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Aug 6, 2011

US downgrade to AA+, GOP progressed chart tells of Bankruptcy

Astrology of a Downgrade with YOD Emphasis on Crisis

by Jude Cowell

In her insightful Weekend Forecast for August 5, 6, and 7, Julie Demboski notes a Moon/Jupiter opposition on August 5, 2011 and wonders, "Will it be a face-off with society?"

Well yes, it was, good call! Announced on Friday afternoon, NY's Standard and Poor's agency downgraded the US credit rating to AA+, the first downgrade in US history (click for full S&P report.)

A political call? Well,'protracted partisan squabbling over the debt limit' is cited:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: S&P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating S&P downgraded the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history on Friday. The rating was lowered by one notch to AA+ from AAA due to political risks and a rising debt burden.

More at NPR.

It's unclear what the downgrade may lead to for our borrowing and interest rates and such, but see the horoscope below for a huge hint of its potential outcome--look for your personal loan costs to go up. The G-7 is meeting, ostensibly to 'head off' market turmoil next week but theirs may be wasted effort. Of course, I was one astrologer--and former resident of DC--who said after Mr. Obama won the presidency: no one in Washington will cooperate with him if he works on behalf of the people. But sometimes you just want to be wrong.

Interestingly, economist Robert Reich takes a different view of S&P's actions on Friday and I heartily agree with the Professor who lays a good part of the blame on S&P malfeasance leading up to 2008.

Damn the Torpedoes!

So, my fellow Americans: are you making plans now to vote GOP in 2012? No? Then I must agree with you on your decision since I fault the Republican Party's success-at-any-cost tactics of ensuring President Obama's failure no matter what it does to the nation, the US economy, or to the American people's finances and prospects.

Plus, moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party may also be implied in the progressed chart but that's a post for another day--and you don't need Astrology to tell you that, do you?

Word is, S&P had been warning politicians of a downgrade for six months--basically for all of 2011 as the debt limit/default debate got underway and Republicans/Tea Partisans and their billionaire masters mounted what they think is their winning hand for taking over the White House on January 21, 2013 (Jan 20th will be a Sunday this time which results in quite a different Inauguration Horoscope 2013 than it would for Jan 20.)

Meanwhile, at the White House

Now the US Treasury Department went over the documents that S&P sent over on Friday afternoon and swears there's been a $2 trillion "mathematical mistake" but we'll have to see how the dispute plays out. My suspicion is that S&P will stand firm on the downgrade though why anyone should trust a US rating agency at all is a mystery to me after their mushy culpability leading up to Financial Collapse 2008. (Of course, 2008 was a manufactured criminal endeavor of which 2011's political Debt Ceiling/Default Theater is a part---we're dealing with brigands and thieves on all sides here.)

And as previously noted on this blog, the current karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 @ 9Can12 falls snugly between US natal Sun and Jupiter heralding trouble for leadership (Sun) and financial matters (Jupiter); the effects of the Cancer eclipse will be ongoing at least until the next Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ '2Sag', though it is not a very positive portent either, sad to say.

Karma Note: as a Saturnian astrologer I don't 'do' past lives at all so when I refer to 'karmic' I mean the natural law of the Universe that everyone--and every nation--must reap what is sown. As we know, debt, despair, loss, corruption, and fraud are what the American government has sown. And we-the-people are the ones tasked with picking the spoiled fruit thereof, never the rich who set up the fraud and benefited beyond all reason. But spiritually speaking, not to fret for this is only a temporary advantage for the deluded miscreants and criminals, both high and low!

Republican Party Progressions July 29, 2011: Sec YOD = "Bankruptcy"

On the afternoon of July 29, during the height of the political impasse in Washington, I became curious about the Secondary Progressions of the Republican Party and here the 'crisis' I found:

A YOD pattern is a 'Finger of God' configuration with 'special task or purpose; crossroads/turning point/crisis' implications. In the Sabian Symbols, '28 Gemini' = BANKRUPTCY which you see here on the Ascendant, the WHAT? Point of any chart.

