Mar 25, 2015

"The President Marks Five Years of the Affordable Care Act" video

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"Why the 99 Percent Keeps Losing" - Common Dreams

In modern politics, moral deformity is the order of the day for it's 'success at any cost' and "the Big Picture becomes clear and must be followed--very little option to do otherwise." (paraphrasing Tyl). The 'cost' is always levied against We the People, of course, as required by the power elite's win-win agenda.

Beware politicians who claim to see The Big Picture for you can be certain the needs they address are not ours.

Don't miss this revealing analysis of current US politics from Common Dreams: Why the 99% Keeps Losing.

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Mar 24, 2015

Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation - video

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Mar 23, 2015

3.23.15 Ted Cruz Announces but Mercury Goes Nowhere

Ted Cruz Says He Wants to Be POTUS

by Jude Cowell

This morning as I drove home from errands I was somewhat surprised by Herman Cain on the radio playing John Lennon's song Imagine. Mr. Cain managed to work the word 'imagine' into his script several times as he spoke of a dreamy America we could have if only a Republican snags the White House in 2016, etc. You know the conservative/tea party riff, the usual pack of hooey from the Promise Anything to Get Elected school of politics. (Yes, both parties practice it.)

Minutes later I was inside with my TV airing Senator Ted Cruz delivering a speech at Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to an audience of students who were required to attend and lend their ears. If you heard his speech you already know that for uplifting purposes, Cruz used the 'Imagine' theme in his speech--a guy on the radio echoed the other on TV almost simultaneously in that annoying Republican way as if the American people are too stupid to grok it the first time and don't realize it's a set-up. Or as if over and over makes it believable or factual.

Well, I grokked and I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how they will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So far the feedback I'm hearing and reading has been negative to near-negative and not many voices are shouting for joy over Cruz's announcement today--but of course, I seldom watch FOX News. I'll check it later just to see if they glorify the McCarthy-esque fellow's bid for the GOP nomination or if the sound iffy.

Now as you know, in 2013 Cruz managed to shut down the federal government for 16 days--now wants to run it and either that's confused on his part or confusing on the part of potential voters. What traction Cruz has is on the far-right side of the voting population but can he win in the general election shouting his accusations from the wacko wilderness? Can his style of anti-communist, anti-government, anti-safety-net-ism rhetoric persuade moderates and minorities that he's worthy of the office and would be good for the country?

Natal Saturn's Sabian Symbol: "Swords vs Torches" with his Saturn apex planet of a Fist of God/Thor's Hammer pattern--and his Sun-Pluto square at its base

If he gained more power, would Cruz shut the whole thing down if he didn't get his way while holding his breath and stamping his wittle foot? That willful, demanding, irrational, power-grabbing, ruthless Sun-Pluto square would be certain to show its ruthlessness though admittedly ruthlessness does seem to be a requirement for Oval Office occupancy.

So at this point, a Cruz nomination seems unimaginable unless mega-huge bucks grease his way and the public suffers a collective stroke during the 2016 campaign. Yet his massive egoism and 'swords vs torches' approach to politics mixed with a rather odd personal magnetism when speaking from a script may keep him in the running long enough for his Utopian ideas to shake up the 2016 debate in a major (diverting) way while putting both Republican and Democratic candidates on the defensive and possibly holding them hostage to his oddball ideas.

As such, Cruz may be used by the power elite behind the throne as just another tool for altering the ultimate outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign. And considering the junior senator's very high opinion of himself and what seems to be a total lack of irony and little if any self-awareness, Mr. Cruz may not even realize what a tool he really is.

For further reading see Senator Ted Cruz: A Crusader Dueling with Shadows for info concerning his natal planets.


Mar 21, 2015

"Finding Principles in a World of Double Speak" - Max Igan

From Max Igan: a 15-minute excerpt from his latest broadcast which opens with a quote from Thomas Paine:

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The words of Maxwell Igan are always informative and inspiring and I am especially glad to find Thomas Paine in the spotlight here because I have been restudying his natal horoscope this very weekend!

Mar 20, 2015

A few thoughts on our modern Tower of Babel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Google Art Project - edited

Lower left, in the white robe is Nimrod, the king who reputedly ordered the construction of the Tower of Babel and whose wife/consort Semiramis is the feminine archetype--the Whore of Babylon--an ancient and modern symbol now modeled via such 'goddesses' as Venus, Inanna, Ceres, Diana, Vesta, Lady Liberty (holding the Illuminati torch in NY Harbor, sent from French Freemasons to American Freemasons), Mary (according to the graven-image-worshiping Vatican), Lilith, and more.

