Jan 15, 2017

Eclipses, Truth Tackling, Congress, and the FBI

With Director James Comey and the FBI under something of a congressional microscope these days it seems the still-current September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse @9Vir21 has been very active within the Collective in more ways than one. Its 'truth tackling' theme is operative though the American people may wonder if such a noble quest is in need of cleansing since transiting Neptune @10Pisces (planet of deceit, disguise, and dissolution) opposes the eclipse and muddies issues via distraction, insinuation, and outright lies. Subterfuge, spying, sabotage, and hacking are on various agendas these days and the perpetrators are not all based in the USA. And if the undermining of yet another of America's institutions (ex: the FBI) is one of their objectives, the plan is working quite well for public scrutiny is more scathing than what congress members are fitfully dishing out.

NYT Jan 13, 2017: Democrats Confront FBI Chief at Closed-Door Intelligence Briefing. Sh-h-h! Secretive Neptune at work!

And as Hillary met with the FBI last year concerning her emails, I wondered if the 19 North Solar Eclipse would manifest early. (Tap or click and you'll find a link to a post concerning the FBI natal chart and the 19 North eclipse with its 'realism' and 'truth' themes which are background influences in force until the next Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017--or within two weeks prior to that date; there is also a Lunar Eclipse @22Leo due on February 10th which we must soon discuss).

All this to say that the current Virgo Solar Eclipse (Virgo, sign of discrimination, purification, and criticism) in the 19 North Saros Series resonates strongly with the Comey-directed agency since 19 North is the Prenatal Eclipse of the FBI which was created on July 26, 1908. Nowhere can I locate an exact or approximate hour the agency came into force so noon on that date (Washington, DC) is used to set up a natal horoscope for our domestic spies. Formed during a Uranus-Neptune opposition, the agency formed during a period when one ideology was replacing another and I think most historians would agree that major shifts in our nation's goals and direction took place during the first years of the 20th century. Example: President Wilson campaigned on a 'peace platform' yet secretly pledged America into World War I, the 'war to end all wars' which, as we now know, was actually the war to start all wars, as planned by the racketeering big bankers of the day.

Note that the 'Federal Reserve Bank' of the US was secretly created during those years in order to force its credit and usury systems upon the US government and the American people--once the Panic of 1907 was engineered to make such a change seem necessary to the public.

Now there's that pesky 19 North again--helping us see things as they really are rather than what we previously thought they were! Apparently, 19 North is a handy lens of clarity through which to see through propaganda and how the American people have so often been duped into accepting banker-engineered wars and now, a presidential campaign and 'election' full of lies, fraud, innuendo, and--as it now seems--interference by foreign governments. Yes, opposing Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is at work dissolving the US election system and the government that goes with it.

And I don't know about you but personally I'm tired of the media-fueled 'debate' of distraction from real issues over why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. She lost because the Electoral College selected Donald Trump to play a presidential role he's ill suited for in spite of the populist campaign promises he had, and has, little if any intention of fulfilling. So thanks for nothin', Federal Bureau of Investigation, your "cabal within" played a large part in the current political drama with Neptunian flair and ideological zeal in the ongoing plan to take over America and rule the world. After all, 2017's transit Pluto @18Capricorn = 1993's Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s: *the big picture demands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise.

As previously posted, here are a few Dates and Degrees of 19 North which first manifested on July 5, 1331 (OS) @20Cancer:

July 31, 1962 @8Leo (conjunct the natal Mercury of the Republican Party); July 20, 1944 @27Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto); July 9, 1926 @17Cancer; June 28, 1908 @7Cancer (conjunct US natal Jupiter); September 1, 2016 @9Virgo; next: September 12, 2034 @20Virgo. 19N is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of: America's Great Seal (1782), the Republican Party (1854), LBJ and the FBI (1908), and the death of Marilyn Monroe (1962). Was Marilyn about to 'tackle the truth' too inconveniently for certain politicians? You see, correlating the years of 19N with events and the presidents then in office can be quite informative although history doesn't repeat...but it does, as they say, often rhyme.


*Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl.

Eclipse themes: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Jan 13, 2017

Jan 12, 2017: C-SPAN Hacked By Russia? - video (w Mercury-Pluto)

Well, it seems the Full Wolf Moon @22Cancer on the morning of January 12, 2017 brought interruptions of an unusual variety to Capitol Hill confirmation hearings though I had thought its orb of 2+ degrees from US natal Mercury Rx (which brings along its opposition to powerful saboteur Pluto in Capricorn) was perhaps too wide to cause much trouble in Washington. Apparently I was wrong as you'll see in this brief discussion:

Raw Story has more details.

Issues Of The Day w/ Congressman Mark Pocan! - Thom Hartmann (plus, Eclipses)

January 13, 2017: In this segment Thom Hartmann discusses current issues with US Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI), member of the AFL-CIO as a small business owner of a printing company:

Astro-Notes: Mark Pocan

Mark Pocan was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 14, 1964: natal Sun @22Leo will be revealed or activated by the Lunar Eclipse @22Leo on February 10, 2017; natal Moon ranges from 11Sco--23Scorpio in the area of his natal Neptune @15Scorpio - a Moon-Neptune conjunction denotes interest in public service but also a tendency to drift off into daydreams if not focused. The North Node of public contact and future direction conjoins one of the World Points of fame and recognition (00Cancer) and Jupiter (politics, finances, religion, etc) @24Taurus conjoins natal Midas. His Saturn @2Pisces indicates struggles with opponents, modesty, reserve, working in isolation, and respect for the past. Saturn is the handle of a Bucket shape so that Saturn in Pisces reveals a special capacity or gift which apparently is to work in government (Saturn) as a politician serving the masses (Pisces).

For background cosmic energies: Rep. Pocan was born into the 2 New North Saros Series and his Prenatal Eclipse (PE) manifested on July 9, 1964 @17Cancer which contains unfortunate themes of: collapse of lifestyles or plans, confusion reigns but after the dust settles rebuilding begins with far-reaching effects; sudden collapse of an existing structure--as described by the Tarot card: The Tower. Last occurrence: July 31, 2000 @8Leo, and of course everyone thinks of the attacks of 9/11. 2NewN is the PE of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Laura Bush, all born in 1946 (themes from Brady's Predictive Astrology). The slightly older Mr. Trump was born into the 2 Old North series which repeats in 2018 as does the 2 New North Solar Eclipse--'The Tower Eclipse'--which (I regret to inform you) manifests on August 11, 2018 @19Leo, presumably Mr. Trump's second year in office.

Bucket info from The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation by Marc Edmund Jones (1941).

Jan 11, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump w Mike Pence's natal planets

In this image the natal planets of VP-elect Mike Pence (R-IN) are penned around the outside of President-elect Donald Trump's natal chart which shows a few descriptive links between the men, one born in June 1946, the other in June 1959. Mr. Trump's chart and planets are highlighted in orange, Mr. Pence's planets are in blue-green with no angles shown since I don't have Mr. Pence's birth time; therefore, 'noon' positions are entered on the chart:

Naturally, Mr. Pence's natal planets were transits in 1959 for the almost-13-year-old Donald Trump.

DT = Donald Trump; MP = Mike Pence; MP's natal Moon ranged from 23Gemini to 6Cancer over the 24-hour period of his birth day.

The links that pop out at me (and are not dependent upon an accurate birth hour for Mr. Pence) are:

DT's late Leo Mars and Ascendant are conjoined by MP's natal Pluto @1Virgo. All three conjoin royal star and 'kingmaker' Regulus (success if revenge is avoided); this creates midpoint pictures with potentials, one of which is penned, lower right: DT Mars/MP Pluto = DT ASC: daring (Ebertin); coercive measures; intimidation (Munkasey); also: DT Mars-ASC = MP Pluto: violence; a love of quarreling; desire to rule others; premature action; forcible adjustment to new circumstances and conditions (Ebertin). As always, any, all, or none may apply.

