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Sep 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protests: Corralling the Bull (video)

It's been a busy couple of weeks here and since I'm feeling remiss for not blogging about the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on since Saturday September 17 in Zuccotti Park, NYC, here are two video reports on the situation.

It makes me proud to say that several hundred+ Americans are acting on their principles and though it's become quite novel these days for justice to triumph in America, it's way past time that the Bailouts of Big Banks become Jailouts.

Arrests and police brutality accompanied their peaceful demonstrations...and NY police 'corralled the Wall Street Bull'--to protect the statue from peaceful protestors, Americans to whom the sculptor Di Modica dedicated the beastly statue when it was installed in the middle of Broad Street on December 15, 1989!

How tragic that no one in authority has corralled the financial crooks of Wall Street to protect us from their bull.

And how interesting that the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Bull's installation on December 15, 1989 is the 9 New South which repeated @ 19Virgo (not too far from US natal Neptune 22Vir25--Virgo, sign of Work and Employment) on *September 11, 2007 and is one background factor that timed the subprime mess leading to Financial Crash 2008.

9 New South = 'long term worries, paperwork, or communications issues are brought to the surface; a worrying piece of news arrives which may feel fated or karmic; responsibilities with paperwork come home to roost'. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Oh, and another thing: 9 New South is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Fedhead Ben Bernanke and since eclipses are 'wild cards' of the Universe--able to change conditions in a flash--he might have been waiting patiently for that solar card to be laid on Wall Street's table.


*Horoscope shown; post is sans edits. jc

Nov 3, 2008

John Cusack on paying off the debt

No Currency Left to Buy the Big Lies

By John Cusack

No more money left to pay off the debt, the wreckage in the wake. The orgy of excess has drained every bottle, smashed the furniture and left the cupboards bare. All that's left is derivative debts -- bets between liars and lies. Trillions of dollars. It turned capitalism into a Ponzi scheme for trading worthless paper.



John Cusack was born in Evanston, Illinois on June 28, 1966 in the midst of the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in mid-Virgo. In fact, Mr. Cusack first drew breath a mere two days prior to the third of three conjunctions...*June 30, 1966, 16Vir06.

Which makes him intensely electric and deeply catalytic like...rock'n'roll. And since the Moon remained in Scorpio for the full 24 hours of his birth date, we may wish to consider the personality blend of actor, social activist, and Huffington Post blogger, John Cusack.

Sun Cancer-Moon Scorpio: perceptive; self-protective; secretive; investigative mind; romantic; sensual; compelling; resourceful; emotionally brooding; possessive; resourceful; tenacious and daring; sharply incisive vs sentimental.

Deeply fascinated by what makes others tick, this Water-Water blend has not an unkind cell in 'its' body. Preoccupied with hidden realities and the truth behind the facade, this blend is of use in an acting career and in blogging on politics.

Analytical powers are concentrated and uplifted by a reverential but determined attitude to get to the truth.

In relationships security and intrigue are desired - not easy to find in one relationship. Yet emotional strength and commitment to loved ones add charm; there's a shrewd business sense and courage in times of crisis; moodiness and defensiveness may cause problems occasionally (but wait 2 or 3 days and all should be well when the Moon changes signs.)

Images for Integration: When preparing his genealogical tree, a young man discovers the lost grave of his great-great-grandmother...Under a full Moon an exorcist performs a life-giving ritual: the possession fades away and a child's life is saved. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)


Uranus conj Pluto:

*1. Oct 9, 1965 17Vir10;
2. April 4, 1966 16Vir28;
3. June 30, 1966 16Vir06.

While the recent financial charades and heists were being announced and perpetrated, transit Saturn triggered this Conjunction, our current cycle of Uranus-Pluto, energies which together love to overturn the status quo and create brand spankin' new perspectives...then restrictive Saturn came along...

Uranus-Pluto = Saturn: tendency toward autocratic leadership (ya think?); egotism; 'my way is the best way'; pressure from others; toppled from position. (Tyl.)

So if you can't find Washington, Wall Street, world banks, Bush, Paulson, and the rest of the bandits lurking within that midpoint picture, I don't know what to do for ya.

Sep 29, 2008

Paulson's silver canoe

Black Monday? Global Investors vote "No" on Paulson's

By Mike Whitney

The bill is just Paulson's way of carving a silver canoe
for he and his brandy-drooling investor buddies so they
can paddle away to some island paradise while the rest
of us drown in a bottomless ocean of debt.


"Brandy-drooling"! How deftly said. And I was thinking
either a Paraguayan paradise or a Dubai high rise for
them - security guarded to keep out the rabble, of

Sep 28, 2008

Thomas Jefferson on perpetual debt

US Taxpayers are Being Enrolled in an Economic Chain Gang

By Jeff Randall

"To preserve their [the people's] independence, we must not let our rulers load
us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude" - Thomas Jefferson

Read article here...

A time for tyranny

George Washington has an important post for all Americans to be read without delay - your nation is at stake.

Sep 24, 2008

Capitol Hill and The Bold Ones

“I believe if the credit markets are not functioning, that jobs will be lost, that our credit rate will rise, more houses will be foreclosed upon, GDP will contract, that the economy will just not be able to recover in a normal, healthy way.”

That was Ben Bernanke, the Fed's chairman on Tuesday, in an attempt to strong-arm Congress into handing over the keys to Fort Knox, in a manner of speaking.

What pops out at me in all their dire warnings, his and Paulson's and anyone else's ammunition they pull out of their holsters is that such predictions may be taken another threats and promises.

He speaks of "normal and healthy"? Like that's how it was before this emergency was recognized? So this means that a return to the creed of greed that Wall Street has always operated under will tell us when things are hunkey dorey normal again?

Years ago I used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful, in hopes that one day I'd figure out who was bold and who was beautiful. Never did, no matter how many episodes I watched, so I gave up in despair.

The question haunts me to this day.

Now, the day is late, and if I've got to figure out who's normal and who's healthy on Wall Street, well, like David Letterman says, it just gives me a headache.

Yet one thing I do know after the Paulson-Bernanke tag team got done scaring the pants off our Washington puppets like cats arguing with tiny little's really the banking crowd who are the bold ones.

How will McCain vote on Wall Street's bailout?

McCain "won't be a problem"...sounds like George and Jeb's assurance in 2000: "It's in the bag."

And it was.

Sep 22, 2008

Is this Cheney's mushroom cloud?

Mushroom Cloud over Wall Street "All Hail Caesar!" The days of the republic are over.

By Mike Whitney

The bill gives Paulson the ability to nationalize unlimited amount of private debt and force you and your children to pay for it.


Enslavement of the masses has always been a dream of Bush and Cheney, but you knew that, right?