Oct 24, 2014

Video: "Hitler Seizes the Spear of Destiny | Myth Hunters"

Hitler Seizes the Spear of Destiny | Myth Hunters
Two days after his army takes Austria, Hitler travels to Vienna and immediately takes possession of the Spear that is said to have pierced the side of Christ and holds magical powers. | For more Myth Hunters, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/myth-hunters/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Occult loving Hitler thought he'd rule the world in a 'new world order' and it's said that the Spear of Destiny (with which a Roman soldier pierced the side of Christ on the Cross to make sure he was dead thus making the spear and the worship of it satanic in my estimation) has been in the possession of around 45 emperors through the centuries including Constantine the Great, Charlemagne, and Otto I. The Spear (aka, Lance) or a facsimile of it was moved secretly by train to a new location so that Napoleon in his fierce days wouldn't discover and wield it, an example of a megalomaniac dictator being foiled again!

Oct 23, 2014

Video Archive - George Carlin: The Truth About Republicans


#225 #Reagancrooks #ReaganAdministration #Indicted

And the charlatans veiled their fraud and corruption with religious propaganda and disguised it behind a so-called 'Moral Majority'!

Astro-Notes: Solar Eclipses 2015 -- 2017

Thursday Oct 23, 2014: Solar Eclipse Considerations for 2015--2019

by Jude Cowell

With the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 here, the last eclipse of 2014, let's take a futuristic peek at the 6 upcoming Solar Eclipses of the years 2015 through 2017. First, a basic list in order of occurrence with details to follow:

1. March 20, 2015 @29Pisces 17 South Saros Series (17S);

2. Sept 13, 2015 @20Virgo 18 North (18N);

3. March 9, 2016 @19Pisces 18 South (18S);

4. Sept 1, 2016 @9Virgo 19 North (19N);

5. Feb 26, 2017 @8Pisces 19 South (19S);

6. Aug 21, 2017 @29Leo 1 North (1N);

As you see, the first 5 Solar Eclipses manifest across the 6/12 'victim-savior' axis of Virgo-Pisces (Earth-Water) before switching to the Fire-Air 'will' axis of Leo-Aquarius in August 2017. This energy shift follows that of the Solar Eclipses which have occurred across the forceful Taurus-Scorpio axis (Earth-Water) since November 2012 with all the desire nature/self will/money-resources and transformation themes the two signs embody.

Plus, the world is once again brutalized by warmongers and by the implementation of vengeful, dramatically staged beheadings with intolerant Taurus ruling the neck and intense, betraying Scorpio's Mars-Pluto influences of violence and rape which shows that to some who feel themselves to be holier-than-thou, other people's lives have no value (Taurus) and self-interest (Scorpio) is exalted above everything. There are no brothers' keepers in this Venus/Mars-Pluto crowd.

Six Solar Eclipse Themes and Other Details:

1. March 20, 2015 17S themes include: good news concerning relationships or creative group projects with sudden success, plus, a potential for happiness in love. Though in very late Pisces, this eclipse conjoins the Aries Point (AP) of prominence, fame, recognition, and therefore may manifest in some way upon the world stage. It is the first Solar Eclipse of the new US Congress and may be active for up to two weeks prior to its date of March 20, 2015--and imprints upon Spring Equinox 2015 which then affects the entire year of 2015 with its themes running in the background.

Initial eclipses of a Saros Series provide further clues concerning themes and a look at historic events around the time or during the year of an initial eclipse's manifestation fills out the current picture of its background influences. The sign qualities of an initial eclipse give shading to the expression of an eclipse and its sign rather like an Ascendant sign colors an entire horoscope so that an eclipse sign can be viewed through its initial eclipse sign along with the differing rulers and sub-rulers. The various houses involved may be considered as well but that is beyond the scope of this particular post.

The initial eclipse of 17S occurred on May 27, 933 *OS @10Gemini with an active Mars conjunct AP which Mars rules with the eclipse degree quite near US natal Uranus @9Gemini, our nation's totem planet of freedom, independence, revolution, and a 'new order'. Gemini, sign of reporters, traders, teachers, students, orators, transportation, and more is ruled as you know by Mercury and adds communication, travel, and possibly Peter-Pan-like vibes to the 17S affairs of March 2015 and the 6 months following.

