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Apr 23, 2024

Trump Trial Horoscope April 25, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

On Thursday April 25, 2024 another go-round of the Trump Trial for Election Inteference (2016), aka, his Hush Money Trial, is scheduled for 9:30 am edt in Judge Juan Marchan's Manhattan courtroom. Here is the 9:30 am Horoscope of the legal proceedings:

My messy study notes are penned on and include: chart-ruler Moon applies twice: 1. trine Mars (making the best of things); and 2. trine Neptune (receptive/perceptive people which describes people in the environment and the public).

Planet of testimony, communication, and negotiation, Mercury @15Ari58 turns Direct at 8:54 am edt and, as you see, conjuncts the karmic Nodal Degree (15Ari34) in 11th house of Groups and Wishes. The Mercury-NN conjunction is apex of the midpoint between Sun and Mars. Potentials are notated in the center of the horoscope, and Sabian Symbols around the chart are interesting for those who have a chance to look them up.

Meanwhile, the Sun @5Tau49 applies to nothing (feeling isolated? overwhelmed?) and the Sun's ego-bruising square from powerful Pluto wanes yet one imagines that the sting remains.

As you see, the lucky break pair of Jupiter-Uranus @22Taurus conjuncts asteroid Pandora of unintended consequences (or little hope left?) but is not quite conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven (25Taurus), yet the pair may add a spark to his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine which has lifted him out of many jams through the years. We'll soon see if the trine remains operative for the old fella as legal proceedings grind on.

Then if David Pecker continues his testimony on Thursday, his first natal planet to rise at 9:30 am is his Uranus @13Can41 conjunct both Sirius the Scorcher (the mundane becomes sacred) and Canopus, the star of old age. So with radical Uranus rising, perhaps the unpredictable, or even shocking, may be expected, however, the ability to cope could also be on Mr. Pecker's menu.

Previously on SO'W: Trump Election Interference Trial Opens April 22, 2024 (horoscope shown).

On The Eclipse of David Pecker

Brief Astro-Notes re: Mr. D. J. Pecker

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

From the Wikipedia page of David Jay Pecker, whose testimony this week in the Trump Election Interference Trial is invaluable, was born in the Bronx, NY, on September 24, 1951 with a misty, ethereal Air-Water Sun Libra-Moon Cancer personality blend of a people pleaser (The Harveys). A mixture of intellectualism, communication, sociability, and sentimentality are indicated.

So without a known birth time, here you see a dual image of Mr. Pecker's noon natal horoscope (upper right) along with a Horoscope of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE'; lower left) which manifested on September 1, 1951 @8Vir16 in the 7 South Saros Series; angry 7 South themes are penned on the chart, as is the fact that a 7 South Eclipse last occurred on October 14 2023 @21Libra and was operative until the Total 8 North Great American Eclipse arrived on April 8, 2024:

As you see, other study notes are messily penned on for the curious including the fact that David Pecker's Syzygy Moon (lunation prior to birth) was the Lunar Eclipse of September 15, 1951 @21Pis51. Born under the influences of two eclipses makes Pecker something of an "eclipse baby" along the cosmic lines of D. Trump, and this indicates an eventful life, most likely in a public spotlight. Obviously, Pecker's career in publishing and its contact with the public at large are denoted.

The Grand Schemes of Jupiter-Neptune

Also notated on the image is an interesting alignment existing @18Libra between the natal Jupiter Stationary of D. Trump (boundary-and-taboo-breaker), Pecker's natal Neptune (planet of mass media, the masses, subterfuge, cover-ups, deception, fraud and lies) and the natal Saturn of Vladimir Putin (born October 7, 1952).

Now I don't know about you, dear reader, but this triple planetary linkage make me wonder if Mr. Pecker has thrown a veil (Neptune) over, not just Trump's caddish playboy behavior with women, but at some point, has perhaps masked something about the relationship between Don and Vlad by using his paper's "catch and kill" scheme with Mr. Pecker, then-publisher of The National Enquirer rag, operating as, "the eyes and ears of the Trump campaign" (2016) - under Putin's control (Saturn).

But not to fret, for it's only a thought, a mere wonderment of ethereal mist!

