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Oct 27, 2023

Democratic and Republican Primaries 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Check out the Democratic and Republican Primary Schedule 2024, dates subject to change, of course. So far, the first Democratic Primary of 2024 is scheduled for February 3, 2024 which apparently may include a challenger to President Biden by the name of Dean Phillips. Or perhaps not.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Republican Primary in South Carolina is set for February 24, 2024. Here are both primaries' noon horoscopes as the dates stand now. One factor that doesn't change is that both primaries occur under the auspices of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 @21Lib07 so its themes, listed below, will influence both primaries for Democrats and Republicans:

The following excerpt detailing 7 South themes appeared in a previous SO'W post:

7 South Themes: "Immense power, anger, and force" of the initial 7 South's "Mars square Pluto is channeled into this family of eclipses" (via the Mars-Pluto square of June 22, 1248). {}"Huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear, or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through very rapidly; either way, things will seem to move at great speed" (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Notably, the recent Republican Speaker of the House theatrics (which may not be over if evangelical 'maga' politician Mike Johnson can't manage to hang on to the gavel of power; for instance, his paternalistic 'women are breeders' stance will not go over well with any American woman I know, plus, he's one of Tr*mp's lying election deniers), and his election as Speaker occurred under the influence of 7 South themes so it may be that 'a huge obstacle suddenly cleared' but crises remain on the Republican agenda.

May 28, 2017

Safe Glasses for watching August 2017's 1 North Solar Eclipse @29Leo

Safe Eclipse Glasses and the August 2017 Eclipse of Donald Trump

by Jude Cowell

Retailer Amazon offers NASA-recommended safety glasses for watching August 21, 2017's The Great American Eclipse, a Total eclipse which cuts a swat across the US beginning in Oregon and leaving landfall in South Carolina.

Also offered is a handy guide (e-book) How to View the Total Solar Eclipse, plus, a view of two horoscopes of the eclipse set for Oregon and South Carolina.

Astro-Notes: Rounding up its degree, this Total eclipse of August perfects upon a critical 29th degree of Leo in the 1 North Saros Series and will conjoin the natal Ascendant of Mr. Donald Trump. A planet or point at a 29th degree of any sign is impatient, unstable, and denotes risky business, or possibly a crisis that must be resolved. Plus, it indicates a 'change of state' (A. Louis) as it struggles toward the next sign (here, Virgo, and royal Regulus, the king or kingmaker: success if revenge is avoided). Fixed stars 'work' through critical or sensitive degrees and eclipses (solar or lunar) and History is affected--but the working is via individuals' charts--such as Donald Trump, in this case. Will his desire to be taken more seriously be satisfied by Mercury-ruled Virgo, a sign more serious, humble, and studious than entertaining Leo, sign of ego and pride? Mr. Trump will be 71 years old in June so I for one remain fairly dubious of much improvement.

Astrological signs point to significant events in August 2017 which must be expected in relation to Mr. Trump and, by extension, affecting the United States of America (assuming the White House doesn't crash down around his ears in June or July). Eclipses are often called 'wild cards of the Universe' due to their Uranian unpredictability so weather and other natural events may be triggered along with other disruptions in society. And as you know, 1 North last manifested on August 11, 1999 @19Leo and is the infamous 'Nostradamus Eclipse', aka, the King of Alarm (or, Terror) Eclipse that imprinted its turmoil upon the New Millennium including the attacks of 9/11.

The Solar Eclipse's Sabian Symbol: '29Leo' = A Mermaid

Keyword: IMPORTUNITY...positive expression: a completeness of quickening to early instincts of the being and a real willingness to trust them; negative (shadow side--jc) expression: a lack of discrimination and an awkward sensitivity (Jones).

(Speaking of awkwardness, cringe along with Trump's Most Awkward Moments on His First Foreign Tour.)