An 8th H Sec Jupiter 28Cap16 conjoins US natal Pluto, and Sec Mercury 28Sco27 conjoins US Inaugural Moon of January 20, 2009. This Sec Mercury also conjoins President Obama's natal Midheaven (MC = Aspirations; Career; Public Standing), and the R Party's natal 12th house Moon (see below for Rs' natal chart details.)

S&P is "making a political statement" and says "there's no political appetite for raising revenue" as reported by NPR (click article link, above, or the S&P link.) Now this kind of spins my noggin around since the S&P 'voice' is issuing from NYC where Wall Street operates its giant casino--wha-a-a? The big dog$ want tax revenues to increase to ease our debt crisis? Tax the rich, can we? Well, if the GOP would swallow the expiring of Bush tax cuts, if big corporations paid their fair share in taxes and created jobs in the US again, then most if not all of our revenue troubles would be disappear. Loving America, I'd be game for that. Are you, dear reader?

There is a midpoint picture formed by the YOD:

Mercury/Jupiter = ASC: an ability to arrange things skillfully; organizing talent; successful meetings and teamwork; discussions about how to communicate; a repression of opinions. (Ebertin; Munkasey.) Sounds like Mercury/Jupiter's grand schemes/plans and political strategy sessions to me--with US Bankruptcy on tap.

In Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey lists the Politics and Business potentials for the Mercury/Jupiter combo of energies:

Thesis: plans for expansion and growth (of GOP influence, anyway--jc); discussion of business or legal affairs, and religious or philosophical ideals. (Ye olde 'America as Utopia' plan from centuries ago rears its ugly idealistic head again: Uranus now in Aries = Utopians--jc.)

Antithesis: a budget strained by too much expansion or inflation (ya think? jc); legal decisions that affect commerce or transportation; religion censures scholarship; religious leaders with desires to assume political power.

(Here I should add the usual "any, all, or none may apply" but I won't because they all seem to describe our situation, imho, though of course you may disagree.)

In transits for July 29, 2011 there was another YOD within the environment between plutocratic Pluto/Chiron (in sextile--60 degrees) pointing toward the Sun 6Leo12 (@ noon) which also happens to conjoin US natal North Node (NN = destiny; future direction.) Now I do tend to use the Pluto/Chiron duo in mundane horoscopes to keep tabs on global-transnational corporations since the pair indicates: corporatism, capitalism, fascism, racism, (and other -isms), disenfranchisement, primal violence, and oppression in general.

Another transit that applies to our debt-default-downgrade tale is Jupiter in Taurus (see chart) which lies between the GOP Sec Uranus/Pluto midpoint. This will continue for quite some time since Jupiter will perform a retrograde station, eventually move forward again, and thus remain within the purview of the Rs' Uranus/Pluto midpoint...the combo of Uranus/Pluto = revolution, upheavals that change government, disruption of processes (yep!), movements intent on forcing changes, and sudden new criminal acts' (Munkasey.) Here's the picture--all may apply:

Sec Uranus/Pluto = tr Jupiter: added insights into legal and political processes are used for expressing ideas about reform and change; excessively strong feelings about imposing major changes into many paths of life; immense success (congratulations on our downgrade--jc); pursuit of religious or philosophical objectives; striving for social improvements (which are apparently in the eye of the anti-Obama beholder--jc.)

Of course, Uranus and Pluto now square one another by transit in active, initiating Cardinal signs, a cyclical period issuing from their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-1960s with similar uprisings/protests/strikes/rebellion/Civil Rights matters returning for societal resolution, if possible. These intense planets come closest to an exact square (partile) on August 8, 2011--the very Monday they're concerned about Asian markets' reactions to the the US downgrade. Mars continues his out-of-bounds activities--not playing ball with the other planets (actors) and cantankerous in Moon-ruled Cancer, as always. Click link to view the chart set for DC.

Calling All Mavericks and Sacred Warriors!

