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Sep 29, 2023

Cassidy Hutchinson December 12, 1996

The Personality Blend of Cassidy Hutchinson

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Born December 12,1996 in Pennnington, New Jersey (hour unknown; 12:00 pm is used in the following charts, birth data from her book, Enough #ad), Cassidy Hutchinson's Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Capricorn (for the entire 24-hour of her birth day) gives her a Fire-Earth personality blend influenced by Jupiter (Sag) and Saturn (Cap). This expansion-restriction planetary duo and the sign of Capricorn relate to government, law, and business, and together they signify the 'checks and balances' tradition of the US government (now under attack by the anti-governing GOP).

Here's the lady's Wikipedia page.

And here are two natal horoscopes (12:00 pm EST), the first chart is marked with my study notes, the second chart unmarked; notable is that her book Enough states that she was born early morning so you may wish to adjust the timing; ex: at 6:00 am EST - Rising is 4Sag31 with Pluto @3Sag40 which brings along aspects to natal Pluto: sextile Uranus, and trine natal Saturn; at 6:00 am Midheaven ('MC") is Mars @21Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against the mainstream'); you'll also notice her Saturn-South-Node conjunction indicating that the lady is in a class by herself!

Now you may wish to check out a few notes concerning the Personality Blend of Cassidy Hutchinson a la The Harveys (Sun Sign-Moon Sign #ad) which are penned on the upper chart's lower right corner. Considering how her life has trended lately, it seems interesting to me that her natal Mercury in Capricorn conjuncts her natal asteroids Ceres (democracy) and Astraea (justice)!

As for the Solar Eclipse cycle into which Cassidy Hutchinson was born ('PE' @19Lib31), that's the 17 New North Series which manifested on October 12, 1996 with themes of impulsive, hectic energies (B. Brady). Prominent is her Mars @21Virgo, leader of a Locomotive shape of her planets and indicating a strong determination toward success. Her ambitious Capricorn Moon supports this!

Many Thanks go to my FB friend, astrologer Mary Novotny who shared the birth data that she located in Cassidy Hutchinson's book!

Now this is all I care to type concerning Ms. Hutchinson's vaguely timed natal horoscope unless and until an accurate birth time for her turns up as perhaps it will. Thanks for reading! jc

Sep 28, 2023

GOP's Biden Impeachment Inquiry Opens

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Chaired by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, the GOP (maga) inquiry into impeaching President Joe Biden opened this morning at 10:00 am edt. Actually, Trump's handmaidens are on a fishing expedition to 'catch' Joe Biden by linking him to his son Hunter's activities, in hopes of making Trump look better to voters. So far, no equivalency has been found between decades-long public servant Biden and insurrectionist Trump. And you know, Joe came out of retirement to help us with this fascism thing but extremist Republicans don't like it.

Blue Saturn, karmic planet of law and order

So! Below you see a bi-wheel of the Republican Party Horoscope (inner) set for March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT Ripon, WI, and (outer) today's 10:00 am EDT chart set for Septmber 28, 2023 with 10Sco06 rising ("11 Scorpio": "A Drowning Man Rescued"). Wonder who ordered this fishing expedition hoping to be rescued from his troubles? Well, Scorpio is the sign of detectives and investigations, with Mars its ruler, and Pluto its sub-ruler.

As you see, the Mars inconjunct Uranus is listed on the chart since Mars rules the inquiry itself with Plutonian influences of power, control, and manipulation in his back pocket. Meanwhile, a 4th house Pluto @27Cap55 Rx remains within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return and had conjoined 1854 Jupiter 5 times from 2019 into 2020 during the Trump years. Here, Pluto squares North Node of public contact which suggests the revolutionary reforms now in play which challenge The Establishment (Saturn).

But my primary focus is on today's Saturn Rx @1Pis36 which conjuncts 1854 Venus while opposing 1854 Mars. In other words, transit Saturn is activating the Republican Party's quarrelsome Venus-Mars opposition (see lower right corner for details). And there's today's Venus atop the chart with her Leonine pride and her tendencies toward jealousy and greed when she's been scorned (aka, not voted for!)

