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Jun 20, 2024

American Revolution's Uranus Return/s Begin July 2025

Tensions Toward Insurrection Continue

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

With transit Uranus soon to lurch into Mercury-ruled Gemini, draw back into late Taurus, then lurch forward again, and considering the fact that erratic Uranus is the planet of independence, freedom, rebellion, zealotry, anarchy, upheaval, chaos, shock, disruption, separation, genius, and technology, it may be important for concerned planet watchers to keep an eye on the sky god's path through the Zodiac with a major shift from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini that will soon be upon us.

Additionally, we know that Uranus is our nation's totem planet of revolt and war and about every 84 years, it returns to position on April 19, 1775 (@00Gem32:16 at 5:00 am LMT).

Therefore, below is a tri-wheel of the three Uranus Return/s of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775) in our day with July 20, 2025 in the center, then October 24, 2025, and May 5, 2026 (outer). However, if the tri-wheel is difficult to make out, at least it provides us with a record of the three Uranus Return dates which could well be significant during 2025 into 2026, especially since 2025 will be the first year of whatever sort of presidency (or regime) We the People will be dealing with along with the malcontents who'll take exception to the order (Saturn) of the day:

Periods when Uranus is in communicating Gemini there's a tendency to take everything in a desultory or spurtlike manner. Like a bolt from the blue, quick comprehension is easy, and scientific interests and aspirations will be prominent. Yet restlessness can cause a tendency to scatter one's energies, and a new convincing orator may rise to the top of the heap. Some folks will be innovative, circumspect, creative, and well organized which can be positive or negative depending on motive, plus, original thoughts and methods may suddenly appear out of the ether and catch everyone's attention.

Now in closing, you know that quirky, often brilliant Uranus celebrates "birthdays", too, after its discovery in 1781 - in Gemini. So why not check out the maverick planet in a previous post if you wish!

Jun 19, 2024

Biden-Trump Debate June 27, 2024: Mars v Mars

Will Fascism Challenge Democracy?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Perhaps you'd be interested in details concerning a Synastry Grid between America's Albatross (natal planets) and the planets on the night of the first 2024 Biden-Trump Debate: Will America's Albatross Debate in June?

What I neglect to mention in my WordPress post is that Mars @13Taurus on June 27, 2024 directly opposes President Biden's natal Mars @13Scorpio, rather a perfect cosmic picture of their challenge to one another, yes? Sparks may fly with the White House helm on the line.

Thing is, Debate Mars in Taurus is apex of a midpoint between Sun and Saturn and this reveals a Martian personage with abrasive mannerisms and a desire to be in charge. Sounds like Trump, born with Mars rising in pompous Leo.

Jun 14, 2024

America's Albatross meets with Maga Congress! June 13, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

On Thursday June 13, 2024, Donald Trump returned to what folks describe as "the scene of the crime" (his J6 coup attempt) when he met with Republican congress members in order to gage certain things about himself. Yesterday was actually his Zodiacal birthday (78-yo) as you see listed, lower left corner.

Meanwhile, agent orange is now in a stage of figuring out how to make his brutal ideas and plans against America more popular with his intended victims, millions of whom will be voting in the November Election. Sans all the GOP's cheating tactics, the orange marauder, planning a massive purge of US society, might lose the presidency which will make his wealthy backers and foreign handlers extremely angry with him. Then who knows what they'll perpetrate upon him, all that money spent for nothing, and egg on their dumb faces.

Besides, such a planned purge of US society would have to be massive due to the huge number of Americans who despise him and his "policies" - those who "stand in his way" of completing idol Herr Adolf's vision of world domination. And he's being aided by "church people" (aka, ethno-Christian fascists), no less! You'll note Cupido (The Family-The Syndicate-Corporatism) conjunct aggressive Mars @3Tau16 in 9th house: thugs in the House of Congress!

Well, America's albatross, premiere con man, and convicted felon is nothing if not a malicious schemer with his natal Mercury-Neptune square, this we know.

So above is a bi-wheel of yesterday morning's transits on Capitol Hill, a symbolically timed horoscope set for the moment that Trump's natal Mars @26Leo46 rises, and transit Uranus sits upon his natal Midheaven ('MC"), the Aspiration Point of any horoscope - surrounded by the generally accepted Trump natal chart.

