Oct 18, 2017

Tillerson and Trump: Two Mercury-Neptune Dudes

By DonkeyHotey (Rex Tillerson - Caricature) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump's Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil (2006--2016), was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on March 23, 1952. On that date, the Sun ranged from 2Ari33 to 3Ari32 and the Moon traveled from 27AQ47 to 12Pis16 which creates two possible Sun-Moon blends--either his is a Fire-Air personality of rationality, efficiency, and innovation, or a steamy, volatile Fire-Water personality that can scald as well as cleanse. Mr. Tillerson's Prenatal Eclipse themes are noted, below.

Setting up synastry grid between the natal charts of Mr. Trump and Mr. Tillerson shows a quite a few squares between their planets along with other contacts, of course. Apparently theirs is a dynamic relationship between two willful overachievers with big egos yet theirs may be a sympatico relationship enough to last awhile--or not. Plus, there are insinuating energies since both men were born with challenging Mercury-Neptune aspects in their natal charts, aspects which suggest stretched truths, distorted facts, indiscretion, and off-kilter perceptions, unintentional and unconscious though inaccuracies may be. Both the square (Trump) and opposition (Tillerson) between Mercury and Neptune denote strong tendencies to fantasize.

Mr. Tillerson's Prenatal Eclipse Feb 25, 1952 @6Pisces: 8 North Saros Series

The last manifestation of an 8 North Solar Eclipse occurred on April 29, 2006 @8Aries; the next will be a Total Solar Eclipse on April 4, 2024 @19Aries (the exaltation of the Sun degree and Tillerson's natal Mercury degree). 8 North's initial eclipse occurred on May 17, 1501 @4Gem51 so his PE in Pisces should be viewed through a Mercury-ruled Gemini lens for more in-depth information. Also note that a PE in mystical Pisces typically indicates a person with esoteric or metaphysical interests.

8 North themes: flashes of genius, dreams, visions, hunches, intuitive leaps, insights, good ideas; "new-found inspiration pulls the person away" from social relationships and "causes strain in the private life" because the person "needs to be free if only for a few weeks" (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady).

You'll find a more complete analysis of Mr. Tillerson's natal chart (with a view of his horoscope set for noon) posted on the website of expert astrologer Majorie Orr along with that of Goldman-Sachs President Gary Cohn, Trump's choice for director of the National Economic Council (no confirmation needed). Their composite (relationship) charts with Mr. Trump are also displayed and discussed.

And published December 14, 2016, here's a brief interview in which Rex Tillerson explains his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Oct 16, 2017

Oct 19 2017: White Supremacist to Speak at University of Florida

October 16, 2017

White Supremacist and promoter of "alt-right thought" Richard B. Spencer is scheduled to speak on October 19, 2017 at the University of Florida. Today Governor Rick Scott declared a State of Emergency by executive order, ostensibly so that local and state police and other security forces such as the National Guard are well prepared and may be quickly called upon in case of any riots or violence which may ensue. You'll remember that Spencer played a major part in the August 12, 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia protests which turned into riots, fighting, and, the next day, lead to the death-by-car of a young lady named Heather Heyer. Others attendees were injured as well.

As for the October 19th event, no one at the University of Florida invited Spenser to speak and no one there is sponsoring or hosting him. His organization is renting the location though the University will pick up a hefty tab for extra security. Lots more details are available at the UF Oct 19th Free Speech Q & A page if you're curious.

Now I confess to having little or no patience for, nor interest in, the Astrology of such a person as Mr. Spencer but it is a curiosity the way his Florida University speech is being handled along with the free speech issues it stirs up. Campus and Community security will be tight yet one is tempted to hope that Governor Scott's executive order isn't in effect giving Spencer publicity rather than supplying extra security for the UF students and others during speech and its aftermath. Even so, let's take a brief astro-peek at the situation.

Richard Spencer was born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 11, 1978 at an hour unknown to me yet we may gain a general idea of the cosmic influences at work the day of his speech, the exact hour of which I also do not know. So I'm using noon for his natal planets and the cosmically timed moment of the October 19, 2017 New Moon @26Lib35 for his speech just for the sake of comparison. Did an astrologer set the speech's date because there's a New Moon? Well, we're entering the dark of the Moon phase as I publish this post tonight, a perfect 3-day window of time for shady doings that go bump in the night. Plus, a New Moon phase is for planting seeds or ideas to germinate so I suppose Mr. Spencer hopes to plant ideas in the heads of...well, whoever attends his speech, I guess, or hears it in media.