Together they concentrate Mars-Pluto force with its potentials for chaos, aggression, suppression, and/or oppression.

MP Sun @16Gemini conjunct DT Uranus @17Gemini: quirky, rebellious Uranus which not only leads all of Mr. Trump's natal planets but is oriental (rising just before his Sun) has MP's natal Sun shining upon it which suggests that pride may interfere with group endeavors and cause separation or disruption, and loyalty issues may ensue. This connection shows DT inviting MP to take a leadership role and hints that MP was selected for his traits and abilities that DT lacks (obviously!). Yes, they are a team yet trouble may develop unless MP accepts DT's non-traditional ways of doing things, and/or if their egocentric personalities cause too many quarrels over authority issues--especially with DT's planet of authority and responsibility (Saturn) in Cancer opposed by MP's natal Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn. Plus, MP's Saturn widely opposes DT's Mercury which suggests MP's need for DT to become more sober in his communications--if not, then restriction, criticism, or resentment may occur.

Perhaps Mr. Pence's Solar Return in June 2017 will reveal their Sun-Uranus link either positively or negatively, and it will be a Sun-to-natal-Uranus transit for Mr. Trump.

MP Mercury @21Gemini conjoins DT Sun and North Node of public contact and future direction. This connection suggests the ideas and goals of DT which are in sync with MP's thoughts and expression of them to the public via the media or via speeches, meetings, and/or pressers. It also indicates the more aggressive and dramatic forum that MP has now thanks to DT; Mr. Pence may add his input to DT's ideas and plans but this must be done gingerly by MP or the super-sensitive DT may take offence (or perhaps MP will manage to turn DT's ideas and plans into something totally different than what DT intended. This is perhaps not a good idea.

An interesting link is formed on MP's Nodal Axis in DT's 2nd house of Money and Values which holds Trump's Jupiter-Neptune 'speculator' pair (and which rule DT's natal 8th house of Corporatism and Debt via its shady Pisces cusp). DT's Juno (a political asteroid) is there are well along with guru Chiron, the blind spot. This picture is fraught with complexity beyond the scope of this meager post but with MP's North Node conjoining DT's 2nd house trio, Mr. Pence may find himself dealing with such monetary themes in his public contacts before their first term ends. The presence of wounded/wounding Chiron between DT's Jupiter and Neptune seems to be a sign of Mr. Trump's many bankruptcies and over-extensions of credit to the point of massive debt to foreign banks. DT's chronic non-payment of workers he hires may be pictured here as well along with his over-inflated boasts of his wealth.

Now there are other chart factors between them that are worth considering such as MP's Jupiter Rx conjunct DT's IC--opulent surroundings, gain via real estate?) but these are the primary ones I see. You may see others, of course, and a study of their progressions and return charts will yield more information about their association (and make for a much longer post).

There is one more thing I want to mention: Mr. Pence's natal Chiron Rx @27AQ38. As you know, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, priest, guru, mentor, and blind spot--and signifies the Christ archetype in a horoscope. Here we find that MP's natal Chiron conjoins US natal Moon (We The People) of July 4, 1776. This conjunction suggests the religious aspect of Mr. Pence but perhaps also a kind of wounding which may occur due to Theocracy being brought into the US government where it doesn't belong. I say this as a Christian myself and as a Child of the Revolution--one who demands that church and state remain as separate as possible in America for the sake of religious freedom. For it is my belief that morality cannot be legislated but must come from within each individual. Externally enforced morality is a false morality and only serves to enslave not free!

Disagree if you must but there it is. And if I've missed a link between their natal planets that you consider important or you have info to add to the above assessment please let me know in a comment or at judecowell at gmail dot com.

