Feb 1, 2015

The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777

Solar Eclipses of 1777 Descriptive of General Washington at Valley Forge

by Jude Cowell

You know the tale of the Winter of 1777 and our defeated army of rebels encamped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania--the bloody trail of bootless soldiers' footprints in the snow, Washington's 'vision' (accounts of which never appeared during his lifetime), the hunger and illness until supplies and new troops reached their position, and Prussian officer Baron von Steuben's excellent 'art of war' training of Washington's rag tag army into a disciplined, fighting force.

Perhaps the "insurgent" army's strengthening and uplifted spirits by the time the troops left Valley Forge on June 18, 1778 may be noted within the themes of the two Solar Eclipses that I believe well describe the tenor of those difficult days. Descriptive of Washington's previous losses in battles and his retreat to Valley Forge is the eclipse of July 4, 1777 in the 14 North Saros Series (14N), the Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) of the Winter at Valley Forge which manifested @13Can10. As you see, this is an eclipse of US natal Sun (July 4, 1776) which may have negative or positive effects on America's leadership (Sun) of the day and identifies 1777 as a pivotal year for our nation.

*14N themes include possibilities for: peculiar turns of events, financial difficulties (Congress was cheap where it should be generous then as now), confusion, despair, illness, and delusion which interferes with clear judgement. General Washington is known to have been in despair along with his dispirited and ill soldiers.

(Note: 14N is the PE of Sequester 2011 and the so-called 'Super' Congress that finagled sequestration cuts---being cheap and austere in the wrong places...again).

In the 14N horoscope powerful Pluto acts as handle of a Bucket pattern--carrying the rest of the planets (actors) toward goals, uniting the hemispheres of the chart, and denoting that allegiances are adapted to where they do the most good (Jones). So can handle Pluto represent distant backers of the American cause such as anti-Britain France and possibly Baron von Steuben at Valley Forge? Well, the title Baron is often an inherited honor for mercenary soldiers, and distant archetype Pluto (which can signify the Pope and/or heads of state) possesses great wealth with which tides of events may be manipulated. And as you know, ships sent from France and Baron Steuben's training of the Continental Army combined to make all the difference in the outcome of the American Revolution.

And if we look for deeper esoteric causes of master Freemason George Washington's despair and determination toward military success, we find that he may have felt a weighty imperative to earn his 'Knight's spurs' as a member of a Star Family of Enochian priests (linked to the ideal of Atlantis, the vision of Utopia, and The Enlightenment) and thus by conquest show himself worthy of the Washington family's coat-of-arms with its 5-pointed star symbols of Venus--if we credit such ancient knightly things which my research implies have affected a hidden destiny for America as directed through the centuries by a hereditary lineage of power elites.

Note that The Enlightenment planets are Uranus (science) and Neptune (faith) which oppose one another in Washington's natal horoscope (February 22, 1732), a generational influence denoting social unrest, fanaticism, political-social-religious controversies, psychic abilities, and a sense of destined choices which must be made between partisan causes.

Additional info may be found in the sign of an eclipse---here, it's Moon-ruled Cancer, a shrewd sign denoting Washington's retreat (into a crab shell!) to reflect on security matters and strategy. Plus, Cancer eclipses contain a psychic flavor which may account on one level for Washington's alleged visionary experiences that winter. A focus on karmic family ties is indicated as well which spotlights his ancestral family imperative as noted.

In the Valley Forge horoscope of the July 4, 1777 Solar Eclipse appears a descriptive planetary pattern, a Thor's Hammer (aka, a Fist of God---quite a karmic imperative!) between a Cardinal Saturn-Pluto square (26 Libra to 29 Capricorn) aiming at rebellious Uranus @13Gem00 indicating sudden acts of violence and/or being unafraid of danger (Ebertin).

