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Feb 9, 2021

February 11, 2021: New Moon @23AQ w Hades Rising

February 9, 2021 12:42 pm est: With Senate debate over Trump's second impeachment set to begin today at 1:00 pm est, there's no time to type a bunch of details concerning the Horoscope you see below. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes where you'll see that hellish Hades Rx @9Can07 rises along with America's 1776 Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio in Cancer, North Node @17Gem44 points toward Trump's natal Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, disruption, and rebellion, Venus @12AQ47 conjunct$ Jupiter in the corporate 8th house, deceptive Neptune @19Pis37 conjuncts MC (The Goal Point, highlighted in pink), and the New Moon (which can affect and redirect events much as a Solar Eclipse can do) is in the 9th house of Legal Affairs while forming midpoint pictures with two powerful planetary duos: Neptune-Pluto and Pluto-MC. See the center of the chart for a few of the midpoints' potentials and notice on the left this difficult picture - Mercury-Pluto = Saturn:

Oh and just as in Trump's natal chart, Pluto is unaspected and "overshadowed by shadows."

Sep 12, 2019

What about Trump's 5th Harmonic Pluto?

September 12, 2019: As you already know, the Sun-Pluto planetary pairing relates to the craving of power and ruler-ship and the attainment of power (Ebertin). The abuse or misuse of power is also possible and in America's July 4, 1776 horoscope/s Sun in mid-Cancer and Pluto Rx in late Capricorn are in a compulsive-obsessive quindecile (+/-165 degr) aspect denoting Washington DC as ruthless, manipulative, and intimidating in its drive for power and control.

Then today as I reviewed a long-owned book by David Hamblin which concerns one of my favorite branches of Astrology, Harmonics, my eye was caught by the 5th Harmonic, or the 'H5', as I prefer to term it in my notes, and an interesting feature of unaspected planets when converted to the H5. Often on the look out for another way to understand this complex wheeler-dealer using astrological principles, and knowing that Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) was born with Pluto @10Leo02 unaspected in the 12th house of the Unconscious, Politics, and Karma, curiosity got the better so I transformed his natal chart into an H5 chart just to see what his natal Pluto would 'do', if anything.

Turns out that in his H5 chart, Trump's Pluto @20Capricorn forms a trine to his H5 Sun (which conjoins his natal MC conjunct angry Algol!). Now according to David Hamblin, when an unaspected natal planet (split off from or unintegrated into the personality) aspects another planet in the native's H5 chart, Fiveness = an "unnatural link" that is "forged in an artificial or deliberate way" between features that are "naturally felt to be separate" and this relates to building, constructing, arranging, and harvesting for use. Then Hamblin cites John Harvey and John Addey for pointing out that, "Five is connected with power since "to be able to arrange matter into form of one's choosing is to exert power over it." And of course, astrological Pluto on its own is a planet of power and of hidden or invisible power (and of Underworld connections and extreme wealth like Trump's--secreted away and hidden in his 12th house like a puppet master pulling his strings.) And, funny thing--today transit Pluto @20Cap44 conjuncts Trump's H5 Pluto!

Now five relates to the mind of man and "is the first number in which man asserts his power over the world." So one of the most disturbing things to me is that, "--within the principle of Fiveness, {he} strives to change the world and to make it other than how he found it." Well, Trump is definitely all about that, and apparently he's aided by an H5 Sun-Pluto trine to do it, hidden though it may be. Does the trine reveal powerful criminal elements assisting him with his government sabotaging and wealth-purloining endeavors? Unsurprising, if so.

Yet psychologically the most curious part of it all may be that Trump prefers to rule by chaos--he's a chaos-creator with his oriental Uranus @18Gemini (in 10th house of Career) which means that erratic Uranus is his guiding planet (last to rise before his Sun @22Gemini) and he's certainly known for suddenly changing of his mind back and forth, and creating shocks and disruption all around him, plus, there's his alleged tendency to rule by unusual notions and whims (Uranus in changeable Gemini).

And yet his H5 Sun-Pluto trine supplies the power for something he could use and impress us with if only he would--Trump can "create order out of chaos"!

And there, my friends, is yet another example of the complex personality and paradoxical nature of the cantankerous Donald J. Trump who, on a deeper level, and despite his advanced age catching up with him, may not be as quirky and erratic as he pretends to be. Especially fancying himself as a world class thespian and all.

Got any thoughts you can share?

Feb 16, 2019

On the Fear of Ann Coulter and Donald Trump

Perhaps you've read the excellent column by astrologer Lynn Hayes concerning a certain political flame thrower so happy to be 'in the news' again for her advice to Donald Trump on shutting down the government (December 22, 2018 midnight est for 35 days) and her critiques of Trump that apparently led to his declaration of a national emergency which he announced from the White House Rose Garden today as away to extort billions of dollars of taxpayer money for a dubious "wall" to keep out the marauding hordes Trump fears. Now I ask you, how can circumventing Congress be anything but a power grab by the Executive Branch of government?

