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Nov 29, 2021

Mark Meadows: Leo Sun-Taurus Moon 'scorched earth'

Under Scrutiny: Mark Meadows

by Jude Cowell

Mark Meadows, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons; on Air Force One, 2020

Republican and Tr*mp operative Mark Meadows was born July 28, 1959 in Verdun, France with an early Leo Sun, Moon in Taurus (for the 24-hour period: 8 to 20 degrees), and Mercury Rx in the range of 17Leo51 to 18Leo18 (conjunct his Uranus @15Leo). An 'army brat', Meadows was raised in Brandon, Florida (an amusing coincidence, I know) and at some point recently or soon-to-come, transit Uranus will conjunct his natal Taurus Moon suggesting a chaotic period in his life during which a different sort of lifestyle is indicated (no cushy digs in the White House, for one). Relationships may terminate under this disruptive influence and his troubles may include rash behavior, nervousness, and insomnia; it's an unstable period for him due in large part to the fact that he hitched his wagon to the unstable, fantasy-spinning con man, Donald Tr*mp.

Then as we read in The Guardian Sunday November 28, 2021, it seems that a Mark Meadows contempt decision is imminent according to Rep. Adam Schiff and the decision may be made this very week by the 1/6 Select Committee. Meanwhile, Meadows has a memoir coming out December 7, 2021 which must be a tribute to his attempt to follow the orders of Tr*mp as his White House Chief of Staff. Now writing a memoir may be an influence of an ongoing transit of Jupiter conjunct his natal Chiron Rx @26Aquarius which suggests a period of letting go of past memories.

And obviously Mr. Meadows was closely involved with the planning and execution of the 1/6 Tr*mp Mob Attack (1:00 pm horoscope linked, below) on the US Capitol Building, Masonic temple that it is, when the Executive Branch tried violently to take control of the Legislative Branch of government. I'd call that an attempted coup d'etat, wouldn't you?

And in esoteric terms based on Charles L'Enfant's original layout of the Federal City, it's a curious thing for it suggests starry Arcturus, Executive symbol (a different approach) attacking Regulus (US Congress) with the royal star's caution of, success if revenge is avoided. Well, for America, the 1/6/21 Tr*mp Mob Attack to stop the peaceful transfer of power to a Joe Biden presidency certainly was forcing a different approach and a majority of We The People were decidedly not amused. Besides, an act of revenge by Tr*mp is exactly what the attack was! His rising Mars in vain Leo opposing US natal Moon in Aquarius was truly being expressed that day.

So as you know, Tea Party Republican Mark Meadows served in Congress as North Carolina's 11th district representative from 2013 to 2020, was a founding member of the way-far-right House Freedom Caucus, and had championed the 2013 Federal Government Shut Down which lasted from October 1 to October 17, 2013. An anti-government type of 'politician', Meadows was also integral in the push to remove John Boehner from his role as Speaker of the House.

Meanwhile, the personality blend of Mark Meadows, Sun Leo-Moon Taurus, is a Fire-Earth 'scorched earth' combination of conscious solar and unconscious Venusian energies indicating a dictatorial, power-seeking personality with a fiery nature and a yen for luxury. His is a splashy sort of aura composed of extravagant tastes which tends toward vanity and reveals a lack of cooperation we now see demonstrated. An idealistic 'motivating fantasy' plays a large part in his motives while fierce loyalty can be shown to those he may idolize upon a pedestal. I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide just who his favorite idol/s might be, past and/or present.

Now on July 16, 2021, I published a bi-wheel of two horoscopes: the 1/6 Tru*mp Mob Attack (1:00 pm est) inner chart, and outer the July 27th 'First 1/6 Hearing 9:30 am' chart which coincidentally fell one day prior to the 2021 birthday of Mark Meadows (July 28th) so as you'll see, transit Jupiter @4AQ+ on July 27th opposed his natal Leo Sun while transit Saturn, then @2AQ+, would soon move on to do the same.

