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Jun 23, 2017

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2017 (Libra Ingress)

Autumn Equinox 2017 September 22, 2017 4:02 pm edt White House Washington DC with Capricorn, transit Pluto, asteroid Nemesis, and US natal Pluto rising (and US natal Mercury Rx setting). The chart and season are ruled by the 11th house Saturn @21Sag49 (alliances with senior and/or mature people) which again conjoins the natal Moon and South Node of Mr. Donald Trump, as we've discussed previously. The star of the show, the Sun 00Lib00:00 is in the 8th house of Corporatism, Insurance, Debt, Credit, Shared Resources, Legacies, the Occult, and Transformation (including Death).

Obviously, early on such issues as control, surveillance, coping, government systems, government, legal, and business concerns, plus, other Capricornian things will need dealing with during the autumn season along with issues of violence and war.

Saturn as chart-ruler makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a trine with quirky anarchist Uranus, the leading and oriental planet of Donald Trump. This trine has been in effect for some time and here hints at how things will proceed from Autumn to Winter Solstice 2017. And there's an important factor that occurs prior to Autumn 2017 which is The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North Saros Series which last manifested on August 11, 1999 @18Leo and is the famous 'King of Terror' Eclipse (aka, the Mother of All Eclipses) seemingly predicted by Nostradamus. This is why I penned "A 'new war on terror'?" on the chart for such propaganda is already being heard in the public discourse, thanks to pundits and reporters who shill for the Deep State and other corporate masters, international banking cartels, and crime syndicates. Perpetual war is their game.

Now as you see, The Moon (We the People) has left her conjunction with planet Jupiter (26Lib15) who can play roles such as The General, the politician, the banker, the broadcaster, the CEO, the religious leader, the thespian, guru, professor, and wears many other faces. Their conjunction is posited in the 9th house of Philosophy, Legal Affairs, Foreign Lands, and Travel (Jupiter's home territory) while asteroid Eros (the piercing) conjoins the Moon @1Sco24 which is the Sun's position in the Oct 24, 1993 'new world order' natal chart. Is such a piffling synchronicity a factor in light of the current Trump vs Deep State and other battles occurring during the first year of a Trump White House?

Most crystal balls would probably say, it's too soon to tell.

But besides a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and the America-splitting Total Solar Eclipse noted above, there are various other cosmic events manifesting in August 2017 which must be navigated by the American people, Washington DC, and by Mr. Trump whose third of three Jupiter Return/s completes on August 4, 2017 (@17Lib27--conjunct US Progressed Mars Rx = militarized police, expanded gun carry laws, criminality, wounded veterans, etc) and whose next Mars Return (@26Leo and rising just before royal Regulus) begins a new (2-year) cycle of activity on August 31, 2017. All of Mr. Trump's Mars Returns are made more prominent due to his contentious Mars-the-warrior rising in dramatic, egocentric, often pompous Leo.

Related posts include: The 'Cosmic Blinks' of Donald Trump and Trump Tower (eclipses); Donald Trump is an Eclipse Baby!; and Eclipse Notes on Trump's Current Saturn Return (Saturn, planet of realism, truth, authenticity, accountability, and honesty!)

May 7, 2017

August 2017 full of Mr. Trump's Karmic Returns

Image: The August 30, 2017 Lunar Return of Donald Trump set for the White House (although who stays in DC in any given August?) showing transit Saturn, a planet of karma (reaping what's been sown) hitting his natal Moon for the third and final time @21Sag12 in Return 2nd house of Money, Values, and Self-Worth; in Mundane Astrology 2nd house represents the National Treasury. Note also that Saturn is within range of conjoining his natal South Node, a separative point, and has opposed Mr. Trump's natal Sun (22Gem55) on July 7, 2017.

