Oct 20, 2016

Night Sky 10/20/16 near Kennesaw, GA

Oct 19, 2016

The Real Vote Rigging: Republicans Make It Harder for Millions to Vote in 2016 - clip

Posted October 19, 2016 President Barack Obama advises Mr. Trump:

A study of Election 2000 and we can see some real rigging by multiple players. Tamper tamper!

Oct 17, 2016

Oct 19, 2016: the 'Mars-Pluto Debate' of Clinton and Trump

Image: Walter Crane: The Fate of Persephone (1877); commons.wikimedia.org; {public domain}

As Election Day 2016 (November 8th) creeps up on us, one more 'debate' is set to take place Wednesday October 19, 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada (9:00 pm edt). Astrologically, it would be easy to suggest that Mars represents Mr. Trump with his Mars rising along with royal Regulus in egoistic Leo while powerful Pluto represents power player Hillary Clinton who is supported by big banks including the transnational banking syndicate now strangling the world.

And perhaps on some level things are that simple though I hasten to add that Mr. Trump is under the sway, or perhaps thumb, of the foreign banks he has habitually borrowed millions of dollars from. So who can say which planet signifies which candidate? Do they alternate on various levels or at different times? Meanwhile, some folks could say that what amounts to a political scare tactic--the Trump campaign--is being performed for a wider purpose than for Trump to sell books and scam money. It has been to persuade voters toward Mrs. Clinton, a candidate who would have had to limp to Election Day 2016 were it not for the huge, abominable circus act put on by Mr. Trump since June 2015.

Now, dear reader, I don't know where you stand on such issues especially since Stars Over Washington (11 years old this very day!) seldom receives comments or queries on the topics and viewpoints published here. Therefore, the Mars-Pluto encounter shall be allowed to debate for itself on Wednesday evening as Mars, planet of aggression, quarrels, and desire (and still OOBs), conjoins creepy Pluto (aka, Hades, kidnapping god of The Underworld), the puppeteer planet of power grabs, secret manipulation, and the dragon that guards hidden wealth @16 Capricorn.

Plus, as you know, the combo of Mars-Pluto, the 'might makes right' duo, is forceful to the point of brutality, assaults and attacks, chaos, mayhem...and rape. Ask Pluto's victim Persephone about such caddish behavior if you require a refresher concerning the myth. Or maybe it will suffice if Mr. Trump tells us more about his magnetic attraction to beautiful women and how he inappropriately and lustfully reacts very much like Hades toward Persephone.

Additionally, the intense pair of Mars and Pluto prominent on October 19th (in the sign of government, law, and business, Capricorn--the 'old goat') may also indicate that war veterans and/or disabled people may be mentioned during the debate which to some of us, oddly enough, includes the unprepared draft dodger, Donald Trump himself. Perhaps his previous mocking of a disabled reporter at one of his rallies will come up. What a man child! Or, at least, he plays one on TV.

And yet this election remains a 'granny vs grampy' affair with an alleged Global Government fighter on one fist and a shill for the New World Order on the other. Not much of a choice, is it? But I believe this has been the global corporate plan all along--to ruin our election process for good--and if their secret 'trade' deals are shoved into place (as they soon will be due to our own apathy), 2016 will be the end of our democracy and the last US presidential election the American public will ever have to groan through as US sovereignty is tossed into the dust bin of history and corporatism finally takes over the US Government completely.

If this turns out to be the case, will it matter very much who's playing mouthpiece in the White House when America's Great Seal turns over? Maybe, but I know whose voice overly grates upon the ear to be withstood for four long years.

Now if you've already consulted the Sabian Symbol for the Mars-Pluto conjunction degree of 16 Capricorn, you know that it pertains to the "maintenance of a healthy society" (Rudhyar). Sounds good but let us also consult Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

16 Capricorn: "A man riding a reinless horse."

This degree and symbol, Carelli says, can produce "The Anointed One" and can indicate "faraway travels and independence." That's the positive side; the negative side points toward "sensuality" of a "carefree epicurean forgetful of the morrow," and "sportsmanship (that) will lead to horse racing.."...in other words, a reckless gambler which is how this particular Child of the Revolution must feel on behalf of our country if I should dare to vote for wrestling promoter Donald Trump.

And with that in mind, it seems that holding the last of the Clinton-Trump debates in risk-it-all Las Vegas suddenly makes some sort of perverted sense.

Related posts include: The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump (hint: it's Pluto and Mercury for this bounder)...and for Hillary: A Woman Rises from the Ocean, a Seal Embraces Her.

Oct 14, 2016

Ed Schultz and John Nichols - video (plus, 'Trump vs GOP' Astrology)

Natal Charts Reveal Differences Between the Republican Party and Nominee Trump; Schultz and Nichols Discuss GOP Coup and the Party's 2016 Nominee

With much confusion reigning these days between Donald Trump and the Republican Party, can a brief comparison of their natal horoscopes reveal the whys and wherefores? Below is a brief list of chart factors between them which describe, I believe, at least some of their difficulties.