Yet as the cold hard days and morning-to-night military drills passed at Valley Forge and the sentiments of the populace waxed and waned toward independence vs loyalty to the British crown, the themes of another Saros Series replaced those of 14N for soon after Washington's arrival at Valley Forge on December 17, 1777, a Solar Eclipse manifested @8Cap39 on December 29, 1777 in the 14 South Series with potential for: success after a long period of hard work; a long awaited breakthrough. 14S also contains Mercury-Pluto content due to its initial eclipse in the series which manifested on August 29, 984 (OS) @10Vir59...Mercury ideas + Pluto obsession = an obsessive idea (or ideal) is finally accepted and Jupiterian success follows.

Plus, in the 14S eclipse horoscope, revolutionary rebel Uranus @12Gem61 Rx--America's 'totem planet' of revolution and independence--has become lead planet in a Locomotive pattern indicating executive ability and a drive toward success!

As for a Solar Eclipse in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, conscientiousness is rewarded when negative karmic energies are dealt with maturely and responsibly--and by karmic, I refer to reaping what was sown and depending on methods that no longer work. George Washington's famous reticence, restraint, and serious personality turned out to be perfect for cautiously guiding the Continental Army after much careful consideration during those dangerous days and his natal PE @6Cap54 in the 4 North Saros Series shows such personal traits which seemed to his jealous critics to be merely signs of indecision and weakness.

Participation in political groups and authority concerns are also denoted by an eclipse in Capricorn which often includes the question, who should be in charge? Yes, General Charles Lee and others in the Continental Congress undermined General Washington's command but to no avail, as we know, for fortune began to smile upon the American cause once Washington and the troops left Valley Forge and battled on.

Okay, this is my view of General Washington and the difficult Winter at Valley Forge through the lens of the Solar Eclipses of 1777. Hopefully you've derived some benefit from my effort if not agreement with my conclusions! jc


*Eclipse themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

For further reading see Eye Witness to History: Winter at Valley Forge.

And you may wish to view a dramatic interpretation of Washington at Valley Forge debating whether or not to surrender to British forces. This episode of One Step Beyond originally aired on February 21, 1961 and to me represents something of a time capsule of history in and of itself!

Jan 30, 2015

New Millennial Politics: a Feb 18, 2015 New Moon @29AQ

February 2015: In the Waning Darkness of an Aquarian New Moon

by Jude Cowell

Aquarius is the sign so often associated with New Age ideas and ideals leaning into a Utopian vision where Reason alone allegedly uplifts humanity. Certainly Politics as a practice and a profession is not exempt from Aquarian influences which now are at a peak within this the 15-year-old New Millennium with code words such as 'new order' and 'global government' being openly touted every day.

This 'new order' means the old order will be destroyed and US sovereignty and the nation-state are considered things of the past. Trade pacts and ill-protected borders do their parts in the dissolution game along with infiltrated courts and institutions.

Wealth-hoarder and transformer Pluto of The Underworld now creeps through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of law, government, and business, toppling heads of state and causing irrevocable damage to protective laws and useful traditions. In year 2022, America will experience her first ever Pluto Return and some say that 2016 will be the last presidential campaign in US history--if so, 2022 arrives only two years after a 'last presidency' ends for the term of office begins, of course, at noon on January 20, 2017 assuming that all goes as traditionally planned.

As Above, So Below

Astrology is a study, a language, and a tool that is useful (though not infallible) for 'peeking under the hood' of Politics to assess the squirmy creatures underneath as Stars Over Washington has attempted to do since 2005. And as a former resident of the District, this Sun-Mercury-Mars-Jupiter Capricorn can do no less while dissenting against misguided leadership corrupted by criminal elements not of a democratic persuasion who act in cahoots with the current crop of Utopian power-grabbers.

So if we look to the Cosmos on February 18, 2015 we find a new cycle of Aquarian influences beginning as marked by a New Moon at a critical-crisis 29th degree. Yet the Aquarian influence wanes and an anxious eagerness may be in evidence as 00Pisces looms upon the solar and lunar calendars for the Moon enters Pisces at 6:47 pm and the Sun enters at 6:50 pm est. Perhaps the lunation manifesting at 29AQ denotes that the time has come for certain actions to be taken for the planning stage has been successfully completed. And symbolically the murky realms of Pisces can provide high inspiration--or much cover for unsavory actions and events as 2015 proceeds.

