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Sep 17, 2012

Bankers ARE the Problem (TheAnonPress video)

A video message from TheAnonPress: plainly predictive? Or, needlessly reactive?

Occupy Wall Street is one year old today and kickin' it on behalf of the 99%...

Sep 16, 2012

Uranus-Pluto square ramps up w Occupy Wall Street abuses by cops

Riots, protests, and violence from Uranus-Pluto square energies are occurring worldwide, as astrologers expected, and no less so than in American cities such as New York where police officers are abusing power and injuring peaceful, inconvenient demonstrators on orders, no doubt, to protect the status quo of corporate interests.

We may never know if 'black shirts' are involved (political agents planted to trigger police brutality toward peaceful protesters and make a movement 'look bad') on this the First Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (Sept 17, 2011) but depending on how neocon Romney operatives inspired by such characters as Karl Rove spin the current mayhem against Occupiers and President Obama's re-election campaign, it may eventually become transparent that someone is in Mitt's woodpile and trying to score points for his deservedly-desperate presidential aspirations.

Now I've never embedded a Tweeted photo before so I hope you can view the following *Occupy Congress image:

Astrologically, we may take the 2010 conjunction to the Aries Point (00Ari00, a World Point of Manifestation) by political revolutionary and rebel Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries as zealots and radical 'Utopians', as Reinhold Ebertin describes in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences. And, of course, Uranus remains in one sign of the Zodiac for approximately seven years. Perhaps you'll agree that this astro-description covers folks of the Tea Party Movement (co-opted by corporate interests such as the Koch Brothers--'blind zealots'), and simultaneously the Occupy Movement. One group wants genuine and beneficial change for society, and the other is faking it on that score and is determined to implement and shove dire conditions, austerity, misery, and an Ayn-Randesque "survival of the fittest" government that rides roughshod over the lives of all non-wealthy American people--particularly the weak, elderly, ill, and poor among us. And the austerity would affect rank and file Tea Party members, too--now won't they be surprised if their favorite radical Utopians get their sinister way?

So! November 6th soon cometh--which America do You prefer to live in?

*Interesting that tomorrow's first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street--September 17--is also the anniversary of the US Congress--September 17, 1787...creaking along with very poor aprroval ratings and under constant threat at 225 years old. And non-amusingly for those of us who prefer a sovereign, intact United States of America and working, honorable Congress, we can use the one-year-for-one-degree method for insight into the present condition of Congress: 225 years = 225 degrees = 7 signs (7 x 30) + 15 degrees = '15 Scorpio' (= year 2012) which in Sabian Symbols is quite descriptive of the negative, shadow side of how most of Congress behaves itself these days:

"Children Playing Around Five Mounds of Sand" (the wrong thing to build any House upon): "NAIVETE...neg: wholly purposeless ineptitude."

Plus, 15 Scorpio is the Eagle Point! Sounds more like the ethereal phoenix some have always claimed represents our nation rather than the Eagle. Guess the fire the ancient phoenix myth requires--so that a 'New Order' can spring from the Old--is part of the Republican Party's Austerity Plan for America a la the Romney-Ryan ticket. For after all, Pluto-Chiron's Statism + Corporatism = Fascism, said Mussolini.

But,'s painful to type it but President Obama is under the sway of Pluto-Chiron and its Plutocrat warmongers, too. Exs: 1. US Secondary Progressed Pluto-Chiron midpoint @8Pis18 = US SP Sun (the leader.) 2. US Inaugural 2009 Midheaven @26Cap10--the Goal of the US Presidency--was conjoined by the transiting Pluto-Chiron midpoint @25Cap48 at noon est on January 20, 2009 at the Capitol Building, which also highlights US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx opposite our spying, propandistic natal Mercury Rx at Inaugural IC 2009, aka, The Drain.