And please check out the October 13th video of progressive broadcaster Ed Schultz speaking with The Nation's Washington correspondent John Nichols concerning troubles within the Republican Party and the Party's issues with its own 2016 nominee Donald Trump.

A bi-wheel image of the natal charts of the Republican Party and Mr. Trump shows some of the planets and points between the two that conjoin although opposing planets reveal some of the turbulence between them. (Remember earlier in the 2016 campaign when 'Trump is not a Republican' was a prominent talking point heard regularly in the news?)

Yes, both entities have the same Sagittarian Moon position which conjoins Trump's natal South Node of neurotic behavior and (Saturnian) separation! Fixed star Ras Alhague is also there (see 'Sapphire Star' post, linked below). But as current political events (to endorse or not to endorse, that is the Q) confuse, we see the nominee's natal Neptune (5Libra50 Rx) rising in the Party's chart (ASC 4Lib23) in opposition to the Party's natal Mercury (5Ari18 Rx) suggesting misunderstandings, confusion, deception, illusions, errors, and loss. This condition is worsened by the fact that Trump was born with a Mercury-Neptune square of distorted perceptions, gossip, and a problematic relationship with the truth.

With Mercury square Neptune, discreet he is not yet this relates to what so many Trump supporters admire: that he 'tells it like it is' (or, how he and they think it is). Well, at least some of his observations are correct enough to discomfit The Establishment and the GOP hierarchy (and Democrats!) as Mr. Trump inconveniently reveals information that Washington is desperate to keep hidden from the masses.

A second factor of note is the Mars-Ascendant-Mars trio at the end of Leo (conjunct royal star Regulus, the king-maker) and the Party's natal Mars @00Virgo21 Rx in the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Politics. Mars also acts as a Bucket handle for the GOP with Mars in Virgo exploiting every situation and criticizing every opponent. Meanwhile, Trump's chart shows a Bowl shape of planets with quirky rebel Uranus leading in Gemini, sign of deals and commerce. This denotes one who is a 'convincing' orator who scatters his energies. Plus, as you know, Gemini and Virgo square one another though both signs are ruled by shape-shifting Mercury who knows a lot about lying.

Now here are Ed and John discussing Trump and the GOP:

Image: natal charts of the Republican Party (inside) and Donald Trump (outside).

Let's close with another chart factor which is penned across the top of the image: the Republican Party's Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) @8Sag33 and Donald Trump's Pre-Natal Eclipse @8Gemini48 precisely opposing one another--and both eclipses have themes of 'endings, partings, separations' attached. Plus, Trump's PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) which emphasizes the importance of his eclipse--and 8Gemini55 is the position of America's 1776 'totem' Revolution planet of radical reforms, chaos, and disruption, Uranus (also a planet of separation).

So in charts from 1854 and 1946, the degree range of 8/9 Gemini-Sagittarius spotlights fixed stars Aldebaran (success through integrity) and warring Antares (obsessed with success) as the Republicans attempt to win the White House (and down-ticket slots) on November 8, 2016 (not November 28th, Mr. Trump!) with their candidate constantly making headlines that simultaneously offend and distance large groups of American voters.

And yet...Nationalism promoter and protectionist Mr. Trump does talk big against the New World Order globalists, doesn't he? As if he alone would be able to act on America's behalf and grasp control of the transnational banking syndicate that he himself has taken huge loans from! Perhaps someone should tell him that the role of US president has become more of a facade of power in the world than it is the real thing.

A few related posts, videos, and Astrology:

Life Themes: the Pre-Natal Eclipses of Clinton and Trump; Donald Trump: Natal Moon and the Sapphire Star; and Trump Campaign Chief's Strong Ties to Putin Revealed - clip (w Astrology) which concerns Paul Manafort who 'stepped down' from Trump's campaign but remains behind the Russian curtain.

Oct 12, 2016

Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails: Could Bernie Sanders Have Won Primary If ...

In black and white, we read Mrs. Clinton's email exchanges with John Podesta and learn what most Americans already knew: politicians lie, politicians illegally coordinate their campaigns with the media, and spin must be spun in an attempt to re-cover what's been uncovered (and possibly manipulated by the hacker to look worse than it is).

One point of interest to this astrologer is how such inconveniently uncovered truths tally with themes of the current the Solar Eclipse which perfected on September 1, 2016 @9Vir21--and with the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse @24Pis20 which fell within or very near the degree range of Hillary Clinton's natal Moon in Pisces in most of the multiple natal horoscopes with varying birth hours. Ah, secretive Pisces and reality-based, health-conscious Virgo! Actually, Virgo-Pisces eclipses continue into 2017 beginning in February so that, tiresomely, this sort of leak may continue to uncover worse warts than we've so far seen at least until The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 in Leo.

More details: September 2016 Eclipses: Two 'Wild Cards' of the Universe.

