Sep 1, 2014

Washington DC: September 8, 2014 Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Return of the Locomotive Pattern of Success: Lead Planet Jupiter (The General)

by Jude Cowell

With America now back on track toward sending more troops into Iraq, a December 18, 2011 post Iraq War ends w US Saturn uppermost 12.18.11 seems in retrospect to hint at a long relationship (Saturn) between the US government (natal Saturn) and the 2003 misadventure of the Bush administration's One Percent Doctrine, aka, the Cheney Doctrine of counter-terrorism.

Now since this is a Political Astrology blog, I trust that you have clicked or tapped yourself into the right place for expecting misadventure descriptions and unintended consequences explored under the rays of the September 8, 2014 Full Moon @16Pis19. If not you are urged to sashay over to a more personal Full Moon assessment at Ruby Slipper Astrology: Full Moon in Pisces: Wash Away the Inadequacy.

For as someone once said, Politics is "an organized system of hatreds..." (H. B. Adams) and I believe it should not be allowed to taint anyone's mood too harshly though goodness knows politicians and propagandists try their best every chance they get.

The New Moon of August 25, 2014 @2Vir18 is the beginning of the cycle from whence the September 2014 Harvest Full Moon comes--always two weeks later and always a culmination or fulfillment of the seeds planted at the previous New Moon. Follow the link for an image of the New Moon horoscope set for DC with a few chart details added.

So from Virgo to Pisces we go toward Autumn Equinox of September 22, 2014 (I'm preparing the post for it now to be published asap.) Set for DC, this Full Moon horoscope shows Taurus rising (10:22) which nominates Venus as chart-ruler and as usual, we look at the applying aspects of Venus to glean how things may proceed over the next two weeks from this lunation until the next New Moon of September 24 when the axis of emphasis changes from Virgo-Pisces (victim/savior) to Aries-Libra (relationships/self v others.) Yet we know that any Full Moon involves relationships along with full awareness and a potential for endings or even concerns about public matters.

Honestly, there are so many victims (and saviors) in the world today it's sometimes difficult to focus on just one or one group, isn't it? Additionally, in Washington DC the Full Harvest Moon falls in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes so perhaps President Obama will have news concerning 'coalition of the willing' alliances he is said to prefer as the Pentagon marches off to the Middle East (not that we fully left) to continue its "war on terror" though to my mind, war IS terror.

Yes, ISIS/ISIL/IS--the Islamic State of assassins now terrorizing Iraq and Syria is being used in an attempt to terrorize the American public into fighting more war--may be a legitimate threat to the US but if so, it was the radicalization of the Middle East caused by our past betrayals plus Bush-Cheney bombs and now Mr. Obama's bombs that brought or may bring 'blowback' to our shores...for there's something about bombs killing all one's relatives that inspires a man or woman toward taking revenge--and an endless cycle of hatred and violence prevails. Forcing global government upon people who don't want it predictably creates chaos, don't you think?

Now the applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus (in 5th house of Risk-Taking) are as follows: Venus opposes Neptune (1A45) which indicates a period of vicious gossip, possible sexually transmitted diseases, and empty diplomacy. Self-serving gestures are prominent and religious fervor is faked.

Venus last trines powerful Pluto (6A53; Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands @11Cap02 Rx) denoting a time when the reading of body language is easy and those who seem self-contained with an aura of self-possession seem the most attractive. And though there are no guarantees there is a chance now to turn past failure into success which is an opportunity the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and other players must take quick advantage of if they know what's cookin'.

If only the good of the American people were of any consideration!

Okay, the last chart factors I'll mention are the wide opposition between Mercury and Uranus across the 6/12 axis (which includes military and police services) squaring 9th house Pluto. This dynamic T-Square pattern may tend to attract complications or reversals, denotes potentials for vulgarities or slurs being added to speech, may point to a hasty realization of plans, and/or to 'getting the biggest job done in a commanding way' (Tyl.) Like a war or something really big.