Now what are We the People willing to do about all the corruption? Support Occupy Congress and the occupation of the Wall Street lairs of Big Casino Gamblers whom We the People were forced by Congress to bail out after Bush's Big Heist???

('15Sco': The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Feb 4, 2012

Occupy evictions (Live video stream) Feb 4, 2012

Washington DC Saturday February 4, 2012

Our federal tax dollars at work supressing the people's free speech:

Dec 6, 2011

Horoscope: Winter Solstice 2011

Winter Solstice 2011: Sun SQ Uranus, Pluto oppo US natal Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

Before Winter Solstice on Thursday December 22, 2011, when the Sun reaches 00 degrees Capricorn, ancient sign of The Mer Goat, there occurs a Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011 @ 18Gem11 (horoscope shown.)

By December 22, the Moon will be in Scorpio and approaching its Inaugural 2009 crisis degree of 29Sco45--our financial troubles continue. Here you see the Winter Solstice Moon in 2nd house in the chart set for the White House (fluctuations in finances), and with the Jupiter/Saturn opposition poised upon the 2/8 money axis, we may expect Capitol Hill's ideology-driven expansion v restriction/generosity v austerity arguments to continue during winter season 2011/2012 as certain entities work to dismantle America, and politicians pretend they're unaware of this long term, traitorous project.

As you see (click chart to enlarge), the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 2Sag25 sits upon Winter Solstice 2011's 3rd cusp of Communications in DC--this 'peculiar turn of events' eclipse timed the 'Super Committee' which "failed" as most people expected it would. Personally, I think it did what the powers-that-be wanted it to do but that topic is beyond the scope of this post but one reason I say this is that setting up a 'Super Congress' undermined the US Congress and its oversight function.

Here's a post showing both the Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse horoscopes of November 25 and December 10, 2011.

Stumbling Beyond December 16, 2011

Between December 10 and 22, lies December 16, 2011, when another Capitol Hill government shutdown reality show potentially looms for public appreciation (and meant to weaken the US government further.)

Then today, President Obama speaks in Kansas in an attempt to echo a famous and important speech delivered by Teddy Roosevelt. But as you know, present presidents courting comparisons with past presidents is always an iffy political risk!

Horoscope shown: Winter Solstice December 22, 2011 12:30 am est White House, Washington DC; it's an Hour of feisty Mars at crisis degree (17Vir) and working busily in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions.

This may describe President Obama's health care legislation (Virgo) as a continuing target of his martian opponents on either side of the aisle.

No planets are out-of-bounds so all actors (planets) are on the earthly plane and participating in their various ways; it's a Balsamic phase of the Moon (326:01) when things can go bump in the night and often do. It's possible that a hidden Mars in 12th H is up to no good in the house of Politics.

However, Mercury makes no aspects at all to any planets in the chart so its position in one of its natural houses (3rd) emphasizes mercurial pursuits such as messages, speeches, and transport, along with its sign placement--here, in Detriment in expansive, broad-viewing Sagittarius. Hopefully, our soldiers will return from abroad as safely as possible.

The presence of America's natal Saturn 14Lib48 and Neptune 22Vir25 (conjunct President Obama's natal Mars) snugged around the Solstice 2011 ASC gives a midpoint picture of some concern: Sat/Nep = ASC: limitation of freedom; oppressive circumstances; depression.

Chart-ruler Venus 1AQ48 is in 4th H (Real Estate; the Homeland; Environment; 4/10 is the Security/Career axis) conjunct Fixed Star Altair (the Eagle--the Sun rises with Altair at this time of year) and near US Inaugural Sun 00AQ+--the president.

The midpoint of the Robber Baron planets, Neptune and Pluto, conjoins and veils Venus and the president along with the plutocrats' midpoint, Pluto/Chiron @ 4AQ14. Venus rules 1st H and 8th H of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Taxes, and rules Jupiter Rx, here at a degree of violence--Hitler's 'trigger degree' (his natal Sun.)