This Is the The Mother of All Eclipses

1 North solar eclipses have occurred in the years 1909 (26Gemini), 1927 (7Cancer), 1945 (17Cancer), 1963 (27Cancer), 1981 (8Leo), and 1999, as noted. Its initial eclipse occurred on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48--opposite US natal Sun @13Can19 (this time links the 1 North to the American presidency and government) so there is a Capricorn lens through which to view the Leo eclipse--not a good fit of energies (Saturn-Sun; 'conceit increases with age'!) which may trigger our US natal Sun-Saturn square, the base of a Fist of God (or Thor's Hammer) pattern that points to US natal Moon (We The People) in our nation's late-afternoon natal charts on July 4, 1776. (See Sun-Saturn info, below)

History and Themes of the 1 North Series

Aside from recent events of the New Millennium, for previous historical events influenced by 1 North eclipses we look first to the years 1945 and 1963. 1N is the Prenatal Eclipse (PE) Series of President Truman's dropping of the first Atomic Bomb, and is PE of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the swearing-in of LBJ (27Cancer opposes US natal Pluto Rx, planet of plutonium and destruction). 1 North themes include: great pressure on relationships looms large due to unexpected events involving groups or friends (or sons-in-law? jc); it's unwise to make hasty decisions since information is distorted and possibly false (ex: "fake news"? jc); tiredness or health problems are also potentials (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady).

Tiredness and health problems? Is that like in Sicily yesterday when Mr. Trump opted to ride in a golf cart while the other G7 leaders walked a mere 700 hundred yards? One of my guesses is that his 70-year-old knees aren't what they used to be! Or perhaps Mr. Trump chose to putter along in a golf cart because of his Victorian-era view that Exercise Will Kill You?!

Astrology and Astronomy

Now naturally a majority of astronomers discount the astrological implications of The Great American Eclipse lest Science suffer by association. And if all the warnings of astrologers turn out to be fallacious or misdirected, we shall all be very much relieved. But considering how the amateurish Trump administration has been behaving so far and the constant undermining of his reputation by Deep State actors and others, no one needs astrological portents to forecast a very long hot summer for Donald J. Trump and his White house denizens, and what may be a lasting imprint of crisis and change that are due in August 2017, compliments of The Cosmos.

Note that there is also a Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017 @15AQ (horoscope set for Washington DC) with the sign's Aquarian Saturn-Uranus vibes. Lunar eclipses give insight into how people instinctively react to the karmic situations and conditions brought by the accompanying solar eclipse and since a lunar eclipse obviously involves the Moon, past behaviors and reactions, plus, inherited traits and other unconscious factors are at play. Notable is that the August 7th Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of US natal Moon (We The People) and Leo-Aquarius is the 5/11 Self-Will polarity of Risky Speculation/Creative Pursuits and Groups/Associations; with 11th house involvement some type of 'social escape' may occur (Rudhyar) for Mr. Trump--perhaps more golfing?

Sun-Saturn in Politics and Business (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey):

Thesis: the will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; the checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; form and definition in an enterprise.

Antithesis: pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy; older and more distanced leaders; unreasonable centralization of authority in one location; a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement.

Add We The People's Moon to the Sun-Saturn 'Hammer' pattern and we have potentials for: fear, feelings of inferiority, personal needs under wraps (that's in large part the fault of a purposefully dysfunctional Congress whose members are hired to 'do the people's business' jc), hurt feelings, and a sense of loneliness (Ebertin; Tyl).

Apr 3, 2017

Oregon and South Carolina Horoscopes of The Great American Eclipse

A Cosmic Blink Directed Toward America!

Here are two horoscopes for the 'first touch on US soil' at Depoe Bay, Oregon, and what I've labeled the "buh-bye" chart where the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse--aka, The Great American Eclipse--last touches US soil at Cape Island, South Carolina.

Perhaps you can enlarge the image and read a few notes?