A Jupiter-opposite-natal-Sun transit identifies a period when resources may be depleted, the native overreaches, and can be steered in the wrong direction by advisers. Those with grandiose ideas and wild promises of a successful enterprise are unable to deliver but if a measure of success does follow, it will compromise self-esteem and undermine principles which can result in ego-deflation and wounded pride. Astrologically, Mr. Meadows is shown to be an authoritarian with natal Saturn Rx in very early Capricorn and it's safe to say that the placement's usual conservative principles were compromised in the past in favor of a fanatic, anti-democracy, far-right ideology through which he has attempted to help sabotage the US government in favor of nazi-like, fas*ist-leaning "principles."

As for transit Saturn opposing his natal Sun, his failure to live up to his governmental responsibilities, a major demand of task-master Saturn, have come back to haunt him and his health may be affected by the stress. Folks in positions of authority are challenging him as they question his honesty, integrity, and leadership ability. Whether Mr. Meadows testifies and answers the questions of the 1/6 Select Committee remains to be seen, but really it's doubtful since after all, what can a saboteur against his own country possibly say?

For more personality details, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad

Nov 22, 2021

Astro-Notes re: JFK's Unaspected natal Sun in Gemini

On the Occasion of the 58th Anniversary of The Day America Died

by Jude Cowell

November 22, 2021

Sun With Planets; NASA, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Often these days in Astrology, a native born with an unaspected Sun (personality, essence, vitality, adult self, the goal, the hero's journey) is considered to be charismatic and perhaps as self-centered, even vain. Plus, a special talent may also be described by the sign, sign ruler, planet, and the house placement involved. An unaspected natal Sun is the case for our tragically assassinated US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (RR: A; May 29, 1917 3:00 pm est Brookline, MA; ASC 20Lib00, 8th house Sun 7Gem51, 11th house Moon 17Vir13; MC 23Can46 with Saturn 27Can09 and Neptune 2Leo40 conjunct MC from the 10th house side {Plac}).

If natal Saturn in natal 10th house of Public Status indicates one whose life and career include a "fall from grace" (if Saturn's demands are neglected), then I think JFK's Saturn-Neptune Conjunction there adds a large measure of loss, grief, and suffering to the cosmic picture of his downfall along with the planetary pair's tendency toward 'undermining circumstances' (R. Ebertin) and bad social conditions.

Yet instead of re-publishing the JFK Assassination Horoscope (November 22, 1963 12:30 pm cst Dallas, TX), here are a few general details concerning a natal unaspected Sun for the curious including info on other planets when not tied in with or connected to other planets via Ptolemaic (major) aspects in a natal chart.

Nov 21, 2021

George Washington: Thanksgiving Day 1789 - and 2021

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 to All My Fellow Americans!

by Jude Cowell

Sunday November 21, 2021

When an undoubtedly grateful President George Washington issued a proclamation for, "the People of the United States a day of public thanks-giving" to be held on Thursday November 26, 1789, America's first official Thanksgiving Day came into effect. (Follow the link for a view of the newspaper announcement!)

Not the one the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony held to celebrate their first harvest sometime between September and November 1621, of course, but the official day established by President Washington that we continue to celebrate in November on Thursdays, the day of generous Jupiter the Great Benefic. So naturally, such a celebration had to be held on a Jupiterian Thursday. In fact, in some places Americans are known as the "Thursday people."

And then there's this, from a Thanksgiving 2009 post,

"President Lincoln proclaimed a national holiday, Thanksgiving Day, in 1863. {} President Washington had gotten into the act with a Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789 when he called for Americans to "unite to render to Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection." Unite, George said. And be thankful.

As for the planets at noon LMT on November 26, 1789, we find a pleasant trine between Sun in early Sagittarius and Moon in late Pisces (Luna heading for the Aries Point prior to day's end), a visionary blend of conscious and unconscious energies known for being generous, humanitarian, and sometimes moralistic. Yet perhaps of more signficance to Washington's thankful proclamation is an out-of-sign conjunction between Mars @15Leo06 and Jupiter @00Vir37, a planetary pair denoting 'resolutions and decisions'. And proclamations.