Then Jupiter's Direct Station occurs on Christmas Day 2011...will holiday consumer sales pull a large enough rabbit out of America's financial hat?

For a clue about how things will proceed in America from Winter Solstice 2011, we look to any applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus:

1. Venus sesquisquare Mars (0A34; 135 degr, a complex, interlaced square--octile = 8) indicates intense, dynamic interaction between them--between the White House and activist Mars, frustrated in Virgo, and active in the Behind-the-Scenes 12th H.

On one level, the Pentagon and US military are described here by warring Mars in the house of Large Institutions; protesters such as those in the Occupy DC movement may also be denoted and show the complex relationship between the democratic forces of the 99% Movement and the president's political considerations and limitations; secret enemies are also indicated by a 12th H Mars; along with equipment breakdowns.

The Venus/Mars aspect shows that concessions are expected by and from both sides and clever tactics will be used to have one's way; provocation in order to blame others for problems will continue to be part of the tiresome Capitol Hill Theater presentations which supposedly pass for congressional action these days. Simultaneoulsy, America's fabled invisible/secret government is rising (US Sat/Nep = ASC; Saturn = government; Neptune = secret/invisible.)

2. The only other applying aspect made by Venus is a trine (2A57) to the Ascendant 4Lib45 which shows harmony between Venus (and the president) with our secret government entities (US Saturn/Neptune = ASC.)

Plus, wealthy Pluto 6Cap58, planet of secret manipulation, sabotage, foreign bankers and cabalists is at the Foundation of the Solstice 2011 horoscope--it's the closest planet to an angle, in fact, and thus prominent. Pluto's transformation and destructuring of our country continues to undergird the basic problems we face with Mars and Pluto ruling 2nd H of Values and Earning Ability bwo Scorpio on 2nd cusp; the plutonian EU debt crisis affects America's bottom line (4th H) and the world's hopes for recovery.

(This Pluto action opposing US natal Jupiter 5Can56--here, at MC--may indicate a cutting of war costs but so far I've not taken seriously the proposed scaling back of US war expenses by war profiteers who control our government from the Pentagon but are puppeteered from central banks such as the Bank of England. It puts the stand-off between transiting Pluto in Capricorn on display at MC through US natal Jupiter with its power struggle indications and lack of financial progress as bossy 'Mr. Hades', god of the Underworld of Crime stands in the way of our financial success.)

What's Rising in First House? And Where Is Fraudulent Neptune?

Saturn in 1st H (plus, US natal Saturn rising) shows limiting, inhibiting conditions and many delays with a potential for losses; since Saturn here is ruled by Venus, issues of deflation/inflation/stagnation are on our 2011/2012 menu. Plus, as you see, nebulous Neptune remains within orb of US natal Moon with its sense of rootlessness, foreclosure and homeless conditions, and Fraud to The People. Floods, other natural disasters, and water-gas-oil-related matters remain potentials as well.

(Note: Saturn's link to loss is karmic but is only for gains that were garnered through fraudulent means or too-easy efforts such as lucky Jupiter usually brings. Those who honor Saturn's lessons of responsible actions, accountability, honesty, conservation, and caution are usually spared the worst of Saturn's restrictions.)

However, in spite of it all, the star of our Solstice Show, Sun 00Cap00:00, trines fortunate Jupiter, an aspect which may aid matters since such enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence can lead to breakthroughs of good fortune. And everyone knows that the NYSE depends on confidence! However, a Sun/Jupiter trine doesn't seek challenges and may even be lazy yet this energy can provide a boost to those who do seek or work with challenges and may harmoniously improve relationships--and the 1st house Saturn, exalted and strong in Libra, may provide strength for this easy (lazy!) aspect to manifest improvements especially in the action-oriented Cardinal signs of Capricorn and Taurus.