Curiously, February 18, 2015 is the date set by the White House for a 'Security Summit' of global leaders which is ostensibly justified because of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, a tragic event which some believe was a false flag op so that new security measures could seem justified in France and across Europe. You know--like the 2001 WTC attacks that 'justified' the pre-prepared US Patriot Act and the Germanic sounding Department of 'Homeland Security'.

Here, the plutocratic pair of Pluto-Chiron in sextile form the base of a YOD (a pattern with potentials for crisis, crossroads, turning point, special task, health issues) that points to Jupiter Rx @16Leo02 and on the verge of leaving the 12th house of Politics and Karma (12th cusp 15Leo01, a degree that recalls the Full Moon of February 3, 2015 @14Leo). With the Leo-AQ axis emphasized, we may expect self will and humanitarianism to be on the collective menu until we morph into the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces axis at the March 20, 2015 Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse.

As noted in previous posts, transit Jupiter turns Direct on April 8, 2015 @12Leo (again conjoining President Obama's natal Sun) and passes shadow degree in early July when investment, expansion, and political plans and actions may proceed more freely.

Jupiter-NN: Compromised Legal Societies and SOTU Plans Retracted

Now in the February 18 New Moon horoscope set for Washington DC 6:47:13 pm est the Jupiter-NN midpoint rises @12Vir34. This midpoint was prominent in similar fashion (rising) in the horoscope of President Obama's SOTU 2015 address on the 6th anniversary of his 8-year presidency--an Inaugural Solar Return and a symbol of a new 2-year phase beginning for him and for his style of global implementation of a 'new order'. As you know, our military guided by the Pentagon, a 5-pointed death star, acts as the military enforcement arm on behalf of global government though the armies of other nations and entities are in process of being fitted up for the task once ours is totally used up.

As you know, archetypal Jupiter plays roles such as the General, the Banker, the Religious Leader, the Broadcaster, the Professor, and the Politician and is prominent in all horoscopes this year. When coupled with the North Node (NN) of future direction, he makes contact with the general public quite often, sometimes pleasant contact.

In the New Moon chart, the only applying Ptolemaic aspect made by chart and Midheaven ruler Mercury (in 5th house @4AQ05) is a sextile with Saturn (in 3rd house @4Sag27) and this denotes needs for better organization and management, setting priorities, and the protection of privacy (especially for communications), plus, a tendency toward bickering, not heeding warnings, and/or for listening to alternate opinions (Epstein). One of boundary crossing Jupiter's loves, freedom of expression continues to turn up in the news and spying on the conversations of others is a default position for many (I won't name names but ya know who ya are).

Other chart factors in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope are important as well yet for the sake of brevity I shall mention only a few more, many of which have been discussed in recent posts (exs: the Cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto, investing Jupiter Rx acting as the handle planet of a Bucket pattern, Neptune @6Pis59 as Final Dispositor, and the Solar Eclipse @00Sco24 in this chart's 2nd house of the National Treasury which occurred in October 2014. Type 'eclipses' into this site's sidebar Search field and you'll find a list including the powerful upcoming Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pisces, the position of testy Mars in the Feb 18 New Moon horoscope).

For these and other reasons, the New Moon of February 18, 2015 emphasizes financial matters

especially with Uranus @13Ari59 in 8th house squaring Pluto in the 5th house of Speculation, and golden Midas Rx @9Gem25 and trickster agent of panic, Pan Rx @10Gem33, topping the chart at Midheaven (The Goal Point in DC) in tandem with US natal Uranus (8Gem55) representing technology, genius, radical Politics, revolution, and a potential for disruption and upset. We may also expect the wealthy financial donors of our sold-out politicians to continue working toward their ultimate goal of total ownership of the tattered-on-purpose US government as February fades into March and Spring 2015.

Note: the Feb 18 New Moon conjoins America's reputed Pre-Natal Eclipse degree of 00Pis33 in the 12 South Series that manifested prior to July 4, 1776--I say 'reputed' because the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse in the 13 North Series--the initial eclipse of the Series and thus indicative of a major new start--seems more descriptive of our nation and its founding than the 00Pisces eclipse. Plus, as you know, the Declaration of Independence was signed in full on August 2, 1776 which falls within the required two-week window of influence by the August 14, 1776 eclipse.

