Jun 22, 2017

June 22, 2017 Republicans Reveal Trumpcare and a New Moon Follows

This morning on Capitol Hill, and during a Dark of the Moon phase when operating in secrecy is a given, senate Republicans revealed their healthcare bill, their answer to a promised repeal and replacement of what they've famously termed 'Obamacare'. Under a changeable Gemini Moon (and with Gemini's ruler Mercury, plus, Mars in Cancer, out-of-bounds and writing and doing who-knows-what), today's senate bill is not yet in its final form.

Like the previously passed House 'healthcare' bill, the senate version may be meaner than ill Americans, those in nursing homes (there thanks to Medicaid), and others need it to be..."mean, mean', mean" was Mr. Trump's recent description of the House bill. Now he says he wants the senate bill to have "heart". Well, with tomorrow's New Moon in its own sign of Cancer (care, nurturing, security, family) perhaps this will be the case. Or not. For the June 23rd New Moon conjoins a money planet--America's natal Venus.

Set for Washington DC, here's a horoscope of the June 23, 2017 New Moon @2Can47 which perfects at 10:30:38 pm edt. Please enlarge to read my study notes if you wish for as you see, the 5th house of Gambling, Creativity, and Children and the 6th house of Health and Services are emphasized. Outside the chart I've highlighted in red the US planets most affected by this New Moon which is symbolically imprinted upon the Republicans' healthcare bill, no matter its final form.

The natal US planets in Cancer notated in the chart are: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun (POTUS); neglected is US natal Mercury Rx in the New Moon's 6th house, an indicator of thinking and talking about health matters:

Saturn and Neptune = our social safety net programs

Descriptively, the transiting Saturn-Neptune midpoint (sick, poor, weak people) rises at the New Moon's Ascendant (4AQ27) along with America's natal South Node (6AQ) and this gives a midpoint picture of limitations, suffering caused by others, and false intentions being noticed. I believe that false intentions are at the "heart" of the bill since the legislation's true motive has been recognized from the beginning as a massive tax break for the wealthy class while taking away health care and insurance from those in need (which is where the suffering and potential cases of death come in--the final bill may include financial give-aways to the States whose politicians can then decide whether or not to fund Medicaid!)

And as you've probably noticed, in recent years there have been various ways in which the wealthy and corporate classes have abandoned America a la 'Ayn Randism'--the Republican 'healthcare' bill (aka, 'Trumpcare') is simply the most recent example. Ayn Rand's cold 'survival of the fittest' mindset has no room for the sick, elderly, or disabled--even though Rand herself received benefits in her old age!

Another cosmic hint as to Trumpcare's true motives: the transiting South Node of the Moon--aka, the Tail of the Dragon, now swipes the US natal Moon (We The People) suggesting separation and loss and a lose-lose outcome for us. We see and feel the humanitarianism and equality of our natal Moon sign, Aquarius, disrespected as we're tossed under the corporate bus of Plutocracy and 'economic royalists' as the transiting degree of Plutocracy's favorite midpoint (Pluto-Chiron @23AQ40) is now poised to overwhelm and oppress US natal Moon.

Now there are more chart factors worthy of study in the June 2017 New Moon chart but a steady down pour has just started here north of Atlanta, GA so I'll close this particular fuss and get back with ya later!

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Jun 21, 2017

The Great American Eclipse in Makanda Illinois

Here for my Makanda, Illinois friends is a horoscope of The Great American Eclipse set for their town where the eclipse (in 9th house with starry Thuban conjunct Mercury Rx in Virgo at Midheaven). In Makanda the eclipse will be experienced for 2 minutes 40 seconds; its partial phase begins at 11:52 am CDT; Totality begins at 1:20:11 pm CDT.

Chart: August 21, 2017 28Leo52:56 at 1:30:07 pm CDT Makanda, IL; Sun-Moon = Mercury-Mars: propaganda distorts the news of the day (Munkasey); Thuban = to protect or make a treasure (Solar Fire v9). Royal Regulus (the king, the kingmaker: success if revenge is avoided) @00Virgo is atop the chart and activated by the eclipse.

