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Oct 26, 2017

Natal Horoscopes: Assange with Bannon!

Image: bi-wheel of the Natal Horoscopes of Julian Assange (July 3, 1971 3:00 pm AEST Townsville, Australia; RR: A and Steve Bannon November 27, 1953 '12:00 pm' (hour unknown) Norfolk, Virginia USA:

Since I wasn't planning to write anything today I'll simply post natal charts as a bi-wheel of Wikileaks' Julian Assange (birth time known, "From him") and alt-righter Steve Bannon of Trump and Breitbart fame to note the connections and links between their natal planets because, as you've heard...

Julian Assange confirms Wikileaks was approached by data firm working with Trump campaign last November but says their "approach" was rejected and Hillary Clinton's 33,000 emails were not released by Mr. Assange as previously threatened/promised. Notice that Mr. Bannon's name is left out of the headline of this report published by the Chicago Tribune yet he's been reported as being the VP of 'data firm' Cambridge Analytica at the time.

Of course, Mr. Bannon's Moon position ('noon') and Angles are not for certain with no birth time known so use with caution if at all. However, we do know that: born November 27, 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia, Bannon's natal Moon ranged from 22Leo03 (the worst foot forward degree, or, 'own worst enemy') to 4Vir10, the degree and minute of America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon in December 2008. As you see, this SP Full Moon timed the outer limit that the US could reach into the world (Crash 2008) and we all should have learned that lesson of cautious Saturnian limitation then. Because going beyond natural limits leads to reap-what's-been-sown karma, as universal natural law dictates.

Actually, I believe a majority of We The People did learn the lesson--that we as a nation were overextended on many levels but like kittens in string, we were shocked by the level of corruption in government, banking, and other areas of civilization that were starkly revealed by the end of 2008 and cast a degrading and harsh light upon American society as a Collective. But the Jupiter-Neptune duo isn't concerned with observing natural limits, in fact, just the opposite--and including political conflicts, according to Reinhold Ebertin.

Please enlarge the image for a few basic notes are penned on the charts; Assange is a Jupiter-Neptune-conjunction escapist and wizard while Bannon is more of a Jupiter-Neptune-trine occultist conman and magician. Either way they tend toward speculation, illusion, and promotion of bubbles and schemes just as Mr. Trump likes to do via his own Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which, quest-like, has wounding-wounded Chiron smack dab in the center, and the trio posited in his natal 2nd house of Money and Values.

And perhaps it will be enlightening if not curiously revealing when the 'We The People' Solar Eclipse manifests on February 15, 2018 and conjoins US natal Moon which was target planet of the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune. The planetary pair perfected three times all through 2009--conjunct US natal Moon, thereby forcing a seductive, dreamy, bubbly unreality into the weaker crevices of our society and providing cover for much of the Obama administration's activities, 'rock star' as they may have seemed.

A related post: Steve Bannon: In the Realms of Jupiter.

Also note that we are under the influence of the 1 North Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, The Great American Eclipse, with its theme of: "information is distorted and possibly false" (Brady) which also implicates today's well publicized released of the JFK Files. In Astrology, eclipses are known as 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' and do tend to uncover hidden things.

Please note that I have no idea why the lines of this post are not following the usual tidy alignment. Blogger? Hello?

Feb 17, 2016

Did America 'peak' in 2008? What will the February 2016 Full Moon reveal?

America's Progressed Full Moon 2008 and the February 22, 2016 Full Moon

by Jude Cowell

The Full Moon @3Vir33 on February 22, 2016 has me thinking: did 1776 America 'peak' in December 2008? For that is when our nation's natal (birth) horoscope reached a Full Moon phase by progression with Sun @4Virgo10 and Moon @4Pisces10--less than one degree from the February 22nd Full Moon positions across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis. Below is a version of the US SP (Secondary Progressed) horoscope as published to my WordPress blog back in the day. The chart is set for the moment of exact opposition between progressed Sun and Moon and issues from our July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA natal chart:

Please enlarge the image to read the messy scribbles!

You'll find details concerning this chart at Jude's Threshold, sans edits. Also from the site is a Banking Crisis Timeline where the closest event to December 24, 2008 is this entry: "American Express will get $3.39 Billion in TARP funds" dated December 23rd. And remember that the Great Heist itself and subsequent TARP give-aways were set up and perpetrated under George W. Bush, Jeb's brother.