Related posts: The Asteroids and Dreams of Mike Pence; The Oriental Planet of Donald Trump; Horoscope: Inauguration 2017; and Horoscope: The Great American Eclipse of August 2017--the 'splitting' energies of which will imprint upon the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Or should I say, the Trump-Pence presidency?

Jan 8, 2017

Big Bankers Behind All Wars (Jupiter-Pluto) - Trump's First Term

And This Includes the American Revolution

As you know, General Smedley Butler is famous for advising us that, War is a racket. But if you are adverse to other uncomfortable, inconvenient truths you may want to avoid the following video:

Political Astrology, Jupiter-Pluto, and Plutocracy

For an astrological portrait of big banker plutocrats and the politicians whose actions they control and direct, more than one planetary signature may be employed. The 'Plutocracy' pair of Jupiter-Pluto with its 13-year cycle is a prominent factor worth considering when it comes to financial, political, and militaristic topics.

Where are we now in the cycle? Jupiter Square Pluto

The current Jupiter-Pluto cycle began with their conjunction on December 11, 2007 @28Sag24 (where transit Mercury turned Direct early this morning--Jupiter-Pluto = Mercury: a propaganda campaign; the desire to influence many people - Ebertin). When I think of Jupiter-Pluto, I think of The Federal Reserve Banking System and how its insertion into the US government was secretly planned on Jekyll Island, Georgia in December 1910. Tap or click here to view a horoscope of the New Moon that perfected while the traitors sneakily hunkered down together during the dark of the Moon...Senator Aldrich, immigrant Warburg, Morgan agents, and the rest.

Currently, the off-and-on-again square between Jupiter and Pluto suggests a time when wheeler-dealers such as Mr. Trump are prominent and a tendency toward political maneuvering such as gutting ethics rules oversight is in evidence. As you know, the de-fanging of the congressional ethics office was the very first thing the new Republican-led 115th Congress attempted and they will try again as contributing to questionable endeavors, large-scale enterprises that affect many people, dubious financial schemes, and other exploitative attitudes continue through the first term of Mr. Trump. Under this plutocratic square, large gains will be expected from little effort, although with a square's blocking potential, some measure of disappoint may occur.

Now Sun-Pluto fanatically craves power and Pluto-Chiron certainly signifies Plutocracy, plutocrats, and their centuries-long oppression and exploitation of the masses and this would necessarily include The US Fed and other transnational bankers coup'ing countries across the globe--one of the topics of the above video. Actually, it was the announcement of Fed Head Ben Bernanke on December 11, 2007 at 2:15 pm est (I was watching on Live TV) that perked up my ears since the last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto began that very same day at 2:34 pm with Mr. Bernanke at the podium! I posted on the topic on December 10, 2007 if you wish to view the 2:15 pm horoscope which shows (unsurprisingly!) Plutocracy's Pluto-Chiron midpoint at MC, the Goal Point of the announcement about interest rates.

2017 Jupiter Retrograde: Hold That Tiger

As for the Trump-Pence administration, their first year in office will be imprinted by a Jupiter retrograde period of delay which lasts from February 6, 2017 (@23Lib08 conjunct starry Spica and Arcturus) until June 9, 2017 when Jupiter turns Direct @13Lib13 conjunct US natal Saturn (suggesting a partial easing of responsibilities!), and less than an hour prior to a Full Moon @18Sag53. As you see, an eventful year is promised on many levels and it is directly personalized for Mr. Trump (and thus for the American people) thanks to his being born with a strong Stationary Direct Jupiter @17Lib27. In addition, February 2017's Lunar and Solar Eclipses up the anti and may reveal more inconvenient truths followed in August by two more eclipses--one of which is The Great American Eclipse and its path of visibility which 'splits' our nation from Oregon to South Carolina.

