Oct 29, 2012

Meat Loaf's awful "America the Beautiful" video goes pouf!

LOL! Well, I wondered how long it would take someone to delete the YouTube video of Mitt Romney's "Victory" Rally on October 25th showing former singer Meat Loaf's horrific rendition of America the Beautiful!

If you are currently on this blog, you may wish to scroll down a post or three to see the actual spot where the musical horror was embedded and you may still read in the post what Rev. Al Sharpton said about it...tres amusing!

Today and maybe tomorrow, Wall Street trading is shut down due to the threat of "Frankenstorm" Sandy moving up our East Coast. It's the first such unplanned shut down of Wall Street since 2001 and I hope everyone remains safe and sound.

As you've heard, presidential campaign stops are cancelled for storm-affected regions and early voting may be interrupted in some districts. Don't suppose this can be part of the Mercury Retrograde Station effect of Election Day November 6...?

Perhaps not but a Rx Mercury can certainly suppress such things as trade, transport, and commerce along with the usual travel and communications glitches and delays in schedules--plus, Mercury rules votes, voters, ballots, and voting machines.

Hmmm? Did you say something? No? Must've been the wind because here in Georgia it's a Very Windy Monday as might be expected, compliments of Hurricane Sandy.

Update: does Sandy threaten nuclear power plants from Virginia to Vermont?

Oct 28, 2012

Taurus Full Moon Oct 29, 2012 and a "Frankenstorm"

Rising Tides as Full Moon in Taurus perfects Monday Oct 29, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Already there's been a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in British Columbia, Canada and of course most folks know that Full Moons (and New) are times of high tides, a fact that provides no comfort for those on the East Coast of the US and in Sandy's path.

Originally I planned to post here a bit on the Oct 29th Full Moon as a "Halloween Moon" since it occurs near October 31st but since this "Frankenstorm" is being described as a "monster", it isn't necessary, is it?


In DC, a 2nd house Full Moon @6Tau47 perfects at 3:49:27 pm edt; Sun 6Sco47 near Saturn 2Sco52 in 8th H; Hour of Jupiter 15Gem19 Rx; ASC 11Pis33, a Water sign ruled and co-ruled by expansive Jupiter and oceanic Neptune which are, in the Full Moon horoscope, in a so-called hidden square aspect of 256 degrees indicating "castles" built upon sand and showing that much caution is needed for safety's sake.

In Washington DC, Jupiter has just crossed the IC 19Gem45 opposite Mars 16Sag22 which has just crossed MC so both are Angular denoting a potential for loss of life; watery Neptune 00Pis24 Rx and Chiron 5Pis06 Rx have just risen and are in the karmic 12th house of Hospitals--large buildings may be "undone" or flooded; transformative Pluto @7Cap23 (10th H) is apex of a T-Square formed by an opposition between Venus 1Lib33 (conjunct US natal MC in the 5:10 pm Sibly chart) and disruptive Uranus Rx rising (1st house) @5Ari24 which relates to power outages and to unexpected, upsetting events.

Actually, with transiting Mars in mid-Sagittarius, it's almost time for a Mars-opposite-natal-Mars transit for America's Geminian Mars, a period when physical challenges abound, and opponents exhibit an equal and determined show of strength--a time for routine tasks to be attended to with as much efficiency and as little waste as possible.

So if you, dear reader, are in Sandy's path--or inland where snowfall, winds, and heavy rain may be major problems--I hope you keep safe as possible and twice as warm and dry!

Oct 27, 2012

Meatloaf destroys "America the Beautiful" at Romney Rally (video)

As Rev. Al Sharpton noted on his program PoliticsNation last evening, Mitt Romney's reaction to Meatloaf's horrifying additions to America the Beautiful was, I'll do anything for votes, but I won't do that!

Also, Al Sharpton doesn't take kindly to John Sununu's racist remarks on Colin Powell's recent endorsement of Barack Obama for president (and I agree with him wholeheartedly.)

Now it's time for some Meatloaf at Romney's October 25th "Victory" Rally:

His performance is in time for Halloween--and plum horrifying!


Blog Note: if you hear a video start up when you arrive on SO'W, it's from Bill Moyers Journal with Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland, author of Plutocrats--just scroll down a bit and pause it to squelch the audio if you wish--thanks! jc

Oct 26, 2012

Horoscope: Solar Eclipse November 13, 2012

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 13, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Image above: the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 which falls within the 15 North (15N) Saros Series and in Scorpio is ruled and co-ruled by Mars and Pluto; 15N contains 'joy through commitment' and 'good news' vibes (Brady) and last manifested on Nov 4, 1994 @'11Sco' around the time Republicans took over Congress and promoted their so-called "Contract with America--perhaps a good omen for the austere Romney-Ryan ticket especially since this eclipse occurs within two weeks of Election Day 2012 and thus affects it."

Will continued 'embassy' issues for the US surface? If so, this is denoted by the Sabian Symbol for '11Sco': "An Embassy Ball"; Scorpio eclipses bring intensely passionate energies into the Collective--this is a North Node eclipse so energies are rushing in--and brings times when strength of purpose benefits, and root causes of problems may be uncovered and dealt with; karmic (evolutionary) progress may be gained if positive elements of sign Scorpio are well-directed--which means that revenge, retribution, mayhem, and betrayal must not be allowed to override forgiveness.

We find ourselves in several difficult binds yet America will be much better prepared for future growth if present hatreds and prejudices are put to rest, resolved, or at least tamped down to a lower-than-dull roar. But tell that to racists and bossy financial and ruling elitist Plutocrats, right? At least We the People might be aware enough to listen to our higher natures and treat our fellow Americans and others as we wish to be treated!