Campaign 2016 Under a Virgo Full Moon

Now as you've noticed, the rhetoric of Campaign 2016 has included certain events that occurred during the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney presidency (or, regime, as some describe it) such as expansion of US war efforts and the stupidity of invading Iraq. The national debt limit may soon be a featured GOP talking point as 2016 proceeds, and yet, karma rides side saddle with December 2008 marking what some consider the crescendo of Financial Crash 2008 when the mask of disguise could no longer be worn by America.

As a blogging astrologer, I have used America's 2008 SP chart for such a timing purpose because SP Full Moons cosmically identify the external limits to which a person or entity may reach in the world given the capabilities they began with (the natal potential). If this is so for our nation, it seems that only the less prepared--the 99% of us--were deeply harmed by the crash and by what has turned out to be a continuance of Wall Street's fraudulent ways and now big banks are bigger than ever and home mortgages are being sold over radio and TV as if they're hot cakes--yours for the asking! But not so fast, for victimized Americans have traveled this rocky road to ruin before...

My thought is that although you can presume to cheat natural laws for a while, at some point karma--the law of reaping what was sown--will catch up with you. Even power elite manipulators and their cat's-paw politicians must learn this basic universal lesson in the end when all cosmic litter boxes shall be cleansed. Perhaps you disagree, but to me, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only 2016 candidate offering to wield a giant pooper scooper!

For after all, our symbolic SP Full Moon and the real-time Full Moon of February 22, 2016 fall across the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis and we may find again that various types of impure shenanigans are under our Piscean feet and may be revealed by the light of the February Full Moon.

Jan 16, 2016

How Corporate CEOs are Feeding the Market Bubble - Thom Hartmann reports

If there is a financial crash in 2016 (my astro-window suggests 2016, 2017, or 2018, a difficult time period for several reasons) the threat is apparently from abroad with the global weakness in markets, economies, and currencies, China in particular. How low can oil prices go? Job lay-offs in the US have resulted so far along with Wal-Mart and Macy's stores closing (though some closings have been planned for a while). Will corporate-written 'trade deals' like the TPP improve economic and social circumstances for workers and or worsen them (while enriching the wealthy as usual)? And what difference can a new US president make, if any, if The Script is already written and must be followed or else?

My feeling is that the corporate class is in cahoots no matter the country and are setting up events and conditions to effect a global crash. The timing of the crash depends on when everything is in place to guarantee the outcome that transnational bankers want so that a 'new order' can be fully implemented (1776 is so passe).

So perhaps you've noticed that a few broadcasters and economists have been ringing financial alarm bells for some time, these 8 years after Crash 2008. One of them is the historically savvy Thom Hartmann:

Jan 14, 2016

Obamaism vs Reaganism: Jupiter-Neptune and Pluto-Chiron

As we read in The Guardian the economic rescue made so necessary by Wall Street culprits and the continuing economic policies first perpetrated under Reaganism have not been replaced or corrected by Obamaism which arrived in the wake of the disastrous 8-year Bush-Cheney regime that undeniably culminated with Financial Crash 2008. That the Obama presidency is historic for breaking the color barrier and began with great hopes for positive change (something the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s inspired and supported) is obvious yet America's Main Street vs Wall Street conundrum remains tucked underneath a whopping income inequality divide. Many people agree that Mr. Obama saved Wall Street but Main Street? Not so much.

To paraphrase The Guardian article many Americans are finally waking up to our massively wide income divide. Yes, but will a majority of us fall again for discredited Reaganomics policies and candidates in November 2016? Will such sleepwalking voters show up at the polls?

Actually the Venus Cycle indicates that voters will demand someone other, or different which usually means a president of the rival party--Republican, in this case. There have been two exceptions to the Venus Prediction as noted by expert astrologer Bernadette Brady, yet 2016 Democratic candidates may be able to fulfill the requirements of 'the other'--Bernie for his Democratic Socialism, Hillary for her gender. However, in the Republican stable, Donald Trump may suffice due to his not-a-politician condition and even Ted Cruz could because he was in Canada though disqualified he may turn out to be.

