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Aug 5, 2020

Autumn Equinox 2020's transits to Trump natal planets

Autumn 2020's Cosmic Weather in Trump World - and in Ours

by Jude Cowell

August 5, 2020: Perhaps you've already seen the DC version of the Autumn Equinox 2020 Horoscope so today let's view a synastry grid between Donald Trump's natal planets and the Autumn Equinox 2020 planets as transits to his chart.

The following information is an attempt to make a little sense of which planetary influences will be in operation for Trump along with their potential expressions until at least Winter Solstice 2020 although some September transits may last longer due to retrogradation or other factors that are beyond the limited scope of this post. Also beyond the scope are applicable progressions and directions which curious readers may want to set up for themselves in order to gain a wider perspective:

Trump natal across; Autumn Equinox 2020 down: as you see an aspect key of sorts is penned on the image in case anyone needs it (right column). Circled are the beneficial or helpful aspects (sextiles, trines); negatives are squares, oppositions, minors such as a semi-square and a sesqui-square, plus, 2 inconjuncts, aka, quincunxes which are color-coded. (N = natal 1946; Tr = transits 2020; any, all, or none may apply and may be activated by other planets at some point in time).

Tr Moon trine n Pluto: insight into the uses of power; powerful public contacts; behind-the-scenes events; secrets (Pluto) brought into a public spotlight (Moon); successful manipulation of the public (via PR, propaganda, and/or tweets).

Tr Mars trine n Mars: aid from those with similar goals (staff, donors, police or military, supporters); energy for taking action.

Tr Venus sextile n Jupiter: large social events; successful networking; public contacts; appearances are what's important; appeals for help; vulnerable to flattery; exploitation of others; detachment or isolation.

Tr Venus sextile n Uranus: inconstancy in relationships; unusual contacts or meetings; projecting charm and/or sympathy (psychopaths are good at projecting traits they do not possess - in brief spurts).

Tr Moon sesqui-square n Venus: distorted perspectives; misguided priorities; confusing judgments (personal and/or legal).

Tr Mercury square n Saturn: narrow, limited, sober, and/or focused thinking, ideas, plans; delays; restrictions or blockages in communications and/or travel; harsh judgments.

Tr Jupiter square n Jupiter: leap first, look later; foolish ideological premises or outreach: cynicism; making excuses.

Tr Saturn opposite n Venus: tension or limitations in relationships and/or joint ventures; bad behavior; anger; disappointments; resentment; a depressed or oppressed viewpoint; isolation; separation.

Tr Uranus square n Pluto: shifts in political power; changes in economic control; fear of loss; intense emotions and possible trauma; generational conflicts, clashes, challenges.

Well, there it is and, "it is what it is." If any of these potentials sound familiar it's probably because some of these influences upon his natal planets are, or have been, ongoing. And I should note that in no way do I crow over any difficulties shown here for him - mainly because Trump now plays the role of POTUS which means that his troubles belong to the American people as long as the Trump regime continues to bedevil us. And ostensibly for some time to come.

As you know, much can happen causing conditions to shift between August-September and the 2020 Election on November 3rd. Here are a few cosmic happenings of note that have been previously covered on SO'W: Just Before Election 2020: Trump's Nodal Return in October, on November 12, 2020 is the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction #3 of 3, and on the day the Electoral College is scheduled to vote A Total Solar Eclipse: December 14, 2020 occurs in the 4 South Saros Series. And just after Winter Solstice 2020 perfects the Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ21 conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS), a cosmic event which, along with the themes of the 4 South Solar Eclipse, will catapult all of humanity into 2021 as a 'new order' begins and the World Economic Forum meets in Davos over its grand re-set agenda.

Oct 9, 2018

Synastry Grid: Trump's and America's natal planets

This Is Us: the Trump-US Relationship

by Jude Cowell

A synastry grid comparing the natal planets of Donald Trump with America's natal planets is replete with potentials for tension, anger, scandals, notoriety, confusion, misunderstandings, deception, and undermining by and of allies--but also an attraction, plus the possibility of Chirotic healing, or at least a soothing, of our society's past hurts which I suspect refers primarily to his constant opening of America's oldest wound and flaw, racism, and to how his rhetoric and policies continue the class divide that began in ye olde Jamestown Colony centuries ago. Instead he chooses to stir up trouble on these issues, capitalizes on them, and shoves an even wider wedge between us in any way he can. For everyone knows that 'divide and conquer' tactics always work against the American people.

And as you know, his nibs is an anything-to-gain-power demagogue full of emotional turmoil and suffers with a bottomless pit of ego needs that can never be fully satisfied. We can see Trump's natal Moon-South-Node conjunction as basic evidence of his extreme emotional deprivation via estrangement from Mother, an estrangement the adult Donald can't seem to recover from and I suppose most of us never could whose Mother went missing in some way.

