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May 29, 2018

Epic Systems vs Lewis Decision - Kevin Estes

May 29, 2018: The following post was originally published May 21, 2018 on Left Wing Astrology and is published here by the author's express permission in order to more broadly air the views of a millennial astrologer:

Epic Systems vs. Lewis Decision, Closer to Slavery? It's Already Here

by Kevin Estes

In the big news of the day, the Supreme Court voted 5-4, with Neil Gorsuch casting the deciding vote, in favor of Epic Systems, thus allowing employers to block employees from grouping together in order to fight legal disputes in employment arbitration agreements. This basically makes it easier for employers to underpay their employees, known as wage theft. The reaction to this verdict is basically that it's another step closer to slavery, but to be honest, slavery is already here. Wage slavery.

In the current economic system, in order to maintain a decent standard of living, you basically have to work a 9-5 schedule every day, outside of holidays and weekends, for around 40-45 years until you're eligible for Social Security, which is basically their way of saying that "you're too old to produce reliably for us, so here you go and hope you die soon". If you don't go through that type of lifestyle, it is very difficult to survive, that is, unless you're a celebrity, and you'll notice that there are numerous pictures of celebrities making Illuminati hand signs, just like our elected officials. So that's basically a way of telling people that they need to sell their soul to the Illuminati if they want to have a comfortable life without all the hassle and grind. Where is the freedom in that? This verdict has basically made an already repressive system even more repressive, which will only hasten the end of the system.

Pluto in Capricorn

Ever since 2008, Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of government and big business. Pluto is known as the transformer in astrology, and surely enough, it is transforming these areas. This transit, along with Neptune in Pisces, is playing a major role in the people wanting a government that works in their best interest. Universal Health Care and Universal Basic Income are gaining major traction, along with free tuition. Self-driving cars are also likely to be in the future, eliminating the need to pay oil companies in order to travel. The Stoneman Douglas High School activists' push for gun control is exposing the GOP's favoritism of money from the NRA over children's lives. Pluto is doing its job, but as expected, the people in power are becoming more repressive in order to maintain their power. Nobody is able to defeat astrology in the end, though, especially when the transit has yet to reach its peak, with the US undergoing its Pluto return in 2022. This is basically telling the country to transform, or else Pluto will do it for them. Also, with the Pluto in Sagittarius generation starting to come of age, by then, the Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio, and Pluto in Sagittarius generations will be the majority of the voters at that time, and all three of these signs are in the second half of the zodiac, which had more to do with the collective, rather than the individual like the first half of the zodiac.

This exposes Trump as part of The Establishment

Trump's campaign was all about him being anti Establishment and "draining the swamp", despite him being exactly what we're fighting against, and his actions since becoming President have been anything but anti Establishment, as he has numerous Establishment Republicans in his cabinet, such as Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley, Rudy Giuliani, Ben Carson, and Rick Perry to name a few, and he has been more pro corporation than any other President since Reagan. Trump picked Neil Gorsuch, who was approved by the GOP Congress. This exposes Trump as being part of the problem, and a big part of the problem at that, rather than a solution.

In turn, this verdict didn't push us closer to slavery, but it made the wage slavery we already have more oppressive than it already is. All I can say is that this is just another reason I'm grateful to NOT be a taxpayer, as it must be very self defeating to send your tax dollars to these people every year so they can screw you even more. Hopefully there are tax revolts soon, as it would be impossible to arrest everyone if a significant majority of people refuse to file out of protest. We the people need to send a message that corporate welfare will not fly anymore.


Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your views! Readers may note that Illuminati hand signals (aka, symbols) Kevin mentions are quite revealing such as the 'OK" sign that Donald Trump flashed repeatedly during his 2017 Inaugural speech and continues to use often when pontificating. This may not be curious since Trump's Leo Ascendant with royal Regulus rising, star of 'the king' or 'the kingmaker', echoes the 'OK" signal which is said to be the sign of 'the divine king' for that is obviously what he considers himself to be as he works to undermine America (just like Putin would do!). Of course, 'Regulus rising' is the case if Trump's hour of birth is accurate! Jude