For comparison, here are the themes of both 12 South and 13 North (12S, 13N):

12S (initial occurrence September 19, 1541 @6Lib10; also occurred on April 3, 1307, the year the Order of the Knights Templar was decimated and run out of France though some say the ones who escaped sailed to the New World of America where their descendants have worked for centuries to establish the 'new order' you see before you): 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness; draining or worrisome issues seem worse, then clear'--a theme which does relate to our Founders who met and deliberated an American Utopia at risk of their lives and fortunes, and many of whom were members of secret societies and orders such as Templar Freemasonry. 12S last manifested on July 11, 2010 @19Cancer and influenced the successful capping of the oil well due to BP's Deepwater Horizon fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico, a watery Cancerian event. Next 12S occurs in 2028 @30Cancer during Chiron's 3 returns to natal discovery degree (3Tau08) in 2027 and 2028.

13N: 'large, ambitious group projects that require separation via the breaking of an existing bond; the separation leads to joint achievement' (both themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology). Obviously, this describes America's break from Britain and its King. 13N last occurred on January 4, 2011 @14Cap where transit Pluto now plods opposite US natal Sun in Cancer. Next, a 13N eclipse occurs in 2029 @25Cap within two degrees of US natal Pluto Rx which was out-of-bounds of the earthly plane in July 1776.

Jan 29, 2015

Feb 3 2015 Leo Full Moon conjoins fixed star Dubhe

On Tuesday February 3, 2015 a Full Moon @14Leo47 perfects at 6:08:54 pm est across the 6/12 axis in a horoscope set for Washington DC. Along with Dubhe, the Full Moon rises with Jupiter Rx @18Leo00 conjunct the degree of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse which heralded New Millennium 'terror' and our subsequent global economic woes. Jupiter continues as the handle planet of a Bucket planetary pattern thus linking chart hemispheres and the actors (planets) opposite.

Sun @14AQ47 falls in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (military, police, civil, domestic), and Daily Tasks and with the Moon is part of a Focused YOD along with the Pluto-Chiron sextile.

Pluto-Chiron = plutocracy, oppression, exploitation, primal violence

The Pluto-Chiron sextile (the base of the YOD pattern pointing toward the Moon and by opposition, the Sun) denotes spokesmen and those who have a "finger on the mass pulse" (Nolle). Pluto @14Cap18 in 5th house applies to a final square (0A55) with Uranus--here @13Ari22 in 8th house (exact on March 16). The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square from 4th house to 7th continues to bellyache over its social burdens such as the funding of America's safety net programs and other social needs of the populace. Also, 7th house Neptune denotes the ongoing unreliability in February 2015 of partnerships and alliances domestically and in American foreign policy. A 7th house Venus, exalted in Pisces, brings in a potential link to the Vatican.

My suspicion is that the Full Moon's close encounter with fixed star Dubhe points primarily toward US foreign policy for fixed star Dubhe is the alpha star of constellation Ursa Major, the Great She-Bear, and as everyone knows, this is a traditional archetypal symbol for Russia. Potential expressions of Dubhe include: destruction, arrogance (A. Louis), a martial nature (Ptolemy), nastiness (Ebertin), strong feminine powers, intuition, psychism, persistence, endurance, and quiet strength (Brady).

Visions of an angry, protective she-bear appear with the February 3rd Full Moon in dramatic Leo! Yes, paternalistic egos may be viciously defended yet examples of the star's Mars-inspired energies include Princess Diana's natal Venus which is linked by paran to Dubhe and, as Ebertin notes, Dubhe links with the natal Moon of China's Mao Tse Tung who advised his political operatives (and all future politicians with an infiltrating mission) that,

"Wherever we go, we must unite with the people, take root, and blossom among them..."

Hmmm..I confess, this reminds me of The Americans returning to TV last evening and how Russian and other spies are embedded among us.