Plus, now traversing structural, status quo Capricorn, wealthy, plutocratic Pluto is the apex planet of this Cardinal T-Square and we recognize those with a one-tracked, obsessive drive toward objectives which may include a demand for complete metamorphosis of systems and institutions and those who don't mind using extreme force to have their own way so that an old order can be swept away for the new. Abuse of power lies well within Pluto's realm as he overwhelms any opposition or challenge to his (imagined?) authority.

Now I wonder who this creepy Pluto group of psychopaths could be? The Fed, the Pentagon, international bankers, oligarchs, criminals, dictators, the Pope, secret societies, foreign or domestic assassins? Just as in life, Astrology works on many levels simultaneously so my guess is that Pluto represents all of the above and more besides--as in, a global conspiracy working toward waging WWIII.

Yet are there any benefits in the Full Moon chart to soothe the difficult energies and conditions now manifesting in the world? Perhaps, for an Earth Grand Trine is formed if we count a point of outlet for the energies at the Ascendant. The two planets involved are Sun trine Pluto, the actor I just maligned so terribly. Their protective, materialistic trine is separating (5S16) which denotes a past meeting (the Sept 4/5 NATO Summit in Wales?) between Sun (leader of a nation--in Wales it's 28 nations) and crabby, isolated, powerful Pluto, an aspect of concentrated will and deep insight into the most efficient use of energy and resources. As you know, a separating aspect also indicates unconscious or secretive influences.

Well, since we're talking Politics, NATO discussions of global security threats, and the Sun-Pluto duo, we may expect that changes in policy direction are in the air along with governing authority that is used to control dissent along with a generous helping of immorality. And it seems to me that in America the now-spotlighted accumulation of excessive amounts of armed strength by organized government and the negative influence of the organized criminal syndicate are of more immediate concern to our nation than what NATO members are reported to be discussing while meeting this week in beautiful Wales.


As given in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, here are the natal details for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) created by treaty and 'brought into force' when signed by President Harry Truman; NATO 'came into being' on August 24, 1949 at 11:42 am in Washington DC after the treaty was ratified by France. ASC 2Sco57; MC 8Leo37 (the 2003 Iraq War's Jupiter Rx position); 10th house Sun 1Vir07 and Moon 7Vir52 conjunct Saturn 8Vir28. The September 8, 2014 Full Moon falls in the 5th house of the horoscope while the Full Moon MC (The Goal) @23Cap40 conjoins NATO's natal Jupiter @23Cap20 Rx...Jupiter the General.

Aug 31, 2014

Wall Street against US Economic Recovery - video

Are you surprised that Wall Street doesn't want the US economy to recover? And after the American people bailed them out! Two words for what these fraudsters who gamble with other people's money are: thieves and crooks.

And yes, as you probably know, the natal horoscope of Wall Street shows a wastrel-spendthrift-fraudster-speculation combination, a conjunction between expansive, over-indulging Jupiter and bubbly, deceitful Neptune. And this relates directly to comments in the video concerning the Obama administration--the last (current) Jupiter-Neptune cycle began with the pair's 3 conjunctions all through 2009, the first year of Mr. Obama's term and right after the Bush-Cheney Heist of 2008.

And all the Jupiter-Neptune fraud and fluffiness fell directly on US natal Moon--We the People!

Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: becoming involved in speculation; little sense of reality; instability; wastefulness; losing oneself in plans. (Ebertin, 'The Combination of Stellar influences.')

As you see, the potential expressions of this midpoint picture perfectly describes, not just Wall Street's scams upon us, but also the culpability of those who took out mortgages and other loans they could not afford. Even 'balloon payments' that increase as payments proceed can be placed under an inflated Jupiter-Neptune umbrella.

Seems that the master plan to destroy America for the sake of 'global government' is going as envisioned including a hint from the attacks on 9/11/01 with the void-of-course Moon (the people) that morning at '28 Gemini', a degree of Bankruptcy. And Heist 2008 continued the master plan with the bankruptcy of our National Treasury. (Setting up global governance is an expensive enterprise, you know.)