So in this post I shall attempt to provide brief notes on some of the main aspects between Trump's and our national planets but without US natal ASC and MC - except for two as-ifs because they seem to apply - 'DT Neptune conjoins US natal MC' (00Lib47) and 'DT Pluto trines US ASC' - since a variety of timings are used for the US natal chart (July 4, 1776) which gives differing chart angles. Here I'm using a 5:09 pm LMT US chart with 12Sag08 rising but US planets remain in basically the same positions no matter which hour is used on that date with the natal Moon remaining in Aquarius.

Mr. Trump's planets ('DT') are listed vertically (on the left) while US planets ('US') are listed horizontally; aspects are not listed in weighted order:

Reading from left to right beginning with Trump's natal Moon:

DT Moon inconjuncts US Mercury: emotional Trump vs US rationality causes friction.

DT Moon opposes US Mars: anger issues; 'time bomb' set to explode; stirred up emotions; actions and reactions motivated by emotions; emotional connection to the military. DT Mars opposes US Moon emotions boil over; rash actions; hostility; feeling under siege; angry women.

DT Moon squares US Neptune: living in a fog; emotional upsets; domestic troubles; taking everything personally; retreating to familiar territory (see golf pic, below); grief or loss.

DT Moon trines US Chiron: capitalizing on our hidden or deepest emotional needs; consciousness of our national wounds; opportunities for healing.

DT Moon sesqui-squares US North Node (the public): strong emotions litter a hard-to-travel journey.

DT Sun trines US Moon (We The People): enthusiastic feelings; pride and optimism.

DT Sun conjoins US Mars: taking risks; impulsive actions; exciting--never a dull moment.

DT Sun squares US Neptune: confrontations with reality; efforts to deliberately mislead; overwhelming problems; confusion; treading water to stay afloat.

DT Sun sextiles US Chiron: consciousness of the potential for transformation.

DT Chiron squares US Sun: issues of socio-cultural authority.

DT Sun semi-squares US North Node: a fated yet challenging attraction; a destined relationship.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Sun: consciousness of personal intent.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Venus: discussing goals, joint ventures, relationships, legal matters; giving advice.

DT Mercury conjuncts US Jupiter: communicating about political activities, publishing, cultural pursuits; expansion of advertising, propaganda, current news, plans; international communications.

DT Mercury squares US Saturn: application of plans, methods, or ideas delayed, limited, or blocked; plans must be re-done.

DT Neptune conjuncts US MC: professions may be related to the occult (such as Masonry and the Masonic hand signals he constantly tosses out during his on-camera rhetoric); unreliability; scandals, secret intrigues, and public disgrace.

DT Pluto trines US ASC: a driving ambition toward leadership; understanding power and how to deal with or use those in power; home or profession as a base for occult endeavors; favors those who work in Politics.

(More info: The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian and Acker; Synastry Grid compliments of Solar Fire Software Gold v9).

Mar 23, 2018

Synastry Grid: Donald Trump vs John Bolton

An Astrological Comparison of Donald Trump and John Bolton

by Jude Cowell

As you've heard, neocon warhawk John Bolton is Trump's designated National Security Adviser now that General McMaster has been ousted from the White House. Let's take a look at the aspects between Trump and Bolton in the synastry grid, below. Since Bolton's birth hour is so far unknown, a speculative 'noon' hour is used--his Sun and Moon remained in their signs the whole day through--Sun Scorpio and Moon Cancer, Double Water (see his personality blend notes, below):

Across are the planets of Donald Trump (June 14, 1946 10:54 am Queens, NY with his Mars 26Leo rising with royal Regulus). Down are the noon planets of John Bolton (November 20, 1948 'noon' Baltimore, Maryland). Marked in Red are the aspects likely to cause the most conflict between them (squares and oppositions). I would consider the Trump Mars square Bolton Sun the most challenging aspect, dynamic though it is. Note that Bolton was born with a disassociate conjunction between Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter @1Cap05 which is opposed by chaos-creator Uranus Rx @29Gem44, a critical-crisis 29th degree of impatience, and conjunct a Cardinal World Point (00Cancer). His Jupiter in Capricorn opposes Trump's Mercury in Cancer, also a challenging aspect (beliefs vs thinking) which hints at misunderstandings and differences of opinion. Their association begins with a bang but may end in acrimony as so many of Trump's relationships do but these two 'warriors' are rather a lot alike which can make things even worse after a time of working together. Plus, Mr. Bolton's natal Saturn in Virgo does tend to be the critic and, as we know, Mr. Trump's overly sensitive ego cannot tolerate criticism.

In his natal chart, John Bolton's Sun in late Scorpio conjoins his Chiron denoting a deep wound to his sense of self or personality probably via father during Bolton's childhood. However, Sun-Chiron does give him a sense of having a mission in life, Scorpionic as it is. And with Trump's shaky Gemini personality in need of constant approval, their relationship may be fraught with egocentric demands between them which spill over onto others. Yet war, strife, and conflict seem to be both men's aims in life (Mars trine Mars in Fire signs) though their perspectives differ (Venus SQ Venus) and we see that in Bolton's noon chart, Midheaven, the Goal Point, is @1Sag = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Well, he has certainly demonstrated previously his grand ideas and plans to further the American Empire no matter how many innocent people must be bombed (of course, that's my opinion of him--disagree as you wish). There are, however, some beneficial aspects between them (sextiles, trines, possibly conjunctions) but since we're talking about that 'organized system of hatreds', Politics, we'll consider the negative ones in this post.