Now here's a report from Democracy Now! asking if these in-cahoots emails had been leaked prior to Hillary's nomination at the DNC, could Senator Sanders have won the nomination? By popularity he should have won, yet t seems doubtful to me for who knows what tricks and spin would have been perpetrated by Rockefeller-Rothschild media shills in an attempt to force war hawk Mrs. Clinton into the White House, a position she's waited for these many years?

Note: although many Clinton supporters are all-in, 'at least she isn't Donald Trump' is sad consolation to those of us who will vote for Hillary on November 8th. And do you ever feel purposefully swayed to vote for Hillary due to an opponent whose behavior and rhetoric put him out of contention for a job at 7/11, much less the US presidency? (Credit to President Obama or whoever wrote his remarks for the 'job at 7/11' perspective).

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Oct 9, 2016

Oct 19, 2016: Mars-Pluto Conjunction Hits New Millennium Chart

Here's a re-publish of the New Millennium Horoscope set for January 1, 2001 12:00 am est White House Washington DC. My primary concern is the October 19, 2016 Mars-Pluto conjunction which occurs upon the South Node at 15Cap31 in 4th house of Domestic Scene, Homeland, Foundation of the Matter. And of course, the 4th house is also about Roots, Endings, and The Drain.

Trump and Clinton, Clinton and Trump

Now if you follow politics and the 2016 Campaign, you know that October 19, 2016 is when the third and final presidential debate occurs between Republican nominee Donald Trump (who just may be represented by the Scorpio Mars leading all the planets in a Locomotive shape from the 2nd house of the National Treasury (US SP Jupiter Rx = money, corporatism, the politician, and The General)...or not, since perhaps it's Mrs. Clinton whose natal Sun is in early Scorpio, and both candidates have the executive ability a Locomotive shows).

Also, Democrat Hillary Clinton's natal Moon in Pisces is represented by the Moon in the New Millennium's 6th house of the Military, Police, and Civil Service (and Pisces = the server). Yet as always, her aggressive Mars-Saturn-Pluto trio in Leo 'runs in the background' of her political career and falls within the 11th house of this chart which to me suggests her neocon/war-hawk stance and the people and groups she associates (11th h) with who have similar goals of world domination.

And as you see, the New Millennium's difficult Mars-Saturn midpoint at 14Leo49 is also in 11th house and conjoins Mrs. Clinton's natal trio in Leo. In 3rd house you can see Mr. Trump's natal Moon-SN conjunction which conjoins the New Millennium's Chiron and this may signify the crises and wounds that many Americans intuit a Trump presidency would bring, and/or the 'blindspot' (Chiron) of some voters who have fallen for his promises of Making America Great Again.

Additionally, the detached and out-of-bounds Mercury at 14Cap36 conjoins the Saturnian, separative South Node in the chart which is a 'natal echo' of Clinton's Mercury-SN conjunction in Scorpio. Mercury-SN tends to have ideas ahead of its time and/or may signify past ideas and plans which here relate to the Pentagon since the 10th house North Node conjoins both the Pentagon's natal Ascendant and US SP (progressed) Jupiter Rx at 15Cancer--tragically describing America's past and future war path.

Now my assumption is and has been that the war costs of global conquest and other Pentagon programs (ex: black ops, invasion and occupation) have drained America's National Treasury and other resources, a condition hidden by our fiat money. So basically, the South-Node-Mars-Pluto condition indicates the US military chiefs falling back on past behavior (SN) and suggesting turbulent, possibly violent, events (Mars-Pluto) timed by the conjunction's Saturnian (Capricorn) hook-up with the New Millennium Nodal Axis of meetings, encounters, and past vs future direction...Mars-Pluto = SN.

Or, perhaps this is merely a cosmic picture of Campaign 2016 and the ruthless rivalry between our two political parties for control of the White House megaphone and our political discourse.

Now here are what I see as the stand-out planets in the New Millennium chart and why they are prominent:

1. Mars in Scorpio conjunct 2nd cusp because it leads all other planets via the chart's Locomotive shape and describes people with executive ability who command success;

2. 3rd house Pluto in Sagittarius (conjunct US Ascendant in the late-afternoon 'Sibly chart') because Mr. Underworld, planet of hidden wealth and criminality, is unaspected and therefore isolated from the rest of the planets (actors), a condition which denies them the benefit of plutonian regeneration;

3. Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius in the 5th house of Speculation, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits because Uranus is a reformer, a rebel, an anarchist, and a troublemaker and is the Final Dispositor of the entire chart since the 'trail of dispositorship' leads back to Uranus in Aquarius.

A Tragic Synchronicity?

Naturally there are many other chart factors of note than these but my main purpose today is to re-post the New Millennium Horoscope for you and remark upon the significance of the October 19th Mars-Pluto conjunction perfecting on the very day of the third and final presidential debate of 2016--and add that the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series of the New Millennium (2 South on December 25, 2000 at 4Cap14) repeats during the last year of the presidential term of whoever is (s)elected on November 8, 2016--because 2 South manifests once again on January 5, 2019 at 15Capricorn25 which echoes and conjoins the 2016 Mars-Pluto conjunction.