Around the GOP's Sec 8th cusp of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporations, Big Business, Legacies, Transformation, the Occult, and Death, is a trio of interest: Jupiter, as noted in the YOD, wounding/wounded Chiron 19Cap31 with Hermes (a trickster element with alchemical talents and an Egyptian tinge), and activist Mars 15Cap46, all focused, efficient, and exalted in Capricorn, sign of Government, Law, and Business.

The Mars/Chiron pair is the 'sacred warrior' archetype, an ego inflation you might have to have in order to crash the American economy for what you believe to be a 'higher cause' this case, a New World Order where those select few at the top 'lord it over' the rest of us.

Jupiter/Chiron intensifies the warrior mentality with strong convictions (Jupiter) which they feel great compulsion to communicate to everyone; their inner world is numinous to a point of denying outer realities--but is the US credit downgrade a wake-up call for the GOP-TP? Their abundant arrogance and know-it-all attitude makes this doubtful--in similar fashion to how they deny that their violent rhetoric inspires freaky shooters to take action based on how they perceive the GOP's stated ideals.

Basically, Jupiter conjunct Chiron is "a maverick with a superiority complex who listens very little to others." (Clow) A tendency to project negative traits upon others which denies them in oneself is prevalent with this conjunction and is a typical political maneuver.

Now a word about the degrees around which the Mars/Chiron pair is snugged and the 8th cusp degree: '18 Capricorn' is the telling degree of the New World Order for its where Uranus and Neptune met in 1993 at their last Great Conjunction/s...

" '18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER, its values and its dangers...

Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving 'law and order'."(Rudhyar.)

Marc Edmund Jones adds:

"positive expression: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches;

negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): smug or strong-armed paternalism."

Now if the US credit downgrade of August 5, 2011 amounts to big trouble for America and the American people, I know that the Republican and Tea Parties will attempt to paint its taint upon the presidency of Barack Obama--and to some degree this may be deserved.

But this dissenting DAR American hereby gives notice with this post showing the progressed horoscope of the GOP and its 'Bankruptcy' implication that I, for one, will always primarily fault Republican leadership (plus, any Dem enablers and the Tea Partisans) for what has transpired as they do their darnedest to collapse the economy of the United States of America and (they hope) blame Pres. Obama for it because they and their corporate NWO masters believe they can rebuild upon ruins a global model of a Utopian society of chaos and total control.

As if that could be an improvement!


Some Notes on the Republican Party Natal Chart

Please click image to enlarge the chart above because a few details not mentioned in this text are shown; progressed chart is based on natal horoscope with Republican natal data from historical record: July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI--I'm not certain but I believe it was the excellent John Townley who informed me of '5:00 pm' as the hour their platform was adopted and the Rs created a political party; GOP natal Sun 14Can27 conjoins SIRIUS and US natal Sun (perhaps why they think only they should control the White House?), and Moon 27Sco50 conjoins their Sec Mercury mentioned above.

Power-mad Pluto 3Tau36 ('4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold") is unaspected in 5th house so Mr. Underworld manipulates from an ivory tower somewhere; there are no planetary patterns, but two natal midpoint pictures:

Sun/Neptune = Uranus 15Tau18 (the stubborn Oxen Point): sudden upsets or spasms; emotional crisis; mourning; visualization and dreaming about Astrology (!); adjustment of old dreams to fit newly developing situations; upsets caused by ignoring reality while dreaming; indifference toward others while inwardly escaping (to Bohemian Grove for an annual romp? jc.)

Saturn/NN = Venus 5Gem13: a lack of adaptability.

Rushing Back to Washington!

The R Party's 8th H Mercury 10Leo05 was eclipsed by the August 1, 2008
Beijing Solar Eclipse
(chart shown) which occurred during China's Olympic Games (remember their massive earthquake?) and was a harbinger of the staged financial crisis in the US when John McCain (whose natal Mercury was eclipsed as well) rushed back to 'rescue the economy' after dramatically 'suspending' his presidential campaign. Also eclipsed was George W. Bush's natal Mercury, and that of the NYSE, too--by the 10 South--'breaking out of a very negative situation where no options can be seen; worries suddenly clear; the solution is shown by the Cosmos (bwo their use of Astrology? jc) and must be taken up without delay.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The August 2008 eclipse manifested near Mr. Obama's natal Sun as well with a two-degree orb.

