Jul 20, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Steve Bannon

For basic info on this series of articles, please see the Jupiter profile of Donald Trump.

In the Realms of Jupiter Part 3: Steve Bannon

Born on November 27, 1953 with an Airy Jupiter @23Gem33, Mr. Bannon has had varied careers within Geminian areas such as stock trading, editing, promotion, and publishing. As you know, Mercury-ruled Gemini is a mental sign of communication and has allowed him opportunities to acquire a wide range of marketable skills. Mr. Bannon shares an Airy Jupiter with his advisee Donald Trump whose Jupiter is in Venus-ruled Libra where Jupiter relates to others based on Trump's constant concern with fair play in relationships. Meanwhile, Mr. Bannon's Jupiter in Gemini loves to tell fantastic stories with larger meanings and has the capacity to relate many facts and details into the scene.

But wait! We should be careful here or Steve Bannon's natal Saturn may overtake his Jupiterian energies for dutiful Saturn @4Sco11 is unaspected and thus may function unencumbered and with less difficulty in Saturnian realms (such as management, control, duties, authority) than an aspected Saturn would. In isolation may be his preferred mode of working, plus, the placement suggests an indifference or lack of concern for anything outside his usual sphere of operation. Negatively, self-discipline may be missing from the personality along with a normally functioning conscience.

However, let's not give up on Bannon's natal Jupiter just yet for it leads a BOWL shape in his natal horoscope with the rest of the planets tipping Jupiter's way. Obviously, some level of leadership is suggested here though without a timed birth chart we can't know in which direction the BOWL tips. (My guess would be toward career matters.) Anyway, this emphasizes a prominent natal Jupiter in Gemini which happens to conjoin the Uranus-NN-Sun trio of Donald Trump posited in Trump's very visible 10th house of Career and Public Status. Plus, Bannon's natal Sun @5Sag is ruled by Jupiter which adds more adventurous Sagittarian vibes to his character and intellect; his natal Moon is in either Leo the entertainer, or Virgo the critic and dedicated worker slogging away behind the scenes. My guess? A Virgo Moon. You?

Also of note is the fact that Bannon's natal Jupiter is retrograde, a condition denoting unusual perspectives, odd beliefs, and/or a different set of morals. Here is one who prefers to learn by his own experiences and who tends to plan things well rather than relying on natural luck.

Expansive Jupiter in Curious Gemini: Exploring Unconventional Ideas

One further note is necessary here: natal Pluto @25Leo01 is at Rx Station so power, manipulation, and control are inner issues of transformation which hide in the shadows of a Jupiter-Pluto sextile, an aspect supplying talent in matters of psychological combat. How useful in Politics and in business and financial analysis! And yet the self-reliant Mr. Bannon may find himself facing his losses alone when they come for lack of loyalty from fair weather friends may be an issue for him and he may have made enemies who attempt to sabotage him via rumor or misfortune (Epstein). And it's possible that on November 27, 1953 the Moon conjoined natal Pluto which would indicate an extremely demanding nature--hard to live or deal with, a tyrant in fact. Also note that his natal Pluto conjoins the natal Mars of Donald Trump (@26Leo and rising)--an energizing contact yet possibly explosive.

In addition, his natal Jupiter is engaged in a second aspect, a Jupiter-Neptune trine which may inspire attempts to refine any coarseness within his environment. (My suggestion: the Oval Office please!) Mr. Bannon possesses an inherent understanding of life as shown by this aspect and is concerned with restoring order out of chaos (uh-oh--via a 'new world order'?), a trait that must come in very handily in the crazy quilt Trump White House. Mysticism and occult interests are also shown by the Airy Jupiter-Neptune trine along with a tendency to respond only to certain people who share his interests or his attitudes. And this is rather paradoxical since Bannon's natal Jupiter is posited in communicating, often chatty, ever curious Gemini!

So let's close this Astro-Portrait of Steve Bannon's natal Jupiter in Gemini with a midpoint picture involving Jupiter, one that is in force throughout the day and night of his birth and thus does not depend upon a correctly timed horoscope; any, all, or none of the following suggested potentials may apply and are subject to transits, progressions, and arcs, and may be activated by eclipses, stars, and/or other cosmic events:

Jupiter-Neptune = Pluto 25Leo01 Rx: plans unreasonable beyond measure (Ebertin); self projection out of hand (Tyl); ideas gained from visions to control waste or pollution; condemnation or suppression of occult theories (Munkasey).

In the Realms of Jupiter: Jeff Sessions, 'Beauregard!

In the Realms of Jupiter: Jeff Sessions, Current AG of the US

Yesterday we discussed the natal Jupiter of Donald Trump and I noted my intention to write a similar post on Steve Bannon and his natal Jupiter, plus, others. A series.