Of course, this shows the transit of Uranus-square-natal-Mars for him, an unpredictable period when relationships are troublesome (see his need for feedback and for ideas on how to make his ideas more popular, lower right corner!), work habits are erratic, a change of life direction arrives, and a time when his progress can be impeded by a crowd (of Biden voters?). As you know, the Mars-Uranus duo is known for such activities as radical military involvement (militias on stand-by), viol*nce, and attack.

Other than this, conditions have become riskier and I'd rather refer you to the astro-notes penned on the image rather than typing more such potentials in this text. You understand, I'm sure.

Jun 11, 2024

Rachel Maddow Presents Ultra S2 debuts!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

As of yesterday, June 10, 2024, Rachel Maddow's Ultra podcast Season 2 has debuted and will be available "wherever you get your podcasts." Weekly, unless I miss my guess. The first episode is now available and begins with Wyoming Senator Lester C. Hunt, a tragic case of a man who took his own life after his congressional colleagues of the Republican persuasion threatened to expose his son - well, listen to episode one of Ultra S2.

And yes, the bullies were "American" politicians, adherents of Nazism during that era. For as we see now, such enemies of America have no compunction at all about going after people's family members. Just ask President Biden.

So! With astro-notes messily penned on, below is a bi-wheel showing the natal chart of the brilliant Rachel Maddow (inner; RR: AA) surrounded by a "12:00 am" edt horoscope of Ultra Season 2's debut. The hour is speculative, and you can re-set the chart for New York City if you prefer (it's basically the same as DC). As you see, the North Node ('NN") of public contact is poised near Rachel's Midheaven ("MC") of Goals and Aspirations making this a perfect time for a public debut of her work.

Among other planetary contacts, a dynamic T-Square of complexity is listed, lower left, involving a certain Austrian Psychopath's natal Sun @00Taurus which is here conjoined by Ultra's Mars @00Tau43, now transiting Rachel's 10th house of Career. And perhaps we should note that the 00-1Taurus area of the Zodiac is said to be degrees of viol*nce:

Now ordinarily, a Mars-to-Sun transit suggests someone feeling under attack yet since Herr Adolf apparently suicided himself in April 1945, it may be that his current-day fanatical cult members will take umbrage as their extreme sensitivities do so well. And our fight for democracy continues!

Previously on SO'W: Maddow Podcast Ultra Features Naz*s in America (Season 1).

Jun 9, 2024

Orwell, Reagan, and Trump

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

In case you missed it: The Guardian's article concerning author-essayist-journalist George Orwell (nee Eric Blair) and his travails while writing his disturbingly prescient novel 1984 is the most enlightening account of the events leading up to the novel that I've ever run across. Do check it out if you haven't.

Yet admittedly, I have sometimes wondered aloud if the hideous dystopian conditions of the future that 1984 prophesied have been used, not as a warning, but as a blueprint for sinister actors to follow including the miscreants and criminals of our era with you-know-who among them since he acts as ringleader of their Maga circus. And perhaps we both know that "George Orwell" was born into a Balsamic phase of the Moon, the "dark of the moon" phase, which often births prophets into our Earthly flux.

Additionally, Orwell's double Sun-Moon Cancer conjunct Neptune signature added deep psychic energies to his talent for intuiting the future, and included what I suspect were concerns for the human family and the social order. Yet Neptune also provided the illusory quality of inspiration expressed during his creative writing career, with Neptunian loss and instability also major features of his life. Contagion, too. Here's his very informative Wikipedia page.

Robber Baron Spawn Meddle in Politics

Now in previous SO'W posts, you might have read complaints about the Organized Crime/Underworld Gangster duo, Neptune and Pluto and the way the pair's Great Conjunction/s of 1891 and 1892 landed upon America's 1776 Uranus (8Gem55), radical planet of revolt, zealotry, anarchy, chaos, separation, shocks, and reform. The midpoint picture the trio constellated remains operative since the Neptune-Pluto Cycle lasts for approximately 492/3 years meaning that current generations are mired within its continuing influences, and obviously, none of us will live to experience their next Great Conjunction. Then with the position of US 1776 Uranus fixed in history, we continue to twist within the trio's rebellious midpoint picture potentials for:

Impersonal attitudes about any destructive or anti-social activities; unusual means to escape or change reality; going to extremes with drugs (M. Munkasey); peculiar discoveries; unusual catastrophes (R. Ebertin); possibly abberant behavior; disruption to gain recognition; making waves to get to shore; adventurous ego thrust; courage (N. Tyl). For additional details try America: The Neptune-Pluto Cycle of Crime and Fantasy.