Interestingly, a more wavering Water Sun/Jupiter trine appears in the natal horoscope of 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney (Scorpio/Pisces.) Here's what I previously wrote about this don't-challenge-me aspect in Romney's natal chart:

"Wealth indicator, the Sun/Jupiter trine, helps with public relations as well for optimism always 'sells' in America yet the aspect indicates a certain apathy with a desire for only moderate demands to be made upon his time and freedom. Can a White House schedule provide him this?"

Read more on Mitt Romney if you wish.

Uranus square Pluto's Upheaval Potential Upped by Sun/Uranus

Obviously, the energies of the Sun/Uranus square at Cardinal Points of world manifestation tell a tale of self-willedness, eccentricity, authority issues, and perhaps unprincipled behavior; plus, a strong desire for power is noted--and a Sun/Uranus square is also found in the natal horoscope of Mitt Romney!

Dynamic Planetary Patterns

A major T-Square is set up between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn which points to evaluating Venus (and the presidential Sun) which creates the following midpoint pictures--all, any, or none of these potentials may apply:

Jupiter/Saturn = Venus: discontent; a lack of endurance or tenaciousness (an accusation already heard concerning Obama's lackadaisical 'advocacy' on behalf of America's Middle and Working classes--jc); changing fortunes; a touch of reserve (the Fed? jc); jealousy due to social recognition given to others. (All mdpt pics: Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey.)

Now who do we know that could be jealous of a Democratic presidency? ;p

A second T-Square is visible between Pluto @ IC, MC (conj US n Jupiter), and ASC:

Pluto/MC = ASC: procuring an important position of recognition no matter the conditions; a person of fame.

Substitute US n Jupiter for MC and we have Big Banking boiling on the hob:

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: far-sightedness; prudence (in DC?!! jc); organizing talent; a desire for power; personal advancement; focusing on how to use and discard other people; added self-importance; ego definition; reading the intentions of others especially if they seek power.

Well, I for one, am an American who does not 'seek power' so if politicians want to 'read my intentions' they have only to consider that America is my only nag in the race--a race that many actors in Washington are determined to handicap until our nation, government, and social safety net are dismantled and we cry out in unison for a 'New World Order' of totalitarianism and feudalism.

The last planetary pattern is a 'Grand Cross' marked by dotted lines--I've placed it in brackets because it only contains two planets with two chart angles at which to manifest--between Sun, Uranus, ASC, and MC. Even if we don't wish to call this a Grand Cross, the pattern sets up several midpoint pictures with which I shall close this post:

Sun/MC = Uranus: revolutionaries, rebels, anarchists; a sudden change of objectives; inner conflicts; on-the-job training.

Pluto/MC = Uranus: indefatigability; endurance; a sudden attainment of aims with irresistible power; unexpected occupational changes (Occupiers? jc)

Sun/MC = ASC: increased need for honesty about how to help the lives of others; associations.

Sun/US n Jupiter = Uranus: speculation; gambling; a sudden turn or success.

Sun/US n Jupiter = ASC: devotion to social aspirations; shared success; meetings.

And the transiting midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune (speculators, wastrels, grand schemers), the planetary duo describing the Obama administration due to their Great Conjunctions all through 2009 which conjoined US natal Moon in Aquarius--continues to point to Uranus at Aries Point ('Utopians'--Ebertin) so I'll add the mdpt picture one more time...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; coming down to earth with a bump.

And that bump may occur during the Moon's darkened Balsamic phase here denoted in the Horoscope of Winter Solstice 2011. Considering the rampant fraud in Washington DC, on Wall Street, and elsewhere, can new scandals and leaks be very far behind?


As always, you are cordially invited to leave your on-topic opinions and remarks in a Comment!

Be advised that all spam is moderated and deleted.


UPDATE 5:18 pm est: just puiblished, a sister post concerning Winter Solstice 2011's
Sun Cap/Moon Scorpio blend of energies.

