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Aug 26, 2020

Davos World Economic Forum moves to Summer 2021

August 26, 2020: Citing Covid-19 concerns and the amount of global travel involved, it is reported that the date for World Economic Forum 2021 at Davos has been moved from January 2021 to Summer 2021. This effectively removes the Forum's Reset Agenda from underneath the influence of the difficult December 14, 2020 4 South Solar Eclipse to the more amenable 5 North Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021 - as long as the Forum's yet-to-be-announced opening occurs within two weeks prior to June 10th (and of course, thereafter).

Therefore, if the Forum opens during the final week of May 2021, 5 North influences will be in play with themes of 'visions, prophetic dreams, and insights which can be acted upon' (Brady), solar-lunar energies which can be used positively or negatively. With this solar eclipse, Mercurial Geminian favors (trade, commerce, arriving at a crossroads) will be evident. And naturally, such a rescheduling of approximately 6 months makes my previous post concerning the 2021 World Economic Forum at least partially moot. However, the post does link to an article about the group's 2021 economic 'Reset Agenda' and displays the DC Horoscope of the final of three Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions which perfects on November 12, 2020. Now as you know, the Jupiter-Pluto pair relates closely to financial matters, corporations and Big Bankers such as the Houses of Rothchild and Morgan, plus, the Federal Reserve Banking System, speculation, huge projects, and Plutocracy.

Whether the tyranny of plutocracy will be one of the Forum's topics of discussion or be part of their 'reset agenda' goals to be furthered in the world must remain to be seen. For now it appears that fear of Covid-19 has them and their big-picture plans on the run.

Above image: the Rothschild coat of arms

Jun 5, 2013

Moon-Tracking Bilderberg Conference 2013 (June 6 - 9)

June 6-9, 2013: Hertfordshire's No-Fly Zone and No Public Access

by Jude Cowell

From June 8, 2013 through June 9, 2013, the Bilderberg Conference will be held in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Tracking the Moon beginning at 12:00 am BST (June 6) until 5:16 pm BST Watford when Luna reaches 00Cancer00 on June 9, we find three Sun-Moon combinations to briefly consider concerning this 'confab' that some say has an economic agenda to usurp the US Congress by setting policy without congressional input or interference.

This wouldn't surprise me especially when we note the constant undermining of the US Congress and the American public's trust in its competence, a plan of action which has been obvious for the last several years, if not decades. And I must add that the first year of the Obama administration--in fact, all of its years--is imprinted with the planetary signature of Jupiter-Neptune, the duo of speculators, wastrels, grand schemers, money-printing inflation, and bubbles'n'busts.

How perfect for Fed-head Ben Bernanke who keeps printing funny money to prop up the Obama economy after the Great Bush Heist of 2008! And with this weekend's opposition between Mercury and Pluto, we expect the Bilderberg Conference attendees to be dealing with secret projects, confidential info, and dangerous ideas that, if leaked, would probably cause financial panic or worse.

Notably, the Moon @9Gem38 (12:00 am BST) conjoins gold-hoarding Midas and trickster Pan (panic!) on Saturday June 8, day of the Full Moon @18Gem00 which was mentioned in yesterday's post on my WordPress blog. (The Moon enters Gemini at 4:32 am BST on June 7, 2013.) Are they preparing for their next engineered financial panic? Or will it be caused by their foreign enemies? Well, allegedly, Russia and China are not attendees but perhaps that's not suspicious at all.

So as you know, in Mundane Astrology the astrological Moon signifies The People, The Populace, the public mood, trends, publicity, reigning needs. The Sun describes leadership and goals of an egotistical kind. The two luminaries together provide more information than one of them alone so let's peek behind the curtain at the Sun-Moon blends from June 6 through June 9, 2013 (using 5:16 pm BST, as noted, when the Moon floats into Cancer, sign of shrewdness in business, domestic issues and products, self-protection, private enterprises, food and nurturance concerns including Real Estate. Naturally, the Sun remains in Gemini until Summer Solstice.)

Thursday June 6, 2013: Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus (the bull of Mithras and Wall Street) is an Air-Earth combo of rationality, efficiency, and productivity with abstract thought meeting the world's nitty-gritty issues in a scientific approach. Knowledge is practically applied for ideas can be turned into reality.

Negatives of this blend include a tendency to talk over and over the same ground, over-absorption with self, and a lack of sympathy for the feelings of others.

Now here's a flash of enlightenment from a past financial wizzard who shares the Sun Gem-Moon Tau combo natally--Cornelius Vanderbilt who famously asserted that, "What do I care about the law? Hain't I got the power?"

Friday June 7 retains the above blend until 4:32 am BST when the Moon leaves Venus-ruled Taurus and enters Mercury-ruled Gemini. As you know, Sun Gem-Moon Gem, is the blend of Saturday's Full Moon which I discussed here if you're curious. But I shall add the quote I posted there from a famous economist of yesteryear who shares this blend natally--John Maynard Keynes: "Ideas shape the course of history," which evidently is what Bilderberg conferences are all about.

As noted, Saturday June 8 is the day of the Sun Gem-Moon Gem Full Moon; click the above link for more info on this Mercurial blend with its trade and commerce implications.

Now Sunday June 9 remains a double Gemini day until the Moon enters Cancer at 5:16 pm BST giving an Air-Water Sun Gem-Moon Cancer tone toward the end of the secret conference. Intimate communications are on the menu, as are acute perceptions along with a vibe of clannishness. Feelings and thoughts may become confused or mixed with this blend and its Air-Water quality turns misty and ethereal as it reflects on hidden meanings.

Sun Gem-Moon Can is super-sensitive and doesn't handle criticism well. The usual lock down on discussion topics and decisions has become well known through the years and helps tamp down interference and criticism from the general public whose lives are affected by the Bilderberg actions which may issue from this conference as they revel in their 'grand awareness' of what's going on. Yet remaining attached to old emotional biases and myths is implied by Sun Gem-Moon Can and is something that may be addressed for its attendees who must get aboard the global government train no matter what havoc it threatens to wreak upon millions of people's lives.

Now I'm not certain how the following words from a Sun Gem-Moon Can native apply to this weekend's Bilderberg Conference but I'll close with them and assume that you will decide, if you may. This is from one of my favorite authors:

"If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the Inquisition might have let him alone." --Thomas Hardy.


You'll find more Sun-Moon blend information in the Harveys' excellent book Sun Sign-Moon Sign.

Apr 26, 2012

Economist forecasts Huge Crash (Thom Hartmann video)

Economist Richard Wollf's assessment of future economic woes on the Thom Hartmann's The Big Picture of April 25, 2012 ties in only too well with astrological portents for 2012 as mentioned in my last post--video is the entire program:

Well, you know what they say, Money can't buy you love! Or perhaps that should have been a snarky yet helpful memo for certain testosterone-laden US Secret Service agents who've ruined their own careers...

Oct 2, 2011

Global Astrology: October 2011 Economic Forecast now online

Just a heads-up for all appreciate an overview of current societal conditions as seen through the lens of planetary cycles and explained with a global perspective by mundane astrologer Theodore White. His October 2011 Forecast includes financial information and is accessible here.

Plus, thanks to Theodore, you'll spy my own Autumn Equinox 2011 analysis with its horoscope set for Washington DC, the place from which the American people should be able to expect effective government to issue from (especially with our tiresome tendency to boss around the governments of other nations) but which in the New Millennium has brought more trouble and grief rather than solutions, and more corruption than we once may have thought possible.

Now there are several reasons for this crashing turn of events including the desire of certain people to collapse our nation and rebuild it "better"--in their 'humble' opinions. Yet I suppose the old adage, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' might apply if the breaking--and the people's suffering which results--weren't being perpetrated on purpose by plutonian operatives of a global crime syndicate, The Octopus, as NY Mayor John F. Hylan once termed it because its tentacles reached into every institution and agency--and in 2011, the corruption and its 'reach' are even deeper.

How Soon We Forget--At Our Peril, Turns Out

John Hylan once informed the American people that:

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as 'international bankers.' This little our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...[and] seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools...courts...newspapers and every agency created for the public protection."

John Francis Hylan (April 20, 1868 - January 12, 1936), Mayor of New York City from 1918 to 1925.

And here's a link to a newspaper article with Hylan's warnings which displays an actual image of the article from February 17, 1933 and quotes Hylan as faulting the "utter selfishness of big bankers who have brought the world to the verge of collapse."

As the French often say, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same'. But they say it in French.


For more reading on economic topics through an astrological lens, you may wish to check out the Horoscope for 1929's Black Tuesday crash which was also orchestrated by big bankers and which saddled the world with the Great Depression. In October 1929, 'moneybags' planet Jupiter was retrograde but in Air sign Gemini, and not in Earthy money sign Taurus as The Great Benefic is now. Somehow the difference is not at all comforting for the global economy in 2012 and beyond. jc

Mar 28, 2009

Krugman and the too-small economic plan

Update 8:46 pm edt: seems Paul Krugman is fulfilling a useful role on behalf of the left and if economic and political improvements ensue, we can say, well played!

Plus, astrologers will notice references to 'ice breaking' and the old vs new order such as the ongoing Saturn (old) - Uranus (new) opposition has brought into everyone's lives. Saturn and Uranus began their present cycle in 1988 so it's 1988 to 2008...20 years from inception to culmination with those who prefer the status quo of Saturn (banking system) clinging to it for all it's worth...which may be nothing, as it turns out.

And which side is the president on? Paul Krugman is accusing him of being too status quo - and Mr. Obama does have Saturn Rx in its own sign of staid Capricorn.

Let's hope BHO's progress-loving Aquarian Jupiter pulls him forward in the monetary department so the weasels of Wall Street and in the musty dusty banking houses can be put out to pasture. They're way too anti-society for me!

Original post begins here:

Today I've been catching up with Paul Krugman's blog entries and wondering if he's been correct all along - Pres. Obama's economic plan in its current form is too small to be effective as more job loss woes plague us into 2010.

Actually my intuition on the subject agreed with Dr. Krugman from the start and I do wish the party-serving critics of Obama and the Democrats would hush up their pie holes and let America heal her wounds, many of which were inflicted or enabled by politicians such as themselves.

And in case you missed it, here's a video of the presentation Dr. Krugman gave to the World Affairs Council of Oregon on The Global Economy, given Jan 29, 2009, with audience questions following.

The video is 1 hour 34 minutes long with questions beginning at the last 30 minute mark.