Toward the end of Trump's first term as president, many astrologers including yours truly are concerned about the Great Conjunctions of year 2020. Included are the next conjunction/s of Jupiter and Pluto which perfect on April 5th @24Cap53, June 30th @24Cap06, and November 12th @22Cap52. I intend to post more Political Astrology details concerning 2020 as my schedule permits.

Jan 7, 2017

The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation - Max Igan in Conversation with George Webb

If plain talk is not your thing then you may want to skip the following 54-minute broadcast by Max Igan from his Surviving the Matrix series episode 279, January 6, 2017:


Related Posts: Horoscopes: 1993 and 2017 Inaugurations with their Sun-Moon blends where you'll see that transit Saturn at 21 Sagittarius as I type (planet of government, business, law and lawmakers) has conjoined the 1993 Clinton Inauguration's North Node of public contact and future direction. This is also the degree and sign of Donald Trump's natal Moon which conjoins his South Node and the prophetic star Ras Alhague while Saturn simultaneously opposes Trump's natal Sun-NN in deal-making Gemini.

This planetary pile-up of synchronicity suggests to me that someone intended January 20, 2017 to be the beginning of a chaotic, easily bum-fuzzled, conflict-of-interest presidency meant to take over America for the benefit of tyrannical forces no longer satisfied--or feeling a need--to act from behind the curtain or from under the cover of fake Democrats, aka, DINOs and neoliberals. After all, who could be more fit for control by intimidation and blackmail than the ethically compromised, heavily indebted Mr. Trump?

Plus, in case you missed the video, here is Thom's commentary on Trump's use of The Big Lie, one of the political tactics championed by propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Jan 6, 2017

"..and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

An Open Letter to the Readers of Stars Over Washington,
Are you part of the 'Posterity' for whom the Founding Fathers ordained the Blessings of Liberty as written in the US Constitution? Are you a participant in the Great American Experiment established 241 years ago and based on lofty ideals? How easy to forget what men and women sacrificed and died for in those long ago days and to take for granted the Liberty, Freedom, and Independence their actions bequeathed us through the decades since. Ours is not a perfect union, that we know, but it is close enough to be worth fighting for again in 2017 and beyond. Yes, it is a herculean task we now face as we realize more fully in recent months that All Is At Stake.
The forces now lined up against We the People wear a different mask than in Revolutionary days yet conquest and control remain the oppressors' objectives and to this we must respond. Now it is not pitchforks in the streets that are called for as much as righteous indignation and resistance to allowing our nation to take the low road of bigotry and hatred, the narrow-minded path that leads not toward but away from the ideals established by Founding Fathers such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Mr. Paine.
Are the American people up to such a task? Are binge-worthy TV shows and tech gadgets lulling us into complacency?
Astrologically, there is a caution perhaps too well concealed from our consciousness unless we purposefully shine a light upon our nation's 'hidden square' of July 4, 1776 (256 degrees) and take its lessons seriously. The aspect is between the Enlightenment Planets, Uranus and Neptune, the planetary pair used by certain social tinkerers and puppet masters as a signature of 'the new world order' or 'global government' which has come to oppress not liberate, to deny not empower, We the People and the rest of the world. The oppressors' watershed moment in modern times consisted of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993, the true effects of which have reached a culmination as transit Pluto arrives at the pertinent conjunction degree of 18 Capricorn and forms a fretful picture for those who prefer the benefits uplifted in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
1993 Uranus-Neptune = 2017/18 Pluto @18Cap (opposite Pluto's discovery degree and thus more powerful): the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl) is the caution that transforming Pluto now embodies with conquest and control the power elite's long-term goal via the restructuring of world power. Those Americans who cannot or who refuse to 'feel it' are apparently inattentive to current societal events or perhaps they feel that resistance is useless, why bother. How glad modern Americans must be that such sentiments didn't hold sway during the American Revolution!
So what potentials and cautions are revealed by the hidden square in America's natal horoscope (and psyche) of July 4, 1776?
Refusal to honor societal obligations, feeling apathetic when it comes to demonstrating our opposition to political subversion, ignoring the corrosion of our traditional values and principles embedded in America's Freedom Documents--these are only some of the effects of a negative aspect between radical Uranus and inspirational Neptune, planet of the masses. Also associated with negative Uranus-Neptune vibes are: muddled thinking, lack of clarity concerning social movements and issues, mild acceptance of the bondage that power-mad leaders represent, fear of 'rocking the boat' or 'becoming involved' lest personal security is adversely affected, laxity toward corrupt political and other leaders in society, apathy about holding crooks and fraudsters accountable for their crimes, a lazy expectation that others 'will deal with it'--the list goes on and the unfortunate results are incompatible with the principles proclaimed in the US Constitution and undermine any moral standards we care to name.
Now is the time when We the People cannot afford to relax our watch though many of us turn away. It is for those who fight and re-fight for freedom, liberty, and independence who must recognize the danger when it presents itself and then call it out for what it really is. For no one ever promised that the Revolutionary era's many benefits would continue forever without major 'tune-ups' and without our dedication and constant attention to what is so easily lost and hard-won when regained.
A Fellow American
Constitution We the People

By Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg: Constitutional Convention derivative work: Bluszczokrzew (Constitution_Pg1of4_AC.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jan 5, 2017

Washington DC's Secret Symbolism: From Past to Future

Can Washington DC's Past Inform Our Nation's Future?

by Jude Cowell

Did you know there's a website containing curious facts concerning our capital city and its monuments, particularly the phallic obelisk, the Washington Monument? Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets reveals some of the past machinations of our Masonic Founding Fathers and their contemporaries who designed Egyptian, Roman, and Greek tributes and symbols that were purposefully built into the city's architecture and monuments.

This could be a fascinating topic for US History buffs who wish to see below the surface of the time-honored myths associated with America's Founders, with Washington DC's construction, and with the beginnings and continuance of the US government these 241 years. The Founders' esoteric leanings seem especially a timely study in my opinion since the continuance of the US government is more in question now than ever before for we face a questionable, nontraditional regime of a chaotic, ham-fisted Trump administration and its lack of a mandate from We the People.

Predictably, Sun worship plays a major role, of course, and we've see this plainly in our 'cult of personality' presidencies through the decades, with Trump no exception (Campaign 2016 was all about his 'character' and 'temperament'). What isn't widely appreciated is how US Constitution Day, September 17th, plays into the solar idolatry with the Sun seeming to pause atop the Washington Monument at 6:43 pm each year--on September 17th. Here, as in Freemasonic rituals, there are death and rebirth themes laced underneath the surface and even the blood and sacrifice of the Civil War are part of the picture as is the assassination of President Lincoln--and the positioning of his Memorial (1914--1922). Stand at the bottom of its steps on a certain date (April 9th), look toward the Reflecting Pool, and at 7:38 am you'll see the same solar performance as the Sun 'sits' atop the Washington Monument.

Coincidental? Puh!

Now I'm not certain the website linked above mentions it so I will...the star that the Washington Monument points to in the heavens is Porrima, a star of fertility--and of prophecy. Yet isn't it curious that our first Masonic president, George Washington, known as the 'Father of Our Country', never generated natural children of his own? At least, as far as I know! This infertility may have been caused by an early case of smallpox, if memory serves, but still...he was, they say, a good dancer (natal Sun in creative Pisces, ruler of feet)!

Now there are other curious facts concerning our nation and its purpose and you can probably think of them on your own but I do hope you'll visit the website I mention (buy the book or not! I did so it's on my shelf as I type) if you haven't, and perhaps you might ponder the facts of the mysterious case we call the United States of America and divine what our nation's ultimate destiny is meant to be--especially with such a presidency appearing on the future dance card of We The People.