Now if we 'stretch' a bit and don't mind counting Chiron, chart-ruler Venus makes no major applying aspects in the chart but 'she' does make an applying minor (irritating) aspect: a sesquisquare to non-Ptolemaic Chiron (discovered in 1977; may result in 'socialization difficulties'), but significantly I mention it because it's partile (exact) to the minute--00A00, from Airy Libra to Watery Pisces, and in process of returning once again to BHO's n Chiron position 5:19 Rx in his n 1st H--mentors are important to him, and thus are important to our nation. Also, Venus in 6th H of Health, the Virgo house, resonates with Chiron, the Healer, the Wound, and The Key (and the Christ archetype in Astrology); few can disagree that America's mental and emotional health and Spirit have been wounded many times over by our own apathy that allowed misplaced trust concerning what our elected officials do, and by government itself through invasions, wars, and occupations which US taxpayers are forced to pay for while the power elite (banking houses both here and abroad) wage said wars and rake in massive profits therefrom. (Now remember I'm of the 'what if they threw a war and no one showed up to fight' generation! How I wish everyone would try it.)

Fortunately, a 1st H Jupiter affords some protection from Above though its Rx condition may weaken or delay its beneficial effects on our economy--plus, Jupiter is Unaspected here, working on his own on inner levels (Rx.) But is he strengthened by having his own way? Or, debilitated by not having good or workable connections with the other actors (planets) in the eclipse chart. Well, perhaps he doesn't mind working alone for a while! Jupiter's rulership of the 8th H of High Finance and a natural link to money (as with Scorpio) shouts to us something about Debt and Credit, Military, Health Care, and Insurance costs and funding, and we may be looking at a description of the ongoing battle over Obamacare, budgeting, deficit reduction, credit downgrades, fiscal cliffs, and sequestration cutbacks on Capitol Hill with testy Mars @27Sag35, also in 8th H and out-of-bounds.

Even though the GOP 'spends like drunken sailors' when at the helm, the investment function of Jupiter inspires me to ascribe the expansive planet more to the Democratic Party at this time than to the austerity-promoting Republican Party with its sour, dour Saturnian outlook and determination to raise taxes on the middle and working classes while easing tax 'burdens' on the wealthy. In other words, investment may be delayed (Rx) yet could be forthcoming once Jupiter turns Direct on or about Jan 30, 2013.

An alternate view is that with a Romney presidency, funds will be again gifted to the wealthy class bwo the Bush tax cuts while austerity, lack, and hardship are forced upon the rest of us--and we may see many corporations cooperate with the White House by hiring quite a few of those US workers they refused to hire during what they intended to be the failed presidency of Barack Obama. Is this what Jupiter's Rx condition means? Are the current CEO threats of job loss against their workers who don't vote Republican another side of Jupiter Rx?

At IC 6Leo00 (Foundation; Basis/End of the Matter; The Drain) is US n NN (showing our need for close attention to be paid to our domestic concerns and for withdrawing our noses from the business of other nations), President Obama's n Mercury and Sun, and his political duo of n Uranus-NN; in 5th H of Risk-Taking lies BHO's n Pluto 6Vir59 spotlighting its polar opposite, Chiron in Pisces in process of performing a Chiron Return (#4 of 5, exact on Oct 19, last in December) for the president, as noted in his October transits, above. He's not just a candidate--he's the president and closely involved with The People's business and the implementation of a transformative agenda--plus, as many have said, eight years of hardships and robbery under Bush-Cheney can't be repaired in only four years!

Now having both Mars and Pluto in 8th H has been notable in previous charts for a connection to 'death by war' and with Jupiter the General ruling 8th H--and Rx--we may sadly expect the number of US caskets to increase along with the financial costs of war if our adventurism doesn't continue to be tamped down--which it won't under a Romney White House letting the neocons back into power.

Well, here Mars sextiles nebulous, prevaricating Neptune (2A45) which stimulates our infamous natal Mars-Neptune square with its 'fog of war' theme that always gets us into conflicts through misguided ideologies driving misdirected energies. Therefore, another pre-emptive strike cannot be ruled out nor can more Afghan soldier "green on blue" attacks which will complicate America's Exit Strategy at the end of 2014. However, Mars sextile Neptune denotes a need to forgo action until things are seen clearly and not just through a rosy 'visionary' mindset of an 'ideal' future while pining for a 'string of victories' (Epstein) which war-profittering neocons hold so dear.

This sextile aspect may also show hints of drills and preparation for war in this strongly Fixed-Water horoscope (determined, rigid, secretive Scorpio) on our side, but also by others against the US and in opposition to the global government we're attempting to force upon the Middle East, and the Saturn-Uranus inconjunct shows Israeli-Palestinian needs for major adjustments. Cardinal-Earth energies are weak in the chart so practicality and an appreciation of actual consequences are desperately needed to keep over-enthusiasm and rash actions under check--but with Cardinal weak, practicality may 'rush in' with unconscious force.

These adjustments are especially important with planning Mercury Rx at '1Sag', the 'A Grand army of the Republic Campfire" degree (Jones.) And of course, the Pentagon-White-House collaboration on drone strikes against enemies is also denoted--obviously the old neocon "winning hearts and minds" has fallen by the wayside if it ever truly was a goal of the Pentagon. After all, 'they hate us because we bomb them and have tended to prop up dictators in the region who abuse them (and the billions of dollars the US sends overseas never seem to benefit the people.)

US n Mars in Gemini conjs 2nd cusp of National Treasury, Personal Resources, and Earning Ability which may be positive or negative for increasing or decreasing of funds and reminds us of the threat of cuts in future Pentagon budgets. US n Sun in Cancer conjs 3rd cusp of Communications so we may expect to hear much from the president on the issues highlighted by the Nov 13th Solar Eclipse including secrets revealed, for eclipses tend to uncover or leak The Hidden, inconvenient as it may be.

Rebellious Uranus @4Ari58 Rx in 11th H of Groups and Associations continues its sojourn in Mars-ruled Aries with its signature of zealots and "Utopians" (as labeled by Reinhold Ebertin.) Tea Party politicians and other social-political activists are denoted on various levels especially with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square bringing unsettled conditions, upsets, uprisings, protests, strikes, marches, rallies, strong-armed tactics, and violence within societies the world over. A flavor of financial upsets is also denoted--and as you know, Underworldly Pluto keeps massive wealth hidden in many secret places but he wants it all including Earth's dwindling natural resources.