Since then Trump has publicly criticized 'his' Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he independently recused himself from all investigations involving the 2016 Campaign (thus becoming useless to Donald Trump and prompting the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller) so perhaps we'd better put Mr. Bannon's Airy Jupiter on the window sill for now and hurry to check up on the Watery natal Jupiter of Jeff Sessions who says that he will continue serving as AG as long as it is appropriate. That's his innate sense of decorum expressing in tandem with an understanding of the legalities involved which Trump has no idea of or appreciation for.

(As if the indecorous Mr. Trump cares what's appropriate especially if it conflicts with fulfilling his immediate needs and desires. Leo Mars rising, a dramatic me-first placement supporting his boundary breaking Jupiter. 'Tis he.)

For an explanation of this Jupiterian series of articles you find yourself enmeshed in, please follow the Trump Jupiter link, above. Now let us consider Southern Alabama's most famous Beauregard spiritually of the Mint Julip aristocracy even if not born of wealthy stock:

Jeffrey B. Sessions December 24, 1946 Selma, AL Jupiter @19Sco02 conjunct three stars: Zuben Elschemali, Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai or Unuk), and North Scale, all of which have negative connotations such as victimization, violence, immorality, misfortune, tragedy. However, some success and certainly high ambition are offered but with a caution that "hasty words cause problems" (A. Louis). And in fact, some folk consider 19Scorpio to be a malevolent or evil degree in and of itself, plus, Nicholas *de Vore gives it as a "crucial point in the war between the Ego and the Supreme Will". We find that Mr. Sessions's 1946 birth occurred during the Dark of the Moon phase of the difficult Saturn-Pluto cycle for they soon combined their brutal, toilsome energies precisely on August 11, 1947 @13Leo07 which started the Great Cosmic Clock on a new 33-year cycle of Saturn and Pluto. Potentials for this pair include mass murder and/or principled fanaticism. Adepts and magicians may be group members as well.

And you know that sign Scorpio is famous for its depth, passion, and potentials for betrayal, lust, aberrations and perversions, brooding and melancholia, drugs, surgery, regeneration, high principles, courage, and more. Its ruler Mars and sub-ruler Pluto, always lurking down in the deepest levels of the Collective Unconscious until brought up for air (as at conjunction), are capable of behaving brutally or violently toward others--if not physically, then in other ways. Objectives must be reached at all costs (which are often charged to the pocketbooks of others). In Scorpio, natal Jupiter denotes a materialistic nature that ruthlessly strives for possessions and pleasure--craves them, in fact. We could say more about those realms of life based on the rest of the natal chart of the present AG but time's a-wastin' so...nyet.

So with Jeff Sessions's Jupiter @19Sco02, we see the planet of largesse and expansion, and its link with the law, involved in a waning conjunction with Venus, two money planets. But with Venus in Scorpio there can be danger of illness via intemperance and a sort of fanaticism in love with a gracious dash of jealousy sprinkled in for intensity's sake. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction indicates an eternal optimist--a 'glass half full' fellow--hoping that all will be well in the end. A life of ease is highly desirable for Venus-Jupiter but with a Capricorn Moon, an ambitious struggle for success cannot be forgotten.

Actually, during the 24 hours of Sessions's day of birth, the Moon may have formed a pleasant sextile to Jupiter. Without an accurate or near-accurate ('shortly before noon', etc) birth time, we can't know for certain. So in case Mr. Sessions is imprinted by one, here is what I gather from a Moon-Jupiter sextile and we can see if it jives: public relations and promotion are good fields for this aspect and personal popularity is often the case. Overly effusive at times, a person with this sextile of opportunity (if one grabs it when offered) must guard against becoming self-righteous even as a streak of the ministry shines through. This usually fortunate aspect has been termed 'the ray of hope' (Oken) but know that there may be loads of vulnerable feelings hiding behind that upright facade!

January 10, 2017 text and video: Jeff Sessions and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during the AG confirmation hearing; Mr. Sessions defends himself against racism charges but with his record of activities noted in the article.


So we have here a man born under the rays of three planetary conjunctions, one involving Jupiter in Scorpio, a placement that tends to overrate its abilities and gifts in a constant search for 'the good life'. Saturn-Pluto, the ruthless streak in proud Leo, sign of ego, claims many natives who were born in or near 1947 yet taken separately Saturn in Leo can be diplomatic, cautious, and have an aura of simplicity, however studied or genuine it may actually be. And though his natal Jupiter @19Scorpio has advanced beyond a square to Saturn and Pluto (7-14Leo), such a difficult dynamic may have remained a bitter yet distant memory since it's in rigid Fixed signs and this can denote inner conflicts concerning morality, fear of an underlying archetype of the false prophet, and a tendency to leave tasks unfinished before starting the next.