There wasn't a lot of space to add Mr. Trump's natal Mars Rising in late Leo (with Regulus) so you won't see that listed around either chart but you will see that transit Saturn is again hitting Trump's natal Moon and South Node (divorce? his approval rating trends even lower?) which denotes a difficult time unless mitigated by the good planning and hard work that have taken place. Uranus in Aries marks the spot where friends, colleagues, and/or groups may provide karmic resources (from 7th house in Oregon, from 5th house in S.C.) so that evolutionary progress can be made.

Hello, Depoe Bay, Oregon!

And as you see, the chart-ruler in Oregon is Venus (24Can41 near Trump's natal Venus and Saturn and conjunct US natal Mercury Rx = good news?) which makes only one applying aspect: a square to Uranus (is someone blocking those karmic resources?) so that awkward social events take place; however, conditions and situations can turn pleasant before they end. US natal Sun (13Can19) sits atop the Oregon chart at Midheaven (MC) along with two fixed stars, Sirius (The Scorcher) and Canopus (The Plumb Line) joining in by degree.

Fare Thee Well, Cape Island, South Carolina!

In South Carolina, chart-ruler Jupiter holds sway @20Lib11 in 10th house (and still in progress of completing Mr. Trump's three-fer Jupiter Return to 17Lib27). As you see, Jupiter applies only once to an opportunistic sextile to Saturn, an aspect suggesting that hard work and careful planning will pay off and that limitations must be accepted in order to avoid over-extending ourselves. Of course, this is also a transiting sextile to Mr. Trump's natal Moon-SN conjunction and though his Saturnian SN involvement complicates matters, it hints that on some level, Donald Trump's dreams may come true--even with a Total Solar Eclipse hitting his natal Ascendant (physical body) and rising Mars in royal Leo! Plus, its last touch in S.C. puts US natal Neptune @22Vir25 at Midheaven (MC), the Goal Point of the chart. Neptune in Virgo identifies the many scientists and artists involved with this rare eclipse.

Now as you know, a Solar Eclipse in Leo spotlights the need to avoid Leo's more negative qualities such as pride, vainglory, bossiness, and pomposity. what do you think are the chances of that? Especially when "fixed stars work through eclipses" (D. Ovason) so that the caution of Regulus may be the primary take-away here: success if revenge is avoided (if not, then all that has been gained will be lost). And that's another 'what are the chances?' when it comes to Donald Trump, America's avenger-in-chief.

Still, I'm typing this on April 3, 2017 when Trump 'scandals' litter the news cycle like Russian fleas on Chinese pups. But will his crises in office be sufficiently damaging to his administration by August so that the Solar Eclipse reveals a 'stepping down' or impeachment situation for an eclipsed Mr. Trump? Or will he, his policies, colleagues, and enablers eclipse America as they seem inclined to do?

Final Notes: neither of the charts above show the Solar Eclipse perfected (28Leo52); according to my Solar Fire Gold v9+ software, perfection occurs on August 21, 2017 at 2:30:07 pm edt.

Like yours truly, Stars Over Washington is a work in progress so here's my original post concerning The Great American Eclipse showing a horoscope set for McClellanville, S. C.

Jul 10, 2015

Watch South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from state capitol

History Made: Columbia, SC July 10, 2015 10:00 am edt Honor Guard Lowers and Removes the Confederate Flag:

This is the same Honor Guard that bore the coffin of State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Now, not only the flag is gone, but at about 2:00 pm edt today, the flagpole was also removed.

#SC #ConfederateFlag #TakeItDown #CivilWar #150years

July 10, 2015 SC State House removes Confederate flag!

July 10, 2015 South Carolina removes the Confederate flag from the State Capitol grounds

Yes, this particular Southerner is among the elated Americans that Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill yesterday to lower and remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State Capitol Building in Columbia at 10:00 am today.

Now if only bigotry itself could be lowered from its hateful flag pole and lose its idolizing worshipers!

And no, I don't think my Confederate ancestors are rolling in their sacrificial graves today since what we know as the 'Confederate battle flag' was never actually used as such during the Civil War and is a politics-based ideological fantasy spun by white supremacists (Klansmen) during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

Am I also proud of my Southern heritage? Of course. Some of my ancestors migrated to Georgia from Virginia. One, my 4th-great grandfather on my paternal side, was born in Christiansburg, VA on December 25, 1776 (an easy date to remember!) But being proud of your Southern heritage is no justification for the savagery of racism which makes a very scanty shield to hide your cruelty behind while burning crosses and committing murder.

Taking a peek at today's horoscope set for 10:00 am edt Columbia, South Carolina, we find the Venus-Jupiter pair in late Leo (optimism) rising over an early Virgo Ascendant with a MC (Goal) at a 29th critical degree that if rounded up, gives a Sabian Symbol of "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn." At IC, the Foundation of the Matter is the opposite degree of 29Sco20, the position of US Inaugural Moon 2009, the "A Halloween Jester" degree (30Sco). There is authoritative Saturn Rx @28Sco41--conjoining President Obama's natal MC and dampening--or rewarding--the spirits of the American people (Inaugural Moon).

Applying aspects of the chart-ruler Mercury (@3Can17 in 11th house and conjoining US natal Venus) show how things may proceed from this event and there are two major aspects: a trine to Neptune in Pisces (7th house) denoting the successful use of mass media and the faith-based motives of the victims' families who received the 9 pens Governor Haley used yesterday to make this event possible, and a conjunction with aggressive Mars (7A25) which hints at the partisan speeches and political opinions that will be forcefully expressed in coming days, weeks, even months, over this issue--including the upcoming KKK rally.

Perhaps today's progress in SC (the first state to secede) on jettisoning crusty old grievances will uplift We the People on a karmic level! Yet this must depend on how genuine are the feelings and motives of the actors (politicians and enablers) involved. Is today's flag lowering merely a theatrical farce? Can the scheduled KKK rally on July 18th mar the good intentions of family-oriented South Carolinians? Are publicity and grinning photo ops the point of today's ceremony intended to resolve a difficult political situation and improve business opportunities in the state? The first US planet to rise in the 10 am chart is, after all, America's deceptive, media and the masses planet Neptune in Virgo though we may hope that compassion and faith are suitably attached!

And maybe we'll find that two of the Images for Integration apply to SC's flag removal as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book:

Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus: "A family photo album...A flourishing family business."

Motives always matter, of course, but either way, it will be a relief to yours truly that the spiteful rag come down.

Jan 26, 2008

Dems' Stars over South Carolina 1.26.08

UPDATE 1.28.98: Hmmm...well, Hillary was egg-faced and po'd as predicted (not in those exact words, but with a smidge of scrolling you can read the original post to see what I mean) and John Edwards won the majority of the 'white vote' as I heard.

Barack Obama's mixed portents as noted below in this post may have been at least partially due to having no exact birth time for him. Wish he'd let his birth data be known--or at least hire an astrologer if he's going to talk about Reagan who knew that more danger than usual was afoot the day he (barely) escaped the assassin's bullets.

But I know there is one possible afternoon time for Obama's birth floating around online, although I used sunrise, aka as a Solar chart--good for ego-related issues and being US prez is certainly that. Still his uplifting speeches have been telling the tale, haven't they? And conjuring the spirit of JFK's inspirational ability as noticed by daughter Caroline, too!

Original post begins here:

Having spent all today studying various charts such as the natal charts of the Dem juggernaut--Edwards, Obama, Clinton--and the sunrise and 8:00 pm charts for Columbia, SC, I decided to use a shorthand method to taste the flavor of each candidate's chances of success.

(And I would have had this posted two or three hours ago but for pesky tech crashes--please pardon typos for I'm in a hurry to publish if Blogger will cooperate.)