Brief Astro-Notes on Richard B. Spencer

A chart set for May 11, 1978 Boston, MA shows the Moon ranging on that date from 4Can07 to 16Can30 and the Sun from 20Tau06 to 21Tau04 (Sun conjunct asteroid Pandora--will her box be opened October 19th and societal ills let out to roam?) Well, as you know, side-winding Cancer (The Crab) is a tribal sign, very self-protective and canny, while Taurus (The Bull) can be extremely stubborn and intolerant of others. (Positive traits apply to Cancer and Taurus as well but we're looking at a Nazi promoter of the alt-right Breitbart persuasion.)

Still, the Sun Taurus-Moon Cancer personality blend does possess an amount of diplomacy, reliability, and a love of family though prejudice and a sensitivity to real or imagined slights may be in evidence. There can be a "narrow preoccupation to (his) own approach to life" and a "lack of sympathy for ideas and theories which are outside (his) experience." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

As for the October 19, 2017 New Moon as a transit chart to Spencer's natal planets, a prominent one is transit North Node (public contacts/encounters/publicity) pointing toward his natal Saturn @23Leo which suggests serious meetings, and/or meetings with more mature or experienced people. Another factor in the Saturn-NN picture is that his natal Saturn is apex of a midpoint of power, influence, and wealth: Jupiter-Pluto. This denotes difficulties in developing or progressing although political activities are indicated. Is that perhaps a Saturnian Mr. Bannon behind the curtain?

And it may be that disruptive Uranus Rx @26Ari31 will show his radical reactionary tendencies and anarchism in opposition to the New Moon @26Lib35 and bring rebellion and conflict into the picture. Plus, his natal Mercury @24Aries has recently been energized, even electrified, by transit Uranus but natal Mercury is opposed by the New Moon. This denotes difficulties or disagreements involving communications, probably in the form of incompatible opinions or even heckling. Perhaps few people will listen to him or his progress may be blocked at every turn.

Spencer's Two Natal Solar Aspects

Basically, Mr. Spencer was born with a Sun-Saturn square (applying) and a Sun-Uranus opposition (separating, and thus unconscious) so we may expect him to exhibit a "struggle for success" (Oken) and a compulsive tendency toward anti-social behavior.

And though there is much more to the man and his natal planets, without an accurate birth hour (and considering his attitude toward certain people) I am reluctant to spend any more time (which is precious) on such an anti-social character. My sincere hope is that all goes safely on Thursday at the University of Florida, on Campus and in the Community alike, and that Mr. Spencer's minions and other attendees manage to control their animal natures instead of using them as wildly as possible in order to get themselves in the news.

Oct 16 2017: Stars Over Washington is 12 years old!

October 16, 2017: Stars Over Washington turns 12 today as its page view count nears two million. As you know, 12 is the age of accountability on the religious plane though this truism may not apply to a Political Astrology blog suffused with its Flower Power author's common good and peacenik sensibilities.

Of course for astrologers, 12 years brings to mind planet Jupiter so naturally I set up SO'W's Jupiter Return horoscope and found that it perfected on September 30, 2017. However, SO'W has never been about money and yours truly, a D.A.R. candidate, has never been on anyone's payroll, political or otherwise, for I'm an equal-opportunity critic of government! Writing this blog of dissent for the sake of America is the very least I can do for my ancestors who sacrificed, fought, and died for this country.

As always, readers are welcome to disagree with my political views but I'm typing them anyway--usually by using the excellent lens of Astrology to peek at the dark creatures who meddle with our lives as if they have the right!

So never mind Jupiter--today let's consider a few factors in the Solar Return 2017 chart of SO'W instead.