Note: a brief bio of Chairman Mao Tse Tung and his natal horoscope may be found here.

And for additional information on the February 3, 2015 Full Moon you'll find a comprehensive analysis showing lunation horoscopes set for various locations including the Middle East at Grand Trines.

Update 1/29/15: the 8th house Uranus is prominent in the Full Moon chart for it acts as the Thales Point (trine Moon, sextile Sun)--the negotiator--that can ease tension between the opposing Sun and Moon.

Jan 28, 2015

National Journal: The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party

The plot to seize the White House just after FDR took office (and thus collapse all social safety net programs) continues apace in 2015 with Campaign 2016 on the political menu and The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party in the spotlight.

Wait. Did I just type the word fascist out loud...or merely imply it?

Here's a previous post on the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse (chart shown) of 1933, the first year of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Curiously, transit Neptune, famous for its veils, masks, deceptions and its connections to the media and the masses, now floats through its own murky sign of Pisces and has been activating this power-grabbing Solar Eclipse of 1933 which also influenced Herr Hitler's simultaneous rise to power--a rise funded by some of the same financial and familial houses that neglect the common good in the 21st century.

Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse = neglected burdens

A previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 detailed a good many of its karmic implications relating to the sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by nebulous Neptune, the pair that denotes potentials for speculation, fraud, inflation, wastefulness, and grand imaginings. However, a trine from conservative Saturn aids in the eclipse's positive expression toward karmic progress.

The Jupiter-NN midpoint is also mentioned for it brackets a karmic point in the chart--a 7th house Vertex in Mercury-ruled Virgo, the sign and constellation intimately linked to the layout of Washington DC, its architecture, its mission, and our Founders' goddess-worshiping tendencies.

Saturn @4Sag54 Rx conjoins the eclipse MC (The Goal) when the horoscope is set for Washington DC, and with the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square we know that political machinations against social safety net programs continue especially since the square adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone of the season along with a Venus-Saturn inconjunct (150 degrees) and its feelings of being burdened by the needs of others; meanwhile, the approval of others is also sought and one supposes this aspect of adjustment relates on one level to politicians (lawmakers, government officials = Saturn) who carry the water of austerity-for-the-people billionaires who now grasp for more complete control of the US government.

See Mother Jones: Why the Media Focuses So Much on the Koch Brothers--Explained in 5 Tweets.

Adding to Capitol Hill's current 'burdened' feeling via Venus-Saturn, Saturn-MC, and Saturn-square-Neptune is that the apex planet in a YOD with Jupiter and North Node at its base is communicating Mercury in confused, secretive Pisces which adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone already noted. Plus, it appears that someone or a group of someones is/are being trained and prepared to assume a more efficient role in communication of ideas and ideals that seem to be on behalf of the common good. Doesn't this sound a lot like the new talking points that Republicans are attempting to sell the public before Election 2016 rolls around? That's quite a magical task they've set for themselves!

Related: Republicans Pretend to Care About Inequality.

Further reading: List: Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2015 through 2022 or perhaps "America Unearthed", Three NYC Obelisks, and the Belt Stars of Orion.

Jan 27, 2015

"Deep State: Secret Government CIA FEMA & The Doomsday Network - Dark Journalist & Peter Dale Scott"

Visit: Dark Journalist

Watch In HD

In this exciting and revealing special two hour Dark Journalist episode he welcomes University of California, Berkeley Professor and Former Canadian Diplomat Peter Dale Scott. Professor Scott has just released his controversial new book "The American Deep State," which exposes the truth about covert forces that constitute an unelected, unaccountable, shadow government.

The "Deep State," a concept that Professor Scott created over decades of research, posits that a secret system operates alongside the public state and utilizes intelligence contractors, the NSA, CIA assets, Wall Street, and corporate big oil funding to manipulate the public with what he refers to as "Deep Events," such as 9/11, the Iran-Contra scandal and the JFK Assassination, for profit and control.