Today, December 6, 2011, is a National Day of Action called for by Occupy Wall Street--foreclosed homes will be occupied in attempt to save homeowners and families, including in the suburbs. Thank You, Occupiers! jc

Progressive sites and issues of interest:

Thom Hartmann, Move to Amend (sign the petition refuting the undemocratic Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court in Jan 2010), Democracy Now!, and Max Igan's The Crow House where you may wish to read about Trust Law...because We-the-People ARE the law!

Dec 5, 2011

Occupy DC (video) w an Aries Moon! 12.5.11

CNN has the story of police surrounding a building Occupiers erected overnight against the chill of winter and which they occupied in hopes of keeping the structure intact--but the police lowered the boom anyway.

How descriptive of powerful, destructuring Pluto moving through form-building, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is that?

Here's a clip from CNN's report on last night's stand-off between police and Occupiers in MacPherson Park, DC:

Read Occupy DC's statement concerning the wooden shelter and police actions.

Monday December 5, 2011

Today, as Occupiers zero in on Washington DC--where 'The People's House', the White House (actually a Masonic White Lodge but who's quibbling?)--is located, Sun is in questing Sagittarius, and Moon is in Aries, a position I've referred to on this blog as the "I AM The People" Moon placement because revolutionary leader *Robespierre tended to pontificate such malarkey about himself and his Aries Moon as part of a justification for imprisoning and guillotining The People of France during The Reign of Terror (1790s.)

However! When you have thousands of Americans on behalf of the 99% of us petitioning what was once our government as Occupiers now do, it's okay by me to say, "I AM The People" when the Occupying Moon is in Mars-ruled Aries!

Sun Sag-Moon Aries is a volatile and dramatic Fire-Fire blend giving today's energies a boost of passion through expression of deeply held beliefs. The combo may show such an abundance of enthusiasm that others may be disregarded or scattered in the process.

As you know, Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter so there's a me-only Sun/Jupiter link which on its highest level works on behalf of The Collective and can easily see the broader picture. Meanwhile, Moon in me-first Aries may narrow the view of the many to a level of self-interest. Yet this also is okay by me since our politicians haven't been serving We The People for decades but have kowtowed and sold us out to so-called 'special interests' which, really, aren't so much special as extremely selfish and exclusive.

And so We The People stand up for ourselves at last!

Sun Sag/Moon Aries adds an undertone of impatience to today's events in the US and in top regions in the news today such as Russia and Europe. Impatience may be shown on the protesters' side and/or on the police's side (which includes the politicians' side, if you can figure out where that currently shifts--with the 1%, it seems.)

Yes, stand-offs tend to occur as immutable forces are demonstrated cantankerously on all sides of the issues and with Jupiter (growth; abundance) in stand-off (opposition) with contracting, restrictive Saturn these days, we feel the non-compromising energy all around and within us. Nations and leaders are no exceptions.

So today with Sun in Sag/Moon in Aries, we may expect subjective intuition to replace objective reasoning--on all sides. This blend prefers that the world come to it rather than the other way around. Well, various Occupier organizations are coming to DC! And Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Nicholas Sarkozy (aka, 'Merkozy') will attend the EU Summit in bossy Brussels this Friday--two Mohammeds come to The Mountain!

(See EU birth data, below.)

Perhaps you'll agree that the blend's 'Images for Integration' describe events today in the US and in foreign lands as well...see what you think:

Sun Sag-Moon Aries: "A mature student discovers her convictions and debating talents through confronting the corruption of academia...He who would be King postpones the coronation for a trek through the Himalayas."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

If you have massive education loans outstanding, you recognize the first Image all too well. And if you live in the EU, good luck. Seriously. The EU natal chart's Partnership angle (Desc) in late Pisces has disruptive anarchist Uranus (in Aries = 'Utopians', says Ebertin) sitting upon it meaning that, while unions don't have to break up under this transit, they are certain to change, perhaps beyond recognition before the piper is finally paid.

