May 25, 2018

Betsey DeVos: Sun in Capricorn unaspected

Here are some planetary details concerning Trump's Education Secretary Betsey DeVos using a 'noon' time for her birth on January 8, 1958 in Holland, Michigan (nee Elisabeth Prince, Erik's sister). Since taking over her post, DeVos has done little but stir up controversy and anger at her unfitness for the position she has been gifted with in spite of her inexperience. From here it seems that her tenure is little more than an assault on our public education system although certainly much criticism can be leveled against it prior to her installment. In fact, privatization of our schools and the resulting profit for the exalted few seem to be her mission yet our public school teachers need more funding and support than they get in recent years--part of the plan to undermine the entire education system, one must suppose, and with a streak of religious proselytizing tossed in for 'good' measure by this silver-spoon billionaire whose husband heads pyramid scheme, Amway. America's tradition of separation of church and state means nothing to such people.

Never a teacher or in the education field before, DeVos can't seem to put a non-controversial foot forward as our know-nothing Secretary of Education and 'school choice hawk'. Check out the latest of her controversial statements I found just this evening saying that schools can report undocumented students. What a tool!

As for her astrology chart, I don't care to discuss its merits but I will add to the analysis linked, above, a few factors--that her Prenatal Solar Eclipse perfected on October 23, 1957 @30Libra (conjunct her natal Jupiter--and her Venus in Aquarius is Station Rx) in the 14 North Saros Series. We've met this series in a significant way before, as the Sequestration Eclipse of November 25, 2011 (2Sag) when shadowy figures thought it a 'good' idea to form a 'Super Congress' to deal with the financial impasse of the day. Notably, the primary theme of 14 North is: 'a peculiar turn of events' and 'too much delusion to make clear judgments' (Brady) so if I had to critique Betsey DeVos as she plays the role of Education Secretary, I'd say Trump's choice of her was and is a peculiar turn of events for America--one of many on his well-populated list of know-nothing saboteurs.

Now if Elisabeth Prince DeVos was born at 5:58:49 pm est or after, her Moon is in Virgo but if before, she's a Sun Cap-Moon Leo personality. Not seeming brash enough to me, I'd guess a double Earth Sun Cap-Moon Virgo (the critic!) or maybe that's too practical for her odd views! Well, let's compare the Harveys' Images for Integration for both blends and you see what you think:

Sun Cap-Moon Leo: "After a lone, silent climb up your mountain you greet the spotlights and television cameras with flair and aplomb." Hmm, sounds plausible. This has actually happened for her, hasn't it?

Sun Cap-Moon Virgo: "A famous, prize-winning scientist takes up the humble position of chemistry teacher in a quiet village school." No scientist or teacher she! Yet there is the school reference. So which blend do you think is closer to her personality? Guess I must go with the Leo Moon of one who cannot get enough praise and applause to ever fill the emotional void.

The last thing I hope to ever type about Betsey Devos is that her natal Sun is unaspected in her chart. This condition suggests a person whose Sun, here in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, is placed in a conspicuous position in her chart and receives no moderation from other components of her psyche. Focused on her self-importance, she appears detached and aloof from others and this may in part account for her ability to seem unfazed by any criticism since her sense of authority comes only from within. As with Mr. Trump, DeVos lives in her own self-absorbed world which completely diminishes her ability to respond to others in any meaningful way--including the millions of American students who are now (unfortunately, imho) her responsibility.

May 25, 2018: A Notice to Stars Over Washington Readers!

Once again, Google is giving grief to bloggers like yours truly concerning EU cookie notice requirements and the message that should display to readers abroad about data collection which Google says is my responsibility. Although I am non-tech savvy I have dealt with this intrusion in the past but cannot seem to make headway this go-round and there is some sort of deadline this very day, May 25, 2018. Funny how WordPress takes care of such requirements all on its own yet Google is apparently incapable of it or is cussedly unwilling to do the same for its customers.

Also concerning EU requirements: I have recently dealt with what Google AdSense says are two instances of page-level 'violations' which turned out to be a shady inclusion on SO'W of a 'feedspot' page and/or ad, totally unsolicited by yours truly. So far that shenanigans seems to be vanquished but I have no idea when it might return to again bedevil me unbidden. A number of such violations are said to result in deletion of this and any of my other blogs most of which have been written and published since 2005. Yes, it feels as if Google is discouraging my continuance here and if so, or if I must give up, I will attempt to continue Stars Over Washington and Jude Cowell Astrology on another platform so if you subscribe or are a frequent reader, please note that if SO'W 'disappears' in the coming months, be advised that my Political Astrology writings may turn up elsewhere, probably on WordPress, and will hopefully retain the title, Stars Over Washington or some form of it.