While it's affecting the entire world with unrest and violence, in the US the Uranus-Pluto influence is being strongly felt through civil rights issues re-surfacing from the mid-1960s which gives us that deja-vu feeling of having settled such matters way back then as Uranus and Pluto last met in Great Conjunction in mid-Virgo, The Virgin: voting rights, civil rights, women's rights, Roe v Wade, etc. The Uranus-Pluto square's riled-up effects have a background influence on the Collective until 2015 and perhaps a little beyond. 'New vs Ancient' may be one way to describe its stalemate quality for these are generational conflicts with a distinct class warfare flavor (no matter which political party accuses the other of waging it!), and Neptune in its own sign of confusing, often deceitful Pisces adds illusion, delusion, disappointment, contagion, liquidity, fraud and scandal to the titanic clash.

Let's close with a word about status-quo, conservative Saturn recently moved into Scorpio: here Saturn tends to concentrate on taxes and accounting, property, corporate financing, and other business matters with a perfectionist flair (MR's n Jupiter is in Scorpio as is Paul Ryan's and Ronald Reagan's); 'hard taskmaster' describes Saturn in Scorpio for Mr. Austerity has no patience with lazy attitudes or an unwillingness to work or to take responsibility for one's self (ex: Romney's remarks about the 47%!)

In Scorpio, Saturn's willpower is spent on practical accomplishments while efficiency is placed above people in a robot-like manner. Attainment of authority is a must for this managing Saturn and the Republican plan to force austerity and larger economic burdens upon those who can least afford it may be what is being shown here.

But if President Obama is re-elected (and especially if the House and Senate lean more Democratic on Election Day 2012), the improving, regenerating side of Saturn in Scorpio (patience, concentrated work, and determination to succeed) may be expressed instead and can provide a serious work ethic to governing issues and the concerns of the American people who are ready to hear of the Saturnian realities about our financial system, and ready to understand what must be done in order to keep our Republic.

~:~Please stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for a post concerning the November 28, 2012 Lunar Eclipse Horoscope with details. jc

Oct 24, 2012

Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery (video)

Beware! The following 10-minute video may contain stark facts concerning the elusive Piscean Mitt Romney, political chameleon:

Oct 23, 2012

Oct 22, 2012

Bill Moyers interviews Taibbi and Freeland (video) as Pluto-Chiron lurks

On Bill Moyers' Journal Mr. Moyers interviews journalist Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland, author of the new book, Plutocrats, a term describing an oppressive, exploitative class of anti-societal 'elects' and a term which most astrologers agree is signified in Political Astrology by the combination of powerful, wealthy, stealthy Pluto and Chiron, the Wound and the Wounded.

As you know, the combined energies of the Pluto-Chiron midpoint has in recent years conjoined US natal Pluto (27Cap33) and, these days, US natal South Node ('6AQ') and is at Midheaven (MC = The Pinnacle/The Goal) in recent US Inauguration horoscopes as it will be again on Monday January 21, 2013:

Oct 22 2012 Debate: "hovering hawk" v "exotic moth"

This evening's final presidential debate on Foreign Policy between President Obama and Mitt Romney in Boca Raton, Florida (at 9:00 pm edt with US natal Uranus rising) has interesting 'Images for Integration' to describe it when we consider its Sun-Moon blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Aquarius:

On display will be powerful intellect, intense determination, and a sharp sense of humor with this Water-Air combo of energies; a tendency toward cynicism may also be in evidence as well as 'freedom-closeness' issues.

"Images for Integration: A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

As for which Image describes which candidate better is for you to decide!

Oct 21, 2012

Orionid Meteors peak Oct 21 2012 before sunrise!

Space Weather News for Oct. 20, 2012

ORIONID METEOR SHOWER: Today, Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Forecasters expect 25 meteors per hour when the shower peaks on Sunday, Oct 21st.

No matter where you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Sunday morning. Observers in both hemispheres can see this shower. Visit SpaceWeather for photos, more information, and live audio from a meteor radar.

Oct 19, 2012

New Black Hole Found? (video) and '25 Scorpio'

In the Sabian Symbols, the word picture for '25 Scorpio' is "An X-Ray" with a keynote of INVESTIGATION, and a postive expression of: 'an exceptional power of analysis; when negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc), we have 'uncritical oversensitiveness to both the condition of swelf and the state of society.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Why mention '25Sco' in tandem with the following presentation? Because it involves an X-ray Nova and gamma ray blasts which seem to have revealed a new black hole at its center, that's why!

And of course, the horoscopes we've considered of late have had activity around and within the 24 to 30 degree-range of Scorpio. Why, even the US Inaugural Moon of 2009--We the People--clocked in at 29Sco45 at noon on January 20, 2009 when President Obama took the Oath of Office the first time in front of TV cameras, the assembled company, and anyone who cared to notice our public spectacle of power-transfer. But as you know, an early Aquarius Mercury was Rx (and conjunct Pres. Obama's natal Jupiter Rx) which expressed as a glitch made by Justice John Roberts which made a second Oath-Taking necessary.

This circumstance gave an unconscious 'his Oath was suspect or insufficient' hint of scandal to Mr. Obama's term of office before it even began and it has operated as a target for exploitation all along by the GOP's zealous right wing.

Very similar tactics were used in the plot to seize the White House from FDR by using the lame justification that setting up another man in the White House to share the burdens of presidential office was necessary in order to help Mr. Roosevelt who wasn't physically up to the task! Truth is, they were determined to depose the president in a tantrum against his New Deal policies which did not pay them what they though was their due (everything!)