Of note is China's involvement in 2008 and their remarks now on the US being "addicted to debt"--then why did they make it possible? Any ulterior motives toward a NWO, China?

Apparently, undermining the Democratic presidency of Barack Obama is the best the GOP could come up with in 2008 for they saw the writing on the political wall after eight economically disastrous years of warhawk Republicans, Bush and Cheney. But nothing they do against Pres. Obama--and by extension, us--can hide their financial culpability from me for collapse and bankruptcy are their desperate plan. Funny, isn't it, that Bankrupting America is the stated objective for the attacks of 9/11, as stated by Osama bin Laden...and 9/11's Moon @ '28Gem' = "Bankruptcy", as noted many times previously on this blog and elsewhere.

Well, there's a lot more to say about the Astrology of the Republican Party, natal and progressed. But this is all I can take of the sorry varmints at the moment so I'll be moseying along with a hope of not thinking about them the rest of the weekend, if I can possibly manage it.

Even so, your on-topic comments and insights are always much appreciated! jc


For further reading and videos of broadcasts, why not try a progressive with good ideas for what to do: Thom Hartmann?

Jul 28, 2011

Horoscope: EU Flag w July 28 2011 transits

Is Something Bizarre Going On in Washington DC?

by Jude Cowell

Yes, it is. And though it's hot as Hades in Georgia lately, like you I am snowed under with news and propaganda concerning the purposefully manufactured debt-deal-crisis/default-threat now being waged for the cameras, microphones, and the public in Washington DC. Personally I am not impressed for in Politics, if it happens, it was meant to happen--almost without exception!

And you know that impeaching President Obama is on their freaky take-over agenda.

Now disruptive planet Uranus is always cast as the rebel, the revolutionary, the catalyst, the Genius, and the Awakener, right? Well, with Ebertin cluing us in to the hidden identity of Uranus when in Mars-ruled Aries--as it was during Hitler's rise to power--as 'Utopians', I believe Utopians of the secret society kind are now in progress of completing a total coup and collapse of the US government and US financial system in which Financial Collapse 2008 played its role.

So I've set up a noon horoscope for the *EU--NWO Flag Unfurling and thought you might wish to view the chart with today's transits (noon) in Brussels (where The Beast of a Super-Computer has every one's data squirreled away for the luciferian-satanic New World Order elite to use however its directors will. We're not going to like it either.)

Meanwhile, with Speaker Boehner's plan to be voted on in the House today if he can muster enough troops, most of us feel America is at a 'bending or breaking point' (brittle Saturn v Uranus with controlling Pluto squaring them in a titanic T-Square for months, off and on....'brutality; harm through force majeure'--Ebertin.)

Will the American public be swayed toward the lesser of two evils--the Obama solution--to 'improve' our economic condition? How will the rest of the global economy behave if the US defaults on her legal debts and renegs on all the responsibilities which will have to be neglected because of Washington ideologues shoving their fanatic agenda onto our country? Most Washington politicians operate as the political arm of a larger globe-striding organization, I keep tellin' ya!

Plus, one reason I'm posting the EU--NWO Flag chart here is for my own future reference and I hope any Astrology buff reading this post will take the chart into consideration especially with such precarious conditions now affecting the European financial system along with that of the United States, and the world.

UPDATE August 3, 2011: economist Paul Krugman's NYT op-ed This Morning's Grim Eurothought is brief yet elucidating on the EU situation which is now being repeated from the past when financial crisis in Europe helped precipitate the 1929 Crash in the US. He makes this post's case! And a new study of the chart can shed light on the baked-in weaknesses now causing trouble in the EU and hamstringing efforts at financial improvement. OF course, a look at the natal chart of the EU itself is also instructive.