And as you know, eclipse safety glasses are a must!

Jun 20, 2017

Ask Saturn: Rising Authoritarianism Can Be Defeated!

Have you noticed that soul-crushing, anti-democracy authoritarianism is on the rise across the globe? Donald Trump in the White House is America's primary symptom of its Saturnian paternalism as we find in the current picture of transit Pluto @18Capricorn hitting the Uranus-Neptune conjunction degree (1993) which times a certain midpoint picture--Uranus-Neptune = Pluto: 'the big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise' (Tyl)--and this, triggering the word picture for 18 Capricorn: POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism' (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones).

Of course, authoritarianism has been rising in America since before Trump entered the White House and one astrological timer I noticed years ago was the December 30, 1999 Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron, one of the astrological pairs of plutocracy, oppression, racism, and various other -isms such as Authoritarianism, Communism, Socialism, Bolshevikism, Capitalism--all terms invented by man to promote one oppressive scheme or another---and to divide the populace against itself.

Thing is, the 1999 Pluto-Chiron conjunction occurred @12Sagittarius which is the Ascendant degree in America's 'Sibly' horoscopes (July 4, 1776 5:00 pm LMT or a few minutes later--I use 5:09 pm which places 00Libra at MC and Aries Point at IC). This oppressive conjunction of primal violence helped to usher in the New Millennium. (View the chart when the Trump-Clinton debate of October 19, 2016 was timed by a new two-year cycle of brutal Mars and Pluto melding their powers at the South Node of the New Millennium).

And yet there is good news! For there are ways of countering, even stopping (Saturn) authoritarianism in its hoof-shaped tracks as someone at The Guardian advises us:

Authoritarianism is making a comeback. Here's the time-tested way to defeat it. "Tyrants' tactics require the consent of large numbers of people. The first lesson, then, is not to obey in advance."

Another sign post of authoritarianism (and the tyranny of plutocracy) infecting America in 2017 is our national Saturn exalted in Libra (14:48 in 1776), sign of the Scales of Justice, which by progression, turned retrograde in Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio (where our SP Saturn remains) in 1996 during the second presidential term of Bill Clinton whose tenure included impeachment and thus the undermining of the Executive Branch through the eager auspices of the Republican Party.

So now, in 2017, will the Democratic Party return the 'favor' and oppose the extreme authoritarianism of austerity-promoting Republicans and their mascot Donald Trump? Probably not with the nerve and verve needed (although they did stand up last night concerning the secret Trumpcare bill). But it requires We The People to defeat it by participating in this democracy (such as it is) using the peaceful tactics mentioned in the article linked above!

Now, in case you haven't seen it before, below is the horoscope of the Pluto-Chiron Conjunction of December 30, 1999 (@11Sag22--two esoteric numbers x two!) with my study notes penned on (please enlarge). You'll want to consider that Pluto-Chiron = Moon-Neptune and several other planetary factors including the Mother of All Eclipses of August 11, 1999 @18Leo in the 1 North Saros Series in this chart's 8th house of Corporatism, Big Money, and the Occult--and 1 North repeats upon this chart's 9th cusp on August 21, 2017 @29Leo, a critical degree--The Great American Eclipse--and I assert that there continues to be some weird plutocratic timing going on and we can expect global government (aka, a new world order) to be termed 'necessary' to solve the world's problems (which international bankers and their handmaidens, the political elite, created):

The duration of the Pluto-Chiron cycle is approximately 60 years in length and relates to "mass currents of consciousness--the collective unconscious, the racial, cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels of reality. The beginning of the cycle...signals the up welling of an initially unconscious impetus seeking expression as a historically necessary transmutation." (Chiron, Richard Nolle). (My italics.)

Also note that, among other things, 'Moon-Neptune' = mass un-consciousness, or, the Collective Unconscious. And thus, globalists have many of thinking on a subliminal level that authoritarian global government is inevitable. It is not.

