Apr 21, 2014

Natal Horoscope/s of Venezuela hit by Uranus-Pluto Square

According to Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes there are two sets of birth data for Venezuela, a country now experiencing political and social upheaval, protests, and police action which may be ascribed to the ongoing Cardinal Square between radical Uranus and powerful transformer Pluto. The square (90 degrees; obstacles, blockages, frustration) issues from their last conjunction/s in mid-Virgo which occurred in the mid-1960s as Civil Rights and other concerns were protested and subsequently legislated in the US and elsewhere. The planetary duo tends, of course, to bring revolutionary vibes to The Collective and generational conflicts arise.

The first birth horoscope for Venezuela (Independence Proclaimed) is the July 5, 1811 Caracas 'noon' (no exact hour known) chart with 12Lib51 rising and 11Can45 at Midheaven with the Sun (leadership) @12Can40. Libra ascending makes the 9th house Venus @16Gem40 potentially the chart-ruler which conjoins Jupiter @20Gem45 and Mercury @23Gem51. Moon (the people) is in 3rd house of the noon chart @4Cap08 so we know that transit Pluto (today @13Cap--the Uranus-Pluto Square perfects today at 3:21 pm edt) has been powerfully affecting this natal Moon. This horoscope's IC (homeland) is @11Cap45 so tr Pluto has crossed the IC into 4th house though without knowing a precise hour for the chart this is speculative timing. Yet a plutonian totalitarian government is apparently on someone's agenda for Venezuela.

Naturally with the 1811 natal Sun @12Can40, tr Pluto in Capricorn has also been in opposition to the leadership of the country much as in the US with our own natal Sun @13Cap19--and you know how that is playing out for President Obama--Pluto isn't playing and signifies several entities such as The Fed, the World Bank, the IMF--all the power brokers and controllers of the world. The Cardinal Square puts tr Uranus @13Aries on the Descendant of the 1811 chart and tr Jupiter (opposite tr Pluto, square Uranus) conjunct n Sun and MC.

The second horoscope for Venezuela also relates to independence and is set for September 22, 1830 'noon' Caracas with 26Sag43 rising and 1Lib07 at MC (Sun on 9th house side @critical degree of 29Vir08.) Moon @00Sag15 conjoins 12th cusp of Politics and Karma and at noon LMT has just entered into 11th house from the 12th. In 1st house are Jupiter @8Cap28 (recently hit by tr Pluto) and Neptune @20Cap02 Rx (20Can/Cap are critical degrees.) So tr Pluto will eventually hit natal Neptune, a time of conflict within moral, political, financial, and religious realms with issues such as genetic engineering, Civil Rights, abortion, mercy killing, executions, fraud, and more.

At this particular time in the 1830 horoscope, tr Pluto plods between natal Jupiter and Neptune (the grand spirit, wastrel, speculator pair) which helps describe difficult conditions in Venezuela with midpoint picture potentials for unreasonable plans that spiral out of control, political conflicts, scandals, speculation, and loss.

And of course the transiting Cardinal Square between Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter--now a Grand Cross thanks to tr Mars in Libra--catalyzes not only the 1st house Jupiter but also the 4th house (Domestic Scene; Endings) Pluto Rx @8Ari46. That protests, riots, and police action now occur in Venezuela is understandable for even tr Uranus conjunct n Pluto has a revolutionary signature all its own--and tr Uranus' opposition to n Sun during the last few years has added an unpredictable quality to the country's government as the will and authority of its leadership (Sun) has been challenged on many levels by separatist Uranus.

Global Post publishes articles concerning Venezuela if you're interested.

Apr 19, 2014

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard

An interesting explanation of US intelligence in the 1980s into 2001 and currently and how the US government thinks more of its imagined infallibility than of doing the right thing and admitting its mistakes, dark secrets though they may be. Plus, there always seemed to me to be something fishy about Caspar Weinberger and Allen Dulles and here, John Loftus tells of their perfidies involving Jonathan Pollard which details their true characters rather well.

Speaking of US government secrets, if you happen to be reading this post today (April 19, 2014) you may wish to catch History2's new presentation of 'America's Book of Secrets' concerning the super-secretive Federal Reserve Banking System titled, "The Gold Conspiracy" at 10:00 pm edt (or a repeat of the broadcast when you can.)

