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Apr 6, 2023

British Royalty Nazis and a 2023 Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

The natal chart of Wallis Simpson the American divorcee who married the abdicated King of England, Edward VIII, are known to have been supporters of German dictator Hitler in a Nazi kind of way. Note that this is only my quirky way of describing their degraded values yet many sources are available online and in books which concern the couple's fascist and Nazi sympathies. One connection: their multiple meetings with Oswald Mosley, head of the Union of British Fascists, an organization that was apparently disbanded in 1940.

Once he had abdicated the throne, Edward and Wallis were married on June 3, 1937 in Paris where they lived most of their lives together; both passed away there, Edward on May 28, 1972 of throat cancer, Wallis on April 24, 1986, possibly through Alzheimer complications. Follow the above links to view their natal horoscopes separately.

Meanwhile, below is a bi-wheel of Wallis Simpson's natal horoscope, the 10:30 pm version (but there are other versions such as 7:00 am with 27Cancer rising and Moon @12Libra) on the inside, and the upcoming 7 South Solar Eclipse @21Libra (outer) which will 'eclipse' Wallis' natal Moon in the 10:30 pm natal chart while opposing her natal Mars @21Ari42; in other words, the October 14, 2023 Eclipse activates her natal Moon-Mars opposition with potentials for hidden information to be uncovered that, if ignored, karmic setbacks will occur through past mistakes being repeated; the October 2023 Eclipse opposing her Mars, strong in Aries, denotes resentment and tug-of-war conditions.

And if we add Edward's natal Pluto (19Ari26 Rx) to the Moon-Mars-Eclipse mix we get the barbaric animalism and gang violence perpetrated by fascists, Nazis, and other Underworld criminals that now target democracy as in past decades. These are their tactics toward governmental take-over with Trump acting as their mobster figurehead and threatending violence toward all who would hold him to account for his alleged crimes. Mobster tactics!

7 South Themes are penned on the chart and are highlighted in orange:

Emotions Count: Major Lunar Aspects of Edward and Wallis

Edward: his Moon-Saturn square denotes a brooding man with Mummie issues. A crafty, cunning, calculating personality is indicated along with limited emotional expression and distressing memories that made him a prisoner of the past. A moody isolationist with an inferiority complex, Edward's Moon-Saturn square reveals a bleak view of life, an austere attitude, and can place a 'dark cloud' over his head. Trouble with women is a given, and an awkward shyness is exhibited. His lack of confidence could not inspire others to have confidence in his lackluster leadership ability. Alan Oken labels the Moon-Saturn square, The Cold Heart.

Wallis: her Moon-Mars opposition across the Aries-Libra axis of Partnerships reveals a volatile emotional nature that tends to lose its temper over petty domestic annoyances, and leads to quarrels especially when under the influence of alcohol. Irrational actions can damage relationships with others and a carelessness with other people's money is often present and leads to debts and financial losses. Mummie issues are problematic for Wallis as with Edward, and impatience with routine indicates the restless nature of a wandering spirit. Emotions are pent-up and violence may have been a natural facet of her nature along with easy eruptions of rage. Sexual perversions or aberrations are suggested with her Moon-Mars opposition, support for which is penned on the bi-wheel, above, through a midpoint picture of Sun-Neptune = Venus. Alan Oken labels the Moon-Mars opposition, Don't Tred On Me.

In closing, I direct your attention to the lower right corner of the chart where listed is the 7 South Eclipse's Mercury-Chiron opposition and its demand for answers, plus, the fact that transit Mercury conjuncts the natal Jupiter of Donald J. Trump and is simultaneously opposed by transit Chiron @17Ari37 Rx. Expanded thoughts and plans are indicated along with Trump's own 'demand for answers', plus, a potential for overseas travel (!) for the Mango Mussolini. The opposition from transit Chiron to his boundary-ignoring Jupiter hints at his moral and ethical conflicts now shown in stark relief via the multiple allegations and litigations that now must be penciled onto Donald's desk calendar and which represents the legal gauntlet that awaits him.

Sep 22, 2022

Venezuela having a 2022 Solar Return!

September 22, 2022: Happy Autumn, Y'all!

Not much commentary today, just a bi-wheel, below, of Venezuela's 1830 Horoscope (12:00 pm LMT - via N. Campion chart #386) surrounded by the country's Solar Return 2022 Horoscope which perfected last evening (their time) at 11:48 pm AST. Venezuela is now 192 years old!

Blog Note: Inadvertently, you see penned on the 2022 South Node rising which is incorrect. Rising should be the Solar Return Descendant (26Sag00) but since the 1830 chart is set for noon, this doesn't matter a whole lot since chart angles are iffy.