Given all this annoying turmoil, please note that you may reach me via judecowell at gmail dot com if you have questions on these or other topics (but Not article solicitation)!

Writing and Posting on behalf of the Common Good,

Jude Cowell

May 25, 2018 1:45 pm edt

May 24, 2018

Trump Cancels NK Summit - DOJ Meets w Nunes

May 24, 2018 in the news: Donald Trump has sent a letter to Kim Jong Un cancelling their planned Singapore 'Summit' in June. A previous post containing founding data and chart/s for Singapore is available but has little details on the iffy meeting between two Uranians who tend to behave predictably in their unpredictability.

Meanwhile, today at 12:00 noon edt a meeting is scheduled between the DOJ and Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly--and Mr. Trump, one assumes. This will be a divulging of information on the Mueller investigation which is completely out of character for the US Department of Justice but is said to be for the placating of Donald Trump. A second meeting is scheduled for 2:00 pm today between the same as above, plus, members of the 'Gang of Eight' which necessarily includes Democrats. The first meeting is a Republican-Trump strategy session to 'get their stories straight' for spinning purposes, the second is meant to look bipartisan.

See DOJ Briefing Gowdy-Nunes; also see Astro-Notes on Devin Nunes. Here's his official portrait:

Pundits are saying that such a meeting during an ongoing investigation is unprecedented and so it is. However, today's astrology shows an interesting cosmic condition--that the DOJ has just entered its first-ever Uranus Return period, a three-fer that first perfected on May 3, 2018. As you know, the sign of Uranus reveals behavior in a horoscope and the DOJ's natal Uranus of 1934, at a critical 29th degree of Aries, aspects its natal Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Little is understood of the effects of a Uranus Return which occurs for human beings around age 84--perhaps a time of leaving the past behind? So this means that the DOJ's current Uranus Return/s are exact transits to the natal planets as seen in the DOJ natal chart so let's consider them here in light of today's meetings at the White House intended to 'clue in' Mr. Trump and his associates (to facilitate better spinning and tweeting).

Basically, Uranus, the disruptive planet of separation and chaos, on May 3, 2018 (and again on November 24, 2018, and finally on February 18, 2019) opposes three of the DOJ's natal planets. All the oppositions contain vibes of separation of some kind but the one that peaked my interest is Uranus opposite n Sun (1Sco43) for it suggests the DOJ behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. Yet this behavior will not necessarily satisfy or soothe any bruised egos that are involved in current circumstances, and of course, outcomes are unpredictable, as always with Uranus. Changes or a turning toward a new direction are also indicated but the permanence of a new direction is in question for it may only be temporary. Someone's will power and leadership are challenged which may point toward the DOJ's Rod Rosenstein but, as we know, may also denote Donald Trump or any of the actors in today's political theater performances (in relation to the DOJ).

DOJ's natal Venus (25Lib37) opposed by transit Uranus hints at reactions, attitudes, and pespectives that are unpredictable and/or unorthodox, unstable events and relationships, separation, and a potential for reversals in legal affairs.

DOJ's natal Jupiter (3Sco10) opposed by transit Uranus suggests issues of misplaced confidence, unreliable sources of information, and challengers who cannot be controlled or manipulated. Perhaps that will change as of today.

DOJ's natal Mars (4Vir29) trined by transit Uranus denotes unexpected or unorthodox activities and male relationships being favored. It suggests a period when actions may not have the desired outcomes but do not automatically lead to negative results, just different ones from what was expected or intended.

On the generational level, the DOJ's natal Pluto (26Can04--opposite US natal Pluto so this transit of Uranus affects both with a double Pluto vibe) squared by transit Uranus hints at the usual Uranus-Pluto unrest, protests, and social strife. The status quo and our established principles are disrupted and shifts are occurring within political power and social institutions (such as the the Executive Branch, Congress, and the DOJ). Military activities and control of resources are emphasized along with societal issues such as civil rights, women's rights, and the expansion vs restriction of governmental power.