As for accountability, you know that Saturn demands truth, realism, and the facts but look what was rising at 10:00 am this morning in Washington DC as the proceedings began: Trump's natal Neptune @5Libra, the first planet of his 2nd house trio that includes Chiron and his stationary Jupiter in Libra - and with the morning Sun spotlighting it! To me this implies that Donald's Dream (Jupiter-Neptune) of floating above the fray (his indictments and trials) is on today's menu as his handmaidens attempt to improve the orange oldster's tattered public image, damaged by his own criminality and vengefulness.

And yes, there are plenty of other chart factors of interest for the curious but let's close by saying that the Mars-Uranus inconjunct bodes ill for the outcome of today's political stunt and for its ultimate consequences for the Republican Party. Because maddeningly, instead of working to keep the government from shutting down this Saturday at midnight, these maga-style 'Putin pals' are performing yet another congressional clown show for the sake of sore loser Trump who made his own bed and will now have to lie in it.

Sep 27, 2023

But When Will Trump's Uranus Return?

Natal Uranus of The Hail and Hearty Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

With Mr. Trump's natal Uranus @17Gem53 in his 10th house of Career and Public Status, and since his Uranus is his 'guiding planet' (aka, oriental: last to rise before his Sun @22Gemini, with North Node @20Gemini) - and with quirky, erratic Uranus the planet of rebellion, freedom, reactionary politics, perversity, disruption, chaos, and/or just plain cantankerousness, Trump's upcoming Uranus Return/s (3 times) reveals significant signposts on his life path. That is, if he can reach such a marker, a significant challenge for anyone who attempts to stick around into their 80s, and perhaps beyond.

Now I'm wishing nothing on this topic, not for Trump nor for anyone else. All I want to do with this brief post is to publish a tri-wheel of the three horoscopes showing Trump's Uranus Return dates for future reference, if needed:

1. August 14, 2029; 2. November 2, 2029; 3. May 27, 2030; a few study notes are sprinkled on, as you can see. All three charts are set for New York since he was born there, and because I haven't the least idea where the oldster will physically be located in 2029 or 2030; however, he'll be in the 83 to 84-year-old range of life. Hopefully, he will not be anywhere near my vicinity if I'm still kickin' by then:

Notably, Trump's Uranus lands in Return 3rd house of Communications (in New York) in the first two return charts (with the 3rd house having a connection to Health), but Uranus pops up in the 12th house of Large Institutions such as Hospitals or Prisons in his final Uranus Return of May 27, 2030 - just an observation.

Then if we consider the orange oldster's lifetime of underhanded activities, the Sabian Symbol for Trump's natal Uranus degree when rounded-up seems prominent: "18Gemini" = "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese (In A Western Crowd.) Hmmm. Well, the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini can be very chatty and transactional, you know.

Sep 26, 2023

Those Celebrity Spies of Hollywood!

A Tribute to the Anti-Nazi Actors of World War Two

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

When it comes to war, who better to become spies than actors already accustomed to hiding their true identities? The lists of anti-Nazi spies of World War Two are now known to include several famous actresses and actors whose secret activities were successfuly concealed - everyone recognized them so passports were seldom if ever checked, their appearances in certain venues were distracting, they knew how to schmooze with anyone while gathering information, and they could travel wherever they wished.

For example, the very popular Josephine Baker spied for her beloved France as she traveled with invisible-inked intel written on sheet music sewn into her clothes. Well done!

Please note that this post is inspired by watching an intriguing 52-minute video this morning: The crucial role of Hollywood spies--from Cary Grant to Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo.

Sounds like yet another reason the current crop of fascists such as Tr*mp and the 'maga' GOP 'hate' Hollywood and the film industry Jews therein - it's an old grudge they hold against people in the WWII era who stood in the way of Hitl*r's Nazi world domination agenda.