Apr 15, 2014

"The Power of You" Max Igan video, plus Mercury-Pluto again

Here is Max Igan's latest Surviving the Matrix presentation:

As you know, astrological Pluto wears multiple masks and is known as the planet of power, plutocracy, transformation, invisibility, and wealth hidden in secret places. Pluto is currently traversing the sign of control, structure, reality, austerity, and status quo as we watch governments morph according to the West's plan for global control though a few speed bumps have been encountered along the way. One such may be the leaks of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Here's an interesting tidbit made possible by Edward Snowden's leak of NSA spying and law-breaking against citizens--NSA, our Mercury-Pluto opposition (on the Cancer-Capricorn security axis, 1776) brigands demanding total control of our thoughts, communications, and actions--concerning Sen. Feinstein asks DOJ to investigate leak of torture report to McClatchy News Service.

McClatchy News DC

Apr 14, 2014

Astro-Round-Up: April 2014 Eclipses and the Cardinal Cross

April 10--May 4, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross and an April of Eclipses

by Jude Cowell

Change is in the air! 'God of war' Mars is very active though retrograde in Libra. And since April 2014 in particular is garnering much attention online for its Cardinal Cross and Lunar Eclipse of April 15, 2014 @25Libra (a so-called "Blood Moon," a title Mars heartily agrees with) I'm posting a round-up of articles and videos about these cosmic events for your inspection. Of late, non-astrologers are noticing that 'something is up' with all that's going on in the world---shifts of all kinds and many of them are violent, injurious, disturbing, or simply unfortunate.

Astrologer Greg Scott offers an informative video at OM Times including the significance of the number '13' while Julie Demboski writes insightfully and on a more personal level concerning the Eclipses of April 2014.

Here is Steve Judd with "Yet more on the Grand Cross of April 2014":

Check out this presentation on the April 15 Lunar Eclipse as it affects "our soul's journey" and how we're "moving to the next level" of consciousness (one thing the astrological Moon signifies is the Unconscious, as you know, and with the eclipse occurring near the North Node, energy will rush in--occurring near the South Node energy would drain out):

And in case you missed it, here is one of my efforts concerning the Lunar Eclipse "Blood Moon" of April 15 which includes the dates of all four Total Lunar Eclipses into 2015.

Say...did anyone note that the white supremacist shooter at the Jewish Center and retirement home has the timely and descriptive surname of 'Cross'? This tragic event is an example of how frustrated Mars can be when in retrograde motion, how misguided his motivation, and how misdirected his energy.

Wonder if Mr. Cross imagined that committing murder delivered some kind of 'justice' with testosterone-driven Mars in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice? Well, if so, the word 'vigilante' must be added.

Apr 12, 2014

Sept 2016 Solar Eclipse affects Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017

Electing a President Under the 19 North Solar Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

Since America's November Election/s of 2016 arrive just after the Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 (@9 Virgo) we call this the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the Election/s. And it's the same with the next Inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2017: the September 2016 Solar Eclipse in the 19 North Saros Series will have a background influence upon the swearing-in of our next president as well as the November Election/s.

The 19 North Solar Eclipse @9Virgo on September 1, 2016 describes themes of 'realism, coming down to earth and seeing an old situation for what it really is--a constructive time for tackling the truth' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Yet given the degree of propaganda used in America through campaign ads, pundits, reporters, corporate shills, politicians, and others, it will be interesting to see if the themes of 19N have a positive influence on Campaign 2016 and on the term of a new president. If felt in Politics, Law, or Business, 19N will be operative at least until the next Solar Eclipse which manifests on February 26, 2017 @8Pisces, the degree of America's natal Pluto-Chiron (plutocracy) midpoint which conjoined our national Ceres (security, food supply, corn = prosperity, etc) on July 4, 1776. As you know, feminine goddess were a preoccupation of our Founding Fathers who created America based on the Enlightenment principles of Science and reason.

America's natal Uranus, Planet of Revolution, Freedom, and Independence in the Mix

19N's degree (9Virgo) squares US natal Uranus 8Gem55 and opposes US natal Ceres and our Pluto-Chiron midpoint (8Pisces.) Will the themes of the eclipse block or merely be triggered? Uranus is always unpredictable yet we may expect that here it denotes an uncaring attitude toward humanity! 'Indifferent to the needs of society' seems a perfect description of recent anti-government upstarts and anarchists in Congress most if not all of whom are Republicans. Curiously, the 19N is also the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Republican Party (July 6, 1854) which may increase their chances of election, this common-good populist blogger is sad to say.