Also in August a Lunar Eclipse @15AQ.

Why We Are Seeing So Much Chaos in the World - Max Igan

June 16, 2017 American Voice Radio: Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix episode 297:

Visit The Crowhouse and consider supporting the independent work of Max Igan.

Jun 19, 2017

DC Horoscope: America's Solar Return 2017

July 4, 2017 America Turns 241 Years Old Just as Neptune Ascends

On July 4, 2017 at 11:35:33 pm edt, when the Sun returns to its position (13Can19) on July 4, 1776 (using 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; 2017 chart set for Washington DC) as it does annually on or about July 4th (Independence Day), nebulous Neptune @14Pisces Rx will rise and serious Saturn Rx @23Sag will culminate at Midheaven (MC), the Public Status point of the horoscope. The recent Saturn-Neptune square will have waned but the trappings of this societal pairing remains as austere forces continue their long dreamed of attempt to undo FDR's New Deal programs and demolish LBJ's Great Society agenda.

Now it's a mystery how far along the current Trump-Russia investigation will be by July 4th but we can find a major part of it on the US Solar Return 2017 horoscope. Mr. Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction is there at MC for all to see along with restrictive Saturn while his natal Sun-North Node conjunction (electrified by his oriental Uranus in Gemini and making a formidable trio) conjoins the IC of this Solar Return chart--along with US natal Mars in Gemini.

Please enlarge image since not all chart factors penned on may appear in the following text.

Neptune rising (with Achernar, a star of crisis) suggests more of such things as scandals, propaganda, lies, 'fake news', paranoia, fanaticism, glamour, and a potential for large water-related events (or gas, oil, and/or fumes or toxins) and/or other difficult weather disasters--any of which may be too vast to handle and cause loss. Of course, karmic Saturn can bring loss as well and Saturn at MC (in Sagittarius, sign of immigrants, refugees, other foreign concerns, plus, travel) hints at a year when accountability, limitations, and taking responsibility in career-related matters are demanded--and the public (MC) must see this as reality (Saturn)--enough of the veils and cover-ups that astrological Neptune loves to supply. And of course, Saturn relates to the law and lawmakers so we may be seeing a cosmic picture here of the Trump administration's ongoing Russia problems, inflated as they may or may not be.

So naturally, invisible/secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) peeks from behind the curtain of power whether identified as 'Deep State' (more of a Pluto-Saturn signature), CFR/Illuminati, international bankers, or otherwise. Plus, we find transit Pluto Rx @18Capricorn in 11th house of Alliances sitting atop the NWO degree of the Great Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993: "A British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones). I'll have to symbolically paint Mr. Trump with that particular daddy brush although others of the wealthy neoliberal class suit the paternalism picture just as well.

Well, perhaps Republican austerity measures (and weakened health care provisions in their Trumpcare bill) require veiling Neptune rising in order to get the corporate monster passed in the Senate. See Sun-Pluto = US Saturn, below.

A Jupiterian Story Told via Cardinal T-Square

Now if you look upper right on the chart, you'll see the dynamic Cardinal T-Square listed between Sun-Pluto (craving power; plutocracy) pointing toward apex Jupiter @14Lib10 (7th house and conjunct US natal Saturn, a transit we've previously discussed as partial burdens lifted). This energetic Cardinal pattern spotlights someone (Jupiter) with a deep urge to acquire wealth and though this may describe most politicians as a class, it seems to relate closely to Donald Trump who is in the midst of his latest Jupiter Return, with the third of three conjunctions perfecting on August 4, 2017 (17Lib27).

As you know, astrological Jupiter is a corporate planet ('CEO') of expansion and abundant resources, of course, and he freely crosses any boundary he meets, chafes against limitations, and tends to grab whatever attracts him. In Venus-ruled Libra, Mr. Trump's Jupiter accounts for his many cries of "that's not fair!" which is a huge part of how he relates to other people (shown by one's Jupiter sign). Fairness is his aim though the over-sensitivity of his rising Mars in proud Leo often interferes with an impatient 'me first' attitude and the quarreling nature of a street fighter. Here, the Sun rules the 6th house of service which includes Civil Servants, Police and Military Forces and with the North Node posited there, we may expect future actiona related to those branches of government.