To do this, I've averaged together each candidate's natal chart (using sunrise for Obama's uncertain birth hour which is okay by me since I'm blending it with sunrise in Columbia and comparing/contrasting the resulting composite charts with an 8 pm composite/natal--C/N--as well to see if any midpoints are added) and it looks best for John Edwards, very good for Barack Obama, and not so good for Hillary Clinton.

Will this sassy shorthanded method hold out against reality? Will the NAACP monitors make a difference with balloting honesty? Will Hillary explode out of frustration?

For brevity I'll be using only Noel Tyl's midpoint directory.

These midpoint pics are the major ones for each candidate: first Hillary, then Barack, then's sunrise in Columbia, SC (7:28:39 am EST) blended with Hillary Clinton's natal chart = C/N midpoints...

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; tremendous awareness of potential for loss; fear; strong depression (this one applies at sunrise and 8 pm and has been in effect while tr Saturn is in the 5-9 Virgo range of the zodiac--and will be later after Saturn goes Direct);

8 pm + Hillary: Grand Trine between Moon, Saturn, and Uranus...

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: exploding out of frustration;

Moon/Uranus = Saturn: striving for independence in order to solve things; traditional vs avant-garde; changes in emotional expression (didn't she try that already?);

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: changes for freedom; emotional courage emerges under duress.

The positive pics seem to involve her husband...

Moon/Venus = Sun: love in a marriage; Jupiter: feeling loved; good feelings; good luck.

With Uranus (technology/computers; disruptions; upsets; rebellion) unaspected in today's transit chart (acting alone) and mid-Pisces (Neptune = 'net') it may have to be tech shenanigans to finagle Hillary into first--or even second--place in S.C. You may disagree, but that's my take on it. And the interference could be coming from Cheney's office--or from abroad, such as those who prefer the US to keep fighting. (Perhaps I should ask McCain about that.)

Okay now for Barack Obama's C/N midpoints which have some mixture of positive and negative, mostly positive though...sunrise first...

Mars/MC = Mercury: acting with vigor according to plan; important news or strategically helpful information;

Mercury/Pluto = Mars: quick grasp of a situation's meaning right or wrong and taking confident action; attacking an issue without reservation;

Venus/Neptune = MC: creativity; losing oneself in illusion;

Venus/Mars = Uranus: passion; dangerous liasons;

Venus/ASC = Jupiter: enthusiam galore;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success and happiness;

and the clunker...

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; sadness.

Combining Obama's sunrise chart with 8:00 pm gives two additioanl midpoint pics...

Sun/Uranus = ASC: appearing at one's best; sudden events'; high excitability.

Uranus/MC = NN: climbing over others to fulfil one's need for ego recognition. (Actually it's called, politics. )

Now for John Edwards who has quite a plethora of them starting with a strong T-square involving Mercury/Pluto, the persuasive speech duo...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: emotional communication power;

Moon/MC = Pluto: rejuvenation; tremendous thrust forward; the biggest picture;

Pluto/ASC = MC: power and authority; success; ego ascendancy;

Jupiter/Saturn = Mars: ambition emerges out of discontent; feeling unrewarded and making a change; not wanting to toe the line;

Mars/Neptune = Jupiter: enjoying the cloud's silver lining; a break in the nick of time.

And at 8:00 pm EST...add:

Mercury/Jupiter = Sun: auccess with the intellect; solutions are illuminated;

Sun/Uranus = Mercury: quick minded; seeing things too analytically for comfort; the spark of understanding;

Moon/Uranus = Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control;

Mercury/NN = Jupiter: communications; teaching; philosophizing; partnerships;

Sun/Venus = Jupiter: success; happiness;

and last but not least...

Pluto/NN = Neptune: win at any cost; deception as a tool; power of the half-truth.

That last picture shows up in other politician's charts these days as well and is, after all, a good description of the mindset of most any politician you'd care to name--or vote for--and one has it natally. But I'll leave that for another day.