Jul 26, 2014

Are US Politicians like Predators@Dusk?

'Predator@Dusk' a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell

Transit Event Jan 2015: Uranus 12Ari56 conjunct South Node

An Incidental Astro-Consideration: Uranus/South Node Together at Last

by Jude Cowell

As nearly as I can tell, the transit of disruptive rebel Uranus (a zealot and anarchist when in Mars-ruled Aries, says Ebertin) with transit South Node of the Moon, a Saturn-ruled point of separation and unconscious behaviors yet there are potential talents meeting at 12Ari56 on January 20, 2015 during the wee hours after 2:00 am est--something like 2:26:20 am if I had to guess but check it for yourself, plus any other times the two might have been at same degrees/minutes. SN points toward Saturn and his usurper Uranus (Ouranos) and the antithetical relationship they played out in a father v son myth-y sort of way. Or, perhaps archetypally speaking they're always 'at it' somewhere in the Universe with no resolution in sight and none wanted--a 'restriction v freedom' stalemate, a conflict older than the hills and much more fatiguing for us all. Particularly in Israel-Palestine with the Saturn-Uranus duo signifying the two enemies stewing within continual conflict within their endless cycle of revenge.

As you know, '12 Aries' is traditionally considered a critical degree as is its opposite degree, '12 Libra.' Take this as you may if you use such factors in your horoscopic considerations. Yet the line must be drawn somewhere and we'll be at this all day if we don't take a stand for simplification and brevity in chart studies and writings. However, even moderation must be moderated, as a wise fool once asserted.

Now what can quirky genius Uranus, the one I call America's 'totem planet', be up to while traveling with the Moon's South Node? Uranus, The Awakener (aka, The Witness) has been activated every time we go to war though it's true that Uranian action may spring upon us early, on time, late--or not at all. And when US natal Uranus has been triggered, we're not talking little skirmishes and hidden coups but World Wars and whatnot.

Now we should face it ahead of time that Uranus-conjunct-SN carries vibes of disruption via war and revolution, sad to say, though its effects depend on where and how other horoscopes/planets are contacted from the 12-13 Ari/Libra degrees. Also, social changes that upset communities and individuals we see already, plus, technological shifts that throw off our usual balance may appear and our methods must be quickly adjusted to keep up especially since unpredictable catalyst Uranus isn't much interested in pausing for slowpokes!

Then as we might expect given our nation's history with atom-splitting and big-a*s explosions that kill large numbers of people at will, US natal Uranus @8Gem55 possibly qualifies within the first degrees of Gem/Sag, the so-called 'nuclear degrees' (so named due to empirical records meticulously kept.) Plus, 8/9Gem is awfully close to Royal Star Aldebaran which we've discussed more than once before--'The Watcher of the East', 'the Bull's Eye'. And of course this means Aldebaran is positioned in the Zodiac opposite Royal Star Antares, also discussed here in a priorly fashion so I'll not bore either of us unnecessarily tonight.

As noted, in a horoscope the potential results of either of these two stars falling upon a very sensitive 'hair-tigger' axis (00--9 degrees Gem/Sag is how I count it) depend on which planets and points are in paran or aspect with those degrees/stars, a fascinating part of Astrology, Star Lore, and Archetypal Mythology so well championed by expert astrologer Bernadette Brady (see her Predictive Astrology and especially Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. One sensitivity trigger was the Mars-Uranus conjunction @5Gem08 on January 16, 1944, an indication of war, weaponry, and explosions.

Still in effect: transit midpoint picture with Pluto at apex--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties. Well, yes. We hear a lot of denials within the public discourse these days, don't we? And yet his mask slips so that even the downtrodden of humanity now sees Pluto's naked obsession to destroy, never build.

Now who do you suppose is the owner of the 'will' mentioned above--the will that wants to kill large numbers of people simultaneously?--a tragic course of action too drastic to be allowed by decent folk who prefer to live, thanks. Whom do we know who acts unconsciously under such destructive influences?

Well, these days horoscopes regularly show his nom de plume, wearing his dark mask...and it's creepy Pluto plodding through harsh Capricorn, sign of structure and status quo--and of gilt-edged stocks and bonds. Seems to me that 'the puppet master' allows his death mask to slip more and more often these days, have you noticed?

US natal Mercury '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (Solar Fire software); natal Mercury Rx opposes natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--manipulator Pluto was out-of-bounds, pulling strings from afar even then.) Why, Surveillance is the US government's middle name out of the gate! Exs: General Washington's spies during the Revolution and Benjamin Franklin's postal and other surreptitious activities imply a deep American obsession (Pluto) with details, news, gossip, facts, votes, orators, reporters, writers, travel and transport, teaching, and other Mercurial stuffs and doings. Working with secret and/or dangerous information is something of a 'talent' or skill around these parts as shown by our natal Mercury-Pluto opposition.

