Jan 31, 2013

"America 2: Now With More Freedom" Jon Stewart video

In case you missed Tuesday evening's The Daily Show, here's a video excerpt concerning freedom in America. Viewer Warning: content may include exposure to Glenn Beck's ideal of Utopia, the 'Citadel':

Are you in?

Jan 30, 2013

Thomas Jefferson on "the spirit of this country" (and Jupiter Stations Direct)

"The spirit of this country is totally adverse to a large military force."

So Thomas Jefferson informed us. But that was way before the Pentagon's 'military industrial complex' and the CIA began dictating where our National Treasury and human resources were spent. And that's where the spirit and soul of America were sacrificed on a devilish altar of conquest, war profiteering, and revenge. Seems to me that neocon war hawks have made a chump of Mr. Jefferson and the rest of us along with him.

Blog Note: now I can't imagine why my article on Thomas Jefferson's natal horoscope is so all-intriguing as to make it this blog's most-viewed post ever (obviously it's due to the elusive Mystic of Monticello and not to my incomplete analysis!), but if you haven't read about our 3rd president and the Yod pattern in his birth chart, you may wish to do so by clicking here.

And speaking of our soul-staining US military and America's compromised spirit, here's Glenn Greenwald's Obama's Non-Closing of Gitmo and US Government Irony. America's 'fog of war' Mars-Neptune square from 1776 just keeps on fooling us with its misdirected energy-confused motivations vibes, doesn't it? To be fooled one must first fool oneself.

Plus, our nation's Geminian Mars turned Rx (inward) by progression as of Summer 2006 is providing many problems at home through drought, arrests and an exploding prison population, protests and police action against protesters, gun violence upticks (ex: Chicago), gun legislation proposals causing conflict and "debate" on Capitol Hill today, parents against children-children against parents, and other aggression-related conditions and events.

Then when we consider America's Secondary Progressed Moon of December 2008 @4Vir10 along with our SP Mars Rx, it becomes clear--even to the big spenders in Washington--that our nation must now withdraw many of our tentacles (military bases) across the globe or at least decrease them in size because the SP Full Moon indicates that our country has extended her reach right up to the limit as far as the wider world is concerned. And of course, 'Dec 2008' times Financial Crisis 2008 (aka, the Great Bush-Cheney Heist as I call it.) Yes, our Atlas Days have ended and frankly, the overly fatigued American people are due a rest.

Besides, investing in America is a great way to proceed and since this very day Jupiter Stations Direct @6Gem19 and will soon hit US natal Uranus again (denoting financial and political improvements), perhaps projects and finances will begin to move forward in tandem with the Great Benefic's zodiacal path, as long as GOP ('Grand' = Jupiter!) members don't completely throttle into unconsciousness any improvements that need be made and should be made.

And who knows? With Jupiter's freedom of movement maybe the next financial conflicts on Capitol Hill on March 1 and May 19 will go better than in 2011! Well, at least this Jupiterian can hope, can't she?

Jan 29, 2013

Are social networking sites CIA fronts? (video) w Mercury-Pluto

The 'Social' Duping of America

by Jude Cowell

Though I gave up Facebook years ago (but do realize that FB is like sticky flypaper stuck to my cyber shoe), it seems more difficult to give up using Twitter. Plus, I have several blogs on Google's Blogger and a Gmail account so...

No doubt about it! The energies of America's natal *Mercury-Pluto opposition have been actively developed for spying on US citizens since the beginning and indicates a total obsession with doing so. And with FB and other social networking sites, the CIA has our full cooperation as we identify our own friends and acquaintances to whatever security forces are looking in, no matter their true motivations.

Suggested: a few notes on Benjamin Franklin, America's first postmaster (spymaster.)

Blog Note: out of pure cussedness, this post will not be tweeted by yours truly! Not that it will make any difference.

*Mercury = senses including sight, information, details, tricksters, etc; Pluto = spies and spymasters, intelligence agencies, invisibility, the power elite, the secret hand, betrayers, assassins, rapists, tunnels, underground bunkers, the Pope, the Underworld, the Syndicate, etc.

A variety of videos on many topics await you at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Jan 26, 2013

"Confronting the Corporate Fiction" Max Igan video

Here in 4 parts is an excellent Max Igan presentation, Confronting the Corporate Fiction. Several matters including current news events are mentioned so if you're into finding solutions, freeing human consciousness, and changing directions this presentation is for you:

Horoscope: 1st Continental Congress 1774 w details

Horoscope of America's 1st Continental Congress Sep 5, 1774

by Jude Cowell, just another Child of the Revolution

With so much going on concerning the US Congress these days, and with undermining anarchists determined to weaken, obstruct, and crash it, I decided to post the natal horoscope of the very First Continental Congress which met on September 5, 1774 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our capital city until the location of the District of Columbia was selected, laid out, and constructed by the early Freemasons of the day including George Washington wearing his Masonic apron at cornerstone-laying ceremonies.

Representatives from 12 of the 13 colonies were present though a delegate from my home state of Georgia (#13) was not.

Please click the following image to enlarge and read a few basic chart details, some of which will not be mentioned in this brief text:

The Book of World Horoscopes (Campion) gives the opening time of the first meeting of the Continental Congress as "10:00 am LMT" which is used in the chart. An Hour of the Sun, the natal chart shows 5Sco33 rising with 12Leo17 at Midheaven. The What? Point (ASC) = "A Gold Rush" and the WHY? Point (MC) = "An Old Sea Captain Rocking" (curiously, this is the degree and symbol of President Obama's natal Sun.)

At MC is Venus @12Leo47, implicating the Founders in the Isis/female deity worship that permeates political society still. We have only to look at the statue of 'Freedom' atop the Capitol Dome or at the Statue of Liberty (Venus, whose metal is copper) to see the reality of their ideology and delusion all around us--especially if you're aware of the importance of Virgo and Ceres in American lore with our national Neptune (idealism) in Virgo, sign of the Virgin.