Original post continues here:

Above, you see a noon chart for the European Union (EU)--slash 'NWO'--Flag Unfurled enterprise set for July 14, 1989 Brussels, Belgium. This was the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution's Bastille Day and was probably chosen for just this reason. Occult symbolism applies.

Please enlarge the horoscope by clicking and perhaps you can read my chicken-scratch notes since blogging time is rather limited today for I have lots to do.

ASC 27Vir34 MC 26Gem52 conjunct Jupiter; Hour Jupiter; NN of Destiny = US natal Moon (we-the-people); 1st quarter (crisis in action phase); **pile-up in structural, governmental, business-oriented Capricorn of Uranus 2:34, Saturn 9:45, and Neptune 10:42 in the 4th H (Foundation) of the noon chart. Two midpoint pictures now form in July 2011 through the efforts of transiting Pluto the Powerful--you see them listed on the chart, bottom left:

1989 Saturn/Uranus = 2011 Pluto: desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; brutality; concealing changes to activities (peep-eye, Capitol Hill! jc); drastic reforms in a previously liberal atmosphere (balancing the US budget on the backs of the ill, poor, children and the elderly?-- jc.)

As you see, tr Mars today conjoins 1989's Jupiter at MC which expands the part activist Mars is playing in events--monetary and social status may be improved if negative factors don't interfere; however, the temptation is to give people more credit than they deserve!

Oddly enough, 1989's Moon @ 29Sco44 was conjoined by US Inaugural Moon 2009--we-the-people during Mr. Obama's presidential Oath Taking...'30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester", a Sabian Symbol with all sorts of implications including that of Grand Master Templar Jacques Demolay whose untimely death by execution long ago seems to be revenged ad nauseum even now and which is marked through history, as some folk say, by the unlucky 'Friday the 13th' superstition.

As you see in 10th house, our current Solar Eclipse 9Can12 of July 1, 2011 is posited with its Cancerian emphases on democracy, power struggles, restrictions, inflexibility, money difficulties (conjunct US natal Sun and Jupiter), trade, commerce, and transport disturbances, real estate, food supplies and shortages (famine), homelessness, foreclosure, and refugee issues, and misfortune concerning buildings and property. Plus, Moon-ruled Cancer the Crab is the 'side-stepper'!

(One of the basic tenets of the 'Great Plan' or 'Secret Doctrine' of the Utopians is to abolish ownership of all kinds along with the dissolution of all civilized institutions including family ties--as Hitler managed to do for a time. The same spirit attempts to hold sway over the world in 2011. Note: the July 28, 2011 noon transits show Venus/Pluto rising, a combo that relates to bankruptcy or forced bankruptcy as in Greece, and now--in America; also Venus/Pluto = extremes of wealth hidden in secret places--Munkasey. Venus/Pluto - ASC: wielding great infuence or a fascination upon others; focus on a need for political response to those with a destructive or punishing intent--YES!)

On Capitol Hill, the GOP is all but giddy at the thought of the financial precipice America teeters upon as they implement their plan to "see Obama fail." And it seems that President Obama is walking right into the trap! Is he secretly on the side of these particular Utopians? Probably not. Others? Yes, or he wouldn't be in the White House. Yet these brigands hope to 'build anew upon the ashes' of our nation...remember The Phoenix was preferred by certain of America's founders to serve as our national symbol, and not the eagle.

A synchronistic chart factor is a repeating midpoint--in early Aries on July 14, 1989, and on July 28, 2011 as well. It involves the Jupiter/Neptune pair of inflationary practices, grand schemers, speculators, spendthrifts, and wastrels--and guess which planet sits upon its apex, then and now?