Again in 2012, fascist sympathies are creeping across the land and we may look no further than to financial houses of Europe, the US, and elsewhere if we wish to identify many of those who would deny the right to vote to American citizens, force employees at pain of job-loss to vote for the boss's favorite candidate (or else he'll close your company), plus, other strong-armed tactics which are staples of the Republican political playbook for plutocrats and monarchists so that they may finally and completely take over the US government and all resources.

As the plot against FDR was simmering and rising in the 1930s, Hitler was gaining power across the seas by way of all sorts of tricks, and a 'Rise of Fascism' Solar Eclipse manifested. You may wish to view its horoscope (set for DC) and read a few of my notes on the topic.

And perhaps you'll join me in wondering who the Top Five Money Men are who back the candidacy of Mitt Romney?

Q: do you feel any conflict between Mitt's Mormon beliefs v gambling casinos and how gambling losses can decimate families? Anyone?

This degree range of Scorpio entails contacts with Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction and President Obama's natal MC.

Oct 14, 2012

10.16.12 Debate Astro-Notes and Romney's Missing Core

America 2013: Romney Austerity v Obama Investment--the Debate Goes On

by Jude Cowell

With all eyes and ears primed for the second presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead NY on Tuesday October 16, the following video may help explain what seems to be the missing core of candidate Mitt Romney who was born with Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the secretive, changeable, oceanic sign of Pisces:

Yes, Mittens thinks like a Pisces (Mercury), acts like a Pisces (Mars), and is a mysterious Pisces (Sun) but does this now-under-analysis discovery from the bottom of the Baltic Sea reveal any clues about the essence of our fishy Mr. Romney? Only that the bottom of the ocean floor may be how far we must go to find out if he has a core! Yet we know that to play president is Mitt's reigning need of the moment (his SP Moon = SP MC--The Goal--at '11Ari': "The President of the Country", as previously noted) and a call from deep within him has announced that it's now his "turn", a certainty obviously seconded by the hierarchy of the Mormon Church, a gaggle of 'gods-on-earth' who'd love to get their 'mitts' on the White House helm.

In fact, if Romney wins, the secretive Mormon hierarchy takes over the levers of power in the US. Personally I'm not at all ready for such theocratic freakiness, are you? Though I suppose the magic underwear industry could make out like bandits.

Meanwhile, Grover Norquist only wants a president who can hold a pen and sign his name to whatever neocon adventurism or anti-US-worker act is put before him, no questions asked!

So without new enlightenment from the ongoing Baltic Sea exploration of the mysterious object disgorged from antiquity, how about a few astro-notes concerning the October 16 debate horoscope set for Hempstead NY at 9:00 pm edt?

At 9:00 pm edt, ASC 19Gem41 brings up US natal Mars with US natal Moon (we the People) near Midheaven 25AQ02 (MC = The Goal); Hour Mars @7Sag03 appropriately stirring things up in the 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work, Health, and Daily Matters. Also in 6th H are the NN of Public Encounters @26Sco18 (still near Romney's natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, and President Obama's natal MC); an 'Eagle Point' Moon @15Sco28 conjoins debating Mercury @16Sco15 in 6th H and we should hear audience questions in this Town Hall style debate which concern 6th H issues including women's health and reproductive concerns which greatly affect a woman's economic potentials. With the GOP, settled matters they don't like (or can use as dividing wedge issues against the populace) are never really settled, are they? They represent a fight for another day.

Now chart-ruler Mercury makes no major applying aspects in the chart though the aforementioned conjunction with the Moon will become exact just prior to 10:30 pm when I assume the debate is scheduled to end. Mercury also rules the 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Children which has Sun @24Lib04 (conjunct fortunate Fixed Stars Arcturus and Spica which may give Mr. Obama an advantage) posited within along with Saturn @1Sco19; 5th cusp 26Vir39 conjoins US SP Neptune, planet of veils and obscuration.

Another significator of women, Venus @16Vir11 , is in 4th H of Domestic Matters which shows high standards and much criticism toward politicians who would negate the rights of American women back to the Dark Ages. I do hope women's issues and certain neanderthal, barefoot-and-pregnant attitudes from the past are discussed in the debate so that a majority of American women understand what problems for themselves they will vote for if they vote Romney-Ryan.

Now a few words about the condition of the 12th H (Politics; Karma) Jupiter @16Gem07 Rx which arose a little before 9:00 pm and describes investors, bankers, economists, generals, actors, professors, politicians, gurus and priests, and/or ideologues--here, Jupiter rules 7th H of Partnerships where powerful, wealthy Pluto @7Cap10 lurks:

The applying Moon-Jupiter inconjunct (quincunx) denotes those with a strong moral code who try to impress people with their generosity (or the expression or promise of it); this aspect shows the participants' excessive need to win approval from the public, and of course, a debate stage makes a perfect platform for displaying it. Yet there is a tendency to misjudge others and to trust the wrong people who may be fickle and unreliable; on another level, the risk-taking that further growth (Jupiter) demands is encouraged though with Jupiter retrograde, benefits are on-hold or delayed by bankers and financiers who stall financial activity until they see who the next president will be.

Another aspect to moneybags Jupiter is significant though separating (unconscious) but since it involves Mercury, planet of debates, communication, and ideas, let's consider it:

Mercury inconj Jupiter (0S08) is the 'forest for the trees' aspect (Epstein) with a wisdom v knowledge theme; with this aspect to Jupiter (whose sign shows how one relates to others--Gemini can be two-faced, perfect for most politicians!), we again find those who try to impress people, but this time it's with a show of knowledge; the challenge here is to listen to the constructive criticism which may be found in this Town Hall style debate and both candidates should be aware that revealing a reluctance to speak frankly and openly will only add to the public's tendency to doubt them, their words, and promises; long-winded statements may be expected along with exaggeration, pompousness, and a conceited grandiosity that puts others down; complex or circular explanations may, as usual, be used in order to obscure facts rather than reveal them.

Plus, as with the VP debate of October 11, bickering may break out as inspired by the Mercury-Venus sextile though the aspect is separating now and may not be as prominent as with the recent bickerfest between VP Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan. Mr. Biden is quite a doozy, isn't he?