Oct 8, 2016

October 9 and 19, 2016: the Clinton-Trump Debates (Mars-Pluto)

Two 2016 Presidential Debates Left: How Awful Will They Be?

Well, the controversial 'TrumpSniffle' the Lewd has bumped up voter interest in the second of three presidential debates via a leaked tape from 2005 of his remarks about making 'moves' on women--as a "star" he can "do anything". Then his recorded 'apology' had to include mention of Bill Clinton's past behavior toward women (predictable) and Trump offered the excuse that his remarks were a decade ago (even though Bill's behavior was twenty years ago but still blame worthy--Trump's, according to Trump, is not because he's "different" now). No more groping of women for Donnie!

As you know, Republicans are deleting their support of the vile Mr. Trump in a hurry though no word on how the ones who are Republican misogynists themselves will manage this situation for it must be a real inner conflict for them especially the ones up for re-election.

Astrology: Mars and Pluto on Display

Debate number 2 of 3 October 9, 2016 St. Louis, Missouri at 6:00 pm CDT: astrologically aggressive Mars remains out-of-bounds (like Trump's comments--he and his brash Mars rising in proud Leo) and rising in St. Louis is Mars-ruled Aries bringing disruptive Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, radicals, anarchists, and Utopians--Ebertin) in tow. Mars and Pluto, 6 degrees apart, are in the 10th house of Public Status.

But what's rather amazing is that the third and last of their debates on October 19th happens to fall on the day that Mars, planet of desire (and still OOBs), conjoins Pluto, planet of power grabs @15Capricorn. Now as you know, the combo of Mars-Pluto is forceful to the point of brutality, assaults and attacks, chaos, mayhem...and rape.

This intense pair prominent on October 19th may also indicate that war veterans and/or disabled people may be mentioned during the debate which to some of us includes the unprepared Donald Trump himself--or perhaps his previous mocking of a disabled reporter at one of his rallies will come up. What a man child! Or, at least, he plays one on TV.

And awful as either or both debates turn out to be, one thing is fairly certain: they will be watched.

Now here are details on where to watch Sunday's town hall style presidential debate via TV or Internet streaming, and the October 19th debate as well.

Oct 7, 2016

Oil spill at Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York - video (w/ Eclipses)

When an American politician calls for a "full investigation" of an incident, event, or a crime (environmental or otherwise), We the People have learned that more often than not the probe is used as a cover-up or a whitewash no matter how disturbing or criminal the act.

Yes, oily Neptune in its own sign of murky, watery Pisces is tragically busy these days as we see with Hurricane Matthew churning up the Florida and Georgia coasts on its way North.

Now this is the sort of event and "full investigation" that can really benefit from our current Solar Eclipse Series, the 19 North, which manifested in earth sign Virgo on September 1, 2016 with themes of: realism, coming down to earth, becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is rather than what we thought it was. Down to earth sounds environmental enough and truth is what should be revealed during a "full investigation" along with the accountability and responsibility that reality-based Saturn demands from the establishment vs the culprits.

Saturnian Realism or Neptunian Deception?

Two weeks after the September Solar Eclipse manifested, its cosmic mate, a Lunar Eclipse occurred in Pisces, sign of the oceanic realms of king Neptune. If you wish, follow the link, above, for brief notes on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of September 2016 with transit Neptune opposing the Solar Eclipse, a condition which seems to be interfering with the realism and truth that the 19 North Solar Eclipse promises since deceptive (or inspirational) Neptune also rules disguises, masks, cover-ups, and leaks. Even so, I for one will be waiting to hear honest revelations via the "full investigation" of the Indian Point nuclear power plant oil 'spill' which threatens the Hudson River and beyond.

Also note that the current manifestation of 19 North is the Pre-Natal Eclipse of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017--two more events that could greatly benefit from realism, truth, and seeing things (and campaigning candidates) for what they really are, whether racists or neocons. The tragedy is, whoever wins the 2016 Election will have to become a globalist once they enter the Venusian Oval Office...if they weren't one before.

Eclipse theme from Brady's Predictive Astrology; opinion from yours truly, as usual (with the exception of additional content--I'm not always in full agreement with the variety of linked articles and videos you'll find here on SO'W. jc)

Oct 5, 2016

The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Hillary Clinton

Part 2: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Well, my joy at finally having an accurate birth time for Hillary Clinton is now squashed since The Mountain Astrologer has published a joy-squashing article disagreeing with Marc Penfield's 2:18 am chart with a Virgo Ascendant for Hillary. However, for the purposes of this post, any birth time will do as long as the date is correct so let's continue with our consideration of the two 2016 candidates--yesterday Donald Trump (follow the link, below) and today Hillary Clinton who was born with an unaspected Jupiter in its own sign of sagittarius and quirky Uranus out-of-bounds (OOBs) in late Gemini.