17S as Pre-Natal Eclipse Series

Quite a varied cast of famous characters and entities were born or begun under the auspices of 17S including (in no particular order): Ayn Rand, Adolf Hitler, Princess Diana, Rachel Carson, Barbara Bush, Charlie Chaplin (note his role as 'The Great Dictator'!), President Barack Obama (note how Republicans call him a 'dictator' unless it's deemed to be more politically beneficial to call him weak and ineffectual--as if they're anything to write home about!), Newt Gingrich, Iran (Apr 1, 1979), and the German Empire (Jan 1, 1871.)

In modern days, 17S has manifested in the years 1907, 1925, 1943, 1961, 1979, 1997, (2015); next: 2033.

2. Sept 13, 2015 18N themes include potentials for: obsessive thinking, anxiety, a high stress level, events that require a large expenditure of effort, a taxing of strength, physical concerns, illness, or accident. On a Political Astrology level I shall add that this eclipse is but one degree from Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: 'to go against society' or, 'against the mainstream'. Perhaps incidentally, US natal Neptune falls nearby at 22Virgo in conjunction with yet obscuring the planet of motivation and action, Mars, in the natal chart of President Obama.

The Initial Eclipse in the 18N Series occurred on Feb 4, 1060 OS @21AQ34 with two notable conjunctions that link to America's natal planets (July 4, 1776): Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto conjoining US natal Moon (We the People) in later Aquarius, and Venus conjunct Jupiter conjoining US natal Pluto Rx in late Capricorn. As you know, Mercury-Pluto relates to obsession with secrets and information and echoes the US Mercury-Pluto opposition (NSA and other spies)--add the Moon and we have an obsessive need for privacy, for more power, and adds another health implication, possibly of young people.

Natives born under the influence of 18N and events occurring include: Robert F. Kennedy, Secretary of State John Kerry, war architect and global banker Paul "Spit Comb" Wolfowitz, and the assassination of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. As with 17S, 18N has manifested in the years 1907, 1925, 1943, 1961, 1979, 1997, (2015); next: 2033.

3. March 9, 2016 18S themes include potentials for: endings, separations, and partings which can relate to travel or to endings of relationships or alliances; grief and anguish may follow yet the pain of separation can be lessened by new situations which create positive outcomes.

The Initial Eclipse of the 18S Series occurred on August 20, 1096 OS @3Sco29 with forceful Mars-Pluto undertones; this degree conjoins the current position of US Secondary Progressed Saturn Rx showing America's compromised authority in the world.

A major flavor within the 18S initial eclipse is an obsessive quindecile aspect (165 degr) between two money planets, Venus and Jupiter which on one level can give much creative energy but also indicates an excessive drive for relationships and/or money; ideals, morals, and ethics are often based on material gain, belief systems tend to motivate action, and excess and indulgence are potentials. For positive expressions of 18S, education is essential. (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

An interesting list of characters and entities born or occurring under 18S includes: Sirhan Sirhan, Craig Ferguson, Rudy Giuliani, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Piet Mondrian, the city of St. Augustine, Florida, the US hostage release by Iran staged just in time for Reagan's first Inauguration, and the surrender of General Cornwallis to General George Washington at an hour, date, and location of Freemason George's choosing.

18S has manifested in the years 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980, 1998, (2016); next: 2034.

4. Sept 1, 2016 19N themes include potentials for: coming down to earth with a sense of realism; becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is--it's a constructive time for tackling the truth.

19N's Initial Eclipse manifested on July 5, 1331 OS @20Can32 which now conjoins the light-and-dark Twin Stars Castor and Pollux; the Moon becomes an influence through its rulership of Cancer so that security, nurturing, food concerns, toxicity, and other family and physical matters filter through the Sept 2016 eclipse sign of Virgo, sign of Work, Health, and Service (including Military and Police Service.) Naturally the victim-savior axis remains in force here along with issues of slave trading, sex and drug trafficking, and abuse of power.