January 20, 2015?

Well, that's about all I shall say for now concerning the upcoming in-tandem transit of Uranus-to-South Node, the 'tail of the dragon' as it's been known since ancient times. Wonder how disruptive the slap of the dragon's tail may be this time around since the presence of South Node here hints that whatever 'it' is, it will likely be intense, electrical, and will echo something that occurred in the past being brought forward for our further consideration?

Jul 19, 2014

"The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes" plus, a little Saturnian Astrology

"Trial by jury is the lamp that shows that freedom lives."

--*Lord Devlin, lawyer and High Court judge.

As we plainly find with current global government officials and operatives, America's legal lamp has been snuffed out by certain infiltrators...

This from StormCloudsGathering:


Risk v Caution

As you know, America was founded when judge and critic Saturn, planet of law, government, and business, was exalted in diplomatic Libra, sign of the Balancing Scales of Justice. Posited in our nation's 10th house of Public Status and Reputation (in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT or thereabouts chart with Sagittarius rising), our Saturn contains the unfortunate 'fall from grace' flaw due to its 10th house position. This fall can be mitigated, however, if the person or entity deals in a timely manner with Saturnian issues such as: authenticity, honesty, reality, authority, responsibility, maturity, stability, etc.--if the US government diligently minds its lessons correctly which it does not. Not in law, government, or business.

Recognizing one's boundaries should be part of the Saturnian picture as well yet our so-called Manifest Destiny policy was designed to completely ignore that principle--and the invasion tendency was deeply infused with steroids by the Bush-Cheney preemptive war doctrine in total opposition to our nation's former principles.

As an obvious example of the 'fall from grace' phenomenon, Richard Nixon was born with Saturn in 10th house and you know how he abused authority, acted as if 'above the law' (like America!), and thus doomed his own presidency and reputation.

Now what if we progress the US natal chart to see where Saturn is in the Zodiac now? No longer in Libra, SP Saturn is now in Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio, a harsher placement by far. By progression, US Saturn turned retrograde in 1996 during the assault on the authority of the presidency of Bill Clinton who played his own role in sullying our exalted Saturn via lying under oath, enabling the GOP impeachment theater (thus weakening and making a mockery of the impeachment process), sex acts out-of-bounds of marriage, ordering the FBI to strong-arm at Waco, and other such abusive mishaps whether consciously intended or not.

But perhaps one of the more Saturn-in-10th-house events during Clinton's 8 years was the signing of NAFTA which, along with current trade pacts, weakens if not dissolves entirely the sovereignty of the United States of America. And our boundary-guarding Saturn in Libra can be no cheerleader for our loss of sovereignty at all.

*Curiously, Lord Devlin shares his natal Sun Sag-Moon Sco personality blend with Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society. See Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Jul 12, 2014

"The Power of Possibility"--a Maxwell Igan video broadcast

Though it breaks my Child-of-the-Revolution heart to admit it but as we all know, the US government (military arm of the Corporate Global Government syndicate) falls squarely under the truism that 'absolute power corrupts':

Here from his excellent Surviving the Matrix series of broadcasts is Australia's Max Igan:

Jul 11, 2014

July 12, 2014 Capricorn Full Moon a "Supermoon"

Blog Note: first of all I want to thank my readers for their kind well wishes for my surgery this week. Gratefully, I'm in recuperation mode now but with more action to come.

With that said, I've not had a chance to blurb here about Saturday's Full Moon (7.12.14), a "Supermoon" as coined by Richard Nolle, at a critical degree of Capricorn, and since a Full Moon opposes (a phase of culmination, fulfillment, relationship issues, awareness) the Sun's zodiacal degree, the entire axis of Home/Security is affected and spotlighted at the critical degrees of 20 Capricorn and 20 Cancer.

Now unless you've been under a massive rock the last few weeks you don't need Astrology to tell you of the several crisis/critical circumstances going on in America and across the globe. Problems abound and in my personal estimation, Republican obstructionism makes everything worse as they attempt to score political points against President Obama. Perhaps you're aware that no one is selected to play the role of US president unless vetted on Wall Street and they agree to follow the Global Government agenda, but as usual, Republicans think their harsh methods are best. I disagree and will be voting in November for a rag mop as long as it's Democrat or Independent.

Yet as I've asked before: do you ever get the feeling that GOP extremism is meant to sway the masses toward the Democrats? Well, it isn't as if the Globalist Agenda of international bankers, other corporatists, and shadowy elites who rock satanic bloodlines will stop bedeviling America no matter which political party has the upper hand after November and into 2016/17. As we know, one president can only do so much and he/she needs the cooperation of others in DC to be successful--assuming that 'change' for the better is really the goal.