So there we have it, then and now. But please be advised: there's no fan of gravy here but you can definitely pass the cranberry sauce!


Public domain image above: Pumpkins!

Nov 18, 2021

Violence in America and a School Massacre 1999

by Jude Cowell

Thursday November 18, 2021

Now I don't know if you've ever read Slate Magazine's April 20, 2004 article by Dave Cullen At Last We Know Why the Columbine Killers Did It which gives fascinating insights into the horrific Columbine High School Massacre and failed bombing of April 20, 1999, the year that the primal violence pairing of Pluto and Chiron met in Great Conjunction, but if increasing gun violence in America concerns you, details concerning the worst such event at that time may be of interest.

Apparently the two perpetrators considered themselves to be neo-nazis and they committed their acts of violence on the 110th anniversary of the birth of Herr Hitler (April 20, 1889). As you know, the degree of Herr H's natal Sun @00Tau28 became known as a 'degree of violence' (00--1Taurus) because when certain planets activated it during his life (ex: Saturn), he tended to commit violence - and such was that horrific morning in 1999 in a Colorado High School with the Sun @00Tau11. Details in the above article reveal that a wish to outdo the violent acts of famous murderers in history was one of the pair's primary goals. But due to the incorrect wiring of the bombs they planted, the horrific event wasn't as spectacular as they'd planned - and they'd been secretly planning "apocalyptic" mass murder for a year.

Horoscope: Columbine Massacre April 20, 1999 11:19 am MDT Columbine, Colorado; ASC 20Can46 (a critical-crisis degree) with fixed star Castor rising with potentials for: 'mental illness, crippling of limbs, sudden loss or fame, murder' (A. Louis). See bottom left for the Moon's applying aspects which include Moon inconjunct Neptune: 'illusion confuses reality; escapist tendencies'. The chart's Goal Point ('MC' @3Ari22) holds Mercury there, planet of students and young people. In the 5th house of Children lurks the Pluto-Chiron conjunction of primal violence.

Meanwhile, 'shooter' Mars Rx @5Sco34 unloads as he/they lead a ruthless Locomotive shape of planets; antagonist Mars opposes loss-leader Saturn @5Tau53 (authority) and their midpoint (the death axis' - R. Ebertin) @5Leo44 opposes Neptune (@4AQ17) while Neptune is at apex of the dynamic T-Square that the frustrated Mars-Saturn opposition forms (Saturn acts as caboose, Mars the engine). This reveals potentials for: 'grievous and grave loss; illness; dishonesty; weak vitality; self-torment' (R. Ebertin); 'pretense' and 'a weakening of plans' (M. Munkasey). As noted, their bombs didn't go boom as they'd planned. (Yet oddly enough, the Moon @3Can30 reveals the day as a Lunar Return day for head shooter Eric Harris.)

Conditions of Violence in the US and Warrior Planet Mars

Now as you know, one cosmic event in particular is US Mars turning retrograde ('Rx') by progression as of 2006 and this changed condition isn't helping matters at all with its aggression-turned-inward effects which actually began a few years prior to 2006 in that strong stationing kind of way, symbolic as progressions are. However, progressions do act as a timing device for real-time events and transits and in the real world, one might even think that America's decades of overseas aggression against other countries and peoples has finally led to violence at home, or has made violent acts seem somehow okay or justified in a mentally disturbed individual's mind. Even the current 'incel' movement of stay-at-home men might be attributed to our Mars Rx.

And we must rememeber that 'the ruling class' has had to lie the American public into war with untold numbers of falsehoods and half-truths that follow in order to keep the ruse going, the profits pouring in, the resources plundered, and the bombings resulting in "collateral damage" from as much public scrutiny and criticism as possible. Plus, wealthy CEOs and political donors and their bought-off politicians don't seem very concerned about wounded warriors returning home from war (signified by SP Mars Rx), do they? And so weakened, compromised, misdirected US military and related forces and entities have become major problems for our country.