Unfortunately, if rascally Utopian anarchists and social engineers hold sway in our 2016 Election results, their lack of community spirit will prevent karmic progress for our nation and we will continue to regress on many levels of the evolutionary scale. As you know, their brother's keeper they are Not and we shall all be forced to reap what they sow while Ayn Rand dances a jig in her grave.

Another factor about the 19N eclipse--it manifests in Virgo, sign of Health, Work, and The Critic, and ruled by Mercury--it hints that President Obama's ACA program will be on the GOP menu as they've constantly threatened. Plus, other health care issues may come to the fore as well especially with nurturing Ceres involved with the eclipse. Well, there is one thing we know about Virgo when blended with politics and political campaigns: criticism will abound.

As for the next president, whoever is selected will continue the implementation of the Great Plan's 'new world economic order' whether male or female, Democrat or Republican. They will have no option to do otherwise as has been the case all along though I'm not entirely convinced that 18th century Illuminati proponents such as Thomas Jefferson expected that eventually such a major dismantling of our nation would occur as it's doing now under our noses--morphing into a totalitarian state. Maybe Jefferson knew, maybe he didn't. Did Benjamin Franklin understand the ultimate goal of global domination in the way it's being forcefully implemented now? If any of them did, my suspicion is that Dr. Franklin knew.

What form of government did the founders create?, Ben was asked by the man in the street. "A republic, if you can keep it," Franklin replied.

Often we can get an idea of the sort of energy contained within a Saros Series by reviewing the events of the years in which it manifested. 19N = 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980, 1998, (2016), and next: 2034. With presidential politics, a remembrance of which presidents were in office during those years and the issues and laws with which they dealt may yield information related to modern day circumstances because history repeats in similar ways and sometimes with the same topics up for revision.

For the genesis of 19N themes, you may wish to take a look back at its date of inception, July 5, 1331, @20Can32 and consider the events occurring around that time. Naturally, 19N originally contained a Cancerian vibe, ruled by a nurturing yet tribal Moon. As for me, that must be a post for another day.

Apr 11, 2014

Apr 14-15 2014 "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse first of four

With the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 (depending on your location) being called a "Blood Moon" as inspired by Biblical prophecy, the website Earth and Sky.org provides interesting information which may be of value to you. The April 14-15 Lunar Eclipse @25Libra will be visible from the Americas and is first of four Total Lunar Eclipses in a row, the next three manifesting on October 8, 2014 @ 15Aries (Tropical Zodiac), April 4, 2015 @14Libra, and September 28, 2015 @5Aries.

As you see, the Aries-Libra axis is emphasized (ruled by Mars-Venus) which includes relationships of all sorts, war and peace, and, as always with Lunar Eclipses where the Sun and Moon oppose one another, an awareness factor and a culmination/fulfillment factor are involved. Revelations of secrets tend to come with any eclipse, Lunar or Solar, and weather conditions or Earth changes such as tectonic shifts cannot be ruled out. Eclipses are often known as the 'wild cards of the Universe' for their quirky Uranian 'expect the unexpected' frequency. In a word, the influence and results from eclipses are unpredictable.

Curiously, of the four Total Lunar Eclipses of 2014 and 2015, only the eclipse of September 28, 2015 will be visible from Israel and then only the last few minutes of it. Visit Earth and Sky for more details.

Whether you choose to see any of these implications as Biblical in nature is up to you, of course, but I admit that the direction the world is going--selfishness, greed, envy, parent-against-children/children-against-parent, 'knowledge increases men run to and fro', fraud and abuse by clergy, earth and environmental catastrophes, and so on--is a definite cause of concern for this blogger on behalf of humankind. The false philosophy that man can 'perfect himself' is laughable were it not a tragic deception and the deception may be part of what motivates many of America's current crop of anti-government, *Utopian anarchists who believe that chaos and world war are some sort of 'answer'. As if God can be 'sped up' by mere mortals!

If you wish to view a previously published horoscope of the April 15, 2014 Lunar Eclipse set for Washington DC and containing the havoc-wreaking Cardinal Grand Cross, please click here.