Cosmic Time Links: 1948-1984-2020:

Eclipses Repeat, History Rhymes

Now in this post my focus is upon the difficult 4 South Eclipse Series because of its themes and because it repeated in our day as the Electoral College Vote Eclipse of December 14, 2020, directly influencing Trump's use of his Big Lie, a cuss'ed fallacy that has been stuck in our craws ever since. Plus, Herr Donald certainly employs what Orwell called "doublespeak" in multiple ways! So basically, the 4 South of December 2020 is the "Trump part" of this Eclipse overview.

4 South Themes: Strong emotional feelings over relationships and/or money; relationship events are beyond individual control; blocked emotions lead to great frustration; a sudden desire to end alliances; avoid rash action until issues settle down (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

1984 Bursts Upon the Scene to Instant Success

Fittingly, we should note that, although 1984 was completed by November 30, 1948 under 4 South influences (as listed, above), the novel was published in Britain on June 8, 1949 under a less dire 5 North Solar Eclipse with themes of sudden flashes of ideas with a psychic flavor to them; hunches, visions, prophetic dreams; a truly creative series (B. Brady). As you see, 5 North themes echo the "dreams and visions" theme of the current 8 North Eclipse of April 8, 2024 which suggests yet another cosmic time link for any reader to ponder.

Eclipses of 1948 Include 4 South

On November 1, 1948, the 4 South Eclipse @8Sco43:44 manifested as Orwell feverishly worked - in bed - to complete his manuscript and send it to his London publisher by "early December" (which he did). And although there was hope for his recuperation, a blood vessel in his lungs burst and he succumbed to tuberculosis (TB) during the early morning hours of January 21, 1950, age 46. In recent years, speculation has emerged that "George Orwell" may have contracted TB while in hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he sustained during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Neptune infects, Neptune slowly brings loss.

Eclipses of 1984 Include 4 South

The re-election of Ronald Reagan was held on November 6, 1984 under the auspices of the 4 North Eclipse of May 30, 1984 @9Gem26 conjunct US 1776 Uranus which spotlights the era's zealots, anarchists, and radical reformers. 4 North themes include restraint, restriction, separations, and illusions. Then 16 days after the 1984 election, a 4 South Eclipse occurred, not quite within the 14-day orb of influence of the 1984 election but significant early on within his second term, nonetheless. And it was the fabled year of 1984 which the two astrology-buffs in the White House undoubtedly knew about just as the rest of us did. That the year had arrived was, in fact, in the news.

So perhaps we can agree that Americans need and prefer progressive improvements but authoritarian Trump offers none of that - only regression, grudge-holding revenge, cruelty, mayhem, destruction, kleptocracy, theocracy, strong-armed paternalism, arrests, purges and worse, starvation, mass deportation, the collapse of American society as we know it, and the irrational head-against-brick-wall urge to re-create a glowing past that never existed - it's a fantasy, a spin intended to scam the gullible, and make America's enemies ecstatic with glee. Now naturally, we know that it's white supremacy and its big brother, Naz*i Aryanism, that the Maga-ites long for, in order to implement Naz*sm in America of all places! Well, read George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four if you haven't, but not on a dark night.

So in closing, I'll add a couple of things: that it's plain as day that Trump's dark vision for global domination is precisely the dystopian future that George Orwell presciently warned the world against all those Balsamic moons ago. Now here's a still-timely quote from the legendary author himself:

"One could not have a better example of the moral and emotional shallowness of our time than the fact that we are all more or less pro Stalin. This disgusting murderer is temporarily on our side, and so the purges, etc., are suddenly forgotten."

Orwell's war-time diary, July 3, 1941.

Then if you dare, check out a previous post Is Mr. Trump Like Mr. Stalin? Because one authoritarian liked to purge masses of people, while the other authoritarian threatens to purge masses of people. Seriously. And yes, there are prominent planetary contacts between them. Therefore I must ask: are you pro Stalin?

Jun 8, 2024

Campaign 2024: The Biden-Trump Debates

by Jude Cowell, D.A.R. partisan for democracy

The lack of Live audiences for both the June 27th and September 10th Biden-Trump debates will favor the quietly spoken President Biden while Trump's habitual bombastic overtalks and disruptive allegations will have not their usual usefulness for creating skewed sound bites. Lies from either debater will be called out by moderators, one hopes, making the events closer to what debates once were when policies and facts were stars of the show.