Besides: to me, America as 'world cop' has been a sorry use of what once was a direct Mars in Gemini in 1776 (ready for action; resourceful; aggressive; loves debate) since 2006 turned into a progressed Mars in Libra (direct action limited by a need for cooperation; when afflicted may have conflicts of will and/or of interest). And as cosmic synchronicity would have it, the degree of our Mars Rx occurred conjunct the materialistic, strongly stationed natal Jupiter in Libra of Herr Trump, so concerned with 'fairness' as he is - as long as it's in his direction. How's that for national misfortune? Mars-Jupiter = a planetary pair signifying propaganda and hasty decisions based on erroneous judgment, among other things. Meanwhile, Tr*mp's Mercury-Neptune square inspires his misperceptions, erroneous theories, fantasy-spinning, lies including the Big One, lack of discrimination, and faulty hearing or tone deafness.

Now of course a post concerning mass murder and gun violence cannot be complete without mention of the NRA organization founded in 1871 ('noon' horoscope shown).

(Please note that these topics may be revisited in future SO'W posts.)

So if you have on-topic observations with your name attached, you're invited to add them to this post as a Comment, if courteous. And yes, this is a difficult topic, I agree, but any Shares would be greatly appreciated to spread the info, and so that the Google ranking of SO'W can improve and yours truly will be encouraged to continue this time-consuming work. Thanks! jc

Now here are links to the shooters' ('shootists') natal horoscopes:

Eric Harris (RR: AA) and Dylan Klebold (RR: C for accuracy in question).

Nov 16, 2021

The New Millennium's Progressed New Moon of 2024

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday November 16, 2021: Entering a new phase of anything by anyone can be daunting and it can take a while for things to get moving in the new direction indicated. No less so on a symbolic level as with Secondary Progressions in Astrology, the day-for-a-year method of progressing a horoscope of planets to see how things are - well, progressing and evolving - and to monitor prevailing influences such as transiting planets and the various changes that may occur.

Cosmic events by transit such as eclipses, conjunctions and oppositions, solstices, New and Full Moons, planetary returns, and other factors affect the progressed chart as well and may be compared with the original chart (that the progressions issue from) and so on. Why, the As Above, So Below possibilities are as endless as the Universe!

So in this post I'm using my usual shorthand for Secondary Progressions: 'SP' and below you see a dual chart image of the New Millennium Horoscope of January 1, 2000 (lower left) with the same chart's SP New Moon of May 4, 2024 (upper right), timing a new phase of activity for humanity (also note that 'PE" stands for Prenatal Solar Eclipse):

Now in both charts, a motivated Mars is significant for he leads a Locomotive shape of planets (ruthless executives determined upon success - from his own sign of big business Scorpio). However, the final dispositor in both charts is radical Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius from where the 'Sky God' behaves progressively, futuristically, and often cooperatively on behalf of the group yet, as a planet of change, reform, and anarchy, can choose to behave rebelliously while magnifying and exaggerating to distract from the issues. And as we've seen, some serious troublemaking can be the result when unpredictable, disruptive Uranus is at work shaking things up.

And of course, Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed energy signs of rigidity and stubbornness which square and obstruct one another with their forceful even brutal Mars-Pluto and old-order-vs-new-order Saturn-Uranus vibes that call for bending or breaking. Perhaps you may agree that this pretty much describes the turbulent conditions that American society has been dealing with collectively; naturally such difficult energies are in play across the globe as well as harsh authoritarianism rises once again against the more placid, humane energies of democracy and the common good.

Yet there are at least two other reasons that year 2024 stands out from the throng, one cosmic, one earthly: the third of three "Great American Eclipse" will perfect on April 8, 2024 @19Aries conjunct Chiron @19Aries (conjunct America's Chiron of 1776 @20Aries: blindspot! or is it a healing?). This eclipse falls within the 8 North Saros Series (DC Horoscope shown) with themes of 'dreams and visions' (B. Brady). The 8 North eclipse path of Totality will race across the US from Southwest to Northeast suggesting yet another 'split' or division of some kind in US society and with further earth changes a distinct possibility.

