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Jul 12, 2016

Should Bernie Sanders Have Raised More Hell About Voter Fraud? - video

Election fraud on November 8, 2016 is what to worry about next:

Here's a related video, also from The Ring of Fire: Wall Street Has Already Bought the 2016 Election. Over the weekend I finally took time to watch the film The Big Short so a report about Wall Street hubris particularly annoys this American into a snit of miffdom.

And from January 2016, here's Thom Hartmann responding to the absurd notion that The Big Short was a campaign ad for Bernie Sanders. Puh!

Mar 28, 2016

Thom Hartmann on Economic & Labor News: 3/28/16

It's official: the United States of America is down the election integrity list (#47) thanks to those who infiltrate, sabotage, and drain the government bathwater for the sake of what they pretend is a 'larger cause'. Undermining confidence is a frequent method as operatives seek to dismantle America and further degrade society both here and abroad until a 'global solution' is shouted for. Will you allow it?

After all, Lucifer is charming and disarming as a character on TV but Satan is a lousy force to deal with in real life.


Thom Hartmann reports:

Nov 19, 2014

"Papantonio: Were The Midterms Rigged From The Start?" video

Papantonio: Were The Midterms Rigged From The Start?
This segment originally aired on the November 16th, 2014 episode of Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV.

For the last 6 years, Republicans have worked tirelessly to enact restrictive voting laws to keep minorities away from the polls. They've also gerrymandered themselves into districts that they can never lose. When you take all that into consideration, it feels like this year's midterms were rigged from the start.

America's Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, and attorney David Haynes discuss this.

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In spite of what you may have heard, the ruling elite are all on the same side--their own. What they give us is merely #PoliticalTheater, endless, stupid bickering among ideological factions, propaganda, fraud and corruption, and other divide and conquer tactics one of which is racism which can always be stirred up when it suits their purposes. Consent of the governed is one important ingredient that was missing from the 2014 Midterms. So... #NoMandate jc

Sep 18, 2014

"American Democracy: Murder Spies And Voting Lies" video

With the November 4, 2014 Mid-Terms on our political agenda, here's a 26-minute video mash-up detailing the voter fraud and corruption of the Bush-Kerry election of 2004 to reflect upon:

My thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for the heads-up on this video.

And in case I have no chance to post an article concerning the horoscopes of the November 2014 elections please note that in a recent post appeared my prognostication that Democrats look to me to be favored astrologically but of course dirty politics can interfere with outcomes.

Dec 30, 2011

Election 2012, Mars/Neptune, and 'The City of the Sun'

Foggy Mars/Neptune Rises in America as 'Utopia' Lurks

by Jude Cowell

If you have your Dec-Jan 2012 issue or online access to The Mountain Astrologer, then you've probably already read editor Tem Tarriktar's overview Peak Moments of 2012 and Forecast for Each Sign which begins by emphasizing the 8-month transit of Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

Actually, our upcoming martian tale began on November 10, 2011 when Mars first entered Virgo, Mutable sign of discrimination, health, dedicated work, and 'the exploitation of every situation' (Ebertin) and is a sign and constellation intimately linked to the natal horoscope of America, circa 1776, and to goddess Ceres (Demeter) which is associated with grain, food supplies, nurturing, abundance, and protection.

US natal Ceres 8Pis41 Rx (unfortunately for the American people) conjoins to the degree our natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint (8:50), the duo of Plutocracy and oppression. Thus we see the massive efforts of the last several decades to control, adulterate, and chemically toxify the US food supply by plutocrats and corporate titans with greedy globalist dreams.

Testy Mars Stations Retrograde on US Neptune

Coming soon to a 2012 Cosmos near you is a strong Station Retrograde by Mars @ 23 Virgo (Jan 23) which conjoins a while US natal Neptune 22Vir25. This is the 'keep a low and cautious profile' transit that can inspire unwise decisions and misguided actions, things the American people have tired of groaning over since Washington so seldom listens to We The People--especially when it comes to waging war.

Quarrels, confusion, diversions, and misunderstandings abound whenever Mars squares natal Neptune--on one level a planet of spirituality yet also a planet of deceit, fraud, loss, and disappointment. So we may expect precisely the most contentious and deceptive election year that everyone has been dreading.

Efforts become murky, undermined, or eroded, and getting to the bottom of mysterious events can be next to impossible if it's possible at all. 'Who did what to whom and why' will continue to be perplexing--with the media (Neptune) implicated in most of the ruses. And of course, later in 2012, the visit of Mars to US natal Neptune in Virgo will recur which stretches 2012 into an entire smoke-and-mirrors Mars/Neptune year for the US.

Sad to say, the 'fog' (Neptune) of war (Mars) wafts upon the breeze of 2012 for any transit to US natal Neptune naturally kicks up trouble with America's problematic Mars/Neptune square of misguided, subversive, ineffectual, too-wide-a-target--or inspired--energy. So Mars at Station Rx will square our natal Mars (Virgo to Gemini), a time when physical actions are blocked (square = 90 degrees), obstacles appear intractable, and relationships with males are stressed out or broken.

Outrageously, the US government's lies into war tactic against Iran is already being promoted for as I type, excuses are being fabricated, plus, our natal Mars/Neptune square perfectly hints at Iran's threatened blockage of the Straits of Hormuz which would limit US and global oil supplies by about 1/6 with 'oil' one of Neptune's favorite liquids. The year-long Mars triggerings concur with this blockage scenario.