(Goddess worship reminds me of modern-day Republicans and their lamentable, misogynist issues concerning the control of women, contraception, abortion, and rape. Wonder what Dr. Freud's diagnosis of the struggling GOP psyche would be? A Madonna v Whore psychosis?)

Chart-ruler is Mars with Pluto as sub-ruler and the two planets (though Pluto was not discovered until 1930) are in opposition (4A07) denoting future conflicts which of course, the Revolutionary War was. The natal Mars-Pluto opposition also represents the extreme danger in which the delegates acted for simply meeting as they did to foment rebelliousness against the British Monarchy.

The Mars-Pluto aspect is significant as well because the two planets are part of a Kite pattern indicating success along with Jupiter (Stationing Retrograde @16Tau08 in the 7th house of Open Enemies and Partnerships) and secretive, inspirational, mystical Neptune @20Vir00 in 11th H of Groups and Associations. As you see, out-of-bounds Pluto is the Kite's 'tail' which may signify powerful help (and possibly manipulation) from afar. Popes and secret societies are two entities which come to mind.

Yet the closest applying aspect to chart-ruler Mars isn't its opposition to Pluto, it's a more beneficial sextile to Neptune (1A28) which indicates several conditions including potentials for nervous energy, procrastination, winning tactics and strategies, a preference for fantasy over reality, overstretching and/or overindulgence, a tendency for 'collecting' a string of victories, and the capability for understanding complex issues--or, the use of complexities to obfuscate the issues!

The character of the First Continental Congress' leadership may be view through the closest applying aspect to the chart's Sun @13Vir001 (conjunct NN @13Vir04 = meetings, encounters, intellectual associations, the public--Ebertin) and that is the beneficial trine (120 degr) between Sun and Jupiter (3A06) which denotes recognition, life advancement, the generally 'made' fortunes of the participants (which would have been lost along with their necks if discovered), and an abundance of creative energy. Being informed on many topics is indicated as well, yet a certain air of laziness could pervade matters if hardworking Saturn's ambitious energies were not properly directed.

Happily, Saturn @27Vir15 is in the sign of the Dedicated Worker (Virgo) and trines the innovator-from-On-High, Uranus (5A09) in 7th H. Saturn is the container for all that Uranian idealism, independence, and brilliance. Plus, the pair make up a practical (semi-) Earth Grand Trine with transformative Pluto @22Cap39 Rx though the pattern is dissociate with Uranus in Airy Gemini (rather than in Earthly Taurus.)

Now a word about ideological Jupiter @16Tau08 and its Sabian Symbol which is being emphasized by Jupiter's Station Rx in progress on the morning of Sept 5, 1774. '17Tau' = "A Symbolical Battle Between "Swords" and "Torches""...'Keynote: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal "Great War."' (Rudhyar.)

If this reminds you of recent US Congresses, you may wish to find more info concerning this curious symbol in a previous post with its ongoing effects upon the Washington narrative which is part of the 'global conquest' script most of our politicians follow, 112th Congress: "Swords" vs "Torches". And to be honest with you, I believe that some of those who don't follow the nwo script are only acting and pretending in devil's advocate roles to give the American people the impression that our family-oriented, mind-our-own-business, anti-imperialist views are shared by at least a few of our representatives in Washington DC.

No wonder the approval rating of Congress is now lower than cockroaches, lice, and root canals. But wait--that's just how anti-sovereign-nation anarchists want us to feel! And so, as a Child of the Revolution, I refuse to comply...


For more Astrology on a personal level, check out Mandi Lockley's excellent two-part series on Uranus in Aries Wakes Up Your Mars!

Jan 25, 2013

"Foxy" lady to head SEC henhouse: Mary Jo White

Mary Jo White for SEC: a Few Astro-Notes on the Lady

by Jude Cowell

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi says the Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox in Charge of Henhouse.

Known for signal achievements, you may remember her as prosecutor in the trial of the first World Trade Center Bombing attack of 1993.

Born on December 27, 1947 in Kansas City, Missouri, Mary Jo White's Sun-Moon blend is one of two because the fast-sailing Moon changed signs during the 24-hour period of that date. If a Sun Cap-Moon Gemini personality, her Moon is near or conjunct natal Uranus, an excitable and self-willed combo; if a Sun Cap-Moon Cancer blend, she may have been born during or just after a Full Moon @5Can15 which perfected at 2:27 pm CST on her birthdate.

Checking her horoscope for '14 Pisces'--its Sabian Symbol = "A Lady in Fox Fur" (Jones), I find no planets but there is a midpoint: Sun/NN which relates to seeking contacts, the public, meetings with leaders, intellectual cooperation, but also to disharmony and the termination of associations (Ebertin.)

"A Lady in Fox Fur" = TASTEFULNESS...positive: high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light; negative: amoral opportunism.

(Note: her Sun/NN midpoint is directly opposite her Neptune/Pluto midpoint @14Vir44 which may fluff out the fur's image into Robber Baron and mystical realms.)

December 27, 1947 falls into the 3 South Saros Series of Solar Eclipses. Her Pre-Natal Eclipse occurred on November 12, 1947 @19Sco35, and last manifested on December 14, 2001 @ '23Sag'. You'll remember that this was the 'Tora Bora Caves' era when the Bush regime allowed bin Laden to escape out the back door...similar to how Bush and Cheney first entered office with SCOTUS holding open the White House back door.

3S themes include traumatic transformations and endings to relationships, often with young people or through news received. (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

If born prior to the Full Moon, Mary Jo White is a Balsamic phase person who may have prophetic dreams and visions, and who tends to take over responsibilities when someone cannot carry on. This seems appropriate to President Obama's second term getting 'new blood' in various cabinet and staff positions and to her being chosen to head the (compromised) SEC. If she takes over the post, we'll see if she amounts to anything as far as Wall Street crooks are concerned. One thing we do know: an SEC appointment is certainly chocked full of opportunities.