Apr 20, 2024

Trump Trial Opening Statements 4.22.24

April 22, 2024 Horoscope: Trump Election Interference Trial Opens, Manhattan, NYC 9:30 am edt; Judge Juan Marchan Presiding; aka, The Trump Hush Money Trial:

Monday April 22, 2024 9:30 am ET Manhattan, NYC

First up we may expect a few minutes of "judicial housekeeping" by Judge Marchan, then opening statements will begin. The first witness is expected to be The National Enquirer's David Pecker, previously in cahoots with pal Trump to squash negative stories about the promiscuous New York playboy who remains an all around cad and bounder.

Trump's first natal planet to rise will be his 11th house Saturn in watery Cancer which conjuncts his Venus (dissatisfaction in relationships) and inconjuncts his natal Moon-South-Node. This natal inconjunct adds great emotional and physical pressure to the Libra Moon inconjunct Saturn in Pisces of the trial, as noted:

In the chart there are two stand-out aspects of adjustment: Moon inconjunct Saturn - with Moon conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter, an aspect of legal and/or religious conflict, and Pluto @2AQ04 (8th house) inconjunct the Ascendant (@1Can25, close enough to a Cardinal World Point of Recognition to gain the world's attention).

The Moon-Saturn aspect indicates his emotional immaturity, his obvious discomfort, and a need to take responsibility, combined with Saturn inconjunct his Jupiter (forever whining, "It's not fair!" when in Libra, sign of The Scales of Justice) which identifies his fear of humiliation, a highly judgmental tendency toward others, excessively strong feelings difficult to hide, and his sense of being betrayed and abandoned. Chart-ruler Moon opposing Venus describes the uncomfortable social situation he's forced to endure, made worse by input from the negative aspect from legal eagle Saturn.

Add the Sun-Pluto square for ego breakdown, physical suffering, and promoting a sense of martyrdom as a sop for his bruised ego (and as a campaign strategy he's already demonstrated for his gullible base's consumption).

Along Comes Heavyweight Pluto

Pluto inconjunct the Ascendant (the trial itself) shows his unwillingness to cooperate in this power struggle as his usual sense of control and the ability to manipulate conditions and people are lacking. It also suggests the defendant's grudge-holding nature, his need to know what questions will be asked if he testifies, old issues being dredged up, and his habit of repeating himself ad nauseum which will not be tolerated by Judge Marchan. No rambling on--stick to the matters at hand!

Yet Trump's tendencies to exaggerate and to make mountains out of molehills when it suits him will be expressed if given a chance; however, testifying planet Mercury opposing his natal proportion-challenged Jupiter denotes a highly unfavorable time for disagreements with authority figures.

And with the trial's Mercury-Moon opposition, the day's energies tend toward wordiness, an altering the facts atmosphere, and the potential that someone's change of heart about participating will bring things to a halt, especially since Mercury Rx won't turn Direct until the evening of Thursday April 25th. Obviously, possible losses of jurors and/or witnesses come to mind due to nervousness over the raptor's sinister gaze and his mob-like intentions.

So despite his strong emotions and deep need to take over the limelight, Mr. Trump will do somewhat better for himself if he keeps his mouth shut and keeps his wide girth off the witness stand.

For more info see the horoscope, Stormy Legalities: 1st Trump Trial of Monday April 15, 2024 which shows a first-house Moon @23Cancer--conjunct Defendant Trump's natal Saturn, with the Moon-Saturn duo emphasizing depression but the pair can also provide ambition, strategy, and direction.

Apr 19, 2024

April 29, 2024: Mars Meets Neptune

Mars-Neptune and the Search for Greener Pastures

by Jude Cowell

Please pardon the messiness of my study notes penned on the chart, below, it's been a tiring week for multiple reasons, and Mercury retrograde hasn't helped matters. Even so, I want to publish the DC Horoscope of the upcoming Mars-Neptune Conjunction @28Pis52 which lands upon the difficult fixed star of misfortune, Scheat. The conjunction also perfects upon the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint, the power-seeking planetary pair of Plutocracy and big wheeler-dealing.