During this transit, Saturn has conjoined natal Moon twice before: December 30, 2016 and August 3, 2017. Considering Saturn's 28-30-year cycle, the last (previous) Saturn transit to natal Moon occurred once on November 25, 1987, a year when transit Jupiter opposed his natal Jupiter in Libra, a period of overblown enterprises and unflattering comparisons when resources may be lacking.

Rolling Stone's Timeline of Donald Trump's life and career replete with Saturnian events. Exs: 1987 publication The Art of the Deal via a ghost writer to do the actual work of putting Trump's ideas into Saturnian form; January 1989 - first appears on the cover of TIME--and Saturn rules Time; separation from wife Ivana in 1990, divorce (official ending of relationship) in 1992; also in 1990 - Trump is deleted from the Forbes 400 list; 1991 losses result in first bankruptcy filing; March 2000 The Simpsons airs 'Bart to the Future' in which Donald Trump takes on the job of US president (age 53), etc.

Now as you know, when transit Saturn hits natal Moon, it tends to bring feelings of loneliness, rejection, privation and denial of the usual comforts, and family/relationship issues so now that Mr. Trump is somewhat isolated in the White House with weightier responsibilities on his menu (and more open to hurtful criticism), such lowering feelings may be more difficult to handle to the point of his physical and/or mental health being affected (as some have noted--other astro-charts show an erosion of thought processes and disrupted communications but that's a brainy topic beyond the scope of this meager post). Plus, he is, after all, no spring chicken--and was a mere 41 years old in 1987, wasn't noticeably forgetful, and spoke more clearly in complete sentences.

But he just had to play president and thought it would be easier! (He expected the easy Jupiterian side of the White House, not the hard Saturnian side). So with curious synchronicity, the Universe sees fit to pile a Lunar Return onto his noggin on the same day that transit Saturn stomps upon that very Moon position--and in a calendar month when two Saturn-infused Lunar Returns occur (August 3rd and 30th). Will Saturn's imperative lessons of maturity, accountability, soberness, authenticity, honesty, concentration on tasks at hand, and serious efforts 'get through' to Mr. Trump in his role as leader of the 'free world'? Or will he continue to brood and chafe under the presidential work load that universal task master and lesson bringer, Saturn, demands?

Well, we know that he and the American people must make it through a long hot summer and navigate whatever comes via The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @28Leo52, visible from West Coast to East. Its degree conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant, as we've discussed previously, and affects his natal Mars as well (26Leo46). In fact, on August 31, the day after this Lunar Return, Mr. Trump has a Mars Return, signifying the start of an energizing two-year cycle of new activities and projects. Yet even a Mars Return can have some negativity attached because fever, inflammation, infection, or even surgery may follow if other planetary and health factors agree.

And yet 2017 is, on some levels, a year of Jupiterian protection for Mr. Trump via the third of his current Jupiter Return, a three-fer which perfects for a final conjunction on August 4, 2017 (@17Lib27). But even this rewarding Return chart shows an ongoing difficulty in effect all year--transit Pluto squares natal Jupiter (0A04 on August 4th!) denoting a time when over exaggeration, bombast, and the overestimation of self-importance is unacceptable to the powers-behind-the-throne. Frustration mars politics, diplomacy, financial projects, and other Jupiterian expansion areas which must on some level include the granting of funds for the building of a Saturnian border wall.

Feb 21, 2012

Jim Marrs on Bankster Control (video) w Mars/Iran Concerns

War Drums of Mars Rx w a Jim Marrs Interview on Bankster Control

February 19, 2012 Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs...

Here's Part 1 of 3 with a link to the rest of the interview provided below:

View Parts 2 and 3 at

For further Mars-tinged reading you may wish to try Jeremy Scahill's article Washington's War in Yemen Backfires (war = Mars, backfires = Rx), and catch up with expert astrologer John Townley's analysis on the chances for war with Iran--possibly this summer--as shown by Mars' Rx and Direct periods, when a Window for War opens and the pent-up energies of Mars when Rx forcefully burst out in surprising or unexpected ways once the 'god of war' begins moving forward.