Yes, Sessions family DNA, mythologies, and tarnished legends must haunt an old abandoned attic somewhere in Southern Alabama tonight. But beckon not to Beauregard for he can't hear you all the way up in DC.

Well, there's my Astro-Portrait of AG Jeff Sessions and his Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign of which shows how he relates to others--in Scorpionic ways. You may have noticed this Jupiter in the dignified bearing of the man or even in his cautiously expressed yet suspicious nature. Frustratingly, with this post we have yet to uncover the AG's very many secrets but we can be sure that his Jupiter in Scorpio keeps them well protected--except when he's acting a little reckless!

*Encyclopedia of Astrology, Nicholas deVore (copyright MCMXLVII, by Philosophical Library, Inc.) bcdefgh

Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter

"We no longer live in religious times, but the human need for the numinous, for something greater, more perfect and more powerful than ourselves has not disappeared. It has, however, taken a perverse turn. Instead of aspiring to the Infinite, we make gods out of mortals. We create 'super-stars' of athletes and artisans. We inflate, glamorise and worship actors, sports people, and musicians. We exalt them in other words. This phenomenon of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary is a quality of Jupiter and Sagittarius (not so much Pisces). It emerges at the behavorial level in two basic ways:

1. The mantle of hero or king seems to fall most easily on those strong in Jupiter or Sagittarius.

2. Equally, the Sagittarian-Jupiter type can have a more than average tendency to idolize and hero worship. - Paul Wright.

Naturally, you recognize the huge, great again Mr. Trump in the words above--he does, after all, have "the best words", as you know, so why wouldn't he favor his own Jupiterianess? Interesting that the word 'king' comes up since Mr. Trump was born with royal star Regulus, the king or the kingmaker rising! As for number 2, Trump does seem to idolize Mr. Putin and other strong-armed dictators, both dead and living, so perhaps for his own inner monologue he is able to project his own Jupiterian leadership and love of success onto others whom he deems worthy.

Now astrological Jupiter can represent many concepts and play many roles in horoscopes. In Natal Astrology, the sign of Jupiter describes how the person relates to others and its aspects to other planets and points (chart angles, Moon's nodes) add information to the picture for input from other planets modifies the natal Jupiter somewhat and/or has its own energy and function expanded by Jupiter, planet of increase and generosity.

Of course, a few of life's realms that involve Jupiter include: codified religion, philosophy, ideology, idealism, banking, corporate culture, broadcasting, legalities, theater, and Politics and can signify a particular politician as an actor in a horoscope set up to study an issue, event, or personality. Needless to say, both the condition and position of natal Jupiter are worthy of study when considering personalities such as those now 'on duty' at the White House. So I'm starting a series of SO'W articles to investigate the natal Jupiters of certain political operatives: In the Realms of Jupiter. Hopefully such information may prove useful or somewhat interesting to either of you now reading these words!

Most of the natal horoscopes I'm using are set for 'noon' since birth times are unknown. Some charts are accurately timed (RR:AA from BC/BR) as with Trump but most are not. However, the positions and conditions of their Jupiters do not fully depend upon a correctly timed horoscope. Naturally, I have taken care with the fast moving Moon, am not using angles or cusps (which depend on birth times), and any mention of houses are only for those few with accurately timed horoscopes. Several Trump administration denizens are in my notes for this upcoming series of articles and hopefully their Astro-Portraits can be glopped together a little into a BOGO, we could say, except that no money changes hands.

Note: 'S' = separating or waning aspects and indicates that they and the energies of those planets in a particular aspect are unconscious to the native though naturally studying one's natal horoscope can mitigate this by increasing self-knowledge. 'A' = applying or waxing; there are other reasons to use waxing and waning aspects such as for timing purposes but that is beyond the scope of this post.

Donald J. Trump: Jupiter in Airy Libra

Donald Trump June 14, 1946 Jupiter @17Lib27 Station Direct in 2nd house of Earning Ability, Values, and Possessions; a trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter denotes a speculator, gambler, a big dreamer with inflated fantasies, and possessing a blind spot and/or a deep wound. Jupiter is curious to learn and strong at Direct Station and knows no bounds or limits which is born out in his personality and by his actions (ex: when he disregards the personal space of others). Mr. Trump relates to other people as Venus-ruled Libra would do and Libra is the sign of the Scales of Justice, diplomacy, beauty, and relationships. He certainly has given the Scales of Justice a workout in his lifetime, his self-touted negotiating ability is legendary if disputed, and relationships (three marriages+) are important to him especially if loyalty is part of the picture (otherwise, not!) His self-esteem depends on feedback from others (ex: approval ratings); this natal Jupiter bolsters natal Sun (ego; adult self--here, Gemini the Child) via a beneficial trine aspect, as noted, below, yet his very noticeable habit of over-promising has been remarked upon 'ere this. Jupiter again especially with those confusing, imaginative Neptune frequencies added. Subliminal!

