Aug 1, 2015

What Did Rachel Carson Discover? "Silent Spring" - C-SPAN interview

This C-SPAN interview concerning Rachel Carson, pioneering author of Silent Spring, may be educational for those with environmental and ecological interests--which include everyone who lives on planet Earth:

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Quite a while back I published the natal horoscope of Rachel Carson with a few details and here it is as previously displayed:

Curiously, Carson's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series is the 17 South and prior to her birth, 17S manifested @22Cap56. I say curiously because 17S happens to be the Series we are now in since the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 is in effect until at least September when a new eclipse occurs @20Vir10 in the 18 North Series. As you know, 29Pis27 conjoins the Aries Point (00Ari00:00) of World Manifestation, Prominence, Recognition, and Fame but the 29th degree of any sign is a critical-crisis degree. And actually, I believe the 17S eclipse remains in effect for the year until Spring Equinox 2016 in tandem with the Aries Ingress 2015 horoscope.

(An eclipse near the Saturnian South Node of the Moon indicates that energy rushes out of the chart, not in, as with a Jupiterian North Node eclipse.)

In addition, the March 2015 eclipse conjoins Carson's natal Ascendant and in my estimation describes the desperate condition of planet Earth now that Robber Barons and their plundering descendants (both biological and ideological) have pillaged so many of our planet's resources, then refused to take responsibility for the messes they leave behind--or will leave behind with the carnage ongoing. No one can say that Rachel Carson didn't warn us.

So now we're being warned yet again via the 2015 Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse at crisis point...

Silent Spring!

For more details on Rachel Carson and her natal chart, read my original post here.

Virgo August 2015 - Steve Judd, video

Not everyone was born with planets, angles, or nodes in Mercury-ruled Virgo, but we all have the discriminating, purifying, scientific sign located somewhere in our natal horoscopes. Here's astrologer Steve Judd giving an overview of August 2015 for the sign of Virgo, the Virgin (and the sign of Washington DC!), including the July 25th Retrograde Station of Venus @00Virgo46 (Direct Station Sep 6th @14Leo23), and transit Jupiter entering Virgo on or about August 12, 2015:

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Jul 31, 2015

What is a Diurnal Chart? - David Cochrane explains

Know Thyself!

If you've ever set up a diurnal chart for yourself or others, you know it's a good way to keep up with personal affairs. And it's most revealing to set up a series of them which works well for those who regularly keep dream diaries:

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James K. Galbraith: U.S. Economy is Rickety

In the News: Madagascar June 26, 1960

Between a famous lion meeting a tragic fate to mysterious washed up airplane wings, Madagascar is being mentioned multiple times in the news of late so I'm posting details for anyone who wishes to set up a natal horoscope for Madagascar which gained independence from France on June 26, 1960 as the Malagasy Republic. Celebrations were held during that morning but as Nicholas Campion mentions in The Book of World Horoscopes, a time of 00:00 hours would be the normal French practice and this gives an Ascendant of 6Ari11.

If you set up the chart, you'll see Madagascar's Midheaven (MC, the most visible point in any horoscope) @5Cap59 and natal Saturn @15Cap57 Rx in the public 10th house, and ruler of Capricorn. I note this because astrological Pluto is one of the major indicators of death and power (both power's use and abuse) and transit Pluto has recently crossed the MC of Madagascar, and has and will again conjoin natal Saturn. From these astrological conditions it is no surprise that such tragic issues are in the news and are affecting Madagascar's public reputation and status (MC). And as you know, both Saturn and Pluto are considered karmic planets that can bring weighty events stemming from the past and into the present. Actually, the two are in friendly, cooperative mutual reception since transit Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio.

Of course there are several other chart factors of note such as chart-ruler Mars in Taurus (2nd house) opposing Neptune Rx in Scorpio in the 8th house of Big Business, Transformation, and Death so perhaps you'll wish to calculate the horoscope of beautiful Madagascar and see what you can see concerning this double Water Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer locale well known for its amazing waterfalls.

Jul 30, 2015

Comcast Orders MSNBC To Remove Anti-TPP Hosts - video

The Ed Schultz show on MSNBC has been targeted for cancellation by behemoth Comcast, a corporation that helped write the draconian, corporate-based, anti-democratic TPP trade "deal". My hope is that Mr. Schultz will continue broadcasting on radio if not on another TV channel because I greatly appreciate his work on behalf of the Common Good:

Repeal #CitizensUnited #Corporatism #TPP #MSNBC #NBC #EdSchultz

See Who Owns Comcast? or in this case, what broadcast entity does Comcast own since 2011 so that bossing around MSNBC is possible?

As the power elite well know, Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

George Carlin On 'Pro-Life' Conservatives - video

Here's George Carlin telling the truth about conservatives and what they really mean by their "pro-life" stance as they utilize the abortion rights issue as a wedge to divide the American people and keep us riled up:

Did I witness comedian George Carlin making these very remarks when I saw him in concert in the 1960s? I don't know. But since we're already stuck in the 2016 campaign mode I'm glad I found this YouTube clip to show you now!

#Republicans #Conservatism #WarOnWomen #Misogyny #GeorgeCarlin #Abortion #ProLife

'Conservatism'...another of Pluto-Chiron's oppressive, exploitative -isms.