Natal and Solar Return (SR) chart-rulers are the same with Leo rising: the Sun in Libra. Both charts show Sun applying to conjoin jolly Jupiter, one of the societal planets (along with Saturn) that can also represent politicians as well as financiers, donors, corporatists, and gurus of various stripes. As chart-ruler of the SR 2017 chart, the Sun applies to three aspects which denote how things will proceed for the upcoming year (until Oct 16, 2018):

1. Sun sextile Saturn (0A13): a time when those in authority--even government!!--can or do offer advice or aid toward success or at least the opportunity (sextile) to achieve it. Yes, SO'W has been contacted by certain politicians over the years but it's confidential and involves no obvious aid that I can tell!

2. Sun opposite Uranus (3A37): unusual or unexpected actions may be taken and/or SO'W may go off in a new direction. There's really no way to tell with quirky Uranus, planet associated with radical politics and Utopians, and with Astrology and Technology.

3. Sun conjunct Jupiter (8A11): courage and optimism increase along with an expansion of knowledge--which is odd since I can hardly keep up with my book, article, and newsletter reading as it is! Plus, if this were transit Jupiter to natal Sun, indications would suggest that a project begun 12 years ago will end or will be raised to a higher level. Well, I did seriously consider ending SO'W last week but instead renewed its domain for another year--if only because 12 is an even number and 11 isn't!

The last chart factor I want to mention today is the Sun-Chiron pair which denotes one's Quest in life. In the natal horoscope of SO'W, Sun squares Chiron denoting that my Quest in setting up and writing SO'W concerned issues of socio-cultural authority (how true--the Bush-Cheney regime was on my last nerve by October 2005).

Now in the SR 2017 chart, Sun inconjuncts Chiron suggesting that for the next year, SO'W's Quest concerns health, education, and welfare (Nolle), three of the areas now under attack by the GOP, corporate Democrats, and their totem moron, Donald Trump, the insulter-in-chief.

Now if these crippling attacks that harm 99% of the American people don't stretch my nerves to a breaking point and inspire my continued dissent, I'm not certain what ever could.

My warmest thanks to all SO'W readers through the years for their kind Comments and encouraging Shares! America Forever, Jude

Oct 15, 2017

DC Horoscopes November 2017 Lunations: Mars in Libra

Here are the lunations, Full and New Moons, of November 2017. The charts are set for the White House and both show warrior Mars in Venus-ruled Libra as lead planet of a Locomotive shape which denotes success and power through an executive eccentricity--a self-driving individual (Jones).

Given that Mr. Trump's natal Mars rises in his chart, he is an obvious guess as to the identity of this Mars @7Libra which by transit has just conjoined his natal Neptune (5Libra) (unwise decisions, misunderstandings, actions misguided or undermined) and at the New Moon approaches Trump's natal Jupiter (17Lib27 Stationary Direct), a time when plans and appetites are expanded or widened, whether practical, wise, or not.

And once transit Mars nestles between Mr. Trump's inflated natal Neptune and Jupiter, a midpoint picture forms suggesting potentials for: unreliability, irresponsibility, being let down by others, speculation, and/or an urge to realize plans without prospect (Ebertin). Not so different than his usual behavior, is it?

However, we should note that at the November 4, 2017 Full Moon, Mars leads but is unaspected by the rest of the planets (actors) which may describe Trump not listening to the advice of others for here is a man of power who has withdrawn from various associations and left himself (and the US) isolated. This resonates with the Inauguration 2017 horoscope which shows only the Sun (POTUS) in 10th house (World Stage), all alone by his telephone.

Note that in the Full Moon chart, weaponry and destruction continue to be topics of discussion (Mars-Pluto = Mercury) and some people feel anger and frustration at those who avoid or deny reality (Mars-Neptune = Saturn).

Yet by the time of the November 18th New Moon, fighting Mars is more involved with other actors and, penned on the chart by the New Moon image, are Mars's aspects--the first is important since Mars is chart-ruler (ASC 22Sco55; co-ruled by Pluto @17Cap28) and applies to a square with powerful Pluto. This indicates a period of power struggles, revenge, and jealousy, plus, past actions come up and may cause blockages or obstacles that must be cleared away before current actions can succeed.