Plus, you've probably heard Mr. Trump's Libran Jupiter broadcast, "that's not fair!," and, his ownership of and involvement with beauty pageants is well documented through the years (along with the backstage dressing rooms he just walks into without warning...he's a bounder, a la natal Jupiter at Direct Station and eager to sail ahead in a spirit of exploration and discovery of 'new vistas') That he's stealing a peek and crossing a line doesn't occur to him since Jupiter in Libra likes beautiful ladies--and no one can dissuade him from his roguish behavior.

Natal Jupiter 2nd house: Material Security; Jupiter in Air: Intellectual Work Is Exhausting

Mr. Trump's Jupiter aspects: a lucky Sun-Jupiter trine (5S28), similar to his being a Sagitarian--well, his natal Moon is in Sag giving him pleasant Moon-Jupiter vibes yet there are Mother issues with his detached or even icy Moon-South Node conjunction; Jupiter conjunct Neptune (S by 12-degrees) shows him carelessly trusting those who don't deserve it and questioning everyone's motives in relating to him--Neptune adds potential elements of fraud, corruption, delusion, pretense, and disappointment to the picture; Trump tends to scan over things superficially, probably in self-defense (no, I'm not certain he can read either); Jupiter trine Uranus (0S26) lucky again! don't fence him in because lots of travel is suggested (business interests abroad) and there's a mental alertness to every opportunity; this trine can help his Geminian facets to make troubles disappear!

Jupiter conjunct Chiron (2S32)--the ebullient and unfailing optimist (Nolle); Jupiter trine North Node (3S21; NN = public contact) provides him with opportunities to broadcast to the public...nowadays, to the world; he 'goes with the flow' of popular trends by constantly sussing out the public mood, and lives through people's reactions to him.

Carelli's Degrees: '17Libra' = "A sweetly chirping starling" (on Twitter, no doubt!)

And last but not least in tonight's Astro-Portrait of the Jupiterian Mr. Trump is the happenstance that the newly minted politician is now in process of enjoying a Jupiter Return (or, Reward Cycle, of about 11.6 years' duration) which is proving to be a three-fer affair this time around as transit Jupiter again reaches 17Lib27--in his natal 2nd house. Jupiter Return Dates: December 4, 2016; April 13, 2017 Rx; August 4, 2017 with a massive Jupiter-Pluto square in force again causing him much frustration when those with more power and control attempt to squelch his endeavors if he takes himself too seriously or exaggerates his own importance (a default description of Donald Trump when blabbing away about himself and insulting or belittling others).

This return positioning of Jupiter as on June 14, 1946 symbolically repeats the aspects of natal Jupiter to his Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, and NN as listed above and provides his nibs with opportunities to improve or correct his handling of Jupiterian issues (from about 12 years ago, 24, 36, 48, etc) so that karmic progress may result In the Realms of Jupiter.


You are cordially invited to return to SO'W for the next installment coming soon: Steve Bannon: In the Realms of Jupiter...and thanks again for all your Shares, you know they keep me typing! jc

Edit July 20, 2017: due to the uncertain nature of Jeff Sessions' tenure as Mr. Trump's Attorney General, AG Sessions has had his Jupiter profile published second rather than Mr. Bannon whose Jupiter profile is top of my list. Stay tuned!


Please note that the above quote by Paul Wright may be found in Stephen Arroyo's book Exploring Jupiter: Progress, Prosperity & Potential; I am not certain that those particular words were ever in print otherwise. jc

Image: Jupiter; NASA; public domain

Jul 18, 2017

Ceres bids farewell to the February 2017 Eclipses

July 18, 2017: From now until two weeks prior to The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 we remain under (fading) auspices of the February 10th Lunar and February 26 Solar Eclipses of 2017. You recall that the Lunar Eclipse fell @22Leo (the 'worst foot forward' degree, or sometimes, the 'open mouth insert foot' significator). For one such as myself (underwhelmed so far by the indiscreet Mr. Trump's amateurish White House behavior) this description may easily apply to his performance playing the role of US POTUS (and it widely conjoins his natal Mars Rising @26Leo).