A list of 19N alumni includes: Paul Singer, President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Republican Party (1854), and the (Masonic) Great Seal of the United States (1782.) More recently 19N has manifested in the years 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980, 1998, (2016); next: 2034--just as with 18S.

5. Feb 26, 2017 19S themes show potentials for: pleasant surprises, joyous events, sudden happiness, the lucky break or win; positive life changes may ensue.

19S's Initial Eclipse occurred on April 16, 1512 OS (this date may be incorrect) @5Tau27 thus adding Venusian-Taurean qualities to the February 2017 eclipse with its murky if inspirational and compassionate Piscean brew. As always with the sign of Two Fishes, the high road or the low road may be taken to the heights or the depths. And one man's 'lucky break' is often a result of another man's loss.

One curious factor of the eclipse of 1512 is that quirky, disruptive rebel, Uranus, was then at 15Aries07 where it now lurches once again--basically a Uranus Return to the 1512 Solar Eclipse horoscope. Notable? We shall see for it's quite difficult to tell with Uranus which may not always act at all. Yet we are discussing eclipses as 'wild cards' of a Uranian nature--'out of the blue' events which may suddenly change the rules of any game. Plus, 19S's initial eclipse contains a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker, but also of the foreigner or the fanatic (usually with an idealistic or religious quality.) Helpfully, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is also present though which overindulgence or extravagance may be evident.

19S manifested in the years 1908, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981, 1999, (2017); next: 2035. Its 'devotees' include the Democratic Party (1801), Reagan's near-assassination (saved by Astrology?!), the White House and the US Congress (Nov 1800), Wounded Knee (1890), the UK (Jan 1, 1801), Vince Foster, Eric Cantor, Johnny Depp, and Paris Hilton.

6. August 21, 2017's 1N Solar Eclipse @29Leo is highlighted because it is the first Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible in all the 48 states. It is also significant because it manifests on a critical-crisis 29th degree and is near a Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, now precessed into very early Virgo with the keywords, 'success if revenge is avoided'.

A Solar Eclipse in proud Leo, ruled by the Sun (ego, hero's journey, natural leadership, royalty, creativity, vitality) denotes that karmic progress depends on use of such positive Leonine qualities. Pride, arrogance, egocentricity, vanity, pomposity, and other negative traits of Leo retard or block karmic progress.

In 2017, the manifestation of 1N is the first time the 'Nostradamus' 'King of Terror' (or, 'Alarm')--the 'Mother of All Eclipses'--has repeated since its much-touted manifestation @18Leo on August 11, 1999. The Fixed Grand Cross of that eclipse is notable for its appearance in the Book of Revelation of the Oxen Point, the Lion Point, the Eagle Point, and the Angel Point of the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.)

Perhaps you prefer to think this link by eclipse between 1999 and 2017 is of no matter. Well, as always, dear reader, that is up to you. Yet the Fixed Cross degrees and the degree and sign of the 1999 eclipse are sensitized and I expect some repetition of such themes. And yes, I do believe it is late days in earthly history. So let us continue our consideration...

Themes of 1N: unexpected events concerning groups or friends occur and place great pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large yet hasty decisions are unwise since information is distorted and possibly false; health matters and fatigue are associated with 1N.

The initial eclipse in the 1N Series occurred @13Cap48 (opposite US natal Sun = leadership) on January 4, 1639 OS with a money/power-related Jupiter-Pluto opposition across the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Jupiter-Pluto pair denotes bankers, politicians, power brokers, and big wheeler-dealers who mount large projects.

There are those who believe that the US presidential election of 2016 will be America's last but even if this is not so, difficult events are on the menu for our nation and for global populations. These will be blended with positive events, of course, for that is the nature of our dualistic, dark v light, world. One hint in the initial eclipse is that 1639 Saturn conjoins US natal South Node @6Aquarius (Neptune's 'Medina degree' conjoined on 9/11/01), a point of separation that is ruled by Saturn, planet of authority and control. And of course, we are nearing the first-ever US Pluto Return/s of 2022 (3x) the effects of which no one can predict since it has not happened before in US history.