Jan 23, 2013

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses w America's Planetary Returns

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Listed w US Planetary Returns

by Jude Cowell

Here is a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2013's dates and degrees, with Saros Series' themes paraphrased from B. Brady; included in order of occurrence are America's 2013 planetary Return dates and degrees with a few Sabian Symbols and their keywords (symbols from M. E. Jones):

1. April 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45; '6Sco' = "A Gold Rush"...AMBITION;

2. May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse @19Tau31; '20Tau' = "Wind Clouds and Haste"...EXALTATION; 15 South Series theme: a lingering situation will clear with a sense of collective grief or loss and a release of tension; 15S last manifested in 1995;

3. May 25: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @4Sag08; '5Sag' = "An Old Owl Up in a Tree"...NORMALITY; this eclipse conjoins the degree of 'voting' Mercury's Rx Station of the November 6, 2012 Elections--will scandalous details be uncovered? Eclipses are known for revealing secrets and Mercury is a known trickster and thief!;

June 5: US Venus Return to 3Can06 (all Returns based on America's natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA); '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"...JUSTIFICATION;

June 30: US Mars Return 21Gem22; '22Gem' = "A Barn Dance"...GREGARIOUSNESS;

July 5 (not a typo!): US Solar Return 13Can19, our nation's 237th birthday as far as declaring independence from Britain goes; '14Can' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...SANCTION; an occult symbol with far-reaching implications that go beyond the scope of today's post so here's a site to check out if you're in the mood for uncovering secrets of early Washington DC as laid out by our Founding Templar Freemasons;

July 22: US Jupiter Return 5Can56 (a 12-year cycle of what should be 'rewards'); '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (as toffs will do--jc)...METICULOUSNESS;

August 4: US Mercury Return 24Can12 (Rx natally); '25Can' = "A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder"...DESTINY; (an occult symbol which may relate to ORION's shoulder and the 'Great' Plan for America's destiny--jc); August 4th is President Obama's day of birth and this year, transit Mars @14Can51 conjoins SIRIUS, an important star in the secretly shared 'District of Columbia/pyramids of Giza' mythology;

4. Oct 18: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @25Ari45; '26Ari' = "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold"...EQUIPMENT;

5. Nov 3: Hybrid Solar Eclipse @11Sco16; '12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"...DISPLAY; this eclipse falls in the 16 North Saros Series which is denoted by Bernadette Brady to be a "gentle family of eclipses' which 'brings a sense of inspiration or the illumination of good ideas' through a "sudden release of material from the unconscious" and a "great deal of insight"; 16N last manifested in 1995 making that year a 'time link' with year 2013 as is the May eclipse, above;

However, since 16N's initial eclipse of Feb 15, 1599 (@6Pis02) contains unconscious Uranus-Neptune content by way of a trine aspect, and considering the way the world is being marched toward global governance (aka a new world order, or, new economic order), I'm calling this the 'Illuminati Eclipse' and unfortunately must consider its "illumination" to be part of the constant subliminal propaganda we Americans and others across the globe are drenched in and permeated by...based on an ancient illuminized plan to undermine all civil institutions including governments. How I wish I could feel and think otherwise but I don't, so there it is.

Yes, 2013 is a pivotal year for global movers and shakers and it was ushered in by Winter Solstice 2012 and that crisis-laden YOD pattern of Saturn sextile Pluto pointing toward apex Jupiter Rx = social fanaticism/trouble with authority. My prayer is that 'ordinary', decent people won't fall for too many of their cynical political and social scams and fancy 'tricks of light and sound' as 2013 plows on. May we of good faith use the combined Uranus-Neptune energies to Awaken the Masses!

Jan 22, 2013

Jon Stewart's extended interview w Justice Sotomayor (video)

The following video presents Jon Stewart's extended interview (6 mins 36 secs) from last evening with author and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in case you missed seeing it on The Daily Show:

Here are some astro-notes I wrote concerning Justice Sotomayor in July 2009 around the time of her nomination to the Supreme Court. Born in the Bronx, NY on June 25, 1954, Justice Sotomayor is obviously a Sun-in-Cancer lady but the Moon was in Aries, then Taurus, on her date of birth. Therefore, my post is necessarily speculative but see what you think, if you wish...Sun Can-Moon Aries? Or, Sun Can-Moon Taurus?

Jan 18, 2013

Inauguration 2013's two Sun-Moon blends

Are you ready for Inauguration Day 2013? Well, the hour approaches rapidly so you may wish to peek at the descriptive Sun-Moon blends for both the January 20th Oath-Taking in private and Monday's public ceremony.

Check out my notes on the excitable Air-Air blend for Monday's Inauguration 2013: Sun AQ-Moon Gemini and Sunday's private ceremony with its Sun AQ-Moon Taurus, if you get a chance!

Also available in a previous post on this blog are my astro-notes concerning both horoscopes (Jan 20 and Jan 21, 2013) of Inauguration 2013--click to view horoscopes for both days.

Jan 17, 2013

Horoscopes: Inauguration 2013 (Private and Public)

Inauguration 2013: a Private Oath on Sunday, Public Oath on Monday

by Jude Cowell

Update 1.19.13: Monday's time of Oath-taking now reported as 11:55 am which makes Asc/Desc 13Tau/Sco45 and Mc/Ic 25Cap/Can58; the US natal Pluto/Mercury opposition remains at Mc/Ic respectively and all house cusps are earlier by one degree. The noon chart you see below times President Obama's Inaugural Address, if all proceeds according to schedule. No planets change houses from what you see below though Mars in 10th house barely bursts over the earlier 11th H cusp now @21AQ38.

At 11:55 am: Asc '14 Tau': "Shellfish Groping And Children Playing." Children.

Original post begins here:

Here you see the horoscope of the Private Oath-Taking on Sunday January 20, 2013 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC, made necessary by the inauguration date falling on a Sunday. This circumstance rarely occurs for US Inaugurations but did for Presidents Monroe and Reagan, and now for Barack Obama. Chart-ruler Venus; Hour of Mercury (planet of oaths) with Mercury @2AQ21 directly opposing the president's natal Mercury in Leo--more closely than in 2009 with this transit's potential for conflicting opinions, disagreements, and 'cat herding'. Though in the case of Mr. Obama, make that right-wing 'elephant herding' of the nutzoid kind.