Also, the DOJ's natal Neptune (13Vir39) sesqui-squared by transit Uranus shows 'squares within squares', a complex condition of obstacles within blockages. This suggests a period when a battle is being fought but it's difficult if not impossible to draw battle lines because the identity of the 'real enemy' is elusive and is being purposefully concealed or muddied. Terms and conditions for surrender are seldom clear during this transit and primary targets are institutions that deal with minority rights. Prevailing circumstances disrupt our sense of reality (tr Neptune through Pisces can do that all by itself making this complex condition worse!), and some form of idealism is prevalent though shaded--or there's a mission not fully revealed..

Well, it's now almost 1:00 pm so the first meeting may have ended if the schedule went well so I shall leave this annoying topic for now. Please follow the DOJ link, above, to view the DOJ's founding horoscope which is calculated via the Masonic ceremony with which FDR started the entity we call the Department of Justice, and please Share as you wish!

May 22, 2018

The Powell Memo: a Genesis of Corporatism in Control

Astro-Notes: The Powell Memo and Corporations as 'People' Like Donald Trump

by Jude Cowell

The significance of the Powell Memo (or, Manifesto) cannot be overemphasized when pondering the ongoing assault on American institutions by corporate interests, transnational and domestic. It is not the first or only assault but one of many by wealthy elitists of the anti-Constitutional kind, those opposed to democracy and who plunder resources and wage wars across the globe and at home for their own profit.

Naturally, the term 'manifesto' must conjure for us the Communist Manifesto and the anti-worker doctrine of Marxism which has been shown to have been invented in order to destroy the Middle Class--invented though plagiarized by Karl Marx who was financed by the wealthy class of his day including his wife's family, the von Westphalens of the Prussian aristocracy.

So with no precise hour known, I'm finally getting around to publishing a 'noon' horoscope for The Powell Memo:

As you see, the Memorandum occurred within a 9 New South Saros Series with its Solar Eclipse ('PE') @27Leo15 which was activated on August 21, 2017 by The Great American Eclipse whose path of visibility split our nation in half. You'll remember that this is the Total eclipse that Donald Trump looked at 6 times without safety glasses--and its degree conjoined his natal Ascendant (29Leo) and by extension, his rising Mars (26Leo). Themes of the 1971 Solar Eclipse are messily penned upon the above chart along with the themes of the August 2017 Eclipse in the 1 North series, the 'Mother of All Eclipses' of Nostradamus fame (August 11, 1999 @18Leo).

So far, the Trump regime has fulfilled 1 North's themes extremely well: 'unexpected events' and 'information is distorted and possibly false'. Plus, we should note that the August 1999 eclipse will be activated by another Solar Eclipse this very year on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 in the 2 New North series, the eclipse I have unhappily labeled The Tower Eclipse for its 'collapsing tower' and 'rebuilding' themes (Brady). This eclipse happens to be the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2018 Midterms.

Now as you know, history is often said to rhyme (if not repeat precisely) and it seems to me that the study of eclipses, solar and lunar, is one way of revealing 'time links' between years and the historical events that were influenced by the applicable eclipse themes. This does not discount whether or not a particular eclipse is visible in a certain location where an event takes place yet the significance and symbolism of eclipse degrees are my primary focus along with the themes of the series in which an eclipse falls. Of course, visible eclipses would have stronger influence upon events as would Total eclipses but degrees are sensitized by eclipses, stars, and other factors and remain so through centuries.

As for the Powell Memo horoscope itself, its lack of timing prevents a full consideration here although there are a few chart factors I wish to point out:

First, that Neptune, planet of fraud, corruption, propaganda, disguises, get-rich-quick-schemes (with nearby Jupiter), the (corporate-controlled) media and the masses, is @1Sag, a degree with a Sabian Symbol (penned on) well known for its link to the US military--in America's case, to the military industrial complex that's bleeding America's National Treasury dry at the expense of We The People.

Then @11Leo01 there's Cupido conjunct Midheaven (at noon) with keywords: Corporations, Organizations, and The Family which includes crime families, Chambers of Commerce, political parties, and religious cults.