Of course, Libra is the sign of diplomacy and Mars in the sign can indicate that too much frankness (or off-hand remarks, insults, and tweets) tend to cause anger and a lack of cooperation (which we've already seen from Mr. Trump as he argues with his own political party and insults anyone who disagrees with or criticizes him). Additionally, too much dependence on moods and feelings, whether from the gut or not, proves to be unwise, another tendency we've seen from the Moon-SN-directed Mr. Trump.

Before closing, perhaps we should add another astro-note concerning the Full Moon @11Tau58 for it has a Thales Planet--Neptune @11Pis33 Rx for Neptune sextiles the Moon, trines the Sun, and perhaps in this role may relieve some of the tension or pressure inherent in the solar-lunar opposition--even if it takes Neptunian lies and fantasies to do it.

Oct 13, 2017

Horoscopes: Reagan's Jupiter Return/s (2017-2018)

Here is a tri-wheel of the current Jupiter Return/s of former president Ronald Reagan whose natal Jupiter @13Sco44 rises in the first Return chart (ASC 13Sco23) of December 14, 2017 along with the Moon (9Sco50) and chart-ruler Mars @3Sco08. All three charts are set for Washington DC although you may want to reset them for California and study each of them separately.

The middle chart shows Jupiter in retrograde phase while the outer chart, the third of three conjunctions to natal degree, shows an interesting Sabian Symbol for the Return ASC--"28Sag": "An Old Bridge Over a Beautiful Stream" which to me relates to the stream of money that the Reagan era provided the wealthy class via 'trickle down economics', a theory that has been repeatedly shown to benefit only the wealthier classes while decimating the fortunes and budgets of the 99%. The 'stream' didn't 'trickle down' as they promised it would--and never will.

Even though he too benefited from 1980s GOP economic policies, Bush Sr called the theory, "Voo Doo Economics" when it politically suited him. And perhaps you remember that during the 1980 presidential campaign, Mr. Reagan revived the Hooverites' theory of the 1920s that corporate tax cuts create jobs which is part of the GOP's discredited scheme to steal from the less affluent classes and gift greedy billionaires.

Nowadays Mr. Trump and the GOP are attempting to sell the public the same snake oil again so my thought is that if the gullible among the American people during the Trump era once again fall for such fraudulent economic drivel, we will all pay the price because 'the third time' will not be the charm.

Ronald Reagan's Current Jupiter Return/s dates with prior Solar Eclipses (PEs):

1. December 14, 2017: PE @29Leo The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North series--as was The Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981

2. June 24, 2018: PE @27AQ the We The People Solar Eclipse in the 1 South series

3. July 26, 2018: PE @20Can, a critical degree conjunct Castor in the 2 Old North series.

For more Eclipse info see Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2018 with Themes.

Another facet of this topic is economist Paul Krugman's 2009 op-ed on Reagan Signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which deregulated the mortgage industry.

Plus, you may also wish to see Millennial Astrologer Analyzes Economic Systems by guest blogger Kevin Estes.

Mr Trump is in a Dark Mood and so are We The People

As POTUS Goes So Goes the American People (and the World)

by Jude Cowell

Gabriel Sherman's recent Vanity Fair article describing Donald Trump as "unraveling" and saying that he "hates everyone in the White House" also mentions that Mr. Trump is in a "dark mood" which resonates astrologically with his current progressed lunar Balsamic phase, the 'dark' endings and separations stage that everyone must go through at times in their lives. No one on Earth is 'above' the Cosmic Calendar or can escape their own karma, the reap-what's-been-sown imperative of the Universe.!

Then at the end of a Balsamic lunar phase, a Secondary Progressed New Moon (SP) occurs yet it is a few years before one sees with clarity the road ahead. Symbolically, Mr. Trump's SP New Moon will perfect in 2019 @3Virgo00, as noted in the Balsamic lunar phase post linked above.

Fake (Neptune) News (Mercury) a Frequent Refrain

Moody and emotionally needy to begin with (natal Moon conjunct South Node of the Moon--mother is implicated), Mr. Trump has been described here and in many other places as unequipped psychologically (natal Mercury in self-protective, tribal Cancer) and emotionally driven (Moon) and therefore unfit for the job of US president. Described as uncontrollable in childhood, he seems determined to remain so now.