Another possibility for a Saturn-SN connection is a continental shift or other natural disaster that physically splits America--or, on political and social levels, perhaps current secessionist movements will gain some amount of 'success' and splinter our Perpetual Union.

Yes, our Pluto returning to natal degree may apply to 'loss of authority or control' issues at home or abroad (loss of global status, the dollar sinks?) since in the US natal horoscope of July 4, 1776, Pluto @27Cap33 is out-of-bounds and, I believe, directed the Founders and events from afar, probably via a secret society or societies. Wealthy Pluto's opposition to US natal Mercury Rx in Cancer keys it to the events of that day such as the authoring and signing of our 'Freedom Documents', war funding and revolutionary planning, and the use of the 'providential' All-Seeing Eye of Horus as an American symbol. In Sabian Symbols, US Mercury '25Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" which reminds us all of powerful Pluto's mythological Cape of Invisibility and it's Luciferianism all the way--even the Statue of Liberty, the torch-bearer of the satanic Illuminati--the statue made of copper, the metal of Venus. Every time we marvel at 'Lady Liberty' they slyly wink at how we're worshipping Lucifer!

1N manifested in the years 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 (Reagan!), 1999 as noted, (2017); next: 2035.

A few of 1N's people and events born or founded under its rays must be added in closing: Washington Irving (of 'headless horseman' fame now popularized by Fox TV's series Sleepy Hollow with its apocalypse themes), Lou Dobbs, the United Nations, and Harry Truman's Atomic Bomb Attack of August 6, 1945. (Harry "gave 'em hell" all right: the abomination of desolation.)

In conclusion:

Since eclipses often behave as 'wild cards' of the Universe--in a sudden, unexpected, Uranian fashion--we should find that many secrets and crimes continue to be revealed along with surprises and shocking events which may arise from the manifestation of the Solar Eclipses above, and from their corresponding Lunar Eclipses though these effects may happen more often on an inner level for most of us. Of course, being familiar with one's own natal horoscope is handy for discovering in which houses (departments of life) eclipses fall and which planets and aspects may be affected, stimulated, or triggered--and for how long.


*OS = Old Style (Julian Calendar.)

The eclipse themes in this post are paraphrased primarily from Bernadette Brady's excellent book Predictive Astrology with additional input from Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse, plus, reliance upon years of my personal notes from previous consulting work and historical horoscope studies.

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"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Real Animals, Fake Paws Footage"

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Real Animals, Fake Paws Footage
We have provided this footage for you to do your own Supreme Court reenactments. Please feel free to use it, post your videos, and tag them #RealAnimalsFakePaws so we can find them.

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Surviving the Matrix: "We Live in a World of Deception" -- Max Igan

Surviving the Matrix Oct 10, 2014: Season 3 Episode 1:
We Live in a World of Deception
Surviving the Matrix - Season 3 - Episode 1 - We Live in a World of Deception
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Oct 17, 2014

Oct 16, 2014

Oct 16, 2014: Stars Over Washington turns 9 years old today!

Today marks the 9th birthday of Stars Over Washington which was born at 3:30 am edt on October 16, 2005, Athens, Georgia. Yes, this blog is definitely gray around the muzzle now yet it still manages to aid somewhat in releasing my frustration concerning the mismanagement of what this populist believes is the greatest nation the world has ever known: the United States of America!

As you see by its birth date my frustration with the US government reached a boiling point under the usurping dual presidency of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the 'Bush-Cheney regime' as I've often called it, and after a few years of fussing about Politics with hints of Astrology included (in Slate.com's forum The Fray) a blog simply had to be created. This is it.

Then in 2008 I added a 'tapestry blog' on WordPress which included Politics, Astrology, and Political Astrology titled Jude's Threshold, the name a reference to Saturn as guardian of the threshold, the planet's job in my natal 12th house of the Unconscious. He stays quite busy as you may imagine, helped a little by a mutual reception with natal Mercury in Capricorn.