He also investigates an obscure official channel called the "Doomsday Network" which provides a blueprint for the mass detention of American citizens under shadowy plans like Rex-84, Project Endgame and the so-called "Continuity of Government" that involves FEMA emergency policies being utilized by the Deep State to get around public scrutiny. These plans also include a process for the suspension of the constitution and the implementation of martial law!

Together, Dark Journalist and Professor Scott will examine how drug trafficking is a corridor of funding for the Deep State and how journalist Gary Webb, the subject of the recent movie "Kill the Messenger," was destroyed because he came too close to the truth. Webb was trying to reveal that Covert Intelligence operations were assisting the explosion of drugs in major US Cities.

Professor Scott explains how Deep Politics has been the dominant feature in presidential administrations regardless of the two-party system, from Kennedy to Reagan to Obama. He explains that there was a fierce battle with the public state which the Deep State won and now their militaristic vision is the norm in worldwide foreign policy. He goes even further and reveals a murky coalition of intelligence services, arms dealers and financial networks that colluded to influence global geopolitics called "The Safari Club."

Stunning, enlightening, unnerving and shocking, this is the most intense episodes of Dark Journalist yet. You don't want to miss this one!

©2015 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

Note: this video is provided for your consideration. All of the views expressed herein may or may not be shared by yours truly though America's use of a shadowy 'secret'-'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn) is born out astrologically since our nation's Masonic founding. Actually Mr. Scott's treatment of this topic reminds me of the Inslaw scandal with its organized crime, drug trafficking, arms deals, spying, Iran-Contra (as mentioned above), and BCCI connections which include the CIA and the FBI along with certain presidents and other government officials...a global crime syndicate that goes by many names. Jude

Jan 26, 2015

Astrology Predictions 2015 - 2016 by Barbara Goldsmith

As related here by astrologer Barbara Goldsmith, the Cardinal Square between generational planets Uranus and Pluto makes its final exact aspect on March 16, 2015, the seventh perfection of seven. Let's see what Barbara has to say about this and other planetary events as Earth plows through the Cosmos toward year 2016:


Jan 24, 2015

"The President Who Told the Truth!!!" video (plus, 1993)

You may wish to check out this presentation which includes JFK's speech concerning secret societies, membership lists of certain secretive organizations, a bit of Bohemian Grove 'owl of moloch' madness, and more:

Americans are alerted more each day concerning our nation's founding Saturn-Neptune pair of energies with its secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) and the long term plan to set up a worldly kingdom in Jerusalem promoted through the centuries by such 'Enlightenment' operatives of rationality as Adam Weishaupt, 'Sir' Francis Bacon (Tudor, son of Elizabeth I), Albert Pike (still sleeping in a tomb underneath Washington DC's Scottish Rite Temple and immortalized in statue in our nation's capital--a Confederate General!, and...satan.

Here's more info and photos concerning Pike and his Statue in Judiciary Square. Now some believe that Pike's letter to Mazzini fomenting World War III and touting a conflict between Islamists and Zionists is a hoax though world events have certainly followed its recommendations so far. Yes, it could be a forgery by the Illuminati or others to provide some sort of historical legitimacy to the global take-over plan. I provide such topics here for those who want to make up their own minds concerning such things and as a lone blogger I cannot vouch for the content of all article/site links or the videos provided on SO'W.

Of course, many of America's Founding Fathers were of the Enlightenment persuasion as well for its *Uranus-Neptune vibes inspired many of their day (and ours) to pretend that man is in no need of the laws of God our Creator. So now with the East vs West conflagration brewing on behalf of the so-called 'new world order' that they've determined to implement these many years, we see the ultimate results as America militarily straddles the globe: the totalitarian, heartless, draconian global governance signified on one level by its 'total awareness' eye-over-pyramid symbol.

*In our modern era, the current cycle of Uranus (science) conjunct Neptune (faith)--which also relates to the Pisces-Virgo polarity ("faith and reason shake hands")--began in 1993 on February 2 @19Cap34, August 20 @18Cap48, and October 24 @18Cap33. On this blog and elsewhere I have used the October 24, 1993 date to set up a modern natal horoscope for the 'New World Order' as you see here. As you know, this 171-year Uranus-Neptune cycle began under the first presidential term of Bill Clinton; his second term brought America's natal Saturn turning retrograde by progression (authority turned inward, lawmakers such as Congress turned in a different direction) as it remains to this day--from our exalted-in-Libra condition of 1776 into US Saturn Rx in early Scorpio which includes the Big Business sign's occult and transformative qualities.