Then there are the corporate-owned pop stars and actresses who constantly bring the Semiramis archetype into modern awareness...or, perhaps I should say, unawareness, since few seem to care about the underlying symbol they're actually paying homage to as long as there are concert tickets and new tunes to purchase.

Now for several decades and especially since 2010, we have been induced to believe that "corporations are people" and yet most people see this falsehood as the monstrous lie it is. This blogger prefers to see corporations as a continuance of the corporate Tower of Babel project for Nimrod and the rest of the over-reaching people of his day thought they could 'reach heaven' and take God's place and usurp His authority by way of building a tower up to the sky.

And of course, the Twin Towers were sabotaged on September 11, 2001 by those who disagree with America's leadership as the 'New World Order' agenda is set more fully in place. Corporations, especially banking institutions, in their skyscrapers are now said to be 'too big to fail' and I suspect Nimrod and his stonemasons felt the same way about their Tower of Babel, that prototype of corporate structure ever since. And it seems that aid for, planning of, and/or collusion with the 9/11 attackers came from within the US (though this post is not about that 'official story'.)

Now you may disagree with my conclusions as much as you like, but I'm typing them anyway. Calling a chicken a duck doesn't make it quack. Calling corporations "people" is an exercise in and excuse for fraud, larceny, and corruption. The power elite fool no one but continue pretending that they do as they seek to take over control of the world.

It's tragic actually, their Nimrodian delusion fueled by irrational and stubborn will. Delusional because they only have this world in which to set up an earthly 'kingdom' and in their brashness they will never Be like the Most High--no matter how high the fabled corporate ladder or tower extends.


Note: This topic was inspired by the calendar: April 5, 2015 is Easter Sunday and yours truly will be celebrating because He Is Risen!

Mar 19, 2015

Tunisia natal data: June 15, 1956--and March 2015

This region of North Africa has an ancient history of colonization by the Phoenicians pre-500 BC. Independently it was the center of the Carthaginian Empire, it was ruled by Rome from 146 BC to AD 429, and then became the center of the Vandal Kingdom. In 533 Tunisia was reconquered by the Eastern Roman Empire (aka, the Byzantine Empire) until the Arab invasion of 670. The Turks conquered Tunisia in the 16th century and it became a French protectorate in 1881.

An accord for independence was signed in Paris, France on March 20, 1956 (59 years ago tomorrow) though full independence was not achieved until an agreement signed on June 15, 1956. Is Tunisia's 59th independence anniversary somehow an impetus for the March 18, 2015 terrorist attack? My suspicion is yes, as the ancient East vs West turmoil continues.

Tunisia June 15, 1956 17:00 CET (5:00 pm) Tunis, Tunisia marks the region's full independence agreement The Book of World Horoscopes (Campion) with a stand-out conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at Midheaven on the 9th house side.

Therefore, a powerful Pluto @26Leo27 conjunct Jupiter @26Leo19 is a major imprint upon the country yet the Leo-Aquarius polarity is intercepted within the 3/9 houses. Not all astrologers give interceptions weight unless in a 'must be dealt with' manner. Of course, setting up a horoscope with a different house system may dissolve the chart's interception condition but I tend to stick with the Placidus system except for all but the most ancient horoscopes.

So now with Jupiter about to turn direct @12Leo on April 8, 2015, we find Tunisia in the midst of a Jupiter Return which is usually a positive period of reward and increase. However, attached is a Jupiter-conjunct-natal-Pluto transit so in addition there is the typical expansion of power, control, and political issues associated with the Jupiter-Pluto pair. Ruthless Pluto's cape of the saboteur-assassin is emphasized or employed as well (see BBC News link, below).

March 2015

Tunisia's Ascendant = 22Sco10 with Saturn Rx @27Sco41 rising and forceful Mars ruling with Pluto undercurrents. Current transits show that Tunisia has recently had its Saturn Return and although Saturn's upcoming foray back into Scorpio won't take the karmic planet as far as 27:41, it may still be considered within orb but waning. Natal Mars near the IC in 4th house clocks in @6Pis36 where nebulous Neptune has so recently transited and now @8Pisces, Neptune remains within orb of natal Mars.

This transit denotes a time of increased intuition but also false promises, opportunities that may not be what they at first seem, and physical efforts which may be undermined by mysterious or hidden forces with deception in the mix.

And as We the People have learned via America's natal Mars-Neptune square of July 4, 1776, misdirected or misguided motivations and actions along with "the fog of war" can turn up on the agenda through Neptune contacts with Mars, planet of war and aggression.