On April 13, 2012, Mars Direct Stations @ 3Vir41 in 9th house of Foreign Lands when the horoscope is set for Washington DC ('4Vir' = "A Black Child Playing with White Children"--sorry to point out that this symbol is rather apt for Washington, and the MC (Goal) of the Direst Station chart @ '28Vir' = "A Baldheaded Man Who Has Seized Power"--now that can't be Dick Cheney again, can it? Well, jingoistic neocons are feelin' their oats again these days--with global domination on thsir reptilian brains.)

Yes, things may really heat up in Martian fashion once Mars reaches shadow degree (of his Rx Station--'23Vir06') and rushes into the light on June 19, 2012 with Jupiter 1Gem50 and Venus 8Gem41 Rx (conjunct US natal Uranus 8:55) in worrisome 'nuclear degrees'--and snugged around Mr. Obama's natal Moon in early Gemini.

Plus, you know that President Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 is *highly involved with US natal Neptune 22Vir25...the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars) may surround the Pentagon once again if neocons and other imperialists have their warring way.

*For the highly involved President Obama, 2012 has brought along a three-fer Mars Return and it remains difficult if not impossible for the American people to see or understand his true motives (Mars) with our national planet of veils and delusions (Neptune) tossed over his motivations and activities. The third of his 'hits' from transit Mars to natal Mars occurs on June 18, the day prior to Mars reaching shadow degree. Is this within the "window", as John Townley describes?

In addition, the hot actions and reactions of contentious Mars concerning an attack on Iran may also relate to May 2012 as timed by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse which conjoins Alcyone (something to cry about.)

Yet on another level of Martian feistiness, we may say that Mars Rx Brings Women and Their issues into the Spotlight! Personally speaking, a return to a maternalistic world would be fine with me for we're experiencing worse than ever what a testosterone-driven world of paternalism so often forces upon the innocent--and by that, I very much include the good people of Iran. jc

Jun 24, 2011

House votes No to US military action in Libya 6.24.11

Have congress members found their backbones or are they worried about their fund-raising for the next election? Well, on C-SPAN I watched much of this morning's 'debate' on the House floor over action in Libya so this news nugget is of little surprise.

I hope the US drops this ill-timed, unaffordable, and immoral mission and that you too caught Dennis Kucinich's impassioned speeches this morning - his remarks are definitely worth finding if you can, and I shall search for a video of him for posting here asap:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Rejects Measure To Continue U.S Role In Libya

The House has voted down a measure giving President Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya. More at NPR.

More on this and other topics is being broadcast as I type by the excellent Thom Hartmann. And the transiting South Node (SN) is nearing US natal Mars (military; god of war) closer and closer as you read these words - and we have a US Mars Return coming soon...

Mar 25, 2008

Obama's anti-war speech Oct 2, 2002

NPR has a feature recalling the day of then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama's anti-war speech in Chicago on Oct 2, 2002--approximately two days prior to his Mars Return in Virgo.

As you know, Mars Returns time new 2-year cycles of activity--and Mars is the god of war. As you may know, Obama's natal Mars is conjunct to-the-degree America's natal Neptune, planet of idealism, illusions, and dreams.

Hence his touted 'rock star status' is real, but perhaps that's the wrong word when Neptune is involved. Actually, the public projects upon the screen of his image, more like.

Well, since there are no YouTube or other video of his anti-war speech dissing political hacks like Karl Rove, here's the speech's transcript if you'd care to read it--and then perhaps you may pardon me for the following cynical political rhyme:

Lone Ranger for President!

And if we should end up with a President Obama, he'll be lone in Washington, imho, for who's going to allow him any cooperation or credit for accomplishing anything the People want or need?

btw: here's a previous post, "that hellish path blindly", a quote from his speech, where I linked to the same transcript of the same Obama speech (just lookin' out for ya, m'peops! We the People!)