Then the earthly reason is the 2024 Presidential Election with Venus in Sagittarius, sign of the outsider or the stranger (if indeed We The People are to have an event recognizable as an election.)

So if you're curious, dear reader, please enlarge the image for my study notes penned upon the charts and I'll close with the two Sun-Moon blends with which humanity began the New Millennium - Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces (Earth-Water: pragmatism) and in May 2024 humanity's blend will enter a new phase with the SP New Moon of Sun and Moon in Aquarius (Air-Air of the cerebral thinker and communicator):

January 1, 2000: Bringing "order out of chaos."

May 4, 2024: "The living, breathing entity we call society."

(--Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys).

Nov 14, 2021

A Few Cosmic Considerations as 2021 Nears Its End

Karmic Eclipse Themes Undergird Events; Solstices and Equinoxes Are Timers

by Jude Cowell

Image: 'Blue Winter's Path'; pencil on paper; by Jude Cowell Art 2021

Sunday November 14, 2021

As Astrology always reveals, it's the Winter Solstice Horoscope that takes us from one year into the next and holds particular influence as its planets reflect earthly events until Spring Equinox of the following year. In fact, it's illuminating to consider both charts for a fuller picture, perhaps in the form of a bi-wheel with the Winter Solstice chart snugged inside since it is the first cosmic event to occur. One might also take a Spring Equinox Horoscope and add the Winter Solstice Horoscope for the same year to see how things are moving along, especially since Spring Equinox charts are 'good for' an entire year and may be considered via transits, directions, and such.

So as 2021 nears its end, here's an excerpt from the previously published Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope (DC Horoscope shown):

Winter Solstice 2021 falls within the 5 New South Eclipse Series which manifests on December 4, 2021 @12Sag22 with benefits promised. (The 12Sag Eclipse is in 9th house of {the Winter Solstice 2021} chart conjunct Midheaven although it isn't penned upon the {Solstice} chart - and the Midheaven is unaspected by any planet so the beneficial themes of the eclipse may be the objectives of the winter season!

(For more chart details, follow the eclipse's link.)

Therefore, considering President Biden's legislative efforts in Congress this year, such beneficial objectives and the good news that comes with them (ex: his Infrastructure Bill) seem to be a given. A 'given' representing progress to some legislators for the American people (aka, the common good) but improvements to block and delay for others who are regressively minded as they work to accomplish an authoritarian take-over of the US government, a fascist/corporate effort that failed in 1933. And of course you know which political party is which within our current circumstances as transit Neptune in Pisces opposes US natal Neptune in Virgo (clash of ideals; racial and other persecutions across the Virgo-Pisces victim/savior axis). Plus, transit Pluto is already within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return - exact three times all through 2022 as societal scaffolding is forced to collapse and traditions and laws are sabotaged and ignored. Yet we know that the fascist plot of 1933 became known as 'the businessmen's coup' and it failed, just as it should have.

This time, after decades of patient planning, the plot has widened and a multitude of wealthy corporations and CEOs are funding the fascist coup attempt yet it's imperative that the traitorous saboteurs and criminals who have infiltrated and infested America must be made to fail again!

And on that note, thanks go to journalist Judd Leggum and this staff, because the public can know what many corporations are up to in private while funding far-right efforts against democracy - despite what their gaslighting public relations people say in public.

So if you haven't, see EXCLUSIVE: How corporate PACs are plotting to "move beyond" January 6. Why, they're part of a global crime syndicate of saboteurs and malicious schemers so it's no wonder their heinous efforts and thuggish acts of violence are difficult for the little ole US Congress to hold accountable.

Because after all, these crooks have got friends in high places.

Looking ahead, here's the Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope (aka, Aries Ingress 2022) and here's the DC Horoscope with details on the 5 New South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021: The Karma of Past Actions.