Moon (We the People) in Taurus (comfort mode, greed, intolerance) with the presidential Sun @00AQ48 nearing Midheaven as usual (MC = the Goal); hemispheric emphasis is the same in both charts (7/3) and the South Node of the Moon (SN) rises indicating separation, restrictions, and loss--not a good portent in a Horary chart. Of course this may describe the staff and cabinet members who are leaving the Obama administration and being replaced, plus, the 'bad timing' circumstance of the inauguration falling on a Sunday. Past behaviors and old matters tally with the fact that this inaguraiton marks the continuing of the Obama administration rather than a completely new start.

Yet as you see, Moon and Jupiter Rx are rising in 1st house and we look ahead to the Jupiter Direct Station of January 30, 2013 @6Gem19 after which financial matters may begin to move forward--at least by June when Jupiter passes his Rx shadow degree. Jupiter rules the 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Corporations, Transformation, etc, and as usual, America's natal Ascendant is upon the Inaugurual 8th cusp which always makes 8th H matters of primary concern for any administration.

Another area of Jupiterian concern is the house with Pisces on its cusp. In US inauguration charts that would be the karmic 12th H of the Unconscious, Large Institutions, Self-Undoing, and Politics. This year radical Uranus @5Ari13 is posited in the 12th H so apparently secrets plans are being made for more disruption of the president's agenda. Uranus at '6Ari' = A Square Brightly Lighted on One Side" which I believe refers mainly to the ongoing and restless Cardinal Square between electric Uranus and intense Pluto.

And with US natal placements penned around the outside of the January 20th chart, you see that America's Chiron is there as well. Its '21Ari' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring" and the symbol's negative expression tells much about the current extremists bullying their way through Congress along with America's obsession for conquest: blind rebellion and a willingness to squander every resource on pseudo values. Government shutdown, anyone? Let's hope cooler heads prevail over that Very Bad Idea:

Horoscope: Second Inauguration of Barack Obama January 21, 2013 *noon est Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of Venus

which has recently met with powerful, wealthy Pluto @9Cap53 on January 16th so the Sabian Symbol for '10Cap' may be notable as the president enters his 2nd term: "An Albatross Feeding from the Hand of a Sailor" with its negative expression: overconcern with side issues. (Jones.)

January 16th marked a new one-year cycle of Venus-Pluto energies which when combined indicate potentials for:

'Thesis: extremes of private wealth hidden in secret places; transforming the natural beauty of a country; genetic alterations; model waste processing or disposal systems'.

'Antithesis: deep volcanic activity causes destruction of agricultural activities or financial centers; attracting elements of organized crime' (DC politicians accomplished that years ago! jc); 'a breakdown in the fabric of society'. (Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Speaking of Jupiterian 'financial centers', planet Jupiter's Direct Station of January 30, 2013 is of significance for you see here Inauguration 2013 Jupiter Rx in 1st house. Once Jupiter passes its shadow degree at which Mr. Moneybags turned Rx, financial matters should be moving forward as well as the anarchists in Congress will allow. Perhaps a direct Jupiter won't give them as many opportunities to obstruct legislation that might actually improve the US economy and increase the investments which Jupiter's natural disposition prefers to make.

(Note: in the horoscope of Jupiter's Direct Station on 1/30/13, US natal Pluto in Capricorn rises in Washington DC so Pentagon adventurism and/or its budget may be in some way 'rising'. Plus, America's Jupiter Return occurs in July 2013 after which tr Jupiter @10Can02 will oppose 9th H Inauguration 2013 Pluto in August, a time of potential mismanagement and yet more contests of wills; this transit may also bring a tendency to overrate situations or people. When tr Jupiter opposes Inauguration 2013 Venus @15Cap42 in the 9th H of Foreign Lands, we may expect problems in joint alliances, diplomacy, and a general lack of cooperation.) And of course, tr Jupiter to World Point of Manifestation 00Can00 is significant as well--this occurs on or about June 27, 2012.

Since chart-ruler Venus makes no applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects to any planet in this horoscope we can't use the 'how things will proceed' method though there is a semi-square to Neptune (0A59) and a trine to the ASC 15Tau28 (0A14.) This makes the condition of Venus discussed above more important for the entire 4 years of the second term of President Barack Obama. My suspicion is that the jealousy and envy contained within the Venus-Pluto pair will manifest even more viciously than in his first term--and any horoscope with SN rising always has difficulties ahead, including such Saturnian themes as separation. Supporting this theme is dissolving Neptune in the house of Groups and Associations with wounded-wounding Chiron still nearby.

Yet We The People Are Happy as Washington Celebrates!

With Inugural Moon in 1st house nearing happy Jupiter (he'll be cheerier once he enters Moon-ruled Cancer), the mood of the people is certainly lighter than on Inauguration Day 2009 when Luna was at a critical-crisis 29th degree in moody Scorpio. Our mood is described as well by the applying trine between Moon (the people; the public; women) and Sun (the leader; the president), both at karmic 'one degrees' and indicating harmony, refinement, and growth of enterprises. Plus, the Moon rules both the 2nd H of the National Treasury, Values, and Earning Ability, and the 4th H of Domestic Scene, Security, and...Real Estate!

Now if we can only get contentious Mars @21AQ00 in 10th H of Career and Public Status to quit bailing water into the US eceonomy's still-leaky boat we may see more investments in America and thus in the future during the second term of Barack Obama.

Well, these astro-notes are incomplete and I'm sure you can see many more factors which could and should be discussed. If so, feel free to leave an on-topic comment or three. A link to this post will be added near the top of the SO'W sidebar for quick chart reference as the president's term simmers along and events occur. Plus, I may even have a chance once in a while to update it at some point as planets conjoin chart Angles and points, and trigger Inauguration Day 2013 planets denoting the Obama administration. Thanks for reading! Jude.