Obviously, big finance (banking), power politics, religion, and transnational corporatism are indicated along with congressional and court proceedings; a measure of dissatisfaction tends to come along with Mars-Neptune, and the usual fogginess, confusion, and possibly misdirected energies are always present with America's 1776 Mars-Neptune square (in this chart, from 6th to 8th house), and will affect conditions from behind the scenes, perhaps surreptiously; see below for notes concerning this horoscope's unaspected ruler, Saturn:

Then as you see, the rising Capricorn Moon plays a prominent role in the chart and the situation; Luna is out of bounds ('OOBs') so is somehow emotionally alienated or estranged, and yet she also leads all the planets in a BOWL shape which denotes advancing a cause or a mission. Of course, Capricorn is the sign of government, law, business, and investments, and sign and chart-ruler Saturn rules legalities, judges, lawmakers, managers, and older, more experienced participants. Or, we might say, adults in the room.

Yet typically dutiful Saturn, when unaspected in a horoscope, can tend toward indifference or a lack of concern over processes outside a limited sphere of operation. In fact, a lack of motivation to take direct action may be noticed. And with the Mars-Neptune duo suggesting confusion, indecision, and inconsistent efforts, unaspected Saturn's slackness may allow matters to become more disorganized, even chaotic. Add to this unaspected Saturn's lack of conscience and any Saturnian proceedings may linger a while without resolution - until limits are placed or rules established.

A Piscean Sabian Symbol to Ponder

Mars-Neptune's rounded up degree is 29 Pisces with a Sabian Symbol of "A Prism" (see the chart's upper right corner for the keyword). This is, "A symbol of the world's stability," a potential which sounds really good about now, as you may agree.

For more info see: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney #ad.

Apr 18, 2024

RFK Jr, RFK Sr, and Two Eclipses

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

There will be no voters in the 2024 Election who will know how it feels to have a father assassinated in cold blood. Except for RFK Jr., a past drug addict with unusual opinions, some on the quirky side.

The emotional and psychological damage from losing his father when he was 14 years old is difficult if not impossible to assess by a lone blogger such as myself with no psychology degree. However, what I can do is publish two pertinent horoscopes concerning these matters, my study notes included, and which are shown in bi-wheel form below.

But first, a bit of news, then some background:

'Leaving Nothing to Chance': Biden and allies seek to hobble RFK Jr, reports Elena Schneider over at Politico.

A Father Who Was Suddenly Lost

The tragic assassination of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy (aka, RFK) on June 5, 1968, and his death the next day, occurred under the auspices of a 6 North Solar Eclipse @8Aries (unmarked on the chart--in 2nd house of money, with the aggressive energies of Mars). 6 North themes: "relationship to father or authority figures; the need to take responsibility and control; commitments occur due to another person's illness or unreliability" (paraphrasing B. Brady; my Italics). We last experienced a 6 North Eclipse on April 30, 2022 @10Taurus as the 2022 Midterm campaigns were gearing up.

Bi-wheel: RFK Assassination June 5, 1968 (inner) surrounded by RFK Jr's natal chart born January 17, 1954, with two of the primary contacts circled:

1968 Pluto to his natal Jupiter (death/assassination of a loving father) and 1968 Saturn and North Node conjunct his son's natal Midheaven ('MC') indicating potentials for: "separation from family members, mourning and bereavement; depression; and/or standing alone in life" (R. Ebertin). Also notated is April's 8 North Eclipse @19Ari24 conjunct wounded healer Chiron @19:24 - and both conjunct RFK Jr's natal Midheaven. So is Bobby's 2024 candidacy an attempt to fulfill his father's cruelly diverted dream of entering the Oval Office? If so, it wouldn't be surprising.

Yes, prominent campaign-wise, is the recent manifestation of the 8 North Great American Eclipse for RFK Jr because it has landed directly upon his natal Midheaven ('MC') of Goals and Aspirations and spotlights at this time his strong drive for power. Follow the link to view a dual image of the 8 North Eclipse and RFK Jr's natal horoscope.

However, when under the influence of a Mars-ruled Aries Eclipse, one can behave in an overly headstrong manner, too aggressive in competition. This tracks well with the fellow that many say RFK Jr's candidacy is intended to elect by default - Defendant J. Trump, as he is currently known. Unless, that is, Trump has to step aside and Bobby Jr. steps in. Unlikely, yes, but who really knows? One thing we can know: as RFK Jr is carrying water for Trump, he's also carrying water for the foreign meddlers who use DJT as an asset.