Disagree if you must but do check out Ann Coulter's Poisonous Rage where Lynn discusses Coulter's pile-up in Sagittarius of her Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars (Sun conjunct Mars: Miss Independent) and the shadow side of Sag which, according to Dr. Liz Greene, "The Sag is often frightened of making any commitment to the tangible world, because then he'd have to face not only the limitations of form but also the fact that his potential genius might not be quite so boundless and cosmic as he thinks it is." (My italics.) Commitment, tangible, limitations, form--all Saturn's words.

Of course, this fear relates to the ruler-ship of Sagittarius by Jupiter, the planet of boundlessness, expansion, and unlimited potential, plus, the sign's Fire element with Fire's 'dark side' of deep depression when things don't turn out to be as grand as was optimistically expected. Note that with his natal Moon and South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius, Donald Trump suffers from such 'vast optimism vs deep pessimism' issues himself. However, the pair are reported presently to be on the outs beginning with the ill-advised Trump Shutdown--or is their tiff only political theater? If genuine, Trump and Coulter may just be too much alike to get along for the long term especially considering the tendencies of Sag toward self-righteousness and the constant judgment of others, and neither have empathy for other human beings who are treated as if they're only screens upon which Coulter and Trump project their lives of fame and fortune--with the two of them playing 'starring' roles.

Yet astrologically there is one factor between them that's similar yet different: Trump was born with Pluto unaspected while Ms. Coulter was born with Saturn unaspected which emphasizes the distinct possibility of her sashaying through life completely conscience-free. Both conditions are problematic, of course, and few can handle them in a positive way yet we all must choose how we use the planetary energies we were born with. How do you think the two of them are doing so far?

For more on Saturn unaspected you may wish to see my previous post on Justice Neil Gorsuch who shares this problematic condition of 'the loner without a conscience'. Wonder if free-floating fear or anxiety is a feature of an unaspected Saturn, one of the planets known for its 'fear factor'--along with Underworld Pluto, planet of sabotage and creepiness.

Blog Note: yes, relocation is this weekend so Monday will be the start of my 'settling in' week and asap I'll be blogging at you from downtown Raleigh, North Carolina! Wish you were here (to help me unpack!!) jc

Astro-Note: Ann Hart Coulter born December 8, 1961 NYC, hour unknown; Donald Trump June 14, 1946 10:54 am est Queens, NY.

May 30, 2018

Trump's May 30 2018 Moon Return: an eventful month

Donald Trump's Very Karmic Lunar Return of May 30, 2018

by Jude Cowell

Today, May 30, 2018, at 11:56:20 am edt, a Lunar or Moon Return for Donald Trump perfected. The horoscope you see below of the Return is set for today at the White House and predicts for him a prominent, eventful, and important month because the horoscope features angles and cusps that are basically those of Trump's natal angles and cusps. This cosmic condition makes his personal month which begins this very day significant for him until his next Lunar Return on June 26, 2018.

As you know, Lunar Returns reveal insights into how our daily lives will proceed for a particular month and the prevailing emotional mood or trends but for a public figure, more info can be gleaned from a Return chart (of any kind including Lunar) since their lives are usually more eventful than the average bear's anyway. And of course, the astrological Moon relates to multiple areas of life such as unconscious motivations, reigning emotional needs (Tyl), health issues or concerns, and the women in one's life, plus, family members--his ruled by the expansive moneybags planet, Jupiter.

Also a significant factor in any planetary, lunar, or solar return chart is that whatever natal aspects the celestial body held in the natal chart are re-activated on various levels of the personality. So as you know, Trump's Moon conjoins natal South Node and opposes natal Sun-NN, a cosmic picture of his relationship axis which involves his current marriage issues with wife Melania and his family ties disappointing, jeopardizing, or otherwise displeasing him. Any Moon-South Node contact can be a lonely, isolating proposition especially when one is haplessly motivated by unconscious, neurotic impulses and obsessions defensively formed in the past. Neurotic because these defenses worked okay in past situations but no longer serve a constructive purpose in the present--yet they are relied upon anyway similar to constantly using the 'head against a brick wall' stupidity.