Now Bolton's explosive Mars-Uranus opposition is a primary motivator in his psyche and identifies his leaning toward reactionary politics and revolution, spurred by his opposition to the status quo. It also suggests that he is drawn to criminals and criminal activity, and possesses a volcanic temper. If any of this suggests Donald Trump, then we agree. For one thing, both men were born under a BOWL shape of planets led by quirky, quixotic Uranus in changeable Gemini. Add to Bolton a Jupiter-Uranus opposition as well and we have a neocon with dogmatic beliefs, a tendency toward adventurism, exploration, and erratic action. His Mercury-Pluto square suggests cruel and/or blunt speech and an obsessive personality who listens very little to others--again, like Donald Trump.

Yet perhaps that's a difference between them--Bolton may actually hold beliefs while Trump's 'beliefs' change with the last person's opinion he heard expressed. Or will this be a huge war hawking ruh-roh as Trump listens to Bolton and attacks Iran? My suspicion is that their partnership will allow two bad actors to scheme together toward global conflagration, as directed by their hidden masters. But hopefully, that's just me fretting--and perhaps their love won't last!

John Bolton's Double-Water Personality Blend

With his watery Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer personality blend, John Bolton is deeply fond of 'the good ole days' and with this position in the White House those days may have come again--for him. But everyone else--watch out! Bolton is shrewd, perceptive (smarter than Donald Trump), and secretive as only Scorpio can be. A strong sense of duty may motivate him but going by subjective hunches are already in Uranian Trump's wheel house. Mr. Bolton better not show up Mr. Trump! Bolton has a strong sense of himself while Trump does not and both are very ego-sensitive and impulsive as they tend to give objectivity a pass. Still, Bolton's Jupiter-Saturn trine denotes common sense which Trump has so little of. Actually, both men tend to let negative emotions consume them as we see from Trump's obsessive tweets.

Curiously, Bolton's Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer blend is shared by Theodore Roosevelt and Dan Rather--a president and a journalist! (See the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign for more details.)

Bolton's Prenatal Solar Eclipse

John Bolton's Prenatal Solar Eclipse occurred on November 1, 1948 @8Sco43 in the 4 South Saros Series with themes of: strong emotional feelings in relation to money and/or relationships; anger, lust; relationship events seem fated and are beyond personal control; a sudden desire to finish relationships; emotions are blocked or checked which creates much frustration; avoid rash actions until things settle down (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology; my italics.) 4 South last manifested on December 4, 2002 in the lead-up to the ill-advised, preemptive Iraq War that Bolton helped engineer and promote. 4 South next occurs on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08--less than 2 degrees from the natal Moon of Donald Trump and opposing his natal Gemini Sun--and not far from Bolton's natal Mars @25Sag--planet of war and conflict.

In closing, I should gingerly mention what you may be able to read at the bottom of the synastry grid--that John Bolton's Syzygy Moon, a Full Moon @24Tau19, conjoins the natal Midheaven of Donald Trump (24Tau18--and his Phaethon) and both will receive a New Moon @24Tau36 on May 15, 2018 which is scarily tied in with the 70-year Fig Tree Prophecy of Israel. My apologies, gentle reader, if this offends you, but I just thought you might care to know if you don't--that it's late days for Planet Earth. Can you feel it?

Dec 18, 2016

Synastry Grid: Inauguration 2017 w/ Mr. Trump's natal planets

On Inaugurating Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Back in April I posted the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 with a few notes (horoscope is re-posted, below, along with Mr. Trump's natal chart). Today I post a synastry grid of his natal planets and points with the planets and points of Inauguration 2017. As you see, the grid shows more squares, oppositions, sesquisquares, and inconjuncts (highlighted in red) than helpful aspects such as sextiles and trines (in green); conjunctions are not highlighted since they suggest either positive or negative results via a blending of energies; please note that some transits are applying and some are waning:

Note that one addition is penned in red: the Inauguration Mercury square natal Neptune since this is a 'natal echo' of his Mercury-Neptune square which distorts his perceptions, hints at deception, and indicates an indiscreet man. As a transit, Mercury square natal Neptune may affect his Oath taking and other traditions on Inauguration Day since following directions will be difficult for him (as it (as it always is) and the assimilation of information or instructions will be next to impossible. For Mr. Trump, intuition and instinct will be uppermost with logic taking a backseat (as always, actually!). Yet he may not notice with Inaugural Neptune trining his natal Mercury, a transit that favors inspired or intuitive communications.

Maybe Mr. Trump will tweet his inauguration!

Horoscope: Inauguration January 20, 2017 12:00 pm EST Capitol Building Washington DC:

Natal Horoscope of Donald J. Trump:

Astro-Notes on his natal chart: Part One (chart shown) and Part Two (with his Sun-Moon personality blend).

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