The Mars SQ Mars transit adds anger and rage to America's foggy Mars/Neptune scenario, and indicates a tense time when indecision adds to uncertainty and aggressive actions may be taken in spite of the evidence.

Now please note that I'm not mentioning here other 2012 planetary patterns which may support or mitigate the implications mentioned so I trust you will check out the TMA article linked above for a fuller view of what's in store for 2012; several of the pertinent horoscopes are shown.

2012 Marked (or Stained?) by US Elections

By Election Day November 6, 2012, out-of-bounds Mars will reach 21Sag49 and squares US natal Neptune (Sag to Vir) while opposing US n Mars in Gemini, a period when others are totally against our actions and purposes, and heads (Mars!) are bashed against proverbial brick walls. A sense of wasted energy and effort permeates the atmosphere under this transit as others apply an equal amount of force against us in response to American aggression. As you can tell, this is not good.

Yes, Mars in Sagittarius squaring US n Neptune denotes much confusion in the environment due to lack of organization and the poor execution of plans; logic may be missing altogether and for many, a concerted effort must be made to avoid laziness--though plenty of rationalization occurs to explain actions or lack of action in hopes of deflecting criticism while avoiding external interference.

Watch events around the New Moon of December 13, 2012 @ 21Sag45 which emphasizes the action and energy of election Mars at that degree: will election results only then be determined?

Now the pre-natal eclipse Series of Election Day 2012 is very telling but will have to be addressed more fully in a separate post concerning the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @ 00Gem21 in the 14 South Saros Series which has a Mercury/Pluto (propaganda, surveillance, obsessive ideas) flavor to it. (More on the May 2012 eclipse as time permits.)

Perhaps enlightening info may be obtained regarding '2012 in America' transits by noting the symbol for US n Neptune's degree found in Adrian Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac with its historical and political references which are often applicable to modern day topics.

Keeping in mind the astrological meanings of planet Neptune (god of the seas and purveyor of idealistic dreams), I shall type for you Carelli's Symbol and interpretation for '23 Virgo' and include his historical info for this degree as well since I believe it applies directly to America as the 'New World' of historical Utopians:

'23Vir' = "A man on a sailing ship in the middle of the ocean"...

"There is an irrepressible need of evasion in time and space. A nature ablaze with enthusiasm and fantasy, which will chafe if fenced in its birthplace and the mentality prevailing there.

By itself this influence will not supply the energy needed to prevail on such mentality and reform it; hence the need of escape. Disregarding the other astrological factors, it can be said safely that the native's success depends on real journey and migration. Any evasion into daydreaming will result in failure, since thirst for new experiences is the only real thing life can offer but may lead the native dangerously astray. Passion for the sea is a natural consequence.

While a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition in 1602, Thomas Campanella (1568--1639) wrote a book entitled The City of (the) Sun, wherein he advocates ideal social and political conditions on a utopian background. It is interesting to note that Campanella based his description of the legendary city on an imaginary skipper's tale."

Campanella's Sun City (a place where the ego--Sun--rules, apparently) resonates with the idealistic shining city on a hill" slogan of Ronald Reagan and others before and after him, as The Gipper 'saw' Washington DC.

Perhaps Campanella's "imaginary skipper' describes our collective delusion that one man--"the president"--controls the helm of America's often misdirected, tiresomely ill-guided ship of state.

That Long-Standing Utopian Dream

'The City of the Sun' was written in prison by Thomas Campanella and is in large measure a part of the Utopian idealism (global government; return to chaos--'The Garden' where man's reasoning ability assures his good behavior in all things--yuh, right!) with which America is now infested as US natal IC (Homeland; Domestic Scene) has been crossed and recrossed since 2010 by Uranus in Aries ('Utopians', reformers, dreamy idealists, says Ebertin.)

Transit Uranus in 4th house marks a time of uncontrollable events, unstable conditions, and unpredictable outcomes, all of which makes Election Day 2012 results even more difficult to forecast!

Plus, on November 6, 2012, both Mars and Mercury (voting; elections; speeches, etc) are out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and thus up to their own tricks (though Mercury comes back into bounds by around 9:00 pm) which to me seems to describe on one level the voting machine irregularities, miscounts, and the voting interferences that we've come to expect from the one-world-government types with which America is currently infested.


Stars Over Washington: Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them. And infest and infiltrate they have.

Further reading or video watching may be obtained from the websites of progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann and at Democracy Now!, and be sure to sign the petition to rid our backs of the Citizens' United monkey at Move To Amend.

Feb 5, 2008

Eviction: Bush's "ownership society"

Disowned By The Ownership Society

By Naomi Klein

Washington think-tanker Grover Norquist predicted that the ownership society would be Bush's greatest legacy, remembered "long after people can no longer pronounce or spell Fallujah." Yet in Bush's final State of the Union address, the once-ubiquitous phrase was conspicuously absent. And little wonder: rather than its proud father, Bush has turned out to be the ownership society's undertaker.

Information Clearing House #

He's the one who should have been evicted years ago.

Jan 8, 2008

Paper ballots before Congress next week

If you'd prefer paper ballots in an effort to hopefully cut down on rigged elections--and we know Nov 4, 2008 will be fraudulent otherwise--here's the petition to sign which will be sent to Congress--the clock is ticking, m'peops!

MoveOn's paper ballot won't hear about it from any candidate, so don't bother with them--sign for America's sake.