Jan 5, 2017 Stars Over Washington's 'Trump Poll': the totals so far

Thursday January 5, 2017 1:50 pm est

As of today the leading opinion in the recently posted Stars Over Washington 'Trump Poll' (A Trump Presidency will be--) is: one big scam. Runner-up is a distopian nightmare, and number 3: the end of America. The 4th possibility has zero adherents, undoubtedly because that answer is a dream come true.

And so I'm proud to say that readers of Stars Over Washington, those who go to the trouble to participate in polls (please do! sidebar, upper right), possess a clear-eyed, realistic view of the ongoing train wreck that is Washington DC Politics 2017 and have faced the haunting specter of the alt-right and theocratic ideologues who will sway Mercurial Gemini Mr. Trump on many social and political issues which will closely affect the American people, undermine the US Constitution, and ruin the US government more than it already has been. And considering Mr. Trump's conflicts of interest, past and current shady dealings, scams, frauds, billionaire buddies, possible mob ties, a basic lack of understanding of the necessary 'blind trust' requirement, and a thousand other issues and protocols that most people understand and would abide by, this freedom-loving fellow (who threatens to jail others and 'loves to fire people') sees only the ironies convenient for him to see. It appears to this astrologer that his fighting, egoistic Leo Mars rising with royal Regulus will signify much of his hot-mess presidency ruled by whim and retaliation.

And as anti-democratic and bigoted as his Cabinet members and staff of operatives may be, astrologically we can expect Mr. Trump's natal Uranus (radical reformer, rebel, anarchist) posited at his birth in changeable, sometimes unreliable Gemini to lead his pack of planets with all the disruptive, maverick, and chaotic energies it and he can muster. For as you know, the sign of Uranus in a natal chart describes behavior and with Trump's Uranus oriental and leading a BOWL shape, chatty deal-making Gemini is one of the main archetypes that We The People are facing with Mercury the ruler of Gemini and his Sun (personality) and North Node (public contact) in the sign as well.

And yet his Mercury in Cancer, sign of shrewd business ability and love of family and country, provides him some measure of perception, intuition, and objectivity (since Mercury is not in his Sun sign) even though his Mercury, planet of thinking processes, is ruled by the Moon (feelings, emotions) so We The People have that goin' for us. We find Mr. Trump's extreme defensiveness displayed via his tweets and remarks that punch back at all detractors ("enemies," he says) since Cancer, sign of the crab, always scuttles sideways to avoid dealing with unpleasant encounters--such as blame, criticism, and other people's opinions and ideas.

However, he relates to others (via Jupiter's sign--his moneybags planet is strong for it's Stationary Direct) as a Libra with the placement's constant "it's not fair!" refrain ringing in our ears, and yet his Moon-South-Node conjunction does not make for popularity and indicates mommy issues, or, at the least, a deep sense of separation from the crowd. This spot in the Zodiac (for him, 22 Sagittarius) is where the karmic planet of restriction and blockage, Saturn, now tromps and conjuncts natal Moon-South-Node and opposes his natal Sun in Gemini. This transit is quite a cosmic Ouch!

And so...

The SO'W Trump Poll remains open until midnight January 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day) and if you haven't, please register your opinion if you have a moment. Multiple answers are acceptable which may come in handy for those who feel torn between the nightmare and the dream come true. That's a tiny little joke, in case you can't tell.


Related Posts include: The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017; Inauguration 2017: Midpoint Pictures and the Sun-Moon Blend (hint: someone's 'blind zeal' is showing); The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump; After the Revolution: the Oriental Planet of Donald Trump; and Donald Trump and The Future, a message from activist Max Igan via video.

Additionally, typing the president-select's name into the SO'W sidebar Search field will present many possible reading opportunities for the daring...

Jan 3, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Speaks at 115th Congress opening - video

January 3, 2017: the 115th Congress opens, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) delivers soothing remarks, and now that Insult Campaign 2016 has ended, he calls for respect between the parties:

It's going to be a long year. Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2017.