As of this writing, the exact time of President Obama's public Oath-taking on Monday is not forthcoming so 'noon' is used here as a method of Traditional Astrology to use the time of the best representative of the event, and/or as a symbolic chart if noon turns out to be a few minutes off. The Sunday (Jan 20) chart is the actual 2nd term chart.

Chart-Note: you easily spied that 12th H Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries (radicals, 'Utopians' and anarchists, says Ebertin.) That more behind-the-scenes disruptions are being planned is pretty much a given with the re-election of this president. And staid, status quo, end-bringer Saturn @10Sco50 ('11Sco' = "A Drowning Man Rescued") probably relates to the US military (6th H) and the withdrawal of US troops from sacred sands. I hope!

Jan 16, 2013

Another reason for the US culture of violence?

President Obama made major moves today toward gun sales reforms and other laudable proposals, some by executive order and others which Congress must muster up whatever consciences assemble under the Dome and bravely act upon.

Yet as I have followed news reports concerning the Newtown CT tragedy, it seems that our collective soul-searching has waned without addressing one issue that lurks within the core of our longstanding culture of violence: the continued acts of violence committed in our name by the Pentagon and the US government under the label of war.

Naturally you may disagree with me yet is it not logical to expect that younger Americans since the New Millennium in particular are not only desensitized to the pain of violence by repetitious use of violent video games but by a constant awareness of US invasions, occupations, and bombing of women and children which runs like a default program in the background of their lives?

A culture of violence? It seems that those who export it must expect its soon return and with an extra helping of vengeance added. Those who appreciate viewing societal concerns and events through the lens of Mundane Astrology are now watching the planet of responsibility and accountability, Saturn, moving through Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio, sign of vengeance, death--and regeneration.

And the current Solar Eclipse that manifested on November 13, 2012 @21Sco56 conjoined America's natal 12th house cusp with its Karma, Self-Undoing, Politics, Secret Deals, Hidden Enemies, and Hospitals implications--and all of these have certainly been stimulated by the eclipse.

My personal prayer is that America will be wise enough to allow Scorpio's regenerative ability to do its healing work so that all souls may be uplifted to a higher path than any culture of violence can possibly allow--for the sake of our children and for the health of our nation and planet Earth.

May pandering to the lowest common denominator to seek fame and fortune be seen for the deep harm it does.

Jan 15, 2013

Horoscope: The Confederacy--and a "dark vein of intolerance"

Natal Horoscope of The Confederacy (1861) with Pluto in Taurus

by Jude Cowell

You've probably heard by now that Colin Powell recently described the Republican Party as having a "dark vein of intolerance" which seems a spot-on analysis to this particular southerner. Particularly since the natal horoscope of the Republican Party (July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, Michigan) shows the dark planet of veins, tunnels, and other deep locations, Pluto, posited in Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of gardening, building, preserving, gold-loving, and luxury with its shadow side of greed, stubbornness, prejudice, and intolerance.

Thus, a "dark vein of intolerance" runs deep within the *era of the party's inception in 1854, a few years prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. Slavery of those who were seen to be 'lesser than' is the 'dark elephant in the room', of course, but such a massive topic is beyond the scope of this post even as racism winds its insinuating snakiness around this nation's heart--still, as we hear from the rhetoric and 'code words' of Republican Party members and other Americans who hold such vile persuasions based on their alleged superiority.

Another implied condition of influence is the hard-fought progress of the Civil Rights Movement/s championed by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr which roiled America during the 1960s when the restless and rioting combination of Uranus and Pluto met in Great Conjunction in mid-Virgo at the critical-crisis degree of 17 Virgo.

So this weekend, we have President Obama's second Inauguration, privately on Sunday January 20th and publicly on Monday January 21st--Martin Luther King Jr Day--and social conditions may be on the boil in America particularly when future anti-gun-violence measures are tossed in (see video below.) As you know, generational Uranus and Pluto are in and out of a square aspect (obstacles, blockages, frustration) in the globally-affected Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn, exact since 2010. Thus civil rights troubles regurgitate.

And of course you know of Richard Nixon's campaign ploy in 1968 to use the Southern strategy and the Republican Party has been skewed (and in my opinion, damaged to the core) by holier-than-thous ever since. Makes sense that the GOP's much-touted "soul searching" that would supposedly take place after their loss of the White House on November 6, 2012 never actually occurred for look at the misshapened beast of intolerance they'd have to face if they looked deeply enough. My suspicion is that party leaders took a brief peek as they kneeled down, then renewed their vow of subservience.

Restrictive, Status Quo Saturn Rx in Virgo

Virgo can play The Critic and may act at times as intolerantly as Taurean energy if it is ill-directed and feeling inferior (as it often does, especially with natal Saturn therein.) And because Virgo is ruled by mental planet Mercury, I find that Virgo intolerance is usually based more on conceit of opinion and on intellectual snobbery, while Taurean intolerance is more the jealousy-envy-winner-take-all kind of character flaw...greedy and selfish. Manipulating and controlling (Pluto) the bodies (Taurus) of others may be described by Pluto in Taurus as well (exs: slavery, and the abortion and contraception bossiness of old white men...these days fans of Viagra.)

Below you see the natal horoscope of The Confederacy which, like the Republican Party horoscope, contains Pluto in Taurus. Plus, Pluto is in the 12th house of The Unconscious, Karma, and Self-Undoing. Many things are hidden in the 12th houses of all horoscopes and here we see that the planet of war and conflict, Mars (strong in its own sign of Aries, the warrior and pioneer), hides near the cusp, ready to break out at any moment into the more visible 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes.

And with foreign bankers to motivate and support them and with independent trade a major concern, southern planters, businessmen, and their sons were ready as firecrackers when the first shot began the Civil War near Charleston, S.C.

Image: The Confederacy February 4, 1861 '12:00 pm' Montgomery, Alabama

Hour of Venus; Moon out-of-bounds (emotional insecurity) in adventurous Sagittarius; a Kite pattern of success but its 'tail'--Jupiter @22Leo (a degree of 'mastery') is Rx and I believe, along with Saturn Rx represents the foundation (4th house) of the southern cause's support system--the House of Rothschilds which controlled the British government (Saturn) and monarchy (Jupiter in royal Leo); Sun 15AQ59 with Mercury 19AQ13 (the 'nose' of the Kite) and wounding-wounded Chiron in 10th house of Worldly Status.