The current position of the planet of sudden attacks and revolution, Uranus, @20Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron with its Sabian Symbol: "A Pugilist Enters the Ring") transits Tunisia's natal 5th house (cusp 4Ari01) and will oppose natal Neptune @27Lib47 Rx in 11th house (but conjunct 12th cusp 00Sco19, position of the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse) beginning in 2017. A Uranus-opposite-natal-Neptune transit indicates a time when one ideology may be replaced by another and institutions related to minority concerns may reverse their practices and methods (Lupton Skalka).

Well, this is merely a brief snapshot of current transits to some of the modern natal planets of Tunisia. As events proceed, you may wish to set up the horoscope yourself if you haven't and take a much closer look.

BBC News now reports that 4 people have been arrested with possible links to Wednesday's vicious attack that resulted in 23 deaths, 20 of them tourists with tourism a major industry and revenue stream for the country.

There is also a BBC timeline for Tunisia which needs a bit of updating concerning the March 18, 2015 attack yet is useful nonetheless.

Mar 18, 2015

Pap and Thom Hartmann: Corporate Media Ignoring The REAL Email Scandal

Although yours truly is not a fan of RT, the following video is for those who are considering voting for Jeb Bush in 2016. Among other topics, it mentions what this American refuses to forget: that Jeb Bush was a signer of the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) bomb-Iraq pact along with Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Spit-Comb Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, and the rest of the neocon warhawk Vulcan gang that bankrupted our nation on behalf of their globalist/Zionist/corporate masters.

#JebBush #neocons @PNAC #Zionism #GOP #IraqWar #2016 #ThomHartmann


For Jeb Bush to insist he's his 'own man' is absurd yet he hopes the assertion will be part of a successful presidential campaign. After all, a few weeks ago his mother Barbara Bush changed her "pretty mind" and thinks Jeb should run in 2016 after all because he's the GOP's best chance to take back the White House! Maybe she's right---reverting to a neocon is the only idea the GOP can come up with.

If you're curious, here's a post concerning Jeb Bush's natal horoscope--he was born on Feb 11, 1953 during the off-again-on-again Saturn-Neptune conjunction. And here's the natal horoscope I published in the post with then-transits for March 2007 in case you don't care to tap or click for Jeb:

Note that power-mad Pluto creeps closer to his 4th house Chiron (the Plutocracy pair), plus, the current Jupiter Retrograde-Direct transit in Leo (Direct Station on April 8, 2015 @12Leo) conjoins his natal Pluto which accounts in large part for the huge increase in donations to his political campaign.

Mar 17, 2015

"Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?" - video

Although you may disagree with his revelations, here is the controversial Mr. David Icke in 2012 speaking on Zionism, Israel, Palestine, and the Rothschilds:

#Israel #Palestine #Zionism #terrorism #Rothschilds

Mar 15, 2015

Mar 16, 2015 12 am: US hits debt ceiling with Sun Pisc-Moon Cap vibes

Yes, at midnight tonight it's debt ceiling time again and the US Congress has been privileged to set such a limit since 1939. The limitation doesn't mean more budget-busting spending, it means satisfying obligations the US government has already taken on and neglecting these burdens is what led to America's credit downgrade in 2011, finagled mainly by anti-Obama Republicans in Congress.

Therefore, unless Congress changes its tune, the US treasury can't satisfy creditors as of March 16, 2015--the very date of the final (of 7 total) exact Cardinal Squares between revolutionary Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. In the Eastern Time Zone, the Uranus-Pluto squares perfects at 10:54 pm.

And with dissolving, fraudulent Neptune now strong in its own sign of Pisces, the undermining of the US system of government insinuates on under the speculator-spendthrift pair of Jupiter-Neptune ruling and co-ruling murky, often deceptive Pisces.

The conscious-unconscious vibes of the debt ceiling situation of the moment are Sun Pisces-Moon Capricorn, a practical Water-Earth combo of energies that is shared natally by Freemason George Washington who advised us to, "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company."

Hopefully, the current blend's practicality concerning the March 2015 debt ceiling issue will be victorious over the zealous anarchists in Congress who apparently care little or nothing for America's reputation or credit-worthiness. Now if only such anti-government 'bad company' could be removed from Capitol Hill and take their billionaire social tinkerers and National Zionists with them!

Related: Types of Zionism, one of the many Pluto-Chiron -isms of oppression, exploitation, and primal violence. You'll note that transiting Pluto and Chiron, the Plutocracy pair, last met in Great Conjunction in November 1999 as one of civilization's cosmic 'ushers' into the New Millennium. Their conjunction in Sagittarius hit America's natal Ascendant in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm 'Sibly' horoscope and soon the trumped up 'war on terror' began.

Also on topic is a previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse and Washington DC's neglected burdens.

"Whose Reality Are You Living?" -- a Maxwell Igan broadcast

Please tap or click for more.

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