Now I don't have to mention here all the scandals and legal issues Mr. Trump is dealing or not dealing with currently or the fact that most of them are due to his own actions in the past (karmic Saturn's realm) for most of his troubles are, in a word, self-created. He likely feels he's caught in a vise that's closing (a la Mr. Mueller and his team) and normally I would feel sad for him--well, I do, but mostly I feel sad for America that we've all been put in the position of accepting (or not) an Oval Office tenure for a man like Donald Trump who was placed in position by dark forces. Perhaps this is primarily due to the fact that any brand of mobsterism is a no-go for yours truly, and the old 'ends justifies the means' attitude of Machiavellianism sucks heartily in my personal opinion--and always has. We are our brothers' keepers even though the unprincipled Mr. Trump does not subscribe to that common-good principle and has no apparent means of appreciating or adopting any mode of existence but that which exalts his own self-interest.

But that's part of the point--transit Neptune continues to square Trump's natal Moon (@22Sag = "A Chinese Laundry"--hint hint!) while other Saturnian transits add to his difficulties for lesson-bringer Saturn demands accountability, realism, and authenticity, while Neptune lies, confuses, attempts to cover up, and brings paranoia and fear into any overwhelming situation and involves flooding, leaking, subterfuge, betrayal, fraud, and disguise. Transit Neptune in mid-Pisces also squares his Nodal axis--with his natal Moon conjunct natal South Node (of the Moon), a karmic, reap-what's-sown condition for him (and thus by extension, for America and the American people) and it very much includes his unconscious compulsions learned during childhood--one reason he's sometimes called a 'man-baby'.

Because as you know, the adolescent stage of life never fully developed or evolved into Saturnian maturity! Actually, his natal Saturn in Moon-ruled Cancer denotes an emotionally hypersensitive, discontented fellow, an emotional loner. And yes, uncertain Neptune square his Nodal axis muddies his public image and tries to hide the ties, contacts, encounters, and meetings now under close scrutiny. Note that Neptune can also bring loss, fear, disappointment, and/or theft of possessions.

Then to complicate matters for all of us, add Trump's Mars rising--testy, hypersensitive, and red-faced--in arrogant Leo, sign of a natural leader, and we've got plenty of troubles of our own, thanks to Trump's emotional complexes, impulsive nature, lack of self-esteem, feelings and fears of inferiority and of being considered 'wrong' or insignificant, criminal underworld connections, and tremendous anger and rage issues. Among many other things he's a brooder and a pouter!

A Magnificent May 2018?

So May 2018 began for Mr. Trump with yet another in a series of Saturn transits seen via The Establishment challenging the ideas, plans, commercial interests and transactions, and the attitudes of Donald Trump and his Mercury (@8Cancer). Here karmic Saturn times an ongoing Saturnian period of depression, obstacles, blocks, delays, scrutiny, and demands from authority figures. Add to this transit Neptune square natal Moon and potentials include emotional depression (did wife Melania really move back to NYC?), obstacles, shifting alliances, issues of unreliability, and scandals based on his own past (and current) behavior (ex: crimes, overstepping legal boundaries of the Executive Branch, and other outrages). Tragically, he made his crooked bed and now We The People must recline in it.

See 2018 Saturn to Trump Natal Mercury-Neptune Square, aspect of a pathological fantasist now being held to account by realistic, law abiding Saturn.

And yet at least a partial reprieve may arrive once the predicted 'Blue Wave' (Neptune!) occurs in November 2018 at the Midterm Elections with as many Democratic victors as possible in order to 'turn the tide' in Congress. Or that's the narrative the public is being sold in a nation where most if not all politicians and media figures are compromised by corporate 'big bucks' and glowing promises of continuing elite status--which, with oceanic Neptune involved, may or may not be the case for each one of them who now carry water for the Global Crime Syndicate/s.

If you wish, please enlarge the chart for better viewing:

Eclipses Are Karmic and Affect History bwo Individuals

So as you see, 'The Great American Eclipse' of August 21, 2017 @29 Leo rises precisely along with Trump's natal ASC, Mars, and royal Regulus (a star whose caution to 'avoid revenge' Trump has not heeded). You'll remember that this Total Solar Eclipse 'split' America across its middle--separating North and South, a symbolic cosmic condition with fated undertones which I believe (you may disagree) involves issues created by adherents of such groups as the white supremacy ('Brotherhood'), the Klan, and the NRA. Russian (Chinese and Arab) agents infiltrating and sabotaging the US government are entangled in there somewhere, with the Oval Office being one spot we can reliably find at least one. As someone recently said, Shake any tree in the Trump forest and a Russian falls out.

Lunar Return ASC = Trump's natal ASC: "29 Leo" = "A Mermaid Emerges From The Ocean"...image: Maya as Mermaid:

The day flees and so the rest of Mr. Trump's Lunar Return for May 30, 2018 I shall leave up to you, dear reader, for Mr. Trump is a fascinating personality full of greed, revenge, lust, bigotry, deception, and other components made creepier by his natal Pluto in Leo unaspected.

