and has opposed US natal Venus, Jupiter, and most recently, US natal Sun (the president). You do not need Astrology to tell you about the major conflicts and government topplings the transformative Pluto transit describes in an As Above, So Below fashion for the news media tells plutonian tales 24/7.

1N themes include a caution against making hasty decisions because information is 'distorted and possibly false' and 'unexpected events' along with fatigue and health problems (Brady.) Sometimes it seems the US government has lost any ability it ever had to tell the truth to the public. Not that Washington is the only one using falsehood as a tactic to get its way.

Adding to the intensity is the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto, the revolutionary pair. Their 7th and last exact square occurs on March 16, 2015 though sighs of relief on that date would be premature.

Events and people born under the 1N Series include: the UN, the first atomic bomb attack, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and Washington Irving, author of Sleepy Hollow, a novel that now inspires a FOX TV show of the same name which uses such themes as prophecy, horsemen and the Apocalypse, demonic possession, a 'new world order', life vs death, reincarnation, satanism and witchcraft, and Witnesses. Needless to say, the atmosphere of and the events occurring on Sleepy Hollow ring out with vibes of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, with Mars, god of war, nearby.

And I might even say that the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 influences the show's themes, too. Someone is certainly placing these dark themes within the Collective Unconscious with the satanic 'entertainment' fare we're constantly fed.

Here listed are the Solar Eclipses of 2015, 2016, and 2017 with a few details; #6 is the next manifestation in the 1 North Series.

*Mid-degrees of Taurus (oxen), Leo (Lion), Scorpio (eagle), and Aquarius (angel).

Feb 12, 2015

February 2015: Presidents Day and a White House Security Summit

Week of Monday February 16, 2015: President's Day Heralds a White House Summit on Wednesday

by Jude Cowell

In honor of Presidents Day, here is a 3 mins 58 secs video of US Presidents "From George Washington to Barack Obama--A Long Way--Original Video":

With the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris as justification, the White House has scheduled an Anti-Extremism Summit for Wednesday February 18, 2015, the day of a major Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree in secretive Pisces, plus, the day of Spring Equinox 2015, aka, Aries Ingress 2015 when the Sun reaches 00Aries00, a World Point of manifestation and prominence. Tap or click for a view of the eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC.

This year February 18th is also Ash Wednesday on the Vatican calendar so it is quite a big day in the Cosmos and in America with the rest of the world in the cross hairs of the East vs West conflict now being brewed to boiling with both sides determined to 'rule the world'. And since a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon denoting a period of darkness with a potential for the beginning of shady undertakings, we may expect that Summit topics of 'security' and anti-terrorism measures will not be fully shared with the public though, of course, the resulting propaganda will.

Wonder if the topic of Homeland Security running out of funds on February 27th will be discussed? The Department has certainly been the money pit boondoggle it was expected to be. Here's my original post with the 'birth' horoscope of the Department of Homeland Security if you're interested. Curiously HoSec's natal Jupiter @17Leo59 is now activated by Jupiter's current retrograde and direct path through Sun-ruled Leo which indicates a Jupiter Return so generous rewards seem to be on the cosmic menu no matter what the political thespians on Capitol Hill say.

Jan 23, 2015

Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction: ICH

Speaker John Boehner and other sold-out politicians on Capitol Hill are up to something which for me spotlights their deep ambition to create a global kingdom--an earthly kingdom--to be set up in Jerusalem once Christians and Muslims destroy one another like stupid dumble-headed robots.

That's my personal view of how Washington and our Death Star Pentagon continue to stir up World War III. Here's another more informed view: Congress seeks Netanyahu's direction.

Article alert thanks go to the independent news source Information Clearing House.

Concerning Washington DC, esoterism, symbols, and Venus I hereby re-post the following fascinating video 'Secrets in Plain Sight' in case you have a chance to watch:


Jul 22, 2008

Look up! space junk descending

Space Weather News for July 22, 2008

DESCENDING SPACE JUNK: Almost exactly one year ago, on July 23, 2007, International Space Station astronauts threw an obsolete, refrigerator-sized ammonia reservoir overboard.

The 1400-lb piece of space junk has been circling Earth ever since and now, in July 2008, its orbit has decayed so much that it has become an easy naked-eye target for backyard sky watchers.

The "Early Ammonia Servicer" (EAS for short) is almost as bright as the stars of the Big Dipper and growing brighter as it descends.

Today's edition of displays photos of the EAS, which is expected to burn up in Earth's atmosphere in late 2008 or early 2009.

Readers who wish to see the EAS with their own eyes should check the Simple Satellite Tracker for flyby times: flybys - Europeans are favored with flybys this week, North Americans next week.

Sep 15, 2007

Greenspan's new book a Bush-basher

Greenspan Faults Bush Over Spending and I fault him over everything but the kitchen sink. And it's been a little on the gurgly side. Maybe Earth's polar axis really is in process of morphing.

So is Greenspin a flip-flopper? Or simply and very humanely responding to criticism of his handling of interest rate resets during his Fed tenure? The writing of this book one presumes has been in the cauldron for some time. Is its release Sep 2007 the usual cleverly-timed publisher's ploy?

Someone will need to change the lyrics for the old standard, Buttons and Bows if the polar axis thing comes to pass...where East is West and West is East will want better rhyming than the tune's original lyrics can provide.

At last inspection, this region's water was still draining in the accustomed direction...

As Greenspan says in his book concerning the GOP:

"They swapped principles for power. They ended up with neither. They deserved to lose."

Wish I could believe we have one party remaining with which to face our tribulations!