For solar outcomes--however ego-driven they may be--we look to aspects to the Return Sun which include the square from Jupiter (0A50), a trine from mysterious Neptune (also 0A50!), the opposition by Pluto (4A55), and an applying conjunction by the Sun to warrior Mars at critical degree (20Cancer). Simultaneously, speedy Mercury @28Cancer opposes US natal Pluto (Rx @27Cap) which denotes that info or intell is purposefully withheld or distorted and opposing forces challenge opinions.

A Sun-Pluto opposition across the 5/11 self-will axis suggests extreme defensiveness when challenged, a quality naturally possessed by Mr. Trump, and hints at issues of an insecure ego. As POTUS (US Sun in Cancer), we find a man in a role quite large for him which has increased his tendency toward defiance. However, if logic is used and good advice taken, he may yet come out ahead of his many critics, or at least, may remain in office. Yes, there are massive forces set against him for during his 2016 presidential campaign, he promised to vanquish such forces long in control of the US government. Can he be surprised at how desperately they fight against him? So why did 'they' allow him to enter the Oval Office at all?

To me it seems part of a long-range strategy to weaken America and the office of the presidency, and to undermine our accustomed global leadership, something that is occurring as I type! Whether Mr. Trump is conscious of being used as such a tool for other people's interests is anyone's guess at this early date but there is powerful Pluto @18Cap and demanding that The Big Picture be followed, or else. And with secretive, confused Pisces rising, Jupiter and Neptune rule and co-rule the chart and our national Solar Return--but they are inconjunct one another! This describes a Jupiterian who misunderstands his responsibilities and struggles with problems of his own making--sound familiar, tweeters? It isn't that he doesn't want to fulfill his role, it's that the work is harder than he had imagined it would be and there is some measure of guilt attached to societal concerns such as aid for the needy. One thing to watch is how Neptune rising with potential weather or other natural disasters play out in the context of adequate FEMA funding.

Hopefully, the two Grand Trines (Saturn-Uranus-NN and Moon-Mercury-Chiron) will provide protection for the innocent!

Planets as Actors

So with the next year's solar conditions for and in America and the office of the president spotlighted in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, we find Jupiter in Libra as apex (focal point) of a Cardinal T-Square...what of it? Apex Jupiter in this configuration is primarily concerned with personal enrichment yet feels an urge to broadcast his views to the masses. How things could be is a typical topic as he looks toward an elusive future while grasping benefits for himself in the here-and-now. Since the Cardinal mode is initiating, pioneering is part of the picture, especially with adventurous Jupiter involved who, in spite of personal shortcomings which include superficiality, loudly promotes his causes to great effect. As we all do, this Jupiterian needs to practice what he preaches yet political concerns (and advisers) may often interfere since muddled ethics and changing standards offer him little direction or constancy.

Rashness and a tendency to over-extend may be evident via this opinionated apex Jupiter and dogmatism may be part of his promotional efforts (Tierney). Bigotry and prejudice may continue to peek through his actions and rhetoric which suits some of his audience while deeply offending others. Yes, the Jupiterian Mr. Trump's optimism toward America is apparent, even uplifting, yet an inability to consider long-range consequences created by the short-term benefits he desires (emoluments? conflicts of interest? loved by all?) can trip him up in the long run as Saturn at MC demands accountability, authenticity, maturity, realism, and truth from America's chief executive.

So what if we replace the Cardinal T-Square's apex Jupiter with US natal Saturn? Then we have a description of a society that allows or permits social injustices to continue, imprisons millions of its population, and supports domineering Saturnian actors who purport to 'bring order to chaos' but have unclear goals and a hidden agenda. It is, in Hegelian form, a chaos they themselves have intentionally created.


A Related Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017.