For a plethora of interesting videos on a variety of topics, you may wish to visit Forbidden Knowledge TV!

Astro-Note v2: by debate's end (10:30 pm edt), a midpoint picture forms involving shadowy string-puller Pluto--any, all, or none may apply:

Sun/MC = Pluto: a desire to attain leadership by use of force; realization of extraordinary and unusual plans; a violent attainment of one's aims; a tragic destiny. (Ebertin.)

And with the midpoint of Enlightenment Planets Uranus and Neptune at MC at 10:30 pm MC 18Pis59), I believe the horoscope of the November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse (what I call the "Illuminati Eclipse") contains important information on many topics such as what global plutocrats are determined to forcefully impose upon the American people. But more on the eclipse later...

First we must fight the plutocracy!

Oct 12, 2012

Final Interview w filmmaker Aaron Russo (video)

As the dust settles from last evening's VP debate (and I trust you enjoyed the bickering the Oct 11 debate's horoscope predicted would break out!), here's an interesting video with filmmaker Aaron Russo concerning the fakery of the 9/11 attacks and several other topics--see what you think!

No time to watch the video? Then how about this curiosity: Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller were friends and apparently Mr. Rockefeller at some point revealed the elite agenda to Mr. Russo!

Thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for the heads-up on this video.


Blog Note: as has been posted previously, all videos and articles shown or linked to on this blog and all books noted contain the opinions and information of others and are not necessarily endorsed by yours truly though some are partially or fully so. They are provided as blog content so that topics seen from various perspectives may be explored and considered by open-minded SO'W readers! Jude

Oct 10, 2012

Fat Cats of the Revolution w a crisis-degreed Eclipse

Of Fat Cats, Eclipses, Inheritance, and JP v FDR

by Jude Cowell

In what must be a facetious manner, J.P. Morgan's Jamie Diamon says he "should have caught London whale's trades. No kiddin'!??

Well, I've yet to forget how the House of Morgan, a banking entity known in America as various forms of "J. P. Morgan & Co.", backed the ploy to depose President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the mid-1930s because of his New Deal programs and I would not be surprised if biological and philosophical spawns of past traitors continue to bedevil us as they fight for the same cause--to dismantle, collapse, privatize--the social safety net of the American people and its coffers along with LBJ's Great Society programs.

According to most plutocrats, it seems that money is only worth the plutocrat it bails out. The needy? Forget them. Streets lined with tattered soup kitchen customers won't bother the conscienceless wealthy class nary a jot, they have bigger pictures to consider.

Can you tell I've begun reading The Plot to Seize the White House by Jules Archer?

After the last four years of extremely poor behavior on the parts of the Republican Party and its Tea Party wingers (and their corporate backers such as the Koch Brothers), the historic tale of Smedley Butler and the uncovering of what might have become more than the coup of a presidency but an assassination attempt by--you guessed it--high-flyin' financiers colluding their shriveled little hearts out in smoke-filled back rooms--well, I don't have to tell you that old J.P. and his ilk backed the entire enterprise to rid themselves of FDR and install a Fascist regime with its reins in but a few select claws.

Yes, I know it's considered impolite to ever mention the concept of Fascism in relation to current actors, political or otherwise, but really now! For how long must a spade be a litter box pooper-scooper in disguise?

In the 1930s, the Robber Baron types, their spawn and kin, used the ruse of "Return to the Gold Standard" as cover for their activities and true purposes while the American Legion whistled a Jupiterian tune! So right away you can see how certain moneymen took great exception to the rule of President Franklin Roosevelt who took the US off the gold standard among other things that enraged the wealthy class.

Reminds me of 2012 and how Wall Street and other financial titans have pretended to get their feelings hurt when President Obama referred to them as "fat cats"! As if they aren't...

Now here's the president in a 60 Minutes segment which aired on *December 13, 2009 in which "fat cat bankers" are called out but who have managed to avoid the 'pitchforks of the people' and the Justice Department prison sentences so far:

November 6, 2012?

If this fat-cattiness is the sort of behavior you prefer at the top of the heap running this nation--while trusting them to 'care' about US workers--then you probably think Slippery Mitt is your guy. He loves the corrupt vulture capitalist system so much, he intends to corrupt it through more de-regulation! But what will happen when No One in business in this country trusts anyone else because everything has been rotted out by too many people following examples set by crooks of the global underworld crime syndicate? Doing any sort of business will become absolutely impossible. But never fear for perhaps we'll have Mittens performing his best Reagan impression to inspire Americans into some form of greatness up on a hill somewhere...


*December 13, 2009 falls into the 11 South Solar Eclipse Saros Series which manifested on July 22, 2009 @29Can26, as you may recall. Of course any 29th degree is a critical or crisis degree, and the Sabian Symbol for '30 Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...INHERITANCE. (Jones.)

11 S themes include: 'the need to make sudden reforms; old methods or ideas fail and new systems are required to deal with events; issues must be handled in new ways; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.' (Last occurred 1991; next: 2027.) (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

Not such easy eclipse themes to inherit and deal with during the first year of your presidency, are they? And with the opposing party opposing and undermining everything you do! Why, it's almost as if certain Washington politicians with all their Masonic trappings and finery knew of 11S's reputed influence making it a near-certainty that to trip up President Obama, they'd trip up America, too--plus you, me, and all our kin.

So what do you call such sour grapes behavior by a group of sociopaths who with each generation imagine themselves to be the only legitimate presidential occupants of the Venusian Oval Office? En masse we voted for Barack Obama, yet they--as was done in the mid-1930s against FDR--attempt to depose the president as insufficient and not up to the task!