Of course, these financial and governmental psychopaths have power only to the extent that we believe they have it--so let's stop believing in them and in their paper society!

Aug 27, 2014

Max Igan interview: Ancient Cultures and Geopolitics

Here is my second Max Igan embed of the day to Stars Over Washington. Max begins by discussing how the ancient history we've been taught is a massive cover-up--that there was and is a global conspiracy to veil the truth from our awareness. The interview runs over an hour but may be well worth your time. And since I love little better than studying History through the ancient lens of Astrology, such information fascinates me. Perhaps because my natal Sun's Sabian Symbol is: '14 Capricorn': "An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved in Granite Remains a Witness to a Long-Forgotten Culture"..."Keynote: The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of non-essentials." This Symbol speaks of "insight based on a valid HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE" and it "applies to the past of an individual's life as well as to the history of a nation or group." (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.) #MaxIgan #SurvivingtheMatrix #CapricornRadio

Interview with Max Igan: Truth Activism & Humanitarianism

Here is Max Igan speaking recently in London on Capricorn Radio. Max is one of my favorite (if not very favorite) 'splainers-in-chief.

Aug 22, 2014

Aug 25, 2014 Virgo New Moon: At the White House

Chart Image: Monday August 25, 2014 New Moon 2Vir18 at 10:12:45 am edt White House Washington DC; Hour of Mars in Scorpio approaching Saturn in 2nd house of the National Treasury: a New Cycle of Activity Begins

The new cycle represented by a New Moon is here tamped down somewhat by the approaching Mars-Saturn conjunction @17Virgo (at 3:30 pm edt), a critical degree where rioting, protesting Uranus-Pluto met in Great Conjunction/s in the mid-1960s, denoting delays of a stop-and-go nature. Serious conditions abound and even the New Moon is in a serious sign (Mercury-ruled Virgo) in the 11th house of Group Associations/Hopes and Wishes. There are 2nd house indications of financial hindrances in evidence while chart-ruler Venus (ASC 16Lib03) applies in aspect twice--first to warrior Mars (0A13), then to austere and delaying Saturn (1A22). Caution is exercised in financial matters and my suspicion is that this all relates to a new cycle in America's warring interventions in the Middle East--Iraq in particular. Shady or secretive events may transpire over the weekend during the Dark of the Moon, the three days prior to a New Moon.

Perhaps US attempts to sign up allies in the struggle are being shut down or at least hindered by financial and/or political concerns domestically and abroad plus, there's the common view of our 2003 misadventure in Iraq as being a 'bottomless pit in the money department' which was this astrologer's opinion of the Iraq War in March 2003 due to Jupiter the General's retrograde condition at its start--never go to war with Jupiter Rx, even fools know that! But neocon fools had to rush in, didn't they? Then there are the so-called Christian military types who demand a rush toward Armageddon, remember. And now it seems that the Islamic State, (aka, IS, ISIS or ISIL), a band of assassins infecting Iraq, agree.

In Astrology there are two bodies, one a hypothetical, called 'Isis' and on August 25, 2014 they are both located in Tropical Cancer, one @25Can21 (conjunct US natal Mercury Rx--"ISIS" in the Mercurial news) and the hypothetical Isis @18Can21--conjunct the Midheaven of this New Moon chart! The MC is, of course, the Aspiration/Goal Point of any chart--the Why? Point. In this post I won't go into the Isis archetype of the feminine goddess which is worship in veiled form in America from our founding and can be seen in the Venusian Statue of Liberty, dovish Columbia statues and titles (District of Columbia), and other symbols of feminine idols across the nation, usually seen via statuary and in official mottoes.

However, our peaceful 'dove' archetype has been morphed into "...an Eagle" if we look to the Sabian Symbol for '26Libra.' One watershed moment when this occurred was the Bush-Cheney switch of the military to preemptive war which America was never supposed to wage against other nations. At least, America's founders didn't plan our nation that way and this to my dissenting mind is the same thing as a coup d'etat of the US government.