However, major transits are in process and that's transit Pluto Rx @26Cap16 having hit 1830 Neptune (erosion of power, or, the illusion of power) and still within orb (although waning) while Pluto has also squared 1830 Mercury @24Lib52 (increasing the determination to succeed). And of course, mundane Sun = leadership so the governing elite of the country may soon turn up in the news:

Historical Cycles Rhyme with Eclipse Cycles

Venezuela's Solar Eclipse Saros Series during which the country's independence became final is the 13 North with themes of: 'ambitious group projects that require the breaking of a previous bond' (with Spain), 'then success follows' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Now you may remember that the initial manifestation in the 13 North Series (like a family of lunations) occurred on August 14, 1776 @21Leo52 and is the eclipse that I consider to be the actual Prenatal Solar Eclipse of America's founding since within two weeks of the eclipse, the Declaration of Independence was finally and completely signed in full on August 2, 1776. To me this shows a cosmic time link via 13 North between American independence and that of Venezuela!

Now here's some current news concerning Venezuela: the fugitive "Fat Leonard" has been apprehended! And this reminds me of Mango Mussolini's legal troubles made more real yesterday by NY AG Letitia James filing civil charges and passing on a couple of criminal referrals to the IRS and the DOJ. It's almost as if the wide-girthed Donald has been apprehended!

Aug 10, 2022

FBI search brings Far-Right calls for War

August 8, 2022 Planets to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

Born in Georgia and a descendant of CSA soldiers, the following view of the planets of the FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago headquarters on the morning of August 8, 2022 in relation to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope is intended for your consideration. No, I am not a seditionist and have always said that my only nag in the race is America. By which I mean a sovereign America, free of fascists and nazis like those my uncles fought in World War II.

And with the specter of another "civil war" being fomented by far-right Trumpsters and media opportunists every chance they get, keeping an eye on transits to the Civil War planets of April 12, 1861 seems a good idea to me. And now the August 8th FBI search has ramped up their outrage, even blo*d lust for some.

Well, perhaps we can agree that there is no bottom to which Trump and his acolytes will not stoop in their attempt to coup the US government and re-install the Mango Mussolini back into power, even a potential for sacrificing Trump's Vice President to a noose.

And so the following bi-wheel of horoscopes show the Civil War April 12, 1861 with the deceptive Mercury-Neptune duo rising (inner) and the August 8, 2022 "around 10:00 am edt" horoscope of the FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago property (outer) with 27Vir20 rising, Moon conjunct 1861 Midheaven ('MC': publicity), and 2022 Neptune @25Pisces Rx rising in the 1861 chart. Of course, astrological Neptune infuses into many realms of life so let's not repeat them all here, but considering current conditions of misinformation, sabotage, and sedition, it seems significant that the Civil War of 1861 will be having its first-ever Neptune Return, a three-fer actually, exact on March 25, 2025, October 24, 2025, and January 24, 2026.

And closer to our current time frame is a Mars Return to the Civil War Horoscope which occurs approximately every two years. This one is prominent due to current events and the seditionists in our midst, and becomes exact on August 30, 2022 at 8:50:30 pm edt (Charleston, SC) with separation inclinations (ASC = Saturn-NN) and a 'fateful struggle ordained by destiny' midpoint picture (Saturn-MC = Pluto). Of course, fomenters of this warmongering who feel, or pretend to feel, such a violent destiny are led by opportunists who are using the rank and file as their dupes. Willing dupes, it seems. Similar to the warmongers and their dupes in April 1861 (ASC = Mercury-Neptune).

As for the bi-wheel you see below, the ongoing transit of Neptune in secretive Pisces opposing US 1776 Neptune in fact-based Virgo is front and center with the opposition's persecution vibes and generational clash of ideals and ideologies on display. By now you've heard cries of persecution and the tale of the sad sad martyrdom of Donald Trump filling the air waves to gaslight those of the orange authoritarian persuasion. Why, far-right propagandists are just getting started attempting to rehabilitate the public image of the orange blighter!

Meanwhile, we're so far left to wonder if the FBI search on August 8th involved nuclear secrets tucked away at Mar-a-Lago for this would be extremely lucrative merchandise to put on the black market for a transactional grifter like Trump who is never troubled by any feelings of loyalty to America.

Mars-Uranus Pow!, Moon-Neptune Delusion, Venu$-Pluto Power, Sun-Jupiter Ego Expansion and Publicity

It's all there and more. So if you're curious, please enlarge the image for several astro-notes are penned upon the horoscopes just for you:

Note: attribution for "Mango Mussolini" goes to one of my favorite progressive broadcasters Randi Rhodes, a veritable force of nature.