Even the saddening border crisis of children and mothers (Cancer) crossing our southern border (Saturn) seeking protection in America contributes to the result of melting US sovereignty. Governor of Texas Rick Perry has called this week for POTUS to send National Guard troops to take control of the situation which I assume means pointing large guns at children and forcing them back into Mexico--with the added bonus for the GOP of photo ops of such an ugly, draconian way of dealing with the situation--with President Obama as the bad guy, of course!

Okay, that's enough venting over political tricks and deceptive propaganda! So much is going on in the world under girded by the current Solar Eclipse theme: 'misdirected motivations especially when dealing with groups; take no real action'--Brady.) Apparently non-governing House Republicans fit right in with that advice.

Capricorn: Responsibility, Authority, Conservatism, the Status Quo

But fortunately for you, dear reader, the wonderful Dipali Desai has written an overview of the July 17, 2014 Full Moon in Capricorn so I hope you'll visit her at Celestial Space for more uplifting Luna information than politics-as-usual can provide!

And of course you never go wrong checking out the insightful information provided each day at Julie Demboski Astrology so you may wish to check out Julie's Full Moon info there as well.

Jul 8, 2014

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve--video

Hope you have a chance to check out this video concerning the mysterious Federal Reserve:

Jul 4, 2014

Laid by the Stars: the District of Columbia Boundary Stones

District of Columbia Boundary Stones Laid According to Six Stars

by Jude Cowell

From moseying around on my Kindle Fire today I discovered an excellent resource concerning the laying of the District of Columbia boundary stones on the land that President George Washington selected (former surveyor as he was.)

Now if this Southerner and former resident of Washington DC were a Yankee Doodle Dandy, I'd be touting a macaroni feather in my cap about now! Yet, alas, I am only a Georgia native who misses residing in the capital city for its history, grace, and beauty. But not for its Politics, as you may imagine, especially since they reach far and wide and seem these days to muck up pretty much everything, don't they?

The Residency Act of July 16, 1790 (amended March 3, 1791) gave President Washington the authority to select a site for the national capital on the Potomac River between Alexandria, VA and Williamsport, MD. He chose the southernmost location within those limits so that all of the 4th largest port of the country at that time, the present-day Old Town Alexandria, would be included.

The area was platted by professional surveyor Major Andrew Ellicott who began on February 12, 1791 (astrological details below). He hired Benjamin Banneker, an "...astronomer and mathematician from Maryland to make the astronomical observations and calculations necessary to establish the south corner of the Square at Jones Point" (Alexandria, VA.)

Astrologers easily recognize the usual vagueness of calling Banneker only an "astronomer and mathematician" although of course he was those as well as an almanac publisher. However, Freemasons and their traditional use of Sacred Geometry is obviously described here. Washington, a highly positioned Freemason, was well aware of astrological principles, too (George 'elected' the hour of Cornwallis' surrender) as did Jefferson, Franklin, and other Founders.

Below is an excerpt from the website which may delight most of the astrologers I know (six stars!) especially those of the Mundane Astrology persuasion. The website's link follows the excerpt if you wish more information which includes photos of the stone relics. Most of the 40 stones are still visible--the D.A.R. located and surrounded them with metal fences some years ago in a valiant effort to protect them. There's also a link to an early newspaper article describing the boundary stones' condition at that time and much more:

"Banneker fixed the position of the first stone by lying on his back to find the exact starting point for the survey...and plotting six stars as they crossed his spot at a particular time of night." From there, Ellicott's team embarked on a 40-mile journey, surveying ten-mile lines first to the northwest, then the northeast, next southeast, and finally southwest back to the starting point, clearing twenty feet of land on each side of the boundary.

The Alexandria Masonic Lodge placed a stone at the south corner on April 15, 1791, in ceremonies attended by Ellicott, federal district commissioners Daniel Carroll and David Stuart, and other dignitaries. Other stones, made of Aquia Creek sandstone, were placed at one-mile intervals along the boundaries, resulting in 40 stones total. On each stone, the side facing the District of Columbia displayed the inscription "Jurisdiction of the United States" and a mile number. The opposite side said either "Virginia" or "Maryland," as appropriate. The third and fourth sides displayed the year in which the stone was placed (1791 for the 14 Virginia stones and 1792 for the 26 Maryland stones) and the magnetic compass variance at that place. Stones along the northwest Maryland boundary also displayed the number of miles they fell from NW4, the first stone placed in Maryland. Stones placed at intervals of more than a mile included that extra distance measured in poles.

For further reading I'll hope on this historical topic you'll visit BoundaryStones.org forthwith.