Here are two famous quotes from people who share today's Sun Sag/Moon Aries blend which you may find of interest:

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest." --Mark Twain

"Well, if I called the wrong number why did you answer the phone?" --James Thurber


*Maximilian Robespierre: May 6, 1758 (NS) 2:00 am LMT Arras, France; Rodden Rating AA; Sun 15Tau24, Moon 27Ari51, Mercury 5Gem15 and out-of-bounds (half crazy!); vengeful Venus is in early Aries; Mars and Neptune are conjunct in egoistic Leo; Jupiter and Pluto conjoin in Sagittarius and are both Rx; Saturn and Uranus are 20 degrees apart in mystical Pisces; closest applying aspect to natal Sun in beastly Taurus is a square from testy Mars indicating a risk-taker and a bully.

European Union: January 1, 1958 12:00 am CET Brussels Belgium (historical record); the EU is a speculator-grand scheme kind of entity for bubbly Jupiter and Neptune conjoin. And with transiting Uranus in Aries on its natal Descendant, the Utopians are in the union.

Note: the suspension of Republican candidate Herman Cain's campaign over the weekend has resulted in a rise in Newt Gingrich's favorability rating, and in a brief Poem for Herman Cain being perpetrated by yours truly...

Nov 10, 2011

Nixon Watergate text now public w '18 1/2 mins' still veiled

Update 11.12.11: if Richard Nixon is of interest you may wish to read Robert Parry's article Nixon's Darkest Secret. Original post begins here:

Visit the Nixon Library website for links to today's release of the text of Nixon's Grand Jury testimony on the Watergate break-in and cover-up including the "by accident" erasure of 18 1/2 minutes of White House tape by Nixon's secretary Rose Mary Woods.

Nixon testified that when he found out it was 18 1/2 minutes gone 'missing' instead of only 4 minutes (4 minutes' worth of erasure was apparently deemed okay by his nibs) he "--practically blew my stack."

Is that like being almost practically pregnant? Then it's impossible. My guess is that Dick "practically blew his stack" when he found out what the 18 1/2 minutes contained and how damaging it would be--worth the sass of erasing it--then he erupted with volcanic anger (as control freaks tend to do) until the conversations were erased as per his shouted instructions, or upon orders he received from his illuminized bosses. Or was he worried about what they would say and do if the full tapes were heard? Perhaps global syndicate bosses are implicated for their control of his administration!

But then I lived in DC during Nixon's tenure so I'm probably quite biased against Tricky Dick--but I'm also biased against the forces that may have set Nixon up and knocked him off his presidential perch of power. Oh well, who knows? Henry Kissinger knows who they are and why Nixon had to go. He was too unstable and paranoid for them to direct, probably.

Here's the complicit Washington Post's article on Nixon's farewell announcement on the eve of his resignation from office. His 10th house Saturn was not amused by his years of dissing Saturn's demands for honesty and accountability in life--and horrifically, the traditional potential of a 10th-house Saturn's 'fall from grace' ensued.

America's natal horoscope (Sibly version, July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) also has a 10th house Saturn with a particular mission which relates to its exaltation is Libra, sign of the Scales of Balance and 'Blind' Justice. There is our basic and fatal flaw--our infiltrated legal system and corruption of Trial By Jury (habeas corpus.)

Funny, but I've busy blogging and had no idea that Nixon's testimony would finally be released today--under the rays of our current Solar Eclipse from July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12 (horoscope shown) with Mercury, ruler of testimony, texts, news, and re-leases (Mercury's Rx Station occurs on Nov 24, 2011) of info--and with an eclipse--uncovering secrets and secreted documents such as these.

As previously noted, 9Can12 falls snugly between US natal Jupiter (6Can) and Sun (14Can) with Sun representing The President (leader) in Mundane Astrology (for American horoscopes.)