For a general view of out-of-bounds and unaspected planets please see Part 1: The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump.

Here's a view of both Clinton's and Trump's natal charts as shown in yesterday's post:

Hillary Rodham Clinton October 26, 1947:

There are two natal planets to consider for Mrs. Clinton--an unaspected Jupiter @00Sag27 in the 3rd house of Communications (ex: unavailable emails!), and an out-of-bounds Uranus @25Gem56 Rx in the 10th house of Career and Public Status. Or course, Jupiter-Uranus are the 'lucky break' duo but here we'll consider them separately.

When Jupiter, planet of expansion and corporatism is unaspected its functions that would moderate other facets (planets) of her psyche are lacking or perhaps we can say, unconscious. As you know, an unaspected planet is strong yet has a detached, mentally remote quality and Jupiter's usual breadth of outreach and sociability are limited here unless other chart factors supply spontaneity and judgment to the personality. There may be noticed a tendency toward erratic bursts of enthusiasm which quickly fade--perhaps you've seen it.

And without Jupiter to influence and uplift her other planets via major aspects, she may feel weighed down by the gravity of life and retreats to an 'ivory tower' (supported by her me-time Pisces Moon in the 7th house of Partnerships with its 7th house cusp in Jupiter-ruled Pisces; as Dane Rudhyar observed: "Marriage, and other kinds of partnerships as well, can be a field of unresolvable tensions." Obviously, with a Pisces Moon, compassion is a reigning need and the loner position may be an emotional necessity from time to time in order to recharge her energy level and organize her thoughts).

Now since astrological Jupiter has to do with morality, ideology, philosophy, and how one responds to others (here, like a Sagittarian), an unaspected Jupiter denotes one who feels disconnected from current religious and ethical standards of behavior, and is detached from cultural norms.Self-containment and an unique vision may be evident with improvements to be found in the house where Jupiter is posited (3rd). This condition of Jupiter may account for some of her opponents' "above the law" accusations against Mrs. Clinton. However, other charges of "neocon warhawk" and similar charges against her resonate with the Sabian Symbol for Jupiter's degree of 1Sag: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire."

Hillary's OOBs Uranus

Naturally, things become quirkier with the planet of genius, reform, and disruption, Uranus, in the sign of communications and sales, in the 10th house where everyone in the world can see its behavior which in Hillary's case is Geminian. Already on the wacky side, Uranus when out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and out of touch with other natal planets denotes an out of control quality to her public status and she certainly has risen above the crowd. And this may support her 'loner' tendency noted with Jupiter unaspected. Apparently she's lacking the electric stimulation that Uranus when affecting another planet can provide (in those with enough self-awareness to handle transpersonal energies). Plus, you've probably heard the criticism of Mrs. Clinton for not being 'exciting' enough during Campaign 2016, right?

Another tendency resonating with her Jupiter via OOBs Uranus is the above-the-law accusation her opponents are always quick to level. That is, she may think she's above the law (to the point of criminality) yet it seems that most if not all politicians think the same and this is one reason they enter politics in the first place (money being the other).

So we find that spontaneity, humor, and zaniness are expressed occasionally by Hillary Clinton in short bursts of hilarity that quickly fade and she is not known for telling jokes well. But maybe voters will turn out on November 8th and show appreciation for the serious, studious, sober, policy-wonk Mercury-Saturn square of politician Hillary Rodham Clinton rather than voting for the reality-challenged Mercury-Neptune square of Mr. Trump. It amazes me how many of us forget that campaign rhetoric seldom brings policies to fruition yet we fall for politicians' empty promises election after election.

And what about Hillary's VP pick Tim Kaine? Oh, he has an out-of-bounds Mars which the American people will have to deal with if he ever becomes president! Perhaps we observed his OOBs Mars last evening during the VP debate with Mike Pence as aggressive Mars interrupted Pence wa-a-a-y too many times, thus making a garbled mess of the proceedings.

For more on unaspected planets, you may wish to see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Oct 4, 2016

The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump

Distant, quirky, maverick, lawless, and more--these descriptions of out-of-bounds planets (OOBs) and unaspected planets in the natal horoscopes of 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be worth our consideration and now that Marc Penfield has revealed an accurate birth time for Hillary, let's make note of such planets and their conditions.

Here for the first time, I'm posting the 2:18 am chart for Mrs. Clinton (upper right) next to Mr. Trump's natal chart, lower left with a few notes penned on but not my usual overload of scribbles; hopefully, enlarging the image will make both horoscopes easy to read:

First let's discuss potentials of an unaspected planet:

The term unaspected planet can be misleading since minor aspects actually may be the case (see Trump's planets, below) though no major ones are formed, angular contacts may be apparent, midpoint pictures can involve such a planet, and/or an aspect may be exist yet be outside the allowed orb from the planet under consideration. (Midpoint pictures will be included in this assessment, below; Hillary's assessment comes later this week).

