Sep 24, 2016

Humanity is Under Attack - a Max Igan broadcast

Preferring to remain under the influence of my Protestant Christian belief system, my personal feeling is that, of course humanity is under attack by dark forces and those who think they manipulate them. But religion is the only area I know of where activist Max Igan and I differ when it comes to a love of humanity.

And as always, the hour grows late and there is much to inspire in the following broadcast from the Peruvian jungle by Max Igan:

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Sep 22, 2016

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Shames CEO for Raking In $200M... video

Here Thom spotlights Senator Elizabeth Warren grilling a CEO of Wells Fargo Bank and she's at her finest:

Warren and Trump: Both Have Sun-Uranus Conjunctions

Did you know that Elizabeth Warren's natal Sun conjoins Uranus as does that of Donald Trump? Her Sun-Uranus conjunction @00Cancer identifies her as an original, progressive maverick while his conjunction is in changeable Gemini and opposes his Sagittarian Moon. As for Senator Warren's personality blend, it's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus, if you're curious enough to tap or click the above link.

So with Sun-Uranus (and Moon-Uranus for him), Mr. Trump the Uranian likes to 'shake things up' and so does Senator Warren but she does it without the racism, violence, and sophomoric insults. And yes, I agree with those who say that, if nominated, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren would have won the presidency in November though I suspect that she can do more for the American people by continuing to serve in the Senate rather than battling obstructionist Republicans from the Oval Office.

Sep 21, 2016

Astrology Explains: Donald Trump Loves to Shake Things Up!

Quirky Uranus and November 8, 2016: It's The Prepared vs The Unprepared

by Jude Cowell

Since his presidential bid announcement on June 16, 2015, candidate-turned-Republican-nominee Donald Trump has done one thing really well--turn US political campaigning on its head. Is there a reason which can be discerned from his natal chart? Is his rock-the-boat nature for real or merely an act?

Yes, all can be explained as astrologers Lynn Hayes and Alex Miller reveal and it concerns Mr. Trump's natal Uranus in Gemini so close to his Gemini Sun. By this one aspect astrologers know that he was as hard to limit or control in childhood as he is now.

And of course, some political pundits have said, "he's a child" which is also borne out by the chart emphasis on Gemini, sign of the child or the eternal youth. And with Gemini also being the sign of the trader, deal-maker, trickster, publicist, magician, juggler, salesman, and communicator, many of us sometime cringe at his weird behavior, off-the-cuff remarks, sophomoric insults, and his extreme self-awareness (that's Sun-Uranus again--Uranus is often called, The Awakener, and he sleeps very little, he says). Plus, when Donald wants advice, he consults himself and his "very good brain".

Add to his Geminian-Uranian traits the fact that quirky, disruptive maverick Uranus simultaneously opposes natal Moon in Sagittarius (a natal Sun-Moon opposition, a 'Full Moon' personality so relationships are all-important) and we see that Mr. Trump possesses a deep need (Moon) to be involved in the affairs of others (Moon-Uranus). His lack of boundaries and indiscriminate sharing of information (Mercury square Neptune) are displayed almost every time he speaks unless guided by a teleprompter and a pre-written speech. Have you noticed that he seldom seems to realize how much information he 'gives away' when he speaks?

Now all these planetary factors (and others) explain to some people (such as yours truly) how Trump The Unprepared is temperamentally unsuitable and unqualified for the job of US president which requires a much more discreet personality and deeper, more wide-ranging political knowledge than this Solar-Lunar Uranian naturally possesses. Can he learn? Ruh-roh! He only listens to himself, he informs us.

Talents? Oh yes, Mr. Trump has plenty of them. But are they the right talents for this particular job? After all, presidential campaigning is more than just a PR stunt...maybe not much more but it is not a book sales marathon or a 'new hotel' promotional event.

In light of all this (and unless you, dear reader, disagree), we do need a majority of American voters to stir themselves to prevent a farcical Trumpian outcome on November 8th--even if it means swallowing our misgivings and voting for an alleged 'progressive' such as Hillary Clinton whose discreet (some would say too discreet!) and studious Mercury-Saturn square is more suitable for the serious role of US president.