So to celebrate this day and the rather slog it's been, I checked back to October 16, 2005 to see the Sun-Moon blend influences imprinting Stars Over Washington. They are listed below along with today's 9th birthday blend for the sake of comparison. Check them out if you wish!

October 16, 2005 3:30 am edt: Sun Libra-Moon Aries, a 'live wire' Air-Fire blend with a 23-degree Sun conjoining Fixed Stars Arcturus (the White House) and Spica ('the spike', the Washington Monument as they line up, earth to heaven, on the Masonic Federal Triangle of Washington, DC, my former city of residence.)

Sun Libra-Moon Aries is, of course, on the Self-Others axis which seemed appropriate at the time I created this blog and identifies as a 'peace-making crusader' and a 'cool-headed idealist who has spunk and courage'. it gives ability to initiate projects and needs to be actively engaged but with an 'eccentric twist'. Well, yes, over the years I have given quite a bit of space here for your consideration to 'conspiracy theories' via video and article links--not all have I endorsed but they make for interesting topics and support my inability to accept all information that any government says at face value. Who could these days?

The Sun Libra-Moon Aries blend is shared natally by a varied cast of characters such as: Dick Gregory, Luciano Pavarotti, Giuseppi Verdi, Shaun Cassidy, Cliff Richard, John Coltrane, Enrico Fermi--and also by a certain poet quoted here most aptly:

"A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man." e.e.cummings

The 'Images for Integration' for Sun Libra-Moon Aries: "A little girl and a little boy barter whilst playing on a see-saw. She wants his toy gun; he wants her cream cake. They decide to share." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

(Personally this relates to my natal horoscope with its see-saw pattern of planets which necessitates a constant weighing of polarities and alternate views. And I prefer cream cakes to any sort of gun. And curiously, as a child of the Flower Power Generation and an art school student, I didn't manage to attend a great many rallies and protests of the day but one rally I did attend featured a speaker listed above: Dick Gregory.)

Nine Years Later: October 16, 2014

At 3:30 am edt today, the Moon was in late Cancer which gives S'OW's 9th year (actually its 10th year, now entered) a Sun Libra-Moon Cancer Air-Water blend of energies, a misty mix that can break into tears quite easily. This reveals the fact that since 2005 the direction in which America has been forced to march brings me to tears and I'm certain a natal Pisces Moon aids in this. That the American people continue for the most part to allow themselves to remain divided by ace operators using the traditional 'divide and conquer' tactic makes me sad for my country and its people, most of whom I believe are decent as are populations of countries across the globe.

Does anyone believe we'd be facing World War Three if politicians and their wealthy enablers of a demonic persuasion weren't willing it to be so? For as we know, old men wage wars for young men (and women) to fight--for profit. Theirs not ours. Such dupes we can be! But remember, this blogger is of the 'what if they threw a war and no one showed up?' school of thought. Let the old men duke it out!

Okay, I'll hush on the WWIII topic for we all like to hide our noggins in the sand over that one even while we watch in horror current political machinations in the Middle East. So let's close this somber, moody birthday celebration with a few tidbits concerning today's Sun Libra-Moon Cancer combination as S'OW enters its 10th year...first the blend's 'Images for Integration': "A patriot rouses the masses to seek education, and then goes home to cook dinner for his friends."

This Image I like! Especially considering my natal MC's Sabian Symbol which I'll let you check for yourself: 16 Gemini, conjunct Rigel (to teach.)

Potentials of the Libra-Cancer combo include: concern for others with interests in art, history, mythology, music, and teaching; respect for the rights of others; artistic imagination; powers of communication; adaptability.

Well, you may not agree with such a lofty assessment of this blog or of me especially if you decry my use of Political Astrology through a common-good lens--your right, of course. But perhaps a brief list of the natives who share the Libra-Cancer blend will be of interest: Eleanor Roosevelt, Annie Besant, Paul Simon, John Kenneth Galbraith--and Graham Greene who informs us that,

"Sentimentality--that's what we call the sentiment we don't share."

For George W. Bush's natal Sun-Moon personality blend, plus some very interesting Sabian and Carelli Symnbols that describe him, visit the first-ever S'OW post here.