And of course, the Solar Eclipse series now of influence is the 19 South which manifested with the February 26 New Moon @8Pis12, a sensitized degree (ex: Solar Eclipse Feb 26, 1998 @8Pisces 18 South: endings, partings, separations). And did we discuss how 8 Pisces is the degree of America's natal Ceres and Pluto-Chiron midpoint? Plutocrats manipulate our food supply, security, grains, milk production, homeland and family--so many nourishing things are under the watchful eye of maternal Ceres--and with secret society shenanigans tossed in with the soggy Wheaties!

Yet in 2017 even archetypal Ceres, promoter-exploiter of growth and harvest cycles, must bid fond farewell to the 19 South once again as its influences give way to the next cosmic phenomenon, the Total 1 North Solar Eclipse soon approaching ocean and land and ready to race across America from Oregon to South Carolina (horoscopes shown).

For more on the interesting dwarf planet Ceres the video The Ceres Lights, a 13-m-44-s presentation concerning the Dawn probe's fly-by visit to Ceres, the mysterious lights that have been spotted there, and the pyramid and other geometrical shapes allegedly rising from its surface--unless the shapes are only the human brain's inherent patterning ability kicking in. Like the Man in the Moon, who was a big star in 1902 (see below).


As for August's critical-degreed (29Leo) Solar Eclipse hitting the natal Ascendant (29Leo) of Donald J. Trump and his super-sensitive, bombastic Mars Rising in dramatic Leo with royal Regulus, there's no telling just what might happen. But as it turns out, the unpredictable Mr. Uranus-in-Gemini is happiest when he's creating chaos here and around the world and calling other despots and sociopaths on the phone for informal chatty chats.

What's one of the key things to remember in August? Wear your eclipse safety glasses!

Now here's the first known science fiction film, Georges and Gaston Milies's Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon; run time 12m 52s with the silent film's 'lost ending' restored). Watch for the comet that streams across the sky...it's hilarious! And here's the video link in case of removal:

Le Voyage Dans la Lun by the Milies brothers 1902.

Jul 16, 2017

Paul Manafort: the Ram and the Bull

Mr. Trump's associate and former 2016 campaign manager and, for years, partaker at the Russian and Ukrainian troughs Paul Manafort was decidedly born on April 1, 1949 when the Tropical Sun was in Mars-ruled Aries, the ram, and the Moon floated through Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of the bull for the entire 24-hour period. This reliably provides a Sun Aries-Moon Taurus personality blend to consider even though Mr. Manafort's birth time is apparently not to be uncovered.

See Paul Manafort international 'gun for hire', and here's a March 2017 news clip of Manafort struggling to deny Trump-Russia ties.

The Fire-Earth combination of energies is sometimes known as 'the bull dozer'. Here's a famous quote by one who was also born under a Fire-Earth blend, J. P. Morgan Sr (Sun Aries-Moon Virgo), "I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do." This demonstrates, among other things, the massive Fire-Earth ego, certitude in their 'rightness', and a tendency to become dictatorial.

As the Bull Snorts

Paul Manafort's Sun Aries-Moon Taurus combo of conscious-unconscious energies suggests one who can be diplomatic or tactless, intuitive yet pragmatic, and is ambitious and possessive. Smoothing ruffled feathers has probably been part of a job description for him and making his mark upon the world is a goal. A lover of luxury, Mr. Manafort is great company and has a bawdy sense of humor. My guess is that the off-color Trump appreciates Manafort's sense of humor. But there's that massive ego which can get in the way of cooperation and teamwork--actually, another trait the two men share.

Magnetically charming, Mr. Manafort is a self-centered man who uses a stop-and-go approach (that can be annoying to others) and has an inclination to sulk and brood (can he also pout? I'd buy a ticket for that!) when thwarted or ignored. And that may be the moment when snorting Taurus the bull shows up to throw his weight around the barn or command the ring with a loud bellow or two.

Let's close with this blend's two Images for Integration from the Harvey's book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, one of which may strike you as--well, there's no other word for it--political:

"An explorer practices his violin in a jungle clearing...Having won an arduous race, the champion sits down to a gourmet meal."


Now this sounds as if it might be good news and with more improvement to come: Robert Mueller is already changing Washington's lying ways. And if you've read SO'W before, you know what this will mean: that after 12 years I'll be changing the 'blog description', above, from "Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them..."

Nah! Places of easy money will always attract criminals and their entourages while grasping the reins of power is some folks' obsession based on desperate attempts to gain safety and status for themselves as they step on and over others, if that's what it takes to 'win'.

What has America become?