The transiting midpoint picture of Saturn-Neptune = Pluto continues to affect society in negative fashion as many folks are feeling downtrodden while others in charge are busy denying their guilt. Added in the New Moon chart thanks to the Mars-Saturn conjunction are the potentials of this picture--Mars-Neptune = Pluto: dreams of violence (Ebertin.) And this picture hints at America's problematic Mars-Neptune square from July 4, 1776 with its deceptive or misguided actions quality and 'fog of war' implications. I would say, Here we go again--but we never left.

Well, there are several other important factors in the horoscope as you can see (planetary patterns, etc) and I hope you may investigate them for yourself. As usual these days my blogging time is limited and so I'll simply add a few notes concerning chart-ruler Venus in Leo (10th house) squaring Mars and Saturn which hints at how things will proceed from the New Moon of August 25, 2014 in Washington DC, plus, a bit about US Secondary Progression set for that particular date:

Venus squaring Mars indicates a competitive atmosphere in force where our government and others are engaged in battle. Enough energy is on hand to accomplish the task as long as over-reaction to insults and and taking revenge are avoided--maturity is needed which hopefully a cautious #POTUS may provide to override our usual hotheads.

Venus squaring Saturn denotes rejection yet this may actually work to our advantage in the end as money shortages delay efforts and even if we (US government/the Pentagon) gain the needed funds and cooperation from others, the responsibilities this brings can turn out to be much more burdensome than expected--something of equal value may be required in exchange. (This sounds like to entire Iraq enterprise to me with recent questions about 'is the US still responsible for what happens in Iraq after we leave?' But we never really left, did we?)

One word about current US Progressions when the chart is set for our natal location of Philadelphia, PA: our SP Ascendant is @2Vir08 with the August 25, 2014 conjoining it, a condition which for me personalizes the New Moon for current conditions in the United States of America. Our SP Mars Rx (militarized police forces at home--US Mars turned retrograde by Progression in 2006, the year that the Pentagon began supplying local police departments with military equipment and weapons) is being opposed by our SP Chiron @17Ari26 (in SP 8th house) denotes a full flowering of the sacred warrior archetype in the US psyche. As you see, this opposition is yet to perfect with SP Mar symbolically moving toward lower degrees of Aries and SP Chiron (the Quest) moving toward the upper degrees of Mars-ruled Aries.

And of course the Aries-Libra axis is one of war and contention though diplomacy must be fitted in there somewhere. Another factor of great importance in the SP Mars-Chiron opposition is that this is a 'fight injustice' aspect with enormous compassion shown for the oppressed--we hear of such issues each day in the news and experience them in our lives for it's oppressive Plutocracy v The People! The killing of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri comes to mind along with our worsening income inequality.

A Standing Army and Foreign Wars Our Nation's Waterloo?

Yet the point really is that resolution can only be found on the spiritual level (Chiron) for our Mars-Chiron opposition actually signifies a deeply spiritual condition and on that plane is where true resolution is to be found. Yes, lack of money to fight wars may be our saving grace after all! For casting aside the dreams and visions of Armageddon promoters, We the People must come to a spiritual resolution for ourselves for who can imagine spiritual improvements or benefits coming from the direction of corrupted Washington DC and the political tricksters and financial fraudsters who have overtaken and infest our capital and have hijacked the very destiny of the United States of America?

US Progressed chart issues from US natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; SP chart remains set for natal location.

Aug 19, 2014

Critical Degrees and the Progressed Moon

Beginning with its natal position in the Zodiac, the progressed Moon symbolically advances approximately one degree per month. Therefore, the Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon makes a handy timer for the natal and progressed horoscopes with the SP Moon reflecting influences of about one month's duration. If important transits or other progressions conjoin the SP Moon's position at any given time, a fuller picture is created especially when clues are considered such as the natal house through which the SP Moon advances, the SP Moon's sign, the condition of the natal Moon, the pertinent houses ruled by the Moon, and the houses ruled by the planet/s being aspected.