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And here's my post on the Astrology of Mr. Trump's June 2015 campaign announcement New Moon in Gemini even though someone has removed the video from SO'W. Perhaps we should credit his overly sensitive Mars rising in proud Leo! But not to fret for here's a link to Mr. Trump's 51-minute cringe-worthy campaign announcement video in case you wish to refresh your memory.

And for a little Astrology about Hillary: A White-Clad Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination which is not a fashion review but a babble concerning the White Goddess.

Here’s Why Millennials Distrust Hillary Clinton - video

As you've probably noticed, Millennials (ages 18 to 34) are not wild about voting for Hillary Clinton and may not turn out in November at all thanks to the Democratic Party sneakily favoring her as nominee over Senator Bernie Sanders (who would have won by a landslide much to the chagrin of the 'powers that think they be'):

For more reports, bravely step into The Ring of Fire.


And yet...perhaps the very important Election Day 2016 (November 8th) will attract a large turn out of voters for it coincides with a monthly US Lunar Return with the mundane Moon in American charts signifying We the People, plus, America's Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius combo is known for its humanitarian social concerns and political interests.

'The powers that think they be' is an apt description of the global ruling elite often used by Max Igan.

Sep 19, 2016

Big Pharma Terrified That Medical Marijuana Will Kill Their Deadly Opioid Business - clip

It isn't only opinion anymore since evidence has turned up concerning Big Pharma's knickers in a knot over medical pot legalization ruining their lucrative sales of synthetic cannabis, not to mention that our country's high levels of opioid dependency might decrease if a safer choice were available. Public health is no concern of Big Pharma!

Well, here's Farron Cousins on the controversial topic and you may also wish to check out coverage from The Intercept:

It seems to me that the American people should be well ready by now to demand an end to draconian oppression by a government that sentences citizens harshly for a crumb of marijuana while letting Big Bankers (translation: Big-Bank Robbers, money launderers, inside traders) walk free with no negative consequences after the global heist they perpetrated a few years ago. They know what they did.

Tragically, the level of criminality winked at by a nation is the level of the government that fails to protect its own people from such abuse, then commits it. So maybe that's it! Money grubbing abuse of power is the game for those who dare cross the line of honor and decency while pretending to be politicians and civil officials "serving" on behalf of "We the People". The old of-by-for is considered an antiquated relic of the past (along with nation-states and the US Constitution) by the futurist zealots and sociopath Utopians who imagine themselves as the powers that be.

For as Max Igan said recently, "the world is run by a bunch of lying criminals," and that in ten words pretty much sums up our collective condition and apathetic blindness, ya think?

Sep 17, 2016

Reclaim Your World - Max Igan episode 268

Sep 16, 2016 Max Igan Surviving the Matrix episode 268:

In this episode, "...the world is run by a bunch of lying criminals," says Max Igan. It's a simple fact. Can anyone disagree?


In case you missed it: It's Time for the Media to Push Back on Lies (video).

Sep 16, 2016

By Opposing 9/11 Liability Bill, Obama Is Protecting Big Banks - clip

Since President Obama has followed Global Government instructions to protect and favor Big Banks for the duration of his presidency, can his veto of the bill allowing 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia surprise anyone? What a presidential pickle! 9/11 families vs the Big Banks!

Thom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio discuss:

As Mussolini said, Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

Sep 15, 2016

It's Time For The Media To Push Back On Lies! - video

Here's an interesting segment from yesterday's Thom Hartmann Show but I must ask: if we could take lying away from the media and the politicians they 'cover', how could any of them communicate? Why, the false reality they feed us these many years would dissolve and show its true face behind the elaborate mask they've created to keep the public uninformed and diverted from the facts:

Image: Neptune, astrologically the planet of the media, the masses, propaganda, fraud, and deceit!

Sep 14, 2016

9/11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow - video (w Cheney's Mars-Pluto-Chiron)

With the Bush-Cheney neocon White House 'the fix was in' in so many ways...