The Confederacy's Jupiter @22Leo50 returns to natal position on July 7, 2015

Testy Mars is also involved in the Kite configuration along with the Sag Moon ruled by Rx Jupiter; Venus conjoins NN at Nodal degree--more 22s of 'mastery' (which in this case reminds me of slavery.) The Confederacy's natal Venus-NN conjunction was stimulated by the New Moon of January 11, 2013 at that degree. With a swoon of synchronicity, a New Moon at the same degree occurred on January 11, 1994 (a time link!) which plays into the Republican take-over of the House by Newt Gingrich and his minions--and the subsequent government shut-down the GOP so enjoyed and with which they again threaten our nation's economic standing if they don't get their way: Act Two, one supposes.

Astro-note: the above chart data is taken from Campion's The World Book of Horoscopes which shows an Ascendant of 00Gem34, the degree of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse with Mercury-Pluto content ("an obsessive idea finally accepted; success after much hard work"--paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.

As you well know, an African American president will continue to inhabit the Oval Office for four more years, a fact that Republicans refuse to accept in their deep stubbornness and intolerance of 'the other'. And this selfishness is displayed no matter how their theatrical political stunts hurt the American people or how easily their sorry strategies may collapse global markets. Yes, the entire world will have the Republican Party to 'thank' if financial matters 'go south'!

Plus, curiously, the IC Point of The Confederacy chart @12Leo25 (its Foundation or Basis) conjoins the natal Sun degree of President Obama!

Edit 3.2.16: video removed so the code is removed but I hope you've listened to Colin Powell, above, for the result is the 2016 candidacy of Donald Trump who pretended confusion over the identity of Klansman David Duke! Talk about racist dog whistles, Trump has them in his back pocket during each of his speeches (aka, ramblings).

It seems to me that those of a Confederacy mindset ought to be ashamed of their backwardness and regressive primal tendencies but apparently such self-awareness is completely missing in many of them. Which is somewhat odd considering that The Awakener, Uranus (but also The Rebel and Anarchist) is rising (edit 3.2.16: and 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a political revolution in an attempt to save our country for the sake of We the People). Well, perhaps not so odd for revolutionary Uranus for, as they've brashly threatened on many occasions, The South Shall Rise Again! Q: do racism, intolerance, and primal violence have to rise with it?


*In the Tropical Zodiac, Pluto lumbered through the 30 degrees of Taurus from 1852 to 1884, leading up to and encompassing the American Civil War with its massive death count made higher by disease, infection, and gruesome surgeries (Pluto), and in part, was in effect during the era of the Industrial Revolution/s when many social transformations took place.

Jan 13, 2013

Oligarch Jay Rockefeller retiring but Plutocracy 'safe'

Since creating this blog on October 17, 2005 I have groused my frustration many times concerning the high-handed arrogance of, and the condescension shown toward the common good by, the power elite or 'ruling class' which is clearly represented in America by the House of Rockefeller among others (ex: House of Morgan)--and in Europe by its related House of Rothschild.

Well, inspired by the retirement announcement on Friday of West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller (b. June 18, 1937), who will not seek re-election in 2014, the excellent blog The Oligarch Kings has published a report on the Rockefeller family tree with details on which modern politicians are related to the Rockefellers and to other of our nation's oligarchical plutocrat families, past and present.

Check out the article, if you wish:

Rockefeller: Twight of the Oligarchs?

Astrologically, I remind myself of the July 4, 1776 condition of powerful wealth-collector Pluto Rx @27Cap33--out-of-bounds of the Earthly plane (hidden as manipulative Mr. Invisible prefers to be) and posited in our nation's 2nd house of the National Treasury ('Sibly' natal chart for 5:10 pm LMT)...giving us an early portrait of the American financial oligarchy.

Of course, 'OOBs' means that secretive, stealthy Pluto was not actually on-hand to interact with the other players in July 1776 (he wasn't in the room, you might say) yet powerful Pluto's association with The Unconscious made and makes his rule all the stronger especially because he was in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (sign of government, law, business) and Saturn signifies control and the status quo.

Related reading: The National Journal explains why Senator Jay Rockefeller's retirement is a big deal.

Jan 12, 2013

1.10.13 Basel III and 'Banks, Gold and Guns' (video)

Jan 10, 2013: 'Banks, Gold and Guns' as Crooks Remain in Hiding

by Jude Cowell

In case you're not already convinced that global central banks are brimming over with crooks, thieves, and liars here's a not-so-jolly analysis from 'The Geneva Business Insider' David L. Smith interviewed on The Corbett Report concerning European banks which have had their Basel III solvency deadline extended so that they may continue gouging money from customers while being "protected from the error of their ways."

Liquidity is not their problem, solvency is and the extension of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) allows banks to keep hidden the fact of their insolvency...a "fairy story," as Mr. Smith details. And the lack of bankster arrests and prison sentences supports the magical tale as well.

Meanwhile, in America (with our infamous 'robo-signing' scandal mentioned in the video), US progressed Mars (males; motivation; action; activism; fire; the military and police; weaponry, etc) turned Rx (inward) in July 2006 at '19 Libra', a Station and degree which spotlights a very descriptive Sabian Symbol considering today's topic: "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding".

Our nation's SP Mars now seems to move backward in the Zodiac until symbolically reaching another descriptive symbol: '18Lib' = "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" though it would certainly take many more than two arrests to clean out the nest of vipers coiling within the City of London whose agents are in league with those running the other banking capitals of the world including New York City.

So in which secret bank accounts do mounds of global funds and resources lie since 99% of the world's population possesses so few material advantages? Extremely wealthy Pluto of the Underworld, now lumbering through materialistic Capricorn, knows but naturally he prefers to remain silent lest he incriminate himself on such thorny issues:

If you'd like an alternate viewpoint on Basel III, try Watering down Basel III's not a sop to the banks. Good luck with that.