Pluto-Chiron at Work

Another factor is the midpoint of Pluto-Chiron, the Plutocracy pair of oppression, exploitation, primal violence, racism, and other -isms such as Capitalism, Communism, Marxism, Bolshevikism, Fascism, Socialism, and Zionism, which conjoins US natal Jupiter (5Cancer56) with its enlightening Sabian Symbol for '6 Cancer': "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." In the Powell Memo chart this would refer to Mr. Powell and his Chamber of Commerce co-conspirators and others of the corporate persuasion--and to America's Founding (plutocratic) Fathers of 1776 and our modern-day financial fanatics who exploit others at every opportunity and have pulled a major scam with their ridiculous assertion that "corporations are people, too" (codified by Citizens United 2010). In the same vein, SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote an opinion about two days ago siding with employers and corporations over US workers, so there, America. Scr*w you, say corporate elitists.

And for those of us who use a late afternoon founding chart for America (July 4, 1776), its Ascendant in the range of 11-13Sag was the spot in the Zodiac where Pluto and Chiron last met in conjunction December 1999--and helped usher in the dawning of the New Millennium under the auspices of the 'Mother of All Eclipses', the 1 North @18Leo which will soon be triggered in August 2018.

Donald Trump in the White House: the Corporate Tradition Carried On

And finally, let's close by noting that in 1971 the asteroid of ethics and strategy, Pallas @27Tau27 opposes 1971 Jupiter in corporate Scorpio while conjoining 1971 MIDAS (26:49) -- and greedy MIDAS happily sits upon the natal Midheaven (The Goal) of gold-lover Donald Trump (age 25 in 1971). And that's Trump's very visible MC where the nasty, malevolent star of violence, rage, and viciousness is found: Algol of Medusa's Head fame.

Now in case either of you need it, here's what some say is an apt description of the Trump regime by Dr. Lawrence Britt; this controversial definition is also known as The Britt List.

Plus, every chance he gets Trump Is Using 'The Big Lie' Tactic Invented by Goebbels, a post which includes some Astrology and an interesting video.

A Possibly Related Post: 4 Virgo and the Midpoint Pictures of Trump and Hitler...some weird cosmic synchronicity is going on.

May 21, 2018

A Significant December 2018 Lunation in Sagittarius

May 21, 2018: Just posted to my Jude's Threshold blog on WordPress is a DC Horoscope of the Sag New Moon of December 7, 2018 which, as New Moons can do, may act much as a disruptive solar eclipse--a 'wild card' of the Universe. Noted in the post are brief comments on US SP Mars Rx and the ongoing leaky, scandal-prone transit of watery, eroding Neptune through secretive Pisces for which I chose as illustration my botanical drawing of a False Senator wrasse.

Significant is that US natal Saturn (exalted in Libra) rises in Washington DC along with the natal Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio of Donald Trump (in his 2nd house of Money) with the trio's problematic tendencies toward speculation, fraud, get-rich-quick schemes, and fantasy world whims--the world where his feverish reptile brain lives. Plus, the New Moon @15Sag07 manifests in wide opposition to the guiding planet of Mr. Trump, his 10th house Uranus, shocking planet of chaos and disruption. This may increase the 'wild card' affect of the New Moon and stimulate the whimsical, quixotic notions of his nibs.

Not mentioned in the above-linked post is the culmination-fulfillment stage of the Dec 7th New Moon at the Full Moon of December 22, 2018 @00Can49. This conjoins one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation where global events tend to occur, and as you see, the Full Moon perfects very soon after Winter Solstice 2018 which we discussed here yesterday with its Sun Capricorn-Moon Gemini blend of Earth-Air energies.

May 20, 2018

DC Horoscopes: All Four 2018 Cardinal Ingresses

As you may remember, year 2018 opened its cosmic curtains with a New Moon @26Capricorn54 which perfected very near US natal Pluto (27:33) and echoed RNC 2016 when disruptive Uranian Donald Trump was nominated for the US presidency. For an overview of 2018, here are previous posts showing DC horoscopes of the 2018 Cardinal Ingresses which mark the beginning of each season of the year: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox 2018 (with chart details) followed by a view of the Winter Solstice 2018 horoscope which is also set for our nation's capital:

Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and shown below...