With an unaspected planet, a one-pointedness is evident and an intensity revealed by the planets sign which expresses in its house, and by house rulership. Its energy in unmodulated by other planets and the unaspected planet expresses its energy in a purer form dictated by its sign (and in some cases, its degree, and whether or not it conjoins or opposes a fixed star, etc). The 'where' is of course, shown by house placement, and to some degree, by house rulership.

(1) Unaspected planets are not silent in a person's character but intense, and may act with an 'on-off' spurt-like quality, or, in an 'all or nothing' manner, with no 'halfway measures allowed' (Dean). Transits and progressions are unnecessary for its influence is strong (though perhaps unconscious) without such triggering, and an outstanding, original quality may be given to the personality as a whole. Plus, a noticeable Uranian vibe may be evident, unfiltered through or by other facets of the personality as described by the rest of the planets (actors) in the chart. Unstable? Probably but an element of genius may also be part of the picture (again, similar to how quirky Uranus the Maverick can operate). Just as the unaspected planet doesn't 'join in' with the rest of the natal map, the person born under a planet in such a condition may be something of an ivory-tower type when it suits.

(2) An OOBs planet denotes a condition where the planet is orbiting outside the earthly plane and though it may be in aspect with other planets, there is something distant, untouchable, or otherworldly about it. With its energy acting upon the Unconscious, we might say it is hidden from the native's conscious mind and acts in an uncontrolled way. A measure of secrecy and lawlessness may be involved in the planet's activities and this secrecy may 'rub off' on the planet/s it touches by aspect, if it is aspected.

Now, since Mr. Trump is the older of the two candidates, let's consider first his unaspected (1) and OOBs planet/s (2) and the midpoint pictures they are involved in, if any; as noted, Mrs. Clinton's planets will be considered later this week as my schedule permits.

Trump June 14, 1946:

(1) Out-of-Bounds Mercury @8Cancer51 in the 11th house of Groups and Associations; (1) unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of Politics and Karma. An OOBs Mercury denotes one whose mental development is unique and though curiosity is strong, the considerable amount of information that is gathered seldom includes what would lead to self-knowledge or understanding. The mind is intelligent and capable yet reasoning ability is 'out there' when it comes to analysis of the other facets of the character as described and informed by other planets. A single area of life stands out for Mr. Trump and that's Cancerian concerns such as business activities like real estate, and family matters. And of course, Cancer is ruled by the Moon so ladies are a focus along with Cancer's tribal tendencies toward nationalism, patriotism--and self-protection. (Mr. Trump's Mercury is zodiacally in the midst of America's natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun in Cancer). During Campaign 2016, we've certainly noticed his off-the-cuff Mercurial ability to avoid blame and project 'the beam in his own eye' onto others as he slides sideways like a crab!

Additionally, one word associated with an OOBs Mercury is hyperactive and as we know, Mr. Trump is awake at all hours of the night (we know because he tweets!) and is not inclined to weigh all sides of an issue before communicating. Logical, objective evaluation is not a talent with an OOBs Mercury, planet of mind and ideas, though brilliant insights are evident in the realms relating to Cancer. His staccato way of speaking in incomplete sentences is also denoted. His Mercury doesn't connect or inform his other natal planets which would benefit from the input but what we hear are unusual thoughts vividly expressed.

(1) Unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of the Unconscious suggests one who is 'overshadowed by shadows' (Tierney) with Pluto, the isolationist, being the planet of Psychology, Psychiatry, and persuasion. There are subterranean forces within his psyche that are totally fragmented from the rest of his personality and because they are buried, he is unaware of them which gives them even greater primal power. This, I believe, suggests the "he can't help himself" remarks that perhaps you've heard from commentators and reporters (exs: all-hours tweeting about former Miss America, Alicia Machado and her weight gain, and other crass behaviors and remarks that set him back in the polls).

Unaspected Pluto is the essence of overwhelming compulsions and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto (the plundering plutocrat and manipulator) needs aspects to other planets in order to modulate its extreme tendencies. But with Mr. Trump, Pluto doesn't receive them, and nor do his other planets which could use the regeneration principle that Pluto could supply via aspect. And we have to say that Pluto's association with nuclear weapons is difficult to accept if under the thumb of Mr. Trump, the plutonian.

Pluto Gone Wild, Trump Off the Leash!

Now we must put a double emphasis on the condition of Mr. Trump's natal Pluto in egotistical Leo since Pluto is out-of-bounds as well as unaspected. When OOBs, Pluto embodies the lawless, mold-breaking, zaniness of an OOBs planet along with an outside-the-box style of thinking and speaking that breaks boundaries and cannot be under anyone's control. Pluto grabs power (and publicity) and we don't need Astrology to tell us that this describes Mr. Trump to a T.