And everyone knows that the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer is extremely self-protective like a shell on a Crab! It is also one of the signs most associated with America's natal chart (July 4, 1776), the others being Capricorn (Pluto Rx), Gemini (Uranus and Mars), Virgo (Neptune), and Libra (Saturn exalted there.)

But the newly revealed Nixon isn't very forthcoming as to what was said during those particular 18 1/2 minutes so don't get too excited unless perhaps you have a chance to look at a horoscope of one of the pivotal days, June 20, 1972, and make conjectures based on the Astrology of it. Other dates, or periods of time, are mentioned on the site so why not get out your trusty Richard Nixon natal chart if you're interested in the details of his transits and progressions during a tremendously stressful period in his life--and, by extension, in the life of our nation through the office of the president and his flawed leadership of spying and cover-ups.

Here's my astro-flavored post published in 2009 to mark the 33rd anniversary of Nixon's resignation. A link to the resignation letter he wrote to Kissinger is handily included.

So today's belated revelation of Nixon's Watergate testimony may also fall a bit *early yet still underneath the brightened purview of an upcoming Solar Eclipse since its date nears rapidly: November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37 which affects the 'Super Committee' (aka, 'Super Congress') report due on November 23, 2011...or else Draco the Dragon has his nasty way with us--aka, the global central bankers like the Houses of Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan. (See quote and article link at post's end.)

Plus, we have the December 10, 2011 Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, sign of young people such as are marching in the Occupy Wall Street movement with its march to Washington DC set to arrive in The District on November 23, 2011--in time for the 'Super Committee' recommendations of austerity.

Mars of Protest, Mars of Action

For the Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011, Mars in Virgo (military and police forces w Virgo's natural 6th house connotation, plus, Mars = males; also, protesters and marchers) squares the December Lunar Eclipse and my fretful expectation is that more confrontations are on the OWS v Riot Police menu.

And unless winter arrangements are made soon to extend or truncate the movement in order to protect demonstrators until warmer, safer weather breaks in favor of outside campers, it's difficult to see how victorious frozen fingers and toes can be. Perhaps a solution may be found.

Yes, the Obama White House announced today that it's ordering a new environmental impact report on the aquifer-threatening XL Pipeline construction across America from Canada to the Gulf, a tempest rife with crony capitalism alliances no matter the cost to We The People. Yet you know that Mr. Obama may only be kicking a very politically explosive can down the road past the 2012 election, don't you?

Obama's apparent capitulation on the forcing through of the XL Pipeline may hide a secret handshake on a devilish deal that intends to get its high-handed, oily way in the end because these reptile-brainers, so determined to boss everyone around, are nothing if not persistent and crazed.

Especially when financial vultures are sniffing huge profits in the air.

Democracy works when rulers fear The People!


*Eclipses may flavor or describe events two weeks or more prior to their actual manifestation. The July 11, 2011 Solar Eclipse was the initial eclipse in a brand new Saros Series and as such, predicting its influence has been exciting since eclipses often operate in their traditional role as "wild cards of the Universe" for they contain a definite Uranian vibe of 'expect the unexpected'. jc

Further reading and progressive broadcast videos may be found at the website of the Thom Hartmann Show.


My personal opinion:

People in government who can do nothing in office but undermine the functions of government don't deserve to be in government and shall be removed.

--Jude Cowell, author Stars Over Washington


The genesis of the current and phasal global financial meltdown 2011/2012...

Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838:

"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

Letter written by the Rothschilds of London to their New York agents to introduce their banking method into America:

"The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

"No opposition" to speak of--until 2011, you jackassian patriarch.

That last line from Old Amschel is what we hear in 2011 echoing in the "voting against their own best interests" charge leveled at Middle and Working Classes when--like political zombies and easily swayed dumbleheads--they vote Republican.

Which always turns out to be a real kick in the average guy's and gal's piggybank.

You'll discover more in-depth reading concerning manipulative Banking Houses at, if you dare.

After all, you should always Know your enemy!

