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Apr 13, 2019

Singapore in the house! Is Jupiter causing trouble?

Saturday April 13, 2019 9:10 am edt: Good Morning Singapore! You've been 'visiting' Stars Over Washington a lot the last couple of days. What's up? Well, for one thing I see that Jupiter's April 10th station @24Sagittarius opposes Singapore's natal Jupiter in Gemini. Feeling discontent with wealth or achievement? Is no one impressed with your efforts?

Be patient for this too shall pass!

NASA image: Planet Jupiter

Feb 27, 2018

Horoscope and Astro-Notes on Hope Hicks

Update Feb 27, 2018 6:00 pm est: As expected, Miss Hicks refused to spill the beans on Trump today, thank you very much.

News Update Feb 28, 2018 5:30 pm est: Hope Hicks is resigning as WH Director of Communications after admitting yesterday on Capitol Hill that she tells "white lies" for the White House (Trump).

Original post begins here:

A Brief Astrological Overview of Hope Hicks

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday February 27, 2018: This morning White House Director of Communications and longest serving political aide to Donald Trump Hope Hicks is to appear before the House Intelligence Committee concerning alleged Trump campaign involvement in Russian meddling in the November 2016 election. Her appearance was postponed from last month due to the kerfuffle over Steve Bannon's testimony and Mr. Trump should note that the 'attorney-client privilege' hedge is not applicable in the case of Hope Hicks though whether or not she'll actually answer any questions remains to be seen.

The Wikipedia page for Hope Charlotte Hicks provides a few basic details of her life of 29 years but let's take a brief peek at her natal planets and PE. Sans an accurate birth time we'll look at 'noon' on October 21, 1988 Greenwich, Connecticut but with consideration for the 24-hour range of degrees for her Moon and Sun. Naturally her age implies that a Saturn Return may be in play as she or others are held accountable for past actions but we'll see how close the timing is to today's Capitol Hill appearance.

Horoscope: Hope Charlotte Hicks October 21, 1988 'noon' edt Greenwich, CT:

As you see, 1988's weighty trio of planets Uranus-Saturn-Neptune figure strongly in the psyche of Hope Hicks where transit Saturn, the authority and The Establishment, now plods (Saturn today = 7Cap12). On the chart (lower left) are penned the dates that tr Saturn hits natal Neptune: March 6, 2018, May 31, 2018, and November 29, 2018. As you know, this is the 'dream come true' OR 'the grim face of reality' transit and considering her involvement with the Trump Organization and today's Capitol Hill visit, I'd say it's more the latter than the former for Miss Hicks. And note that monetary matters are suggested by this transit. So I would say that 2018 is a Saturn-to-Neptune year for Hope Hicks. However, the amount of Saturnian honesty, realism, and authenticity may negligible from today's House Intell Committee testimony, because for one thing, Miss Hicks was born with a fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square as was the truth-challenged Donald Trump! Another of her tendencies toward fact-distortion is revealed by a Neptune-Chiron opposition (0S33) which suggests one for whom the only reality is subjective for she believes that objectivity is an illusion--'there are no facts' (r. Nolle).

Moon-NN, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Rx, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

The Moon-North Node connection relates to her role in public relations and communications, and her unaspected Venus (impaired perspectives, lack of evaluation before taking action; a social 'wallflower'??) is in friendly mutual reception with communicating Mercury in the Venus-ruled sign of lovely Libra. As you see, her Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) @17Lib48 conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter Station Direct. Financial security is a driving force for Hicks (as for Trump) but hopefully, today's House committee members won't be blinded by the obvious beauty of this lovely Libra! Yet trouble in love matters is also shown in her chart (which won't be discussed here except to note that her Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse manifested on September 11, 1988 @18Vir40 in the 8 South Saros series with themes of loss, separation, and partings (Brady). 8 South last occurred in 2006 and will manifest next in 2024 @10Libra conjunct her natal Mercury.

As for active motivator Mars (00Ari09), you see he is retrograde at Aries Point making the achievement of fame, recognition, and fortune practically a given, plus, Neptune in Capricorn is inspired to attain goals by crooked means if necessary. On the right side of the chart you see Mars in Aries and Venus in Virgo listed. Lower right shows her Jupiter Rx in Gemini so we know she relates to others as a Mercury-ruled Gemini (and behaves as a Sagittarian--Uranus in Sag). And of course, Pluto in Scorpio indicates a talent for exercising subconscious suggestions to others, fanaticism, record achievements (her Mars = AP approves!), and having a share in tragic events (Ebertin) which describes for some people the Trump White House.

Sun Libra-Moon Pisces

Now let's take a peek at her Air-Water Sun Libra-Moon Pisces personality blend for which we don't need an accurate birth time since Sun and Moon remained in their signs for the 24-hour period of October 21, 1988.

This blend reveals one who is creative, adaptable, perceptive (even if her perceptions are off-the-mark with Mercury SQ Neptune), sometimes lazy, and talkative. Yet she is also a good listener who demonstrates non-judgmental empathy for others (which is very good for remaining in your job with the flawed and often-criticized Mr. Trump). Miss Hicks is a dreamy romantic who is capable of genteel diplomacy which she must use for advising her emotionally sensitive boss. Plus, her tendency toward vacillating moods is similar to Trump's moody Gemini-Sagittarius morphing ability on any issue. Her changeable Pisces Moon is difficult to pin down and 'diplomatic' answers (Libra) may be all she offers today's committee. Cautions are: a lack of conviction, indecision at crucial turning points, agreement with various points of view (similar to Trump who agrees with the last opinion he heard expressed), and a tendency to drift into new intimacies once the last one becomes boring.