However, disturbingly for our country, an OOBs Pluto, archetypal god of the Underworld, may also indicate one who is a sociopath and/or a criminal, particularly in the Leonine realm of gold and finances. So perhaps there is more to the infrequent whispers of mafia ties than have so far been revealed. Certainly his oppressive business dealings are in the news via contractors and others who have worked for him but not not been paid, plus, the tax avoidance made possible by laws that favor the wealthy--legal, yes, but anti-societal and hypocritical of him. And the primal violence of Pluto has been part of his campaign--even to the point of hinting at Second Amendment gun violence as an antidote to certain problems via Pluto, the assassin, aided by aggressor Mars.

Midpoint Pictures

Now for Mr. Trump, the natal midpoint pictures that involve his OOBs Mercury and his unaspected and OOBs Pluto are: 1. the difficult Mars-Saturn = Pluto which shows potentials for corruption, forcing an issue, a need to take control, fury, brutality, and/or strong anger. And there can be ruthlessness when pursuing sources of rumors, leaks, and other information (Mercury-Pluto = Saturn in Cancer). Yes, as a Sun Gemini he is quick-witted, a deal-maker and a talker, and he likes to tackle serious issues and has a talent for reading the motives and intentions of others (Sun-Saturn = Mercury).

So let's close with a quick word about a minor aspect between Mr. Trump's Pluto and Sun which is an irritating semi-square (45 degrees) with health connotations. In his case, both Sun, Pluto, and the sign of Sun-ruled Leo hint at heart and vitality issues. Yes, Sun-Pluto is the power-craving duo but please pardon me for mentioning this, for what seems to be a chronic lack of sleep adds to such health concerns and does his heart no good, but the minor semi-square aspect isn't strong enough to moderate the above traits of his unaspected, out-of-bounds Pluto. However, if the minor aspect affects the situation at all, the square influence could add an amount of intolerable pressure, frustration, a lack of moderation, and an inability to listen to advice to the planetary mix the maverick that is Donald Trump.

For balance, you may wish to check out the unaspected and out-of-bounds planets of Hillary Clinton.

Note: the usual midpoint sources are recommended: Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences, Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, and Tyl's Solar Arcs.

Oct 1, 2016

Life Themes: the Pre-Natal Eclipses of Clinton and Trump

What Life Themes Will Express via Our Next President?

by Jude Cowell

Although uncertainty has been the case concerning the correct birth time of 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, and the natal data for Donald Trump is assumed to be accurate, one thing can be considered accurately without a known birth hour: a person's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series (PE) and its themes. That is, if their birth dates are correct! And since we don't know the name of our nation's next selected president--Clinton or Trump--let's assume that their birth dates are accurate and check out the life themes via the Solar Eclipse Saros Series into which each of them were born.

Let's begin with Mr. Trump since he was born before Hillary Clinton; a few pertinent details will be added where applicable:

Donald Trump June 14, 1946: PE = 2 Old North manifested @8Gemini48 on May 30, 1946 and is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation before birth--a solar eclipse is, of course, a New Moon). This two-for-one chart factor further emphasizes the importance of his PE, its aspects, house placement, and *degree. In 1946 this eclipse conjoined US natal Uranus, our 'totem' planet of revolution, war, radicalism, and disruption.

2 Old North is considered a difficult series with themes of: separations, endings of unions (ex: divorces), unfortunate news regarding relationships or friendships and conditions look glum but taking fast action can bring positive results.

This degree (8Gemini) in 1946 conjoined fixed star Aldebaran (a Tauri, the Bull's Eye, and Watcher of the East; the Wall Street bull and worshiping the Golden Calf may also apply). Aldebaran's opposition by degree to violent Antares in Sagittarius is significant in Mr. Trump's life--if not previously, then certainly now that he's running to be Commander-in-Chief of the US military, the traditional role of the presidency (if indeed it remains so). Naturally we think of 'Trump the bully' and his relentless insults and attacks on his opponents supported astrologically by his natal Mars in Leo rising with the kingmaker star, royal Regulus. And we might even think of Aldebaran and his youngest son Barron Trump!

And let's note that Adriano Carelli gives 8Gemini two possibilities which may co-exist within one person: a 'dualistic, self-contradictory nature, a rough character' that is 'irascible, reckless, and often (breeds) strife and contention' but is 'well-equipped for prompt action and violent activity'. Alternately, this degree suggests 'commercial aptitude' (his deal-making Mercury is in Cancer, sign of the shrewd businessman) and that he 'loves comfort, desk activities, and administrative jobs' and 'leaves others to do the hard work'. And yet, in spite of a potential for 'domestic strife' (especially with the involvement of disruptive, separative Uranus), a 'love of home and family' is indicated.

The initial eclipse of the 2 Old North series manifested on June 24, 792 (OS) @5Cancer49 which conjoins US natal Jupiter (banking, corporatism, The General, the broadcaster and promoter). This gives Mr. Trump's natal Gemini PE a Cancerian flavor through which it may express and ropes his natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer into the picture. His PE and its initial eclipse (8Gem and 6Cancer) fall into his 11th house of Groups and Associations which resonates with the relationship themes of 2 Old North.