If this is accomplished, American voters will be informed on the issues prior to Election Day 2024 - what a grand idea! Plus, differences between the characters of the two men will be made obvious for the confused voter, and for those who stay busy working to pay bills and care for their families. Meanwhile, both debaters are seniors so the playing field on that score is level and therefore, moot.

Of course, this is if a certain felonious debater doesn't pull out prematurely because he and his staffers realize their mistake agreeing to such debate conditions. In his podcast episode from May, The Mop-Up's David Feldman says as much as he discusses Why Trump Will Lose Both Debates to Biden along with other topics and news of the day (#1550 audio only, shown below). David is known to be plain-spoken so beware if your feelings are easily trampled!

Now here is a previously published dual image of the June 27, 2024 Biden-Trump Debate and their September 10, 2024 event, assuming that one or both debates occur:

If held, both debates will occur under 8 North "vivid dreams and visions" influences of the Great American Eclipse conjunct Chiron (19Ari24) which manifested on April 8, 2024. (Also shown is the 8 North of 1986 which suggests a cosmic link back to Reagan's policies and/or events.) Astro-notes concerning cosmic conditions during both the 2024 Biden-Trump Debates are available for the curious.

So which "dream" for our nation's future are We the People having? A dream of democracy and the rule of law?

Or a nightmare of dystopian strong-armed paternalism in which women are slavish baby incubators and r*pe victims while misguided theocrats strut?

Jun 6, 2024

Bannon for Prison: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Rand

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Admittedly, soon-to-report-to-prison-by-July-1st Steve Bannon (BBC News), podcasting bigmouth promoting lawless Tr*mpism, has for years reminded me of historical figure Albert Pike both in physical looks (check out Albert's photo), and ideologically from sedition to the dream of a third world war and global fascist domination, all Uranian pursuits of chaos, disruption, and mayhem.

Actually, their shared anti-humanity agenda has sometimes been put in the category of "Utopian Idealism" in which lawlessness is the ruination of civilization (and the bad guys win), and Ayn Rand's sociopathic idolatry of serial murder is alleged to be the "moralistic" way to exist - selfishly by objectivizing other people. If you're not one of the ones deemed by narcissistic sociopaths to be dispensible, that is.

Of course, since 1776 this American experiment is about mankind's ability to govern himself but that's not what Uranian zealots want - they're determined to be the ones doing the governing like feudal overlords holding all the wealth and privileges. And all spearheaded by a "president" gifted with total immunity for any crime he's in the mood to quixotically commit, including murder, Ayn Rand's favorite. In other words, no one will be safe, even the enablers of their psychopathy.

For background see How Ayn Rand Became An Admirer of a Serial Killer (not for the squeamish). And here's a view of Rand's natal horoscope where we find her natal Chiron now visited by transit Pluto, the Plutocracy duo, and her natal Venus, apex of a T-Square, is lingeringly contacted by transit Neptune @29Pisces. She'll get no glamorous portrait from me!

Now I prefer never to chortle over the misfortune of others but if I relent, it always concerns what they're reaping due to their own sorry behavior. This is what I call karma - reaping what's been sown, a natural law that no earthling can escape forever. Yet despite this, if Steve Bannon does see the inside of a jail cell, I'm certain he'll manage to make as much out of it as possible. Sabotage by Uranian zealots goes on!

Pike, Tr*mp, Bannon: Jupiterian Figures with Uranian Intent

Above you see a NASA portrait of planet Jupiter. But for the scheming podcaster's natal chart details try: Steve Bannon: In the Realms of Jupiter.

And so a typical cussedness we've seen a lot lately in US politics has been denial of responsibility by the guilty, and we can easily plop the names of scofflaws Bannon and Tr*mp in the blank spaces. Therefore, a reluctant peek at current planetary transits to Bannon's natal planets had to be done with an emphasis on Saturnian responsibility. Here is the primary transit I discovered:

On June 14, 2024, transit Saturn @19Pis14 sesquisquares his natal Saturn @4Scorpio, which marks a period of complexity when Herr Bannon must face up to his responsibilities. It's a karmic time finally come, and he'll reap what's been sown and, if he's smart, he'll correct past mistakes, if he's willing.

For as you know, this legal predicament issues from his lack of response to a congressional subpoena concerning the J6 coup attempt, with lawmakers and an authoritative subpoena falling obviously under the auspices of planet Saturn and the fact that Bannon was called to Capitol Hill to account for himself, a societal responsibility which he declined to fulfill.