Nov 4, 2011

Celente: Wall St is Washington, Washington is Wall St (OWS video)

Nov 4, 2011: here's economist Gerald Celente breaking down the financial and political facts of our current lousy circumstances and listing the Obama Economic Team's criminals and Goldman-Sachs agents past and present whom I suspect may actually be Rothschild agents in disguise--operatives and infiltrators of Illuminati proportions:

Let's continue supporting Occupy Wall Street!

For they're marching for you and me. And I know you won't let yourself be fooled by embedded agents provocateurs touted by mainstream media, those who are sent in by police departments and/or others to foment violence in an attempt to give the Occupy movement a bad name and dilute its political strength.

In other words, theirs is a blatant campaign to divert democracy and keep the status quo intact for their bosses and their bosses' bosses.

You may not agree, but my suspicion is that most often (yet not exclusively), local police forces, military troops, private contractors (mercenaries), and others are used as an enforcement arm for higher ups within The Establishment.

That's part of the recent 'upgrade' of the US to a national police state described well by US progressed Mars being in retrograde condition (Rx) since 2006. We see here with OWS and crackdowns on protesters our national Mars (military; war; conflict; police; activism; protests; pepper spray) being used against we-the-people as the Rx turns our martian energies inward. This relates as well to US troops returning home, assuming that they actually do--some say by New Years Day 2012, as the president promised.

And it greatly saddens me to say about my country, but the muscles (pepper spray, tear gas, batons, etc) appear to go all the way up to the White House and, of course, to Congress and the Supreme Court. For three infiltrated branches of government have we which is why nothing ever really improves after every January 20th at noon on Capitol Hill. It's all in the script and the script is Illuminati-written and produced...unless we turn the channel.

Of course, I'm of the Nixon Shoots Kent State Students Dead generation so maybe I've simply seen this very bad, "unAmerican" film before. (Scroll down the sidebar a bit for a link to the Kent State Massacre horoscope.)

Well, what do you think? The echo in here today is almost deafening--seems even my old friend 'Anonymous' has gone fishing! Of course, it is late on Friday afternoon so this mom wants very much to say...

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Oct 19, 2011

Oops! 1912 cartoon warned against creating the Fed

Here's a blast from the past, a 1912 cartoon warning against the banker-supported Aldrich Plan which opened the gate for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, a central bank such as President Andrew Jackson was so determined to root out of the American system for he recognized them for the illuminized government take-over artists they were.

As you know, the Bankers' Panic of 1907 was used as the justification (cover) for setting up a central bank the likes of which have orchestrated financial booms, bubbles, busts, and crashes ever since. Click the link to view a 1907 photo of Wall Street at Federal Hall--it favors current Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

Pluto/Chiron = plutocrats, their agents, and other oppressors

In America then as now, when you set your eye on inhabiting the Oval Office, you must play ball with the big boys of the Pluto/Chiron persuasion. In fact, in the January 20, 2009 Inauguration Horsocope, the transiting midpoint of Pluto and Chiron sits precsely upon the MC, the Goal/Aspiration point of the chart.

Later on, after you accept Pluto/Chiron's abundant gifts for doing their bidding, you may suffer a measure of remorse for accepting their backing for the piper's tune becomes shriller than promised, the dance more frantic, and the required task more distasteful than initially expected.

Here's what Freemason Woodrow Wilson said after he'd allowed America to be snookered into creating a royalist, plutonian, oligarchic Federal Reserve Bank, a private enterprise that runs the US government yet is not a federal institution at all.

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Plus, here's an article which lists banking industry contributions to 2012 candidates which shows Mitt Romney in the lead amongst big bankers: The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying to Buy the 2012 Election.

Then I'd say global bankers have achieved their take-over goal quite handily like an octopus squeezing the life out of its prey while our complicit presidents look on.


In spite of all anyone can do, a new political limerick has been published so if you wish a quick peek Mitt Romney 2012 awaits you! jc