Perhaps it is in part Mr. Trump's much-discussed Mercury (thinking processes; communication) square (blockage) Neptune (confusion; veiling; falsehood; fraud; delusion) which makes it difficult to impossible for Trump to listen to those around him and to perceive facts correctly so that his knowledge increases on the various topics his position demands that he understand. Awareness of reality suffers as he drifts into his own little imaginary world where everyone bows to his kingly majesty (Regulus rising) and applauds his (self-imagined) mastery. As he said, the indiscreet Mr. Trump 'thought the job would be easier', the mark of a man who assumes he knows better than anyone, even experts. Anyone who assumes the role of US president must learn on the job yet the Mercury-Neptune-squared Mr. Trump seems--or is--incapable of it. Tragically, his short attention span has become legendary!

Jupiterian Trump Behaves in Uranian Fashion

Emotionally sensitive and always impulsive, the radical (unstable, quixotic) Uranian Mr. Trump is certainly shaking up Washington as his voters assumed they wanted though chaos for the sake of chaos was not the best idea the American voter ever had. A Trump White House has become reality because unfortunately and simultaneously, there existed a wealthy class who realized that Trump was a handy tool to be used against the American people--taking away health care insurance while giving the wealthy large tax cuts, roiling the entire US health care system, privatizing more of our school system, deregulating common sense limits, and other deconstruction efforts that Pluto now in Capricorn favors.

Meanwhile, undermining Neptune floating through its own sign of Pisces aids in the dissolution of our republican style of government, increases fear and paranoia in society, and makes the press seem even more deceptive than it already had. (Not that it's a bad thing to unmask media as a major government propaganda promoter--who hasn't read Orwell?)

Astrologically, both Pluto and Neptune can act as saboteurs as can quirky Uranus, the disruptive shock agent that is Donald Trump for he is our Uranian-in-chief with his oriental 10th house Uranus in Gemini, sign of tweets, news, negotiations, duplicity, multiplicity, off-kilter remarks, and gaffes that when made, inadvertently reveal the truth.

Related: Trump, the Presidency, and the GOP? Neptune at Work!.

Image above: Donald J. Trump, official portrait

Oct 11, 2017

DC Horoscope: Cancer Full Moon Jan 1, 2018

As you remember, the first lunation of year 2017 perfected on January 12, 2017 with a Full Moon @22Can27 and was the culmination-fulfillment stage of the New Moon @7Cap59 of December 29, 2016. These lunations were during the Trump Transition period as he and daughter Ivanka readied for Inauguration 2017 on January 20th.

This time New Year's Day 2018 brings society a Full Moon @11Can37 which, degree-wise, is surrounded by America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in the 2-to-14-degree range of Cancer (July 4, 1776). Goddess star Sirius (The Scorcher) is included. So as before, 2017 business laps into or holds over into the next calendar year of 2018 for the seeding stage, the New Moon @26Sag31 on December 18, 2017 culminates with the New Year's Day 2018 Full Moon.

Please enlarge the following image to read my notes penned on the chart including a high-flying Kite pattern of success with the Full Moon as its tail and the Sun @11Cap37 as the Kite's nose. Mars and Neptune are involved in the pattern as well and form a trine aspect. Midpoint pictures are thus created with these potentials--Mars-Neptune = Sun: discontent; lack of vitality or willpower; infection; undermining of health (or health insurance?- jc); and Moon: crooks; danger of infection; feeling inferior; sensitivity; nervousness; weak, sick, or moody women (Ebertin).

Quirky Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is Station Direct (zealots; anarchists; Utopians -Ebertin), plus, as you see, warrior planet Mars applies to expansive Jupiter (The General; the CEO) in big business Scorpio (3rd house) which may denote troop movements into foreign lands (Mars rules 8th and 9th cusps) along with the Mars-Neptune trine which hints at America's problematic Mars-Neptune square of misguided actions, wrong directions, and 'the fog of war'--an aspect astrologer Alan Oken calls, "The Obsessive Impulse".

Still, it's an Hour of restrictive Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, so we can pray that cooler heads with steadier hands will prevail over hothead Mars-Rising Mr. Trump, the 'obsessive- impulsive' ego-maniacal moron in the White House with his quirky finger on The Button:

See Senior Republican Says Trump May Have to Be Physically Restrained from Launching Nuclear Strike.