Winter Solstice December 21, 2018 5:22:46 pm est Washington DC; Hour Mars; chart-ruler Moon in Gemini in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Large Institutions; Mars-Neptune at Midheaven denotes weakness and failure and echoes America's natal Mars-Neptune square of misdirected action and confused motivation; the 'fog of war' may be suggested; evaluating Venus in Scorpio in the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking leads a Locomotive shape of ruthless ambition and her trine to cloudy Neptune suggests what you see penned in the center of the horoscope including monetary fraud and an inflated Treasury, or, inflation used to control a nation's finances. the 2nd house of the National Treasury holds the Solstice's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 New North Saros Series, aka, The Tower Eclipse which manifests on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 (DC horoscope shown). The 2NN began in 1928 if that tells us anything:

That Tweeter-in-Chief--You Know the One

Please enlarge the image to read my scribbled notes if you wish; highlighted in pink (for bullies like you-know-who) are most of Donald Trump's natal placements, and as you see, his natal Mercury precisely rises in the chart along with transit *Hades and asteroid Hebe (the server; also a Hebrew indicator), both retrograde. Fixed star Alhena ('the wound in Achilles' heel'--bone spurs?; and, to have a mission--to tweet, perchance to tweet alone) also rises, plus, North Node in 1st house is fortuitous and points toward starry Procyon (short-lived opportunities)--perhaps they are our own chances to improve our lot and make karmic progress within this kitten-in-string condition of ours.

A cadent Winter Solstice Sun @00Cap00:00 is in 6th house of Military-Police-Civil-Service (and Health) as are Mercury and Jupiter--conjunct upon malevolent, headstrong, royal star and Watcher of the West, Antares, a red star of war and/or violence. Meanwhile, the Tail of the Dragon (South Node) @26Cap55 is in process of swiping US natal Pluto Rx as it nears Donald Trump's natal Vertex (VX, a point of fated encounter; his @22Cap51) and if you look, bottom right, I've penned a note--that the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction will 'hit' the natal VX of Mr. Trump. Basically, the Winter Solstice 2018 Nodal axis spotlights America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of propaganda, intelligence gathering, political talk of reforms, secrets, orbital weaponry, space exploration, toxins, and self-destructive impulses in business (Munkasey).

As for current nuclear issues, destructive, transforming Pluto (planet of plutonium), is at a critical degree (20Capricorn), power asteroid Toro, often active in nuclear or atomic charts, conjoins South Node, a Saturnian point of separation, and creator-destroyer Siva sits upon the 8th cusp conjunct US natal Pluto. And of course, as noted, there's Trump's natal Vertex in the midst of them all.

Of course, many other chart factors are worth noting for those who dare but I must leave them to you now as the Gemini Moon in 12th house hides away while activating Trump's natal Uranus (his 'guiding planet' in his 10th house of Career and Public Status) and note that the Moon-Uranus combination of energies in Political Astrology indicates excited people, and--an emotionally immature leader who rules by whim.

Uranian planet *Hades: a Scorpio-Virgo quality which adds fragmentation; associated with the Greek god Hades or Pluto; the Underworld (mythological or criminal-jc); the hidden; debris, recycling; unpleasant things; analysis; breaking down into parts; antiquity; ancient cultures; Astrology; Jazz; a study from the distant past (genealogy? jc); artifacts of past cultures; used items; discarded marriage partners; adopted children or stepchildren; karmic references ( New Insights into Astrology, Nona Gwynn Press).

Also of note in 2018 comes our annual 242nd Independence Day, aka, America's Solar Return 2018 with karmic Saturn, planet of accountability, authority, authenticity, limitation, delay, status quo, work, The Establishment, law, government, and business uppermost in the horoscope set for Washington DC.

May 19, 2018

May 16, 2018

Robert Mueller appointed May 17, 2017 - w 2018 Eclipse

Tomorrow, Thursday May 17, 2018, is the first anniversary/Solar Return of the appointment of Robert Mueller III as Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, his associates, and their ties or conspiracies, if any, to or with Russia and Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, the Sun will precisely return to its 2017 degree at 5:44 pm edt (based on its 2017 degree at noon edt). In the Solar Return 2018 chart (not shown), Midheaven @2Leo27 sports the 2017 position of asteroid Atlantis @2Leo01 (abuse or misuse of power; divine retribution; feelings of doom). Obviously, the themes of astrological Atlantis are very much a part of the Mueller investigation into the affairs of Donald Trump and we may also wish to note that in 2017, Nemesis, the unbeatable foe, opposed Atlantis.