Nov 11, 2021

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2022

Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) Horoscopes Are 'Good For' the Entire Year

by Jude Cowell

Thursday November 11, 2021: In answer to a reader's request, this partial post displays the Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope set for Washington DC (as representative of America) which perfects (Sun to 00Ari00:00 = the Aries Point of World Events) on March 20, 2022 at 11:33:20 am edt; as you see, a few chart factors are penned upon the image:

Related Posts: DC Horoscope of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 @23Pis59. And here's the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope under the influence of which I now type.

Nov 9, 2021

America's Perpetual Union Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

Update November 17, 2021: It has come to my attention while on FB that astrologer and historian Gary Lorentzen uses a Perpetual Union Horoscope timed for 2:57 pm LMT rather than the 5:00 pm LMT timing you see in the chart below (based on data I gleaned online). At 2:57 pm LMT (Annapolis, MD Feb 2, 1781) 15Can51 arose making Luna in late Taurus chart-ruler (and PU Agreement ruler) with 27Pis23 at Midheaven ('MC'; conjunct Sun-NN: 'connections increase personal prestige' - Munkasey). Obviously, house positions of planets vary in the earlier chart and as chart-ruler the Moon is one degree earlier in Taurus and becomes prominent, making three applying Ptolemaic aspects: opposition Mars (3A45), trine Mercury (5A38), and trine Pluto (7A56). At 5:00 pm, as you see below, the Sun in Aquarius rules the chart and makes only one applying aspect - its sextile to legal planet Saturn @18Sagittarius. When progressed to 2021 and 2022, the 2:57 pm LMT chart reveals Angular and thus prominent Mars-Pluto influences which resonate with current conditions of brutality and violence. However, Mars-Pluto is not as prominent when the 5:00 pm chart is progressed for then the emphasis turns to the progressed Moon in Pisces where transit Neptune, planet of deception, confusion, paranoia, and contagion, now floats. If available, a timeline of events of that day would be helpful!

Original post begins here:

Tuesday November 9, 2021: Since America's Perpetual Union Horoscope has never appeared on Stars Over Washington, its cameo is quite overdue. However, the impetus for posting it now is to show that a Solar Eclipse @9Leo55 in the difficult 11 South Saros Series will 'eclipse' the Union's 1781 Ascendant on August 2, 2027. The last time a solar eclipse in the 11 South family occurred was on July 22, 2009 @29Can26 ("30Cancer" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution") during the Obama presidency which, as we now see if we didn't realize it before, his election riled up the white power folks something fierce and in some circles, talk of an 'American revolution' has been promoted ever since.

Meanwhile, the themes of 11 South relate futuristically to current events, certain op-eds, far-right websites, and news reports within the public discourse many of which opine over the fate of America thanks to secessionsts ready to 'pull the plug' on the experiment we call, America, for they have abandoned the Enlightenment principles of our nation's founding and have viciously turned authoritarian against the country, promoting violence and fantasies of murder across the land.

Meanwhile, we have a third 'Great American Eclipse' coming in April 2024, its path of visibility splitting the country West to East, and entering Texas bwo Mexico. Secession?Well, it isn't supposed to occur since the US is meant to remain a Perpetual Union.

And so below you see the America's Pepetual Union Horoscope (via historical records) with m'notes penned on, if you care to enlarge and read. Rising is 10Leo48 with the 11 South Eclipse of 2027 marked in orange. And note that 10Leo08 is also the degree of Donald Tr*mp's 12th house Pluto which lurks at apex of his 'death axis' pair, Mars-Saturn. This brutal midpoint picture that he was born under, as previously mentioned on SO'W, is intensified, empowered, and darkened by creepy saboteur Pluto and denotes potentials for 'death, murder, fury, brutality, destruction' - although 'intervention of a higher power' is also a possibility (R. Ebertin).

