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Sep 27, 2019

US Congress: Broken When We Need It to Get Busy

Has the US Congress disintegrated right before our eyes, now broken beyond repair? The sabotage of the US government has been in force for decades and infiltrators are having their merry way. Politico's When Impeachment Meets a Broken Congress lays out the case rather well (especially if readers scroll down a few paragraphs).

And astrologers are likely to be familiar with recent and current planetary transits to the US Congress First Session Horoscope and those affecting Inauguration 2017 planets, plus, a long-term transit of Pluto square natal Neptune with potentials for: 'psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration'. And since Congress is intended to represent We The People, this heavy plutonian influence applies to the entire population.

See the US Congress First Session Horoscope of March 4, 1789 for more transit details.

Now as you can see from the March 4, 1789 chart, the Midheaven (26Capricorn) of the US Congress (MC = Goals, Aspirations, Public Standing) is currently in turmoil from the approaching Saturn-Pluto pair of compressed, unyielding energies, and the same for US Inauguration Horoscope/s (January 20, 2017, 2013, etc, at noon Capitol Building Washington DC).

Karmic Saturn and Pluto are working together as they move closer and their energies peak @23Cap46 on January 12, 2020 (conjunct Trump' natal Vertex of fated encounters--an encounter with dictatorship apparently although personally I'm hoping for downfall). The Saturn-Pluto pairing denotes potentials for: turmoil in rigid or older structures, upsets in existing checks and balances, secret preparations for future restrictions, use of secret police or military agencies, blocked sewage systems, and/or lengthy consideration of methods of removal or destruction (Munkasey). But whether Trump stays on top or not, the ongoing sabotage, mostly by Republicans, is in process of achieving its objective of collapsing America and 'drowning her in a bath tub' as Grover Norquist promised. After all, everyone knows that no empire lasts forever--including the vengeful Vladimir Putin.

So as noted, plans to deconstruct the US government have been simmering for decades--actually from the start--and many see the 2022 US Pluto Return/s as a major signpost on the way to...whatever conditions and events from the Revolutionary years will rhyme if not repeat by 2022.

And naturally, the saboteurs are banking on modern generations of Americans having little if any of the spunk and determination our forefathers possessed during the Revolutionary era so that fighting to rescue our Republic when time catches up with need will be a weak and wimpy affair, easily vanquished, our combatants soft and otherwise engaged with their phones and viral videos. For as you know stealth has been one of our opponents' handiest aids (as always with sabotage) along with infiltration, lies, fraud, cheating, political 'spin', propaganda, wedge issues, and the entertainment industry. Bribery and intimidation work well for them, too, with their mobster/global crime syndicate selves focused on dismantling democratic societies. That the US will no longer act as global leader seems evident to me and is one of the saboteurs' goals.

Plus, you'll remember that in December 2008, during the Bush-Cheney Financial Crash, America symbolically reached as far as she/we can go (or should go) in the world via our nation's Progressed Full Moon in Virgo. Now, despite the massive amount of rigging it's taken to hide the fact that our nation has reached its pinnacle, we're nearly 11 years beyond that point and the karmic imperatives are coming in fast. Are our crumbling institutional structures too weak to withstand the sabotaging forces of the global crime syndicate? For that's what the Washington establishment fights when it battles against Donald Trump although some politicians may be 'fighting' and resisting while secretly supporting the fascist cause he leads (or is the face of--an orange figurehead!).

Now as you know, even before America's Pluto Return/s in 2022 we must navigate several Solar and Lunar Eclipses of note, plus, two titanic planetary conjunctions occur after Saturn-Pluto in January 2020--Jupiter-Pluto begin their cycle anew with the duo's financial implications on April 5, June 30, November 12, 2020 between 22 and 25 Capricorn (tri-wheel charts shown). And the Jupiter-Saturn (the societal pair) conjunct and end 2020 with a bang @00AQ29 conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS) and marking the beginning of a 20-year cycle. When Jupiter and Saturn combine forces there are more checks and balances issues and significant changes in governmental, religious, and social orders with a judicial system at breaking point (Munkasey)--and this must include the lawmakers of Congress.

So now I must regress because during all the years of writing Stars Over Washington (since 2005) I have encouraged readers to contact Congress with 'call often call angry' concerning their issues but now I strongly suspect that calls and emails to Congress offering our support and firm 'don't allow the institution to dissolve' messages would serve both the higher and lower purposes of We The People much better. Don't you?

Related Posts include: The Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse of America's Pluto Return/s; and, The Facist Plot to Overthrow FDR (documentary). My point is, the fascists are at it again and have learned much from their previous mistakes and miscalculations.