Yes, Hope Hicks is a 'people-pleaser' as identified by Sun Libra-Moon Pisces who can adapt to almost any situation. Note that his personality blend is shared by some illustrious folk: occultist and sex-maniac Aleister Crowley, former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father), and famed playwright Eugene O'Neill who informed us that,

"None of us can help the things life has done to last everything comes between you and what you'd like to be, and you have lost your true self forever."

Let's close with the Sun Libra-Moon Pisces curious Image for Integration supplied by the Harvey's Sun-Sign-Moon Sign book:

"The curtain comes down, the actor takes off his mask and, in privacy, looks into his mirror to find himself as a child of six with his imaginary friend."

Well, hopefully Hope won't have to depend on the unreliable, loyalty-demanding Donald Trump for the benefits of true friendship!

Jul 20, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Steve Bannon

For basic info on this series of articles, please see the Jupiter profile of Donald Trump.

In the Realms of Jupiter Part 3: Steve Bannon

Born on November 27, 1953 with an Airy Jupiter @23Gem33, Mr. Bannon has had varied careers within Geminian areas such as stock trading, editing, promotion, and publishing. As you know, Mercury-ruled Gemini is a mental sign of communication and has allowed him opportunities to acquire a wide range of marketable skills. Mr. Bannon shares an Airy Jupiter with his advisee Donald Trump whose Jupiter is in Venus-ruled Libra where Jupiter relates to others based on Trump's constant concern with fair play in relationships. Meanwhile, Mr. Bannon's Jupiter in Gemini loves to tell fantastic stories with larger meanings and has the capacity to relate many facts and details into the scene.

But wait! We should be careful here or Steve Bannon's natal Saturn may overtake his Jupiterian energies for dutiful Saturn @4Sco11 is unaspected and thus may function unencumbered and with less difficulty in Saturnian realms (such as management, control, duties, authority) than an aspected Saturn would. In isolation may be his preferred mode of working, plus, the placement suggests an indifference or lack of concern for anything outside his usual sphere of operation. Negatively, self-discipline may be missing from the personality along with a normally functioning conscience.

However, let's not give up on Bannon's natal Jupiter just yet for it leads a BOWL shape in his natal horoscope with the rest of the planets tipping Jupiter's way. Obviously, some level of leadership is suggested here though without a timed birth chart we can't know in which direction the BOWL tips. (My guess would be toward career matters.) Anyway, this emphasizes a prominent natal Jupiter in Gemini which happens to conjoin the Uranus-NN-Sun trio of Donald Trump posited in Trump's very visible 10th house of Career and Public Status. Plus, Bannon's natal Sun @5Sag is ruled by Jupiter which adds more adventurous Sagittarian vibes to his character and intellect; his natal Moon is in either Leo the entertainer, or Virgo the critic and dedicated worker slogging away behind the scenes. My guess? A Virgo Moon. You?

Also of note is the fact that Bannon's natal Jupiter is retrograde, a condition denoting unusual perspectives, odd beliefs, and/or a different set of morals. Here is one who prefers to learn by his own experiences and who tends to plan things well rather than relying on natural luck.

Expansive Jupiter in Curious Gemini: Exploring Unconventional Ideas

One further note is necessary here: natal Pluto @25Leo01 is at Rx Station so power, manipulation, and control are inner issues of transformation which hide in the shadows of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile, an aspect supplying talent in matters of psychological combat. How useful in Politics and in business and financial analysis! And yet the self-reliant Mr. Bannon may find himself facing his losses alone when they come for lack of loyalty from fair weather friends may be an issue for him and he may have made enemies who attempt to sabotage him via rumor or misfortune (Epstein). And it's possible that on November 27, 1953 the Moon conjoined natal Pluto which would indicate an extremely demanding nature--hard to live or deal with, a tyrant in fact. Also note that his natal Pluto conjoins the natal Mars of Donald Trump (@26Leo and rising)--an energizing contact yet possibly explosive.

In addition, his natal Jupiter is engaged in a second aspect, a Jupiter-Neptune trine which may inspire attempts to refine any coarseness within his environment. (My suggestion: the Oval Office please!) Mr. Bannon possesses an inherent understanding of life as shown by this aspect and is concerned with restoring order out of chaos (uh-oh--via a 'new world order'?), a trait that must come in very handily in the crazy quilt Trump White House. Mysticism and occult interests are also shown by the Airy Jupiter-Neptune trine along with a tendency to respond only to certain people who share his interests or his attitudes. And this is rather paradoxical since Bannon's natal Jupiter is posited in communicating, often chatty, ever curious Gemini!

So let's close this Astro-Portrait of Steve Bannon's natal Jupiter in Gemini with a midpoint picture involving Jupiter, one that is in force throughout the day and night of his birth and thus does not depend upon a correctly timed horoscope; any, all, or none of the following suggested potentials may apply and are subject to transits, progressions, and arcs, and may be activated by eclipses, stars, and/or other cosmic events:

Jupiter-Neptune = Pluto 25Leo01 Rx: plans unreasonable beyond measure (Ebertin); self projection out of hand (Tyl); ideas gained from visions to control waste or pollution; condemnation or suppression of occult theories (Munkasey).