Well, I'm very glad they did! Now the estimable Taylor Swift, with her ability to inspire new voter registrations, a pro-democracy move, probably won't be welcomed at Mar-a-Lago any time soon. For as The Independent put it a few days ago, Taylor Swift call to action drives 13,000 people every 30 minutes to voter registration site. So that's another well done!

Meanwhile, it just so happens that three of the Hollywood actors mentioned in the video have previously been profiled on my Neptune's Silver Screen blog of celebrity horoscopes, trailers, and photos.

If curious, here's a list of their astro-portraits:

Cary Grant (pictured above; public domain);

Marlene Dietrich (FBI head J. Edgar Hoover didn't trust her but did he trust anyone?);

Greta Garbo who, curiously enough, played the role on film of one of the most famous spies of all, World War One's Mata Hari!

Now on the topic of spying we would be remiss to skip over a previously published astro-comparison between Ian Fleming and Sean Connery, two men whose collaboration on author Fleming's James Bond double-oh-seven character made Sean Connery mega-famous and defined for generations of audiences the archetype of the elegant, always successful spy. Yet as far as I know, Mr. Connery was only play acting and not a real spy at all--but Ian Fleming had been!

So let's close on a more current note: a recent question posed by a BBC writer but perhaps you already know the answer, If Trump isn't a spy, why is be being charged under the Espionage Act? After all, 'agent orange' faces only 31 charges over stolen documents. So far!

Sep 25, 2023

Oct 23, 2023: Chesebro-Powell J6 Trial

For your consideration!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Two images today, a total of three horoscopes, sans my study notes. The first image displays dual horoscopes of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 @21Lib07 - upper right set for Washington DC, lower left set for Atlanta, Georgia where the J6 trial of two conspirators, Kenneth Chesebro and Sydney "Kraken" Powell will commence with first-day jury selection:

Then below is a 10:00 am edt (speculative hour) horoscope of the Chesebro-Powell J6 Trial set for Atlanta, Georgia; if you set up the horoscope, adjust the timing of your chart according to the trial's opening hour as it's known. And for comparison, note that if the October 23rd Trial Horoscope is set for Washington DC, the Midheaven (Goal Point) becomes 13Vir23 conjunct Venus @13Vir29 with Venus in Virgo relating to morality and ethics, and the sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo preferring the facts; perhaps Venus in Virgo represents prosecuting DA Fani Willis:

Plus, 29Sco43 rises ("30Sco": "A Halloween Jester"), then there's a potential for (activist) Mars @7Sco45 in 12th house in the J6 Trial Chart and decision-making Mercury @2Sco09 conjunct the Trial's 10:00 am 12th cusp to signify the forcing of a hung jury for one or both defendants due to one or more bribed jurors (Jupiter Rx in Tauru$ opposing Mars). Of course, ideological and/or political motivations (Merury-Mars conjunct = political opinions) will also be involved no matter how this, or any other J6 trial, proceeds:

For a view of a notated 7 South Eclipse DC Horoscope with 7 South themes penned on, mosey over to a previous SO'W post.

Sep 24, 2023

Dreamer Donald hearts Dreamer Adolf!

Agendas Built on Dreams Fail Once Saturn Steps In

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Saturn, Karmic Planet of Reality, Legality, Limits

That the world is once again under sway and under threat by a psychotic fantasist is a tragic condition which must be overcome by reality. The primary historical example, of course, is the Austrian Adolf Hitler, past dictator of Germany and a fantasist on steroids. Word is, Adolf refused to look at the horrors of destruction his "vision" had caused such as his own wounded soldiers. He blocked out the unpleasant which is what in our day Herr Trump must do in order to keep his world domination fantasy intact and spinning in his own head, his 'Big Lie' fantasy supported financially by donations from his gullible cult members and his fellow enemies of America.