Now those readers who were around Stars Over Washington since 2009 and before know that I have typed a large amount of words concerning Jupiter and Neptune as a pair of energies that represent potentials for 'the grand spirit, visions, big promises, flowery religious sentiments, get-rich-quick schemes, fraud, waste, speculation, hypocrisy (Ebertin)--and irresponsible, abusive, or reckless financial mismanagement. Political conflicts are also within the realms of Jupiter-Neptune (ex: Republicans vowing failure for President Obama since Day One). Such readers may be familiar with astrological principles and if so, they have not missed the significant synchronicity of the three 2009 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune perfecting upon the US Moon in late Aquarius as seen on July 4, 1776...mundane Moon = We the People.

The blend of this grand influence of the societal planet of expansion (Jupiter) and urge-to-merge Neptune (often a leader in fraud, falsehood, deception, loss, failure, and planet of The Masses, The Media, and propaganda) led us in 2009+ to be exploited by our dreaminess, by falling into a swoon, having little sense of reality, becoming involved in speculation and fraud, losing ourselves in plans which brought waste, loss, and instability for a majority of the public. That America's natal Neptune @22Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola (to go against society) obscures Barack Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo made the use of Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon easier for those who were aware of the significance of such cosmic occurrences that were timed to chime with our newly elected "rock star" president (Mars-Neptune).

The Neptunian veil cast over Mr. Obama's Mars denotes a lack of clear vision or understanding when it comes to the president's actions and motivations (Mars) which he and his backers have hidden behind when acting in secret. Neptune veiling Mars also accounts in part for the lack of trust in President Obama and we all suffer from this constant refrain from Republicans whether we share their distrust or not.

And of course, Mars is the warrior planet but this post is more about financial issues even though the Pentagon is next after Wall Street and the Fed on my financial mismanagement list since global copping and conquest are very expensive to maintain as are US military bases, CIA annexes, prisons, and our embassies all over the world.

So now, since the 1980s (or even the 1970s), we have increased Income Inequality thanks to a society that has devolved into more of a US Plutocracy than the Founders set it up to be. And as we face the November 8, 2016 Election/s, only a large voter turn out by Democrats can hope to deflect the GOP ('grand old plutocrats') from taking the White House and playing the decades-long game of Democrats grow the economy--Republicans harvest it dry (thereby creating more beggars out of the rest of us). This is a game set up by hidden hands secreted away in their European lairs (headquarters such as the City of London and the Vatican Bank) and it is somewhat visible in the World Bank, the IMF, and the Rothschild system of central banks that throttle the world's finances and resources while continuing to enslave the people via debts that can never be paid off. This exploitative condition between the 'haves and the have-nots' can be further described in Astrology by the Pluto-Chiron pair and all its -isms including Capitalism, Communism, racism--and primal violence.

Yes, the much-touted New Millennium has shown as a timing device for enslaving the world more tightly in the raptor's grip--in finances, total surveillance, politically, you name it. The current Pluto-Chiron cycle began with their conjunction in late 1999--at 12 Sagittarius, conjunct America's Ascendant in her late afternoon horoscopes of July 4, 1776 (I tend to use 5:09 pm LMT since it places 00Aries at IC though our Scorpio Rising chart is also descriptive). Therefore, Pluto-Chiron-r-us. But did Plutocracy need to announce its arrival as the New Millennium began? Many people were awake and aware of its tightening grasp upon our nation and government pre-1999 with the 60-year Pluto-Chiron cycle involving a transformation of mass consciousness, an expression of a mass need (Nolle)--and this we now hear in the campaign rhetoric of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Plus, how can we not wake up? The Sabian Symbol for 12 Sagittarius should have opened our ears back in 1999 into 2000: "A Flag Turned Into an Eagle That Crows"! Odd how the Bush gang had draconian changes to our traditional principles and freedoms ready to implement just after the attacks of 9/11/01--as if part of a plan. One question for 2016: is there a presidential candidate who isn't part of the plan? That's the one I want.

So since Democratic Socialist Senator Sanders is calling for a political revolution and because of his reform ideas and the fact that a Pluto-Chiron conjunction appears in the natal horoscope of Karl Marx (Marxism! Socialism!), I suggest that Pluto-Chiron's expression of a mass need is primarily the need to close the glaring gap in incomes in the US and beat Plutocracy of any political stripe back into its dungeon where it belongs if our allegedly democratic republic is planning to exist into the future.

And now commentary from Ring of Fire Radio's Farron Cousins: