May 26, 2016

What Does It Look Like When A Congressman Stands Up To #Trump? - clip

As Campaign 2016's twists and turns continue, Hillary Clinton says she won't debate Senator Bernie Sanders but Donald Trump says he will. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren is on Trump's case.

This is a good one!

Be sure to visit Thom Hartmann when you can.

Related posts include the Sun-Moon personality blends of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, plus, the video of her 2011 senate campaign announcement.

And in case you missed it, check out a related February 2016 segment from The Young Turks: Elizabeth Warren Defends Bernie Sanders regarding big banks, what they 'got away with', and the "danger" (says Lloyd Blankfein) of criticizing them or expecting them to make amends for their fraudulent activities.

May 25, 2016

Majority of Americans Are Desperate For a Third Party Candidate - clip

For decades Washington DC sent American election experts around the globe to demonstrate to other governments how to hold democratic elections (or perhaps how to rig the results?) Now in 2016, our own elections have been turned into caricatures of their former selves and for comedians, the jokes just write themselves.

Candidate Bernie Sanders aside for a moment, would you vote for a 3rd-party candidate if there were one of merit in the race?

May 24, 2016

The Core Values Of America Are Progressive! - clip (w/ Saturn/Uranus)

America's Core Values? Saturn and Uranus!

How prominent is planet Uranus in America's natal horoscope and the American psyche? Discovered in 1781 between the American Revolution and the French Revolution, the quirky 'sky god' of lightening bolts and awareness, of rebellion, genius, innovation, progressive ideas and ideals, and independence has been referred to by yours truly as American's Totem Planet...our primary planetary representative in the Cosmos, we could say.

Yes, shock, disruption, and breakage can suddenly occur with Uranus in the picture, and destiny is diverted onto a new and unexpected path toward the future.

True enough but then there's US natal Saturn, planet of conservatism, authority, austerity, responsibility, restriction, authenticity, laws, government, business, the past, and the status quo, exalted in the sign of Libra in our July 4, 1776 panoply with all the diplomacy, balance, fairness, and scales of justice the sign confers. Yes, it's Plato's Ideal (Uranus) poured into Saturnian Form--and the form became the New Atlantis, that Utopian Dream of Plato, Bacon and others, with a capital city ("on a hill") that morphed into the New Rome of Washington DC, determined at all costs to conquer the world.

Yet with our nation's Uranus at 8 Gemini and Saturn at 14 Libra, this Airy (mental) duo of exciting ideas and decent values had moved beyond an exact trine (120 degrees) by July Fourth but had engaged as such off-and-on in their beneficial trine aspect denoting that our early American revolutionaries went on to earn the freedom they enjoyed through taking measured risks. Optimism in the future and adherence to ethical standards aided our early rebels in their quest for a New Order of the Ages as shown by our ethical Libran Saturn and futuristic Geminian Uranus.

So which planet is more descriptive of America's core values?

Republicans are fond of saying that the United States is a conservative nation. In part, of course it is. Yours truly is conservative in some ways but progressive in others for everyone has both planets somewhere in their natal charts and if both planets express, then why not a blend? Yet America was founded upon the ideals of freedom, independence, and equality and has long been touted as 'the only nation founded upon an ideal'. Agreed. And that ideal and the novelty and genius of our founding is most closely described and identified by Uranus in Mercurial Gemini!

Okay, I'll hush for now and turn you over to progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann who has some ideas of his own:

A Discordant Message from Chief Nativist Donald Trump

In American Politics, Nativism is a pro-Anglo-Saxon, anti-immigration ideology in which the wages of 'less well paid natives' are believed to be lowered by immigrants who take jobs of our citizens by willingly working for much less pay. Jettison the inherent bigotry and resultant hatred of 'new comers' and such a point of view seems logical, right? It is, after all, a large part of what Globalism is all about.

Where I can't seem to find a shred of logic is in the nativism of 2016 candidate Donald Trump who bounces merrily along on a Republican bigotry ticket of nativism while espousing such rhetoric as American "wages are too high"! If you tout how immigrants lower the wages of American workers, why promise to lower working class wages if elected? Whaa-a-a?

Is Mr. Trump's unconscious,unfiltered Mercury-Neptune square once again blurting indiscreetly? Or did he simply mean that wages are already "too high" for a minimum wage increase so it's status quo (or lower) for wages during a Trump administration?

Either way, the bully candidate's nativism ploy is championed by power elites to persuade voters to vote Republican on November 8, 2016 - and that's millions of US voters who usually sit out elections for several reasons, not the least of which is the long-growing feeling (knowledge, actually) that our votes 'don't count' (assuming that at some earlier point in US history they did). US presidents are selected by elite committee, I've complained here for over a decade, and elsewhere online. And we can call them super delegates, the electoral college, what-evs...that lesser of two evils feeling never leaves us.

Did you notice when 2008 candidate Hillary Clinton was directed to be patient and stand down in favor of Barack Obama when the two candidates secretly attended the Chantilly, Virginia meeting in June 2008 of the Bilderberg Club? Is that why Bilderberg member VP Joe Biden has stated that Hillary will be elected in 2016--to fulfill a promise that 2016 is her turn to be president? If so, will this symbolize the reversal of America's Great Seal to the obverse side with the 'pyramid of power'?