And unfortunately no, I don't believe he has any better common sense than to press The Button when his massive and pathetic ego and/or his bank account are challenged. But as I've blogged previously, someone in charge wanted Trump in the White House in order to set up such a dire scenario--and I believe all the chaos, threat, fear and paranoia are based on the Hegelian Dialect and intended to establish a totalitarian 'new world order'. And this includes the noticeable increase of violent "false flag ops" across the globe.

Oct 10, 2017

The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress

Wikimedia; Albert Pike, old age; See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The ongoing political and personal barbs between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump concerning Trump's irresponsible remarks and tweets that could "start World War II" and the continuing Confederate statue removal debate that seems determined by higher powers to delete US history from our eyes, reminds me of the one statue above all others that should be removed for it ties together The Confederacy, white supremacy, World War III, and Donald Trump with his racist brothers in Congress.

Yet as a Southerner with ancestors who fought in the 'Civil' War, I agree with 'our' General Robert E. Lee who in his day made it clear that we should not glorify the war that divided us but move forward with the United States of America and that we should not raise our children to hate the US government!

The now-protested statue of which I complain--and the one that to me should be removed from DC's Judiciary Square before all others--is that of Confederate General Albert Pike--in his day the grand poo bah of Masons, a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and major promoter, some say, of World War III.

But of course, there are those who claim that Pike's 1871 Letter to Mazzini which lays out the Illuminati goals for fomenting three world wars is a hoax. Perhaps you're one of them! Yet if there is skepticism over the letter and its war 'plans' among those-in-the-know it may be a simple question of timing, of not letting the cat out of the war bag before all is in place for global conflagration, victory assured. At war's end these wealthy chaos-creating meddlers expect they will be able to "build anew upon ruins" a totalitarian global government as if it's a good idea and the only course of action. A fret concerning this globalism topic is the upcoming Solar Eclipse of August 2018, nicknamed, The Tower with its theme of collapse and rebuilding.

Well, here's a previous post which includes an informative video Who Is Albert Pike? If you've never taken a few minutes to watch it, please do so now for it directly relates to the current white supremacist in the White House, the man-baby Senator Corker recently said out loud could "start World War III"--something I believe most members of the Republican Party, their enablers in DC (including corporate Dems), and certain bankers want very much to start--many for financial reasons, some for religious or ideological craziness pretexts, and many to establish a 'new world order'--as if God's plan for the world can be rushed by arrogant, greedy idiots!

See An Update Horoscope of the New World Order which is timed by the third Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (18Cap) where transit Pluto hangs out these days ("the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--" and you know that Albert Pike was many things including an astrologer.)

And yet we know that:

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell

So from Jupiterian Trump's recent statements of belligerence, it appears that someone has advised the billionaire-wanna-be of this potential for profit and profit is all he cares about.

Now on the topic of the Civil War here's an excerpt from a previous post with a link to the rest added, below:

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

America and the entire world are now in the grip of the 'hidden hands' of wealthy men who plan another World War and who had a major part in putting hothead Mars-Rising Trump in the White House for such a purpose. Read the rest if you dare or if you simply care about the world's direction: Civil War Apr 12, 1861: Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands.

A Few Astro-Notes on Senator Bob Corker

Have you checked out Bob Corker's Wikipedia profile? Senator Corker was born August 24, 1952 in Orangeburg, SC. His family moved to Tennessee when he was 11 years old. A quick peek at the 24 hours of his birth date (sans birth hour) shows Sun from 00 to 1Virgo+ and Moon ranging from 10 to 22 Libra. As you see, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 eclipsed Corker's natal Sun which conjoins royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. Will Bob Corker run for president? His Libra Moon is among the 2nd house Libra planets of Mr. Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter from 5 to 18 Libra).

The Earth-Air blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Libra denotes a practical idealist and a courteous intellectual (Corker is said to be the most intelligent man in the US Senate). Humorous, considerate, and rational, Bob Corker will be sorely missed in the Senate when or if he fails to run for re-election, as he has stated he would not. A senator and Republican who is ready to forgive others because he recognizes his own fallibility will not be easy to replace with a similar model--actually, impossible to replace from the looks of things for this personality blend shows that he has respect for the dignity of others, excellent reasoning power, and a "civilized concern for the wellbeing of all." And though the senator may at times seem detached, he appreciates both art and science, and has "the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause."