The Corbett Report transcript and sources.

And from May 2016, Trump leaving neocons in the dust though I find that difficult to believe. How about you?

A Related Post: Cheney and 9/11 where we see Dick Cheney's Secondary Progressed (SP) horoscope on the morning of 9/11/01 with his SP Midheaven at 28Can43 and snugged around it, his SP Pluto at 2Leo04 Rx and SP Chiron at 25Can16 so that Pluto-Chiron = MC, the Aspiration Point. As you know, the Pluto-Chiron duo denotes primal violence, plutocracy, fascism, capitalism, other anti-societal -isms, and exploitation of all kinds. In addition, Cheney's SP Mars, planet of war and aggression, conjoins his SP IC (28Cap43; the Foundation of the Matter) at 29Cap26, a critical-crisis degree.

Note that on Election Day 2016 (Nov 8th), the degrees of Cheney's SP IC and SP Mars on 9/11/01 will be conjoined by transit Mars--unaspected--and all late Capricorn planets and points (26--30 degrees) conjoin US natal and SP Pluto.

Sep 12, 2016

Equinoxes, Solstices, Mars, and the 2016 Campaign

Campaign 2016: The White-Clad Goddess vs The Red-Faced Barbarian

As you know, a Spring Equinox or Aries Ingress Horoscope (2016 chart shown) is 'good for' the entire year it describes. In the Spring Equinox 2016 chart, aggressive warrior Mars rises in similar fashion to Mars rising (in proud Leo) in the natal horoscope of candidate Donald Trump. On one level this demonstrates the presidential contest we're in the midst of so why not take a peek at what Reinhold Ebertin has to say about the Mars-Ascendant duo:

Mars-ASC Principle: fighting spirit; Psychological Correspondence: pos - Tendency to force one's own will upon others, ability to lead or guide others resolutely, active teamwork. neg - A fighting and aggressive spirit with regard to others; a quarrelsome person, inclination to become physically violent. Conjunction - Advancement in life by the use of force.

Biological Correspondence Prone to accidents; a surgical operation. Sociological Correspondence Colleagues and coworkers; bullies and ruffians.

Probable Manifestations (Thesis) Tendency to drive and push others to get on with their work, successful creative activity in teamwork, forceful attainment of success. (Antithesis) Quarrels, conflicts, disputes.

Quoted from The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin; 'Thesis-Antithesis' added by yours truly to replace his plus and minus.

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You may also wish to see: Astrology of the September 26, 2016 Debate (if it occurs).

And do you know that on Election Day, November 8, 2016, activist Mars in governmental Capricorn is unaspected and acting in a purely Martian manner--unmodified by other planets (actors)? Could election outcomes depend solely on males between the ages of 25 and 35, give or take a year or so (Mars)? Arghh! I've been expecting that results will depend primarily on women and minorities! Oh, and Evening Star Venus demanding that 'an outsider' and rival of the current White House occupant wins the presidency. Could that be collapsing Hillary, foe of Barack Obama? Or a Republican, foe of Democrats? Vote! and we'll soon find out...

Note: follow the links in this post's title for the reason I reference The White Goddess and the other link concerns Mr. Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction and a certain blue star. Between the two of 'em we have our Red, White, and Blue, don't we? So with his Mars rising, it's significant that the color favored by Mars is red and Mr. Trump's face tends to display various shades of the bull-enticing color, sometimes alarmingly so. Plus, he's a bully involved in many lawsuits, is provocative, highly competitive, and likes to instigate quarrels that divert from real issues which need discussion. Oh, and apparently there's the barbarity of violence lurking within Trump's personality. Mob ties and Klan support increase that perception of him (for me, if not for you) and yet many people believe that Hillary Clinton has her associations with violence as well. In fact, it seems to be a job requirement for the US presidency that you must be, or be willing to become, a mass murderer. You may disagree but seriously I don't understand how you can. Tragically so. jc


Wedding Day Astrology: Donald and Melania Trump.