Jan 9, 2013

An Ode to Dick Nixon

An Ode to Dick Nixon

Former President Richard Nixon marred much of the years I spent in Washington DC moons ago when it was my favorite city of residence. Perhaps it still is in spite of how subsequent political and financial crooks and varmints have clouded its much-touted promise. Anyway, the following Ode occurred to me unbidden on this, the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tricky's birth.

And even though Mr. Nixon is no longer with us, the rippling effects of his presidency will continue to mark our nation, both positively and negatively, until the end of the Republic--and being a 'new world order' promoter himself (click and scroll to 1971/72)--Mr. Nixon will have had something to do with that misguided operation, too:

Dick Nixon would be one-oh-oh if he were walking 'round

"I'm not a crook," or so he said but differently was found

Yet not all bad we must admit politicly astute

still paranoia was his fall which caused him ill repute.

jc 1.9.13

Now! Glad that's done. Here's a post from 2007 concerning President Richard M. Nixon's resignation with a few astro-notes on his personality if you're game. You'll find a link to his letter of resignation therein.

Neptune in Pisces and Decalcifying Your Pineal Gland (video)

With infectious Neptune traversing its own sign of Pisces we note a ramping up of such problems as Boston's flu epidemic as the stealth planet associated with the 'urge to merge' undermines the lives, prospects, and/or health of many people as Year 2013 gets underway. My belief is that Neptune's link to the Divine Source is the only reliable method of survival we can depend on!

Here's one of my posts from January 11, 2012 concerning the transit of Neptune through Pisces, the pineal gland, fluoride's toxicity (as in, poisoned tap water, toothpaste and other commonly used products), and calcification of the pineal gland ('3rd eye' = intuition.)

These same topics (without the Astrology) are addressed in the following video presentation by Erin Janus: How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland:

And isn't it annoying that flu vaccinations and vaccines of all kinds--also ruled by Neptune and meant to fight infection--seem part of the undermining of our health, according to many vaccine-safety doubters? At the least Neptune often adds doubt and over-charging to the situation.

Plus, astrologers deal with planetary cycles and recognize that Neptune's transit of Pisces will eventually result in America's Neptune opposite natal Neptune (23 Virgo) transit across the Virgo-Pisces axis of compassion-victimization, a time of conflict when the Neptunian ideals of one generation are pitted against another's, and some of the masses (Neptune) will become victims of religious and/or racial persecution.

To me it seems like the persecution of the global population began a long time ago, doesn't it?

My thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending a heads-up on Erin's video.

Jan 7, 2013

Obama announces Top Post noms w Mercury OOBs

For Top Posts Nominations, Jupiter Rx Is Also Rising

by Jude Cowell

With President Obama set to nominate former Senator Chuck Hagel (NB) for Secretary of Defense and counterintell official John Brennan as CIA Director today at 1:05 pm est, we find a few inauspicious planetary portents involved...As Above, So Below.

January 7, 2013 1:05 pm est White House shows an Hour of the Moon (publicity) along with 'nefarious scheming to exalt the ego' (Sun-Neptune = Mars in 10th house of Career and Public Status--in a word, Politics); Mercury, planet of nominations and announcements, is out of bounds which may be a negative or can indicate those who are 'outstanding in their fields' relating to communuications, oration, and other Mercurial pursuits.

Mr. Brennan's surveillance links may also be denoted by Mercury OOBs, and Mercury is @11Cap11, snugged between Sun and Pluto. Naturally, Pluto's invisible helmet may be in attendance and Chuck Hagel isn't favored by the right-wing of the GOP because he may not bow down low enough to the Israeli government Zionists. Yet if Hagel is confirmed, I'm quite certain he will.

The separative South Node @24Tau45 is rising in 1st house--is this bad timing for the president? Unfortunate nominations? Well, with the Scorpio Moon conjoining the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 (theme: 'joy through commitment'), Luna's VOC condition can show that things will go off as planned, without a hitch--or, that the nominations are going nowhere.

With an Ascendant @18Tau47, chart-ruler is Venus @28Sag13 in corporate 8th H, conjunct star Acumen--enduring attacks that weaken); Venus makes one applying Ptolemaic (major) aspect, an opportunistic sextile with nebulous Neptune (the media; the masses.) Venus sextile Neptune gives them the opportunity for public relations, flattering photographs, and an ability to see the 'big picture', or at least the one they want us to see while other things go on out of our field of vision.

Although disengaged Mercury is OOBs of the Earthly plane, it acts under the influence of Moon-Neptune (scandals; delusion about the popularity of policies) as apex planet of a midpoint picture:

Moon-Neptune = Mercury: saying one thing and meaning another; vagueness (Tyl.)

We may also stretch degrees a bit since speedy Mercury is traveling between Sun and power-manipulator Pluto with this picture:

Sun-Pluto = Mercury: "lording it over someone"; great salesmanship (Tyl): aspirng intellectual supremacy; a public speaker with suggestive powers (now who could that be?); consciouness of aim or objective; organisation; prudence; a nerve crisis (Ebertin.)

Sun @17Cap36 (the president) clocks in at the POLITICAL POWER Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' ("The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer"") which in its negative manifestion: 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones.) As you know, this is the stand-out degree of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 from which the modern-day new world order natal horoscope may be timed (I prefer conj #3 of 3, Oct 24, 1993: Sun 1Sco19--click to view the chart.)

When their transpersonal energies team up, the Uranus-Neptune pair denotes things such as: The Enlightenment, rationality as god, science, unconsciousness, wrong ideas, peculiar mystic states, psychical research, inner visions (Ebertin), losses and peculiar inclinations such as what I consider psychopathic one world government types to suffer from as they follow the script and direction of dark forces.

When the Sun reaches '18Cap' each year we have, since 1993, a midpoint picture with potentials for unconsciousness, impressionability, experience directing confused people, motivation gained from dreams (visions of a nwo--Washington is close now to collapsing the global economy once they decide the trap is fully set)--and 'vaunted self regard' (Tyl.)