1989 and 2011 Jupiter/Neptune = 2011 Uranus: disruptive events which have no real explanation (but the media goes round and round); basing decisions on odd or supernatural theories; unaccustomed confusion (Capitol Hill is playing this well--jc); impersonal treatment for those with drug dependencies (private prisons in the US are chocked full of people arrested for getting high--a medical condition--jc); imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Well, Mr. Boehner held a presser a while ago so I'll mosey along for now. Let me know if you wish to comment on-topic concerning this horoscope, or on the societal conditions now prevailing. If the GOP is allowed to set the timeline of the 'debt crisis' for December 2012--aka, the can down the road tactic to affect the 2012 election--Americans can go ahead and kiss their Merry Christmas 2011 good-bye.


*Source for EU-NWO Flag Unfurling July 14, 1989: Nicholas Hagger's book The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government which I highly recommend to those interested in uncovering such topics.

A news note from Thom Hartmann's broadcast today: GE is moving its x-ray technology business to China so more US jobs will be disappearing. Besides undermining the American economy further, GE's move to Beijing also 'pokes a stick' in the President's eye--compliments of his reputed 'jobs czar', Mr. Immelt.

**Notes on the 1989 chart's pile-up (trio) in Capricorn

Saturn conjunct Uranus:

1. Feb 13, 1988 @ 29Sag55
2. June 26, 1988 @ 28Sag47
3. Oct 18, 1988 @ 27Sag49

Saturn conjunct Neptune:

1. March 3, 1989 @ 11Cap55
2. June 24, 1989 @ 11Cap14
3. Nov 13, 1989 @ 10Cap22

Uranus conjunct Neptune (planets of the Enlightenment, aka, the Age of Reason, and the NWO):

1. Feb 2, 1993 @ 19Cap34
2. Aug 20, 1993 @ 18Cap48
3. Oct 24, 1993 @ 18Cap33

1989 Solar Eclipse at Crisis Degree

The 1989 chart's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (PE) is at a critical or crisis degree, '17Pisces'. In July 2011, the transiting midpoint Of Uranus/Neptune is, as marked, @ 17Pis19 thus stimulating 1989's EU Flag Unfurling PE which is in the 9 New North Series: 'violence, great or sudden physical efforts and/or events; accidents; guarding one's safety.' (Brady.) 9NN last manifested on March 19, 2007 (George Bush!) @ '28Pisces' and will next occur in 2025.

9NN is the PE of the WikiLeaks release of the US helipcopter carnage video, of Julian Assange himself (1971), of Abraham Lincoln (1809), Bobby Jindall (1971), of assassinated President Garfield's inauguration (1881), Edgar Alan Poe (1809), and the Generation of Materialism (Robber Barons, 1881)...aka, the Great Bubble Creators who now desert America where they first made their fortunes.

(btw: Oct 24, 1993 is the date I use to time a natal chart for the New World Order;
Uranus/Neptune @ '19Cap' = "POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism"--M. E. Jones.)

My heartfelt condolences go to the good people of Norway for this would be the type of Uranus/Neptune paternalism the social freak on his political rampage wishes to shove upon the world with his 'awakening' massacre of defenseless teenagers in Norway on July 23, 2011--a 'New Knights Templar', as he styles his racist self. He's a Utopian similar to, and reading the works of, America's right-wing crazies who now intrigue to impeach President Obama and crash the US economy to make him look the culprit.

Links of interest may be: Free Press and Conversations With Great Minds.

May 27, 2011

Bob Chapman on The Greatest Fraud - video (Jupiter/Neptune)

May 27, 2011: Yes, the info shared here from Bob Chapman is dreary, I know. And so are the world's financial circumstances, thanks to the global banking syndicate of gangsters. Historically Mr. Chapman relates the ongoing financial crisis through which we're being defrauded to how Hitler 'did it' in the 1930s.

The Frothy Inflation of Bubbly Jupiter/Neptune

Yes, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction/s (the speculation/grand plans pair) that occurred all through 2009 (on May 27 - I began typing this on Friday, the first anniversary, July 10, and December 21) tangoed together squarely atop our US natal Moon (we-the-people) all three times and the trio just keeps on giving...I mean, keeps on taking.

You remember the midpoint picture, right?