However, the Astrology of April 15, 1791 Jones' Point, Virginia must be addressed later in a fresh post. Meanwhile, you may be interested to note that the DC website of the D.A.R states that "The south cornerstone was ceremoniously laid at Jones' Point on April 15, 1791." Later on we'll look at a few astrological indicators for that date as a speculative natal chart for the District of Columbia. Since no mention of an hour has been found, the chart has been set up for 'noon' LMT though of course a morning hour may be closer to the true time of such a somber and important (Masonic) ceremony that lays the foundation of the Utopian capital of the New Nation in the New World: "E Pluribus Unum". Play around with the horoscope if you like and we'll hopefully discuss it soon.

Another discovery I made today is the Twitter handle of a brother-sister duo who 'walked the diamond' surrounding the District and I decided to Follow them...@walkthediamond. Why not fill your water bottle and join in?

Jul 2, 2014

Independence Day 2014: Happy 238th Birthday, America!

July 2014: America Turns Gray Around the Muzzle

by Jude Cowell

The horoscope of America's Solar Return 2014 actually favors that of Summer Solstice 2014 with Jupiter in Cancer rising but the Moon (We the People; the public mood) is no longer in Scorpio conjunct depressive, austere Saturn. Instead our national birthday Luna is in 4th house (chart set for Washington DC) and is positioned @12Lib23--nearing US natal Saturn (14:48), then conjoins Solar Return 2014 Mars @20Lib10, also in 4th house of Domestic Scene, Security, and Real Estate.

Moon-Mars has an angry signature or at least one of activism and protests and we certainly are experiencing these things already. In Mundane Astrology the sign of the Moon describes the mood of the public and in this case, it's Airy, detached Libra. We do not want more war yet the position of warrior SR 2014 Mars (god of war) spotlights the current Mars Return to America's Secondary Progressed (SP) Mars Rx and this indicates the current redeployment--Rx--of US troops (special forces, advisers, whatever you wish to call them) to Iraq, the theater of war that we so recently backed out of (Mars Rx.)

However, Libra is a war sign as well and is opposite Aries, the Mars-ruled sign of aggression, contention, and attacks.

Way beyond the scope of this post there is much to say about the situation in Iraq (and many pundits and perpetrators are now saying all over US airwaves) but let's now focus on America's 238th birthday which actually perfects (Sun to 13Can19 in our natal 'Sibly chart') on July 5, 2014 at 6:01:17 am edt.

Sun Cancer, Moon Libra is a square relationship between leader/s (Sun) and The People (Moon) which underscores the fact that the American people don't wish to be lied into any more foreign intrigues or invasions. Also on our not-not list are drone strikes which are against most people's ideas of how to treat our fellow beings but as you know, this hasn't stopped Global Government promoters from using America as its military arm of aggression and draconian actions. Even another financial meltdown is said to be in the works which wouldn't surprise this blogger at all--beware the auto loan bubble now inflating, dear reader!

So with this Water-Air blend of energies we find ourselves for the next 12 months dealing with issues rather ethereal and misty so it will require tremendous determination to address real world issues for we'll prefer the pleasant over the tough. Feelings and thoughts may blend together so that we can't separate one from the other and this adds to our indecisive behavior. Meanwhile, detached viewpoints may in reality be infused with bias, even prejudice. Procrastination often prevails under Water-Air influences and mistrust of others tends to abound.

Strange as it seems, there is a lack of strategy within leadership with this combo which will possibly be improved by the feminine talent of being aware of diffuse elements simultaneously--this will come in handy if anyone listens to the females in The Group (a novel by Mary McCarthy who shares the Sun Can-Moon Lib combo in her natal chart.)

Underlying influences of Sun Can-Moon Lib are, of course, the 'Moon-Venus' duo which points to issues of immigration, migrants, refugees, native populations, agricultural production (or its lack), manufacturing concerns, and preservation of cultures and their heritage (such as a caliphate set up in Iraq and Syria which erases the quirky boundaries of Iraq that Great Britain erected years ago against all common sense?)

Plus, as you remember, Sun Can-Moon Lib is the natal blend of George W. Bush who has so far stayed out of the limelight on current Iraq issues--afraid he'll be confronted and challenged in public concerning his quixotic, stupid mistakes, I imagine.

Well, graying America is careening along and turns 238 years old in a few days. Turn the years into degrees of the Zodiac and you get 28 Scorpio which conjoins President Obama's natal Midheaven, the point of Goals and Aspirations. To close, here is Dane Rudhyar on this degree:

"The King of the Fairies Approaches His Domain"...'Keynote: The capacity in man to recognize and to pay homage to an integrating Principle at the core of all existence'..."An inner ALLEGIANCE begins to polarize the consciousness." (An Astrological Mandala.)

Of polarization America has gracious plenty!


Blog Note to my wonderful regular readers: now in preparation mode for some surgery next week so after this weekend all my blogs will go dark for a week or so. Back soon, much to my critics' displeasure! jc


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