So in closing, here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning Trump's unaspected Pluto:

Unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of the Unconscious suggests one who is 'overshadowed by shadows' (Tierney) with Pluto, the isolationist, being the planet of Psychology, Psychiatry, and persuasion. There are subterranean forces within his psyche that are totally fragmented from the rest of his personality and because they are buried, he is unaware of them which gives them even greater primal power. This, I believe, suggests the "he can't help himself" remarks that perhaps you've heard from commentators and reporters (exs: all-hours tweeting about former Miss America, Alicia Machado and her weight gain, and other crass behaviors and remarks that set him back in the polls).

Unaspected Pluto is the essence of overwhelming compulsions and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto (the plundering plutocrat and manipulator) needs aspects to other planets in order to modulate its extreme tendencies. But with Mr. Trump, Pluto doesn't receive them, and nor do his other planets which could use the regeneration principle that Pluto could supply via aspect. And we have to say that Pluto's association with nuclear weapons is difficult to accept if under the thumb of Mr. Trump, the plutonian.

Pluto Gone Wild, Trump Off the Leash!

Now we must put a double emphasis on the condition of Mr. Trump's natal Pluto in egotistical Leo since Pluto is out-of-bounds as well as unaspected. When OOBs, Pluto embodies the lawless, mold-breaking, zaniness of an OOBs planet along with an outside-the-box style of thinking and speaking that breaks boundaries and cannot be under anyone's control. Pluto grabs power (and publicity) and we don't need Astrology to tell us that this describes Mr. Trump to a T.

However, disturbingly for our country, an OOBs Pluto, archetypal god of the Underworld, may also indicate one who is a sociopath and/or a criminal, particularly in the Leonine realm of gold and finances. So perhaps there is more to the infrequent whispers of mafia ties than have so far been revealed (edit 5/30/18: yes! Russian mobster ties and money laundering in which I include China and Arab countries Trump's natal Jupiter-Neptune pairing is the sign of a speculator). Certainly his oppressive business dealings are in the news via contractors and others who have worked for him but not not been paid, plus, the tax avoidance made possible by laws that favor the wealthy--legal, yes, but anti-societal and hypocritical of him. And the primal violence of Pluto has been part of his campaign--even to the point of hinting at Second Amendment gun violence as an antidote to certain problems via Pluto, the assassin, aided by aggressor Mars (edit 5/30/18: his enraged Mars rising).

Mar 7, 2018

David Stockman Warns of Unimaginable Economic Catastrophe - clip

Citing the October 1, 2018 beginning of Fiscal Year 2019, former congressman David Stockman speaks with Thom Hartmann concerning the current financial madness of Donald Trump (steel-aluminum tariffs, GOP tax cut for the wealthy, etc) on March 6, 2018:


Does Astrology Agree a Collapse Is Due?

Disturbingly, the Solar Eclipse Saros Series under which Fiscal Year 2019 falls is the 2 New North which perfects on August 11, 2018 @19Leo, a sensitized degree. This is what I've previously termed The Tower Eclipse for its themes of 'collapse of an existing structure, plans, lifestyles; after the dust settles, rebuilding begins' (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

The August 11th horoscope, set for Washington DC, shows Mr. Trump's natal Pluto rising (10Leo02) and transit Pluto in Capricorn unaspected which to me represents the foreign bankers (ex: House of Rothschild) who secretly control the US financial system via the complicit Federal Reserve Banking System of America--the central bank we never wanted. Now this is my opinion and is not a topic in the above interview. If you view the eclipse chart you'll find shocking Uranus, planet of disruption and separation, at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any horoscope.

When Dark Shadows Fall

In addition, Trump's natal Pluto in 12th house of Back Room Deals, Politics, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, and Karma, is unaspected in his chart, a condition Bil Tierney calls "one-pointed" and "overshadowed by shadows". Doing business with domestic and global criminal underworld figures can do such overshadowing. However, Trump's primal Pluto is apex planet of a difficult midpoint picture--here's an interpretation of this picture's potentials written by Michael Munkasey for it is part of Trump's psyche:

'Mars-Saturn = Pluto: extreme measures taken to apply brute force or might directly to those who are no longer able to defend themselves adequately; respected activities are corrupted; intensely applying might or energy toward goals' (to collapse the US economy as directed by the very plutonian Mr. Putin and other foreign leaders determined to establish a 'new' global economic order once the old order is collapsed--and now receiving more support than ever from the GOP and complicit corporate Dems--jc).

And in light of this week's Trump tantrums and meltdowns, here's a related post Mars Transits to Trump Natal Chart.