Jul 15, 2017

The Uncomfortable Truth - Max Igan

Does hearing truth make you feel uncomfortable? Here is an important message from Max Igan of The Crowhouse from his Surviving the Matrix series, episode 299:

Jul 13, 2017

2017 Saturn Returns to the 'Black Tuesday' 1929 Horoscope

In various posts here and there a horoscope of the 'Black Tuesday' Crash of 1929 may be found--mine is set for Sun to Midheaven/MC, the Goal Point of any chart. However, when I recalculated the chart with fresher Solar Fire Gold v9 software, results were slightly changed and Sun to MC occurred (NYC) at 11:51:55 am with karmic Saturn @26Sag48 in the 12th house of Karma, Politics, and Back Room Deals. Knowing that transit Saturn still stomps through Sagittarius, I checked to see when the old man would return to his natal degree in the 'Black Tuesday' horoscope. Of course, black is one of Saturn's best colors. Slimming, y'know.

So here are the three dates of the current trail of transit Saturn as Mr. Accountability revisits his 1929 'Black Tuesday' position (26Sag48) with two conjunctions already past and one yet to come in the resolution phase:

1. March 2, 2017: with Saturn rising and a veiling Sun-Neptune conjunction @11Pisces+;

2. May 11, 2017: Saturn Rx in Return 2nd house of the National Treasury;

3. November 22, 2017: banker Jupiter @9Scorpio rises with asteroid Hopi (ambush; prejudice) and there is a YOD pattern (turning point; crossroads; special task; crisis; illness; karmic opportunity) with a wobbly Moon-Neptune sextile at its base, pointing toward MC (12Leo+) for a few flickering moments.

Together, shady, confused, psychic Moon-Neptune = instability, weakness, exploitation, and/or a sense of dread (Ebertin).

Related: Are We on An Eclipse Path to another Great Depression?.

On an Eclipse Path to another Great Depression?

Eclipses Time Historical Events and Track Cycles in Society

by Jude Cowell

In Astrology eclipses may be used to track historical eras or periods and events by plotting 'trails' and patterns that share similar themes as seen by the saying (Russian, I believe) that History doesn't repeat but it may rhyme. As you know, every Solar Eclipse Saros Series reveals or suggests its own themes (1 North, 1 South, 2 North, etc., all the way to 19 North and 19 South, then over again with 1 North as on August 21, 2017). Thereby it is possible to discover clues concerning the prevailing cosmic climate of and in society during any given time period in question. Here, we look ahead on society's path into the financial realms in particular.

See 'We're flowing toward the path' similar to time before Great Depression, analyst says. It's Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, and he mentions President Hoover and the years 1928/29. Note that in Astrology 'flowing' = Neptune, gaseous planet of corruption, fraud, and falsehood. Transit Pluto in Capricorn now opposes 1929 Pluto in Cancer.

Repeating approximately every 18.6 years (based on the cycle of the Moon's Nodes), a particular series with its themes and related historical events may be tracked via repetitions to see what if anything 'rhymes' and therefore similar events can be at least somewhat expected if not predicted (generally eclipses tend to bring along the unpredictable or shocking event in a disruptive Uranian fashion acting as 'wild cards of the Universe', or 'cosmic blinks' from Above).

If falling upon a sensitive degree, an eclipse is emphasized and can really muscle in--even more so when the degree is that of a significant fixed star. On August 21, 2017, the impatient 29th degree of royal Leo is activated by eclipse and its energies are strong enough to combine with the next degree, 00Virgo, where royal Regulus now holds court and sway (Virgo by progression--but 29Leo is enough to corral Regulus into the proceedings which must involve Mr. Trump personally--natal Ascendant @29Leo--along with his Mars Rising @26Leo. Sensitive!

Perhaps I should also mention here that 29Leo is also the position of Thomas Jefferson's natal Saturn, planet of authority, authenticity, control, the Establishment, and Astrology).

Various complexities are at play now within the parameters of the upcoming 1 North Series--set to repeat on August 21, 2017 as, The Great American Eclipse which will cast a Total and dark shadow across our country from Oregon to South Carolina. August 21st is 1 North's first repetition since its famous August 11, 1999 manifestation @18Leo with the rigid Fixed Grand Cross as described in The Book of Revelation--the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs Taurus (the oxen point), Leo (the lion point), Scorpio (the eagle point), and Aquarius (the angel point). Take it as you wish on a spiritual, cosmic, or inspirational plane but that is what happened. Seer-astrologer-doctor Nostradamus knew it centuries ago and so should you (though I quite imagine you already do).

Plus, the 1 North series has a nickname, The Mother of All Eclipses because 1N begins the 18.6-year cycle (the snake eating its own tail) all over again, an example of the uroboros archetype...

The 1 North August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse also helped usher in the New Millennium so this part of the process should be included in any study of The Great American Eclipse, its themes, and its aftermath along with the difficult natural events that may or may not be triggered around eclipse time. Active volcanoes are already in the news as you may have heard.