Aug 19, 2014

Critical Degrees and the Progressed Moon

Beginning with its natal position in the Zodiac, the progressed Moon symbolically advances approximately one degree per month. Therefore, the Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon makes a handy timer for the natal and progressed horoscopes with the SP Moon reflecting influences of about one month's duration. If important transits or other progressions conjoin the SP Moon's position at any given time, a fuller picture is created especially when clues are considered such as the natal house through which the SP Moon advances, the SP Moon's sign, the condition of the natal Moon, the pertinent houses ruled by the Moon, and the houses ruled by the planet/s being aspected.

Is your SP Moon in Cancer? Then home and domestic scene are areas of focus for the two-and-a-half years SP Moon is in that sign along with possible mother/daughter/family concerns, nurturing issues, and real estate matters such as moving residence, renovation of environment, a family member entering or leaving the home, etc. SP Moon in Leo may involve solar issues of creativity, entertainment, children, romance, ego, the hero's journey in life, and other Leonine matters while SP Moon in Virgo hints at Virgoan issues such as health, work, service, criticism, teaching, purification, dedication, and/or discrimination. Naturally, in Astrology the opposite sign and house polarity must be considered as well. (Ex: 4th house matters tie in with or affect 10th house career matters.)

A example from December 24, 2008 in Political Astrology is America's SP Full Moon @4Vir10 (We the People at critical degree--Sun (leadership), too, @4Pis10; the SP horoscope may be viewed at Jude's Threshold if you wish. This culmination phase in progressions timed the Financial Crash of 2008 and on an evolutionary scale marked the limit of America's thrust into the wider world as our National Treasury was raided. With the public's Moon in Virgo, we were critical and suspicious (with good reason) of US leaders who were murky and deliberately confusing on all issues even to the point of deception.

As you know, Pisces folk have that swim-up-or-down vibe which can express either positively (compassion, spirituality, creativity) or negatively such as theft and fraud--which is what we got from leadership--and have now with SP Sun still in Pisces.

Another Luna-related post is Using the Moon in Electional Astrology which concerns using the transiting Moon as a timer for starting or debuting projects or events--and not necessarily in the area of #politics.)

In case you need it, here is a list of critical degrees (degr) of each sign:

Cardinal signs (Aries-Libra, Cancer-Capricorn) 0 degr, 13 degr, 26 degr; Fixed signs (Taurus-Scorpio, Leo-AQ) 8-9 degr, 21-22 degr; Mutable signs (Gemini-Sagittarius, Virgo-Pisces) 4 degr, 17 degr. Plus, 0 degrees of any sign may act as a critical degree along with the impatient 29th degree. Other degrees are sometimes considered critical due to important events occurring there such as Eclipses, Great Conjunctions, etc.

Basically a critical degree has been sensitized and indicates emphasis or stress on the planet/s or point/s and the issues involved. There may be a deal-with-this-Now crisis occurring as matters come to a head as timed by the SP Moon. (Mars is a traditional timer as well but here we're discussing the Moon--and much of the sensitivity of the degrees may be due to the degrees of Mansions of the Moon which are not discussed here.)

Now critical degrees may not 'work' all the time and their expression is certainly affected by whether there's a transit to that point or another progressed planet joining in by conjunction or opposition. In such cases, the crisis may last longer with other planetary involvement but as stated, if it's the SP Moon conjoining a critical degree, approximately one month will be the duration of the influence.

Another consideration is the Modality of the affected sign: Cardinal signs tend to work faster and more directly, Fixed signs denote a lagging or delayed affect, and Mutable signs indicate more of a mental or internal influence.

Using the SP Moon in chart interpretation and synthesis is an important tool in the astrologer's kit particularly as the SP Moon triggers a critical degree so I do hope this post will be of some use to you.

Jul 23, 2008

McCain's Neverending war: video link

In his own words, folks!

Is it possible that POW McCain has never left war?

Now Barack Obama will almost certainly disappoint the American people on redeploying from Iraq soon enough to suit (like 5 years ago), withdrawing, etc, but I'll have to take my chances on that because look at the alternative with McCain...American children as cannon fodder for many years to come- that's what Maverick McCain is promising in spite of his recent equivocations.

And we know that the USA has some hard days ahead and has reached the limits of her power in the world (Progressed Full Moon in Virgo, December 2008; Mars now Rx by Progression...Mars = the military; police force - which will be used at home.)

But as the I Ching so wisely advises those who are willing to learn: there's no shame in regrouping forces to plan anew!