Oct 14, 2014

Natal Horoscope: Democratic Party February 17, 1801

Image: Democratic Party February 17, 1801 1:00 pm LMT (NS) +5:08:09 Washington DC; Hour of Jupiter (25Can57 Rx in 2nd house of Values and Earning Ability):

This horoscope is a different version for the Democratic Party than is usually found online and is posted here for future reference; please enlarge the image to read my scribbled notes if you may. Transits to and progressions of the chart will be discussed in a later post. jc

*Many thanks to Bill Sellers who kindly alerted me to this natal data gleaned from the Papers of Thomas Jefferson.

"Ebola, Cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, Obamacare and the CFR: What Exactly Is Going on Here?"

Ebola, Cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, Obamacare and the CFR: What Exactly Is Going on Here?
And what's up with Mukpo's media team led by NBC chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman — who apparently is a real doctor, she has a degree and everything — breaking her Ebola quarantine to go to a restaurant for takeout? She's obviously really worried about Ebola. After all, she was over in Liberia, witnessed the situation for herself firsthand, her cameraman becomes infected with the deadly, awful disease and she's SO concerned for herself and everyone else in this country that she...breaks quarantine for some soup?

Question: If even SHE of all people isn't taking this situation all that seriously, and she's been to the so-called hot zone and witnessed her coworker becoming infected, then how is anyone else supposed to take it seriously?

Mukpo on the other hand, who has a master's from the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics and who was previously working for the UN and the Sustainable Development Institute over in Liberia before he got the gig with NBC, is far from just a cameraman. Did you know there's a documentary about his life as a reincarnated lama? It's also notable that his dad just so happens to chair the Robert Wood Johnson ICU Peer Workgroup in End-of-Life Care board. RWJ, by the way, just so happens to be the largest healthcare-only philanthropy in the U.S. and was the most influential in the passage of Obamacare, spending millions to promote it. Obamacare, it just so happens, is exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations is currently touting as the very thing that will save us Americans from Ebola.

Obamacare, of course, follows the CDC mandates on vaccinations...a list to which a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine is likely about to be added.

Lots of coincidences, huh? It just so happens...

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"Max Igan - Peoples Internet Radio Ireland - Oct 13th, 2014"

Jude Cowell has shared a video with you on YouTube
Max Igan - Peoples Internet Radio Ireland - Oct 13th, 2014
Max Igan - Peoples Internet Radio Ireland - Oct 13th, 2014
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Oct 13, 2014

"10 fascinating facts on the White House’s 222nd anniversary"

Here are 10 fascinating facts on the White House's 222nd anniversary:


But you'll find no mention of the Executive Mansion as the White Masonic Lodge that it is other than indirectly due to its 'missing' cornerstone ceremoniously laid in 1792 by Freemasons. And it's the one house in America where we know George Washington never slept!

An Astro-Peek at America's Nov 4, 2014 Midterms

A Few Horoscope Factors in Effect on November 4, 2014: Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

With all the deceit and illusion on display in the horoscope/s of the 2014 Midterm Elections and considering my cramped schedule these days I have hesitated to type much on the topic of November 4th Midterms other than that the Astrology looks in favor of the Democratic President's party especially with Venus, planet of attraction, in the same sign of Scorpio as the Sun (leadership.)

Yet caution must be advised since the usual dirty tricks will also be in force such as gerrymandering, ballot box tampering, voter list suppression, and voting machine shenanigans, and other political ploys, plus, campaign ad fibs which those whose policies are not in the best interests of the American people, the US government (and its continued sovereignty), and our business interests have no qualms whatsoever about implementing against democracy. This is the 'might makes right' 'win at any cost' crowd of plutocrats with which Washington DC, my former city of residence, is now infested (see my blog's description underneath its title, above. Written in 2005, I wasn't joking then and I'm not joking now.)