If you need them, 11 South themes are listed below the chart:

'Methods and/or ideas fail, new systems are required to deal with events; the need for sudden reforms and new ways of handling issues; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

Now as you know, forewarned is forearmed. And despite our system's ongoing Pluto Return destructuring, I pray that America and the American people will make it through successfully to the other side of the next incarnation of the difficult 11 South Solar Eclipse. Let's keep working toward such a worthy goal!

Nov 6, 2021

Dec 2021 When Venus Comes Back in Bounds

by Jude Cowell

Just as other personal planets in this condition, planet Venus Out-Of-Bounds ('OOBs' in my charts) of the Earthly plane displays some interesting traits, characteristics, and propensities when considered in a horoscope. Transit Venus (a money planet as is Jupiter) has been out-of-bounds for quite some time but will re-join the rest of the planetary panoply on December 7, 2021 - by my software's calculation - at 3:38 pm est with Venus @23Cap57:37 and approaching powerful Pluto (see lower left and right corners).

Note that December 7, 2021 is a day of a Lunar Return for Senator Kyrsten Sinema which perfects at 5:17:59 pm est (natal Moon @6AQ19 opposite natal Saturn; her natal Mercury @17Can09 conjunct natal MC - is OOBs = thinking 'out of the box'; 'unorthodox pespectives'). And note that Moon-ruled Cancer is a very private, subjective sign. Another thing about her natal Moon which seems unfortunate - Luna conjoins Nemesis, asteroid of foes and enemies. Could she have a 'reigning need' for enemies?

Now obviously, this Venusian OOBs condition has suggested the ongoing financial gridlock in Congress over President Biden's Build Back Better and Infrastructure Bills, so perhaps the return of Venus to 'playing along' in December could time much needed improvements on Capitol Hill for the benefit of the American people and in support of the beneficial themes of the December 4th 5 South Eclipse. Yet surely legislative passings can occur before December but we shall have to see, won't we? Delays and obstacles are tiresomely used tactics of the US Congress, as we know.

So below you see the last moment with Venus -23:27 after which Venus is technically back in bounds and will begin to engage with the rest of the celestial bodies (actors). Plus, a vibe of cooperation is also shown by the emphasized T-Square's midpoint pictures with apex Jupiter @26AQ21 in 10th house (highlighted in green; Venus in blue; 6th house Mars in his own sign of Scorpio leads a BOWL shape indicating 'advocacy of a cause' or 'having a mission' and may suggest militants or simply activists). And if this Jupiter conjoins (what some astrologers use as) US natal Moon (at apex), the T-Square indicates public anger and a potential for provocative behavior to continue although with a Jupiter-to-Moon transit happiness may be involved for at least some of us. Malcontents, not so much.

Plus, when in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, Venus tends toward faithfulness, a sense of duty and responsibility (Moon-Saturn = MC concurs, upper right!), and a 'matter of fact' nature, but in some cases this placement can express negative traits such as distrust, jealousy, and old-fashioned or out-of-date views. And it seems somewhat paradoxical that the Sabian Symbol of returning Venus @24Capricorn = "A Woman Entering a Convent." Does lady Venus consider the US Congress to be like a "convent"? Maybe. And there is a seclusion factor with both entities and in the Senate serious deliberation supposedly remains an objective and a habit similar to the meditation that life in a convent entails. Dane Rudhyar explains this symbol as, "The final goal is the attainment of TRANSCENDENT SECURITY." Maybe Lady Venus tires of 'running wild' and scoffing at societal traditions out on her own!

So penned on the chart you see Venus in blue as apex of two midpoint pictures which denote 'appeasement' and 'idealized thinking': Mercury-Jupiter and Mars-Neptune. Yes, Venusian romance may be involved as well but that's beyond the scope of this post!

Additionally, this chart shows the Prenatal Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 ('PE', here in 7th house) in the 5 South Saros Series with 5S themes of 'benefits' and 'good news' (B. Brady). As you see, the Venusian horoscope is set for Washington DC where the November 19, 2021 Lunar Eclipse @27Tau19 rises:

For the curious, here's a view of the natal horoscope of Kyrsten Sinema (RR: A).