A Note to Readers: no, I am not wishing for the negatives here since any person who plays the presidential role well means that America does well. I'm simply reading our national Solar Return chart 2017 in relation to current events and conditions, a Solar Return which is good until Independence Day 2018--and I'm hoping for the best for our people and our nation. Of course you're welcome to disagree and I know you'll find other chart factors of note than the ones discussed here. If so, don't hesitate to share your interpretation here or elsewhere so that we may all become much the wiser! jc

Image: Neptune Ascending

Jun 17, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return Aug 31, 2017

Image: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017 3:51:36 am edt White House, Washington DC; Hour of Venus (@6Leo08 and rising with US natal North Node). Mr. Trump's first natal planet to rise: Pluto @10Leo, planet of power, control, secret wealth, and obsession. Natal Mars @26Leo46 conjoins difficult fixed star Alphard (alpha Hydrae of a Saturn nature); this star is especially negative when triggered by Mars and indicating potentials for legal problems, love problems, and poisonings of all kinds.

Chart-ruler Sun @8Vir06 applies only once to 8th house Neptune @12Pis59 Rx which denotes an appearance of vagueness, mystery, and illusion; the 2/8 is a Money axis with 2nd house as the National Treasury in a mundane chart and 8th house as Corporate Business, Debt, Credit, Big Loans, Insurance, and the Occult, among other things. As America's representative, what affects Donald Trump affects the nation and We The People so let us not shy away from considering his 2017 Mars Return horoscope.

Please enlarge the chart for not all factors are mentioned in the following text:

Now as you know, a Mars Return chart symbolizes a new 2-year cycle of energy and activity underway and in this chart we see a cluster of trines forming a double Kite pattern of high-flying success. However, an undermining Sun-Neptune opposition is problematic plus, simultaneously transit Neptune @12Pisces remains in a masking relationship with US SP (progressed) Sun (POTUS) which suggests Mr. Trump's ongoing issues of paranoia, fanaticism, vagueness, deception, cover-up, illusions, pretense, an image of confusion, doubt, and disappointment--and, perhaps above all--scandal (real or manufactured). Yes, foggy Neptune is the "cloud" surrounding Mr. Trump and his White House minions. In addition, astrological Neptune represents both the media and the masses with propaganda and 'fake news' tossed in as deceptive tools to use and hide behind even as certain status quo forces attempt to unmask him and the rest of his crew who apparently have foreign ties and financial and/or political conflicts of interest.

Mr. Trump's current difficulties are also seen through transit Saturn @21Sag12, the taskmaster and lesson-bringer, again hitting Trump's natal Moon which conjoins his natal South Node and this transit we have discussed in previous posts (see link, below). Here, the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Creative Pursuits, and Children are spotlighted with possible separation themes (Saturn-SN; Moon = family and/or security concerns). In the 5th house, transit Moon @29Sag is in a critical state (29th degree) yet if we round up we find "The Pope Blessing the Faithful" (30Sag). Plus, the 5/11 axis holds an intercepted Gem-Sag polarity where Mr. Trump's natal Full Moon (Sun-NN/Moon-SN) has been accustomed to exercising free will while indulging his every whim as CEO.

But in the role of US president (which he admitted he thought would be "easier"), restrictions apply which, beside a security need for isolation, have included legal judgments--and triggered our traditional form of government with its checks and balances meant to keep a monarchical presidency in line. For as a political pundit stated recently, Donald Trump "doesn't own the US government", he's only a "caretaker." (Note that Alphard tends toward legal troubles and Trump's contentious Mars only adds energy and a sense of retaliation to his quarrels--legal, political, and personal; the 'poisoning' of or by Alphard may be vicious and malicious--and there's nearby Regulus, always tempted to take revenge).

Why, even astrological Venus can be vengeful, envious, and full of spite especially when scorned and here, she rises in Leo and suggests that dealings with valuable things, currency evaluation (or devaluation), luxury items, diplomacy, and/or relationships are on the White House agenda. Ruling the 4th house (via Libra, the Scales of Justice), legalities are suggested along with 4th house concerns such as security needs ('travel bans'? 'the wall'?), Real Estate (emoluments for Trump's properties? other?), Mining (coal?), and/or Endings, possibly through a Draining of Resources.