For my study of November 4, 2014 elections, I set up three charts for Washington DC: 12:00 am EST, 12:29 pm EST (Moon conjunct Uranus Rx @13Ari26 in 2nd house), and 11:59 pm EST, we find the Locomotive pattern with Jupiter @20Leo as lead planet: the high-powered executive, The General, the Commander-in-Chief, or, the ruthless corporate hack, shill, or CEO, marching us toward World War III. Even religious leaders are suspect in my opinion for there's a "religious leaders who crave political power" vibe to the day along with an excitable Moon-Uranus tone of anxiety as fearful Pluto @11Cap lurks near an out-of-bounds Mars (OOBs) which ranges from 6--8 Capricorn--exalted there yet off on his own doing who-knows-what: sabotage? arson? terrorist acts? Possibly for there may be foreigners entering the country for no good reason, possibly prior to November 4th as Republicans are already using fear in campaign ads to justify what they hope is a good enough reason to say, Vote Republican. Yet with testy Mars OOBs, homegrown terrorists and political operatives cannot be ruled out, nor can fugitives on the loose.

And let's remember that the shabbily botched response to the first case of ebola in the US occurred in Texas under the cost-cutting tutelage of a Republican governor, Rick Perry, and other austerity measures touted by the GOP could hardly be expected to improve public health concerns in the US as we face contagions of various kinds and hospitals close in states where Medicaid was not expanded. It's called 'public health' and supporting it helps protect everyone.

Now we must flip the political conflict coin for on the Democratic side we have an inflated Treasury as part of the picture...deceit, illusion, religious leaders hankering for power, inflated currency are described by Jupiter quindecile Neptune (R. Reeves.) Plus, America's natal Neptune @22Virgo is apex planet of a *midpoint between voting Mercury, planet of reporters, traders, and young people, and corporate Jupiter which creates an atmosphere of 'putting too much faith in poorly explained or confusing theories' and use of 'erroneous thinking', some of which has been resurrected in honor of winning elections at any price--the Machiavellian model in use for centuries now by the political class and their arrogant enablers.

(Note that the attacks of 9/11/01 and the Great Bush-Cheney Heist, aka, Financial Crash 2008, which occurred on the GOP's 8-year watch is what they wish we'd forget. I do not forget. Do you?)

The November 4th horoscope/s also show feminine influences and minority group involvement which reflect the fact that a large turn-out by each group would surely favor Democrats. Yes indeedy. However, Independent candidates now en vogue are not left out of the astrological picture for Sun inconjunct Uranus denotes a picture of an independent type of leader, rebels, and original thinkers but also those who fear compromise (or who use fear or shock to support their goals), and/or those who hide strong feelings behind mild exteriors.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries is a zealous, workaholic, moody, and pugnacious combination and is in effect the entire 24 hours of November 4, 2014 which imprints it upon Midterms 2014--in fact, at 11:59 pm EST, the Moon conjoins US natal Chiron with its Sabian Symbol, "A Pugilist Enters the Ring" which may on one level have to do with run-offs in certain states, my home state of Georgia included (Nunn v Perdue.)

This forceful Sun Sco-Moon Aries blend is shared natally by St. Augustine, Charles H. Dow, and Bill Gates, and has two interesting 'Images for Integration':

"A crusader fights for her vision of truth...A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge." (Charles & Suzi Harvey, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Now I doubt the second image could possibly refer to any Republican candidate since their "I am not a scientist' talking point of idiocy has gone gray around the muzzle with overuse!

Additionally, I again mention that an Aries Moon is the "I AM the People" indicator so my hope is that more voters turn out at polling booths on November 4th than anti-democratic politicians are expecting even with all their dirty tricks meant to sway outcomes.

Background influences include the Lunar Eclipse of October 8, 2014 (@15Ari05 conjunct unpredictable Uranus Rx) and the Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 @00Sco24 which are in effect for our 2014 Midterms with their strong Mars-Pluto (Scorpio) and Mars (Aries) vibes of power, conflict, war, and infection. Plus, some of their input hints at aggression being used against the populace as We the People continue in protest/activist mode. If you want to glance at the Oct 8th and Oct 23rd horoscopes set for Washington DC, why not scroll down a little and type 'Eclipses' into the Search field of this blog's sidebar?

*See Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.


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