Jan 6, 2017

"..and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

An Open Letter to the Readers of Stars Over Washington,
Are you part of the 'Posterity' for whom the Founding Fathers ordained the Blessings of Liberty as written in the US Constitution? Are you a participant in the Great American Experiment established 241 years ago and based on lofty ideals? How easy to forget what men and women sacrificed and died for in those long ago days and to take for granted the Liberty, Freedom, and Independence their actions bequeathed us through the decades since. Ours is not a perfect union, that we know, but it is close enough to be worth fighting for again in 2017 and beyond. Yes, it is a herculean task we now face as we realize more fully in recent months that All Is At Stake.
The forces now lined up against We the People wear a different mask than in Revolutionary days yet conquest and control remain the oppressors' objectives and to this we must respond. Now it is not pitchforks in the streets that are called for as much as righteous indignation and resistance to allowing our nation to take the low road of bigotry and hatred, the narrow-minded path that leads not toward but away from the ideals established by Founding Fathers such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Mr. Paine.
Are the American people up to such a task? Are binge-worthy TV shows and tech gadgets lulling us into complacency?
Astrologically, there is a caution perhaps too well concealed from our consciousness unless we purposefully shine a light upon our nation's 'hidden square' of July 4, 1776 (256 degrees) and take its lessons seriously. The aspect is between the Enlightenment Planets, Uranus and Neptune, the planetary pair used by certain social tinkerers and puppet masters as a signature of 'the new world order' or 'global government' which has come to oppress not liberate, to deny not empower, We the People and the rest of the world. The oppressors' watershed moment in modern times consisted of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993, the true effects of which have reached a culmination as transit Pluto arrives at the pertinent conjunction degree of 18 Capricorn and forms a fretful picture for those who prefer the benefits uplifted in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
1993 Uranus-Neptune = 2017/18 Pluto @18Cap (opposite Pluto's discovery degree and thus more powerful): the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl) is the caution that transforming Pluto now embodies with conquest and control the power elite's long-term goal via the restructuring of world power. Those Americans who cannot or who refuse to 'feel it' are apparently inattentive to current societal events or perhaps they feel that resistance is useless, why bother. How glad modern Americans must be that such sentiments didn't hold sway during the American Revolution!
So what potentials and cautions are revealed by the hidden square in America's natal horoscope (and psyche) of July 4, 1776?
Refusal to honor societal obligations, feeling apathetic when it comes to demonstrating our opposition to political subversion, ignoring the corrosion of our traditional values and principles embedded in America's Freedom Documents--these are only some of the effects of a negative aspect between radical Uranus and inspirational Neptune, planet of the masses. Also associated with negative Uranus-Neptune vibes are: muddled thinking, lack of clarity concerning social movements and issues, mild acceptance of the bondage that power-mad leaders represent, fear of 'rocking the boat' or 'becoming involved' lest personal security is adversely affected, laxity toward corrupt political and other leaders in society, apathy about holding crooks and fraudsters accountable for their crimes, a lazy expectation that others 'will deal with it'--the list goes on and the unfortunate results are incompatible with the principles proclaimed in the US Constitution and undermine any moral standards we care to name.
Now is the time when We the People cannot afford to relax our watch though many of us turn away. It is for those who fight and re-fight for freedom, liberty, and independence who must recognize the danger when it presents itself and then call it out for what it really is. For no one ever promised that the Revolutionary era's many benefits would continue forever without major 'tune-ups' and without our dedication and constant attention to what is so easily lost and hard-won when regained.
A Fellow American
Constitution We the People

By Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg: Constitutional Convention derivative work: Bluszczokrzew (Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jul 15, 2016

How to Rein In the Robber Barons Again - clip (w/ Taurus)

Ah yes, the Robber Barons, their greedy spawn, and favorite plutocratic game: oppression and exploitation of the people. Thom Hartmann reports:

Actually, the robber baron class has its own natal chart, the Generation of Materialism horoscope of 1881 with Sun and Moon guessed it...Taurus. Like the bull of Wall Street and the golden calf they worship.

Jul 8, 2016

Today's Violence Started With Nixon's War on Drugs! - video (w/ Astrology)

July 8, 2016: since yours truly is in complete agreement on the issue, I'm posting Thom Hartmann's explanation of what began the current violence and police militarization and led to a police state condition in the US:


Planetary Cycles and Eclipses of 1968

Obviously the year 1968 is imprinted by ripples from the mid-1960s Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto with tyrannical, explosive, and violent unrest flavors of a titanic generational clash, and the last few years the world has been under the influence of the Cardinal Uranus-Pluto square from that cycle in which issues and ills of the 1960s have been grievously stirred up (so they can be dealt with--but...politics).

Even Jupiter and Uranus entered the collective scene of 1968 via their one conjunction on December 12, 1968 @3Libra which conjoined America's natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint of oppressed classes and social ills and added narrow-mindedness, egoism, excitability, and upset to the secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) picture.

Plus, one of the planetary pairs of Plutocracy met on October 13, 1968 @23Virgo--corporate Jupiter and Pluto. This conjunction occurred on US natal Neptune (mass media; propaganda) which helped to veil the true intentions of Jupiter-Pluto plutocrats, adding potentials for deception, seduction, cheating the people, omitting key facts, lies by omission, and suffering harm or loss through others without being aware of it. (Ebertin; Tyl). Are we aware of it now?

Naturally the pair of plutocracy, oppression, primal violence, racism, tyranny, exploitation, misogyny, Capitalism, and other -isms was active in 1968: Pluto-Chiron, a natal midpoint that conjoins our natal Ceres (events and conditions that affect large masses of people; safety and security issues) in America's natal horoscope of 1776.

For deep background influences during 1968, two Solar Eclipses also apply:

March 28, 1968 @8Aries an eclipse occurred in the 6 North Saros Series with themes of relationship to authority (father) figures; accepting commitments that present; the need to take responsibility and control.

Then on September 22, 1968, an even more descriptive eclipse occurred at a critical-crisis 29th degree of 29Virgo in the 6 South Saros Series with themes of being forceful and taking power; manic energy with great force or strength manifesting in relationships; sudden events; huge effort in a group activity (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, as Thom relates, above, Nixon gained control of the Oval Office by inventing a law-and-order issue to run on, and tragically for our citizens his 'huge effort in a group activity' continues to reverberate to this day.

Both 6N and 6S manifested most recently in 2004 and will do again in the prominent year of 2022 when America will experience her first-ever Pluto Return/s to natal degree of 27Cap33. And 2022 predictions are off the table at Stars Over Washington though a few may eventually peek out from under the table!