And yet as we've previously discussed, RFK Jr is the only 2024 candidate having a beneficial Jupiter Return in Election Year 2024!

Meanwhile, for the daring reader, here's a view of the natal horoscope of assassin Sirhan Sirhan, born with a Minor Grand Trine between Uranus-Neptune and assassin Pluto at apex. You'll remember that this is the same planetary trio that formed in 2017 when transit Pluto @18Capricorn hit the 1993 Uranus-Neptune Conjunction/s and completed a revealing midpoint picture of:

"The big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed; very little option to do otherwise" (Noel Tyl).

And this, my friends, partially describes the overbearing script that global authoritarians are continuing to follow as they join forces to form a vast criminal syndicate (Neptune-Pluto) and play their grand chess game over our heads with their success at any cost mindset - as long as all the losses are ours, not theirs.

Why The Right is Wrong: Raid on Michael Cohen Isn't Corruption, It's Just -- clip

As you know, the Trump Election Interference Trial began with jury slection in Judge Marchan's Manhattan courtroom on Monday April 15th. In fact, his "hush money" payments to Stormy Daniels are no longer hush-hush and, as expected, Donald is going through some things.

Then back in 2018, the FBI raided Michael Cohen on April 9th, and a SO'W post appeared concerning Cohen, Trump, Pecker, and The National Enquirer.

Upcoming testimonies in Trump's "hush money" trial should be quite engaging, if not riveting. Don't you agree?

Apr 16, 2024

Old Trump Discovers He's Not a King!

No Thumb on the Scale But Ketchup On the Wall

by Jude Cowell

In the Manhattan courtroom of Judge Juan Marchan this week, Mr. Trump is finding it quite impossible to put his thumb on the Scales of Justice as he has always managed to do. Glowering, frowning, staring pointedly, and napping certainly haven't worked for his nibs. No jury member was seated yesterday but about 50 of them were excused.

A don't-miss report is Rachel Maddow Highlights April 15, 2024 with her commentary including Michael Cohen, set to testify in the Trump Election Interference Trial that began yesterday in Manhattan, Trump's interference in the Department of Justice to delete information on his involvement for which he's now on trial (yet Michael Cohen spent three years in prison for his part bribing Stormy Daniels), the "catch and kill" scheme with The National Enquirer's David Pecker (paramour Karen McDougal may also testify), and other topics.

You'll remember that back in the day the FBI raided Michael Cohen.

Michael Cohen Born in the 1960s' Uranus-Pluto Era

Now with my printer-scanner out of working order since yesterday, I can't post the noon natal chart of Michael Cohen but I can mention the fact that the Eclipse Saros Series into which Michael was born on August 25, 1966 is the difficult 4 North of May 20, 1966 @29Taurus, a critical degree, with themes of "restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation, illusions; events block the individual and he's prone to misjudge strength or the situation" (paraphrasing B. Brady).

The last 4 North Eclipse occurred as the Summer Solstice June 21, 2020 @00Cancer (00:21), a Cardinal World Point of manifestation and global events. Based on its Solar and Lunar Eclipses, 1966 was a Taurus-Scorpio sort of year with Uranus-Pluto-in-Virgo undertones.

A current transit to Michael Cohen's natal planets include a three-fer visit from transit Neptune to his natal Saturn Rx @28Pis05 timing an extended period of clouds and confusion for him, but also a time to find new ways to approach his own sense of authority. However, the best way for anyway to handle this transit is to depend on spiritual assets, and the presence of priestly Chiron @24Pis55 in his natal chart, where transit Neptune has already tarried, underscores such a need - spiritualism over materialism. Michael testifying for the prosecution against Snoozy Don is part of this change.

Then with a natal Neptune-South-Node conjunction @19Scopio, Michael has experienced a life of intrigue and unfortunate circumstances, and now has an opportunity to act as a channel for the Collective to work out spiritual purposes under very difficult conditions. It seems obvious to me, if not to dear readers like you, that his Collective task involves outing the criminal conduct of his former employer, the highly materialistic Donald Trump.