But of course such high self-regard is common among most of those who go into Politics and boss others around, bomb into oblivion and spy on the innocent, as if their arrogant selves are the cat's meow.

Related reading at Mother Jones.

Jan 6, 2013

2013 Energies and 113th Congress = Sun Cap--Moon Virgo

2013 Opens with Earth-Fire Energies and a 113th Congress with Practical Possibilities

by Jude Cowell

With the January 3rd swearing in of the 113th Congress of the United States, we find its signature Sun-Moon blend to be Sun Cap-Moon Virgo, a practical Earth-Earth combo of energies which gives me a tad of hope that this particular gaggle of lawmakers (with obstructionists continuing their heel-yapping aimed at government shutdown and other mischiefs) will make serious efforts to treat our nation and the American people (such as Hurricane Sandy victims--and all women) better than did the non-productive 112th Congress.

And yet the Uranian anarchists who've wormed their rotten way into Congress (and joined the new world order shills and agents already there) don't cause me to think that the US government is dysfunctional or broken--though they're trying. But their outrageous behavior and obstructionist antics do cause me to think that traitors to America and American sovereignty should be expelled from government asap.

Year 2013 Imprinted with Sun Cap-Moon Leo Energies

Some key phrases that describe the atmosphere or flavor of Year 2013 based on its beginning Earth-Fire Sun Cap-Moon Leo blend (Jan 1, 2013 12:00 am ET Capitol Building) include: volcanic lava creates new land, a bulldozer pushes ahead no matter what, the enthusiastic doer, practical visionaries, eyes toward the main chance, sense of humor, rational bias, compulsive need for control and power, tremendous certitude concerning ideologies, dictatorial and insensitive to the needs of others (more of same), powerful egos, can make high-powered decisions and shove through policies, authoritative, authoritarian.

Actually, Fire-Earth describes the natal blend of old J.P. Morgan (Sun Aries-Moon Virgo), as you may know. Perhaps a famous quote from his nibs (a nwo agent, too, btw) might sum up the sort of mindset of the Washington varmints and operatives that the American people will suffer by during Year 2013:

"I don't hire a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do."

Plus, the Sun Cap-Moon Leo combo is shared natally by Mao Tse-tung who in his own nwo way suggested a ploy we now see implemented by infiltration of our federal, state, and local governments:

"Wherever we go, we must unite with the people, take root, and blossom among them..."

Welcome, dear reader, to 2013.

And on a more positive level, be sure to check out Dipali Desai's consideration of the January 11th New Moon in Capricorn.

Jan 4, 2013

Powerful Pluto opposing US natal Sun (leadership)

Me? I'm with Jessica

by Jude Cowell

For some time on my blogs I have occasionally mentioned transiting Pluto's effects as it traverses early to mid-Capricorn and opposes America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. Using an orb of plus or minus 5 degrees, transformative Pluto opposes US natal Sun (leadership; the presidency) @13Can+, depending on which birth hour you use for our nation on July 4, 1776, and we see that titanic power struggles abound in Washington DC. Also involved is the association of astrological Pluto with oppression (ex: 'lording it over others'), mind control and propaganda, and extreme wealth and riches hidden in secret places.

But let's not give a pass to Mr. Hades' links with the global Underworld Crime Syndicate, 'The Family', the International Banking Cartel ('City of London', etc), "The Octopus," total surveillance and spying, or even to the vicious character flaw of committing rape, a topic which Republicans struggle to define while obstructing legislation meant to protect women. Yes, Pluto is a sexy dude, which is more than can be said for the Todd Akinses amongst the GOP--even if it were appropriate.

As I type, tr Pluto sits at 9Cap27 which sextiles Saturn in sexy, occult, secretive Scorpio, quincunxes Jupiter Rx in Gemini (Direct Station @6Gem19 on January 30, 2013), and separates temporarily from its Cardinal Square with progressive Uranus in Aries, the sign where Ebertin described The Awakener as radical "Utopians" and zealots--you know, the ones in Congress who intend to take America's finances to the brink of default in a couple of months to make their ideological points while they play chicken with the 'faith and credit of the US' as they did in Summer 2011 for the sake of power-grabbing and thus handing our nation its first-ever credit downgrade. Those Utopians.

And they did it and will do it while pretending to care about America!

Wish I could say more today but with blogging time reduced this week due to family responsibilities, I am very glad to find that expert astrologer Jessica Murray has masterfully addressed the condition and events relating to Pluto opposing US natal Sun and other important transits in her comprehensive way on her blog at Daykeeper Journal so check it out if you haven't.

As you may be aware, the UK's natal Sun @10Cap opposes US natal Sun so tr Pluto has now conjoined London's leadership while opposing Washington's, a difficult transit that was on the other boot 100 years ago!

Jan 1, 2013

113th Congress swears in January 4, 2013

Update 1/2/13: Well, today news sources seem to have settled on January 3rd for the 113th Congress which means the original January 3rd horoscope and my post stands as-is. Sheesh

Original (confusing) post begins here:

It's Mea Culpa time!

by Jude Cowell

Between all the hubbub of New Year's Eve and last night's dramatic Senate vote that passed the Tax Relief Extension Bill--drama which continues today as the House does what it does starting at noon today (Speaker Boehner meets with the Republican conference at 1 pm est--to amend, vote, or scuttle)--it has finally come to my distracted attention that the 113th Congress will be sworn in this Friday January 4 and not on January 3 as I'd previously heard reported and had posted on.

Therefore the 113th Congress' natal chart must be recalculated, studied, and posted asap. Thanks for your patience, dear readers, and Happy New Year's Day!

Today in Georgia my family will chow down on my attempt at my mother's (which was her mother's) scrumptious cornbread (which is Not of the cakish sweetened kind), and black-eyed peas will be in close attendance (to attract coins in 2013) along with a green vegetable for conjuring up an abundance of paper money in the New Year--an old, if silly, tradition!

Stay tuned for a new posting of the 113th Congress' natal horoscope!