Plus, if you haven't seen it yet a view of the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse horoscope may be in order as well.

*Utopians, zealots, and anarchists are unmasked by Reinhold Ebertin as actors on the world stage described by planet Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, as it is now. The Cardinal Square between Uranus (progress; sudden events; the new) and Pluto in Capricorn (power elite; older generation; status quo types) shows an ongoing generational battle for control...ex: 'power games with important consequences' (Tyl)--basically the old order vs the new order with the rest of us stuck in the middle and being lied to by Washington and by any other global capital you'd care to name.

Apr 8, 2014

May 19, 2014 Mars turns Direct as a karmic YOD points to Saturn Rx

On May 19, 2014 at 9:31:09 pm edt Mars @9Lib01:31 Stations Direct in 10th house when the horoscope is set for Washington DC. It's a Mercury Hour with speedy Mercury @20Gem38 in 7th house of Partnerships out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane yet by degree approaching US natal Mars and turning plans into action. Mercury makes no applying aspects to other planets (actors) in the Mars Direct chart so its house placement, sign, and degree are emphasized. Issues in the news may include transport, communications, negotiations, agreements, stock traders, trade deals, speech writers or deliverers, reporters, and possibly children or education though perhaps with delays and blockages involved (OOBs.)

Rising in DC is 15Sag02 which makes Jupiter as chart ruler so its condition is of primary impact in relation to Mars-ruled matters which will now move ahead, proceed, or result in actions taken and plans initiated as the motivation-energy-action planet picks up steam. With testy Mars (god of war) in Libra, sign of diplomacy, we may expect news concerning foreign affairs with Virgo, ruled by Mercury, in 9th house of foreign lands and travel. Trips by the president and others will be taken and troop movements or deployments may be on Washington's agenda. (Yes, they always are--I know!)

Is a Water Grand Trine our best hope?

Chart ruler Jupiter makes only one major applying aspect, a trine to Saturn and forms a protective Grand Trine in Water with the 3rd house Chiron @17Pis18, a critical degree. Healer Chiron may attend matters as security issues come to the fore though the closed circuit of energies of the Grand Trine may cause a 'pick-n'choose' quality to be shown. Some are protected but others are not. Additionally Jupiter @18Can07 conjoins the 8th cusp (19Can04) which brings in the light and dark twins, Castor and Pollux so corporate matters can go either way--up or down. The stock market is fluctuating now as I type (April 8, 2014) and may be what's described by chart ruler Jupiter conjunct 8th cusp. And of course, Cancer is business-oriented, relates to oceans, security, The Family, and tribal syndicates and is extremely self-protective and shrewd.

Naturally the ongoing (tedious) yet dynamic Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto (strikes, protests, generational power struggles) runs in the background though the Grand Cross is 'missing' Mars at this Direct Station--yet by turning Direct at 9 Libra, Mars will soon rejoin the rioting throng between Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. For now let's stick with the T-Squares created among the trio with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition pointing toward activist Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (Utopians and anarchists--Ebertin.) Some loss of partnership or alliance, or a type of witch hunt may be noticed as well due to Mars' Direct Station occurring upon the degree of Fixed Star Vindemiatrix.

The horoscope of the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse for this Direct Station may be viewed here. The chart is set for DC, the eclipse is in money sign Taurus (The Bull of Wall Street) and it stimulates the natal horoscope of the Robber Barons.

Two Cardinal T-Squares/Oppositions are stimulated within midpoint pictures:

Explosive Mars-Uranus = controlling Pluto: a higher power; force; violent intervention. Plutocracy's pair Jupiter-Pluto = radical Uranus: quick exploitation of every situation; fanatical striving for improvement; sudden reform; quick development; adjustment to new circumstances. (Ebertin.)

Other midpoint pictures are formed in the Mars Direct Station 2014 chart as well and one very weighty picture has formed off and on in previous months--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden (poor little plutocrats, the 1% acting all put-upon by the rest of us is one potential of this picture); tremendous awareness of a potential for loss (as if the 1% can't spare a dime for the sake of society!); fear (Tyl.)

Of course, We the People are described here as well with Plutocracy putting us on the losing side and fear being a usual tactic of our government.

Moon-Mercury = Uranus: irritability about progress; sudden, innovative ideas and plans; and, Sun-ASC = Neptune: being duped or disregarded (Tyl.)