Is your SP Moon in Cancer? Then home and domestic scene are areas of focus for the two-and-a-half years SP Moon is in that sign along with possible mother/daughter/family concerns, nurturing issues, and real estate matters such as moving residence, renovation of environment, a family member entering or leaving the home, etc. SP Moon in Leo may involve solar issues of creativity, entertainment, children, romance, ego, the hero's journey in life, and other Leonine matters while SP Moon in Virgo hints at Virgoan issues such as health, work, service, criticism, teaching, purification, dedication, and/or discrimination. Naturally, in Astrology the opposite sign and house polarity must be considered as well. (Ex: 4th house matters tie in with or affect 10th house career matters.)

A example from December 24, 2008 in Political Astrology is America's SP Full Moon @4Vir10 (We the People at critical degree--Sun (leadership), too, @4Pis10; the SP horoscope may be viewed at Jude's Threshold if you wish. This culmination phase in progressions timed the Financial Crash of 2008 and on an evolutionary scale marked the limit of America's thrust into the wider world as our National Treasury was raided. With the public's Moon in Virgo, we were critical and suspicious (with good reason) of US leaders who were murky and deliberately confusing on all issues even to the point of deception.

As you know, Pisces folk have that swim-up-or-down vibe which can express either positively (compassion, spirituality, creativity) or negatively such as theft and fraud--which is what we got from leadership--and have now with SP Sun still in Pisces.

Another Luna-related post is Using the Moon in Electional Astrology which concerns using the transiting Moon as a timer for starting or debuting projects or events--and not necessarily in the area of #politics.)

In case you need it, here is a list of critical degrees (degr) of each sign:

Cardinal signs (Aries-Libra, Cancer-Capricorn) 0 degr, 13 degr, 26 degr; Fixed signs (Taurus-Scorpio, Leo-AQ) 8-9 degr, 21-22 degr; Mutable signs (Gemini-Sagittarius, Virgo-Pisces) 4 degr, 17 degr. Plus, 0 degrees of any sign may act as a critical degree along with the impatient 29th degree. Other degrees are sometimes considered critical due to important events occurring there such as Eclipses, Great Conjunctions, etc.

Basically a critical degree has been sensitized and indicates emphasis or stress on the planet/s or point/s and the issues involved. There may be a deal-with-this-Now crisis occurring as matters come to a head as timed by the SP Moon. (Mars is a traditional timer as well but here we're discussing the Moon--and much of the sensitivity of the degrees may be due to the degrees of Mansions of the Moon which are not discussed here.)

Now critical degrees may not 'work' all the time and their expression is certainly affected by whether there's a transit to that point or another progressed planet joining in by conjunction or opposition. In such cases, the crisis may last longer with other planetary involvement but as stated, if it's the SP Moon conjoining a critical degree, approximately one month will be the duration of the influence.

Another consideration is the Modality of the affected sign: Cardinal signs tend to work faster and more directly, Fixed signs denote a lagging or delayed affect, and Mutable signs indicate more of a mental or internal influence.

Using the SP Moon in chart interpretation and synthesis is an important tool in the astrologer's kit particularly as the SP Moon triggers a critical degree so I do hope this post will be of some use to you.

Aug 18, 2014

Ten Facts About Police Violence in Ferguson Sunday Night

Ten Facts About Police Violence in Ferguson Sunday Night

"A Letter to the New World Order: Dear Globalists"

Jude Cowell has shared a video with you on YouTube
A Letter to the New World Order: Dear Globalists
Welcome back to Truthstream's "Letters to the New World Order". Letter #3 goes out to the pig-faced world-rapping globalist monsters of the NWO who are busy clapping their hooves together with glee as they ramp up for World War III, complete with more created chaos than propaganda coming out of the State Dept.

Three down, only 8,740 left to go.


P.S. Got an idea for a good letter? Send your NWO noun to writers@truthstreammedia.com and we'll consider it for an upcoming vid!

(All footage included is in the public domain.)

Letter 1: Dear NSA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-4moX1waOk
Letter 2: Dear Bill Gates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR6cWjCiHMw

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