Jupiter/Neptune = n Moon: instability; insecurity; wastefulness; becoming involved in speculation; little sense of reality; a desire to dream; uncertainty about what is real and unreal. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Simultaneously this timed a Neptune to US natal Moon transit which brought fraud, deception, lies, loss (Neptune) of homes (Moon), confusion, and a sense of rootlessness to our collective psyche and emotional lives so that even with tr Neptune just barely into Pisces now, the orb is still near enough to affect and undermine us. Unfortunately, Neptune will be backing into Aquarius again for a continuation of The Gaseous One's dissolving effects before re-entering Pisces which it co-rules with Jupiter.

And of course, oil, gas, water, and poisons are ingredients in the fraudulent Neptunian brew of damage and harm as well, with both Moon (ruler of Cancer, the Crab) and Pisces relating to the oceans and all things marine.

Oh, and on that Hitler 'did it' thing? Jupiter and Neptune conjoined @ 8Vir25 only once in the 1930s: on September 19, 1932...conjunct Hitler's natal 11th cusp of Associations, Hopes and Wishes, and opposite America's natal Ceres (security issues and needs; food supply) which conjoins US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint, the Plutocracy duo of oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, Corporatism, Fascism, and other such cruelty-based -isms that no decent person cares to receive or perpetrate against his fellow man.

For the German despot (who wished to establish a New World Order to be run by himself), events of 1932 occurred during an expansive Jupiter trine natal Jupiter transit, a time when success with attainment of personal goals seems easy and the circumstances and people one encounters are compatible with Jupiter's desire for broadened horizons and gaining more more more. (*Hitler's natal horoscope shows a Sun 00Tau48/Midas conjunction and the Robber Barons' planetary signature, Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini.)

Note: since the video above is only Part One, click after the video ends if you wish to hear more of the discussion.


*Adolf Hitler born April 20, 1889 (NS) 6:30 pm -0.52:08 Braunau am Inn, Austria; natal Jupiter 8Cap15; Moon 6Cap38 (both are being triggered by tr Pluto now); ASC 26Lib41 with Syzygy Moon, Morya Rx, and Jupiter/Saturn midpoint rising; Jupiter/Saturn = ASC: the tactician. And physically, this midpoint picture may also indicate liver and/or gall bladder conditions and the testy moodiness that liver impairment can cause.

(Rodden Rating AA from baptismal certificate.)

Feb 10, 2011

Rachel Maddow on Reagan's 'Riganomics' (video)

Here in northeast Georgia we're digging out of about one inch of one the fluffiest snowfalls I've seen in years (scintillatingly beautiful!) and this video of Rachel Maddow reporting on the trickle down-supply side Riganomics of Ronald Reagan and its ultimate effects may fill the bill for those who still wonder what happened to America's middle class.

Reagan's TV speech shown here in "July 1981" links directly to the Reaganomics Solar Eclipse of July 31, 1981 @ 8 Leo in the 1 North Series that we spoke of a few days ago which is the same Series as the Nostradamus-predicted August 11, 1999 'King of Terror' (or 'King of Alarm') Eclipse ('information is distorted and possibly false' - Brady.)

You know, I've always thought it was telling how in his presidential nomination campaign against Reagan, Bush Sr called trickle down theory "voo doo economics" though as Reagan's VP, Bush joined in all the self-enriching fun which their policies provided with no visible qualms at all...our national debt tripled under Reagan.

(Well, the Sabian Symbol for our nation's natal Jupiter degree of '6 Cancer' is "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"!)

And Jupiterian comedian Rich Little at the time quipped that Reagan's economic theory with his increase in military spending, reduction of taxes on the rich, and pie-in-the-sky promise to balance the budget simultaneously would require keeping "two sets of books."

With the excessive growth of a shadow banking system and the results from "Riganomics" not being what was glowingly promised - then or now - we've seen that two sets of books may not be enough for such major slights of hand and our income inequality gap has only widened dramatically. Critics of Reaganomics were and are correct.