Sep 11, 2016

Sep 10, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016 Horoscope: Following a Vision

September 10, 2016

Although it hasn't been long since I posted the Autumn Equinox 2016 Horoscope to Stars Over Washington I decided to go ahead and post the Winter Solstice 2016 Horoscope for you--one cosmic event occurs prior to Election Day 2016, the other afterwards.

Image: December 21, 2016 5:44:24 am est Washington DC; Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter; delaying Saturn first to rise in 1st house (but at least he isn't retrograde!); Sun in 1st house conjoining asteroid Cupido (Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate); Cardinal T-Square Jupiter-Uranus = Pluto in 2nd house of the National Treasury: devices that can transform the world (Munkasey). This dynamic T-Square closely affects the 4/10 axis of Career and Public Status, and its energies express most fully in the 2nd house through apex Pluto, planet of obsession, and in a Cardinal pattern denotes those who act with ruthlessness and overwhelming power toward all challengers.

As you see, upper right, an *Image for Integration for the Winter season's Sun Capricorn-Moon Libra combination of conscious/unconscious energies is: "A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done." Now I don't know if this refers to legal matters, a particular personality trait, and/or disputed election results but I do think the Winter Solstice horoscope has financial, military, and political concerns and conflicts woven throughout--and with the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse at the Basis of it all--the HOW? Point of any chart.

We the People and a Libra Moon

Yet we have to wonder whose vision is being followed? After all, a "duel" could describe the Clinton-Trump contest for White House control and, perhaps, all or some of their three debates (the first of which hasn't occurred yet as I type). And with We the People's Moon @4Libra07 in 10th house, the public mood is sociable and obliging yet may be overly focused on non-essentials. Justice and fair play are reigning needs with a Libra Moon! Plus, with Jupiter in Libra, a regular refrain is, "that's not fair!" (as Mr. Trump's Libran Jupiter has often said). Add the energies of a Capricorn Sun and we have practical intellectualism, crusaders for causes, and those who are conservative yet liberal (which to me describes the majority of the American people).

Jupiter: Banker, Politician, The General, the Guru, the CEO, the Broadcaster

Now, to see how things will proceed, let's consider the applying aspects of chart-ruler Jupiter which also rules the IC and 4th house (Real Estate and mortgage concerns?) plus, the Sun is joined by the inflationary speculator-spendthrift duo's midpoint, marked in the center of the wheel. And the Moon does rule the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, and Insurance which indicates fluctuations and change and unstable Pisces is on the IC--and 8th cusp has America's natal planets in Cancer snugged around it (unmarked, though some US natal placements are marked around the chart in green, as you see).

1. Jupiter sextiles Saturn (0A15) recommends conservative investments since over-extension causes failure--high-risk ventures should be avoided; someone seeks recognition and reward and though there are hidden talents, real limitations should not be ignored; the wrong people may be trusted which leads to self-sabotage; privacy must be protected; false modesty hides underneath an imperious facade (Tierney).

2. Jupiter opposes Uranus (0A41): business matters such as fund-raising or organizational expenditures stall; group endeavors are difficult to manage as members wander off into various directions; personal networks are full of conflict and opposing views (Jupiter-Uranus = political conflicts--Ebertin); during this period a greater need for independence and freedom may be at the base of most problems.

Now Jupiter does apply to a third aspect but it's with Chiron in Jupiter's sign of Pisces and it's an inconjunct (quincunx) so it isn't formally on the list. However, this does suggest a time when there are disruptions and changes of direction (Nolle). Yes, the election of a new president can do that, naturally. But meanwhile, someone doesn't understand the importance of traditional structures (Clow) (and values--Cowell!) and, considering the hot mess that has been Campaign 2016, you can probably guess just who that someone may be...

Related: the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse @9Virgo21 which is marked in the 9th house along with the Virgo North Node pointing toward Foreign Lands and Travel, Philosophy, Religion, and Legal Matters; NN in Virgo hints at disagreements and nagging criticism--of Foreign Policy and politicians' Foreign Policy experience, or the lack thereof.

*"Image for Integration" is a feature in the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign book.