Senator Corker's daily mantra may be: "the unexamined life is not worth living." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey). Of course as we know, this viewpoint is diametrically opposed to the imbecilic profit-above-all mindset of Donald Trump who thinks he's never made a mistake and has nothing to apologize for.

The Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of Bob Corker @28Leo (conjunct The Great American Eclipse degree!) is in the 8 South Saros Series and manifested four days prior to his birth so that his PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) making him something of an 'eclipse baby'. The themes of 8 South, which last occurred in 2006, are: separation, loss, to be finished with something and feel sad; physical injury possible due to over-strain (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, it must be quite a strain having to deal with a red-faced, angry, egotistical Mr. Trump who seems to be attempting to "start World War III" but who can't seem to 'best' Senator Corker whose IQ is probably way above his. I wouldn't want to deal with Trump, would you?

Oct 9, 2017

DC Horoscope: Dec 19, 2017 Saturn Enters Capricorn

Here is a horoscope of the moment on December 19, 2017 that transit Saturn enters its own sign of Capricorn, a significant cosmic event. The horoscope is set for Washington DC with 25Vir18 rising which elects communicator Mercury as chart-ruler, though retrograde (signifying more delay).

Mercury in 3rd house as chart-ruler (and MC ruler) applies to one Ptolemaic aspect, a square to nebulous Neptune @11Pis40 in 6th house (see chart), and conjoins America's natal Ascendant for those who use July 4, 1776 in the late afternoon to set up a US natal horoscope. Naturally, we are reminded of Mr. Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of misperception, indiscretion, falsehood, and wild promotions, or as astrologer Alan Oken terms the aspect, "The Sneaky Mind."

Please enlarge the image since my notes are penned upon the chart including Saturn's upcoming Retrograde Station @9Cap08 on April 17, 2018 and Saturn's Direct Station @2Cap32 on September 6, 2018. As you see, the karmic planet of limitation, delay, accountability, and old age does not leave the labyrinth that is Capricorn once the old man enters the door and crosses the Saturnian threshold where he'll eventually meet and greet transit Pluto @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020 and US natal Pluto (27Cap33), a time when disappointment over the past surges, and there's potential for loss of control over situations and events that are simply too big to handle.

Transit Saturn ends year 2018 @11Cap15 and will eventually enter Aquarius (a sign Saturn traditionally rules) on or about March 23, 2020. Saturn in Aquarius suggests ambitious plans without a solid foundation though there may be a wealth of social aspirations.

And on a rather curious note, conjunct the 12th cusp of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions such as hospitals and prisons, is 28Leo35 which recalls (Mercury Rx) The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 which hit Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant. You'll remember the series' (1 North) themes include: information is distorted and possibly false and unexpected events loom large and put great pressure on relationships (Brady). How much more these potentials can apply to Mr. Trump, his family, and his White House I cannot imagine.

See what karmic Saturn is reaping in the DC Horoscope of Winter Solstice 2017.

Oct 6, 2017

The Emotionally Driven Donald Trump: Moron-in-Chief

In light of the many posts published here the last two years concerning the intellectually challenged, emotionally driven (natal Moon conjunct South Node conjunct Ras Alhague) Donald Trump, this post is a shout-out to the new book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump compiled by two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists and made ethically necessary for the sake of our country due to their professional duty to warn.

Today the book is trending number 3 on Amazon's Best Seller list. Yet alternately, voters on November 8, 2016 could have simply listened to the multiple warnings concerning this unfit-for-office moronic bully (Leo Mars rising with royal Regulus, 'the king') which were repeatedly provided the American public by mundane and other astrologers.

After all, the Jupiterian Mr. Trump is his 10th house oriental Uranus, planet of chaos, shocks, disruption, and radical reforms (see link, below), a know-nothing who cares not at all for the unintended consequences of his poorly thought out plans and quixotic notions that are intended to boost his reputation, keep his name trending atop the 24/7 news cycle, and further line his off-shored pockets.

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