Will women voters be the deciding factor in November 2016 as many political pundits are predicting?

For more on the Bilderberg Group, here's a link to The Guardian's 2001 interview with an original Bilderberger, Lord Healey.

Related: Mystery of the Great Seal's Eye of Horus Reversed (it's a feminine thing).

Trump's Troll Army Impersonating Bernie/Hillary Supporters Online - video

How lowdown can US political campaigns get? We're edging closer to finding out:

Cheating isn't winning. It's stealing.

May 23, 2016

Pentagon source: Edward Snowden had little choice on NSA files - Guardian video

The following 7 1/2 minute interview with former Pentagon investigator John Crane isn't as entertaining as the unfiltered mouth of the Mercury-Neptune square of Donald Trump but the very important topic of silencing government whistle blowers such as Thomas Drake (inside the system) and Edward Snowden (outside the system) is of concern to all Americans who believe that government corruption and criminality should be aired like the dirty laundry it resembles:

Video link.

And here's a post containing a related broadcast (video) by Max Igan which includes his remarks upon the actions of Edward Snowden: Censorship and Government Criminality.

May 21, 2016

Trump or Clinton who wins? What the Astrology shows - Barbara Goldsmith

May 21, 2016: astrologer Barbara Goldsmith looks at the Astrology of Campaign 2016 and what will apparently be a match-up between Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump. Around election time, Hillary's Mercury Return (Scorpio) is involved while Mr. Trump will have a Jupiter Return (Libra), plus, influences from their other chart factors are considered:

So if our 'choice' is between these two candidates on November 8, 2016, who do you prefer: Granny Clinton or Grampy Trump?! Apparently most Millennials (and many of the rest of us) prefer Grampy Sanders!

May 20, 2016

May 21, 2016: Full Moon in Sagittarius with Rick Levine - video

Tonight is Friday May 20, 2016 and here's a brief presentation by Rick Levine concerning tomorrow's Full Moon @1Sag13 (5:14 pm edt). Rick notes the nearness of the Moon to feisty Mars Rx during what is the warrior planet's opposition to the Sun (in Gemini), denoting a period of challenges, competition, conflict, possible aggression, and energetic activity.

Military troops may be on the march, plus, we may also expect a continuation of such events as wild fires and/or explosions particularly since Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs along with Aries and Leo, and of course, Full Moons time events concerning relationships, alliances, and total awareness--and may behave in similar fashion to eclipses which tend to reveal secrets and uncover inconvenient facts--here the facts or secrets may involve actions of police, military, or other male-oriented endeavors.

So safe, be vigilant!

Actually the May 21st Full Moon may be an activator for the November 2011 'Sequestration Eclipse' with its 'peculiar turn of events' theme.

But if you prefer Mars in his romantic role as the planet of desire, check out Mars Through the Signs of the Zodiac...if you so desire.

May 19, 2016

The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World - Full ...

Here's a video presentation I just felt like spotlighting for however long it remains embedded:

video link.

Only have 4 minutes to spare?

Then see The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in Four Minutes:

May 18, 2016

The Ways in Which We're All Living the "Truman Show" - video

Thom Hartmann has a few questions concerning The Truman Show sort of lives we've been taught to lead which reminds me of the many 'false reality' mentions in posts here on Stars Over Washington, plus, several of the broadcasts posted here and presented by Max Igan who has attempted to awaken We the Snoozers to reality.

Add the truth-tackling September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse with its realism themes of 'coming down to earth' and 'seeing an old situation for what it really is rather than what you thought it was' (in time to affect Election Day 2016 and Inauguration 2017) and it's plain to see that our nappy time is over. Unfortunately, the September eclipse also contains vibes of financial concerns along with the Shemitah prophecy of judgment upon America, the government of which led its people astray via lies, fraud, and ensnarement within a false reality:

Tap or click for an excerpt from a recommended Max Igan broadcast: Lies You Have Been Told! Wake Up! (with the awakener-dreamer pair, Uranus-Neptune, added).

May 15, 2016

Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice

Various dates and events are noted upon the Wikipedia page of the Department of Justice along with the name of President Franklin D. Roosevelt but unsurprisingly I find no mention of FDR's attendance at the Masonic ceremony on October 25, 1934 to dedicate the DoJ building at 3:00 pm (The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, pp. 291/92, paperback, Ovason). Obviously '3:00 pm' was an elected hour for occult purposes.

Across the District of Columbia, esoteric symbols are styled into the city's architecture including the DoJ building via a panel designed by the sculptor C. Paul Jennewein and installed in 1935 on the Constitution Avenue side of the building. Mr. Ovason describes the panel's symbolism as "a rarity in Washington DC, for it was designed to make a hermetic use of sunlight in the slow build up toward an esoteric meaning. Given the context, this symbolism equates the sunlight with the light of justice, and deepens that significance of the Latin above the figures, Lege atque Ordine Omnia Fiunt: "All things are created by Law and Order."