Mars Trine Uranus (1A26): Quirky Actions Bring Unexpected Results; Groups & Travel Are Favored

Now a bright spotlight is cast upon the Return 2nd house with Mars, Mercury, and Sun therein, plus, the 10th house contains Uranus Rx stirring things up; other areas most likely to be affected over the next two years by Mr. Trump's 2017 cycle of Mars (which must include Alphard) are the 5th house (penetrating Mars ruling Scorpio) and again, the 10th house of Career/Public Status/World Stage with Mars-ruled Aries on the cusp (MC), and as noted, unpredictable Uranus Rx @28Ari12 there acting as a tail of a complex Kite. Fortunate Jupiter conjoins the IC of the Return chart but from the 3rd house side (Communications galore) and has recently participated in Mr. Trump's 3rd of 3 Jupiter Returns (see August 4, below).

Of course, Uranus in Aries symbolizes blind zealots and Utopian anarchists (Ebertin) and maverick Mr. Trump's natal planets are lead by his quixotic Uranus in Gemini, also in natal 10th house as part of his natal Uranus-NN-Sun trio.

Then as you see, his Mars Return 2017 Mercury @00Vir12, the deal maker and communicator, is retrograde (reviews and delays?) in 2nd house and conjoins royal Regulus (caution: success if revenge is avoided). Plus, you know that Donald Trump's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself) conjoins Regulus, the king or kingmaker star so issues of a fragile ego and his ego-driven goals remain a focus for the self-important and very sensitive Mr. Trump (Mars rising in Sun-ruled Leo) who makes everything about himself--for he is the planet around which the world revolves.

August 2017 Cosmic Events Include:

August 3: Uranus Rx Station @28Ari31;

August 4: Trump's third of three Jupiter Returns @17Lib27;

August 7: Lunar Eclipse @15AQ:

August 12: Mercury Rx Station @24Ari15;

August 21: The Great American Eclipse @29Leo;

August 25: Saturn Direct Station @21Sag10--*conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Moon (ouch!)

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*Saturn to Trump's Natal Moon, South Node, and the Sapphire Star.

Jun 15, 2017

Jimmy Carter Explains Why Trump Won and Hints at What We Can Do to Stop It

As it turns out, America has stepped in a big pile o'mess. Here's a June 12, 2017 segment from the Thom Hartmann program featuring former president Jimmy Carter explaining stuff such as Donald Trump, neoliberalism, and "unresponsive" politicians:

A related horoscope: Rule by Corporate Democrats Timed by Carter Inauguration 1977. Note that the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 @15Aquarius hits the 1977 Inaugural Moon which may or may not be significant for the American people.

And here's an excerpt that was excerpted in a previous SO'W post:

“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign -- in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as "the best censored news story of 1976" -- and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government -- the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury -- are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality, Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981 Noam Chomsky [4] (my bold - jc)

Recommended: the latest from Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power (paperback 192 pp, March 28, 2017).

Jun 13, 2017

5G Transhumanism and the Collective Surrendering of Freewill - Max Igan

June 9, 2017 episode 296 via American Voice Radio: a Surviving the Matrix presentation from Max Igan who opens with a timely quote by H. L. Mencken:

For more thought provoking presentations visit Max Igan at The Crowhouse and support his independent work.

June 13, 2017 AG Jeff Sessions testifies under a Mercury-Neptune square

Scheduled today at 2:30 pm edt on Capitol Hill is an open session with Attorney General Jeff Sessions who will answer the senators' questions (or not) under the day's confusing influence of a Mercury (testifier; communicator; speaker) square Neptune, planet of delusion, deception, fraud, the media, the masses--you know the list. The assimilation of information is faulty as we see with Donald Trump who was born with the same aspect between Mercury and Neptune resulting in loose lips, indiscretion, misconceptions, lies, and a 'sneaky mind' (Oken).