A Karmic (Fated) YOD at the Crossroads with Apex Saturn Rx

Note: as a Saturnian astrologer, when I mention karma or fate I refer to the natural law of reaping what's been sown when past actions and attitudes catch up with present circumstances and affect them either positively or negatively. Saturn is particularly sensitive to this phenomenon and requires accountability.

The base of the YOD is a sextile (60 degr) between Mercury and Venus which may indicate people who like to discuss pros and cons such as debaters and though the presence of Venus seems to lean toward pleasantness, the debates can turn to bickering especially when complacent people are being challenged.

Different points of view are explored and new perspectives are entertained with this sextile as attempts are made to assuage the doubts of others; contrariness and turning a deaf ear to the concerns of others may be noticed (Washington DC!) so relationships don't develop as they should. Yet stories are told, some in childlike fashion and a naive manner may be utilized to make or avoid a point. (Tierney.)

In business and politics the Mercury-Venus pair denotes the potential for: 'news about the status of wealth; business + society; the study of people and their reactions (polls?); highway beautification programs (Thesis); debate (or bickering) over added costs; a business sector at odds with society; propaganda about the ease and quality of life; speeches emphasizing economic issues and facts; a transportation system that values beauty over function (Antithesis.)--Munkasey.

So with YODs already karmic and Saturn being a karmic planet (actions from approximately 30 years ago return to aid or undermine today's circumstances--the 1980s and Reagan policies are implicated) we may expect the 11th house Saturn Rx @19Sco19 to provide insight into the circumstance of Mars moving ahead in the Zodiac after May 19th.

As a midpoint picture Mercury-Venus = Saturn throws a sliver of light upon our topic with its 'hard sell' argumentative position, high expectations for getting its off-the-norm way, and a 'sense of mission' mindset (Tyl.)

Meanwhile there's that karmic Saturn at a degree (19 Scorpio) which has traditionally been considered malefic for it meets with Fixed Star Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai) which can bring tragedy and misfortune in its wake especially when conjoined by a planet such as Saturn. (A. Louis.) And of course YOD patterns in general denote crises, crossroads, turning points, or special tasks whose time has come and must be dealt with as required by the Cosmos. Breakers of natural law may seem to triumph initially but will later discover that they are ultimately the losers.

Now as Summer 2014 trods along it is for you to determine which actors in America's Political Theater this apex Saturn represents since the restrictive Taskmaster's realm includes Government, Law, and Business. Both political parties in the US (factions of the global government agenda, imho) may at times be signified by status quo Saturn though it seems to me that of late it's primarily austere Republicans wearing the Saturnian mask as they follow their political script to enrich the wealthy class. As for business, Saturn tends to represent managers or possibly CEOs for Scorpio is the sign of Big Business and Corporatism after all plus, some switch of roles may be notable once Saturn turns Direct in July. And as you know, an activist SCOTUS is also in the Saturnian corporate mix.

As apex planet in a YOD configuration Saturn's 'fated undertone' shows that timing and maturity are key to the purpose of the YOD. Fateful consequences are denoted if whoever is represented by apex Saturn doesn't act responsibly. Self-defeating attitudes are no longer acceptable at this fork in the road and self-preservation should not be the only goal--Saturn and Jupiter are our 'societal planets' and must when necessary act upon that level on behalf of the common good.

This Saturn in this condition (apex and Rx) at this juncture (YOD) has developed special talents for social responsibility and for overcoming obstacles and limits so let's hope that Saturnian managers, CEOS, lawmakers, judges, politicians, and other authority figures meet the test of this YOD by embracing higher ideals for society's sake than we've seen from them during the last three decades and more.

Since the energies of this chart are weighted on the Cardinal (initiating)/Air (mental) side (and other planetary factors will affect matters as well) we may expect that transit Mercury's approach to US natal Mars in Gemini may time outward movements as various plans are turned into action.

For more information on YODs and other planetary patterns see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Apr 6, 2014

A Brief View of the Stars Over Washington DC

When Pierre L'Enfant laid out three major landmarks of the Federal City he reflected the triangular pattern of three stars in the heavens: Arcturus (the White House), royal Regulus in zodiacal Leo (the Capitol Building), and Spica (the Washington Monument.) In the Zodiac two of the stars are in Libra as astrologers use them now yet constellation Virgo is the prime influence upon the planners and architects--the Freemasons--of Washington DC.