And some sources say that Hitler's drug use exacerbated a bi-polar condition. Wonder how Trump's use of Adderall exacerbates his mental condition? But wait! Donald's years-long drug use is probably only unsubstantiated gossip! If false, it means that his perceptions skewed by an inability to face reality are entirely his own little red wagon, no excuses.

Now anyone paying attention realizes that another coup of the White House in 2024 is Trump's only hope for his vengeful version of totalitarian success, and for the pardoning of his scofflaw crimes including espionage, despite the concentrated efforts of legal eagle Saturn, planet of law and order. Yes, Trump hopes to sidestep Saturn's demand for accountability, as do his complicit comrades.

Even Trump's 'Big Lie' and its utilization is based on advice from Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels (AA-rated horoscope shown). Check out his fantasy-prone planetary aspects such as a spin-worthy Mercury-Neptune trine, and a T-Square made up of a Moon-Neptune-opposition square his broadcasting Jupiter @00Libra, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation and fame. Goebbels' Venus-Pluto trine added intense passion to his financial irregularities and relationship difficulties.

As for 'big dreamer' Trump, we've previously discussed Moon-Neptune as a cosmic signature of the mass delusion (Moon: the public; Neptune: delusion; the masses; mass media) that some of the world's population remains mesmerized by, most significantly in the US thanks to the approximately 30% of us under the influence of the Trump cult that exists inside, and revels within, Donald's fantasy world. This anti-reality tragedy is supported by independent news sources and by a corporate media hungry for profit as they work to fulfill the Hitlerian take-over dream of the past. And who can forget That Time a GOP Gaggle Spent July 4th (2018) in Moscow? Wonder if Herr Trump had given them secret documents to deliver to their bosses?

For more on Adolf's big dream, see Hitler's vision: 'Germania' (video) (included:his and Eva's death data for April 30, 1945; note that she may be the only person in the bunker who died that day).

To close, here's a related post Saturn and the Trump Trial: March 4, 2024 if that should remain the trial date, no guarantees.

Thanks for reading about these dreadful topics, well done! Jude

Sep 22, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch: Pluto = Sun-Uranus

by Jude Cowell, on behalf of democracy and the common good

Yesterday the news broke of a major transition at the head of Fox and Fox News Corp, that Papa Rupert had anointed son Lachlan Murcdoch to carry on; however, Papa says he'll be "watching." Apparently, Lachlan has been "groomed" since birth to carry the Murdoch family torch - now, into an uncertain future. Word is that Laclan is more authoritarian than his father, but Laclan did, after all, have an experienced teacher. Notable is that yesterday into today, the Sun conjoins Lachlan's natal Pluto so his power potential (carrying his Sun-Uranus 'radical reformist' vibes) are in the spotlight, a global spotlight.

Below, see the aspect grid of multiple squares and oppositions within their dynamic relationship. Even their natal Suns are in opposite signs!

Born with a significant midpoint picture of power, rebellion, radical reforms, and a potential for tragedy (Pluto = Sun-Uranus), Mr. Murdoch the Younger is a radical reformer (R. Ebertin) so this is one spot in his psyche where authoritarianism can creep in. Apparently, Fox and Fox News Corp are in for additional changes and shifts which may have already begun. Let's watch for shake-ups!

Plutocrat Pluto: Power, Control, Manipulation, Exploitation, Extreme Wealth, The Underworld

So here's the natal horoscope of the 'new boss, same as the old boss':

Lachlan Murdoch born September 8, 1971 9:00 pm CET (RR: C) Wimbledon, UK; a sprinkling of study notes are added including a few details re: his Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE'), the 9 New South, which repeats on September 21, 2025 @29Virgo conjunct his natal Pluto (see lower right corner):

And here's an aspect grid between father and son:

And btw, do you know that a German Media Baron Aided the Rise of Hitl*r?

Related: Rupert Murdoch's natal chart and Prenatal Solar Eclipse (contains a link to a 2015 Business Insider article about Rupert "stepping down" and "handing the reins to his son" but Papa will still have a "voice." As we say, history does rhyme (and sometimes does repeat).