Under this problematic square, who's right and who's wrong is a confusing matter and cold logic is missing although inspiration and intuition may be enhanced and illusions may be promoted. It's a tricky period during which Mr. Sessions has placed himself on the hot seat in a public forum to basically defend himself--and Mr. Trump.

Will undisputed facts reach right conclusions? As an astrologer, I doubt it. As an American, I sincerely long for facts to point in the correct direction yet I fret that today's testimony by AG Jeff Sessions will make little or no difference in the end.

Image: Donald Trump natal horoscope June 14, 1946; tomorrow is Trump's 71st birthday but his Solar Return for 2017 is actually today.

Related: June 8, 2017: Comey Testifies under Trump's Sun Gem-Moon Sag Blend.

btw: I neglected to mention earlier that at 2:30 pm edt today on Capitol Hill, Jeff Sessions' natal vague Neptune in Libra was rising followed closely by transit Jupiter! And an out-of-bounds Mars @6Cancer (conjunct US natal Jupiter) opposes (challenges) AG Sessions' natal Mars in Capricorn. (Dec 24, 1946 'noon' Selma, Alabama).

Jun 11, 2017

The 'Cosmic Blinks' of Donald Trump and Trump Tower

Image: the 'cosmic blinks', aka, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, of Donald Trump born June 14, 1946; please enlarge for better viewing.

Themes of his 2 Old North Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) are listed along with certain conjunctions to US natal planets, and other factors such as his birth on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse @23Sag04, and his PE repeating on July 13, 2018 at a critical degree (20Cancer) which will emphasize his 2 Old North's basic themes beginning in early July 2018 and lead directly into the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @19Leo (2 New North) with themes of 'sudden collapse of an existing structure' and 'lifestyle collapse' (B. Brady) - themes which hauntingly echo Tarot card number 16: The Tower:

Eclipses of a Gilded Trump Tower

Perhaps you're a bit curious about Trump Tower. Construction began in 1979, a year of two solar eclipses: 1. Feb 26, 1979 @7Pisces in the 17 South Saros Series--'sudden success with group projects and/or relationships', and 2.August 22, 1979 @29Leo in the 18 North Series--'high stress level, a taxing of strength, large expenditures of effort, accidents or illness' (there were accidents and deaths during construction, if memory serves--it has 58 stories though the top floor is numbered '68'). As I type (June 11, 2017), note that we're currently under the influence of a 19 South Solar Eclipse which manifested on February 26, 2017 @8Pisces.

You'll also note that the 18 North eclipse @29Leo is at the same degree as the Total Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 we're all waiting to view which suggests resonance on a Leonine level (cautions against pride, vainglory, egotism, pomposity, bragging, 'showboating'), plus, a 29th degree suggests impatience of some sort--and conjoins the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump (29Leo) and royal Regulus (caution: success if revenge is avoided--otherwise, all gains will be taken away).

Now the PE of Trump Tower, which opened on November 30, 1983 (with a gilded flourish, no doubt) is the 3 North Series which manifested on June 11, 1983 @20Gemini (conjunct Mr. Trump's natal North Node (20Gem48) and snugged betwixt his natal Uranus (17Gem53) and natal Sun (22Gem55) in his 10th house of Public Status and Career. Plus, America's natal Mars 22Gemini is tucked in there somewhere.

3 North themes are of an 'over-excessive' series, news that transforms a situation and causes worry and obsession, undertaking large plans that work out successfully as long as one doesn't get carried away' (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, B. Brady). 3 North last manifested on the day of Summer Solstice 2001 at Cardinal World Point 00Cancer and is the Prenatal Eclipse Series of the WTC ('Twin Towers') attacks of 9/11/01. A 3 North solar eclipse next occurs on July 2, 2019 (in time for America's birthday) @11Cancer.

NBC video: During a Campaign 2016 debate, Marco Rubio mentioned Trump's use of undocumented Polish workers during the construction of Trump Tower. Somewhat curiously, the video is dated February 26th.