And here's a cosmic curiosity: 2Leo+ also happens to be the position of personal name asteroid 'Mueller' on the day of Robert Mueller was born! (you can't make this stuff up).

On May 17, 2017 (Washington DC), the Sun @26Tau55 conjoined the nastiest star in the heavens, Algol, of Medusa-Head fame, the occupant of Mr. Trump's natal Midheaven. Regretfully for Mr. Trump and for the country he now haphazardly leads, enraged Algol at Midheaven has an especially malevolent reputation for potentials such as mob violence, murderous tendencies, and the possibility of a tragic end (Devore). Along with royal Regulus rising (success if revenge is avoided--otherwise, all that's gained will be taken away--Brady), this has been the cosmic condition of Donald Trump since birth (natal MC) and the Mueller probe is now the spotlight shining brightly upon the star's turbulence and affecting the enraged Mr. Trump's career and public reputation on the world stage (MC).

Inner: Special Counsel appointed May 17, 2017 12:00 pm edt Washington DC; outer: Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 2 New North Saros Series August 11, 2018 5:57:39 am edt Washington DC--the collapsing tower:

Of course, you see that Mr. Trump's natal IC @25Scorpio is affected (family; domestic scene) as transit Jupiter in Scorpio approaches and readies to enter Trump's natal 4th house from whence his his natal Uranus-NN-Sun trio will eventually be opposed--conflicts and unfavorable conditions are indicated for an extended period once the Jupiter oppositions begin in 2019. (Also see the penned note, bottom center of the chart: "transit Jupiter oppo 2017 Sun Oct 25, 2018".) Yet some respite may be felt for transit Jupiter will also conjoin Trump's natal Moon @21Sag, usually a happy time unless negative conditions interfere overmuch. For him this may be the case due to his natal Moon-South Node conjunction visited by tr Jupiter so perhaps happy expectations won't be met since a Jupiter-SN contact often denotes blocked endeavors and ethical clashes (as with current conditions). Actually, a look back at the period when this transit of Jupiter occurred about 12 years prior would be fruitful for those who have the time.

Many Towers Totter Across the Globe

As for the bi-wheel pictured above, the outer chart of The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 is shown because of the involvement of Trump Tower in the ongoing Mueller investigation and the structure's location of at least two significant meetings (June 9, 2016 and December 12, 2017) under Mueller's scrutiny when Russians came to call--and because Trump is so very proud of this building with his name upon it. Plus, this Solar Eclipse conjoins the noon Ascendant of May 17, 2017 (Washington DC) and so I have used it to show upcoming transits to Mr. Mueller's appointment. Also note that a Solar Eclipse in Sun-ruled Leo indicates that karmic progress can only be made if the negative qualities of Leo are avoided--pride, vanity, egocentricity, pomposity, and ostentatious display (Lineman). It also confirms a karmic relationship with one or more offspring--offspring such as Donald Junior whose involvement in the Trump Organization and actions during the 2016 Campaign such as contacts with Russians and others are in the cross hairs of Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation.

Now planet Pluto of the (criminal) Underworld holds an important position in both charts @19Capricorn+ but in 2018 Pluto is unaspected and thus detached from any planet in the Eclipse chart, and unable to offer its regenerative power. For Donald Trump this condition of a lonely Pluto is a 'natal echo' since his natal Pluto @10Leo02 is also unaspected which I have previously termed "overshadowed by shadows" as we recently discussed when we took a ginger step into Donald Trump's 12th house of the Unconscious.

And perhaps you remember that May 17, 2017 happened to be the very date of the first of five Neptune Returns (14Pis01, as you see!) of the Republican Party (of 1854). Synchronicity much? The last of the five conjunctions perfects on December 29, 2018 which takes party members into 2019 with a disappointing wilt rather than a bang. And as you know, a difficult star inhabits the region of 15Pisces--Achernar = crisis at the end of the river, or, the risk of rapid endings. Yes, many Capitol Hill resignations have been announced with the probability of more to come--plus midterm election losses in November if a 'Blue Wave' is allowed to wash over America and voters mobilize themselves in great numbers.