Lege Atque Ordine Omnia Fiunt - Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building - DSC08581

(Image: {Public domain or CCO} by Daderot (own work), via Wikimedia Commons)

Ovason continues, "Since the facade (and hence the panel) is oriented on the east-west line, the morning sun falls upon the figures fairly evenly, picking them out dramatically, as the relief is highlighted above the shadows. However, the panel has been inset in such a way that, until the whole relief is lighted, a shadow remains over the stick in the hand of the nude figure to the extreme right. As the Sun moves higher up the skies, the hand of the man is eventually picked out. The sunlight then slides slowly down the stick in his hand until the bottom symbol is revealed by its rays. This last penetration of light reveals the intent of the symbolism -- a serpent, coiled in the bottom-right corner. Such a light-darkness symbolism was widely used in Egyptian architectural devices."

So what of the nude man, his staff, and the darkened snake? Officially the symbol of the man is said to represent Order and the snake suggests the ancient "Snake of Wisdom." And of course, healing and rebirth as symbolized by two entwined snakes on the staff of the Caduceus come to mind along with that symbol's Mercurial connection and its resemblance to DNA. But wait! The snake on the DoJ panel is not wrapped around the staff as seen in arcane and religious imagery. On the DoJ building the single snake is quite different for the man is standing on the snake and his staff or stick is actually a spear. It is a triumphant symbol showing victory over man's lower nature as he aims for higher spiritual growth within the basic Masonic theme of redemption.

Tragically, this denotes another way in which America has lost her direction because for too long, US justice, as is usually meted out in our two-tiered system, tends most often to inspire the repetition of criminal acts rather than leading to redemption but this is well known and understandably lamented by the populace--and is a tragedy beyond the scope of this post. It is my thought that once a nation's legal system is corrupted beyond repair, that nation is plummeting down into history's dust bin of oblivion.

As for the abundant use of celestial Virgo symbolism across the city, the Department of Justice building displays The Maiden and wheat symbols on its two large aluminum doors below the above pictured panel. The doors were also designed by C.P. Jennewein and depict lions as well which denotes the Zodiacal progression of the 5th sign Sun-ruled Leo into the 6th sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo, The Maiden, or archetypal goddess so often depicted with shafts of wheat or corn in her hand.

Mr. Ovason explains that "The idea that from the bestial realm of animality (Leo) may grow the life-giving corn, with all the Christian implications of the pelanos, or sacred bread, is a profound reflection on the inner propensity of Virgo for order and perfection. The redemptive theme is also expressed in the spear in the hand of the man above, the bottom part of which transfixes the serpent. Just as this portal imagery associates the snake with the lower lion, so it associates the growing wheat with the hand of man, by which he remains creative in the world. {} Just as the snake remains in darkness to the last, so the hand of man is first picked out by the light of the Sun...The snake is the dark inner serpent which must be overcome to free the inner light."

Categorizing Virgo must have order, yes. "All things are created by law and order." In astrological symbolism, law is one of the provinces of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, the sign of law, government, and business. And where does Virgo lead? To Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, and this is available in America--if you have money to pay for it.

So, without further fussing on my part, here is the DoJ horoscope set for October 25, 1934 at the astrologically elected hour of 3:00 pm est, Washington DC with its out-of-bounds Moon which suggests that We the People were 'out of the loop' or somehow detached from the event (or unaware of it). Mars and disguising Neptune are in celestial Virgo while transit Pluto powerfully challenges US natal Pluto by opposition, and the recent Jupiter Direct station @13Virgo was performed upon 1934's Neptune and may be at least partially descriptive of current mutual lawsuits between Washington and NC and the overblown reactions involved on both sides to what is close to being a non-issue of social wedge proportions.

Please enlarge the image if you wish to read the astro-notes squished upon the chart:

May 14, 2016

Corporations Fund Both Party Conventions, Reap Huge Rewards - clip (and a Full Moon)

With both the RNC and the DNC stalking us in July, 2016, isn't it comforting to know who funds and thereby benefits financially from these massive Political Theater stage shows? No, they aren't demonstrations of 'democracy at work', they're more signs of Corporatism and political propaganda of The Establishment at work, balloons and all. And who can resist festive balloons?

In case you missed it, have a look at the horoscope of the Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto in governmental Capricorn which perfects on July 19th during RNC 2016. The RNC Full Moon could be the fulfillment of the Gemini New Moon that occurred on June 16, 2015, the day that Donald Trump announced his 2016 bid for the GOP nomination and it will probably merit the RNC with greater publicity than the DNC will receive.

So will Mr. Trump's new cycle of political activity (New Moon) be fulfilled or culminate at the July Full Moon? Actually, Quicken Loans may know something about the possibility of a Trump nomination in Cleveland, while Wells Fargo goes on to toast the Democratic nominee in Philadelphia. We'll suffer the same old corporate fraud and mismanagement either way unless Bernie Sanders is the nominee.

But sorry to say, how a President Sanders could manage to turn America away from its corporate Global Government course that has simmered so long in the Utopian visionary cauldron is any citizen's fervent dream...assuming that that is what he wants to achieve.