So in 2017, the idea that we may be on a path toward another Great Depression is in the air and is being 'run up the flagpole' as it were, yet astrologically the timing of such rhyming can be checked. Of course, there is the 'Black Tuesday' Solar Eclipse, the last eclipse to manifest prior to October 29, 1929, the date cited as a watershed moment for the dire financial events of the period. Are these energies heating up again and being readied for a boil-over?

Starting with 1 North, here is a list of the Solar Eclipses of 1927 through 1929 with their upcoming repetitions included for comparison's sake and our timing purposes which may reveal just where we are along the path; basic themes are listed along with their upcoming dates of manifestation; there are three eclipses in 2018 and three in 2019:

1 North: June 29, 1927 @7Cancer (unexpected events re: friends or groups which put pressure on relationships; issues loom large but avoid hasty decisions because info is distorted and/or false); next: August 21, 2017 @29Leo;

1 South: December 24, 1927 @1Capricorn (flooded with ideas or options which can lead to positive outcomes); next: February 15, 2018 @27AQ conjunct We The People's natal Moon;

2 Old North: May 19, 1928 @28Taurus (a difficult series concerning unfortunate news about relationships; separations, endings; schisms; this is the PE of Donald Trump, Prince William, and John Wilkes Booth); next: July 13, 2018 @21Cancer;

2 New North: June 17, 1928 @26Gemini (initial eclipse in this series) 'The Tower' Tarot card #16): old systems and structures collapse, long-term influences include rebuilding and transformation once the dust settles; reshaping has far-reaching effects; next: August 11, 2018 @19Leo (resonates with the August 11, 1999 1 North Eclipse by degree...'info distorted and/or false' as with the bogus Bush-Cheney Iraq War pretexts--and aided by mainstream media outlets ('fake news', aka, propaganda of the warmongering persuasion);

2 South: November 12, 1928 @20Scorpio (joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal from such memberships); next: January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn;

3 North: May 9, 1929 @18Taurus (news that transforms a situation and/or involves young people; over-excessive energies, obsessions, worry; large plans or activities are wanted but don't get carried away); as noted, this is 'Black Tuesday's and 9/11's PE, and tragically, the Pentagon 'got carried away' and our treasures have been stolen in order to fund their masters' jingoistic misadventurism); next: July 2, 2019 @11Cancer;

3 South: November 1, 1929 @9Scorpio (traumatic transformations; deep emotions; sudden endings of associations or relationships; next: December 26, 2019 @4Capricorn opposing US natal Venus in Cancer (and Jupiter) which may or may not hold significance; a conjunction would be stronger.

So that's the Solar Eclipse list 1927 through 1929, and when we consider the actual Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series that describes the background elements of the infamous Wall Street Crash of 1929 (aka, 'Black Tuesday') and take that Series as a signpost on the path, we then look to the 3 North Saros Series with its last manifestation occurring on Summer Solstice (June 21), 2001 @00Cancer (a World Point of global proportions) which is what makes 3N the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series (PE) of the catastrophic WTC Attacks on September 11, 2001.

And as you remember, mega amounts of gold, money, stocks and what-have-you disappeared from the scene in September 2001 similar to thefts and losses in October 1929. Perhaps you agree that finances were a primary target of the purposefully directed chaos (ex: 9/11/01 Moon, the public, @28Gemini a degree of "BANKRUPTCY" in the Sabian Symbols, and pouf! trillions of dollars were wafted out of the US economy, people's bank accounts and pensions). Weird stock trades were made in a suspiciously timed way as well and fortunes were created or bolstered for 9/11/01 was a planned 'shock doctrine' event, no doubt (as Naomi Klein might say) with the 9/11/01 Moon void-of-course which suggests that no one could interfere once the plan began to unfold.

So! Is society now flowing down 'the path to another Great Depression'? Do you feel that History now repeats too closely for comfort? Well, there are always extenuating and/or mitigating circumstances and positive environmental influences at work that are not yet seen!

'12Cancer' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message"...Q: is the Baby's message, your loans are coming due? Mr. Trump probably knows the answer and is privy to the money laundering secrets of the wealthy class of crooks currently minding financial and political hen houses across the globe.

Well, I don't know about you, but for years now it seems that when rounded up to 12Cancer, the foreign woman stretches so close to US natal Sun (13/14 degr = POTUS), and then there's the US banking-corporatist Jupiter (5/6 degr: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" as politicians do), a certain financial picture appears particularly since the ever-colonizing US government did The Stupid Thing that the Founders warned against by repeatedly borrowing masses of money from foreign banking houses and countries, ones that America 'might' one day fight a war with or against (as Washington is prone to waging). There's a collapse-in-waiting, right there. A set up!