Well, there are many more chart factors of interest here but as usual this should remain a post not a book so let's close with a few notes on the May 17, 2017 Sun-Moon blend which sounds like a description of Robert Mueller to me--at least in comparison to the squishy, quirky, changeable Donald Trump whose natal Uranus @18Gemini (his guiding planet) hints of his China connections:

Earth-Air Sun Taurus-Moon Aquarius: independent, fair, honest, morally sound, shrewd, tenacious, objective, realistic, committed to principles, resourceful, trustworthy, and capable; can be stubborn and overconfident which can come across as conceited. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Related: 'The Tower' Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 happens to be the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2018 Midterms (horoscope shown with a link to eclipse details).

May 14, 2018

Historical Horoscope: The Battle of Agincourt

When History Meets Astrology!

The decisive English victory by Henry V against the French king at the Battle of Agincourt (Azincourt) on October 25, 1415 has held an understandable fascination for many people through the centuries. This fascination I also felt but little did I know until recently that a Strickland fellow was on the scene and fighting for the winning team, one Thomas de Strickland. Earlier alternate spellings of this venerable name include de Stirkeland.

Morning of the Battle of Agincourt, 25th October 1415

By Sir John Gilbert (1817 - 1897) {Public domain}, via Wikimedia Commons

So considering my liking for setting up Historical Horoscopes, I thought it might be cool to set up a chart for the Battle of Agincourt, Pas-de-Calais, Northern France. As for the timing of the battle's start, one source says that 'three hours after sunrise, still no fighting' and of course it had rained the night before so mud was in abundance (and helped the outnumbered Englishmen to win, plus, they skillfully utilized their longbows; Henry's strategy won the day, as you know). According to several accounts, Henry gave the order to advance at or about 11:00 am so the horoscope is set for that time. As you see, 7th house Saturn is at Station Rx in tribal Cancer as the Order of Chivalry, so popular in France, is disrupted forever by Henry and his men, and a new age begins. Jupiter (the general) in authoritative Capricorn rises in 1st house, is chart ruler (battle ruler), and represents Henry, the victor. Note, lower left, that Jupiter makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect, an opposition to watery Neptune Rx, muddy details penned on.

Now this chart shows the modern planets added, of course (I can't resist!) and if we count rebellious Uranus there's a YOD pattern of crisis/special task/turning point with its apex karmic Saturn in Cancer which denotes 'aggravating circumstances via family ties' which I believe there were due to a certain brother arriving late to the melee. That Saturn is the apex planet of this configuration marks it as a doubly fated YOD and shows that perhaps the French may not have been as prepared for battle with Henry as they could have been--or simply that they were overly limited by their strong adherence to the Age of Chivalry while Henry and his army ignored such 'niceties'. Yes, Agincourt was the end of 100 years of war and there's warrior Mars at the apex of a dynamic T-Square between Pluto and North Node, an indicator of 'violence, brutality, and the misfortune to be placed in someone else's hand or power' (Ebertin).

If you wish, please enlarge the horoscope to read my scribbled notes concerning this Hour of Mars, the warrior:

Shown just below the Descendant (27Gem20) are Pluto and the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the Battle, a Total Eclipse @23Gem53 in the 12 South Saros Series. However, this must be a 12 Old South series since 12 South didn't begin until September 19, 1541. Therefore, I can only add details on a Solar Eclipse in Mercury-ruled Gemini which, for karmic progress to be made, must include versatile, fluid expressions and logic without the negative qualities of Gemini such as duplicity, superficiality, and caprice. In Gemini, this also involves the gathering of information, and near the 9th house Mercury I have penned, "an informant?" for the Midheaven (Goal Point) contains the Sun-Mercury midpoint and the Sun is on the level of leadership, ruthless Henry, while messenger Mercury is on the 'French side' of the chart.

Plus, the addition of powerful Pluto (21Gem24 Rx) so near the Solar Eclipse denotes potentials for 'criminal offenses' so common in war and/or 'a charismatic leader of the masses' (Lineman). Pluto in Gemini reveals 'ruthless behavior with regard to society or the social order' (Ebertin) which the Battle of Agincourt certainly was as evidenced by the world-changing results of this brutal event.

Now for the curious who have 50 minutes to spare, here's the documentary The Battle of Agincourt: the Bloodiest Battle of the Medieval Age.

May 12, 2018

Everything is Awesome! - Max Igan

From May 11, 2018 here is Max Igan episode 333 of Surviving The Matrix via American Voice Radio:

Support the reality-based work of Max Igan at and visit The Crowhouse for additional videos, podcasts, interviews, and more.