Now if Mr. Trump is selected to play CEO from the "bully pulpit" of the Oval Office, 2 Old North and its themes will soon repeat on July 13, 2018 @20Can41, a critical degree. Disturbingly, transit Pluto, a planet of karma (reaping what was sown) @20Cap00 Rx, also a critical or crisis degree, will oppose the 2018 eclipse and provide more transformative and/or destructive qualities (Pluto) than usual to events brought by the eclipse yet with Pluto we cannot rule out nuclear or plutonium involvement or surveillance though regeneration may eventually be the result. And we may expect that the karma of this particular 'cosmic blink' (2 Old North) will also affect our nation and our populace with plutocratic Pluto in the 5th house of Self Will for it will be a critical time of development, full of new perspectives--some positive, some negative.

Hopefully, a President Trump's PE themes will not result in a total falling away from America of other nations and heads of state due to what are certain to be his disdain for tradition and his disruptive policies and proposals which may mean well but have little concern for unintended consequences.

Hillary Rodham Clinton October 26, 1947: PE = 3 North which occurred @28Tau41 (in the Pleiades constellation) on May 20, 1947; her Syzygy Moon perfected @20Lib03, and on her day of birth, the Taurean North Node arose with Alcyone (one of the Weeping Sisters of the Pleiades). Her PE falls into her natal 8th house of Corporatism and therefore links to the 2nd house of the National Treasury.

3 North is also a difficult series with themes of: obsession, news about young people, or, news that transforms a situation; the information received can cause worry so that large plans are deemed necessary and can have positive results as long as one doesn't get 'carried away'. If these themes sound familiar to you it may be because 3 North is the PE of the WTC attacks of 9/11/01 and we continue to experience the violent consequences of hawkish neocons Bush-Cheney getting 'carried away' with 9/11 as pretext for their previously made plan to invade Iraq with 'misdirected energy'.

For Carelli's symbols, let's consider both 28Taurus and 29Taurus for it seems that both may apply to Hillary Clinton. 28Taurus suggests one who is 'steadfast' yet 'is likely to be tormented by ambitions and dreams of power past realization'. 29Taurus has a word picture: "A woman leading a beast of burden by its halter" which denotes a wife bullying her husband and a 'domineering temper' with 'an outer display of bluster'. (And here I thought Mr. Trump was the more blustery of the two! But that's thespian Politics for the cameras, isn't it?)

The initial solar eclipse of 3 North manifested on October 10, 991 (OS) @22Gemini, the degree of US natal Mars, the warrior planet, and joins in with the square to our nation's natal Neptune, planet of deception, fraud, scams, ruses, and fog. Yes, America's natal Mars-Neptune square continues bringing We the People and the rest of the world a lot of grief and turmoil via the square's misdirected energy, misguided aggression, faulty inspiration, and reluctance to face reality. For we know that "the fog of war" is too often the unfortunate outcome of Washington's meddling in other nation's affairs as shadowy characters direct our secret government (Neptune-Saturn) to strive toward world domination.

Hence, the tragic stand-off in Syria whose government refuses to succumb to the 'new world economic order', aka, the global banking syndicate of crooks and thieves. And we must note Hillary Clinton's considerable connection to war in Syria and across the Middle East during her senatorial and State Department days. And soon we're faced with the Election Day prospect of a hawkish Hillary giving orders from the Oval Office. Is she preferable to disruptive Uranian Donald Trump whose campaign promises may sound like great ideas in a nationalist, protectionist way but may only be ruses intended to rile and corral voters into his self-interested salesman's corner?

What a non-choice we've been finagled into on November 8, 2016 yet the worst reaction any of us can have is to stay home from the voting booth, something the shadowy characters would dearly love since large numbers of stay-at-home voters in November would make their expected victory and the undermining of the US government even more complete.

Update Oct 3, 2016: have just visited Facebook where I watched an ISAR video interview with astrologer Marc Penfield who has revealed the birth time of Hillary Rodham Clinton to be 2:18 am which gives her mid-Virgo rising with Mercury Rx as chart-ruler conjoining the Saturnian South Node in the 3rd house of Communications. These conditions support her famous Scorpio reticence to share information. It also resonates with her serious, policy-wonking Mercury-Saturn square. Happily now I will be updating my chart file on Hillary and perhaps writing the post I declined to write previously (because she's never seemed a Scorpio rising to me) with the 2:18 am time in comparison with the Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017 horoscopes. jc

For more eclipse information Brady's Predictive astrology is highly recommended.

Sep 29, 2016

If An Egg Gets You Sick - Reaganomics May Be To Blame - clip

During the Ronald "Hit the Jackpot" Reagan presidency, Americans learned that it was all about money...which is totally a wrong lesson to learn. Here's progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann to explain:

Did you know that once upon a time in 1981 there was a Reaganomics Eclipse in Leo? And from May 2009, here's economist Paul Krugman's op-ed Reagan Did It.