So what do you think? Should such politicians now infesting US Politics be counted as incompetent, amateurish, self-serving numbskulls? Or as traitors?

Either way, trans-global bankers and their agents have long ago enlisted astrological Pluto, The Dragon of ancient days, with the 24/7 task of guarding all their mountains and mountains of gold and treasure.

Now here's something of a different take concerning '12Cancer', " A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message."


Please note that eclipse themes listed are paraphrases of Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Jul 12, 2017

Do you have a favorite photo of Donald J. Trump?

Well, here's mine. This is my favorite photograph of Donald J. Trump so far. It's so him, so.. wrestling promoter, so totally hucksta and gangsta, so.. Mars rising and conniving...yet so very Masonic...

Gangsta collaborata!

Jul 10, 2017

Astro-Notes: Trump Jr's Meeting w/ a Kremlin Lawyer

Beware Lady Kremlin Lawyers

On July 9, 2017 The New Yorker published The Truth Behind Donald Trump Jr's Meeting with a Russian Lawyer. Meanwhile, I'm still searching for an accurate birth time for Jr., a fellow some call the 'Fredo' of the Trump family.

Trump Jr's recently disclosed meeting with a Kremlin lawyer who allegedly had 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton to share in order to 'help' the Trump campaign took place in New York at Trump Tower and was also attended by the Trump campaign's Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and senior adviser to Mr. Trump in the White House.

Astrology as Lens: Outer Planets = June 9, 2016

A chart factor of note when looking for significators of a meeting on a certain date is planets conjoining (meeting) and when we peek back at June 9, 2016 ('noon'; exact hour unknown at this point) we find two indicators of encounters--in mid-Virgo, Jupiter conjunct North Node (a joining point of encounter), and a close Sun-Venus conjunction @19Gemini14/59 with Venus possibly the lady lawyer involved. Both Jupiter and Sun can represent a leader like Mr. Trump with astrological Jupiter adding money, corporate, and political facets to the picture, and of course, both planets can signify father and authority.

That Trump Jr, possibly represented here by Mercury @25Taurus or the opposing Mars @25Scorpio Rx (their opposition conjunct Trump Sr's MC-IC axis!!) said his Dad did not attend the June 9, 2016 meeting seems doubtful since both Jupiter and the Sun were 'meeting' with someone that day which happens to be the first day Mr. Trump began tweeting about Mrs. Clinton's 33,000 'missing' emails (that he publicly asked Russia to locate via hacking). Besides, Mr. Trump is known to be a micro-manager which makes it doubtful that he didn't at least know about the meeting in Trump Tower and may have ordered it.

In the bi-wheel chart, below, you see circled in red the strongest contacts between Trump Sr and his namesake son including Jr's Saturn Rx @00Vir10 which conjoins his dad's natal Ascendant with Trump's rising Mars @26Leo nearby. And of course, there's royal Regulus @00Virgo sparkling among their Mars-Saturn-ASC trio and cautioning them to avoid taking revenge against others lest they lose what they've gained so far.

Significantly, the issues we see now in the news may be merely a warm up for the effects of the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse @29Leo (conjunct their Mars-Saturn-ASC trio and Regulus), aka, The Great American Eclipse. Will Mr. Trump the Elder be implicated more fully in Jr's Kremlin lawyer meeting? Well, Donald Trump's natal 10th house Uranus-NN-Sun trio in Gemini (17-23Gem) was activated on June 9, 2016 by the 'visiting' Sun-Venus conjunction, another suggestion of encounters. Perhaps the reported email chain of their discussions about the seemingly shady meeting will reveal some actual facts!

Now is it curious that the July 9th Full Moon @17Cap09 conjunct spying saboteur Pluto on Sunday, the day Donald Jr spoke up about his meeting, is an astrological echo of the RNC 2016 Full Moon which illuminated--met with--America's natal Pluto?


Astro-Note: concerning Donald Trump Jr's natal planets (Dec 31, 1977 NYC; Sun Cap-Moon Virgo all day), we see that his Mercury-Neptune conjunction (16-21 Sag, Mercury stationary direct) echoes his father's problematic Mercury-Neptune square and Jr's Mercury in particular conjoins his father's Moon-SN conjunction while opposing dad's Sun-NN-Uranus trio of shocks, publicity, radical politics, and personal unpredictability. With Mercury-Neptune challenges, truth is not this family's forte (they think it's okay because 'everyone lies').

However, transit Saturn, karmic planet of realism, truth, accountability, and loss, is in process of hitting their charts in the area of 21/22 Sagittarius, a transit which also activates fixed star Ras Alhague which creates a complex set of energies, cosmic and earthly, that will not be easily resolved.