Arcturus (alpha Bootes; Greek: the Bear Watcher; aka, Al Simak by Arabian astrologers--'the one on high') conferred its guardian function upon the Executive Branch of government with the White House situated so that its inhabitants could 'keep an eye' on Congress and vice versa. However, subsequent constructions within the Federal Triangle have interfered with such a function as L'Enfant (and Andrew Ellicott) intended.

Another diverting of L'Enfant's original plan for the 'Dream City' of George Washington is the Washington Monument which had to be re-located due to its weight when the cornerstone was laid at noon on July 4, 1848 when the Moon and North Node (aka, the Dragon's Head) were in Virgo. Previously the White House cornerstone was laid at noon on October 13, 1792--also with the Moon and Dragon's Head in Virgo. George Washington laid the cornerstone of the Capitol Building on September 18, 1793 with Sun, Mercury, and Dragon's Head in Virgo.

All cornerstone layings were performed with Masonic ceremony including that for the Federal City itself (April 21, 1791 at 3:30 pm, also by Freemason George Washington.) The City's natal Jupiter of 1791 falls upon the 23rd degree of Virgo, the position of our national Neptune (July 4, 1776) which is actually a transit to America's natal horoscope indicating potentials for spiritual awareness, inspired expansion, and promotion yet with fanaticism and paranoia lurking underneath. Well, it seems that Jupiter-Neptune themes of fraud and grand promises are embedded into Washington DC--and therefore the nation and the US government--from their very founding.

An Egyptian Star and its Feminine Archetype, Isis

Another important star closely associated with America is SIRIUS which the Sun (leadership) conjoined in Cancer on July 4, 1776. When Sirius is linked into the gestalt of a horoscope it lustrously shines and brings wealth, success, and good fortune in government yet Sirius may also scorch for its energy is strong and hard to handle well--in fact, honesty is required for best results. Sad to say, our current crop of government-undermining entities and agents are proving themselves fanatically determined to scorch America's wings and besmirch our nation's centuries-long reputation as the One Nation Among Many and an idealistic model of the light of freedom, equality, and independence for the entire world.

As for America's extreme leaning away from democracy toward plutocracy now coming to fruition, we see it partially through the Virgo lens via The Virgin holding wheat sheafs or corn (the matrix of life.) These are nurturing symbols also associated with goddess Ceres, another feminine archetype with an Isis vibe. (Two examples are found on top of the Capitol Dome, and in New York harbor via the Enlightenment/Illuminati-infused Statue of Liberty made of copper, the metal of Venus.)

And when we look to America's natal Venus in nurturing yet business-loving Cancer and to our natal Ceres in Pisces, we find evidence of Corporatism (US Venus conjunct corporate Jupiter) and Plutocracy via our Pluto-Chiron midpoint of oppression and primal violence conjoining US natal Ceres (security; food supply.) Unfortunately, we've bowed to Science and allowed Corporate America complete control of our food supply and the farming industry and now it's easy to see one particular result--Monsanto's genetically modified, patented seeds which can't reproduce and must be re-purchased for each planting.

(Weather modification affecting climate and planting seasons that tend to create conditions of famine are beyond the scope of this post though you can certainly think of several other examples of corporate interference that cause and will cause much suffering and loss for the people when the power elite decide the time is 'right'.)

Yet in spite of it all and even though the entire project of expansion into the New World we call 'America' was funded by and as a corporation, it does not necessarily follow that We the People must be trampled underneath the hooves of wealthy plutocrats who intend to depopulate the globe so that there are more natural resources to nourish them!

So will you vote in November 2014 and show the world's greedy plutocrats that the American people are determined to keep our republic on the democratic side of history's ledger? I hope for the sake of our nation's future and the future of our children that you will.

If you have a yen for further reading on Fixed Stars try 'Brady's Book of Fixed Stars', 'Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation' by Ebertin-Hoffmann, and David Ovason's 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital' which goes into much detail concerning constellation Virgo and the many Zodiacs sprinkled across my former city of residence, Washington DC.

Apr 4, 2014

April 4, 2014 #BeTheChange

Globalism or not, in America, Plutocracy cannot stand!


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