May 16, 2008

Dec 24, 2008: day of US Progr'd Full Moon

This image is the transit chart for Dec 24, 2008, 11:45 pm est, Philadelphia, PA, which is the exact time of America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon (based on the US 'Sibly' chart, July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT.)

Secondary Progressed Full Moons are the end of a cycle which everyone's natal chart enjoys and which gives important info regarding relationships, goals and joint successes, and public life.

Not liking the looks of this chart am I, yet it may as well be faced with its Mars/Pluto opposition to Midheaven, *Sun/Atlantis conjunction, tr Jupiter conj US natal Pluto 27Cap33--a pair which is conj US Secondary (Sec) South Node (a point of separation, unconscious or neurotic behavior, talents, and/or past connections.)

An hour of Jupiter emphasizes the Jupiter-to-Pluto transit when resources and resourcefulness are increased as well as achievement of greater power and control unless negative factors interfere.

Evaluation and distribution of monetary assets and raw materials procede if all goes well although these assets seem to be mainly in the fatcat coffers already, if you're asking me. How greedy can plutocrats (Jupiter-Pluto) be? It's quite mindboggling, isn't it?

Dec 24's asteroid, Tisiphone (retaliation) is there with Jupiter and US n Pluto as well, and you see the 6/12 cusps are conj the Sec Full Moon's degrees...12th cusp = Sec Moon (4Vir10) and 6th cusp = Sec Sun (4Pis10.) The 6/12 house polarity with the Virgo/Pisces axis = the victim/savior axis, as you know.

So Virgoan health concerns and Piscean spiritual issues may be on the nation's front burner, along with the victimization of war and violence. And Pisces' link with Neptune brings oil and gas into the picture, as we may expect.

Quite worrisome is the pile-up at the Foundation Point of the chart--the HOW? Point, the that warrior Mars (which is out-of-bounds and working on his own), nuclear Pluto, and the Sun (purpose, the leader in a national chart) affect the opposite point--Mc, the Goal/Aspiration/Public Status of the chart.

Mars/Pluto = Mc: ambition; self-confidence; facing overwhelming force without power; danger; dealing with might on either side of any issue; major job maneuver.

You see lesson-bringer Saturn in the karmic house of the Unconscious (12th) and readying to conj US natal Neptune in Virgo (exact 8.27.09.) Saturn to n Neptune is a disillusioning time of facing grim reality (so we have That to look forward to--within the presidential term of whomever gets the job, though why anyone would want it eludes me.)

Blogging time is brief so I'll temporarily close this post with the Sun Cap-Moon Sag details--this is an Earth-Fire combo indicating an ability to enlist others to action.

Earth-Fire blends are aka "the bulldozer" and may be described as volcanic molten lava which eventually forms new, fertile land.

Earth-Fire can deal with molten metal like a blacksmith (or a 'Vulcan'?) or as an engineer who shapes raw materials into serviceable tools (such as weaponry? see 'Jupiter to Pluto' above), plus, there's a dictatorial attitude and a certitude about beliefs which we've unfortunately seen in Washington before with ginned up pretexts for going to war...

Sun Cap-Moon Sag:

zealousness, practical idealism, and faith in values; alternately austere and humorous; hard-headed businessperson + visionary social reformer; high standards; charismatic and capable; forceful and powerful; ability to grasp facts and hold onto the vision; must 'get it right'; explorative; moody and impatient under too many demands; verbosity and pomposity; intellectual pretensions; energy may be wasted in a nervous seeking of new pastures; fixations on narrow views that are rigidly moralistic.

Images for Integration:

A bank clerk plans a world cruise...In his spare time, a High Court judge takes up the serious hobby of gambling at horse races. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

to be cont'd...

note: scroll just below to see the chart of America's Secondary Full Moon and for more details please visit:

Jude's Threshold where you'll find an entry dedicated to the subject on my sidebar list of Pages. You'll also find a new Page there...'Wedding Day Astrology: John and Elizabeth Edwards.'

* Atlantis can be a stand-in for America, the Atlantic Ocean, the myth of Atlantis, NASA's shuttle, but the asteroid has these keywords: where we feel doomed; abuse of power.

May 14, 2008

America's Progressed Full Moon in Virgo

Here you see America's Secondary Progressed Chart for Dec 24, 2008, the moment of her Progressed Full Moon (based on 'Sibly' natal chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT.)

Transits for that date and the moment of the Full Moon are written around the outside of the chart along with a few other details, plus you'll find more info here:

US Progressed Full Moon if you wish. I will be adding details there concerning the Hard Rectangle pattern you see in the chart as time and tech gremlins allow.

As you notice, the end of this cycle comes upon Christmas Eve 2008 and between the Nov 4 elections and Inauguration Day 2009.