It seems to me that a most telling Sabian Symbol degree relating to the 'new world order' as timed by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 is '18 Capricorn'. In An Astrological Mandala Dane Rudhyar describes '18Cap' as "The Union Jack Flies From a British Warship" as its word picture (suggesting imperial empire) and its Keynote as: "The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order". He states that "power is required" yet this power "can easily be misused under pretext of preserving 'law and order'. Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. When this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage."

(This symbol) "brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers." And in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology Marc Edmund Jones adds the negative manifestation of, "smug or strong-armed paternalism"..."Keyword: SUPERVISION" and perhaps we may all agree that this is what is being used against us more every day as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are undermined by vicious forces.

And now, let us not forget Luciferian Venus and America's past and current bunch of goddess-worshiping crooks and weirdos in government (the Rose Garden, the Oval Office, the Statue of Liberty--all shout-outs to goddess Venus-Isis-Sirius) so for your consideration here is a curious video, "The Venus Project Designing the Future World":

'The Venus Project' is headquartered in Venus, Florida and states that it "advocates an alternative vision for a sustainable new world civilization unlike any social system that has gone before"--and the project calls for "a redesign of culture"--all code words for enforcing an over-policed, take-control system sometimes referred to as a 'new world order'--here, attractively packaged under the guise of a mild Venusian mask.

Concerning the Illuminati-related topics in this post, of interest may be the editing of the above video--by Eyeland Telemedia!

Jan 23, 2015

Congress Seeks Netanyahu’s Direction: ICH

Speaker John Boehner and other sold-out politicians on Capitol Hill are up to something which for me spotlights their deep ambition to create a global kingdom--an earthly kingdom--to be set up in Jerusalem once Christians and Muslims destroy one another like stupid dumble-headed robots.

That's my personal view of how Washington and our Death Star Pentagon continue to stir up World War III. Here's another more informed view: Congress seeks Netanyahu's direction.

Article alert thanks go to the independent news source Information Clearing House.

Concerning Washington DC, esoterism, symbols, and Venus I hereby re-post the following fascinating video 'Secrets in Plain Sight' in case you have a chance to watch:


List: Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2015 through 2022

For your consideration here is a list of all Solar and Lunar Eclipses including their zodiacal degrees for the years 2015 through 2022:

Note the degrees column is marked to the right to emphasize eclipses that link to America's natal planets (July 4, 1776) and on the left are dots indicating those falling upon critical degrees such as 20 Cancer. The Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 @00Can21:23 in the 4 North Series stands out because it manifests at Summer Solstice as does the first Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 @29Pis27 for its nearness to the Aries Point (33' orb).

Both 00Ari00 and 00Can00 are, as you know, critical-degreed Cardinal Points of world events, fame, prominence, and recognition and when triggered, tend to stir things up on a worldwide scale. And of course, the 'wild cards' of the Universe, eclipses, give a chaotic Uranian flavor to conditions and events.

Additionally, the June 21, 2020 Solar Eclipse @00Can21 heralds back by degree to the Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2000 at 00 Cancer in the 3 North Series which is the Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) of the WTC attacks of September 11, 2001. Of interest is the first re-occurrence of the 'Nostradamus' Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 @18Leo27 (aka the 'Mother of All Eclipses' or the 'King of Terror' or 'Alarm' eclipse in the 1 North Series but this time 1N manifests on August 21, 2017 @28Leo52. Curiously, transiting Venus triggered the 1999 eclipse on the morning of 9/11/01.

Naturally, some eclipses bring positive vibes into earthly conditions while others bring more negative events and reactions. Of course, a multitude of other cosmic factors play in to the 'As Above, So Below' picture as well yet eclipse themes provide background influences--the programs that 'run' silently or noisily beneath the desktop of civilization.


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