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2017 (Aries ingress)

Below is the Spring Equinox 2017 horoscope set for Washington DC (in its role as representative for all of America). As you see, the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pis12 is rising and you'll find a link to my notes concerning this eclipse and the August 21, 2017 eclipse ('The Great American Eclipse') at the end of this post:

March 20, 2017 Washington DC: Ascendant @10Pis37; Neptune, planet of dissolution, deception, and fraud, rises which makes the speculation-wastrel-inflation pair of Jupiter-Neptune chart-ruler and co-ruler. Neptune in 1st house with the ASC bracketed by Neptune-South Node (intrigue and unfortunate circumstancess) also denotes uncertain, unstable conditions that are too big to handle; following Neptune are Chiron, Sun (at Aries Point = World Events), Venus Rx, Mercury at a critical degree, and disruptive zealot Uranus, still opposing Jupiter Rx but separating. This is a full 1st house so a very busy Spring season is on tap.

We The People React

Then in 10th house we find a very close conjunction of Moon (We The People) and restrictive, depressive, austere Saturn @27Sagittarius, planet of laws and lawmakers. 'Overambitious pretensions' (27Sag) may be in evidence though strategy, ambition, and a sense of direction are positive potentials of Moon-Saturn contacts. Obviously, extreme apprehension (Saturn) affects the public (Moon) concerning the experiences that are coming up as Spring 2017 unfolds.

Also of concern is testy Mars @7Tau28 in 2nd house of the National Treasury. At the Goal Point (Midheaven, aka, MC) is 19Sag13 with moneybags Jupiter ruling there as well. Plus, Jupiter again leads a Locomotive of all the planets in his role as CEO and roughshod executive in a power position ('full steam ahead') leading onward toward fulfilling objectives which have been desired in some quarters since FDR's New Deal programs were instituted. Mr. Trump is simply the latest 'face' upon the austerity monster.

Social and political stability in 2017 are lacking in this horoscope as might be imagined with enemies of our social safety net now in charge of House and Senate and with their mouthpiece-of-sorts (the tweeter-in-chief) and Mr. Pence in control of the White House helm thanks to the Electoral College who overrode the popular vote in November 2016. Here we have another president with No Mandate from The Governed yet he'll act, talk, and tweet as if he's following 'the will of the people'! Yet in this chart the themes of the rising Solar Eclipse are positive and I'd prefer to hold positive expectations for the presidency of Mr. Trump but I think we all know what sort of things to expect instead from his highly suspicious anti-government/anti-New-Deal Cabinet choices and the overly Republican Congress, the 115th.

The 7th house Syzygy Moon (last lunation), a Full Moon @22Vir13, perfects on March 12th conjunct US natal Neptune, a further example of the instability in our society and current fraudulent political conditions in the US. Of course, Neptune also rules the masses, propaganda, poisons, and the media, most of whom colluded with the political class and their shared financial backers during the 2016 Campaign in order to produce such a 'president' to mislead our nation which will be dismantled along with the social safety net the elderly, ill, and weak depend upon. Survival-of-the-fittest guru Ayn Rand didn't believe in coddling the weak, you know (though she herself applied for and received social safety net benefits in her old age, the hypocrite). Apparently, age rendered her a "useless eater" too but don't tell Paul Ryan and his GOP cohorts (and the duplicitous Democrats who helped enable this whole scam). So it seems that the GOP depopulation program has now been officially established.

Well, today is my birthday and I'm rapidly getting a headache just looking at this horoscope and thinking about how these knaves intend to line their and Wall Street's pockets at our expense (as always but on steroids) as 2017 plods along so I'll close for now and hope to add more details to my astro-notes concerning this horoscope at a later date. As I said, social and political stability in 2017 are lacking in the Spring Equinox 2017 horoscope.

And yet we must not falter for our only hope is ourselves.

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