Ancient Knowledge (video) (and Sacred Geometry)

Almost 26 minutes long is this partial presentation (Part One) which includes topics such as Consciousness and Sacred Geometry:

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Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (movie trailer)

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Oct 8, 2012

Oct 11, 2012 Debating Sun-Moon Blends: Biden v Ryan

Natal Sun-Moon Blends of Debaters Vice President Biden and Rep. Ryan

by Jude Cowell

On Thursday October 11, 2012, VP Joseph Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan cross swords in Danville, Kentucky at 9:00 pm EDT with 29Tau50 rising (a critical or crisis degree.) This brings up Fixed Star Alcyone of the Pleiades with its 'something to cry about; exile; suffering' themes, plus, the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 ('an obsessive idea is finally accepted'--Brady), and makes Venus (10Vir15) chart-ruler though soon Mercurial Gemini rises (and the debaters will probably begin speaking a couple of minutes after 9:00 pm.)

If we consider the appyling aspects made by Venus (29Tau50) in 5th house, we find there are none though faster-moving Moon will conjoin Venus (7A05) and speedy Mercury, the soon-to-be chart-ruler, sextiles Venus (0A45) from the 6th house of Work, Service (Military; Police, etc), and Health.

A Mercury-Venus sextile sounds lovely and aptly enough contains the temptation to argue and debate pros and cons--which may morph into bickering. A contrary tendency not to listen to others may also be evident as both men attempt to line up support for their ideas and policies.

Very descriptive, of course, is challenger Mars (Ryan) @3Sag28 setting at 9:00 pm in Danville, and conjoining Biden's natal ASC 3Sag11! This will provide the Vice President with extra dynamism and an aggressive, impatient energy. This 'meeting of the minds' is also affected by the fact that the two men have their Nodal axes in opposite signs--Biden's NN in Virgo, Ryan's in Pisces--which can either be complimentary to their encounters, or extremely challenging and separative.

Interestingly, the Sabian Symbol for debate Mars ('4Sag') is: "A Little Child Learning to Walk" so with 28 years difference in their ages, perhaps the more experienced Mr. Biden will do a little schoolin' on Thursday evening especially since Ryan's natal ASC = 00Sag38 conjunct his hard-to-pin-down Neptune 00:35 with transit Mars now in Ryan's 1st house of Self.

And of course you know which planet will be at Midheaven (the Goal Point) of the Oct 11 debate horoscope when they finish at 10:30 pm, right? Neptune Rx @00Pis36, the planet of idealism, glamour, the media, the masses, propaganda--and falsehoods. Just as with the completion of the presidential debate on October 3.

A peek at their natal charts (birth data given,below) shows VP Biden with a Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus personality blend (Water-Earth = practical), and Paul Ryan sporting Sun in Aquarius-Moon in Libra (Air-Air = reasoning) so let's consider both blends:

Sun Sco-Moon Tau has a quiet determination, concern for others, and may occasionally feel torn between bright optimism and brooding pessimism. When the conscious side (Sun) and the unconscious (Moon) are working in tandem, an intense idealism is noted which upholds all that is solid, traditional, and dependable in society. This is an intuitive, pragmatic, and factual combo that thrives on harmony though it can be stubborn and pigheaded when it wants to be; there's an instinctive understanding of basic human needs and of the financial realities involved.

Sun AQ-Moon Lib is a highly idealistic blend with a good intellect, avant-garde tastes, and plenty of charm. Long on theory, this combo is not always practical, and may be accused of making up its philosophy as it goes along. (Ryan's theatrical Neptune-ASC conjunction is aided by this tendency.)

Seeing life from endlessly shifting vantage points, this personality blend denotes global interests, an overly abstract approach to life, and a dislike of imperfection. (Ayn Rand disliked imperfection, too, as do adherents of Social Darwinism--and I think the Ryan 'Prosperity' Plan is meant to weed out the weaker among us: survival of the fittest!--in markets and in social safety net programs.)

Now let's look at 3 quotes from some who share natally these Sun-Moon blends:

Biden's Sun Sco-Moon Tau:

"British management doesn't seem to understand the importance of the human factor"--Prince Charles; and, "Our country needs not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration"--Pres. Warren G. Harding.

Ryan's Sun AQ-Moon Lib:

"As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibilty that they do their utmost to ignore truth"--Boris Pasternak.

Well, hopefully you'll enjoy the VP debate. Bickering or not, I know I will!


Chart data used: Joseph Biden Nov 20, 1942 8:30 am EWT Scranton, PA; Paul Ryan Jan 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, WI.

Oct 6, 2012

Wedding Day Astrology of Paul and Janna Ryan

At last! Just to let you know that I've now published a Wedding Day Astrology Report on Paul and Janna Ryan, if you're curious!

Their wedding day, December 2, 2000, shows a potential for two Sun-Moon blends since the Moon left Aquarius that evening and entered Pisces so if you have a moment, please check out the report and, if you wish, 'vote' for the blend you think better describes the partnership of Rep. Paul and Janna Ryan.

Oct 5, 2012

New Book on Saturn in Scorpio and "A Sight-Seeing Bus"

Today, October 5, 2012, Saturn moves into Scorpio from its sojourn in compromising Libra. Control is a major facet of the karmic planet of The Father, aka, the senex; other facets include: reality; fact; authority; authenticity; responsibility; accountability; restriction; constriction; boundaries; structure; status quo--and with the change from Libra, its sign of exaltation, we know that Saturn's concern with control is also one of Scorpio's primary interests or goals.

Enter master astrologer Donna Cunningham, who highly recommends a new book Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through the Dark by Mandi Lockley which contains info on Saturn transits to planets and follows Saturn's often heavy footprints through the houses. How timely!

Now let's consider the Sabian Symbol of Saturn's degree today at its most Scorpionicness: 1 Scorpio:

'1Sco' = "A Sight-Seeing Bus": FRIENDLINESS:

Positive expression: a basic impersonality which capitalizes on the opportunity of the moment and helps reorder the situation whenever there is difficulty or dissatisfaction;

Negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a genius for avoiding any and every actual expenditure of self.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Now on this dark Saturnian topic we could mention a few cosmic connections to the October 3 Obama v Romney debate and the disassociation from truth that we witnessed. But why do it here, when so many are busily fact-checking for us?