So hopefully you saw common-sense-promoter Rep. Dennis Kucinich on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning in their 8:30 to 9:00 am time slot taking calls about our economy, etc. The video isn't on the website yet (last I checked) but here's a link to Washington Journal in case you want to listen to Rep. Kucinich's remarks when the program becomes available for viewing. Or perhaps you'll catch a rerun on your TV.

And here's something posted in 2008 at the height of the Bank Bailout mummery which was unsuccessfully railed against by Kucinich, Paul, Sanders, and Kaptur.

And now it's time for snow removal efforts and a motor into the city, y'all!


This heads-up video link was kindly sent in by Alex @ GOP Astrology.

Aug 5, 2010

3 years in, econo-crash continues (video)

Fed up with the fairy tale that our economy is in recovery - that this a a Summer of Recovery? Yes, I wish the tale were true, too, but Gerald Celente disagrees. August 2010 is the 3rd anniversary of the US financial collapse and 3 years in, we're still being fed pablum, bromides, slogans, and lies while many Americans eat gruel for their one meal a day. American children go to bed hungry while endless war continues to be funded.

There are forces in the world that decided on America's demise and as long as plutocrats rule we'll stay on a downward course with little if any correction. We'll continue to hear finagled stats and numbers that promote political aims but which give only lip service to easing the suffering across this land.

Billionaires are banding together to donate half their fortunes with much of the funds going to benefit other nations even though doing business in America is what made it possible for many of them to profit so abundantly. Everyone is supposed to say, Ahhh, how sweet of 'em, while their tax situations benefit handsomely from their calculated largess.

Gerald Celente says our schools and government look backward, not forward. Remember how much was made about Ben Bernanke's input because he's a Great Depression expert? At the time, I thought that could also work against us - he knows the financial crash drill, the ins and outs of how to collapse the US economy. He of the Fed also knows that he who prints the money rules the government.

Okay, I'll hush now. But please watch the 6-min-31-sec video even though it isn't fairy-tale-like. In it, Mr. Celente provides another dose of reality which the transit of Saturn to US natal Neptune (grim reality or making dreams real - guess which one for the American people) in August-September 2009 should have made clear before now like a huge splash of cold water (politicians' lies notwithstanding.)

Actually, perhaps it did and is probably one of the many reasons Americans have little confidence in the US government right now: with the so-called American Dream squashed and shown to be a Big Lie, we've seen the government's true oligarchic, plutocratic face that cares only for the rich, and its face is much uglier than we first imagined.

Hermesia looks backward and forward simultaneously which is the best way to figure out the present.

Plus, be sure to check out Lynn Hayes' excellent article from 2009 concerning Financial Collapse 2008 and the futurist predictions of Gerald Celente: Revolution or Renaissance?

Jun 25, 2009

Bernanke testifies 6.25.09 and Astrology takes note

With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testifying on Capitol Hill today, I've taken a meander down SO'W's Memory Lane for Bernanke posts and found 11 of them.

Here are two which will remind you, among other things, of the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South) which is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the New York Stock Exhange (into which the NYSE was born 1792) and thus is very telling for how things have proceeded within the US financial system since the current manufactured collapse:

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008 was written before the financial collapse of summer 2008 and contains many details of a financial nature which Astrology describes quite well (I may not, but Astrology does.)

So if you're tempted to think that astrological cycles have nothing to do with financial cycles, perhaps it's time to change your mind!

Then there's Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed which quotes past NY Mayor John Hylan concerning the "small group of banking houses" being the head of the "invisible government which like a giant octopus" has invaded local and federal governments of the US of A. Only in the New Millennium - more completely, as planned.

So check out these posts if you get a moment, and if you see Ben tell him this blogging gnat of an American said, hello there, we'd like our America back, please.

Jun 13, 2009

On auditing the Fed

Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited, Expert Says


With $45 billion in capital and $2.1 trillion in assets, the central bank would not withstand the scrutiny afforded other institutions. #

But wouldn't that be the fox auditing the henhouse's books? And how would they know which set is the real one? It's a big mess when thieves can no longer do business with thieves, isn't it?