Besides, we have a Scorpio Eclipse coming soon on November 13 @21Sco56 which conjoins the 12th cusp of Politics and Karma in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT 'Sibly' version of America's natal horoscope.

And since all eclipses have an ability to uncover or leak darkly hidden secrets, I wonder what tidbit or scandal may turn up on the peep-eye! menu for any and all political candidates as 2012 careens on?

Oh, and one more thing about Saturn entering Scorpio: The Taskmaster will conjoin the natal Sun of the New World Order @1Sco19! Here's a bit I wrote about the NWO natal chart way back in 2005 and here's a copy of the natal chart I published then with its birth date and time based on one of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune (The Enlightenment planets) which occurred all through 1993:

You'll note that the November 13 Solar Eclipse hits NWO Mercury 22Sco25 which is encased by its natal Mars 19Sco00 and Pluto 24Sco29. Try this midpoint picture of the NWO: Mars-Pluto = Mercury: desire to realize plans fanatically. (Ebertin.)

NWO Sun = "2Sco" = " A Broken Bottle of Spilled Perfume."


Pos: persistence in creative effort and utter fidelity to the inner essence of selfhood;

Neg (unconscious/shadow side): witless dissipation of every resource of self and society. (Jones.)

And turning all our public institutions into privatized entities that benefit the wealthy while implementing vast schemes upon the 47% in order to effect massive population control.

Oct 4, 2012

Oct 3, 2012 Obama v Romney Debate (video); w Jupiter the Cat

First Debate October 3, 2012 9:00 pm--10:30 pm ET: Obama v Romney

Well, the Astrology of the first debate last evening showed Romney having an edge and we certainly saw his hunger for White House power flashing through that fixed smile. It's no surprise that Mitt the Bully showed up and President Obama let him show himself off while the urbane Mr. Obama looked down at his papers (was he grading a test?) too often and for too long with what appeared to be extreme dislike for his Piscean opponent. Well, at least he was visible at the podium, right? And he did bring up some good points.

But as you noticed, President Obama seemed to have an unaccustomed feeling of being challenged. Methinks The Office and its exalted bubble does that to a person (if they weren't arrogant enough before.) Plus, I've heard that the president really doesn't like Romney though he's definitely not alone in that sentiment--many Republicans don't like Mittens either. So did Romney increase his 'likeability quotient' with you by displaying a ride-roughshod performance in which he seemed to compare President Obama to his lying sons?

As previously and curiously noted, when the debate ended at about 10:33 pm EST last night, lying Neptune was at the top of the horoscope, a signature of Mitt the Fish with his Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Pisces. My suspicion is that fact checkers will do their jobs for Mr. Romney flip flopped again on his policies and was coy about his plans for America as he attempted to appeal to the 47% of us he'd condescendingly dissed on May 15, 2012 (as seen in his secretly recorded rant to millionaires.)

Plus, Neptune now squares Mr. Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21, in natal 4th house) so it's a time of confusing circumstances, shifting alliances, and a potential for showing a lack of confidence. Is that what we saw from him last evening?

Biden v Ryan

Well, I just looked again at the horoscope of the VP debate on October 11, 2012, and wouldn't you know? Again it's 9:00 pm--10:30 pm ET, and nebulous, hard to oin down Neptune is at the top (MC) of the chart, the WHY? Point that describes The Goal and Aspiration.

If I have a chance later, I'll post both the 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm horoscopes of the October 11 VP debate and we'll discuss a few chart factors. For now, here's a quote from a comedian who shares natally the Sun-Moon blend which will be in effect the evening of October 11, 2012--does it apply to the Biden v Ryan debate? You decide:

Sun Libra-Moon Virgo: "The 'what should be' never did exist but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be', there is only what is."

Lenny Bruce


Now if you're a fan of Astrology and cats as am I, you may want to watch the very talented Jupiter the Cat answering questions. Wonder if Jupiter debates?

Oct 3, 2012

Election Day Mercury, Sabian Symbols, and Mitt's Shady Voting Machines

by Jude Cowell

If you're like me you've been wondering how in the world Mitt Romney can pull a victory rabbit out of his tophat in November considering his dismally low polling numbers. Well, here's one clue: Vote Counting Company Tied to Romney, one of Rove-Bush's old tricks--and you know how that shadiness turned out.

Yes, the November 6 Election Day Mercury, planet of votes, voting machines, ballots, and decisions, will Station Rx in Mr. Romney's natal 7th house (DESC 1Sag01) while opposing President Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21 in n 4th H) around 6:03 pm (ET) at '5Sag':

"A Wise Old Owl Up in a Tree" which Marc Edmund Jones explains as NORMALITY:

Positive expression: exceptional wisdom or effective self-restraint in each detail of personal accomplishment;

Negative (Unconscious/Shadow Side--jc): self-betraying intellectual and emotional smugness. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

Of note is Adriano Carelli's symbol for November 6's Mercury Station Rx degree yet he tends to 'keep' a degree without rounding up so let's check out the symbol for '4Sag' in Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

"A Grated Window in a Mediaevel Manor" which tells of a "warlike and impulsive nature [that] will stay hidden till drawn out and revealed by circumstances apt to produce an outburst of rightful wrath or ambitious fury. Till such time, [he] will look like a good-natured man, rich in deep-felt affections but full of reserve; not submissive but unassuming and self-contained; kind, correct in business, sensitive and watchful, with a slight hint of tameness but ready to defend himself.

On the contrary, when the bugle has blown, there he will go, leaping out of his den to do or die, a hero or a villain, violent and ruthless, a real daredevil."

Well! The symbol itself sounds rather Anglo-Saxonlike and the explanation more than a little like Mr. Romney himself--other than the "correct in business" part though he says we should take his word for it--and he will be, if he takes the helm of the Oval Office, a cozy collaborator of the plutocratic, monarchical neocon-Zionist-Vulcans who love little more than the profits and power they garner from waging perpetual war while they think to set up a global government in Jerusalem. (One reason they like to keep the Middle East stirred up.)

Yes, a second term for Barack Obama will bring the continuance of similar imperialist policies for there is a higher earthly authority at work than the presidency of the United States of America (and the Pentagon is part of its military/policing arm.) Yet a mandate from the people ought to mean something--well, it once did and may again--if American voters turn out in huge numbers for Mr. Obama which will make 'the fix' that's in for Romney-Ryan all the more difficult to justify while hiding just how crooked the win-at-any-cost Republican Party truly is.

Will SCOTUS intervene again? Wouldn't surprise me. And a final decision--if not on who won the presidency, then on Senate and House winners--may not be known until mid-December as timed by trickster Mercury all frustrated by its retrograde period but at last moving beyond its shadow degree of 5 Sagittarius. Maybe Supreme Court Justices are the "Wise Old Owl"!

"We don’t think you grow the economy from millionaires on down. We think you grow the economy the old-fashioned way from the middle class out."

--V.P. Joe Biden

"Whoever wins this next election is going to set the template for this country for a long time to come. We can settle for an economy where a shrinking number of people do very, very well while everybody else must struggle to get by or we can build an economy where everybody has a fair shot and plays by the same set of rules."

--President Obama

Don't know about you, but I'm with those guys!

You'll find more on Romney and Bain Capital, plus other interesting and timely information available at Alex D'Atria's Political Astrology so please do check it out!

Oct 2, 2012

Oct 10, 2012: Saturn-Neptune Trine good for Politics!

Feelin' Your 'Spidey Sense' These Days? Maybe It's Saturn Trine Neptune!

by Jude Cowell

Yes, it's true! A Saturn-Neptune trine overhead can be good for such endeavors as Politics, mystery solving and investigating, working on secret and/or government projects, and behind the scenes organizing. Exact on October 10, the Cosmos now offers us an easier understanding of the law of cause and effect in relation to our karmic circumstances for those who make an effort. And with the karmic Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13, 2012 at our collective doorstep (@21Sco56--conjunct US natal 12th cusp of Karma and Politics), such understanding will come in mighty handy.

After all, voting Mercury's Station Retrograde on Election Day 2012 occurs at 4Sag18 so if we 'round up' the degree for a Sabian Symbol, we get: '5Sag' = "A Wise Old Owl Up in a Tree"...my guess as to the wise old owl's identity? The American people, the ones the Republicans have counted out and don't wish to 'fund' any longer when it's so obvious to them that their buddies on Wall Street need our resources instead and don't mind finagling to redistribute them...upward. (!?^*!!$#&*!!!)

However, for a much more uplifting and poetic rendering of this transiting, insight-inspiring aspect in emotional, intuitive Water signs Scorpio (Saturn) and Pisces (Neptune), check out Dipali Desai's wonderful column at Celestial Space. You'll be happy you did!

Why, even those involved with secret societies will benefit on some level under this trine's rays along with artists, musicians, writers, actors and directors, photographers, and workers in other realms of creativity, for making a wish (Neptune) come true (Saturn) as a dream is poured (Neptune) into form and substance (Saturn) makes for harmony under the trine's influence! And this is a distinct possibility for those who are willing to actually use the trine energy (talent) with its steady focusing capability rather than relying on mere luck to see things through.

Of course, having natal planets that make supportive aspects to Saturn in early Scorpio and/or Neptune in early Pisces can only help matters!

UPDATE 10.2.12: just found another informative view of Saturn in Scorpio by Washington state's expert astrologer Julie Demboski which you'll want to check if you haven't! #

For additional political and astrological considerations concerning Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, the October Debates, the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of November 2012, Winter Solstice 2012, and much more, why not subscribe to the Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly--but only if you dare! :)

Oct 1, 2012

Will a False Flag Op Start War with Iran? (video)

Over the weekend I read that US banks may be cyber-attacked by alleged Iranian hacktivists in order to 'justify' a military attack upon Iran. Unless some Vulcan psychopath decides that a virtual attack won't be sufficient to rile us up in support of yet another costly war!

Well, being very fond of the Iranian people (and the American people! corrupt governments? not so much), I pray that No false flag ops are carried out here, there, or anywhere by high-handed, let's-rule-the-world neocons, Zionists, or their misguided backers.

Recorded in Gaza, the following video featuring Max Igan and Ken O'Keefe addresses and comments on the use of war-triggering false flag ops through US history and the implications of the dangerous and chilling game Israel now plays:

Here's a related post from 2010: Zionism and the Natal Chart of Israel. Note the nation's brutal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in royal Leo.

Stephen Colbert on Romney's poll numbers (video) and his Pisces Planets

Last week Stephen Colbert reported on the Romney campaign's lack of oomph in the polls and I'm just now posting the video to cheer up my two Romney-supporting friends who are admittedly down in the dumps. I'm not certain which stage of grief they've entered (they'd rather not talk about it) but I'm sure this will help them deal:

Right away astrologers recognize Mr. Colbert's 'Aqua Romney' as a (perhaps unconscious?) reference to Mitt's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars in watery, diversionary Pisces! Just when you think you've 'caught' a Pisces, he swims away.

And it seems curious to me that Romney's assumption that it's now his "turn" to be president (added to the regressive GOP platform meant to roll back progressive programs from FDR's New Deal, Civil Rights advances, women's reproductive rights, and more) shows an interesting synchronicity with the Inaugural Sun positions prior to the change from early March (Sun 13Pis+) to January 20 (00 AQ+) for noon Inaugurations, a switch which took place between FDR's Inaugurations of 1933 and 1937--and Romney's natal Mercury Rx = 13Pis55!

Don't know about you, dear reader, but I do Not want to live under 1930s conditions any more than we already are, either with or without Mr. Romney playing the role of president!


Blog Note: many Thanks to all who have subscribed to the just-published Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 edition of Stars Over Washington Monthly! Your kind encouragement is very much appreciated, Jude